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Female Idols and Kim Jisoo

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It was big news for everyone when it was announced earlier this month. It was the surprise of a lifetime for K-Pop fans when it was announced that YG, JYP, and SM announced a collaboration amongst their current top girl groups, TWICE, BlackPink, and Red Velvet. Sure, it wasn't like SM's announcement that it was forming a super boy band by picking members from each of it's existing boy groups, but even so, it was a shock for the industry that the Big 3 agencies would even think of such a thing. Especially with YG being in a downward spiral ever since the Seungri and Burning Sun scandal, not to mention the founder being investigated for his own alleged crimes that led to his resignation. The collaboration was seen as a desperation move for YG Entertainment, but JYP and SM were actually discussing the idea with YG before the start of 2019. It was the number one trending topic on social media, with the hashtag combining all three groups, #TWICEBlackVelvet.

All the women were practicing at one of JYP's recording studios. The plan was for all three groups to have each of there dancers, rappers, and vocalists to perform individual group sets. The dancers for the girl groups, Lisa, Seulgi, and Momo, would choreograph and perform their dances. The rappers, which included Jennie, Irene, and the rappers in TWICE, would perform the song written for them. It was the same for the vocalists.

All was going well. At least, it was thought to be going well.

"Yah, Kim Jisoo! What's going on?! You're usually the most stable vocalist! Are you actually dealing with the flu?"

The practice was stopped because BlackPink's Kim Jisoo, for some reason, was not able to do well during rehearsals. The vocalists for Red Velvet (Wendy, Joy, and Yeri) and TWICE (including Sana, Jihyo, and Nayeon) were also surprised Jisoo's struggle. Even Jisoo's bandmate, Park Chaeyoung, aka Rose, couldn't figure out why she was struggling. It's been that way since Jisoo came back from visiting her family at the beginning of October. Her bandmates thought she was sick, having caught some kind of illness from any of her relatives. Jisoo, however, said she wasn't sick. In fact, she was doing fine with the song for the vocalists, at least for the lines she has. Lately, however, she just seemed to have been out of sync. As if she had something heavy on her mind. The other two groups were more than just disappointed. They were upset that Jisoo wouldn't tell anyone what was going on with her. It was like something terrible happened.

Jisoo just looked at the managers and producers, who were looking at her with a mix of disappointment and confusion. The rest of the three girl groups, who were watching the vocalists, were again concerned about Jisoo. It was like she was just replaced by a clone made by martians. Ok, that's just Rose and Lisa, but still.

"Let's call this a day," the producer said, "Jisoo, work on your vocals a bit tomorrow, ok? You were doing fine before this past weekend. Is something going on?"

Unbeknownst to everyone, something did happen with Jisoo's family, though no one knew because Jisoo refused to tell even her own bandmates. Jisoo was told something so monumental that she was just stunned. And while she has tried to continue on with K-Pop, Jisoo just didn't focus as much as she always did.

"No," Jisoo replied, "I just need to get the timing right again. I have no idea why I'm overstepping and I'm really sorry everyone."

Jisoo bowed to both the producers and the other idols. Everyone knew that Jisoo was just as hardworking as everyone else, but for some reason, Jisoo just is not even being her usual 4D self.

"You need more than timing," one of the managers said, "You're all going to perform in November and we want you all at your best. In fact, everyone seems to be off. We should have focused more on smaller sets so that everyone can mesh together better, like the dancers."

"Too late now," another manager said, "The dancers will perform first at 'Inkigayo' in a couple weeks, while the rap line will perform at Golden Disk after them, and then the vocalists at MAMA. Let's just regroup tomorrow."

At that, everyone dispersed. Jisoo just stayed back, not wanting to go follow the others or to even go out first. Jisoo just had her head down, knowing that her family's secret has really weighed down on her and that she doesn't want anyone to know, not even her bandmates. All the vocalists went out, except for Nayeon and Rose, who both looked at her in concern.

"Jisoo-nie," Rose said, "Are you alright? You haven't been yourself lately?"

"Yeah," Nayeon agreed, "You haven't even been your chicken loving 4D self? What's with you?"

Jisoo just stared at them quietly, which unnerved the two women. Jisoo just stared down at the ground. Finally, Rose couldn't take it.

"Yah, Kim Jisoo!" Rose exclaimed, "You have to tell at least your bandmates what happened after you visited your family. Jennie, Lisa, and I want our unnie back."

Jisoo felt her heart break, but she couldn't let Rose know, not even her own bandmates. Jisoo didn't want them to pity her for what her family told her. Suddenly, a voice called out.

"Hey guys," Sana called out, "Can you all come out? We have an idea."

The three vocalists looked at each other, and then walked out. Upon walking out of the recording studio, they see their fellow idols talking amongst themselves. Jisoo felt the stares of everyone as they saw her walk out. What was more unnerving, however, was when Jisoo saw the smiles of everyone. Jisoo cocked her head in confusion. Then she saw the idols look at one of the tallest women present, the Taiwanese maknae of TWICE, Chou Tzuyu, who just gave a small smile.

Jennie turned to look at Jisoo with a reassuring smile. "While we're not sure what's going on since you're not telling us anything, we figured we'd get someone to help you out with your timing and pacing. Red Velvet needs to go back to their dorms since they have a photoshoot to go to tomorrow. Most of TWICE have individual photoshoots or interviews to go to, but Tzuyu is available to help you tonight. Since Tzuyu offered to help when the idea was suggested, she's going back with you to our dorm, which is perfect because some of the other members of TWICE who aren't busy will join us at our dorm, but you two have private singing sessions."

Jisoo's eyes widened in shock, but before she could say anything, Seulgi interrupted. "It's nothing personal or anything like that. We just thought since you wouldn't tell your fellow members what's going on with you or even talk to me or Nayeon, we thought it would be best to have someone who you don't know the longest help you out. And since Chou Tzuyu offered to help, she's going to help get you back on track with your singing. Fighting!"

Jisoo couldn't do anything but sigh. She was glad she had friends who cared, but didn't really want to be a burden. So with a nod, Jisoo went with her bandmates back to their dorm. Tzuyu, on the other hand, went with Sana, Mina, and Jihyo to go to BlackPink's dorm. It was already late in the afternoon when they arrived. After their managers brought them to BlackPink's dorm, the two groups went inside. After doing so, the three younger members of BlackPink went with three of the TWICE members to talk to each other, paring up with a BlackPink member and going to her room, brining along the BlackPink animals. Jisoo and Tzuyu were left alone in the living room, awkwardly standing in the living room.

