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Written in The Stars

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Kaela was dressed in her mage blue and purple suit with her hair up in a bun and wore her bracelet. She was in the Black Lion with the paladins and her mother looking over Shiro who was placed in a cyropod. She had both of her hands on each side of the pod and was healing him with her powers.

“Is he gonna be okay?” Hunk asked worriedly.

“I have been healing him three days straight. Still no sign of waking up yet.” Kaela replied tiredly. After three days of healing, she was fairly exhausted and drained. Keith and Krolia were by her side to make sure she is well cared for. Keith had to watch over her as soon as she was going to sleep and she almost blasted him out of his lion.

“Only time will tell if this body will accept Shiro’s consciousness.” Allura said.

“Is there anything we can do to help?” Lance asked.

“I’ve tried contacting the Voltron Coalition, but I can’t get through to anyone. It doesn’t make any sense. There might be a distortion I’m not picking up on. Maybe we need to get into the upper atmosphere for a better signal?” Pidge suggests as she looked at her wrist device.

“The lions aren’t going anywhere without recharging their power cores.” Hunk reminded her.

“I could give them enough energy, but I am already using it on healing Shiro.” Kaela said.

“The battle with Lotor severely depleted them. If we had the Castle of Lions, we could recharge them.” Allura said.

“But is there another way to recharge them?” Lance asked.

Coran stroked his moustache and then had an idea. “They can recharge naturally given enough time and ambient energy, but that might take phoebs.”

“There’s gotta be something we can do.” Keith said.

“We are on the Dalterian Belt, home to the element faunatonium. We may be able to use it as a temporary solution.” Coran said.

“Faunatonium? How will that charge the power cores?” Lance asked.

“It involves gluon field fluctuations—” Coran started until he was interrupted by Lance.

“You know what? Never mind. Magic or something? Sure.” Lance said.

“Not far off. We’re going to use the element to expand the energy particles within the cores. But first, we need a yalmor.” Coran said.

“Wait, there are yalmors on this planet?” Hunk asked.

“How do you think we find the faunatonium? Yalmors have a nose for the stuff.” Coran replied.

“Okay. You guys find a yalmor and get this faunatonium. I’ll stay with Shiro.” Keith said as he felt Krolia’s hand on his shoulder and smiled at him.

“I’ll stay as well.” Allura said. “I may be exhausted the limits of what I have learned from Oriande, but I still might be able to help in some way.”

Krolia nodded and looked over her youngest daughter. “Kaela, sweetheart. How about you take a break and go with them. We’ll look after Shiro.”

Kaela nodded as she let go of the pod. “All right, then, we’ll get started.” Coran said as they all sought out to find what they needed.

“Wait, you just fought Lotor, defeated him, stopped an explosion that could have destroyed reality, took your friend’s consciousness from the Black Lion of Voltron, and put it inside his clone, and now we’re simply moving on?” Romelle asked as she took a deep breath out as she looked at the paladins and Kaela.

“Trust me, I’m always saying the exact same thing, but these guys like to move on.” Hunk said as they all exited the Black Lion leaving Romelle raising her eyebrow in confusion.

“Don’t worry. I’ll tell you on the way.” Kaela said to her as they walked out of the Black Lion.

“He’s going to be okay, Keith.” Allura assured him.

“I hope so. You can’t imagine all he’s done for me.” Keith said.


Keith stood in a hangar looking up at a spacecraft. “That’s the Calypso, the first ship astronauts to the moons of Jupiter.” Shiro said.

“It took them three years to get there. Longest voyage of its kind.” Keith said.

Shiro looked at him impressed and chuckled. “That’s right. Reading about that mission is what made me wanna be a pilot. Those astronauts braved the unknown.”

“People can accomplish incredible things if they’re willing to put in the time and effort. I wanna help you, Keith. I think you’ve got a lot of potential. But what you decide to do with that potential is up to you.” Shiro said to Keith.


Kaela and the paladins along with Coran and Romelle ventured to the forest to find any yalmor. She looked at the forest and it reminded her of the place where Koryak wanted to live in. He was very fond of outdoors.

She heard Coran sneezing down below. “This looks like a yalmor patch.” She watched Coran licked a leaf. “Yup, yalmors definitely sprayed here.” This causes the others and herself to gag in disgust. They all watched Coran screeching, sounded like a yalmor call.

