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The Bond of Dragons

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Izuku wanted to be a hero like any other kid his age. Just like his best friend Katsuki Bakugo. When Bakugo got his quirk, Izuku couldn’t wait until his quirk came in as well. But as the months went on with no sign of a quirk, Izuku started losing hope. 


Izuku’s mother brought him to a doctor to see if he was going to get a quirk.




Izuku and Inko sat in the doctor’s office, listening to the doctor speak.


“Well, with every test I can think of, I get the result that your son should have a quirk. It could still be dormant. It may need some way of activating before your son can use it,” the doctor explained.


“Do you know what quirk he would get?” Inko asked.


“It’s no telling. What was your husband’s quirk?”


“Fire breath,” she answered.


“And yours?”


“Attraction of small objects.”


“Well, it may be something that is combined from both of those quirks. Like attraction of flame, for example. In rare cases, though, a quirk from a grandparent or great grandparent could be passed down to him. Of course, we will know nothing until your son manifests his quirk.”


Izuku tried everything he could for the next few months to try and get his quirk to manifest, yet failed at every point, much to his disappointment. He never gave up trying whenever he thought of some new idea that could possibly draw his quirk out.




As the years went on, he saw Bakugo start bullying others because their quirks were weak or useless. As time went on and his quirk had yet to show, Bakugo deemed him quirkless, and began bullying him, too.


Izuku and Bakugo’s relationship quickly turned from best friends to victim and tormentor, with Katsuki calling Izuku “Deku”, meaning useless. The bully thought it was perfect for Izuku. He was quirkless, after all. 


As Izuku kept wishing to become a hero, Bakugo noticed he had to step up his bullying. Izuku was thoroughly beaten until he never spoke about hero things around him. Bakugo felt proud of himself, as he felt he stopped the useless nerd from becoming a hero.


One day, in the last year of elementary school, he noticed Bakugo attempt to bully a girl. She had blonde, chin length hair with a fringe covering the right side of her face. The rest of her hair was held back from her face with a green headband. She had yellow eyes with slitted pupils. Her mouth was slightly open in fear, revealing sharpened teeth. The uniform she wore looked like a white version of his elementary school’s.


It was normal that Bakugo was bullying someone, but this time it was different. He didn’t know anything about the girl or what her quirk was. But what he did know was that it was a complete stranger. She didn’t even go to their school.


‘What the hell, Bakugo?!’ Izuku thought, starting to walk towards them.


His body moved quicker as Bakugo used his quirk to knock the girl down. He felt a primal feeling enter his body and a voice that wasn’t his own speak.


‘How dare he do such a thing?!’


Izuku saw the blonde bomber raise his arm for another strike and attempted to get the bully’s attention.


“Kacchan! Stop!” He yelled, running between the girl and extending his hands to either side of him in a protective gesture.


“Get outta the way Deku. I’m teaching this bitch her place,” Katsuki said in a growl, angered that he was interrupted.


“You don’t even know her! Why are you doing this?!”


“She stopped me from putting someone else in their place. And I’m gonna find said person after I teach her hers!”


“I can’t let you do that!” Izuku said defiantly, flinching under the explosion that Bakugo let off in response to his declaration.


“Oh really? You think a quirkless Deku like yourself can stop me? I guess I’ll need to teach you your place. And here I thought you knew it already. What with being a Deku and all,” Katsuki rears his fist back as he said his piece.


Izuku felt that same primal feeling enter his body again. He soon felt a shifting feeling right before a large explosion impacted his body. But this time it was different. For some reason, it didn’t hurt him as much as it should have.


Opening his eyes, he realized his body was different. He was on all fours with scaled arms leading to clawed hands. His neck felt longer leading to a head with more hardened scales compared to his arms. Glancing back, he noticed his legs were also covered in scales leading to equally clawed feet. He also noticed his legs had an extra joint to them. 


Izuku saw two things shielding his face and realized they were his wings. 


‘I’m a dragon! I have a quirk of a dragon!’ Izuku thought in amazement. 


He attempted to move his wings to his back and it seemed to move easily enough. With the removal of his shielding wings from his vision, he saw Katsuki giving Izuku a surprised expression. Without saying a word, Bakugo ran from Izuku and the girl he just bullied.


Izuku’s body visibly relaxed. He breathed a visible sigh of relief before looking at himself again. Green scales adorned his body all over with the shade getting darker closer to his back and paler towards his stomach. He was completely unaware of the girl, who picked herself up and looked at Izuku in amazement.


‘He’s like me.’ The girl thought, looking at the boy.


Izuku finally remembered how he got into his predicament and glanced back, his dragon head giving a sharp toothed grin.


“Are you okay?” Izuku asked as if he didn’t just transform into a dragon and protected her from a bully.


“Y-yeah. I’m alright. Thanks for saving me.” The girl said.

The girl noticed Izuku’s form shifting back to that of a human. She saw him look at himself again in surprise as if he didn’t intentionally do it. His clothes were ripped in multiple places and seemed to stay on his body by luck.


“Are you sure? His explosions usually hurt a lot,” Izuku said, looking at the girl.


Izuku didn’t meet her eyes as he inspected her for injuries. He noticed some scales on her arms. Immediately he got into quirk analysis mode.


“Woah, are those scales? Is that your quirk? That’s cool! What else can you do with your quirk?”


“W-woah! Woah! Too many questions!” The girl shouted, waving her hands in front of her face.


“O-oh. Sorry… I do that whenever I see a cool quirk…” Izuku looked away in embarrassment.


“It’s okay. I… My quirk isn’t that good. It’s supposed to be a dragon quirk… But I can only partially transform… I can only form wings and cover parts of my body in scales…”


“That’s still pretty cool!” Izuku said with a wide smile before realizing what he did and look away in shyness.


“I think you have a pretty cool quirk.”


“O-oh… Thanks… I uh… Didn’t know I had it.”


“Didn’t know?”


Izuku didn’t answer.


“Oh right! You don’t know my name!” the girl shouted suddenly.


“Oh, you don’t have to give me your name…” Izuku replied.


“Well, I want to. My name’s Ryuko Tatsuma. What’s yours?” Ryuko asked, extending her hand for Izuku to shake.


Izuku looked at Ryuko’s hand hesitantly before slowly reaching out and grabbing it. He looked into Ryuko’s eyes for a split second. For that split second, both her eyes and his shined. Izuku felt something weird in his body in that moment. He just attributed it to fatigue since he was pretty tired after transforming into a dragon for the first time ever.


“I-Izuku Midoriya…” Izuku said, looking away after that moment.


Unbeknownst to Izuku, Ryuko felt a similar feeling Izuku did when locking eyes with the green haired boy. She understood what it was, though.


“It’s a pleasure to meet you. Thank you again for saving me,” Ryuko said with a kind smile.


“It-it was nothing.”


“So, do you want to be friends?”


“F-friends?” Izuku asked, his eyes wide.


“Yeah. We both have dragon-like quirks. And I think you’re nice,” Ryuko explained with a smile.


“O-oh,” was all Izuku could say.


‘A friend? Someone else wants to be my friend? She’s probably just trying to be nice…’


“Y-you don’t have to be…”


What Izuku said set off alarms for Ryuko. What did he mean she didn’t have to be? Just what did this boy go through? Whatever it was, she wanted to help him recover from it.


“Well, I want to. So what do you say?” Ryuko said a bit more adamantly.


Izuku looked at Ryuko with a hint of disbelief on his face. He then slowly nodded.


“S-sure,” Izuku said quietly.


Ryuko smiled again.


“Great! So, how about we exchange numbers?”


“E-exchange numbers?!”


“Yeah. That’s what friends do,” Ryuko responded with a kind smile.


“O-oh… Okay.”


Izuku and Ryuko exchanged numbers. She was about to start another conversation when she remembered the time. She didn’t want to leave so soon, but she had to or else her parents would start to worry.


“Hey, I gotta go. I’ll text you when I get home, okay?” Ryuko said.


“O-okay,” Izuku said with a nod.


With a smile, Ryuko waved before jogging away to her house.


‘I TALKED TO A GIRL!’ Izuku shouted in his mind. 


He shook out of his thoughts as he started running for his house as well. When he got home, he instantly was questioned for his ripped clothes.


“Mom! I found my quirk!” Izuku exclaimed with excitement in reply to her question.


Inko was stunned, her eyes wide. But that state didn’t last long as she pulled Izuku into a bone crushing hug and cried. Soon, both mother and son were crying tears of joy at the appearance of Izuku’s quirk after so long.


Once the crying fest ended, Izuku changed his clothes and joined his mother for dinner. He had his favorite food for dinner, katsudon, in celebration for him finally getting his quirk. Izuku spent the rest of dinner describing what it was from what he first saw. 


Inko got worried that her son had a dragon quirk, but was just too happy that his son was finally happy. She just wanted his happiness to stay for good this time.


“I’m wanting to practice my quirk tomorrow. Is that alright?” Izuku asked, eyes still shining like he found the most amazing thing on earth.


“Of course, sweetie. Just don’t break anything, okay?” Inko asked with a kind smile.


“Mhm! I won’t!” Izuku said.


Izuku helped his mother clean the dishes before going to his room. He had to write down everything he knew so far. Opening a fresh notebook, he started writing everything down.


Quirk Name: 

Type: Transformation


I can turn my whole body into a green dragon with wings, scales, claws, and a tail. I can move my tail and wings. 



Can I breathe fire like an actual dragon? Or do I breathe something else if not fire?

With practice, will moving my extra limbs be easier?

Can I make my transformation into dragon mode faster?

Can I transform individual parts of my body?

Can I just coat my body in scales?


Izuku leaned back from his notebook after scribbling in it. It was at that point he heard his phone vibrate. He looked to see a text from Ryuko. His face immediately went red. He checked what was sent.


Ryuko: Hey, Izuku. You there?


Izuku took a moment to calm himself after thinking about the fact that a girl is texting him. 


Izuku: Hey, I’m here.

Ryuko: Sweet! I wanted to ask you something.

Izuku: ?

Ryuko: You seemed surprised when you were using your quirk. Why was that?


Izuku read the message and hesitated.


‘She is wanting to be my friend… I could tell her.’ Izuku thought as he went to type.


Izuku: Well… Before today, I didn’t even know I had a quirk.

Ryuko: What???? How does that work?

Izuku: I, uh… I was told that I had a quirk but it didn’t manifest yet. That was when I was 4.


Izuku cringed as he sent his message. He really texted like he talked.


Ryuko: So you went in protecting me, even though you were practically quirkless?


Izuku winced as he read her last message. He was about to text her a reply when she sent another.


Ryuko: That’s so awesome! You’d make an amazing hero if you didn’t let the fact you were practically quirkless stop you from saving someone!


Izuku was surprised. He never was told that by anyone. Not even the doctors because they didn’t know what quirk he would have. Hearing, or rather seeing, someone say he would make a great hero made him feel amazing. His phone buzzed again, and he looked down to read Ryuko’s text.


Ryuko: What are you doing tomorrow?


Izuku’s face went beet red at her question. He started trying to rationalize it.


‘She probably just curious as to what I’m going to do. Nothing to do with anything else.’ Izuku thought to himself.


Izuku: I’m planning on practicing my quirk. Trying to learn it and catch up to everyone else who’s had more time with their quirks.

Ryuko: Cool! Can I train my quirk with you?


Izuku was practically smoking with how hot he was feeling. His face never left the range of red as he read and reread Ryuko’s text. He shakily replied.


Izuku: S-s-sure! If you want! 

Ryuko: What’s your address?


Izuku sent Ryuko his address, completely and utterly surprised he could even hold his phone with how embarrassed he was feeling.


Ryuko: Sweet! I’ll see you tomorrow!

Izuku: Y-yeah. See you tomorrow.


With that, Izuku set his phone down and flopped onto his bed, still coming to terms that he was friends with a girl and she wanted to train her quirk with him. And she was coming over tomorrow!


Izuku could barely get to sleep with how stressed he was. He needed his sleep or else he wouldn’t be able to work on his quirk tomorrow!


The next day would be rather interesting for Izuku. And halfway through the night, he finally was able to get to sleep. At least he wouldn’t be completely unrested for what’s to come.

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Izuku awoke to the sound of his mother knocking at his door.


“Izuku! A cute girl’s here to see you!” Inko shouted from the other side of the door.


That got Izuku up. What time was it? Did he oversleep? He didn’t think Ryuko would come early!


Izuku looked at the clock and found out it was indeed noon. Throwing on a T-shirt and pants, he rushed out to meet his new friend.


“There you are. Jeez, were you expecting me to come in the evening, sleeping cutie?” Ryuko asked, a teasing grin on her face when she noticed he blushed.


“Izuku, who is this? You didn’t tell me about her.”


“I’m Ryuko Tatsuma. Pleased to meet you,” Ryuko introduced herself finally to Inko.


Inko took Ryuko’s offered hand and shook it.


“How did you meet my son? I don’t really recognize you,” Inko commented with a tilted head.


“Oh, he saved me yesterday! He turned into a dragon and blocked a blast from that explodey kid,” Ryuko explained with a smile.


Izuku winced as Ryuko explained it. He knew that his mother knew what Ryuko meant by explodey kid. But then a question popped into his mind.


“Just what were you doing there, anyways? You didn’t even go to our school.”


“Oh, someone said that they wanted to meet me at that park. But when I got there, mister explodey palms came up to me and exploded my face, saying I needed to learn my place,” Ryuko said, her expression conveying how confused she was that she was suddenly attacked.


“I didn’t really have time to activate my scales and even then, I could barely concentrate,” Ryuko finished.


“Well, Izuku, why don’t you do what you two had planned. I’m going to make a phone call while you do that,” Inko said. 


Izuku’s mother seemed to have an odd look when she left the living room. He didn’t have time to think about it as Ryuko grabbed his wrist and eagerly tugged on him. 


“C’mon! Let’s get to the back yard! I’ve been excited to see what you’ll be doing with your training!” Ryuko said excitedly.


Izuku was pulled outside and just stood there afterwards with Ryuko looking at him.


“Well?” she asked.


“I-I don’t know! I just activated my quirk unintentionally before! I don’t know how to pull it out again!” Izuku said, his cheeks turning red slightly.


“Well, what did it feel like?” Ryuko asked with a raised eyebrow.


“It felt… I felt this need to protect you. Like this other voice was yelling at me to protect you with all my strength…” Izuku tried recalling that feeling, closing his eyes to think.


Once he found it again, he pulled. The second he did that, he collapsed onto his arms and knees and his dragon body took form from his human body. He opened his eyes again and they remained green, but the pupils were slits.


“Woah... “ Ryuko muttered.


“W-what?” Izuku asked, somehow blushing despite his dragon appearance.


“I still can’t get over how cool you look,” Ryuko said, smiling.


Ryuko didn’t know how a green dragon can turn into a tomato, but Izuku was giving it his all trying. She found it funny. She started giggling as the blushing didn’t stop.


Izuku enjoyed Ryuko’s laughter. It was music to his ears. He found himself slightly smiling as he changed back to his human form. He then joined in laughing. 


Izuku and Ryuko then began training their quirks, with Izuku mainly focus on controlling it while Ryuko was focusing on transforming as much as she could. 


All Ryuko could do was form wings and scales on her arms. She tried pushing scales to her legs and torso, but she started feeling exhausted. At the end of the day, she could partially cover her chest in scales in addition to her wings formed and arms covered in scales.


Izuku was able to use his wings and tail a bit better at the end of the day. He tried flying which was a colossal failure. He’d probably have to keep trying to fly in order to get better. Ryuko offered to help another day on flying. She was pretty good at it.


Izuku and Ryuko reenter the house after a long day of training. The smell of his mother’s cooking flooded their nostrils. Inko noticed the two entering the kitchen.


“Hello you too. How was training?” Inko asked curiously.


“It was good. I got better control over my dragon mode,” Izuku said before glancing at Ryuko.


“I didn’t do much improvement. I just was able to cover more of my body with scales while my wings are out,” Ryuko said, her shoulders drooping.


“We just started. We’ll start improving more as we keep going!” Izuku said encouragingly.


“Oh, so there’s going to be a next time?” Ryuko said teasingly.


Izuku’s face turned red again and Ryuko started giggling. He fake pouted at Ryuko’s teasing, causing her giggling to turn into full on laughter.


Izuku relented and joined in on the laughter.


“I’m glad you two are in such a good mood. Ryuko, would you like to stay for dinner?” Inko asked, breaking up the laughter.


“Oh! Can I?” Ryuko asked. “The smell of your cooking has me starving!”


“Of course!” Inko said with a bright smile.


‘This girl is gonna be so good for Izuku.’ Inko thought to herself, her motherly senses telling her that Ryuko was a good person.


Ryuko hopped up in celebration.

“Yes!” Ryuko shouted.


Izuku chuckled at her reaction. As Ryuko realized what she did, she gained a light blush and looked away shyly.


The dinner was one of animated nature, Ryuko taking center stage on telling the Midoriyas about herself.


Her parents had draconic quirks just like her, with her father being able to turn into a full on dragon and her mother being able to give her body scale armor over her body. She figured she’d have something of a mixture of the two. So far, she found she could form wings on her back and give herself scales. 


She didn’t really get into detail on her home life, just focusing on herself and her quirk. Izuku sensed there might be something sensitive there, but he didn’t want to pry. Neither did his mother.


As dinner ended, Ryuko took it as her queue to leave. Izuku walked with her to the door.


“So, how was your day with me hanging around while you practiced your quirk?” Ryuko asked.


“I enjoyed it. I never thought I’d enjoy spending time with someone as much as I did with you,” Izuku said with a smile. 


Izuku realized what he could have implied and blushed. Ryuko giggled at his shyness.


“Well, how about we practice our quirks again tomorrow? I think I’ve improved way more in a day with you than I did the past couple of years,” Ryuko said with a smile.


“Yeah! Since I’ve gotten my body down, we can just focus on you, maybe transforming parts of your body. Maybe you can do that, but bringing out the full dragon body takes too much energy for now,” Izuku started a mutter storm as he thought about what could help improve her quirk.


Ryuko found it kind of cute listening to the green haired boy mutter theories and questions about her quirk. She smiled softly, listening to him as he went on and on. Suddenly he stopped and he shook his head.


“Sorry. I can’t help but mutter sometimes…” Izuku said shyly.


“No, no. It’s fine. It helps you think. I don’t mind it,” Ryuko said with a kind smile.




“Yeah. And whoever doesn’t like it can shove it, because without your muttering, you aren’t you,” Ryuko said with a kind smile.


Izuku’s face heated up, but not in the normal muttering way. His eyes shined slightly while looking at Ryuko and his chest felt this warm feeling. 


Ryuko noticed Izuku’s eyes shining and smiled fondly. She had a hunch what she felt when she first met Izuku, but now she knew what it was.


“Well, I can’t keep standing here talking to you, despite how nice that would be. I’ll see you tomorrow. Be sure to be awake when I get there next time,” Ryuko said with a smile as she started to leave.


“Y-yeah, I’ll be awake,” Izuku said, waving goodbye.


When Ryuko was out of sight, he closed the door and was met with a smiling mother.


“So when were you going to tell me Katsuki was starting to bully people?” Inko asked with an eerily kind smile.


“I-it never really mattered before…” Izuku tried to play it off.

His mother wasn’t having any of it.


“I was on the phone with Mitsuki earlier and she didn’t know about Katsuki at all. Moreover, the school didn’t know either,” Inko said, a knife starting to float in the background.


Izuku decided the truth would be better than trying to deny it.


“The school doesn’t want to tarnish Kacchan’s ‘perfect record’ because they think he’ll become a hero and doesn’t want to get on his bad side,” Izuku explained.


“And you didn’t tell me this why?”


“I found myself agreeing with him. That I was a quirkless nobody,” Izuku said, his head down.


Izuku was promptly brought into the warm embrace of his mother.


“You aren’t a nobody. And before you couldn’t use your quirk, you weren’t a nobody either,” Inko said.


“When Kacchan raised his hand at her, I felt this primal urge. To protect. I jumped in front and when he used his explosion, I turned into a dragon,” Izuku explained what he didn’t about how he activated his quirk.


“Maybe your quirk only could be activated in a moment of heroic nature. You wanted to protect Ryuko, right?” Inko asked.


“Yes,” Izuku replied.


“And only then did your quirk reveal itself,” Inko continued.


Izuku nodded.


“It sounds like your quirk has as noble of a heart as you,” Inko said, caressing her son’s cheek.

Izuku smiled. It was then that he started feeling tired.


“I’m tired. I’m going to head to bed,” Izuku said tiredly.


Inko released her son from her embrace and let him walk to his room. He wrote down a few things about his quirk. The new entries were:


I can fly with my wings but it requires practice. Ryuko is going to teach me how to fly.


Haven’t been able to breathe fire or any other thing in dragon mode. Possibly need to practice more to use it.


Izuku then promptly went to sleep. He found himself looking forward to the next day and he understood why. He was actually spending time with a friend.