After a couple minutes of talking, Jisoo spoke. "So, ready?"

Tzuyu nodded, thought with a teasing smile. "Shouldn't I be asking you that question?"

Jisoo just rolled her eyes, knowing that Tzuyu spoke the truth. Tzuyu, however, wasn't bothered by it and pulled out the song that the vocalists will sing.

"Let's start with your lines first, ok?" Tzuyu suggested, "Then we'll build from there."

Jisoo nodded, and so they practiced. While they knew that their respective bandmates will listen, at least they can hear evidence of Jisoo's practice with Tzuyu. Jisoo, however, found a new distraction. Looking at Tzuyu sing, eyes closed as she got into the moment. Jisoo felt heat rushing at her cheeks, when she realized she was staring a bit too long at Tzuyu's figure being under the light in the dorm. Almost as if she looked angelic. Tzuyu, meanwhile, noticed that Jisoo's singing is always stable, even with the high notes. In that sense, Tzuyu envied Jisoo's vocals being deep yet stable. So it was a surprise for Tzuyu to hear and see Jisoo's struggle.

'What's going on with her?' Tzuyu thought, 'She shouldn't be having this much trouble.'

After the first couple of trial runs, Tzuyu said they could have a break. Jisoo offered to get Tzuyu something to drink, and Tzuyu said water. Jisoo went to get a cup of tap water, while she got herself an iced tea. Jisoo came back and offered the cup of water, which Tzuyu thanked her for as she accepted it. After drinking a bit, Tzuyu then asked a question.

"Jisoo unnie," Tzuyu said, "How are you so effortless?"

Jisoo nearly chocked on her drink. As she was coughing, Tzuyu immediately went to help her. Tzuyu rubbed and tapped Jisoo's back while she she put both their drinks down. Meanwhile, Jisoo was red in the face, but not because she was choking. It was because she was blushing at Tzuyu's touches. After a few seconds, Jisoo regained herself.

"I-I-I'm," Jisoo stuttered out, "Wha?"

Tzuyu took a bit to compose herself before asking. "You just look like you can pull off wearing anything. Whenever you sing, even wearing the least fanciful things, you still look effortless. Even when you don't wear make up, you still look normal yet it's above it. How come? Why do you have such incredible looks? Even when women thought you look like a guy, though I think men would be jealous if you actually had a bigger dick than they did and take away their wives and girlfriends."

Jisoo just widened her eyes in horror while also blushing madly. She would never want to be someone to steal anyone's girlfriend. Hell no! Though she was not one of those people who think there is something wrong with people born intersex, Jisoo didn't want to be one of those who wanted to show off the length and size of their dicks. Besides, Jisoo preferred women's bodies. Which made Jisoo remember something her family talked to her about, one that would affect not just herself, but her whole group.

When Jisoo didn't respond, Tzuyu tapped Jisoo's shoulder.

"Jisoo unnie?" Tzuyu asked.

That, along with the shoulder tap, snapped Jisoo out of her reverie. She looked at the taller Taiwanese woman, who showed softness in her brown eyes. Jisoo shyly turned her head away to avoid an even heavier blush being seen by Tzuyu.

"S-S-Sorry," Jisoo said, "Got distracted."

"Seems to be a lot going on," Tzuyu bluntly said, and she cringed at that. The legendary bluntness of Chou Tzuyu showed up at an odd time to say the least.

Jisoo felt like she got slapped, and just sunk further into her seat on the couch. Tzuyu put down her cup and wrapped her hands around Jisoo's hands, which sent jolts up both of their bodies, and rubbed them.

"Let's get back to practice, ok?" Tzuyu suggested, "You definitely showed you can sing well for such a large group, even if it's a mix and match of our respective groups. Let's do it again, ok?"

Jisoo looked at Tzuyu's pleading eyes, and while she has had experience dealing with BlackPink's maknae, she still fails to resist her younger bandmates in general when it comes tot her pleading looks. Nothing different now. Jisoo just nodded and both she and Tzuyu stood up.

"Ok," Tzuyu said while clapping her hands, "Let's do it again. From the top. Ready? Hana, dul, set."

At that, the vocal lessons picked up again. This time, Tzuyu and Jisoo took up the roles of their fellow vocalists to help Jisoo with her timing and melody. Jisoo felt like she was going to faint when Tzuyu said she had to untie her hair as she felt it was a bit stuffy. When Tzuyu let down her hair and shook it around, for whatever reason, it made Jisoo feel like she had butterflies her stomach. When Tzuyu shook her hair and flung it back like she was in a photoshoot, Jisoo was ready to faint. After resuming their practice, it was to the point that Jisoo had improved with her timing and vocals, and Tzuyu took notice.

"Yah!" Tzuyu exclaimed, "We're finally improved to the point you have a better sense of timing and not losing your vocals. Great job, Jisoo-ssi! Fighting!"

Jisoo shyly smiled, and, out of reflex, bowed. "Thank you, Chou Tzuyu."

When Jisoo stood back up, she noticed Tzuyu's face being set in a firm manner. Jisoo was confused, wondering what was going through the taller woman's mind.

"What was wrong with you lately?" Tzuyu suddenly asked.

Jisoo was taken aback. She did not expect Tzuyu to suddenly ask a question about Jisoo's distraction the past several days. In fact, she hoped no one did. Tzuyu, on the other hand, figured damn her fiery bluntness. Tzuyu was not going to miss this opportunity to pick at Jisoo's mind, and maybe, find out the source of her issues.

"I mean, you have been able to sing just as well as Rose, who's vocal range is different from yours. Yet for the past several days, you have been acting like you've forgotten what you're doing and being distracted."

Suddenly, Jisoo felt angry, even though she knew Tzuyu didn't mean any harm and that everyone was concerned. Still, Jisoo didn't want to say anything. The fact her parents put something on her without warning really upset her, and she had no idea how to react to it. Hell, she still had no idea what to make of it.

"I-It's nothing," Jisoo said, "Forget about it. Let's just let our bandmates know we're done."

"It's not nothing," Tzuyu suddenly said, "And we're not done yet. Not only for our companies' sakes, but also for yours."

Jisoo quickly decided to not wanting to do anything with it. As Jisoo silently started to walk to Jennie's room, Tzuyu suddenly spoke again. "Jisoo, please."

Jisoo tried to walk past her, but Tzuyu quickly put an arm in front of her and got around her. Tzuyu stood in front of Jisoo, who tried to move past her, but the taller woman was not having it. Sure it wasn't her place to figure out another group's problem, but Tzuyu knew that it affects all of them at this point in time.