Kaela raised an eyebrow at Coran until he gasped as he saw a yalmor in sight. “Wow. They’re a lot uglier than I thought they’d be.” Lance commented looking at the yalmor.

Pidge smiled and clasped her hands together. “I think it’s cute, you know, in a creepy, hideous sort of way. Like you, Lance.”

Lance growled in annoyance but had a small pink blush on his face which Kaela noticed as she smirked at him. “Don’t even start.” Lance grumbled.

“I didn’t say anything.” Kaela smirked as Lance glared at her.

“Shh! Yalmors are extremely aggressive. Any sign of weakness and they attack.” Coran said.

“Like Kaela here?” Lance asked as Kaela punched him on the arm.

“You gotta corner it, and make it think you’re the bigger, meaner, yalmor. Alfor and I used the Squelzian technique to wrangle up some yalmors.” Coran said as he walked to towards the yalmor with screeching noises.

“Are all ancient Alteans like this?” Romelle asked.

“Well, we only know two.” Pidge said.

“But Coran was the only one who does know these kind of things.” Kaela said as she saw Coran stumbled in surprise and landed in Hunk’s arms. Hunk bumped into Lance who pricked himself on the butt and fell down on the ground. Yelping in pain while Romelle and Pidge looked at them with unamused looks while Kaela face palmed at what she was seeing.

Then a little creature that Lance was greeting, it released some kind of gas that made them shrink to minimal size. Like ant sized. “What the quizacker just happened?” Romelle asked, mispronouncing the Altean word.

“Uh, it’s pronounced ‘quiznak’.” Pidge said.

“And we have no idea. But I totally blame it on Lance!” Kaela growled as she hit him on the head.

“Ow!” Lance rubbed his head as the two glared at each other. “Why you…”

“Yes, Lance what is it you want to say now?” Kaela glared at him while cracking her knuckles.

“Oh, that’s enough the both of you.” Coran scolded the two. As soon as he took his eyes off Lance and Kaela. Kaela immediately punched him on the arm.

“Uh, what’s that sound?” Hunk asked, as he heard heavy loud footsteps.

“Lance, what did you do?” Kaela asked, still glaring at him.

“Nothing! I just bumped into—”

“What’s that?”

They all looked up and then saw the yalmor above them. “Oh, no! it’s the yalmor!” Coran exclaimed.  Everyone screamed and ran for their lives through the grass.

“Lucky that Keith, Allura and my mother weren’t here to see this!” Kaela cried out as she ran faster away from the yalmor with the paladins, Coran and Romelle screaming in fear and running away.


“His levels are getting dangerously low.” Allura said.

Keith clenched his fists and watched over Shiro in the cyropod with Allura and Krolia looking at him in concern. “Fight. I won’t give up on you.”

“Bank right and maintain heading at 0.27 degree.” Shiro instructed. “Increase throttle by 36 percent and bank left.”

Keith yawned as he listened to Shiro’s instruction in piloting in the simulator. “Increase elevation.”

“I’m getting dizzy. I knew I shouldn’t eaten so much. Oh, make it stop.” Hunk groaned. Keith smirked as his simulation of his ship bumped into Lance. He growled irritated and annoyance.

“Fall in line, cadet.” Iverson scolded.

“Sorry. Just testing my controls. Stick’s loose.” Keith replied.

“Keep this up, and you’ll stuck as a cargo pilot.” Lance said.

“Yeah, Keith, you’re gonna get us in trouble.” James said as all of his classmates agreed.

“Decrease elevation by 22 degrees.” Shiro instructed. Keith smiled again and flew in ahead.


“Looks like we’ve got a show-off.” Commander Iverson said, getting up from his chair with Shiro looking up at the screen.

“Hope you all like it in the simulator. You can thank Pilot Fancypants over there for the privilege of spending the next three weekends in here running drills!” Commander Iverson said and then walked away from the cadets.

“Thanks a lot.” James said to Keith who was standing next to him.

“My pleasure.” Keith replied.

“We all know the only reason you’re here is because of Shiro.” James said.

“I can outfly anyone in this building.” Keith said, glaring at him.

“Oh yeah? Is that what Mommy and Daddy told you before left you? Or even is that why your sister left you?” James asked and then realised what he had said. He was about to apologise to him until Keith growled and punched him in the face with the other cadets gasping in shock.