Izuku woke up early this time and got ready before Ryuko showed up to his house. It was nearing noon time before she showed up. She wore a maroon red tank top with jean shorts. Along with her smile when Izuku first greeted her at the door, her look was enough to make him blush.


‘She’s cute!’ Izuku thought. He then did a double take with his thoughts.


‘Cute? Where did that come from?’ He thought.


“So are you going to invite me in or are we going to do training in the front yard?” Ryuko teased, noticing the blush on his face.


“O-oh! R-r-right!” Izuku said, moving to the side of the doorway. “C-c-come in!”


Ryuko giggles as she walked in.


After a short lunch, they went out into the backyard to start practicing again.

“Alright,” Izuku started, taking out a notebook.


“What we should start with is trying to transform different parts of your body,” Izuku said, reading the information in his notebook.


“What’s that?” Ryuko asked.


“O-oh, I write down notes about quirks and t-this one’s about yours… Is that okay?” Izuku asked, wincing at what he expected was going to be an angry reaction from his new friend.


“Oh cool! Sure, I’m fine with that! It can help us improve our quirks!” Ryuko said with a bright smile.


Izuku looked up surprised. When she saw Ryuko’s look, he felt like his worries about her reaction were ridiculous. 


“So, transform different parts of my body, right?” Ryuko asked, shaking Izuku from his thoughts.


“O-oh! Yeah.”


“Alright, then back up. I don’t want to accidentally hit you if this works,” Ryuko said.


Once Izuku was far enough away, she attempted to transform her hands at first. She grunted with effort but still couldn’t form claws. Izuku saw her failure and decides to try something.


“What does it feel when you form your wings?” Izuku asked.


“I feel this vibration or tingly feeling as my wings come out of my back.”


“Well, maybe try to take that feeling and focus it on your hands?” Izuku suggested before stepping back away again.


Ryuko tried it again, remembering that feeling she gets when a part of her transforms. Trying to replicate it in her hands. 


While watching, Izuku could see sweat form on the girl’s forehead as she tries to transform a part of her. 


Suddenly, her hands formed into dragon claws covered in scales. Her scales where pale white just like her other scales. 


“Woah…” Izuku muttered.


“I… I did it!” Ryuko said in amazement.


Ryuko was panting heavily and could barely keep her claws formed. She decided to let go of the transformation, giving Izuku a shaky thumbs up before falling onto her butt. She had a perpetual smile on her face.


Izuku smiled, happy that his friend was able to improve her quirk like she did. He went to sit beside her, furiously writing in his notebook. 


Ryuko giggled at her friend’s nerdiness. She watched Izuku scribble down more notes about her. She noticed a sketch of herself in there. She will have to tease him about that later. At the moment, she was tired.


The rest of the day was relaxing for the two of them as they just hung out with each other for the rest of the day. It was nice for Izuku. He never really hung out with anyone after Bakugo got how he was. 




The next day came and Izuku dreaded it. Bakugo was sure to try and ‘put him back in his place’ when he sees him. He was trembling throughout the whole journey to school. 


When Izuku was even more worried when Bakugo didn’t even talk to him once during class. It was like everyone ignored him. While he was thankful for the decrease in harassment, he knew Bakugo was saving up for something. And he was worried for what it was.


After school, Izuku was stopped from leaving the school grounds by his resident tormentor. He was expecting it to happen.


“Hey Deku. You were hiding fucking a quirk all along, weren’t you? Think you could look down on me, huh?!” Bakugo yelled.


“N-n-no I wasn’t, Kacchan! Honest! It just appeared last week!” 


“Bullshit!” Bakugo spat.


Izuku flinched and shrunk under Bakugo’s glare.




Ryuko, after packing up her things, left her school and decided to take a train to Izuku’s school. She didn’t know why, but she had a bad feeling about something. She decided to act on said feeling as she neared her friend’s school gates.




She heard the familiar voice of the explodey palms yell at someone. Curiosity getting the better of her, she noticed Izuku the center of the blonde boy’s attention. And Izuku did not look good.


“It’s bad enough you looked down on me all these years! What’s worse is that you have a villainous quirk!”


Ryuko’s eyes widened before narrowing in anger.


“I-it’s not villainous!” Izuku weakly protested.


“Don’t make me laugh! Who’s the villain in all those fantasy stories? Dragons! Just face it! You can’t become a hero! You’re too much of a villain!”



Bakugo turned towards the voice and was met with a scale-covered punch, knocking him away.


“R-Ryuko?!” Izuku shouted in surprise.


Ryuko grabs Izuku’s hand, smiling at him.


“Let’s head home, yeah?” Ryuko said, pulling him.


The pair left a fuming Bakugo behind, cursing and swearing he’ll put them in their place as they ran away from the school. 


Arriving at Izuku’s home, he bent over, placing his hands on his knees and sucking in as much air as he could.


“You need to work out more if that got you winded,” Ryuko commented with her usual teasing smile.


“T-thanks… for… saving… me,” Izuku said between pants.


“I wouldn’t want my friend and training buddy to get hurt,” Ryuko said with a smile.


“Also, we’re adding working out to our quirk training hangouts. You’re a twig.” Ryuko said with a giggle.


“I-I guess you’re right,” Izuku said with a shy blush.


“Well, now that we’re here. Wanna get to work?”


Izuku took a moment before responding.



Chapter Text

For months, Izuku and Ryuko trained themselves. At first, they took a break to improve their bodies. They both pitched in with their allowances and bought a weight set for them to use. That was how they started. Months turn to years and on the last year of middle school, they found a trash-filled beach. They started working out there instead, moving trash out to the side of the road for the cleaners to pick up later.


They worked on their quirks as well. By the time they found Dagobah Beach, Ryuko was able to transform more parts of her body together. Izuku was able to fly and improved the strength of his scales with the help of Ryuko’s claws. He did find out he was able to breathe fire, but he would run out of steam fast.




It was halfway through eighth grade. Izuku collapsed onto the sand after a hard day of cleaning up the beach. Ryuko flopped beside Izuku with a loud huff.


“Nice work, partner,” Ryuko said, smiling up at the sky.


Over the years that they trained for a hero school, Ryuko reached a height of five foot five. Izuku was slightly taller by a half an inch.


“Yeah… You, too,” Izuku said.


“We keep this up and we should be done by the end of our eleventh year,” Ryuko surmised.


“So our last year will be just relaxing?” Izuku asked.


“Of course not! We’ll still be over here training our quirks. We still have yet to get you to transform individual parts of your body. You were a fast learner when I taught you how to form your scales. You should learn how to do it quickly.” Ryuko said.


“But what if I can’t?”


“Can’t shman’t. We won’t know until we try.”


“Just like we need to try to get you to transform into full dragon mode,” Izuku shot back.


Ryuko flinched. 


“With how exhausted I feel after transforming three body parts, I dread the first attempt.”


“Practice makes perfect,” Izuku pointed out in a matter of fact tone.


“I hate you,” Ryuko said half heartedly.


“I cherish our friendship, too,” Izuku said with a smirk.


Ryuko breathed a loud sigh before sitting up. The beach was about a third of the way finished. There was still a lot more trash to clean up, but they were making progress.


“Oh, how about we get home and have katsudon?”


“You always want katsudon, Izuku,” Ryuko said, giggling.


“It’s so delicious, though,” Izuku said.


“It’s up to Mama Inko to decide if we’re having Katsudon,” Ryuko stated, standing up and brushing off the sand from her butt and legs.


Izuku got up with Ryuko’s help and they both headed for Izuku’s house. Ryuko had become a regular resident of Izuku’s home. Her parents realized how close the two were and decided to not worry about if Ryuko stayed over at his house. Of course, they had cleared it with the Midoriya matriarch before giving Ryuko the go ahead. 


Ryuko enjoyed her newly granted freedom to visit her best friend’s house. And because of her freedom, they grew even closer. The only time there would be one without the other was when they had to go to their own homes or when they had to go to school. 


The pair arrived at Izuku’s house and stepped in, getting greeted by Inko once they closed the door.


“Welcome home, Izuku. Hello, Ryuko,” Inko said with a bright smile.


“Hey, Mom,” Izuku said.


“Hey, Mama Inko,” Ryuko greeted with a wave.


“I suppose you’ll be staying over again?” Inko asked.


“Yep. Your house is closer than mine. And I’m too tired… And I like your cooking way too much,” Ryuko added the last sentence with an embarrassed blush.


“Is Ryuko embarrassed?” Izuku asked with a teasing grin.


“S-shut up!” Ryuko snapped.


“Oh how the tables have turned. The teaser has become the teased,” Izuku said victoriously.


Inko took that time to leave. Ryuko decided to retaliate now that his mother was gone.


“You do like teasing me, don’t you?” Ryuko asked teasingly. 


Her tease got an immediate reaction as Izuku turned bright red and squeaked. Ryuko laughed. She was able to tease him twice as much as he could tease her.


“That’s revenge,” Ryuko said with a victorious smirk. 


Izuku fake pouted in reply. They were prevented from doing anything else by Inko calling them for dinner. 


Izuku and Ryuko ate with Inko, telling them about their days. The most of what was talked about was their training at the beach and how their progress was going. 


After dinner, Izuku and Ryuko plopped down on the couch and watched TV. Izuku managed to snatch the remote first and turned it to the news to see what new heroes were appearing. A notebook seemed to come out of nowhere and the nerd was busy scribbling down on a new hero.


“I’m starting to think you have a second quirk: creation of notebooks,” Ryuko commented with a snicker. 


Izuku seemed to not hear her and kept on scribbling notes. Ryuko sighed, shaking her head. 


‘Izuku Midoriya. Ever the nerd.’ Ryuko thought to herself as she turned her attention back to the television screen. 


There was a new hero that debuted called Hydro Thunder. It surprised her that there was no copyright claim made on that name. She shrugged. He didn’t look like much. He’d probably be back to a sidekick by the end of the month.


The news switched to non-hero related news. While Izuku was distracted muttering about Hydro’s quirk, she snatched the remote and changed it to another channel. It was a complete accident(not really) that it ended up changing to a channel that’s currently playing the movie How To Train Your Dragon.


Ryuko remembered the first time the two of them watched it together. And the reason they did.




Ryuko arrived at their usual meeting spot after school and found Izuku wasn’t there. She was worried so she made the trek to her friend’s school. Izuku wasn’t there either. So she decided to check his house instead. 


Izuku’s mother was away getting groceries. She tried knocking. When no one answered, she tried to open the door. It was unlocked. Getting inside and removing her shoes, she searched for the green haired boy. 


Izuku was curled up against his bed crying. Seeing Izuku in such a state hurt Ryuko and her quirk. 


“Izuku,” Ryuko said.


Izuku jolted in surprise before looking at her. He looked to have been crying for a while already. 


“R-Ryuko…” Izuku hiccupped.


Ryuko went up and pulled Izuku into a hug she felt he needed right about now.


“D-do you think my quirk’s villainous?” Izuku asked between sobs, clinging to her as if she was his lifeline.


“Who said it was?”


“E-everyone… They say dragons are villainous… And I can’t become a hero with a villainous quirk…” Izuku sobbed harder when he finished his sentence.


Ryuko felt like murdering the entirety of Izuku’s school in that moment. But that feeling was primarily coming from her quirk’s instincts. Her eyes shined once in that thought process.


‘They deserve to burn,’ Came a calm voice in Ryuko’s mind.


‘No, that would be wrong.’ Ryuko thought.


‘They hurt him. They need to pay,’ The voice replied.


‘Izuku wouldn’t like it if I went on a murder spree.’ Ryuko thought.


Ryuko then got an idea. She gently got Izuku’s attention.


“Come here, Izuku. I want to show you something,” Ryuko said, helping Izuku up and walking with him to the couch. 


She put in a movie she watched when she was younger. How to Train Your Dragon. Izuku’s sadness seemed to change to interest as he watched the movie. Once the movie was over, she looked at him.


“Did you see what I wanted to show you?” Ryuko asked.


Izuku tilted his head. She smiled.


“I wanted to show you that not all dragons are bad. Some are good. Like Toothless. You see now?” Ryuko asked.


Izuku nodded. He understood, but Ryuko wasn’t done.


“And besides. Quirks are what you make of them. Instead of a villainous dragon, you’re going to become a heroic and noble dragon. Just like me,” Ryuko said with a wide smile.


Izuku felt a new wave of tears come and he buried his face into her shoulder and cried some more.


“Thank you, Ryuko… Thank you so much…” Izuku said between sobs. 


Ryuko sighed, happy now that Izuku was feeling better. 



Ryuko smiled at the memory. Izuku must have remembered as well, because he smiled and slightly inched closer to Ryuko. She smiled and gave him a sideways hug.


“You remember, too?” Izuku asked.


“Of course I do.”


They both silently watched the movie, smiling throughout the entire thing.


Inko came in to check on them and saw the two sitting closely. She smiled fondly at the two.


‘When are they going to start dating? I’m getting a little impatient.’ Inko thought to herself before silently chuckling and walking back into the kitchen.


At the end of the day, Izuku retired to his bedroom and Ryuko got the couch ready to be slept on. As Izuku lay in his bed, he felt something inside himself. It felt strange and he couldn’t comfortably sleep.


Izuku heard the door open and Ryuko stand in the doorway with a pillow in her hand.


“I can’t sleep,” Ryuko mumbled.


Without a word, Izuku moved over in his bed and removed the blankets to allow her into the bed. She slid into bed and cuddled up to him, her pillow forgotten on the floor beside the bed.


The first time this happened was a month into hanging out with Ryuko. It was also the first day she slept over at his house.




“Aren’t you going to head home?” Izuku asked.


“Nope! My parents are currently out of town, so I can sleep over here.”


“I-isn’t that something you need to clear with me and mom first?”


“I just told you didn’t I?”


“Dear, I think it’s fine she sleeps over. It’ll be fun,” Inko commented with a smile.


“Seriously, Mom?” Izuku asked with a surprised expression.


“That settles it! Let’s go on a movie marathon!” Ryuko shouted with a fist in the air.


Ryuko was excited. This was the first person she’s ever been on a sleepover with. And she was wanting to make it worth it!


Izuku and Ryuko watched movies all night long, but as it was about to turn midnight, Inko pulled the plug and told the two to get to bed.


Izuku helped Ryuko set up a sleeping spot on the couch and left Ryuko so she could be alone.


When Izuku got into bed and got comfortable, he heard Ryuko enter his room. He looked up at her with tired curiosity.


“What is it Ryuko?” Izuku asked tiredly.


“It’s… my quirk…” Ryuko muttered.


“What about it?”


“It sometimes… gets lonely...  Could I… sleep with you?” Ryuko asked ashamed.


“Sure. If I can help, I will,” Izuku said with a tired smile, moving over on his bed.


Ryuko thanked Izuku’s kind heart and oblivious mind for not questioning it. She got into bed and got close to Izuku. It made him blush, but he soldiered on through it to help his friend.


Ryuko started getting restless every so often right after meeting Izuku. She knew it was her quirk’s fault, but she couldn’t help but feel guilty for wanting to sleep in the same bed as him. She felt so happy that Izuku was willing to help her.




Izuku sighed, closing his eyes as the feeling he had subsided in the presence of Ryuko. It was weird to him how it happened every so often and seemingly at random nights. And the only thing that could calm it down was Ryuko.


“Goodnight, Izuku,” Ryuko whispered tiredly.


“Goodnight, Ryuko,” Izuku replied, drifting off into sleep.






Izuku tried to reach for his alarm clock only to feel a weight over him stopping his movement. In his groggy state, he didn’t know who it was. He removed the blanket and heard a whine from the person holding him down. 


“Ryuko…” Izuku muttered.


“Hmm…” Ryuko opened an eye.


“We need to get up.”


“But it’s so comfy,” Ryuko muttered with a sigh.


“Do you really want All Might telling us the morning is here all morning?” Izuku asked.


Ryuko groaned, getting up off of him. He reached over and turned off the alarm clock. As he was about to sit up, Ryuko landed on him again, holding him down again.


“Ryuko!” Izuku groaned.


“I don’t wanna get up,” Ryuko complained.


“If we don’t get up, we won’t be able to clean up the beach,” Izuku said.


Ryuko was silent. Then she sighed. Izuku felt her weight get off from him and sit on the side of the bed. Izuku followed her, sitting next to her.


“Sleep well?” Izuku asked.


Ryuko stretched her arms and yawned before giving her answer.


“Very. Thanks again,” Ryuko said with a smile.


“It’s not a problem. If I’m able to help, I will,” Izuku said returning her smile.


“I’m going to get dressed.”




Izuku watched Ryuko leave before laying his back on his bed again. He breathed a heavy sigh. Ever since they started doing that, he was becoming more comfortable around her. But he couldn’t help but feel guilty. Shouldn’t this be what couples do? And if it is, shouldn’t Ryuko do it with the person she likes? A thought struck him but he quickly dispelled it.


‘She couldn’t like me.’ Izuku thought, shaking his head.


Izuku got up and got dressed in his school uniform before heading to the kitchen.




Izuku was used to the heckles he got during school. How they called his quirk a villainous quirk. It didn’t hurt him like it did before. When Ryuko helped him see it wasn’t villainous, he never really took any of the insults from the teachers and classmates seriously anymore. 


As he was about to head to the beach, he was stopped by Bakugo.


“Going to hang out with that bitch again?” Bakugo asked with an evil smirk.


Izuku felt anger rise up from what Bakugo said, but decided against retaliating.


“So what if I’m going to hang out with Ryuko, Bakugo?” Izuku asked. “It doesn’t matter to you.”


Izuku stopped calling Bakugo by his childhood nickname recently with the help of Ryuko.


“Oh, but it does. You see, I know what you’re doing. Training to get into a hero school. But hero schools don’t take villains. You should give up,” Bakugo growled.


Izuku looked to be contemplating his response.


“Thanks for the suggestion. But no thanks,” Izuku responded with a smirk.


“You don’t seem to understand,” Bakugo begins before making an explosion with one hand. “I wasn’t suggesting.”


“And you don’t seem to understand that you don’t control me, Bakugo.”


Bakugo got angry at Izuku’s statement.


“Perhaps you’ve forgotten who you are, Deku,” Bakugo growled, pulling his hand back.


Izuku knew what was coming and sighed in annoyance. Bakugo had been upping the bullying as of recent because he could and Izuku was the prime target. At least it allowed him to improve the strength of his scales.


As Bakugo shot his fist forward to Izuku’s stomach, the green haired boy formed scales over his abdomen and chest. Bakugo released an explosion as soon as he hit Izuku. Izuku staggered back two steps from the force of the explosion. 


When the smoke cleared, Bakugo growled as he saw Izuku still standing. Seeing the green scales under the hole in his shirt, Bakugo let out a curse.


“One of these days, Deku. Your scales won’t save you. And I’ll be there to put you back in your place,” Bakugo declared before stomping off.


Izuku waited a few moments before walking away to the beach.


When Izuku got there, Ryuko asked what happened. Her worries calmed when Izuku said he used his scales to shield himself.


‘This Bakugo person should die,’ came the voice of Ryuko’s quirk.


‘No, we’re trying to be heroes. We can’t kill,’ Ryuko responded.


‘You didn’t say anything about maiming,’ Ryuko’s quirk responded after a slight pause.


Ryuko breathed a sigh. Izuku raised an eyebrow, thinking she was sighing at him.




“Oh, it’s nothing. Just thinking, that’s all,” Ryuko responded.




“If we get into the same hero school as Bakugo, I can dish out some payback for you,” Ryuko said with a smirk.


“I think it would be fun watching that. But just not in the classroom.”


“Take the fun out of it, why don’t you,” Ryuko fake pouted.


Ryuko and Izuku laughed.


“Alright. Let’s get started. We need you to be able to form your wings by the end of today!” Ryuko said with a smile.


Izuku groaned.


“Who’s complaining about getting started now?” Ryuko asked with a smirk.


“Point taken,” Izuku grumbled.


The two trained for the rest of the day. Izuku and Ryuko were on a sure path to becoming hero students. Their goal: to go to UA to be the best heroes in Japan.

Chapter Text

The remainder of middle school and the entirety of high school was a blur for the two. 


They finished cleaning the beach by the start of their third year of high school, so they focused on working on their quirks and sparring with them. During the last few months of cleaning Izuku gained the ability to transform individual parts of his body into his dragon form. It was easier to transform his whole body into a dragon rather than the individual parts, but it was useful.


Ryuko was irked that it was easier for him to go full dragon. It was easier for her to transform her individual parts. And even then, she couldn’t transform into a full dragon yet. She held out hope, though. She did have one whole year left to learn how to before she went to UA.




“Now, since it’s your last year, you’ll have to fill in forms of where you wanted to go after. But I know you all want to go to hero schools, right?” the teacher asked, tossing the papers from her hands.


The class minus Bakugo and Izuku erupted in cheers, showing their quirks.


“Now, now. No using quirks in class.” 


“Teach, don’t lump me in with all these losers!” Bakugo piped up.