"Jisoo," Tzuyu said, not bothering with honorifics.

"Chou Tzuyu," Jisoo coldly said, "Get the fuck out of my way."

Tzuyu was stunned at how Jisoo said her name, along with the swearing. Yet, Tzuyu didn't mind the cold harsh tone. In fact, she was thrilled.

"Why?" Tzuyu dared to ask, "What are you going to do?"

Jisoo was now stunned. First Tzuyu had the nerve to ask about Jisoo's lack of focus the last several days. Now, Tzuyu has the nerve to question her. Jisoo looked up at Tzuyu's stare, which was just as cold, if not colder, and that made Jisoo shiver. Jisoo attempted to hide it, but it was no use. Enough of a reaction was noticed by Tzuyu, who had a poker face that was hard to decipher. Jisoo tried to move around, but Tzuyu kept stopping her. Blocking every turn, Jisoo was breaking down. Fast.

Jisoo kept moving back and forth, side to side, but Tzuyu was able to match each attempt due to her height advantage.

"Come on Kim Jisoo," Tzuyu said, "This has to stop one way or the other, and the only to do that is us needing to know what is going on with you."

Jisoo kept trying to walk around the taller woman, trying to fight back tears. The normally stoic woman did not want to break down in front of a stranger, let alone another group's member. Especially when her family dropped a major bombshell on her a couple weekends ago.

"Tzuyu," Jisoo croaked out, "Please, let me go. Just go back with your bandmates, please."

Tzuyu couldn't believe that she's hearing the 4D idol break down, let alone seeing it. Tzuyu, however, decided she had to know now. Not only for BlackPink's sake, but for all of the groups' sake. It would be disastrous if Jisoo didn't sing at the right time.

"Kim Jisoo," Tzuyu said, "What is going on with you? Why have you been so distracted lately? Why are you crying?"

"Because I'm about to lose my idol career!" Jisoo shouted out to Tzuyu, "Because I'm put into an arranged marriage!"

That made the whole living room, if not the whole dorm, silent. It was as if the whole world stopped. Tzuyu just looked at the older woman, now freely crying, in shock. Her eyes widened at the sudden statement. 'Jisoo losing her career!? Arranged marriage? What the fuck!?' Tzuyu thought.

"Wh-What?" Tzuyu stuttered, "What did you just say?"

At that, Jisoo let it out.

"My family has me in a goddamn arranged marriage! My own parents set me up with a family I have no fucking clue about, let alone the person I'm supposed to marry! What's worse, they already knew I am gay! They won't even tell me who this person is, and I'm worried they're gonna try to force me to be the normal woman in a normal relationship! Hell, I don't even know if this person is a she! And if she's fucking gay herself! Goddamn it! My own family tell me that I have to be in this marriage because it's not only for business, but for some friend of theirs! I was so shocked out of my mind, that I couldn't' say a fucking thing! My own brother and sister, my older siblings, knew and they didn't tell me! Claimed they couldn't because they all needed to tell me! Hell, I wish they didn't! And I told them I didn't want to be in a goddamn marriage that I was nowhere near ready for! But my dad tells me this marriage was already set and I have to go through with it! It's not because of business, but because they want to help this family out with marrying off an adult member of the family! And they won't event tell me who or even why! And they know I'm not allowed to even date in the K-Pop world! You know about Jennie and Kai. Even before, Hyuna and E'Dawn! They all got lucky that the fans support them, but years before just dating someone could potentially get someone fired! We all knew as trainees people who were kicked out for dating! How the hell do you think people will react once they find out I'm engaged?! And not even by my own choice!? I don't even have decisions of my own to make anymore! I'm not allowed to tell my own members about it! And I hate it! I hate it all so damn much!"

At that, Jisoo's tears were flowing down her beautiful face like a waterfall and she just collapsed to the floor. Jisoo's crying was now free, and the stress of knowing this for the last several days have finally pushed her to the limit. Tzuyu, at first shocked, immediately knelt down beside her and hugged her. Jisoo was still crying, but for some reason, she felt warmth from Tzuyu's hug and instinctively hugged her back.

"Sh, sh, sh," Tzuyu whispered, "It's ok. I'm here. Let it out, Jisoo. Let it all out."

Jisoo kept on crying, loudly. As she did so, Tzuyu rubbed her back and rocked her back and forth. Tzuyu was definitely shocked that Jisoo had been told by her family such a life changing even. More so that she was told so easily by Jisoo. Tzuyu did promise the others that she would try to get Jisoo to open up about any issues the woman had, but she did NOT expect the info she got. Tzuyu had no idea what to say, because she cannot imagine what is going through Jisoo's mind right now. Not only the reaction of BlackPink, but the company, fans, and fellow idols. Tzuyu would be glad to finally get the chance to date, but only on her terms. No one else's. How can Jisoo even have that for herself? Selfish as it is, everyone should choose to date who they want to date, regardless of gender or sexuality. And deep down, Tzuyu was always enamored by the Korean beauty. She just couldn't show it because of how close minded people in South Korea can be regarding LGBTQI+.

After several minutes of crying, Jisoo finally calmed down. Sniffles were heard, but Jisoo finally settled down. Slowly, Jisoo pulled back and through blurry eyes, she saw the sad look on Tzuyu's face. No sign of pity was on her face, and Jisoo was glad for it. She didn't need anyone's pity. The only thing she needed is support, and Jisoo had no idea if she messed it up regarding the situation she unknowingly was put in by her parents.

"I'm sorry," Jisoo said, "I shouldn't have done that. It's not your fault."

Tzuyu, on the other hand, just pushed back a loose strand of hair on Jisoo's face. Unbeknownst to Tzuyu, that effect alone seemed to have calmed Jisoo, and the latter reveled in it.

"Yeah it wasn't," Tzuyu said, "Especially when you had no control over your parents' decision. That's definitely not right. It's wrong to put anyone through such a thing. So you reacted as normally as anyone else could, albeit with an idol career to boot."

Jisoo just nodded in response. Tzuyu noticed the still tear stained face on Jisoo's face, and wanted to do something about it.

"Hold on a sec?" Tzuyu said, "I'm gonna clean you up."

As Jisoo was about to protest, Tzuyu held a hand up. "I insist. It's the least I can do for making you tell me like that and I feel guilty over it. You should've told your bandmates first, true, but it's not like you could just tell them all of a sudden, 'Hey girls, guess what? I'm not gonna be a part of BlackPink anymore because my parents set me up for an arranged marriage'. No way it will be that easy."