“How can you say that? She was your best friend, wasn’t she?” Keith asked as he punched him again.

Commander Iverson got the hold of Keith before he punched James again. He was sent to the office with James sitting a few chairs down. They both sat in silence until Shiro came out and let James come in.

Shiro looked at Keith who was holding a golden locket in his hand. “Hey.”

“Look, I know I messed up. You should send me to the home already. This place isn’t for me.” Keith said, not looking up at Shiro.

“Keith, you can do this. I will never give up on you. But, more importantly, you can’t give up on yourself.” Shiro said.

Keith looked up at Shiro and frowned. “You don’t even know me.”

“You’re right. I don’t. But sometimes, we all need a hand.” Shiro said offering his hand which he accepted and reached out for his hand.


Everyone still screamed and ran away from the yalmor that was chasing after them. “Adventures are not fun!” Romelle exclaimed.

“Thank you! That’s what I’m always saying!” Hunk said to Romelle as they ran side by side with the yalmor behind them.

“Watch out for that grass!” Coran exclaimed seeing the grass that was falling down on them. Kaela used her blade to cut it in half and continued running behind Coran and Romelle.

“We’re not running fast enough!” Lance exclaimed.

“Run at an angle!” Pidge exclaimed.

“How can I run at a--?” Lance asked until he saw Pidge ran to the other side. “Oh.”

Kaela stopped with Coran by her side, looking up at the rock in front of them. then she was bumped by Hunk who held her shoulders and hid behind her. “We’re trapped!” Romelle exclaimed, seeing the rock in front of them. they were cornered by the yalmor.

Lance looked up and then saw a fruit on a tree branch. He got his bayard out and shot at it. The fruit fell down on the yalmor’s head. The yalmor ran away in pain with the water splashed all on them. everyone got up as Kaela twisted her wet hair with Pidge trying to contact the others. “Keith, do you copy? Allura? Krolia? Anyone?”

“The miniaturization must’ve caused our communicators’ range to drop exponentially.” Pidge said to the others. “Nothing’s getting through.”

“We’re too small. It’ll take us forever to get back to the crew.” Coran said.

“What are we going to do?” Romelle asked as she held onto Kaela.

“Well, at least we got a giant yalmor going to hunt us down and eat us.” Kaela said sarcastically with Romelle trembling in fear.

“Not helping, Kae.” Lance stated.


Shiro and Keith were racing through the canyons freely. Shiro chuckled as he looked back at Keith. “Come on, catch up!”

Keith sped up ahead of Shiro as they avoided the rocks up ahead. They both jumped on a ledge down below as they rode towards the cliff. Shiro managed to jump with Keith stopping in his tracks as he looked down in awe, seeing Shiro’s trick. “Whoa!”

Keith rode his hoverbike and managed to catch up to him. “Whoo.” Keith chuckled, taking his goggles off and smiled at Shiro. “All right. You won this round, but I’ll get you in the next race, old timer.”

Shiro laughed. “I don’t doubt about it.”

“How did you do that dive anyway?” Keith asked, leaning on his hoverbike.

“You liked that one, huh? It’s all about timing. Pull up too soon, you won’t have the momentum needed to create lift. Too late, there won’t be enough lift to avoid the crash.”

“You think I’m ready to try that?” Keith asked.

“What do you think?” Shiro smirked.

Keith frowned at first and then smiled. “Maybe I should be patient and keep focusing on the basics first.”

Shiro smiled. “You’re learning.” He turned to see the sunset. “So, you grew up out here?”

“Yep, just, me, my sister, Ella and my pop.” Keith replied.

“He was a fireman, right?” Shiro asked.

“Yeah. He was a real hero. Everyone told him not to run back into that building, but you couldn’t tell him anything.” Keith said.

“Sounds like someone I know.” Shiro smiled. “And what happened to your sister?”

“She… She died during a fire as well. She was inside the building. Firemen could not get in, but they tried to save her. And it was too late. The debris fell down.” Keith said.

Shiro felt sorry for the young boy, losing his family to fire accidents. He noticed a golden chain around his neck. He assumed it belonged to her. “Does that necklace belong to her?”

Keith smiled and took it off to let Shiro see the picture inside as he gasped softly. He saw on the photo. She was wearing a purple dress with white shoes and her hair was braided. “Shiro?”