“Oh yeah, Bakugo. You’re wanting to go to UA, correct?” the teacher asked.


“No way!”


“That school has a two percent acceptance rate!”




“Can it, extras! I’ve ace’d all the mock tests! I’m going to go there and become number one!” Bakugo declared.


Izuku rolled his eyes at Bakugo’s declaration.


“Oh Midoriya, you also want to attend UA, right?”


The class all turned to Izuku, who looked disinterested in the current conversation.


“A guy with a villain’s quirk? Yeah right.”


“They’d never let a villain into a hero school.”


“Deku!” Bakugo made an explosion on Izuku’s desk.


Izuku looked at Bakugo with a bored expression.


“Something wrong explodo-brains?” Izuku asked.


The name was one Ryuko had for Bakugo. It got its intended effect because the class was stunned at what Izuku said. Was he actually trying to make Bakugo angry?


“What did you say, Deku?!” Bakugo grinded his teeth together.


“Guess your explosions are damaging your hearing or something. If you got something to say, say it. Otherwise, leave me alone,” Izuku said, his voice still disinterested.


Bakugo grinded his teeth before swinging at Izuku. Izuku instinctively pulled up his scales, covering his cheek where the punch-explosion hit. He barely moved with the hit.


Bakugo stormed back to his desk silently fuming as Izuku let go of his scales and they got absorbed back into his body. He found it laughable that a teacher watched someone physically abuse another child and they didn’t call them on it.


The class went on after that little situation. Izuku pretty much prepared himself for anything that was going to happen after school Bakugo related.




Izuku was packing up his things when Bakugo and his two cronies approached him.


“Deku…” Bakugo growled.


Izuku rolled his eyes.


“What is it now, Baka-go?” Izuku asked.


“Don’t go to UA.”


Plain and simple. Straight to the point. At least he doesn’t beat around the bush. But Izuku doesn’t either.


“No,” Izuku replied flatly.


Bakugo walked right up to Izuku, his two cronies surrounding Izuku as well. Izuku felt safe despite the threatening atmosphere. He’s a dragon for god’s sake.


“You see. Most heroes show promise when they’re young. I wanna be the only one from this shithole of a school to get into UA. I don’t want some villain try to get into UA from the same school. So give up, Deku,” Bakugo growled, placing a hand on Izuku’s shoulder and using his quirk.


Izuku looked right back into the eyes of his previous tormentor.


“Thanks, but no thanks. Besides, if they let a person who acts like a villain take the entrance exam, I’m sure a person with a villainous quirk should be accepted to take the exam,” Izuku said.


At the mention of acting like a villain, Bakugo nodded at his friends. His friends grab Izuku’s arms in a weak attempt to restrain him. All the while, Izuku wore a bored expression on his face. He really wanted to get out of here and train with Ryuko. 


“Heroes like me are supposed to stop villains like you, you see? So I’ll just do my duty right now,” Bakugo said, pulling his arm back for an explosive punch.


Bakugo never was able to follow through with the punch. In a split second, Izuku broke out of the weak hold his cronies had on him and knocked over Bakugo. He ran to the window and climbed up on the windowsill. 


“I’d hate to interrupt your version of being a hero, but I have somewhere to be.”


With that, Izuku jumped out of the window, his wings sprouting from his back and letting him glide to the ground. As he touched the ground, he pulled his wings back in and ran out of the gate of the school. He wanted to obey the rules of quirk usage when he wasn’t training with Ryuko.


He stopped running when he heard a noise down an alleyway. He turned to see a living sludge person right in front of him.


“Hmm… Medium invisibility cloak. Looks strong too. I can make my getaway in this,” The Sludge Villain said with what sounded like a smile.


The Sludge Villain proceeded to wrap Izuku in his slime and force himself down Izuku’s throat. Izuku fought with all his might, thrashing about and transforming different parts of his body.


“Interesting quirk kid. I’ll be sure to use it well,” the Sludge Villain said.


Izuku transformed his head and neck into his dragon form and breathed fire to get him out of his mouth and let him go. Once the villain was out, he coughed and breathed in as much air as possible.


“OW! That hurt you brat!”


As the Sludge Villain reared himself back for another attempt at Izuku, the sewer grate popped open.




The Sludge Villain exploded when the punch impacted. When Izuku looked up, he saw All Might with his signature smile.


“All Might!” Izuku said in amazement.




Izuku fumbled around and grabbed his notebook from his backpack. 


“All Might, can you sign this please?!” Izuku asked in fanboyish glee.


“AH YES! ANYTHING FOR A FAN!” All Might said, signing the notebook.


All Might put the Sludge Villain into a bottle he found and placed it into his pocket.


“EVIL NEVER RESTS! I MUST GO NOW! FAREWELL!” All Might said before shooting into the air.


‘That kid looked familiar,’ All Might thought as he lept away.


Izuku watched All Might go before he remembered where he was supposed to be going.


“Ryuko’s gonna kill me!” Izuku shouted, running as fast as he could to get to the beach.




“Where have you been Izuku! I was so worried!” Ryuko shouted, gripping the collar of his shirt and shaking him back and forth.


“Sorry, Ryu! But I was attacked by this sludge villain and then I was saved by All Might! I got his autograph!” Izuku said, stars forming in his eyes.


“Show me!” Ryuko said, mentally putting a pin in the earlier statement about getting attacked by a sludge villain.


Izuku showed Ryuko the autograph and she gasped. 


“That’s All Might’s signature!” Ryuko shouted.


“I know, right?!”


“AWESOME!” the two of them shouted at the same time.


Their conversation calmed down after a moment and Ryuko asked the question her quirk was dying to ask.


“Now what was that about a sludge villain attacking you?” Ryuko asked almost too nicely.


“Well… uh…” Izuku started, realizing the angry undertones of Ryuko’s voice.


“I was walking to the beach when this sludge monster surprised me and tried taking over my body. I managed to get him out of me when I transformed my head and breathed fire. But when I was recovering, the villain attacked again, but I was saved by All Might, who was apparently chasing the villain.”


‘He hurt him. He must die,’ Ryuko’s quirk said in its usual calm voice.


‘The villain is already getting punished.’ Ryuko replied.


‘The only punishment for hurting him is death,’ her quirk said.


‘Izuku wouldn’t like it if we killed.’ Ryuko pointed out.


Her quirk grumbled before relenting.




Ryuko returned her focus to the green haired boy in front of her. She then hugged him, with Izuku returning the hug.


“I’m just glad you’re safe,” Ryuko said with a sigh.


“Me, too,” Izuku said with a nod.


“Alright, let’s get working! Since you weren’t able to defend against a surprise attack, we’re going to be doing hand to hand, not dragon to part dragon.”


Izuku groans but complied.




After their training was done, they started heading back home. Their journey went unhindered for the most part until they saw a crowd of people huddled around an alleyway and held back by heroes. Fires were blazing and explosions were going off.


‘Wait. Explosions?’ Izuku thought to himself, running to the edge of the crowd.


Izuku saw Bakugo struggling to get out of the grasp of the sludge villain. Ryuko was right beside him.


“That’s the sludge villain that attacked you, wasn’t it?” Ryuko asked.


Izuku nodded in reply. Before he knew it, he was running towards the alleyway. Ryuko tried going after him but was held back momentarily. She shifted parts of herself into their draconic form and once more chased after him before getting held back by Kamui Woods.


“No! Izuku!” Ryuko shouted in panic and worry at not being able to be there for him.


Izuku took off his backpack, formed his wings and flapped them hard, extinguishing the flames already present in the alleyway. He then threw his backpack at the Sludge Villain’s eye.


“Damn brat!” the Sludge Villain shouted. 


Izuku wasn’t done yet. Using his wings, he blocked the initial strike of the Sludge Villain. Forming his claws, he reached in and tugged Bakugo out of the sludge, flapping his wings for extra strength.


Izuku was successful, but he couldn’t celebrate yet. The sludge was about to attack again. Izuku placed himself between the sludge monster and his tormentor defensively.




All Might performed a smash, practically changing the weather with the strength of it.




It seemed to start raining after the punch. Everyone amazed by All Might’s appearance.


“He changed the weather!”

“He’s so cool!”


Izuku couldn’t do anything before he was glomped by Ryuko.


“Idiot!” Ryuko shouted.


“Sorry Ryu…” Izuku said sadly.


“It’s alright. I understand.”


Izuku thought that was the last scolding he’d get. Boy was he wrong. He was then pulled aside by Kamui and Death Arms who scolded him for quirk usage in public while Bakugo got praised for his bravery. It irked Ryuko to her core.


“What the hell are you idiots saying?!” Ryuko shouted.


“Listen, girl-” Death Arms was interrupted by Ryuko.


“No, you listen! He wouldn’t have had to go out there if you weren’t busy doing nothing! Praising that kid for his bravery? He was the main cause for the fires! So stop scolding us because we stole your thunder and stop congratulating him for hindering your rescue!” Ryuko barked out angrily.


The media was eating this up. Half of them were getting interviews from All Might while the other half were recording Ryuko’s angry yelling.


Without another word, Ryuko put her arm around Izuku’s arm and tugged him along, not waiting for a reply from anyone. The crowd dispersed to let them leave while a stunned Death Arms and Kamui Woods watched them leave.


While they were walking, Bakugo caught up with them.


“Deku!” Bakugo barked.


Izuku and Ryuko turned around to face him.


“Don’t think I couldn’t handle it on my own! You didn’t save me! I didn’t need saving!” Bakugo shouted angrily before running off.


“I hate him…” Ryuko muttered.


“Relax, Ryu. We’re fine. Let’s just get Mom’s scolding over with.”


“Oh yeah. I bet Mama Inko is gonna be crying,” Ryuko said casually.




Ryuko was right. As soon as Izuku got home, he was pulled into a teary bone crushing hug from his mother. 


“IZUKU! I WAS SO WORRIED! DON’T DO THAT AGAIN!” Inko bellowed as she hugged her son.


“I’m sorry, Mom. I just couldn’t help it.”


“Just please don’t do that until you get your hero license,” his mother pleaded, teary-eyed.


“I won’t, Mom,” Izuku said, patting his mother on the back.


The rest of the day was spent lounging around the house and eating dinner once it was ready. Izuku’s ‘punishment’ for worrying Ryuko twice in one day was that she was sleeping in the same bed with him. It wasn’t much of a punishment, but it made her feel better.




The next day, Izuku and Ryuko were doing some hand to hand sparring when they had an unexpected visitor. The visitor was in the form of a sickly skinny man with blonde hair and clothes that seemed many sizes too big.


“I knew I recognized you,” Izuku heard the man mutter.


Izuku turned towards the man and saw him walking over. Ryuko got curious as well.


“Excuse me young man. Were you the one who saved that blonde kid from the sludge yesterday?” the man asked.


“That’s me,” Izuku said with a nod.


“I thought so. You did good work back there,” the man said.


“Thank you, uh…”


“Oh, my apologies. My name is Toshinori.”


“My name is Izuku,” Izuku said.


“I apologise for approaching you so suddenly, but I wanted to offer you something,” Toshinori said.

“What is that?”


“I’m friends with All Might. More specifically, I’m his trainer. He told me of the heroic act you did during the Sludge Villain incident and I was impressed. I wanted to offer to train you.”


“All Might’s trainer wanting to train us? That seems a little far fetched,” Ryuko said before Izuku had a chance to accept.


“I understand you have no reason to believe me when I say it. However, I have this,” Toshinori said, taking out a card.


Ryuko took it and read what was on the card.


“Toshinori Yagi. Trainer. All Might Hero Agency?!” Ryuko shouted.


Ryuko and Izuku both bowed before speaking in unison.


“Please train us, sir!” they shouted.


Toshinori was taken aback by the willingness of the two.


“We want to become the best heroes together. Please help us!”


Toshinori found himself smiling at the two.


“Very well. Meet me back here tomorrow and we will start.”


“Yes, sir!” they both said with a smile.




The remainder of their time before the entrance exam, they trained harder than they ever did before. Toshinori’s training regiment was tougher than what they were used to. They were extremely tired in the beginning, but as it progressed, they got used to it. The only break was during their graduations.


Izuku found it convenient that Ryuko’s school’s graduation was an hour after his, so after his, he went over to her school.


Coreli All Girls Academy. Izuku wasn’t expecting an all girls school. Ryuko never really talked about her school, and even then, it wasn’t that it was an all girls school. He felt the stares of girls in Ryuko’s class and it made his face heat up in embarrassment.


All Ryuko wanted to do in that moment was to grab Izuku and declare him hers and tell the girls to screw off. Sadly, she couldn’t do that at the moment. So she bit back her displeasure and sat silently through the graduation. When it was her turn to head up, Izuku and Inko stood and clapped for her. Izuku’s smile made her smile as she went back to her seat.


After the ceremony was done, Ryuko ran up and hugged Izuku. She noticed some of her friends pouting when they saw the two interact. She inwardly smiled, both her and her quirk happy.


Ryuko went up and hugged her parents after releasing Izuku from the hug and the two families went to the Midoriya household to celebrate.




It was the day. The day they would take their first step into the world of heroes. The UA Entrance Exam. Izuku and Ryuko got there early to hopefully claim seats next to one another. They stopped momentarily to look at the school in front of them.


“This is it. UA,” Ryuko said with a smile before turning to Izuku.


“Our first step to becoming a hero.”


Izuku looked at Ryuko with a smile.


“Let’s do our best!”




As Izuku took a step, he felt the ground slowly coming towards him as his foot caught on something.


‘Or I could just die. Could do that too.’ Izuku thought.


Before he could hit the ground, he felt himself start floating off the ground. He lets out a yelp of surprise.


“Sorry! I saw you falling and used my quirk on you without asking!” came a feminine voice behind him. 


Ryuko helps Izuku right himself as the girl releases her quirk.


“Sorry for using my quirk on you. I just thought it would be bad luck do trip before the exam!” The girl said with a bubbly voice and smile.


Being used to Ryuko, he didn’t totally freeze up, but he did gain a slight blush on his face 


“I-it’s fine. It was either that or trip and fall, right? Thanks,” Izuku said with a shy smile.


“Not a problem!” the brown haired girl said before heading inside.


Ryuko saw the exchange and felt a small wave of jealousy form. She quickly tried to pass it off as Izuku just meeting someone and nothing was going to come of it. 


“C’mon, Izuku. We gotta get going to the test before the explosive blonde with superiority issues shows up,” Ryuko said, taking his arm and tugging him along gently.


The pair managed to sit together near the middle. The seating was a first come first serve seating arrangement. 


The test was an easy task to complete for the pair. Once the two finished, they waited for the practical part of the test to be explained.


“Hey there little listeners! Everybody say ‘HEY!’” Present Mic shouted.


What met Present Mic was silence from the crowd of kids.


“Wow, tough crowd!” Mic said before continuing.


Present Mic proceeded to explain the one, two, and three point robots. As he was about to explain the use of the fourth robot, a stiff blue haired kid with glasses shot up from his seat.


“Excuse me!” the boy shouted.


The boy stood up and continued.


“This pamphlet shows four enemies to attack. If this is a mistake, that is unbecoming of UA, the greatest hero school in all of Japan!”


“Hey, Mister Roboto, Present Mic was about to tell us about the fourth villain. You interrupted him and just wasted all our time!” Ryuko called with very little bite to her words.


The boy was stunned silent and lowered himself back into his seat.


“Thank you, little listener for the good question!” Mic continued as if the blue haired boy’s outburst was a question.


“The fourth enemy is worth zero points! It’s in place to act as an obstacle for the examinees! Now! Your goal is to get as many points as possible! The higher the points, the higher the chance to get into UA! Now! On your papers are your assigned testing field! You may proceed to your assigned field now!”


Ryuko and Izuku looked at their assigned fields. Ryuko got Field A while Izuku got Field E.


“Looks like we won’t get to help each other out,” Ryuko said sadly.


“Don’t worry, Ryu. That means you can stand out way more,” Izuku encouraged.


“You say that like I wouldn’t impress the people overseeing it if we did work together,” Ryuko said with a smirk.


“I mean, I can go full dragon. You still can’t. I’d definitely be a crowd stealer,” Izuku said sarcastically with a joking smirk.


The two shared a good chuckle before going their separate ways, wishing each other luck as they left. She noticed the brown haired girl from before going to the same field as Izuku and felt another small wave of jealousy.


‘Don’t worry. They don’t know each other. It’ll be fine.’ Ryuko thought to herself as she left for her field.




Izuku stood at the gate of their testing field, waiting for the test to start. As he waited, he noticed the girl that stopped him from falling. She looked pretty nervous.


‘I should try and help cheer her up.’ Izuku thought.


Izuku was about to approach her when a hand on his shoulder stopped him. He turned around to see the same boy with glasses that interrupted Present Mic’s speech.


“Are you trying to sabotage that girl’s chance at completing this test?” the boy accused.


“If you were to actually look with your eyes instead of assuming, you’d see she’s nervous. I was trying to cheer her up,” Izuku said, shrugging the hand off and walk to the girl.


Izuku walked up to her.


“Hey,” Izuku said with a kind smile.


The girl jumps before turning to him.


“O-Oh. Hi,” she replies.


“You alright?” Izuku asked.


“Honestly? I’m so scared.”


“What about?”


“Failing. I tried so hard to get here. I need to succeed.”


“Well what is your quirk?”


“My quirk is Zero Gravity. When I touch five of my fingers fingers to an object, I can remove the gravity from it. When I put all ten fingers together, I can bring back its gravity.”


“That’s such a cool quirk! Think of all the uses! I think you’ll get in for sure!” Izuku said with an encouraging smile.


“R-Really?” The girl asks, blushing.


“Yeah! I say, don’t worry about it. I know you’ll get in,” Izuku said encouragingly.


Suddenly the doors open and Mic yells, “START!”


Izuku was the only one to take off. He heard Mic yell at them about not having count downs in real life, then the rest of the takers followed him.


Izuku found two three pointers hiding in an alleyway. He smirked, changing into his draconic form and lunging at the two. His front landed on one of the three pointers and he bit into it, disabling it. While that happened, his tail whipped around and coiled around the other one, crushing it as the tail got tighter.


“That’s six points,” Izuku said after spitting out part of the three pointer he tore off when he bit into it.


Izuku looked around before continuing on, finding and destroying multiple faux villains. He noticed some looks of fear from some of the examinees as he went past them in his dragon form.


It hurt seeing fear when they saw him, but he steeled himself. He had to get through the exam. No time to worry about what other people thought of him.


One minute remained on the clock. He felt he had a substantial amount of points. He lost count at around fifty. Suddenly, a rumble was felt through the entire examination field.


Izuku turned his draconic head towards the source of the rumble. He figured if he really tried, he could take it down. He decided against it as he wanted to conserve his energy. Otherwise, Ryuko might have to help him walk home.


‘Not that I don’t like it when she does that.’ Izuku felt a blush come on when he realized what he thought.


He shook his head and turned to leave. As he was about to leave, he heard a yelp of pain. His head snapped to the same girl who saved him from falling. And she was trapped under rubble. What’s more was that she was in the path of the Zero Pointer.


‘Guess Ryuko’s gonna have to carry me home.’ Izuku thought as he broke into a charge.


Izuku slid to a halt in front of the girl. He looked back at the girl and gave the dragon’s equivalent of a smile.


“Don’t worry. You’ll be alright,” Izuku said, turning his body to face the giant Zero Pointer.


Izuku crouched down as the robot got closer. Once it got close enough, Izuku flapped his wings hard and shot at the head of the robot. His claws pierce the metal of the head and allows him purchase on the head. He then called on as much fire as he could and spewed it into the face of the Zero Pointer.


The head melted under the heat, as did the electronics inside, causing the robot to stop moving. Izuku stood atop the Zero Pointer, looking over at the crowd of people staring at him. Some had fear on their faces. Others were amazed. It felt good seeing not everyone was afraid of them. He felt the urge to let out a victorious roar. 


‘Ah, what the heck,’ Izuku thought before giving into the urge.


He opened his maw and let loose a loud roar of victory. Closing his mouth afterwards, he jumped off the Zero Pointer and glided to the ground. Using his claws and draconic strength, he lifted the rubble off the girl he saved. It was then that he let go of his quirk and changed back into his human form. He stumbled a bit and dropped to a knee.


“You certainly created a spectacle, didn’t you?” A familiar old lady’s voice called over.


Izuku smiled tiredly, looking over as Recovery Girl approached him and the girl. He looked to the girl and kept up his smile.

“Told ya you’d be alright,” Izuku said with a smile.


“What do we have here?” Recovery Girl asked as she reached them.


“I think my ankle is broken,” the girl said.


Recovery Girl kissed her leg and warmth flowed through the girl’s body. Her ankle was promptly healed, but with a side effect. She felt a bit more tired than she was a moment before.


“Here. Have these gummies,” Recovery Girl said.


“Thank you, Recovery Girl,” the girl replied, taking the gummies and eating them.


“And now for you. That was mighty risky, young man.”