Jisoo giggled and gave a smile. Tzuyu's heart skipped a beat at the simple act, but she decided to hold off on figuring it out until she cleaned up Jisoo's face. Tzuyu stood up and went to the kitchen sink. She got a couple paper towels and wetted them. She came back to the living room, where Jisoo had moved to sit on the couch. Jisoo had her arms around herself, rubbing them. Tzuyu just felt like something was burning up inside her just by looking at the simple scene. Tzuyu went to the couch, and gave Jisoo a tissue to blow her nose. When Jisoo did that, Tzuyu wiped all over Jisoo's tear stained face. After that, Tzuyu went to throw it into the trash. As she came back, Jisoo was standing up.

"Thank you, Tzuyu," Jisoo said as she bowed, "And I'm sorry again. Let's get your bandmates, assuming they didn't hear everything."

Tzuyu noticed how Jisoo cringed at saying that last part, but just chuckled, knowing Jisoo was just not in a good emotional state at the time. "It's ok. Though, how about a reward? Maybe for helping you with your vocals and being your free therapist?"

Jisoo was taken aback, and blushed as Tzuyu slowly walked a bit closer to her. Jisoo knew it wasn't a good idea due to the arranged marriage, yet for some reason she enjoyed being in the Taiwanese woman's presence.

"I-I-", Jisoo stuttered, wildly blushing.

"Just a little kiss," Tzuyu smirked as she closed the distance between the two, "Besides, who knows when you're going to get married?"

'She's too cute and adorable', Tzuyu thought, 'Besides, when am I ever going to get the chance to be around Jisoo again, especially when she's not going to be a free woman for who knows how much longer until she gets married? Might as well take the chance, right?'

Upon Tzuyu standing right in front of her, Jisoo gulped, and closed her eyes. She leaned up, and placed her lips over Tzuyu's. While Jisoo kept her lips close to Tzuyu's lips, in reality she didn't exactly kiss the latter's entire lips. Instead, Jisoo placed her lips on the bottom of Tzuyu's, giving a short but sweet kiss, due to the height difference. That kiss Jisoo let continue over the taller woman's for longer than she intended. Jisoo pulled back and opened her eyes, though keeping her face away from Tzuyu's to avoid seeing her reaction.

'O-O-Ok,' Jisoo thought, 'Ok, ok, ok. That was it. I can't believe I let myself do that. I hope she's not too upset.'

Jisoo slowly turned to look at Tzuyu, ready for the worst. Except when she looked at Tzuyu, she saw a quick glint in her eyes.

Tzuyu, on the other hand, was stunned. She didn't expect Jisoo to do so, although she was happy she did. What she really didn't expect, was Jisoo's kiss on her bottom lip being such a force. Tzuyu didn't expect Jisoo's simple yet awkward kiss to be such a force. Tzuyu let out a low growl, but Jisoo didn't seem to pay attention to it.

"Um," Jisoo started, "Chou Tzu-"

Before she could respond, Tzuyu suddenly grabbed her by the shoulders and pushed her into the nearest wall. Jisoo was startled but before she could do anything else, Tzuyu leaned dangerously close to her face.

"What the hell," Tzuyu started, "What the hell kind of kiss was that!?"

Jisoo was confused, wondering if she really did do something wrong. Jisoo tried to move her mouth to speak, but suddenly, Tzuyu's mouth surrounded hers. Jisoo was stunned, her surprised gasp muffled by Tzuyu's mouth and her tongue trying to get Jisoo's mouth's permission to let it in. Jisoo was too stunned, yet she was not resisting. Tzuyu's kiss was not only strong, but also tender. Jisoo just 'hmmed' in bliss and closed her eyes and let her mouth open. Tzuyu's tongue went in, dominating the kiss. Jisoo just moaned in pleasure, loving the feeling of Tzuyu's tongue exploring her mouth, and her lips enveloping hers. It just felt so right, yet Jisoo knew it was wrong because she couldn't even try to continue beyond this.

When Tzuyu broke the kiss, Jisoo whined at the loss. Tzuyu kept their faces close, relishing in the effect she had on Jisoo.

"That," Tzuyu said, "Is how you do a full on kiss, Kim Jisoo."

Jisoo moaned in approval, but then she opened her eyes, worry appearing in front of Tzuyu.

"Tz-Tzuyu," Jisoo said, "We-We can't...I'm arranged-"

"Forget that," Tzuyu said as she placed a finger on Jisoo's mouth, "Let me show you what you should have in one aspect of marriage. Let me be the one to treat you right, for this one time, if it turns out to be a nightmare for you. Will you let me?"

"God, yes!" Jisoo quickly said, "Please, Chou Tzuyu. Please! Show it to me! Give me what I want!"

Tzuyu was stunned at how forceful Jisoo was, how accepting she was to Tzuyu's request. Yet, she was also turned on at how Jisoo had a little begging at the beginning, only to turn into a demand. Well, who was Tzuyu to deny it? Except, she didn't quite want to give it to Jisoo so quickly.

"Uh uh," Tzuyu said while wagging her finger in front of Jisoo, "That's not how you ask for a show."

Jisoo was confused, which allowed Tzuyu to move her hand down to Jisoo's buttoned up shirt. Jisoo was startled when she realized it, and gasped at the touch. Jisoo felt like her body was on fire and she didn't want it to stop, writhing her body in pleasure. Tzuyu was amazed at how easy Jisoo was turned on by her touch, and that was just the shirt that Jisoo was starting to writhe in pleasure. Oh, Tzuyu was so enjoying the control she had, but wanted it to make it more than that.

"What do you want?" Tzuyu asked, "Tell me, Jisoo. What do you want?"

Jisoo struggled at Tzuyu's continuous ministration on her shirt, especially around her boobs. Jisoo couldn't resist, and just blurted it out.

"Please Tzuyu," Jisoo moaned out, "Please. Give it to me. Please."

"Please what?" Tzuyu seductively asked, "What do you want?"

Jisoo couldn't handle the questions anymore and just said what she wanted. "Fuck me! Please fuck me!"

Tzuyu's desire was suddenly lit with more kindle thanks to Jisoo's proclamation, and Tzuyu slowly but sensuously moved her finger down to Jisoo's lower area. More specifically, Jisoo's vagina. Rubbing her pointer finger on that area, she felt Jisoo getting wet all of a sudden, and even wetter at every touch Tzuyu made. Tzuyu again kissed Jisoo, softer this time. Jisoo moaned into the kiss, shivering at the touch while Tzuyu held Jisoo with the latter's one free hand on the her shoulder. Tzuyu broke the kiss.