“I’ve met her at her school. She was a very shy one.” Shiro smiled. “And a talented one.”

“Yeah, she was.” Keith smiled fondly.

Then Shiro heard faint beeping and he gave the necklace back to him. “What are those?’ Keith asked.

“Oh, these are just some electro-stimulators to keep my muscles loose.” Shiro replied as he hid it in his sleeve.

“What’s wrong with your muscles?” Keith asked.

“Ah, nothing. This is what happens when you get to be an ‘old timer’.” Shiro replied, hopping on his bike. “Come on. We should get back to the base.” Keith looked at him worriedly as he started his bike.


The group hid away from the yalmor in a little cave. “What if we’re this “quizacking small forever?” Romelle asked.

“It’s ‘quiznacking’, and yes, thank you, Romelle. What if?” Hunk asked sarcastically as he took off his shoe with water coming out with Romelle frowning. Kaela noticed how close Lance is sitting next to Pidge when she was working on something on her wrist device.

“Coran, you said the faunatonium works on gluon field fluctuations, right?” Pidge asked.

“Correct. It expands atomic distance.” Coran said.

“Maybe it’ll work to make us bigger.” Pidge suggested.

“You might be on to something.” Coran said.

“But how are we gonna find the faunatonium?” Lance asked.

Coran thought for a moment and then got an idea. “With a yalmor. We’ll lure one back here.”

Romelle and Kaela both looked at Coran with deadpanned and unamused looks. “Lure a yalmor? To us? Like this?” Both Romelle and Kaela asked in unison.

Hunk grinned and came in between them. “I mean, it’s like, I think it and you guys say it.”

Kaela groaned, not liking where this is going and feared for the worst one what Coran will say next. “It will be incredibly dangerous, Hunk’s our only hope.” Coran said as he looked at Hunk with a grin.

“Oh, no. No! No! Absolutely not.” Kaela exclaimed, extremely worried about Hunk and his safety. “We are absolutely not going to do this!”


“No, absolutely not!” Admiral exclaimed in disapproval.

“Why not? He’s cleared all his physicals.” Sam said.

“I don’t care what the doctor says. This man is sick, and he shouldn’t be sent on another mission, especially as far away as Kerberos.” Admiral said. “I have to report this to Flight Command.”

Shiro gritted his teeth in frustration, seeing that he was not going to be able to go on the mission. “Shiro is the best pilot in the Garrison by far and he’s saved my bacon in deep space more times than I can count.” Sam said, defending Shiro. “If he doesn’t go on this mission, neither do I.”

Unbeknownst to them, Keith was listening to the conversation between Shiro, Commander Holt and Admiral Sanda outside of his office. Shiro walked into the lounge and sat down on a couch, passing by another Garrison worker. “Everything okay?”

“Iverson thinks I shouldn’t go on the mission.” Shiro said as he looked at his wrist device. “Called in the big guns. Admiral Sanda showed up and tried to convince Sam to remove me from the crew.”

“Well, maybe he’s right. Maybe you shouldn’t go on the mission. You’ll only putting yourself at risk.”

“You know how much this is to me. It’s worth the risk.” Shiro said.

He put down his cup on the plate, firmly. “Takashi, how important am I to you? Every mission, every drill, I’ve been right there with you. But this is more than a mission. This is your life at stake.”

“Don’t start that again, Adam. You’d don’t need to protect me.” Shiro said, leaning back on the couch with a frown. “This is something I need to do for myself. There’s nothing left for you to prove.”

“You’ve broken every record there is to break. I know I can’t stop you, but I won’t go through this again.” Adam said as he stood up from his chair. “So, if you decide to go, don’t expect me to be here when you get back. I got a class to teach.” Adam grabbed his bag and walked out of the lounge with Shiro watching him leave. He looked back on the counter and saw a golden band on the table.


Kaela grunted in effort and held on a rope. “I can’t believe we’re doing this.” Romelle said.

“Me either.” Kaela said bitterly.

“You can’t believe it? I am literal bait! How could I possibly let this happen?” Hunk exclaimed and dangled in the rope he was tied in.

“Ask Coran that.” Kaela said. “And I tried to talk to him out of it.”

“I told you, Hunk. You’re the biggest meal and you scream the loudest.” Coran said.

“I don’t care what I---” Hunk paused as he heard the yalmor roaring. He also saw it was coming their way. “Okay!