“Sorry, Recovery Girl. But I couldn’t let her get hurt by the Zero Pointer,” Izuku explained himself tiredly.


“Just be lucky you didn’t break any bones. Here, eat up. You wouldn’t want to be carried home, would you?” Recovery Girl asked, handing Izuku some gummies.


“It doesn’t sound that bad at the moment,” Izuku said sheepishly, popping the gummies in his mouth and feeling some of his fatigue wear off.


“Of course it wouldn’t. Get going. Wouldn’t want anyone to worry, do you?”


“Thanks again, Recovery Girl,” Izuku said with a smile before jogging out of the exam field, noticing the same looks he got from his dragon form.


Ryuko was waiting for him at the front gate. Seeing him, she smiled.


“I heard your roar from my exam field. Had fun, did you?” Ryuko asked, her smile turning to a smirk.


Izuku lightly blushed. 


“What can I say? Taking down a Zero Pointer and preventing it from hurting an examinee felt pretty good. Other examinees looked at me with amazement, too, so I felt pretty proud.”


“Of course you would,” Ryuko giggled.


Izuku could listen to her laughter for hours. He didn’t even know why, but it always was nice hearing her laugh and see her smile.


“C’mon, big bad dragon. Mama Inko’s bound to have food ready for us,” Ryuko said, breaking Izuku out of his thoughts.


“Right, let’s go.” Izuku said with a smile.


Izuku and Ryuko left the campus for home, smiles on their faces. The hardest part of entering UA was behind them and both were pretty confident that they got in. They couldn’t wait for their acceptance letter to come in.

Chapter Text

“Found it. Hisashi Midoriya,” a police detective said.


Toshinori approached the file as the detective opened it.


“Hisashi Midoriya. Villain name: Firedrake. Apparently, fifteen years ago, he managed to escape the country. He’s currently the UK’s number eight most wanted villain.”


Toshinori looked at the picture of the villain. He had the same unkempt hairstyle that Izuku had, with a more mature face.


“I knew he looked familiar,” Toshinori said.


“What do you mean, Toshi?”


“I met his son. He wants to become a hero.”


“Do you want me to keep an eye on him?”


“No, I’m training him and a friend of his for UA. I’ve been keeping an eye on both of them,” Toshinori said.


“Do you think he’ll become like his father?”


“I don’t know. But I hope that since he’s getting into UA, he won’t become like his father,” Toshinori said, still looking at the file.


“You think his father will try to sway him?”


“Being in UA, I hope I can help keep him on the heroic path.”

“Oh yeah, you’re teaching this year, right?”


“That’s right. I’m hoping to find a successor before it’s too late.”


“Any idea who yet?”


“There’s two who I consider candidates. A third year and a first year,” Toshinori explained.


“I hope you choose the right one, Toshi. We need the best person to be the symbol of peace.”


“I’ll make sure my choice is the right one. Thank you for doing this, Tsukauchi.”


“It’s not a problem. Take care,” Tsukauchi said as Toshi leaves.




“It’s here!” Inko shouted, running inside the house with an envelope from UA.


Izuku took the envelope and as soon as he turned to his bedroom, the front door was rapidly knocked on. Izuku opened the door to reveal Ryuko, who went home the day before to spend time with her parents before they left on another business trip.


Ryuko tackled Izuku in a hug.


“I GOT IN!” Ryuko shouted in excitement.


“You did?! Great!” Izuku shouted, hugging Ryuko back.


Ryuko noticed the unopened envelope and got off Izuku.


“C’mon, open yours! Open yours!” Ryuko shouted with excitement.


Izuku went to the table and opened the envelope. Inside it was a projector.




All Might spoke with his usual booming voice. He wore a yellow pinstripe suit and tie. He continues speaking.




All Might gestured to his right and showed Izuku protecting the brown haired girl and burning the Zero Pointer’s head off. Then the video displayed Izuku lifting the rubble off the stuck girl in time for Recovery Girl to heal her.


Ryuko nudged Izuku with a smile when she saw his actions to protect the girl. Inwardly, she was watching the girl with quiet jealousy. She kept feeling jealous when that bubbly girl was looking at him. All Might’s voice snapped her out of her jealous thoughts.




Izuku was frozen as the recording ended. Tears were forming in his eyes. Suddenly, it was his turn to tackle Ryuko in a hug. She fell to the floor, hugging the teary eyed Izuku as he cried with joy.


“I got in!” Izuku said into her shoulder.


Ryuko smiled fondly at her teary eyed dragon.


"Yeah, you did,” Ryuko said softly, rubbing circles in Izuku’s back and letting him get all his feelings out.


'I’m especially proud that he beat Bakugo’s score,' Ryuko’s quirk said.

'Me, too,' Ryuko replied.




Katsuki Bakugo sat in his room, frozen in silent rage as he read his name in third place. THIRD PLACE! 


‘Deku and that dragon bitch got first and second?! WHAT THE FUCK?!’ Bakugo fumed.




Izuku heard his phone go off. He got off of Ryuko and helped her up before looking at the message.


“It’s Toshinori. He says to meet him at the beach in an hour.”


“Well, we have nothing to do. Let’s go now!” Ryuko said with an excited smile.


“Mom, we’re going to see Toshinori at the beach. He wanted to talk to us!”


“Alright, dear! Just be back by sundown!” Inko called.


“Alright, let’s go,” Izuku said.


Both Ryuko and Izuku got their shoes on and jogged to the beach.




Izuku and Ryuko arrived just as Toshinori did. He didn’t expect them so early.


“We had nothing to do, so we came early.”


“I’m glad I was right to just send it to Izuku. You two really do hang out a lot,” Toshinori commented.


“Almost every day. Sometimes I hang out with my parents when they are in town, though,” Ryuko said with a smile.

“They travel a lot?”


“Part of their work. They let me stay with Izuku since they know I’m close with him,” Ryuko explained with a smile, hooking an arm around Izuku’s neck and pulling him close to ruffle his hair.


“Hey, cut it out!” Izuku weakly protests as he chuckled.


Toshinori smiled at the two.


‘There’s no way he could be like his father.’ Toshinori thought.


“So, I came here to explain that I’m going to be at UA as well. I’ll mainly be around when All Might is busy,” Toshinori explains.


“All Might said so on my video,” Izuku said.


“Move in starts a week from today and classes start the next week. I took the liberty of seeing which classes you’re in and you’ll be happy to know that you’re both in 1-A.”


“Oh, nice!” Ryuko said, thrusting a fist up in celebration.


“I wanted to say how proud I am of both of you. I think you two will make great heroes,” Toshinori said, placing his hands on their shoulders.


Ryuko and Izuku smiled at Toshinori’s praise.


“And I’m sure when you finally manifest your full dragon form, you’ll be just as good as Izuku with it,” Toshinori said, throwing in some banter.


“Shut up! I’m trying here! It’ll just be that much cooler when I manifest it!” Ryuko playfully protests, causing Toshinori and Izuku to laugh.


Ryuko joins in on the laughter. Toshinori pat their shoulders once again.


“Well, I still have some paperwork to fill out. Once again, I’m so proud of you, you two,” Toshinori said. “I know you’ll do great.”


“Thank you, Toshinori.”


With that, the three parted ways. Ryuko and Izuku went home while Toshinori went to UA to complete a few things.




The time to move in came. Thanks to Ryuko, he didn’t take nearly as much All Might merch he would have taken. Loading the last box into the truck that would take his things to the dorms, he turned to his mother.


“Did you remember-” Inko was about to ask for the tenth time.


“I remember, Mom. I got everything,” Izuku said, hugging his mother.


“Be safe in the dorms, dear. And please visit often,” Inko said tearily.


“I will. I promise,” Izuku said with a smile.


With that, he was off to UA. Izuku met Ryuko at the train station.


“Were you waiting for me?” Izuku accused with a smirk.


“Nooooo?” Ryuko lied terribly.


“Of course not,” Izuku said, shaking his head with a chuckle.


“C’mon! Let’s go! I hope our rooms are next to each other!” Ryuko said with a smile.


“You and I both know that them being next to each other isn’t going to stop you,” Izuku said with a smile as he stepped onto the train with her.


“Nope! Not in the slightest!” Ryuko said with her continuous smile, making Izuku roll his eyes.


“Figured as much,” Izuku said, a smile forming on his face.


The train ride was mostly the two talking about who their teacher might be and what the dorms will be like. When they arrived at the dorms, they were pleasantly surprised. The Heights Alliance dorms for their class was like a five star hotel.


Living area with a large screen TV. Kitchen with all the necessities. Their rooms weren’t half bad either. Unfortunately for Ryuko, their dorms weren’t next to each other. That didn't mean she won’t end up sleeping in Izuku’s room. Just that it would be harder.


Ryuko’s room was sparsely decorated. A few posters of dragons and a small laptop for her personal use. It didn’t take long for her to unpack.


After unpacking, Ryuko ran over to the boy’s side of the dorms, passing by a midget with purple hair on her way to Izuku’s dorm.


“Woah… What a hottie,” she heard the midget mutter.


She didn’t bother trying to yell at him or scare him. She’d get that opportunity later. For now, she wanted to help Izuku unpack. Ryuko stepped into Izuku’s room and watched as Izuku puts up his fifth All Might poster. She sighed fondly at her draconic crush.


“Izuku, why am I not surprised?” Ryuko said, looking into a box to find it full of All Might collectibles and merch.


“Because you’ve seen my room. And I was gonna bring more if it wasn’t for you,” Izuku said with a smirk.


“Because these rooms are temporary. You can’t bring your full collection to a temporary dwelling,” Ryuko said, watching him put some collectibles on a shelf that was in the room.


“I know, I know. But it’s my collection. I can’t just not bring anything of it,” Izuku said.


“And you say you don’t act like a dragon?” Ryuko asked with a cheeky grin.


“I never said that. I just said I don’t act completely like a dragon,” Izuku said.


“Same difference.”


They were interrupted by a pink haired girl with horns and pink skin knocking at the doorway. She had a wide smile.


“We’re doing a meet and greet if you got time,” the girl said.


“We’ll be down in a bit,” Ryuko said for Izuku.


“Alrighty! Also, I’m Mina Ashido. Just call me Mina,” the girl, Mina, said.


“I’m Ryuko Tatsuma. And this is Izuku Midoriya,” Ryuko said, gesturing to herself then Izuku.


“I’ll see you two down there!” Mina said before going to get the other people.


Ten minutes later, Izuku and Ryuko walk down the stairs to see a large crowd of people. Among them was the blue haired robot from the exam. And the brown haired girl who was also from the exam.


“Alright, everyone’s here, minus a couple who didn’t want to do it. Everyone sit in a circle!” Mina directed everyone.


The other people were willing to follow Mina’s directions as they all got in a circle and sat in chairs. Izuku and Ryuko sat next to each other. Ryuko spotted the brown haired girl wave at Izuku, with Izuku reciprocating the wave.


“Alright, so let’s all introduce ourselves, say what our quirks are, and something we like!” Mina said with a bubbly smile.


“I’ll go first. My name’s Mina Ashido. My quirk is Acid. It allows me to control the viscosity and corrosiveness of my acid and secrete it from anywhere on my body. I also like to breakdance!” Mina said, all while smiling.


Beside her, a guy with spiky red hair and sharp teeth introduced himself.


“Hey, my name’s Eijiro Kirishima. My quirk’s called Hardening. I can harden all parts of my body and make them super durable. Let’s see… I like… I like manly things!” Kirishima flashes a toothy grin as he finishes his speech.


Next to him was the midget from before.


“My name’s Minoru Mineta. My quirk’s name is Pop-Off. It allows me to produce balls from my hair that are sticky. The stickiness depends on how good I’m feeling and too many balls makes my head bleed. I like ladies,” Mineta said before giving a lecherous grin towards the girls.


When Mineta’s eyes landed on Ryuko, Izuku felt the desire to kill the purple boy. He restrained his urges upon feeling the desire. Ryuko noticed it and tapped his shoulder. Distracted, he looked at her. She gave him a kind smile that seemed to calm him down. He returned her smile afterwards.


After Mineta, a few others introduced themselves. 


The first one was a plain faced boy named Hanta Sero. His quirk was Tape. He could produce tape from his elbows. His elbows accommodated for his quirk by making them cylindrical like tape dispensers. He seemed like a nice guy.


Mezo Shoji was next. He looked very mysterious with a mask covering his mouth and nose. His quirk was Dupli-Arms. He was able to make different parts of his body on the end of his tentacles. He was a boy of few words and once he explained his quirk, he went quiet again, looking to the person next in line. 


After Shoji was Denki Kaminari. His quirk, Electrification, was demonstrated by charging his phone with a small spark. He claimed could cover his body in electricity. He was another of the perverts, winking at the girls in the room. What was different with him, however, was that he didn’t wink at Ryuko, probably because of him noticing the closeness of the two dragons of the room.


Once Denki finished introducing himself, the group watched as a rather flamboyant blond boy posed dramatically as he introduced himself. His name was Yuga Aoyama, and his quirk was called Navel Laser. He described his quirk as an ability to fire a dashing beam from his belly button. He seemed a bit narcissistic as well as he said he liked seeing himself in the mirror.


After the rather flamboyant Aoyama was the fat lipped Rikido Sato. His quirk, Sugar Rush allowed him to increase his strength fivefold when he eats ten grams of sugar. He described how he enjoyed cooking.


Next was Ryuko. He looked at Ryuko as she introduced herself.


“Hello, I’m Ryuko Tatsuma. My Quirk is called Draconic Transformation. It allows me to transform parts of my body into a dragon’s body part. I’m supposed to be able to transform my whole body, but I haven’t been able to do that yet. A like? Hmm… I like Dragons and the stories behind them,” Ryuko said with a kind smile.


It was Izuku’s turn now and everyone was looking at them. He felt his fears bubble up in him again. He steeled himself with a calming breath before speaking.


“I’m Izuku Midoriya. My quirk is also called Draconic Transformation. I can transform my body into the body of a dragon. I can breathe fire and fly with it. I also can transform individual parts of my body thanks to Ryuko’s help. I like learning about quirks and flying’s pretty fun,” Izuku said, smiling at the end of it.


The rest of the students in the room introduced themselves. Of the five remaining in the room, Ryuko and Izuku were mainly focused on three of them, accidentally ignoring the other two.


One of the ones who stuck out was Tenya Iida, who’s quirk was Engine. He was the robot who interrupted Mic at the entrance exam. His quirk allowed him to have engines on his calves. He seemed to be someone who is very strict with rules.


Another one who stuck out was the brown haired girl from the exam. The Zero Gravity quirk user’s name was Ochako Uraraka. She had a bubbly attitude and seemed like a bit of an airhead.


The final one who stood out from the rest was a raven haired girl named Momo Yaoyorozu. Izuku and Ryuko recognized Yaoyorozu’s name, but decided not to ask if she was related to the Yaoyorozu family, one of the richest families in Japan. Her quirk was Creation and it allowed her to create anything as long as she knew the atomic structure and had enough lipids. Both dragons knew how overpowered that quirk was.


A few classmates were missing, but none of them knew who was missing. Izuku watched as Mina and Momo talked with Ryuko. Mina and her were becoming fast friends. That was good. Izuku was approached by Kaminari, bringing him out of his thoughts.


“Hey, dude. You said you could transform into a dragon. Could you show us?” Denki asked.


Denki’s question was loud enough to get everyone’s attention. Iida was against the idea, the blue haired boy doing his best imitation of a robot, protested.“It is not appropriate to use your quirks inside the dorms!” 


Most of them ignored him and looked at Izuku. Izuku looked towards Ryuko. In response, she smiled and nodded.


“Go on, Izuku. Give them a show,” Ryuko said.


Izuku nodded before taking a deep breath. Releasing it, he got onto all fours and his dragon form took shape. Wings sprouted from his back, a tail sprouting between his legs. His neck extended and his face shifted to that of a dragon. Green scales covered his body, darker on top and more pale towards the belly.


“Woah…” Denki let out.


“Manly!” Kirishima shouted.


There were mixed emotions on Izuku’s dragon form. Some loved it while others were cautious around it.


“You were the one who took out the zero pointer, weren’t you?” Mina said in a moment of realization.


“You were there?” Izuku asked, his dragon head tilting slightly.


“Yeah! It was so awesome! Just flew right up to the head of it and melted it with his fire breath. Then let out this loud roar. It was awesome!”


“No way, dude! That happened?” 


“He did! And he saved me!” the brown haired girl, Ochako Uraraka, claimed.


“So manly!”


Izuku was overwhelmed by the positive reactions of what he did. He was unfamiliar with the reactions from people that weren’t Ryuko or his mother. Ryuko sensed it and walked over, wrapping an arm around his long neck.


“No one’s going to hate you or fear you here, alright? It’s a fresh start. New people. If they give you trouble, tell me,” Ryuko said with a soft smile.


“Thanks, Ryu,” Izuku said softly.


The pair’s conversation was drowned out by the people excited about his quirk. Izuku decided he showed his quirk enough and changed back to his human form. As he does, his stomach lets out a rumble.


“Did you just roar or was that your stomach?” Ryuko teased, getting a blush in response.


“I-I’m gonna make dinner,” Izuku said shyly.


Mina walked up to Ryuko after overhearing their conversation.


“Hottie, dragon buddy, and a cook? You’ve gotten yourself a catch,” Mina teased.


Ryuko blushed but looked down slightly.

“I do,” Ryuko let out quietly.


“Oh, so you do like him? I was just trying to tease,” Mina said.


  Ryuko nodded slightly.


“Ooooohhhhh! That’s so adorable!” Mina squealed.


Meanwhile, Izuku was in the kitchen cooking some food for himself. Sato stepped inside the kitchen and grabbed his own things.


“What are you making?” Izuku asked curiously.


“Gonna make some dinner for everyone else. Want to help?” Sato asked.


“Sure! Let me plate my food and I’ll help,” Izuku replied.


Izuku proceeded to help Sato cook for the rest of their classmates. Soon, the kitchen was surrounded by hungry teenagers looking at the food being made. Izuku noticed Ryuko drooling as she watched them cook.


“Don’t worry, food’s almost finished,” Izuku said to his classmates.


Soon enough, the food was finished and everyone was sitting at the dining room table. Izuku warmed his food up after plating all the others’ food and sat next to Ryuko. He noticed Mina smiling at Ryuko. What it was about, he had no idea, but he was glad that Ryuko got a friend already.


On his other side, Ochako sat next to him, smiling at Izuku.


“I never thanked you for saving me,” Ochako said.


“No thanks was necessary. I just did what any hero would do,” Izuku said, shaking his head.


“Still, thank you,” Ochako said with a kind smile.


Izuku nodded, returning her smile. He then returned to his meal.


Ryuko overheard the conversation and noticed the way Ochako was looking at him. Thankfully, Izuku was oblivious, but she was less so. Her jealousy flared up and she narrowed her eyes at Ochako. She caught herself a moment after and returned her gaze to her food.


Meanwhile, Mina was watching the exchange and noticed right away what was going on. Her friend was jealous. She also noticed her eyes were glowing. She understood her jealousy and vowed to herself that she’d help her friend out. She also had to find out why her eyes were glowing.

Also observing the moment was Mineta who was glaring at Izuku and wondering why such a plain person was getting two girls who liked him.


After dinner, everyone dispersed. Ryuko was dragged away by Mina without another word, much to Izuku’s disappointment. He wanted to spend time with her before curfew.




“Alright, I saw what happened to you after Ochako talked to Izuku. That was no ordinary jealousy. Your eyes were shining,” Mina said.


Mina took Ryuko to her room, pink coloring all over her room in one form or another, from the carpets, to the bed, to the curtains.


Ryuko was shocked when she heard what Mina saw.


“They were glowing?” Ryuko asked.


“Yeah. So spill. What happened,” Mina said straight.


“Well… With my quirk, there’s also something mental along with the physical transformation of it. I have certain mental and emotional traits of a dragon as well. And, well, when I first met Izuku, I kind of marked him… And he marked me, though it was unintentional for him,” Ryuko explained.


“Marked how?”


“As a mate,” Ryuko said.


“I think I’m gonna need some context,” Mina said, her mind going all sorts of wrong places.


Ryuko then explained how Izuku and Ryuko first met. She didn’t tell Mina about how it was Izuku’s first time using his quirk. She figured that would have been overstepping her bounds. She then talked about how they became friends afterwards.


Mina was mentally cooing at how adorable and sweet their first meeting happened. But she had to think about that later. Right now, she had a friend to help.


“So basically, whenever your eyes glow, it’s because your instincts are flaring up. And since you and Izuku are pretty much mates, seeing another female attracted to him is making you protective?”


“Yes. I actually never wanted to introduce him to my friends, since I went to an all girls school and you know how attractive he is. I’m just so scared someone will swoop up and try and take him away before I confess. He doesn’t know about our instincts like I do.”


“What’s stopping you from telling him?”


“If I told him that my quirk and his chose each other as mates, he’d think I’ve been hanging around him because of our quirks. But that’s not the case. I genuinely like him and want to go out with him.”