"Let's get our clothes off," Tzuyu whispered, "Now."

Jisoo didn't say a word, and she unbuttoned her shirt, but before she could continue, Tzuyu stopped her. Jisoo looked at her in confusion, until Tzuyu spoke.

"I want to let your hair down," Tzuyu said.

Without a word, Tzuyu used her left hand to untie the ponytail Jisoo had, and upon Jisoo moving her head, she shook it. Tzuyu's eyes soaked in the image of Jisoo's hair being allowed to flow, and looking like a halo around her face when resting on the wall. Tzuyu kissed her, and unbuttoned Jisoo's shirt with her. As soon as the shirt was taken off, they went to work on Tzuyu's shirt. Soon, without breaking the kiss, yet at a fast pace, they were only in their underpants. The two broke the kiss, and with a smirk, Tzuyu took her panties first. Jisoo just kept staring at Tzuyu's athletic body, her perky breasts, and now seeing her totally nude, staring at Tzuyu's vagina. Jisoo also did the same, not breaking eye contact with the taller woman. Jisoo pulled her panties down, stepped out of them, and kicked them to the side. Tzuyu moved towards her, and pressed her body onto Jisoo's, her arms surrounding her.

Tzuyu kissed Jisoo again, and this time, Jisoo wanted to match her. While at first Jisoo's tongue dominated, Tzuyu took over quickly, and Jisoo was lost into the kiss. Tzuyu then broke the kiss, and kissed downwards, though not before taking a quick tug of Jisoo's lower lip. Leaving a trail of kisses, Tzuyu then reached Jisoo's pussy, kissing just above it. With a soft kiss on Jisoo's clit, Jisoo seized up and grabbed the top of Tzuyu's head, signaling her to keep going. Tzuyu then looked up after leaving another kiss, but she stopped. Jisoo looked down at her with a questioning gaze, spreading her legs a bit more for Tzuyu to have access. Jisoo was gasping for breath and just nodded her head for Tzuyu to continue. Tzuyu smirked and went back to kissing Jisoo's vagina.

Jisoo closed her eyes in bliss, until suddenly, she felt something along her slit. Jisoo gasped in pleasure and looked down to see Tzuyu licking up and down on her. Jisoo was on cloud nine, and tried to spread her legs more while standing up, but Tzuyu held her waist in place. She shook her head no, and Jisoo stayed still. Tzuyu kept licking up and down on Jisoo's sex, and the latter was mewling in pleasure. Jisoo bent her back a bit to rub her sex into Tzuyu, who enjoyed it and allowed it to continue. After five minutes of licking and poking, along with Jisoo's moans, Jisoo's body shuddered. She reached her orgasm, and Tzuyu was licking it all up. Jisoo slowly slid down the wall, exhausted. Tzuyu wiped her face clean, admiring her work on Jisoo's body, which was resting on the carpeted floor. But Tzuyu wasn't done yet. She still wanted to do one more thing to try with Jisoo. She leaned over Jisoo, and Tzuyu was looking at her in confusion, until she felt something go into her sex.

Jisoo gasped and slammed her hands onto the floor. Tzuyu put a finger into Jisoo's vagina, first stopping to allow Jisoo to adjust. After Jisoo settled down, Jisoo looked at Tzuyu, wanting her to continue and nodded her head to confirm it. Tzuyu then slowly pushed her finger in and out, only to start to increase in speed. Jisoo was trying to hold onto something for soon Tzuyu was thrusting in and out with her finger at a frantic pace. Jisoo started to slide down to the floor, albeit on her right side, but Tzuyu did not let it stop, as she used her free hand to place Jisoo on her back on the floor, still fingering into the older woman at the same frantic pace. The slapping of skin was heard throughout the living room, and Jisoo was crying out in pleasure. What she didn't realize was that Tzuyu was also somehow rubbing herself on Jisoo's thigh, at the same time she was fingering her. Jisoo whined out in pleasure and frantically thrashed on the floor, at the same time she was matching each thrust beneath the taller woman. Jisoo was matching Tzuyu's pace and the latter was getting so turned on by Jisoo's reaction that she was getting close to her own orgasm. Soon, Jisoo's eyes rolled to the back of her head, as it looked like she was going to cum, but Tzuyu suddenly slowed the pace to an agonizingly slow one. Jisoo tried to reach out, but Tzuyu was not letting her.

"Please, Tzuyu," Jisoo moaned out, "Please let me cum. I need it so badly."

Tzuyu smirked, and leaned in to Jisoo's ear. "Beg. Beg me. Beg me for it. Beg me for what you want. You know what to say."

Jisoo couldn't handle the teasing, and just gave in. "Please, Tzuyu. Let me cum. I want to cum for you. Please let me cum for you."

Tzuyu smiled and licked Jisoo's face. With that, Tzuyu again picked up the pace, and Jisoo again met each thrust despite laying naked on the floor. Jisoo's moans rang through the living room, and Tzuyu could care less who heard it. Tzuyu was obsessed with getting Jisoo to unravel beneath her, and she was going to join her. Jisoo kept moaning and gasping for more, when suddenly, her body seized as another thrust went into her. Jisoo's mouth went into an 'o' shape as she struggled to keep her eyes opened. She let out a gurgled moan, whimpering as she felt her release come. Tzuyu came shortly after Jisoo, first resting and letting her finger stay inside Jisoo's pussy. Shortly after, Tzuyu slowly continued thrusting her finger into Jisoo so that the Korean woman could ride out her orgasm. At the same time, Tzuyu slowly removed herself from Jisoo's thigh, feeling herself wet. When Jisoo looked like she was calm enough, Tzuyu slowly pulled out her finger, absorbing the image of Jisoo's wetness that was caused by her. Tzuyu thought of going into Jisoo's sex, ready to lick it off.

Jisoo let out a shaky breath. "W-W-Wow. Th-That was-"

Suddenly, Jisoo's body convulsed again. She seized up, and Tzuyu noticed the sudden pause in Jisoo's speaking.

Before Tzuyu could ask, as she was looking at Jisoo, she suddenly felt a wetness. A steady, thick stream of wetness. Tzuyu was shocked, and she looked down at her chest and stomach area. A thick layer of cum was on her. Tzuyu then heard a strangled moan. She looked down at Jisoo, who was still convulsing, her back arching.

Tzuyu couldn't believe it. 'Holy Shit!' she thought, 'Did Jisoo just squirt?! After just a fingering from me!?'