“Keep up that panicked yelling. That’s what we need to attract the yalmor.” Coran said.

“I sure do hope this better be worth it.” Kaela said as she held onto the rope.

“Seriously, guys!” Hunk whimpered. He saw the yalmor right in front of him and started panicking and yelled loudly as he climbed up the rope seeing the yalmor was going to eat him.

“Now!” The paladins, Coran and Kaela pulling the rope along with Hunk as they all jumped off the tree branch and landed on the yalmor’s head.

“We’ve made it much further than seems possible!” Romelle smiled.

Kaela heard screaming from above them and saw Hunk falling down right where they are and landed on the head safely. “You okay, Hunk?” Kaela asked in concern.

“This is going well.” Romelle said. They all gasped, seeing that the yalmor was moving and then started to run with them holding on to the yalmor with their own very dear life.

“This is the far the most worst plan you have ever planned, Coran!” Kaela exclaimed.

“Serene said the exact same thing 10,000 years ago! She didn’t like what I had planned for the virepanthers during my last visit on Planet Zelza! I drove her mad!” Coran exclaimed.

“You are certainly going to drive me mad, as well!” Kaela exclaimed.


Shiro was fixing up his hoverbike and wiped the sweat from his forehead. “When were you going to tell me?”

Shiro turned to see Keith walking towards him. “Oh. Hey Keith.”

“So, what is it? Are you sick or something?” Keith asked.

“I’m not sure I follow—” Shiro said as he jumped off onto the ground.

“I was outside your office. I overheard you and Commander Holt talking with Admiral Sanda. Tell me the truth. Tell me what’s wrong. I’m not a little kid. I can handle it.” Keith said.

Shiro sighed and decided to tell him the truth. “I have a disease and it’s getting worse. I’ll only be able to maintain my peak condition for couple more years. After that The Garrison doesn’t want me up there. Neither does Adam.”

“So, what are you going to do?” Keith asked.

“I’m going on the mission.” Shiro replied, determined to go on the mission.


“This is worse than bait!” Hunk exclaimed, while holding on tightly.

“Yes! At least then you were the only one in danger!” Romelle said.

“Hey, Romelle!” Hunk exclaimed.

“Oh, kill me already.” Kaela mumbled. Then they all saw the yalmor has stopped in its tracks and started digging and bubbles appeared. The yalmor called in the other yalmors into a circle.

“What’s going on?” Pudge asked.

“More yalmors! If they link the ears, we’re sitting on a faunatonium wizplute!” Coran smiled. They all saw bubbles coming out from the ground and the yalmors in a circle and linked the ears. “Whoo hoo! Yalmor time! Pay attention, Paladins! This is how you work together!”

“All right, let’s go.” Pidge said.

“Wait, what?” Both Hunk and Lance exclaimed.

“Look, if we wanna get back to our regular size, we have to jump in there.” Pidge said as she jumped after Lance and Kaela.

“Are we actually really going to do this?” Romelle asked Hunk.

“Unless you wanna spend the rest of your tiny life on the back of a yalmor.” Hunk said.

“Wait for me!” Romelle called out to him. The paladins, Kaela, Coran and Romelle all slid down the truck of the yalmor and they all screamed as they were falling down.

They each all fell and went inside a bubble and then magically went back to their regular size. They all fell on each other, piling on one another. “Oh quiznack.” Romelle groaned.

“My back.” Hunk groaned.

“Everyone, let’s make a pact that we never, never ever tell this to anyone.” Kaela groaned in pain.

“Are you kidding me? This is like the best and probably the most painful little adventure I ever had.” Lance smiled as he cracked his bones.

“Even we got shrunk because of you?” Kaela asked sarcastically with Lance grinning at her.

“Yeah, especially that. Oh, man. I’m really going to tell Keith about this.” Lance chuckled and then yelped in fear. The others watched in amusement and concern as they heard a loud smack on the head.

“Let’s all do agree that we do not get on Kaela’s bad side.” Romelle said as Hunk and Pidge nodded in agreement.

“But Serene’s temper was much more worse than hers.” Coran said as everyone looked at him. “What? It is true. Serene had me in a headlock and Zarkon and Alfor had to stop her from strangling me.”


Allura looked down at Shiro’s body with a crestfallen expression. “I’m afraid the clone body is rejecting Shiro’s consciousness.”