“Then confess your love to him!” Mina encouraged.


“But what if he doesn’t want it?”


“You gotta be more confident! Have you seen how he looks at you? I have. He looks at you like Ochako looks at him,” Mina said.


Ryuko’s eyes glowed for a moment at the mention of Ochako. Mina knew that would have happened, but she had to give her friend the push.


“You’re right. You’re right, I need to tell him,” Ryuko said.


“That’s it, girl! Go get him!” Mina said with a smile.


“I’ll do it tomorrow. I don’t want him worried about it tonight,” Ryuko said.


Mina let out a sigh.


“Fine. But you better hurry.”


“I will,” Ryuko nodded.




Curfew came and Izuku went to his room. As he was about to get in bed, he heard a knock at the door. With all the new people, he didn’t know who would knock at this hour. He had a sneaking suspicion that it was Ryuko, though.


Opening the door, he found that it was indeed Ryuko in her pajamas and sporting a slight blush like she always did when this happened.

“Hey, Ryu,” Izuku said softly with a fond smile.


“I know we’re in dorms now and not at home, but…”


“Where’s the confident Ryu that said nothing will stop you from sleeping in my room?” Izuku teased with a soft smile.


“Sh-Shut up…” Ryu weakly snapped, looking away.


“C’mon, Ryu. Let’s go to sleep,” Izuku said, gently pulling her into his room by her arm.


He shut the door behind him and locked it before going to his bed, leaving Ryuko to stand in his room.


“You going to sleep standing up, or are you going to sleep with me?” Izuku asked with a quiet chuckle.


Ryuko shook her head before getting into bed with her crush. She really badly wanted to say it now, but it would probably keep Izuku up all night. She cuddled up to him and closed her eyes.


“Good night, Izu,” Ryuko whispered.


Izuku was surprised at the nickname. She always called him Izuku. He had to admit, he liked the nickname. He smiled softly before closing his eyes, resting his head against the top of hers.


“Good night, Ryu,” Izuku whispered in reply.

Chapter Text

Izuku woke up first of the two. Realizing Ryuko was in bed with him, he sighed fondly. Smiling, he pulled Ryuko closer. He enjoyed cuddling with her as much as she did. Maybe more. It always just felt so right to do it.


Ryuko moved in his arms and he felt her breathe a sigh.


“Good morning, Izu,” Ryuko said quietly.

“Good morning, Ryu,” Izuku said.


“Do we have to get up?”


“No. Do you want to?”




Izuku smiled as they both melted into each other’s embrace.


“Good,” Izuku let out.


Just as they were about to close their eyes and fall asleep again, they heard a knock on the door. A rather rough knock. It made both of them jump.


“It is morning! Time to wake up!” Came the muffled voice of Iida.


“Dammit, Iida,” Ryuko whispered, groaning.


“I know, right?” Izuku grumbled, burying his face in her shoulder.


“Well, we can’t sleep now,” Ryuko said with a sigh.


“I know…” came the whimpering reply of Izuku.


“What’s with wanting to stay in bed?”


“There’s nothing to do. I don’t need to wake up,” Izuku said.


“Well, we still need to get up.”




Izuku and Ryuko got out of bed, with Izuku checking outside to see if the coast is clear. Seeing it clear, Izuku looks back to Ryuko.


“It’s clear, Ryu.”


“Thanks, Izu,” Ryuko replied before walking to the door.


The two hugged each other one last time before she snuck off to her room.


Izuku put on a T-shirt that said “Sweater” on it as well as cargo shorts. He then went down the stairs to the kitchen to get some breakfast.


Izuku saw Ryuko downstairs, talking happily with Mina at the table. A green haired girl with large eyes and hands was talking with Kirishima and Kaminari, apparently introducing herself to the two. Iida was doing his normal chopping motions while talking to Mineta, probably scolding the boy.


Ochako and Yaoyorozu were having a conversation in the kitchen when he entered. He gave them a short wave for a greeting and made cereal for himself. He then sat at the table next to Ryuko and Mina.


“Morning,” Izuku said to the two.


“Good morning,” the two girls replied.


“What are you two up to?” Izuku asked curiously.


Mina gave Ryuko a look before looking back at him. Izuku raised his eyebrow at the two.


“Well, I was wanting to ask-”


“Izuku,” Ochako interrupted what Ryuko was going to say.


Izuku looked at Ochako in curiosity.


“What is it?” Izuku asked.


“Yaomomo and I were going to go for a jog. Want to come with?”


“Sure. Just let me finish my breakfast,” Izuku said.


Ryuko felt the jealousy well up in her again. Mina nudged her, gesturing to her eyes to tell her they are glowing.


“What was it you were going to say, Ryu?” Izuku asked curiously.


“O-Oh, I’ll tell you later. It isn’t important,” Ryuko said, shaking her head.


“Oh, alright,” Izuku said with a nod before returning to his food, oblivious about what was going on.


Once Izuku left to put his bowl away and get his shoes on for running, Ryuko turned back to Mina.


“You choked,” Mina said.


“I know…”


“There was nothing to worry about.”


“I know.”


“And you still choked,” Mina sighed.


“I was just nervous and jealous and I didn’t know what to do-”


Mina placed a hand on her shoulder.


“Stop. I understand. We just gotta plan for the next time.”




“Exactly. Some way to get everyone off of you two for long enough that you can confess,” Mina explained.


“You’re going this far for me?”


“What are friends for?” Mina asked with a smile.


“You’re the best,” Ryuko said.


“Hell yeah I am,” Mina said with a cheeky grin.


“Now… Let’s get started.”



Izuku jogged beside Ochako, their route was almost done. Halfway through, Momo decided to head back. She claimed she wasn’t feeling well. She looked alright, which was weird. Maybe she had a head cold.


Izuku noticed Ochako glancing at him every so often as they ran through their route. It was weird. And he felt an odd sense of deja vu when he noticed it.


“You scared?” Izuku asked jokingly.




“I just noticed you were glancing at me. You scared that I’m a dragon?” Izuku joked.


“Oh yeah, definitely,” Ochako played along.


“Don’t worry. I’m a noble dragon. Won’t be eating any humans today,” Izuku said.


The two laughed. The rest of the run was silent.


As Izuku returned from his run, he walked to the fridge to get a water bottle. As he closed the fridge, he noticed Ochako approaching. He didn’t find out what Ochako was wanting to do, because Ryuko arrived.


“Izu,” Ryuko called.


Ochako and Izuku looked towards Ryuko. She was wearing a teal T-shirt, jeans, and her signature green headband holding all but a clump of her hair from her face. Izuku thought it was beautiful to see. 


“Y-Yeah, Ryu?” Izuku asked.


“Can I talk to you?” Ryuko asked.


Ryuko suppressed a smile when he saw Ochako grimace. It seems Ochako was trying to get him for a similar reason Ryuko was. And she was not about to hand her dragon crush over to her.


“Sure,” Izuku said obliviously. 


Ryuko glanced over towards Mina and she was giving her the thumbs up. It was now or never. She had to tell him.


“Come on, then,” Ryuko said, gesturing for him to follow her.


Izuku followed Ryuko to her room. As he was following her, he wondered why she changed her clothes. She had loose fitting pants and a baggy shirt. She didn’t say anything about going anywhere.


Ryuko closed the door behind him when he walked into the room. Turning around, he was met with a blushing Ryuko. Now this was weird.


“Ryu? What’s up?” Izuku asked curiously.


There was no response from the girl.




‘It’s now or never, Ryuko.’ She thought to herself.


Ryuko took a step forward and looked up at her crush.


“Izu?” Ryuko said.


Izuku looked at her, giving her his full attention.


“I’ve liked you… For a while…” Ryuko said, looking down and away slightly. “I’ve been too afraid of telling you… Because I thought you wouldn’t like me like I like you… You know?”


Ryuko looked back up and saw a surprised face and blush on his face.


“Telling you now took all the courage I could ever muster…” Ryuko added, stepping towards him.


“I guess, what I mean to ask is… Will you go out on a date with me?” Ryuko asked, looking up into his eyes again.


She noticed his eyes glow slightly and realized hers might be doing the same. 


Izuku was dumbfounded. He’s liked her for years now. And she just confessed to feeling the same? Is this a dream?


“I- Yes,” Izuku said, feeling a warm feeling flow all over his body.




“Y-Yeah. I’ve… felt the same,” Izuku said, a smile unconsciously forming on his face.


“You have?” Ryuko looked surprised.


After the surprise, she was overjoyed. She jumped her crush and hugged him. Izuku had no problem reciprocating the hug. She buried her face in his buff chest.


“I’m so happy,” Ryuko said into his chest.




Izuku left Ryuko’s room to get on better clothes than he had on as well as take a shower. While she waited for Izuku to finish, Ryuko went back downstairs to find Mina and Ochako talking. Mina saw Ryuko and she gave her a smile.


Ryuko gave Mina a thumbs up, letting her know her plan worked. Mina finished her conversation with Ochako before practically teleporting to her friend.


“So it worked?!” She whisper-yelled.


“It did! He’s getting ready now!” Ryuko replied with the same tone.


Mina let out a whispered squeal before hugging Ryuko. Ryuko returned the hug excitedly. Ochako was watching from the background, curious as to what got them so excited. Sadly for her, she got her answer in the form of Izuku Midoriya walking down the stairs in a dark green T-shirt and jeans.


‘He cleaned up nice…’ Ochako thought.


“Ryu, I’m ready when you are,” Izuku said with a smile.


Ochako saw Ryuko latch onto Izuku’s arm and pull him outside. Her heart sank. While she only knew him a little, she was attracted to the boy. Maybe it was because of him saving her, maybe because he was a total hottie.


Mina saw the sadness in Ochako’s eyes and decided to pull double duty on helping people out. She helped Ryuko get her man. Now she’s gonna help Ochako get over hers.

“Alright, Ochako. No moping. We’re cheering you up,” Mina said, tugging Ochako out of the dorms.


Kaminari, Kirishima, and Mineta were all watching.


“Damn you, Izuku. You got a girl! The most ordinary person got a girl!”


“Shut up, Mineta. Didn’t you already notice that she was off limits? If looks could have killed when you tried ‘wooing’ her, Izuku would have mauled you to death with his eyes,” Kaminari said, crossing his arms over his chest.


“Yeah, Mineta. So unmanly,” Kirishima said, shaking his head.




Izuku let Ryuko pull him to a small sushi restaurant close to the school. It was the best she could think up for their impromptu date. They sat next to each other once they were brought to their table. 


They happily enjoyed each others’ presence as they looked for what to order. Both of them were too shy to speak. After a few minutes of silence, Izuku decided to try and break the ice.


“So… Nervous?” Izuku asked.


“Mhm,” Ryuko responded with a short nod.


“Me too…”


Ryuko and Izuku went back to their silent selves for a couple more minutes until a thought struck Ryuko. She began chuckling.


“What’s so funny?”


“We’ve spent every waking moment hanging out with each other and cuddled in our sleep before. And something so small as a date is what silenced us,” Ryuko said.


Izuku then joined in on the laughter when he saw the comedy of it all. The laugher died down after a bit and they got a bit more comfortable with their situation. 


Once they ordered their food, they once again went silent, but this time, they leaned against one another shoulder to shoulder.


“I honestly don’t know what to say or do on a date,” Izuku said shyly.


“What I’ve heard is that dates are about enjoying each other’s company and getting to know each other. Kinda hard, when we know each other well already,” Ryuko said with a short giggle.


“I don’t know… Have you been hiding anything from me?” Izuku asked in a jokingly accusatory tone.


“Hmm, there was this one time I ate someone,” Ryuko played along, putting her finger to her chin in mock thought.


The two had another laugh and their food came. They didn’t talk much while eating. After they finished, Izuku insisted he pay for it. Ryuko wasn’t having any of it, though.


“I was the one to have us go today, I’ll pay,” Ryuko said.




“But nothing,” Ryuko said firmly.


Izuku sighed. When she was set on something, there was nothing he could do to change her mind.


“Alright,” Izuku conceded.


“Thank you, Izu!” Ryuko said, hugging him.


Izuku smiled softly, returning his dragoness’ hug. Ryuko paid for their food and they left the restaurant hand in hand.


“I know it wasn’t the best for an impromptu date, but how did you like it?” Ryuko asked.


“We could have just sat at a park and I would have enjoyed it, Ryu,” Izuku said with a soft smile.


“Good. I’m glad you enjoyed it,” Ryuko said, hugging his arm and placing her head on his shoulder.


Izuku and Ryuko got back an hour before curfew. Seeing as they had time, Izuku and Ryuko went to their rooms and changed into comfortable clothes, planning on meeting in the living room to watch some television.


When they got back down in more comfortable clothes, Mina immediately tugged Ryuko away to ask how it went. Izuku continued to one of the couches and waited for his girlfriend to return.


‘Girlfriend. Ryu’s my girlfriend now.’ Izuku thought in disbelief.


Ryuko sat on the couch next to him, bringing him out of his thoughts. She noticed he was thinking and decided to ask him about it.


“What’s going on in that big brain of yours?” Ryuko asked with a smirk.


“Just still in disbelief that this is actually happening,” Izuku said with a slight chuckle.


“Well, believe it. Because I won’t let you go any time soon,” Ryuko said.


“Never, hopefully,” Izuku mumbled.


Ryuko heard Izuku and felt her heart soar higher than ever before. She let her happiness be known as she wrapped Izuku in a tight hug. She rested her head on his shoulder happily, a bright smile on her face.


In the background, Mina was watching with excitement, happy for her friend to get her man. Kirishima and Kaminari, curious as to what their pink haired friend was looking at, watched the interaction between the two dragons with smiles on their faces.


Mineta, being Mineta, was glaring at Izuku, who was busy enjoying the loving embrace of his dragon girlfriend and wishing he was in his shoes.


Iida stepped into the room and noticed the two cuddling on the couch. He was about to walk over and reprimand the two dragons for personal displays of affection, but as soon as Kaminari and Kirishima caught on, they stopped watching and grabbed the robot boy, covering his mouth and restraining his arms before pulling him into the kitchen.


The rest of the night was peaceful for the two dragons. Curfew prevented them from just sitting on the couch. 


Once again, Ryuko was in Izuku’s room. She was the happiest girl ever as far as she was concerned. And once Izuku set the alarm, they got into bed together. The remainder of the night was spent in each other’s arms, falling asleep in the same bed.






Izuku opened his eyes. That wasn’t him. Looking over, he saw a tail retract into the blankets. Suddenly, everything that happened the previous day came back to him. He heard the signature groan of Ryuko underneath the blankets and felt arms pull him closer.


“Ryu, it’s time to wake up,” Izuku said, smiling softly.


“But I don’t wanna…” Ryuko whined.


“It’s school. First day of UA. We can’t be late,” Izuku reasoned.


“Fine…” Ryuko groaned, getting off of Izuku.


Izuku and Ryuko got out of bed, with Ryuko leaving the room. Before she left, she gave him a smile.


“I’ll see you downstairs, Izu,” Ryuko said with a soft smile.


Ryuko then left. When she did, Izuku finally got the chance to jump and throw a fist into the air in celebration. He’s now dating Ryuko and he wasn’t rejected! She was the one who asked him, but still, he wasn’t rejected!


After the celebratory fist pump, he got to work getting dressed into the school uniform. Thankfully the uniform wasn’t too small. Finishing up the uniform with trying and failing to tie the tie, he walked downstairs.


Ryuko was once again talking with Mina. Once awake, Ryuko was excited for the day ahead.




Izuku and Ryuko were the last two that left the dorms. They knew they had time, so it wasn’t a big rush.


“I wonder who our teacher is?” Ryuko said.


“Yeah. Also, I wonder who else are our classmates. I mean, we met some of them, but not all,” Izuku pointed out.


“Good point. Maybe a person with a reptile-like quirk! We can all become the Reptilian Trio!” Ryuko said, making a pose as she walked.


Izuku laughed good naturedly at Ryuko’s statement.


“Well we could-”


“Get your feet off the desk!” they heard Tenya yell.


“Fuck off!”


Izuku and Ryuko grimaced at the voice.




“Why did it have to be him?”

Izuku pulled open the door and walked in with Ryuko to be met with Iida yelling at Bakugo. Izuku groaned, his head falling to Ryuko’s shoulder.


“Why can’t we just not have him in our class…” He grumbles.


“I feel ya, Izu,” Ryuko replied.


“If you’re here to make friends, then get out,” came a voice unfamiliar to everyone. 


Izuku, Ryuko, and the rest of the class look to the source of the voice, finding a yellow sleeping bag with a head sticking out of it. The head had long hair and scruffy black stubble. There were bags under his eyes and his expression was bored.


Everyone got to their seats as soon as they realize it was a teacher.


“It took you fourteen seconds to get to your seats. Irrational. We’re going to have to work on that. I’m your teacher, Shota Aizawa,” the teacher said.


The teacher unzipped his sleeping bag and threw everyone a pair of gym clothes.


“Put these on and meet me at the practice field. You've got ten minutes,” Aizawa said flatly before leaving the room.


Practically everyone bolted to the door to get to the locker room.



Ten minutes later, everyone was changed and at the practice field, waiting for Aizawa to tell them what they were going to do. Aizawa looked through all of the students, his eyes examining them. After a moment, he took a breath and got started.


“We’re going to be doing a series of tests to gauge where you are in your abilities. You will be expected to use your quirks when you’re able to,” Aizawa explained.


“What about orientation?” Ochako piped up.


“Orientation is illogical. Thanks to UA's lenient rules, us teachers have the power to teach our classes as we see fit,” Aizawa stated before continuing. “Izuku Midoriya.”


Izuku stepped forward.


“You scored first in the entrance exam. You’re going to throw this ball as far as you can using your quirk. Do not leave the white circle,” Aizawa said, handing Izuku the ball he would be throwing.


Izuku took the ball and proceeded to the circle and wound up.


“Hold on!” a voice barked.


Izuku flinched, turning back.


“Why the hell is a villain like Deku in this class?” Bakugo fumed, walking towards Izuku menacingly.


“Well, if there’s no explanation, I’ll just take out this villain myself!” 

Bakugo lunged at Izuku. As Bakugo flew towards Izuku, Aizawa wrapped his capture cloth around Bakugo’s head and yanked, causing him to fall onto his back.


“I’ve erased your quirk. Quit your squirming or I’ll send you to the principal's office,” Aizawa said.


Bakugo stopped trying to resist and held still. Aizawa released his capture tape and quirk, his hair falling back over his head. He took a deep breath before looking back to Izuku.


“Do the test now,” Aizawa said flatly.


Izuku hesitantly nodded before turning around. Seeing Bakugo rush him made him panic. That hadn’t happened since the first years he had his quirk.


Izuku took a deep breath before transforming his right hand. He was careful not to crush the ball as he reared his dragon arm back and let the ball fly as he threw it.


Aizawa watched the tablet he had. Once he got the reading, he turned it towards Izuku. It read: 715 meters.


Izuku breathed a sigh of relief as he read his score, transforming his arm back. He was returning to his group when he heard Mina shout something.


“This looks like fun!” 


Aizawa turned to Mina with an evil look in his eye.


“Fun? You think this is fun? Alright then. How about this? The person in last place will be judged as having no potential and will be expelled,” Aizawa said.


Everyone was stunned by their teacher.


“Well, get going,” 


Izuku watched everyone start out with the ball toss. No one, not even Bakugo, could get close to his score. That was, until Ochako scored infinity by removing the gravity of the ball and letting it float away. Ryuko got seven hundred meters on her throw.


The next event was the fifty-meter dash. Izuku was up against Iida. He knew he was going to lose against the resident speedster, but he would still fight for first. Taking off his shoes and forming his dragon feet, he got ready to run. Additionally, he formed his wings. 


As soon as the gun signaled the start, Izuku flapped his wings hard to give him a burst of speed. He ended up with a time of four seconds and forty five milliseconds. Iida took first place of the entire event with three seconds and four milliseconds. Ryuko was actually faster than Izuku and got three seconds and fifty five milliseconds after her run against a girl with a frog quirk named Asui Tsuyu.


After the fifty-meter dash was the grip strength test. It looked as if Shoji was going to win with an impressive five hundred and forty kilograms. Izuku and Ryuko sadly beat him out, using their dragon formed arms to crush their grip testers.

The standing long jump was next for the class. Izuku had no problem with it, using his wings to clear the sandbox. Ryuko cleared the sandbox as well, copying Izuku’s method of using her wings to fly past the sandbox.


Once everyone finished the standing long jump, they moved on to the Repeated Side Steps. Everyone did pretty good, not getting an outrageously low or high score. Mineta scored highest by using his Pop-Off balls and bouncing between them.


Yaoyorozu pulled ahead of everyone in the long distance run, creating a bike and riding it for the duration of the run. Izuku and Ryuko were no slouches, but even they couldn’t outrun a biker.