Tzuyu then went to rub Jisoo's vagina she can continue the latter's orgasm, and felt another couple of squirts on her right hand. Small ones, but still. Tzuyu used her left hand to stroke Jisoo's face so that she can feel relaxed. For Tzuyu, she just felt more turned on, even after seeing Jisoo finally relaxing. Jisoo's breathing was ragged, and Tzuyu just had a glint in her eyes. She then leaned down, moved her hair back, and put her mouth onto Jisoo's sensitive area, kissing it. Jisoo was still riding a high, and let out a mewing sound, her hands desperately searching for Tzuyu. When Tzuyu's hair was felt by her hands, Jisoo grabbed onto it, pushing her head more into it. Tzuyu was more than accepting of the request, and used her tongue to lick it. Tzuyu licked all of the wetness that was on her vagina and her thighs, not caring that Jisoo was laying on the carpet. Tzuyu was so focused on it, that she didn't care that she was licking the now wet spot on the carpet. She even lifted Jisoo's ass up just to lick on it and underneath. After a couple minutes of doting attention, Tzuyu was done, and Jisoo was now resting.

Tzuyu crawled up and looked over the now satisfied goddess underneath her. Jisoo's eyes were half closed, and her whole body was still recovering from the orgasmic experience she just had, thanks to Tzuyu. Jisoo's head was on her left side, but as she struggled to look up, she saw the smiling face of TWICE's maine. Even with a sweaty and reddened face, Jisoo felt more alive than ever. She saw Tzuyu leaning over her, and the taller woman leaned down to kiss her on the nose, and then a chaste one on the lips. Jisoo let out a breath of approval and smiled. The two just stared at each other, until Tzuyu spoke.

"Well," Tzuyu said, "At least we know you are definitely able to keep up with whoever's your future love."

At that, Jisoo's eyes suddenly opened up. 'Oh my god! The wedding!' Jisoo mentally screamed.

Jisoo went to sit up, but she accidentally bumped into Tzuyu. Both groaned in pain, and Jisoo went to check on her, even though she was also hurt.

"Oh my god!" Jisoo said, "I'm so sorry!"

"Owww," Tzuyu groaned then chuckled, "That hurt. If you wanted to give me head, all you had to do was ask."

At that, Tzuyu looked at Jisoo while rubbing her cheeks. What she saw stunned her. Jisoo looked like she was about to cry, but Tzuyu was unsure why. Jisoo looked like she was going to say something but she stopped, her lips partially open. At that, Jisoo suddenly turned her back towards Tzuyu, and wrapped her arms around her naked body. Suddenly, Jisoo's back was shaking. Tzuyu was confused until she heard the sniffles. Jisoo quietly cried. Her sobs became a bit louder, and Tzuyu was definitely worried. Tzuyu thought she did something wrong, and that frightened her. Tzuyu was given permission by Jisoo, asking her before that, but what could have made her upset? As far as Tzuyu can recall, it wasn't like Jisoo was in a-

Tzuyu let out a shocked gasp, her hands too late in covering her mouth. Jisoo then cried a bit louder, and suddenly laid down on the carpet. Tzuyu, while unsure, went to kneel in front of Jisoo. When she was about reach out, Jisoo spoke.

"Don't," Jisoo said, "Don't touch me! You-You-You shouldn't have touched me. N-N-Now, Now I'm a dirty whore. It's all your fault. I was a fool. You just wanted to use me!"

Tzuyu's heart broke upon hearing that. Jisoo was not a whore and Tzuyu never wanted to treat her like dirt. Especially when Tzuyu had feelings for her, but alas, it was not meant to be. Jisoo is in an arranged marriage, and there's no way Tzuyu will have her, if it all. So with that, she stood up, and got their clothes. She gave Jisoo's clothes to the still crying woman, who didn't recognize it. Tzuyu then knelt down, removing a loose strand of her. Jisoo was able to stop crying and looked up at Tzuyu, who had a blank face. Jisoo suddenly realized what she said, and crawled back, hitting her head on the wall.

"Ow!" Jisoo exclaimed.

"Served you right," Tzuyu said, "For not remembering that you're in front of the wall. Get dressed. We'll talk later."

Jisoo was suddenly frightened by the way Tzuyu talked. Jisoo was definitely worried that she caused even more problems than she ever intended. Jisoo realized she really screwed up. And now, she'll definitely be blamed for messing up the vocalists' song. Slowly but surely, Jisoo put on her clothes. She didn't bother looking at Chou Tzuyu, knowing she was mad, to say the least. Still head down, Jisoo stood up, and got ready to just leave, when she suddenly felt a hand pull her back.

Jisoo yelped, only for her to be on someone's lap. Instinctively, Jisoo was raising her hands up when she heard a voice.

"Calm down," the voice said, "You don't want to hurt this pretty face. Or damage your hands."

At that, Jisoo put her hands down and looked up. To see the concerned eyes of Chou Tzuyu. Jisoo was confused, but Tzuyu spoke first.

"You got the right to be angry," Tzuyu said, "To be mad at being in an arrange marriage. Granted, I let my lust take over, but you did too. We both fucked up in that. But know this, I don't care anymore. About you, me, or the whole damn idol world. Right now, things changed. For such a long time, I kept my feelings for you bottled up knowing that not only could I risk ruining both of our idol careers, but also the unneeded hate by bigots. When I asked for a kiss from you, it just lit a fire inside of me. I couldn't hold it anymore. So yes, you were selfish to want to think of yourself with the situation you were put in without a choice, but I was too in asking for you to let me please you. When we did it, it was all so perfect. I couldn't believe that you were so willing to let me have sex with you, and I felt my dreams finally came true. But now, with the fact you're in an arranged marriage, that chance is lost for me. So yes, we were both selfish, but know this, you aren't going in this alone. I won't leave you. I know you're bandmates won't leave you by choice, but even if they are not able to have you anymore, I'll always be there. I won't let anyone take you away from me or everyone else without a fight. Nothing will stop us, any of us. You have spent years working towards the same dream I had, and we're here now. I know you didn't want to worry your bandmates, or anyone else for that matter, but let us in. Like you let me in. Let us all help you. Regardless of the type of person one is, no one should be robbed of the chance to decide who he or she wants to be with or what they want to be. You are Kim Jisoo, Miss Korea. The chicken loving weirdo. And I'm Chou Tzuyu, the yoda looking idol. The straight fire idol. I'll always be blunt with you, just as you can be straight up savage with me. We are not going to let this take away your dreams. Our dreams. No one, no one, will stop us."