“There must be some way you can help!” Keith exclaimed desperately at the princess.

“There’s nothing I can do.” Allura said.

Keith clenched his fist and banged it against the pod. “Shiro, please. You can’t do this to me again.” They all waited until they heard beeping from the pod as it opened.


“Keith? I was dreaming. Keith, you saved me.” Shiro said.

Keith smiled and hugged him. “We saved each other.” Allura and Krolia both looked at Shiro with bright smiles, glad to see him fully awake.

The doors opened, revealing the paladins had come back. “Shiro’s looking better. All right!” Lance smiled.

“Where were you guys?” Keith asked, helping Shiro up. “We couldn’t get the hold of you. And what happened to your eye?”

“Well, we were shrunk by a magic skunk, but we ended up using that sparkly dust that makes electricity bigger or whatever. Used it to unshrink ourselves.” Lance smiled. “Oh and this? I was attacked by a yalmor, but I beat it. No big deal. So, ready to charge up the lions?”

Lance was punched by Kaela, again. “That last part didn’t actually happen Lance. I did that myself. I punched him.” Kaela smiled proudly as Lance rubbed his head and growled at her.

Shiro chuckled at their antics. “It’s good to be back.”

Keith smiled and turned to see Kaela was cracking her bones on her back. “What actually did really happen?”

“I don’t even what I tell the story, but Lance is more than willing to explain to you the entire story of getting us get shrunk.” Kaela glared at him and crossed her arms.

Lance trembled in fear, sensing that Kaela was glaring at his back, thinking that she’ll hit him again or worse. Not like the last time when Kaela to get him stuck in a trumpet. “I am sure I want to hear that story.” Krolia smiled in amusement as she came to her daughter’s side.

Kaela smiled a little and then looked at Shiro who looked away from her, seeing her scar on her neck. Kaela knew the reason why. She remembered their fight in the Castle of Lions. She knew he felt bad for what has happened. She walked towards him with Shiro still looking away. He gasped when he saw Kaela hugging him.

“It’s okay, Shiro. I know it wasn’t you. I know you would never hurt me.” Kaela said.

Shiro wrapped his remaining arm and hugged her back. “I’m sorry, kiddo.”

“It’s okay. It’s Haggar is to blame. She made us to fight one another.” Kaela assured him. “Welcome back, Shiro.”

“Thanks, kiddo.” Shiro smiled at her.


Later that night, Kaela went to get some water from the river and then felt a tingling sensation and looked at the source. She looked at her arm and gasped seeing one rune fading and disappeared. What’s happening? Should I tell the others? I think it’s best if I stay quiet on this. I don’t want them to panic over something pointless. Kaela came back with the bucket and set it near the logs with an unreadable expression as Keith raised an eyebrow. “Kaela, are you okay?” Keith asked his sister.

Kaela looked at her brother who was standing in front of her and then kneeled down. “You okay?”

“Um….” Tell him, tell him. Tell him!

“Yeah, I am okay. Just tired. From all that running away from the yalmor in the forest.” Kaela chuckled nervously.

She saw that her brother seemed to buy it. “Okay. You should go to sleep then. You can either sleep in my lion or Allura’s.” Keith said with a smile.

Kaela looked over at Allura who was in a conversation with Romelle and then she turned to Keith who was looking at Allura with a fond look. She realised that her brother is in love with the princess. “Oh I say what’s happening.” Kaela smirked.

“What?” Keith raised an eyebrow.

“Ugh, boys are always so clueless.” Kaela groaned.

“Oh, your father was always like that.” Krolia said.

Keith and Kaela both turned to their mother as Kaela had a smirk while Keith still has a confused look. “Keith, you had that fond look when you were talking about the Princess in the Quantum Abyss.” Krolia smiled.

“Ooh, more details. Me likey. Do tell more, Kr—I mean, Mom.” Kaela smiled.

“No, no! Don’t tell her!” Keith exclaimed. “This is between you and me.”

“Hmm, sorry, sweetheart. You heard your brother.” Krolia said.

Kaela glared at her brother who smirked. “Come on! You gotta tell me everything besides you finding Romelle and the cute wolf.”

“Nope. I won’t tell.” Keith said as he started walking away. Kaela growled and she jumped on Keith, but he kept his balance as he carried her piggyback style. Krolia watched with a big smile seeing her children back together bringing happiness to each other.