Mina absolutely dominated the seated toe touch, bending forward and touching her palms to her feet like it was second nature to her. Ryuko tried going as far as Mina, but didn’t even get close. 


Kirishima’s time to shine was the sit ups. Izuku, feeling competitive, attempted to match Kirishima sit up for sit up. At about two hundred, Izuku gave up, his stomach burning. Kirishima kept going for a good fifty more before stopping. Ryuko only managed to accomplish one hundred.


After all the tests, everyone waited to see the results. Once the results came in, they rushed to find their name. Izuku and Ryuko were glad not to be anywhere near last. They were in the top five. The grape-headed pervert was the one who was dead last. 


“Mineta, pack your bags. You’re expelled,” Aizawa said bluntly.


Mineta tearfully left the field to pack his bags. When Mineta was out of earshot, Aizawa turned back to the rest of the class.


“To keep our class at capacity, we will be getting a student from 1-B as a replacement for Mineta. And a person from general studies will be transferred to 1-B. You’ll meet your classmate tomorrow. Grab your syllabus in the classroom and go to your dorms. Class is dismissed,” Aizawa said before leaving the group of students.


The students slowly made their way back to the locker rooms and got changed.




“I heard we have a heroics class. Who do you think’s teaching it?” Mina asked as the group of students walked to the dorms from the classroom.


“It doesn’t say who’s teaching it. My guess is it’s a hero from the top ten,” Sero said.


Izuku and Ryuko were silent. They knew it would be All Might who will teach them. They didn’t speak up because they wanted to see the surprise on their friends’ faces. 


The rest of the day, Izuku and Ryuko’s class relaxed. Izuku took a shower when he got back to the dorms. Ryuko was waiting for him once he got back to his room. Her hair had the telltale signs of taking a shower.


“What’s up? I thought you’d want to hang out with Mina before curfew,” Izuku said.


“Just waiting for you,” Ryuko said with a soft smile.


“What? Don’t trust me to come down there?”


“Well, with a wild Baku-hoe on the loose, I doubt he’d be alright with you roaming around.”


“So you’re playing the role of my guardian?” Izuku asked with a smirk.


“Yep! Now c’mon! Let’s hang out with friends before we sleep,” Ryuko said, grabbing his arm and tugging him out of the room.


“Fine, fine, I’m coming,” Izuku said, smiling fondly at his dragoness.


He was glad that them being in a relationship didn’t stop what they normally did together. Instead, it increased it. 


‘I’m such a lucky guy.’

Chapter Text

Aizawa entered Principle Nezu’s office. He was looking concerned.


“Ah, Aizawa. What seems to be the problem?” The bear-rat thing asked, seeing the concern on his face.


“There’s this boy. Katsuki Bakugo. He’s extremely violent. Did you forget to tell me about his record or did you want me to be a part of one of your little tests?”


“I assure you, I did not see anything bad on his record.”


“Are you sure? Because if I hadn’t stopped him, he would have used lethal force on a fellow student that he deemed a villain,” Aizawa explained.


A glint formed in Nezu’s eye. Aizawa never liked that look.


“Aizawa, would you watch Bakugo’s behavior for the time being? I believe I have some investigating to do,” Nezu said, his tone sending shivers down Aizawa’s spine.


“I was planning on doing that already. Foundational Hero Studies is tomorrow. I’m going to watch the class. Make sure Bakugo stays in line.”


“Please do, Aizawa.”






Izuku sighed, retracting his hand from the alarm clock. He placed his hand on a lump under the blankets just underneath his chest.


“Ryu… Time to wake up,” Izuku mumbled tiredly, moving his hand under the blankets and running it through Ryuko’s hair.


“Hmm…” was Ryuko’s response. “Why do we have to get up?”


“Because we have school,” Izuku sighed, removing his hand from his dragoness’ hair.


Ryuko whimpered at the loss of his hand as he raised both over his head to stretch them out. 


“Why does school have to start so early?” Ryuko asked rhetorically in complaint.


“C’mon, Ryu. Get up.”

“Ugh… Fiiiinnnneeee,” Ryuko groans, sitting up from her lover’s body and bringing the blankets with her.


She was a little disappointed Izuku slept with a shirt on, but decided not to voice it. Instead, she got up off of Izuku and went to a dresser.


“Uh, I don’t think my clothes are going to fit,” Izuku said.


“I know. I stashed a uniform here,” Ryuko said with a clever smile.


“What, are you going to be living here now?” Izuku asked with an amused smirk.


“Mayyyyyybeeee?” Ryuko replied before the two of them laughed lightly.


Izuku got out of bed and went to the bathroom connected to his room with a uniform of his own. While Izuku was changing, Ryuko took the time to strip and put on what she stashed in her lover’s room.


Izuku knocked on the bathroom once he was done.


“You done, Ryu?” Izuku asked.


“Yeah, I am. You can open up,” Ryuko said.


She put the jacket of the uniform on when Izuku opened the door. She looked at Izuku’s uniform and rolled her eyes fondly at her mate’s inability to tie a tie properly. She sighed and walked over to him, untying and retying his tie.


“T-Thanks,” Izuku said, embarrassed.


“Not a problem, Izu,” Ryuko said with a smile.


She took Izuku by the arm and pulled him out of the room, heading down to the first floor. They were met with an unfamiliar kid with wild indigo hair and dark purple eyes with bags underneath them. He was sitting at a table in the kitchen all to himself. They decided to introduce themselves.


“Hello! I’m Ryuko Tatsuma. This is Izuku Midoriya. Who are you?” Ryuko asked with a friendly smile.


The boy looked at her, his tired look giving way to a surprised one, before replying to her.


“Shinsou. Hitoshi Shinsou.”


“Nice to meet you, Shinsou,” Ryuko said with a smile.


Ryuko turned to Izuku and told him she’d get a couple bowls of cereal. Izuku nodded and watched her go.


“So what’s your quirk, Shinsou?” Izuku asked.


“It’s called Brainwashing. It allows me to take control whoever responds to me,” Shinsou explained.


“Woah, that’s cool!”


That wasn’t what he expected from the green haired boy.




“Yeah! Think of all the applications! You can stop a riot by just yelling at them to stop and when they respond to you, you stopped them! Or you can talk down a villain who has a hostage and order them to give up! Or-” Izuku began muttering the different applications of Shinsou’s quirk.


Shinsou was surprised by the green haired classmate. He was actually one of the first to tell him his quirk wasn’t villainous. It actually felt nice. A small smirk formed on his face as he watched the boy continue his muttering speed.


“Izu! You’re muttering again!” Ryuko said as she arrived at the table the two were sitting at. 


“O-Oh! Sorry, Shinsou! I just really like learning about quirks,” Izuku said with a smile.


“Speaking of which, what is his quirk, Izu?” Ryuko asked.


“Brainwashing. He basically takes control of whoever answers him,” Izuku said.


Ryuko nodded approvingly.


“Useful. No wonder you were in 1-B.”


“I didn’t say I was in 1-B.”


“Aizawa said we’d get a student transferred into my class since it was one short after expelling a perverted boy,” Ryuko explained.


“Oh, I see,” Shinsou said. “So I told you about mine. What are yours?”


“You wanna go first or me?” Izuku asked.


“You first, Izu,” Ryuko said with a smile.


“Alright. Well, my quirk is called Draconic Transformation. I can transform myself into a full on dragon. I can also transform different parts of my body into their dragon counterparts individually without using the full transformation. But full transformation is easier for me to accomplish,” Izuku explained.


“Woah,” Shinsou said in silent amazement.


“Mine is basically the same as Izu’s. Except I can’t transform into a full dragon yet,” Ryuko explained. “But that’s what I aim to accomplish here!”


“You guys were blessed with good quirks,” Shinsou said.


“Well, blessed isn’t what I’d like to say. My quirk came in late, so people bullied me for being quirkless. And once my quirk came in, they started calling my quirk villainous,” Izuku said with a mirthless smile.


“But you can transform into a dragon. How is that villainous?” Shinsou asked.


“I’d… rather not talk about it,” Izuku said.


Shinsou could sense something about the way he spoke that made him curious, but he decided not to pursue it. It wasn’t his place.


“Anyways, welcome to 1-A, Shinsou!” Ryuko said with a welcoming smile.


“Thanks,” Shinsou said.


‘Maybe these guys won’t be too bad.’ Shinsou thought.


“Ooh! I got an idea!” Ryuko said.


Izuku glanced at his dragoness with a raised eyebrow.


“What is it?” Izuku asked.


“Shinsou. We’re doing hero training today. It’s our last class. Why not reveal your quirk to the others then?”


“Why is that?”


“To drive them crazy. They’ll be asking about your quirk since you’re new. Don’t answer them when they ask about it and maybe just smile. It’ll drive them nuts!” Ryuko said with a mischievous grin.


The grin was infectious as Izuku formed his own. Even Shinsou smiled. It sounded fun, surprisingly.


“Alright,” Shinsou said.




“What’s awesome?” Mina came walking down the stairs.


“Nothing. Just learning about our new classmate,” Ryuko half lied.


“Oh! You’re our new classmate!” Mina said.




“This is your new classmate. I expect you all to be nice to him,” Aizawa said flatly as he introduced Shinsou.


Immediately, Shinsou was asked about his quirk. But deciding to keep playing along to Ryuko’s plan, he just smiled and stayed silent, causing shouts of anguish to come from some of the classmates.


Classes were relatively normal. The first class was English with Present Mic. He was as loud as he normally was and gave them an introduction into English for the first day. Needless to say, about half of the students were clueless, including Mina.


After English was Modern Literature with Cementoss. The sentient block of cement was a calm teacher. His teaching was slow so all the students could follow. Izuku and Ryuko were among the first ones finished with their first assignment, being fast learners. A few others finished quickly as well, including Momo and Tenya.


Midnight was their next teacher. She taught them Modern Hero Art History. Her dominatrix personality that she was known for as her hero persona was also there as she taught, which flustered a few people, Izuku included. Ryuko understood how it would fluster him. After all, she was flustered by her as well.


Mathematics was their last normal class of the day. It was taught by the pro hero Ectoplasm. He pushed his students to do as best as they could even on the first day of class. He wasn’t opposed to questions from his students and was willing to help them succeed.


The moment Izuku and Ryuko was waiting for arrived. It was time for Foundational Hero Studies. They entered the classroom with the rest of their classmates to find no one was there. Izuku was surprised to find no one around. Suddenly the class hears footsteps outside the door.


“I AM!”


The door slams open to reveal All Might in his silver age costume walking into class.




Izuku had to suppress a laugh as All Might did the least normal thing in entering the room.




All Might pulled out a note card that read: “Battle Trials”




With that, All Might pressed a button and revealed cases assigned to each of the students. After revealing them, he left for Field A to wait for his students.


Izuku took his case and walked to the lockers with Ryuko, splitting up to go into the boys’ locker room while Ryuko went into the girls’ locker room.


Izuku’s costume consisted of an emerald green bodysuit with black accents. There was padding over his thighs, shins, and torso along with his shoulders and forearms. The padding was given a lighter green color to contrast with the darker emerald color. His feet were left bare with just the bodysuit covering the feet.


‘If the support company did what I asked, then this should transform with me instead of just getting covered with my dragon form.’ Izuku thought to himself.


Izuku did a quick test of transforming his arms. He was pleased to see that the costume transformed with him. He let out a small smile at the success. He reverted his arms back before moving to meet up with the class.


The first person Izuku saw when arriving at the meeting room just outside Field A was Ryuko. He recognized the design perfectly. He was the first person she showed her design to. 


Ryuko was wearing a dark red quipao with pale green trim around her shoulders. She wore knee high boots and a strap wrapped around her exposed thigh. She kept on her signature green headband and along with it were four large white claws covering the right side of her face. Finishing off the look were two small dragon wings protruding from the back of her head.


Ryuko glanced at the entrance and saw her mate. She smiled at him and walked over.


“Hey, Izu.”


“Hey, Ryu. You look… Way better than I would have thought you’d look,” Izuku said, causing her to get a slight blush.


Ryuko smiled through her blush.


“Thanks, Izu. You look cool, too. Your suit is minimalistic, but pleasingly so.”


“Thanks. It transforms with me, too, so that’s good,” Izuku said with a smile.


They were interrupted when All Might cleared his throat.






“All Might! Why decide teams in such a random way?” Iida spoke up.


“Think of it, heroes often have to work with other heroes on the spot, sometimes not even knowing what they do. It’s a way for us to get used to teaming up with random heroes we don’t know about,” Izuku answered Iida’s question.




The drawing took a bit of time, but the teams were set. They were:


Team A: Katsuki Bakugo and Eijiro Kirishima

Team B: Ochako Uraraka and Tenya Iida


Team C: Momo Yaoyorozu and Koji Koda


Team D: Izuku Midoriya and Mina Ashido


Team E: Ryuko Tatsuma and Shinsou Hitoshi


Team F: Rikido Sato and Tsuyu Asui


Team G: Fumikage Tokoyami and Tooru Hagakure


Team H: Kyoka Jiro and Shouto Todoroki


Team I: Mashirao Ojiro and Denki Kaminari


Team J: Yuga Aoyama, Sero Hanta, and Mezo Shoji


“NOW! SINCE THE TEAMS HAVE BEEN PICKED, LET US DRAW TO SEE WHO FIGHTS FIRST!” All Might said, reaching into two bowls, one marked for heroes and the other marked for villains.


He pulled out two balls with a labeled team on them




Izuku’s eyes widened, noticing the glare Bakugo was giving him. He felt something bad was going to happen. Ryuko walked up to him and Mina, breaking him from his thoughts.


“Hey. Don’t hold back on him, alright?” Ryuko said, her expression concerned.


“I won’t…” Izuku said, looking down.


Ryuko could sense the reluctance. She knew more than anyone what he could be capable of if he decided to not hold back. He had a reminder of that every time he looked at the UK news and Ryuko knew it.


“Not holding back doesn’t mean killing, Izu. Just show him he can’t beat you,” Ryuko said, embracing her mate, with him returning her hug.


“Izuku! C’mon, let’s get going!” Mina called to him.


“Go get them. Show them what us dragons can do,” Ryuko encouraged.


After that hug, Izuku felt a bit better. He smiled at Ryuko before jogging after Mina.




“Alright, dragon boy. Let’s get started planning,” Mina said.


“Bakugo will most likely go for me,” Izuku said.


“He did seem intent on pinning you as the villain,” Mina commented.


“Yeah… He’s been doing that since I got my quirk. He’ll definitely go for me. I’ll draw him away and give you an opening to get to the bomb. Kirishima will most likely be guarding it.”


“I’ll handle him, Izuku! You focus on kicking Bakugo’s butt!” Mina said encouragingly.


Izuku smiled lightly at Mina’s encouragement. She mentally fist pumped for getting him to smile again. Since Ryuko wasn’t there to encourage him, she would do it.


“So, do you think you can go full dragon mode in there?”


“It’s hard to say. If I were to enter a large room, maybe. But otherwise I’ll probably have to just do partial transformations,” Izuku said. “What about you?”


“If the bomb is on a higher floor, I can make traps with my acid. These shoes allow me to secrete acid from my feet and slide around. I could make a trap for Kirishima or Bakugo if I manage to keep them in one place,” Mina said.


“That’s a good idea. It could work. Kirishima’s a tank. He could be slow to react to a trap because of it. Besides, you’re fast. You can get things done quickly,” Izuku said.


“Speed is key, got it,” Mina said with a cheeky smile.


“BEGIN!” All Might said through the speakers.


Izuku and Mina enter the building that the bomb was in. They were cautious, checking every corner. Suddenly, Izuku saw Bakugo shoot out of the split in the hallway ahead of them.


“FOUND YOU DEKU!” Bakugo shouted, rearing his right hand back.


“Go Mina!” Izuku shouted, forming his dragon arms and legs.


“DIE!” Bakugo shouted, throwing his fist forward.


Izuku, expecting the right hook, catches Bakugo and with one hand threw him into the ground. He then lifted the stunned Bakugo up and chucked him at the wall, breaking the tiles. Izuku looked around and found Mina gone. He breathed a sigh of relief before running off down the hall.


Bakugo recovered from Izuku’s attack, fuming angrily. He began searching the level for Izuku. He blew open doors to try and find the illusive dragon boy.




Izuku was sitting in the corner of a room, listening for Bakugo. It was quiet. Too quiet. He didn’t even hear Bakugo’s footsteps. Suddenly the door blew open, an angry Bakugo stepping through.






Izuku formed his scales along with his dragon legs and arms, running at Bakugo. Bakugo let loose a large explosion, engulfing the room and hallway with smoke. Izuku threw a punch and blew Bakugo back into the neighboring door and room.




Izuku was running for a reason. He had to get to his dragon mode. He had to find a room big enough. Each time he ran from Bakugo, he was searching for a room that fit his needs. Throwing open a door, he suddenly found it. He ran to the back of the room, deciding to trap Bakugo.


“FOUND YOU, DEKU! YOU CAN’T RUN NOW!” Bakugo yelled furiously.


Izuku turned around and watched as Bakugo used an explosion to send him flying right towards him. As he got close, he smirked before suddenly a dragon head and neck formed from his normal head and neck. The dragon body was quick to follow. As soon as he went into his full dragon mode, he felt the strain from using his quirk lessen now that he was just focusing on his entire body.


Bakugo was too late to stop as Izuku’s wing swung and knocked Bakugo in the gut, sending air flying out of his lungs and shooting Bakugo onto his back. He let out a loud roar.


“You can’t push me around, Bakugo! You couldn’t when I got my quirk. You can’t now!” Izuku said, his annoyance at Bakugo’s constant attempts at bullying him showing in full force.




“I AM NOT!” Izuku roared, fire billowing from his mouth and right towards Bakugo.


Bakugo avoided the fire. He felt the signal that his gauntlets were all charged up. He smiled evilly as he felt it. 




All Might heard everything. He knew about Izuku’s father. The anger Izuku displayed when being compared to him further proved that Izuku wanted to become a hero. He couldn’t help but be happy he was right.


Ryuko was glaring daggers at the screen displaying Izuku and Bakugo’s fight. She just knew Bakugo was up to no good. The anger she saw in her mate’s face proved it.




Bakugo raised his gauntlet, an evil smirk still present on his face.




“I plan on it.” Bakugo said evilly.


Bakugo pulled the pin and all hell broke loose. A thundering rumble echoed throughout the building and the room in front of Bakugo was engulfed in heavy flames.


All Izuku could see was fire. He knew with his scales he could take it, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t overheat. And he was getting dangerously close. He made a split second decision and ran towards the wall, breaking through the wall. He had to get out of the fire before he passed out. His vision was slowly going black as he hit the wall.


“SURVIVE!” He felt something within him yell before his whole vision went black.




When Ryuko saw Izuku hit with Bakugo’s move, she felt her primal instincts take over. She had to ensure her mate was fine.


“We must protect our mate!”


‘We need to get to Izuku!’


Ryuko ran out the door leading to Field A, All Might trying to stop her. Her worry increased as she heard what sounded like another explosion echo from the building. Suddenly, she felt herself let out a roar.


Ryuko’s legs, then arms, then torso transform. Her tail forms behind her back and wings sprout from her back. Her neck extends and her head forms into that of a dragon’s. Her blonde hair was atop the dragon’s head.


Her wings pull forward before shoot back, boosting her towards Izuku’s location. She didn’t even care that she transformed fully. What truly mattered was her love’s safety.


That was when she saw it. Izuku falling from the third floor, smoke trailing behind him as he fell limply. She shot towards Izuku, worry on her draconic expressions. She reached out with her front claws and grasped Izuku’s limp body. Said body was slowly changing back into its human form. She slowly descended and set Izuku down.


Transforming back into her human form, she got to her knees and turned Izuku over. He was unconscious. She checked for a pulse and it was still beating. Lost in emotions, she pulled Izuku’s limp upper half into a hug and cried joyful tears that he was alive. He was fine.




‘I did it. I beat that useless Deku.’ Bakugo thought, eyes widened.


As he was about to see if Izuku’s partner was still around, he felt Aizawa’s capture weapon wrap around him and restrict him.


“Katsuki Bakugo!” Aizawa said, anger seeping from his voice. “You are coming with me. Any objections will be met with SERIOUS punishment.”


Aizawa was livid. Using lethal force against a classmate was against the rules, not to mention dangerous. On top of that, Bakugo was on thin ice already with the threat given to the victim of Bakugo’s attack. He dragged Bakugo roughly out of the field.


The battle trial was suspended and the villain team disqualified, making Izuku and Mina’s team victorious. But that victory was soured by what happened.




Eventually, Recovery Girl made it to Izuku’s side. Ryuko never left Izuku throughout the entire trip back to the nurse’s office. She didn’t even care about the rest of class. She had to be there for Izuku.


After classes, Mina came to visit. Or more accurately, she was the only one that was able to come in. The rest of the class was too rowdy to let in.


“Hey, Mina,” Ryuko said, still watching Izuku sleep.


“Hey, Ryuko. Do you know… If he’s alright?” Mina asked, concerned for both of her friends.