While Tzuyu was giving her speech, she unconsciously wrapped her arms around the smaller woman's body. Jisoo was crying, touched by Tzuyu's proclamation. Jisoo also wrapped her arms around Tzuyu's thin neck, and put her face into Tzuyu's chest.

"I'm sorry," Jisoo said, "I should have mentioned this fact sooner. I was just too scared."

"It's ok," Tzuyu said.

"No it's not," Jisoo interrupted, "I let myself go in a bad way, affecting everyone, not just my bandmates. But you're right. I shouldn't let this stop me. While we may never be truly together, although the sex was great-"

Tzuyu let out a chuckle at the praise Jisoo gave before she continued.

"This won't stop us from doing anything we want to achieve. No matter what is thrown at us, we'll keep fighting. I know we'll screw up, it's bound to happen. I could be cheating on someone just by not being supportive, or you can be cheating on someone with another person. Either of us is capable of doing that, but even with my arranged marriage, I won't let it stop me. I want to keep being an idol and maybe more. So do you. None of us, even our bandmates, will let this stop us. So thank you, Chou Tzuyu, for at least tonight being with me. But I'm afraid it could all be for naught. Who knows what kind of person I'm being forced to marry? Hell, for all I know, it could be a perverted and sick man who just hates someone like me and has me act out sick fantasies for him involving other women."

Tzuyu snorted at that last comment, but before that, she was also afraid of what Jisoo said might be truth. Yes, she was glad to give Jisoo one night of happiness, but it may have been for nothing. Who knows what kind of person Jisoo will be with, but that won't stop her from being at least a friend.

Tzuyu stroked Jisoo's cheek, but before she could say anything else, she got a text. She checked her pocket and got out her phone. She was surprised upon reading it. Jisoo also got a text, and checked her phone.

"This is unexpected," Tzuyu said, "My unnies said our bosses are letting us stay over for the night, since we have nothing to do tomorrow."

"I got the same thing from my bandmates," Jisoo said, "Talk about coincidence."

Tzuyu chuckled, and then she signaled for Jisoo to get up. Jisoo did so, and Tzuyu followed suit. They both stretched, yet neither couldn't help but admire the other's bodies, even clothed. Tzuyu snapped her fingers.

"Eyes up here," Tzuyu said.

Jisoo cocked her head in confusion. "Here?" Jisoo asked, "Where? Oh, you mean there?"

Jisoo pointed at Tzuyu's chest, and Tzuyu just let out a 'Yah'. Jisoo let out her husky laugh, and Tzuyu followed. After a quick chuckle, both went silent. After a moment, Jisoo spoke.

"So?" Jisoo said.

"So?" Tzuyu followed.

"I guess," Jisoo sly said as she looked at her feet, "Well, you'll room with your bandmates in of BP's rooms. Better try to avoid-"

"I don't mind if it's with you," Tzuyu interrupted, "Besides, I get the feeling each of our members will room with the other."

Jisoo looked up in shock, and smiled.

"Ok," Jisoo said, "But one rule. No funny business."

Tzuyu raised her hands in mock surrender. "What business?" Tzuyu innocently asked, "Do you mean earlier?"

"Yah!" Jisoo exclaimed, mock punching Tzuyu's arm.

Tzuyu rubbed her arm in mock pain. Jisoo just shook her head, and decided to continue.

"Let's go to my room, ok?" Jisoo said, "Besides, everyone's having dinner here. We should think about eating something."

Tzuyu raised her right eyebrow at Jason's statement. Jisoo blushed upon realizing what she just said.

"I," Jisoo started, "I-I mean...well."

Tzuyu chuckled, and offered her right hand.

"Let's just talk, ok?" Tzuyu said.

Jisoo smiled and took up the offered hand, Both walked off, with Jisoo leading the way to her room, suddenly realizing something.

"Crap!" Jisoo said, "The carpet. M-m-my...our-"

"It's dried by now," Tzuyu said, "Besides, I think they already know."

Jisoo blushed even harder, putting her face into her left hand. Tzuyu just gave a rub on Jisoo's shoulder.

"It's ok," Tzuyu said, "You should've heard Sana and Seulgi. Those two were crazy."

Tzuyu's phone went off. She looked at it, and read Sana's text, which said, 'F U Dumbass! Not crazy like u 2!'

Tzuyu smiled and looked at Jisoo, who was blushing harder. Tzuyu just rubbed Jisoo's shoulder.

"Come on," Tzuyu said, "Let's rest a bit, ok?"

Jisoo nodded. "Ok."

The two walked off to Jisoo's room, and after they went in, they just sat on the bed, resting and talking about what to do for the future.

Of course, the rest of their little group were just as shocked while sitting in Jennie's room, excitedly chatting.

"Holy!" Lisa said, "Never heard Jisoo yah so loud!"

"HOT DAMN!" Mina exclaimed, "Go Chewy!"

"I was nowhere near as reckless as those two," Sana pouted, "Seulgi's legs are just-"

"Lalalalalala!" Rose sang while covering her ears, "Don't need to know the details. I just want to know about our two nutcases."

"Hey!" Sana exclaimed.

"Guys wait," Jennie said, "As much as I'd like to hear about those two, we still have the elephant in the room. Jisoo's arranged marriage."

At that, the group went silent. They certainly didn't expect to find out the way they did, like how Jisoo and Tzuyu just had hot sex. In all seriousness, though, now they know why Jisoo had been so off lately. Her parents put her in an arranged marriage.

"I never thought Jisoo would face something like this," Jihyo said.

"Me neither," Jennie said, "But no matter what, we'll figure this out. Somehow."

"I just can't imagine who Jisoo's parents set her up with," Mina said as she put her finger on her chin, "I mean, don't get me wrong, Jisoo's a dumbass in a lot of ways, but she's certainly more than capable of proving her worth."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Rose challenged with her arms on her waist, "You're mocking Jisoo unnie?"

Mina realized what she just said and immediately backpedaled. "Whoa, whoa!" Mina said, "I'm just saying that Jisoo's more than just a dope and she is certainly capable of being more than just an idol. It's just, how can Jisoo's parents, let alone any parents, make an arranged marriage with someone else? And that someone else is from a family who is a friend of a friend, or something like that? And Jisoo has no clue about them, let alone the person she's arranged to be married to?"

Jennie and Jihyo hmmed in response.

"Maybe it's me!" Lisa exclaimed, "Since she proclaimed being taken by me!"

Pillows were suddenly thrown at Lisa, who yelped in shock.