“Recovery Girl said he was overheating when she checked. He probably passed out from overheating. It only happened once before,” Ryuko explained.


“What happened then?” Mina asked.


Ryuko giggled softly at the memory.


“He was in his dragon mode. Our trainer Toshinori suggested building a bonfire and seeing how Izuku would handle being in the fire. He just walked right through it like it was fine. But it was a large bonfire and had a lot of heat. So when he got through it, he acted drowsy and passed out right on top of me. His head weighed a ton and I wasn’t ready for it. Basically, he became a paperweight and I became the paper. That was, until his quirk wore off and he changed back into a human,” Ryuko said.


Mina giggled.


“It sounded funny to watch,” Mina said.


“Yeah, Toshinori sent pictures to my parents and Izuku’s mom,” Ryuko said, laughing lightly.


There was a silence that filled the room after the subject had ended. Mina wanted to ask the question she’d been holding in, but felt it would be bad manners. She decided to stay silent. Unfortunately for her, Ryuko noticed her indecision.


“What is it?” Ryuko asked.


“It’s nothing.”


“Just say it, Mina.”


“But I don’t think it’s polite to say.”


“Well ask and I’ll decide whether to answer or not and I won’t hold it against you, okay?” Ryuko asked.


Mina bit her lip, but relented, nodding.


“He never… mentioned his father. What happened to him?” Mina asked.


Mina looked at Ryuko, who then looked at Izuku’s unconscious form.


“Izuku’s father… Is a villain,” Ryuko said.


“What?” Mina asked in disbelief.


“Yeah. He’s a villain. Right after he was born, he escaped capture in Japan and left for the UK. He went by the name Firedrake,” Ryuko explained. “Izuku despises his father. But he always is reminded of him. Through Bakugo who always called him a villain back in middle school and high school, to the news reports of another villain attack made by Firedrake.”


“Wow… I… Wow…” Mina was speechless.


She felt sorry for Izuku, having to have a villain as a father.


“Yeah. When I first found out, he thought I would push him away like everyone else. Do you know what I said to him?”




“I said ‘I don’t care if your father was the Symbol of Evil himself. I know you and you are nothing like him. Neither is your quirk. You’re stuck with me, Izuku. You better get ready for the long haul.’ It was the first time Izuku really got positive reinforcement in his life. He admitted as such. His mother kept trying to be supportive and kept trying to give him positive reinforcement, but I guess he became deaf to her encouragement. I’m just glad he’s better now,” Ryuko said.


“Well, you seem to have been the cause of a lot of good in Izuku’s life.”


“And he was the cause for a lot of good in mine. Mind you, a lot of people praised my quirk as being fit for a hero, but I didn’t like their praise. I had friends in high school, but I didn’t feel like they were really my friends. They were just following me around because of my quirk. So I always felt distanced from everyone despite being close to them every day. Izuku changed that,” Ryuko said.


“Well, I can tell the both of you are lucky to have each other. He’ll get through this and be back to training to become a hero with you and making you smile,” Mina said encouragingly.


Ryuko smiled softly at Mina, embracing her friend in a thankful hug.


“Thank you, Mina. I needed that,” Ryuko said.


“No problem, Ryuko! You’re my bestie! I always look out for my bestie!” Mina said with a cheeky grin.


Ryuko returned the smile before watching Mina leave. Once she was once again alone in the nurse’s office with Izuku, she reached out and grasped his hand softly, waiting patiently for him to wake up.




“Do you know why you’re here Bakugo?” Aizawa asked.


“No,” Bakugo replied uninterestedly.


“It’s for the lethal force you used on a classmate back at the battle trials,” Aizawa clarified.


“What about it?”


“He could have died.”


“He didn’t did he?”


“So that makes it all better?” Aizawa asked, eye twitching.


“I didn’t kill the useless nerd. I just put him back in his place. Below me. As a villain’s child should.”


Aizawa seemed to get angrier. Before he could continue, Nezu walked in. Detective Tsukauchi was with him.


“Greetings Katsuki Bakugo. I believe we have a lot to discuss,” Nezu said with that same evil glint Aizawa saw when he first approached him on the subject of Bakugo.




Izuku groaned. He felt he just jumped into a tub of boiling water. On top of that, his whole body was sore. Suddenly, he felt an extra weight on him. Opening his eyes, he saw Ryuko hugging him tightly.


“You’re awake…” Ryuko said with relief in her voice.


“What happened, Ryu? All I remember is fighting Bakugo then… Blacking out,” Izuku said.


Ryuko shook her head, looking at him with a wobbly smile.


“Don’t worry about that. Right now, just relax. Recovery Girl will be back to check you out soon,” Ryuko said.


Izuku watched the look on Ryuko’s face change from one of happiness to one of relief. She took his hand with both of hers and placed it on her cheek, closing her eyes and relishing in the feeling of his hand. It was warmer than his normal temperature. That was due to the after effects of overheating. She knew it would cool back down soon.


She suddenly felt his thumb run over her cheek. She opened her eyes to see Izuku look at her with a caring smile.


“Sorry to have made you worry,” Izuku said quietly.


“Don’t apologize. It wasn’t your fault.”


“Okay,” Izuku said, knowing full well not to argue with his dragoness.


Ryuko smiled softly, just enjoying the contact with his hand right now. Despite her urge to jump him and hug him, she knew he might be sore. She already felt bad that she hugged him without asking if he was sore or not.


Recovery Girl came in to give Izuku a checkover and use her quirk, reducing Izuku’s soreness in his body. He felt exhausted, but his body didn’t ache anymore.


Ryuko left to return her hero costume back to her suitcase and returned with her uniform on. Izuku was given a uniform to change into. 


‘I was wondering where my hero costume was.’ Izuku thought to himself.


After getting into the uniform, they walked out of the school building and to the dorms. It was dark outside and Izuku only could guess it was getting close to curfew. A quick look at the clock confirmed it.


Aizawa was waiting for the two at the door of the dorms. He looked at Izuku and seemed to relax a bit.


“Midoriya. How are you feeling?”


“Like I just survived being dipped in lava then beaten around by All Might.”


Aizawa smirked slightly at Izuku’s statement.


“Otherwise, I feel exhausted. I’ll try to get to class tomorrow,” Izuku said with a tired smile.


“I admire your effort. But considering what you survived, I will allow you to be late if you need to rest extra. But that does not extend to you, Tatsuma. You’re still required to get to class by the bell,” Aizawa said.


“Yes, Aizawa.”


“Good. Sleep well, you two,” Aizawa said before leaving the student dorms and heading to the teacher’s dorms.


Izuku and Ryuko looked at each other and smiled before entering the dorms. Ryuko helped Izuku up the stairs slowly. Reaching his room, she opened it for him and closed it behind them.


“Do you need help changing?” Ryuko asked, to which Izuku gave a smile.


“I can change fine, Ryu. Get changed yourself,” Izuku said.


Ryuko nodded before moving to get changed into her sleepwear.


Izuku slowly got changed and got into bed. The bed was so welcoming, it almost immediately took him to dream land. Ryuko knocked on the door.


“Izu, are you ready?” Ryuko asked.


“Yeah, I am. C’mon,” Izuku said.


Ryuko came through the door in her pajamas. She always looked so cute to him. He smiled tiredly. Ryuko returned the smile and got into bed with him.


Izuku, practically almost asleep, did something he would have never had done if he was awake enough. He leaned forward and kissed Ryuko’s cheek.


“Good night,” Izuku said, going out like a light.


Ryuko’s face erupted into a heavy blush and she fought to keep her scream of happiness in. She wrapped her arms around her fast asleep mate and buried her head in his neck.


“Good night, Izu,” Ryuko whispered, falling asleep holding her love close.

Chapter Text

The door opened to Nezu’s office. Detective Tsukauchi was on the other side. He wore a brown trenchcoat and his expression was one of exhaustion.


“Tsukauchi. What brings you here?” Nezu asked.


“We finally managed to gather enough evidence for a court hearing on the owners of the school,” Naomasa said with an exhausted sigh.


“That’s wonderful. When will court be in session?”


“Two days. Though I don’t think it’ll last very long. I interviewed multiple students that talked about the bullying like it was nothing. The teachers were harder to crack, but once I told them my quirk, they sang like canaries. My point is, there’s overwhelming evidence against them.”


“I will be present when they sentence it,” Nezu said with an eerily happy smile.


“What about the boy who’s currently in the hero course?”


“You mean, Bakugo, correct?”


“I sure don’t mean Midoriya.”


“I can handle him. If he doesn’t comply with what I have planned, I can ensure he would never be a hero, not even a vigilante,” Nezu said.


“You sure handle bullies well,” Tsukauchi commented with a surprised face.


“I only do what must be done,” Nezu replied.




Izuku woke up before the alarm. Realizing it wasn’t ringing, he simply stared at the ceiling, recalling the previous day. With actual sleep, he was able to recall the events. Bakugo attacking him. Calling him a villain. Then the massive explosion.


Izuku heard the alarm go off then watched as a pale white tail left the blanket to click the off button. He smirked at Ryuko’s use for her tail. Before it went fully underneath the blanket, he brushed it with her fingers, eliciting a slight moan from his love.


“What?” Izuku asked with a smile.


“That feels too good,” Ryuko mutters, embarrassed.


Izuku chuckled, reaching under the blanket and petting Ryuko’s hair softly.


“C’mon, let’s get up. I’m sure everyone is worried,” Izuku said softly.


“Not yet… Let me have a bit more of this,” Ryuko said.


“Very well, my dragoness,” Izuku said.


Izuku knew he made Ryuko shy, as he felt a light hit on his chest as well as her burying her face in it. He smiled fondly at the lump under the blanket.




After a little longer underneath the blankets, the two went down to the main floor all dressed and ready for the day. As soon as Izuku stepped onto the main floor, he was surrounded by his classmates.


“Izuku! You’re alright!”


“Hey, man! You’re alive!”


“We didn’t see you yesterday, we were worried!”




Everyone quieted down after Ryuko’s snap. She saw how overwhelmed Izuku was from the flood of people talking to him. She took a deep breath after seeing everyone silent. She placed a comforting hand on Izuku, wordlessly saying it was alright to speak.


“H-Hey everyone. I’m fine. I was just a little overheated. I can’t really handle heat for that long. I’ve gotten my tolerance up, but I still have a rather low tolerance to it,” Izuku explained.


Faces of understanding popped up but others had more questions.


“You seemed angry at Bakugou before the whole thing started. What happened?” Kaminari asked.


Izuku didn’t answer, looking down and away from the group. His classmates awaited an answer, but none came. Mina, knowing the answer already and how much it hurt him, diverted the attention away from the question.


“Hey guys, they’re probably hungry. Let’s let them get something to eat,” Mina suggested.


Ryuko flashed Mina a grateful smile before tapping Izuku’s shoulder. He was brought out of his shame-filled silence and directed to the kitchen. The dragon and dragoness both got their food and sat down at the table, eating in silence. Mina was concerned, so she walked over and sat on the opposite side of the table.


“What’s up?” Mina asked.


“Huh?” Izuku looked up from his bowl.


“You guys are quiet. Is this about the question? Because if so, I can ask them not to talk about that anymore,” Mina said.

“You don’t have to. It’s just… A sore subject,” Izuku muttered. “I’m going to have to tell them some time anyways.”


“I told Mina yesterday. I trusted her enough to tell her. I hope that’s alright, Izu,” Ryuko said softly.


“Yeah, that’s fine. I guess you understand why it’s a sore subject then, right?” Izuku asked with a mirthless smile.


“Yeah, I do. I can’t imagine how it feels. But I can listen if you ever want to talk,” Mina offered with a kind smile.


Izuku smiled. In his time at UA, he had found a true friend like Mina, as well as a loving girlfriend like Ryuko. He felt truly lucky to be alive. He leaned against Ryuko, nodding at Mina.


“Thank you, Mina. That means so much to me,” Izuku said with a kind smile.


“It’s what friends do!” Mina said with a beaming smile, happy to get the greenette to smile again.




Izuku sat in his seat in homeroom, waiting for class to start. Something he found strange but relieving was that Bakugo wasn’t in the classroom.


‘Maybe he’s sick.’ Izuku thought to himself.


Ryuko poked his shoulder, causing him to look over at her. She eyed Bakugo’s desk then looked back to him. He gave her a shrug in reply.


Their silent conversation was interrupted by Aizawa sliding open the door to the classroom and walking in, promptly closing it behind him.


“Good morning class,” Aizawa drawled as he opened up the book he had full of plans.


“Aizawa, where’s Bakugo?” Kirishima asked.


“Yeah, we haven’t seen him all day,” Kaminari added.


Aizawa sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. He glanced at Izuku before looking back  at the red haired boy.


“As of now, Bakugo’s on academic suspension.”




“There is more, but you don’t need to know such things,” Aizawa finished.


“But why is he suspended?”


“You can ask him if you see him. We need to get started with today,” Aizawa said before starting what he had planned.




“Do you understand what you did was wrong?” Nezu asked an angry blonde boy.


Bakugo looked at the rat who was the principal. He was just scolded by Aizawa about what happened at the battle trial. After Nezu came in, he left. Bakugo didn’t answer Nezu stubbornly.


“I figured as much. Since Aizawa already told you the reasons, I will tell you your punishment,” Nezu explained.


“Bullshit! I didn’t do anything wrong!” Bakugo yelled.


“Oh? Are you saying that Aizawa was wrong? Or better yet, I, the principal, am wrong?” Nezu asked with a dangerous glint in his eye.


Bakugo didn’t notice the glint and decided to carry on.


“That shitty Deku’s a villain! I don’t even know why the fuck you let him in here!”


“And what makes you think he’s a villain?” Nezu asked in a calm voice.


“His fucking father’s one! That shitty Deku’s going to end up like his father! It’s the job of a hero to beat villains, why aren’t you throwing him out?!”


“So because his father’s a villain with a similar quirk, he automatically becomes one?” Nezu asked.


Bakugo was about to reply when Nezu cut him off.


“And just because he was unfortunate enough to have a villain father, we should punish him for it? Or should we punish the hero student who bullied an innocent child for the entirety of his elementary, middle, and highschool career?”


“I did nothing wrong!” Bakugo protested, still not accepting his wrongdoing.


“I beg to differ, Katsuki Bakugo. The length of your bullying would have been enough to drive a normal person to villainy. You better feel lucky that Izuku decided to keep pursuing heroics rather than give up and resort to villainy. If he did follow that path, with his father, he would have become one of the biggest threats to Japan. And it would be your fault, not his. I personally feel lucky that Tatsuma kept with him. Were it not for her in his life, you’d be damn sure that you’d see him as a supervillain!” Nezu said, anger apparent in his voice.


Bakugo was stunned silent. Nezu was not done.


“We found you used your quirk on him multiple times. His scales took the brunt of it… when he had his quirk. Before he got his quirk, though, you still kept using your explosions on him. That form of abuse is not to be taken lightly. As such, hearing of all you’ve done is grounds for expulsion with no hope of becoming a hero, since your school covered for you and as such was not discovered on your record in the beginning. Otherwise we would not have let you into this school.”




“But!” Nezu interrupts with an even angrier tone, causing Bakugo to back down a bit.


“Rather than doing that and risking a new vigilante or villain running about, I’m handling this another way. Instead, you’re on academic suspension,” Nezu starts.




“On top of that suspension, you are going to see the school counselor Hound Dog. He will be reporting back to me on the progress, or lack thereof, you make in these counselling sessions. How well you improve yourself decides how long you will be suspended for. Additionally, you will be required to perform community service to know what it really means to be a hero. I reached out to the Pro Hero Fourth Kind and he will be handling your community service.”


Bakugo stayed silent. He was not happy about his situation at all, and all he can blame it on is Deku.


“Personally, this is very, very lax considering all the times you’ve tormented another person, namely Midoriya.”


Bakugo growled at the mention of the green haired boy.


“Fine,” he growled in response to Nezu.


“I’m glad you’re agreeing to this. One final thing before I let you go. If you haven’t shaped up by the end of the year, I will ensure that you will never become a hero, not even become a vigilante. Do you understand?” Nezu asked with a dark tone to his voice.


Despite not wanting to show fear, Bakugo felt fear run through him with Nezu’s threat. He wordlessly nodded.


“Good! You may go now,” Nezu says with his usual happy smile and tone.


With that, Bakugo stood up and left the room.




Finishing up classes for the day, Izuku walked aimlessly out of the school. Ryuko was walking with him and looked at him with concern.


“Izu?” Ryuko asked, breaking Izuku out of his thoughts.




“What’s wrong?” Ryuko asked.


“I guess… I’m surprised that Bakugo was suspended,” Izuku said.


“Well good riddance. I’m actually surprised they didn’t expel him. I guess they want to try and reform him in case he resorts to villainy,” Ryuko said.


“He’d never. He admires All Might too much to become a villain,” Izuku said.


“Still, there’s a chance that could happen. Or he’d be a vigilante at least. But then he’d try to go for you since he still believes you’re a villain,” Ryuko said.


“You’re probably right about that… I mean, I thought I knew Bakugo when he decided to start bullying me,” Izuku said, looking down.


Ryuko placed a comforting hand on his shoulder, before slowly sliding it over his back and to the other shoulder, giving him a sideways hug.


“Well, that will never happen again. Now that we’re both in the same school, I got your back now. And I’m sure others will as well,” Ryuko said confidently.


Izuku leaned his head against his dragoness’ shoulder. He was always reminded of how lucky he was every time he was with his girlfriend. He wouldn’t trade her for anything.


“Now let’s stop moping around and get to the dorms. I’m sure your stomach needs some sustenance.”


As if on queue, Izuku’s stomach rumbled hungrilly. Izuku’s blush revealed itself in full force. 


“See? C’mon, let’s go,” Ryuko said, gently wrapping an arm around her love’s and walked him back to the dorms.


The walk back to the dorms was a peaceful one. Halfway through, Ryuko slid her hand into his and laced their fingers together. Izuku smiled and gently squeezed her hand affectionately as they walked.


Entering the dorms, they found Kirishima pacing worriedly in the living room. Mina, who was watching her friend pacing, noticed Ryuko and Izuku enter the room and went to fill them in.


“He’s been like that since he got back. He’s worried about Bakugo,” Mina said.


Bakugo finally returned, with Kirishima heading to him.


“Bakubro! What happened? I heard you’re suspended.”


“Fuck off, Shitty Hair!” Bakugo snapped.


“C’mon, bro. What happened?”


“It’s fucking Deku’s fault!” Bakugo shouted.


“It’s not Izuku’s fault that you decided to try and kill him during the battle trials!” Ryuko said with anger in her voice.


“What?!” Kirishima asked surprised.


“He’s a fucking villain! He-”


“Bakugo!” Eraserhead’s voice shouted from the entrance. 


Bakugo quieted down and stormed off to his room. Eraserhead sighed before glancing at Izuku and Ryuko. He gave them a quiet nod before moving to sit at the table. He wasn’t there long as Bakugo came back down with different clothes and met back up with Eraserhead. The two then departed the dorms in silence.


Kirishima was about to question Izuku when he bolted from the room. Thankfully only a few people were in the main floor, namely Kirishima, Mina, Kaminari, Ochako, and Jirou. Ryuko sighed, already starting to head to the stairs.


She was stopped by Kirishima. She looked at the boy, her expression showing her anger in being stopped from consoling her mate.


“What was Bakugo talking about?”


“You shouldn’t believe what he says. He was Izuku’s bully from elementary school all the way through to high school,” Ryuko said sharply before pushing past Kirishima and going to Izuku’s room.


Kirishima was left stunned at the bottom of the stairs as Ryuko scaled the stairs.




“Izu,” Ryuko said, knocking on the door.


Getting no response, Ryuko gripped the handle and opened the door. Inside, Izuku was at the window of his room, looking out. The afternoon breeze was flowing into the room.


“Izu…” Ryuko muttered, closing the door behind her.


“Do you think they’ll hate me? If they know about him?” Izuku asked, his gaze not leaving the trees outside.


Ryuko wrapped her arms around Izuku from behind, her head resting on his shoulder softly. He leaned back into his mate’s touch, his head leaning against hers.


“I don’t think they will. They’re good people. I mean look at Mina. She knows and she still likes you,” Ryuko said.


“I guess... “ Izuku muttered.


“Hey, cheer up. With luck, they’ll never find out and we would never have to worry about it until we both team up to take him down,” Ryuko said.


“What? We’ll become international heroes and take down big bad dad?” Izuku asked with a small smile.


“Like we’d just stop at being number one and two in Japan,” Ryuko said with a smile. “We’ll be the number one and two international heroes.”


Izuku laughed lightly at Ryuko’s ambition. He moved a hand to rest over hers, smiling fondly at his dragoness.


“Thanks, Ryu… I really needed that,” Izuku said softly.


“I’m glad I could help, Izu,” Ryuko said, kissing his cheek.