"Dream on, Lalisa," Rose said, "It's probably some random dude, even though Jisoo came out to us all as gay when we already knew. She's dense in that way. Plus, no one would is able to hide the fact that she is, no matter what agency there is."

"Still," Mina said, "What now?"

At that, Jennie spoke. "Let's just play it by ear. We all heard it. So let's try to be supportive and help Jisoo find a way out of it. If not, well, at least be there for her when it happens, and make sure she doesn't lose us. No way down want her to be miserable for the rest of her life with a possible shithead."

Everyone nodded and said agreements. Then, Sana broke it.

"So we won't ask how good the sex was?" Sana asked, "Tzuyu must have realllly given Jisoo a good time."

The rest of the women just groaned in response, though they held in chuckles. For the rest of the night, the women all talked with Jisoo about her dilemma, and vowed to help her in whatever way they can. Plus, they tried to get the details on how Jisoo and Tzuyu had such a great time in the living room. Both just blushed.

It was at the end of November things went crazy.

The vocalists from all three groups just gave a well received performance at the MAMA awards. Before that, Jisoo was back to being her usual self, more focused and determined. Of course the marriage was on her mind, but when she told the other members, they were stunned and horrified, but they were going to support her in whatever way they could.

All three groups had been praised for being able to work so well in a hodgepodge way, and now they were ready for a new performance. Well, once they had the Christmas show to do.

After all three groups gave their performances, they were all in the party area where all the idols and their companies were together. Everyone was having a good time, and Jisoo and Tzuyu were still great friends. Without the sex, of course. They didn't want to try to do anything until they knew for sure what comes next.

As TWICE, BlackPink, and Red Velvet were talking to fellow idols, a surprise was coming there way.

"Tzuyu!" a woman's voice was heard.

Said woman turned to the source, and saw her mom and dad. Tzuyu's eyes widened in shock, and she walked up to her. Tzuyu and her mom hugged. Neither was expected to meet until after Tzuyu's idol work was done for the holidays.

"Mom, Dad," Tzuyu said, "What are you doing here?"

Tzuyu's mom pulled back, giving her a stern look. Tzuyu was confused.

"What do you mean?" the mom asked, "I'm here because it's important."

"What is?" Tzuyu asked.

At the same time, Jisoo got a surprise of her own.

"Jisoo!" a man's voice was heard.

Jisoo turned and her eyes widened upon seeing her mom and dad. Jisoo had managed to work things out with her parents, though she was still upset about the whole thing. Her parents apologized, but they promised her that she wouldn't have to worry. It was a good 'man', Jisoo's mom said, though strangely given in a teasing manner. Jisoo was confused, until she realized that her parents set her up not with a man, per se, but who? Again, Jisoo didn't have any issue with transgender or intersex people, but she didn't feel that way like some of the people she knew outside of the idol world who have an attraction to either group of people. Jisoo's parents promised her that everything will be fine, though she was not too sure.

"Mom, dad!" Jisoo said as she walked up to them, and hugged them, "What are you doing here?"

"To tell you something important," Jisoo's dad replied as he ended the hug, "And, your fiancee is here."

Jisoo's heart stopped. Did Jisoo's mom just announce it to every idol present!?

Actually, everyone found out. BTS, Momoland, and every group and soloist heard it. Even agency managers were surprised. BlackPink were definitely cringing, wishing Jisoo's mom had a bit more tact. TWICE and Red Velvet, though, were definitely wishing they were anywhere else but at the party.

Jisoo ignored, as much as she could, the stares of everyone else. But before Jisoo could say anything-

"WHAT!?!!" a voice yelled out.

Jisoo turned to the source, and saw Chou Tzuyu staring at her. Jisoo was confused. Why would Tzuyu be surprised? She already knew.

"Your bosses already know, Tzuyu," Tzuyu's dad said, "And we just wanted to see our future daughter-in-law."

A shattered glass was heard. Everyone just stood in silence, even the staff were not moving, let alone paying attention to spilled drinks. Red Velvet had their mouths opened in shock. TWICE were an odd mix of barely able to stand even holding on to each other, or just flat out collapsing to their knees in shock. BlackPink, on the other hand, were just standing with their eyes wide open. Rose's mouth stuffed with bread, though it dropped out when she heard it, not believing what she just heard. Lisa was just looking between Jisoo and Tzuyu, pointing her finger back and forth as she did so. Jennie stared at the two women in shock and her mouth was open like she was a fish. Like everyone else, she was able to put two and two together, yet it still didn't make sense. There's no way, could it? Tzuyu is also in an arranged marriage. Like Jisoo!?

The rest of the people just couldn't help but stare, shocked at what they heard. Of course, some had their phones out to record it. Oh boy.

"And what a unique one she is," Tzuyu's mom said, "And I dare say, you could've done worse. Kim Jisoo is certainly perfect for you."

"And we're so happy that Chou Tzuyu is her wife to be," Jisoo's mom said, "She will make the perfect wife with Jisoo."

All of a sudden, chaos erupted. Fellow idols were excitedly talking amongst themselves, not believing what they just saw and heard. The three main girl groups were just as stunned. All approaching the now brides-to-be, clamoring in shock and confusion.

As if it wasn't worse for Jisoo and Tzuyu. The two just stood silent across one another. Kim Jisoo. Chou Tzuyu. The two women who not too long ago had pre-marital sex. And they were the ones put into an arranged marriage?!

The two just continued to stare at each other in shock. Jisoo and Tzuyu were just starting to walk to each other, even amongst the craziness, and stopped in front of each other. Both didn't know what to say, just staring in shock.

"S-S-So," Jisoo said, "I-I-I guess it's not a perverted man?"

Tzuyu just dumbly nodded. "I wouldn't make an ugly guy, right?"

And more chaos erupted. The soon-to-be-brides just wanted to disappear. And maybe, just maybe, find out why the hell their families did this. Jisoo suddenly offered her right hand to Tzuyu, amidst the chaos. Tzuyu looked at it in confusion, then looked at Jisoo, who gave small smile. Tzuyu suddenly recalled the same thing she did for Jisoo a few months ago at BlackPink's dorm. Tzuyu smiled back.

"Shall we?" Jisoo asked.

Without waiting for a response, Tzuyu grabbed Jisoo's hand. "Time to figure out what the hell's going on, right?"

Jisoo smiled and nodded at the Taiwanese woman, who smiled back. As they were going to meet their parents, of course something else comes up.

"And the fact you two already had sex-".


Jisoo just nervously chuckled and Tzuyu just gulped. What the hell just happened? More specifically, what now?