Izuku’s face heated up, but he felt something other than Ryuko’s embrace that kept him still. His heart was fluttering and his body felt warm. Suddenly, some of the warmth left him as Ryuko released her embrace.


Izuku looked back at her to see her with a blush on her face.


“Did… did you like it?” Ryuko asked.




“The kiss,” Ryuko clarified.


“O-Oh… I liked it…” He said shyly.


Ryuko’s face got more red at Izuku’s statement.


“G-Good… Do you… maybe want… An-”


“Yes,” Izuku found himself saying before even knowing what Ryuko was asking.


Ryuko shyly walked to him again, her heart pounding in her chest. She leaned forward and turned her head slightly. She gently placed her lips on Izuku’s cheek once again. She then pulled back with a shy smile. She looked and saw he had the same small smile on his face. 


Izuku looked at Ryuko and felt something within himself. He pulled Ryuko in for a hug and kissed her cheek, making steam practically come out of her ears.


“You’re mean, you know that?” Ryuko muttered.


“What do you mean?”


“You’re too cute… It’s not fair,” Ryuko pouted.


Izuku chuckled fondly, resting his head on hers softly.




Curfew came and with it, Izuku’s favorite part of the day other than waking up in the morning. He was laying in bed, waiting for Ryuko to get in bed with him. Ever since the first time they slept together in the dorms, she planned to move into and live in his room. Before curfew, he helped bring over a few sets of clothes for her.


Suddenly, the door to his bathroom opened and Ryuko came out in a dark red pajama shirt and flannel pants. He smiled at how cute she looked. Her hair was down and both of her eyes could be seen. She had a kind smile on her face as she looked at her love.


“Ready to sleep, my dragoness?” Izuku asked with a smile, causing her to blush.


“Yeah,” Ryuko said, getting into bed and snuggling up to him.


“Me, too.”


Ryuko nuzzled his neck as she settled in to sleep.


All Izuku could think of was how happy he was as he drifted to sleep.

Chapter Text

The remainder of the week, as well as the next, were filled with work. For the regular college classes, it was easy. But for the hero course, there was some difficulty. Ever since Ryuko went into her full dragon form, Izuku tried helping her bring it out again.


The Heroics classes after the battle trials were mainly quirk improvement classes. All Might made the class go into pairs with one trio to help improve their quirks. Ryuko and Izuku would always pair up with the occasional Mina being the third member.


Needless to say, trying to bring Ryuko’s body into full form was practically impossible.




Ryuko was sitting in a section of Training Field A, panting in exhaustion.The mountainous biome providing a good practice ground for quirks as destructive as dragons. She had been trying to transform fully for forty five minutes, and they were getting nowhere.  


Izuku handed her a bottle of water that they had brought with. She took it, giving him a grateful smile as she opened it and gulped down the water.


“I think we’ve made progress.” Izuku commented, sitting next to her.


“If by progress, we haven’t even gotten close to transforming for more than a split second, then yeah, progress indeed.” Ryuko said sarcastically.


“C’mon, Ryu. It’s better than not transforming at all. You just gotta get used to it.” Izuku encouraged.


“Yeah, but how long is that gonna take? It seems like It’s gonna take forever with how responsive my quirk is.” Ryuko replied with a heavy sigh, leaning heavily on her mate.


“Baby steps. You’ll get there. I know it.” Izuku said, wrapping an arm around her shoulders in a side hug.


Izuku released the hug a moment later, much to Ryuko’s disappointment. She understood why, though. They had to work.


“Alright, let’s try this again.” Izuku said, standing up and helping Ryuko up.


The duo practiced for the rest of the day.




It was the end of the week. Homeroom just started when Aizawa decided to drop a bomb onto the entirety of class 1-A.


“You’re going to have to pick out a class rep and a vice rep.” Aizawa droned in his usual bored tone.


‘That’s a totally normal thing to do!’ the entirety of the class thought.


“Pick me!” Mina shouted.


“Hey! I wanna be picked, too!” Kaminari hollered.


“Everyone, please! These are sacred offices! We cannot simply want to be picked! It must be chosen by vote!” Iida piped up, his hand raised the highest.


‘Says the one with his hand raised the highest…’ the rest of the class thought.


“Don’t you agree, Aizawa?”


“I don’t care. Get it over with before the end of class,” Aizawa replied.


“Thank you!”


Five minutes later, the votes were in. The top three were Izuku, Momo, and Ryuko. Izuku had four votes, Momo and Ryuko had three. If Bakugou were in the class, Izuku could already envision his complaints about the number of votes he got.


Ryuko and Momo looked to each other. Ryuko smiled.


“You can take it. I’m not much for leadership positions anyways.” Ryuko said.


“Thank you, Ryuko. I will make sure your faith in me isn’t misplaced.” Momo said gratefully.

Ryuko nodded with a smile before going back to her desk. Izuku and Momo came up to the front of the classroom. It was then that Aizawa decided to wake up and address the class.


“Alright. Izuku is Class Rep. Momo is Vice Rep. Take your seats you two.” Aizawa said.


The class then resumed their duties.




Izuku sat with his friends during lunch. His group for today consisted of Mina, Kaminari, Iida, Ochako, and Ryuko.


“I still can’t believe that I’m the Class Rep.” Izuku said, taking a bite of his food.


“I think you’ll do well. Your plan worked out perfectly in the battle trials, even if the match didn’t finish due to Bakugo’s attempt to seriously injure you.” Iida began.


As Iida spoke, he felt Ryuko’s tail curl around his waist in a protective fashion. Ryuko was still uncomfortable about his battle trial. He placed a gentle hand on his lover’s tail in a gesture of comfort. Ryuko’s cheeks turn a slight pink shade, and her hold with her tail loosened slightly.


“That, and your instincts to protect Ochako during the entrance exam proves I made my choice well.” Iida finished.


“Wait, you voted for me?”


“That is correct.”


“But I thought you wanted the position, Iida.” Ochako commented.


“Wanting it and being suited for the position are two different matters.”


“Now that we’re on that topic, who else voted for me?”


Ryuko raised her hand along with Mina and Ochako.




“You really think I would vote for someone else? You automatically get my vote,” Ryuko said with a smile. “Besides, I know you’re perfect for the job.”


“Mine is the same reason as for Iida. You totally created an awesome plan that would have won if the match continued.” Mina said with a thumbs up.


“I voted for you because you have a heroic personality. And you saved me from the Zero Pointer at the entrance exam.” Ochako said.


“Who did you chose, Izu?” Ryuko asked curiously.


“Well, I-”


Izuku was interrupted as an alarm rang through the lunchroom, also telling about a level three alert.


“What’s a level three alert?” Izuku asked an upperclassman.


“Intruders on campus.” the upperclassman said before joining the crowd.


The mass was teeming through the doors. Izuku was a part of the mob with his friends. Suddenly, he was the only one in a sea of bodies. Looking outside with his dragon head and neck, he noticed it was just the press. He reverted back to his normal head and neck and tried yelling to get the student’s attention.


He heard a yelp of pain from his dragoness somewhere inside the crowd of people and instantly felt his primal feelings take root. He first formed his wings to fly up into the air before flying to the exit. He morphed the rest of his body and dug his claws into the wall above the doorway.


Seeing no one taking notice of the literal dragon around, he let loose a loud roar, silencing the panicked voices and stopping the crowd from moving, allowing him to speak.


“Everyone! It’s just the press! Stop running around like a bunch of headless chickens and calm down! We’re UA students for heaven’s sake!” Izuku bellows, the deep draconic sound a far cry from his usual voice that was soft and kind.


The students seemed to calm down afterwards. Izuku didn’t focus on them. All he focused on was Ryuko, who was blushing as she looked at his draconic body. Izuku didn’t know why she was blushing. He slowly got down from the wall, before walking to her, his body reverting to his human form.


Ryuko was stunned. Seeing her mate silence an entire crowd of people and take charge was extremely hot. 


‘So hot.’ she thought as her cheeks flushed brilliantly while gazing at her mate in pure admiration.


“Hello? Ryu?” Izuku asked, waving his hand in front of Ryuko’s face.




“You were zoning out. You alright?”


“Y-Yeah! I’m fine!”


“Alright.” Izuku replied obliviously.

‘It’s so cute how oblivious he can be.’ Ryuko thought with a fond smile.



Aizawa entered the classroom, overhearing the students compliment the young dragon boy on calming down the craziness in the lunchroom.


“Everybody settle down.” Aizawa said.


“Aizawa? Where’s All Might?”


“He’s currently elsewhere. Today, Heroics class will be off-campus. We'll be going over one of the most basic responsibilities of a Hero. In short, we're doing-"


Aizawa took out a card and showed it to the students.


“-Specialized Rescue Training.” Aizawa finished.


The class erupted in excitement, making Aizawa groan.


“I wasn’t finished.”


The class silenced under the stern glare of their teacher.


“Two other Heroes and I will be overseeing this exercise. Get your hero costumes or gym uniforms on and meet me at the bus in ten minutes,” Aizawa said before turning and walking out.


The students soon followed Aizawa out, heading for the locker rooms to change.




Izuku was the first one changed. He wore his hero costume, though it was changed slightly. With the help of the support department, he was able to incorporate his scales into the ensemble. It took hours to pluck off loose scales to make it, though.




Izuku sat on the Support Department floor, wearily resting his head on the floor as the resident loon of the Support Class, Mei Hatsume, harvested his scales. The process was excruciatingly time-consuming, and on top of that, she kept making suggestions to his costume that would help in dragon mode.


He kept saying ‘no’ of course, but that didn’t mean it didn’t get annoying. Seriously, who thought jets attached to his wings would help in flight?


Following what seemed to be an eternity, the process was finished, and he changed back into his human form, leaving shortly after Mei dismissed him.




Izuku sighed at the memory. He looked back at the campus to see some of his classmates arrive. He observed Ryuko and Mina talking animatedly as strolled up to the bus.


“Class Rep! We should file in according to our class seat for an orderly boarding!”


“Calm down, Iida. I’m sure everyone will file into the bus in an orderly fashion. Right?”


A few murmurs of acknowledgement came before they started boarding, Ryuko hanging back so she could sit with Izuku. There were two open seats next to each other between Tsuyu and Kirishima.


Sitting in the seat, she waits for Izuku to take a headcount. Once he was finished, he turned to the just arrived Aizawa and reported to him.


“All students accounted for.” Izuku said.


“Good. Now sit, we’re leaving now.” Aizawa replied.


Izuku nodded and sat next to Ryuko.


The class descended into conversations amongst themselves as the bus began moving.


“Izuku, ribbit.” a frog quirked girl named Tsuyu Asui said.


“Hmm? What is it?”


“I have a habit of speaking my mind. Your quirk is familiar.” Tsuyu said.


Izuku felt nervousness start to fill his mind. Thankfully, Ryuko was there to rescue him.


“A lot of people have dragon quirks, Tsuyu.” Ryuko helpfully voiced.


“Call me Tsu, ribbit. And I mean his quirk, specifically. I feel like I remember seeing a man who could transform into a green dragon somewhere before.” Tsu queried, placing a finger to her chin.


“Maybe it was a retired hero.” Ryuko mused.


Izuku felt extremely lucky that Ryuko saved him from answering. He still wasn’t sure he wanted his friends to know about his father.


“Regardless of that, his quirk’s really flashy. It’s bound to be noticed by pros. Not like mine.” Kirishima said.


“That’s not true! Your quirk is totally pro hero material. You can tank any hit and can enhance the strength of your punches with your hardened fists.” Izuku said, not wanting his friend to demean himself like he was.


“Heh, thanks Izuku.” Kirishima said, flashing a toothy smile.


The remainder of the ride was filled with friendly conversation. Thankfully for Izuku, the subject of his quirk’s similarity to another’s was never brought up again. 


The bus slowly drove up to a large dome shaped building. In front of the building was a person in a spacesuit. 


On Aizawa’s word, the students disembarked from the bus. Shortly thereafter, Ochako began to squeal hysterically..


“It’s the Space Hero: Thirteen! They’re my favorite hero ever!” Ochako beamed excitedly.


“Yes! I am Thirteen! I have come to oversee your training here. Welcome to the Unforeseen Simulation Joint. Here, you will be put to the test in a variety of different environments that a hero could be called in for. Each environment brings different dangers, so you will have to be careful!” Thirteen said.


Aizawa approached the space suit wearing hero.


“Where’s All Might?” Aizawa whispered.


“He used up his time coming to the school.” Thirteen replied with a gesture of three fingers.


“That idiot.” Aizawa growled before turning to his class.


“Alright, everyone. Our third teacher is unable to join us, so it will just be Thirteen and I.”


“Before we go in, I have one, or maybe two things to tell you. I suppose you know my quirk Black Hole, right?” Thirteen began.


“Yeah, you’ve rescued a lot of people with it!” Ochako beamed.


“That’s correct. But despite that, my quirk can easily be used to kill. I don’t doubt many of you have quirks that can be dangerous if handled carelessly.”


Ryuko glanced at Izuku, who wore a depressed expression on his face. She slid her hand into his and gently squeezed. He smiled at her, thankful for her comforting gesture. She returned the smile before looking back at Thirteen.


“With that said, once you learn how to get a better control over your quirk, you can prevent needless injury and destruction. So before we get started, I want to say: Work hard! I believe you’ll become great heroes in the future!”


Now properly encouraged, the students entered the USJ. Suddenly a shimmering purple cloud formed in the center of the USJ.


“Uh, Aizawa, are we already starting?” Kaminari asked, pointing at the cloud.


Aizawa squinted in suspicion at the cloud. Suddenly, his eyes widen when he sees people walking through. And there was only one thing that passed through his mind.


“This isn’t part of it. Those are real villains.” Aizawa said.


Instantly, everyone stiffened. Izuku got in front of the group of students in a protective gesture.


“Thirteen, protect the kids. I’ll handle them.” Aizawa said.


“But your fighting style suits hit and run tactics! You can’t take those on.” Izuku protested.


“Not every hero’s a one-trick pony,” Aizawa said, putting his yellow goggles over his eyes before dashing off.


Izuku watched as Aizawa entered hand to hand combat against the villains. He turned to the rest of the class, with Thirteen instructing them to head to the door. As they were nearing the door, they were barred by a mass of dark purple mist with glowing yellow eyes.


“Hello, students of Class 1-A. I apologise for the intrusion, but we were hoping to come across the Symbol of Peace, All Might. Though, it appears he is unavailable. This doesn’t change our plans. Now…” the purple mist began.


Suddenly, more of the purple mist shot at them, sending them away.


“Time to send you to oblivion!” the mist said menacingly.






The couple cried out, helplessly reaching out for the other, but abruptly found themselves in a different place.


In the blink of an eye, Izuku was falling towards a relatively large body of water. His training kicked in and he changed into his draconic form before flying over to the nearby boat. He was in the flood zone, it seemed. He landed on the top before reverting to his human form and watching the waters below.


Izuku immediately formed into dragon mode once he heard the water splash and two figures boarding the boat. He relaxed, however, when he noticed it was Kaminari and Tsuyu. He changed back into his human form once again and jumped down from the roof onto the deck.


“Thank goodness, you two are safe!” Izuku said.


“Safe is a relative term, ribbit. We’re currently surrounded.” Tsu pointed out.


“It’s better than being in the water, Tsu. That’s what matters right now.” Izuku said.


“What are we gonna do?” Kaminari asked, his voice trembling in panic.


“Let me think.” Izuku said, taking a thinking pose as he thought of a plan.


“We don’t have time for- Ow!” Kaminari was interrupted by Tsu smacking him on the back of the head with her tongue.


“I got it!” Izuku exclaimed as if Kaminari hadn’t said anything.


“I’ll change into my dragon form and fly up. Meanwhile, Tsu will hold onto me. Kaminari, you jump off the boat and fire an indiscriminate shock. That’ll fry the villains. Once the shock is over with, Tsu, you use your tongue to pull Kaminari out of the water, and I’ll land us safely out of here,” Izuku said, determination on his face.


‘An interesting plan, I’ll give you that.’ a deep voice said to Izuku.


Izuku looked around in surprise, wondering who said that. He opened his mouth to ask if they knew where it came from when he noticed that neither of his friends had reacted to the voice.


‘Probably my imagination.’ Izuku thought to himself before focusing back on the task at hand.


“Alright, let’s go.” Izuku said, forming into a dragon.


“Screw it, let’s go!” Kaminari said, diving off the deck of the ship while Tsu got onto Izuku’s back.


Izuku launched himself off the ship, flapping his wings to carry him over the vast body of water.




A man with hands over him watched the flood zone as a green dragon hovered over it.


“Sensei was right. It is him.” the man spoke with a raspy voice.


He snapped his fingers, and a hulking bird-headed person stopped putting pressure on a passed out Eraserhead.




Izuku looked down at the water to see yellow sparks dance over the entirety of it. Before long, Izuku noticed that the bodies in the water had stopped spazzing out and began to float. Izuku dipped down and Tsu grabbed Kaminari with her tongue, yanking him out of the water.


Izuku felt another body on his back as Kaminari was set down from Tsu’s tongue. He heard idiotic giggles from Kaminari, signifying that his brain was fried from going over his limit. He made his way to the edge of the water before setting himself down on the dry ground. Tsu helped Kaminari down off of him.


Turning his head towards the centre of the facility, Izuku spots Aizawa’s unconscious form underneath a giant bird-headed man with an exposed brain. His eyes widened and before he could even process what he was doing, Izuku dove for Aizawa. 


In his peripherals, he noted the presence of a pale blue haired man with hands over him who followed his form surge through the air with unblinking eyes. He even felt as if the man was smirking underneath the hand over his face.


Izuku landed beside the bird headed man and swung his tail towards it. It didn’t react at all as it was sent flying through the sky and into the ground. Izuku flew Aizawa to Tsu and Kaminari.


“Take him and go to the stairs, I’ll make sure they don’t get to you.” Izuku said, his low, commanding tone leaving no room for arguments.


Tsu shook off the effect of his voice and opened her mouth to disagree when she heard a groan from a broken Aizawa. Throwing one last desperate glance towards Izuku, she picked Aizawa up and tugged Kaminari with her tongue, making her way to the stairs.


Izuku turned to the creepy handy-man, standing protectively between him and Tsu. Out of nowhere, the man started laughing. Izuku tilted his head slightly while not letting his guard up.


“You’re just who I wanted to see, Izuku Midoriya.” the man rasped.


Izuku was now worried, his eyes widening. How did this man know him?


“Yes, I know who you are. I am just curious as to why you’d want to be a hero.”


“What the hell are you talking about?” Izuku demanded with a growl.


“I mean… Why do you want to be a hero… when it’s easier to be a villain with your kind of quirk.” the man replied.


‘He doesn’t mean…’ Izuku thought, his eyes widening.


The purple mist man appeared at the hand man’s side.


“Tomura Shigaraki, I apologize, but one of the students got through.” the mist said to the hand man.


The now named Tomura sighed.


“If you weren’t our ticket out of here, I’d turn you to dust… No matter. Send him through.” Tomura said, his voice sounding like he was smiling.


A purple mist portal formed. Out came a single man. Green, shaggy hair. Mature face with some scars decorating his chin. A thin smile on his lips. He wore black shoes and slacks, a dark green dress shirt and a black suit vest. His hands were in his pockets.


Izuku’s eyes widen.


“Hello… son.”

Chapter Text

The first thing Ryuko was met with once she was consumed by the mist was a torrential downpour. She was practically soaked the first few seconds of arriving. She immediately found shelter in a run-down, broken building. 


“This must be the Downpour Zone.” Ryuko thought aloud.


“And you must be one of the students Shigaraki told us about.” A deep gravelly voice spoke from behind her.


Ryuko spun around and backed away in a defensive posture.


“Oh, a fighter. I’m gonna have a lot of fun with you, girl.” The man said with a lecherous look in his eye.


‘This man seems to want to have fun with us.’ Ryuko’s quirk said.


‘Let’s have some fun.’ Ryuko thought with a smirk.


“Oh, you like the idea of me having fun with you?” The man asked, his grin going wider.


“Nah. I’ll be the one to have fun with you.” Ryuko said, her arms and legs forming into their draconic counterparts.


She gave the man a toothy grin before letting loose a full powered punch, not holding back on the villain. The villain was thrown into a nearby wall.


“Guess he couldn’t take me.” Ryuko said to herself, a smile on her lips.


‘We must find our mate now that we are out of danger for the moment.’


‘I agree, but we need to make sure my friends are safe. There could be more in this zone.’

‘Then we must hurry. I have a bad feeling.’


‘Me too.’


Ryuko began her search.




Ryuko didn’t have to search far before she found one of her classmates. The tail quirk user Mashirao Ojiro was fighting off two villains who were slowly getting the better of him. Ryuko formed her wings and swooped in, punching one villain with a draconic fist.


Ojiro glanced at Ryuko for a split second before returning his concentration to the villain in front of him.


“Thanks!” He said, now able to concentrate on one enemy instead of two.


The only reason Ojiro didn’t take the villain out sooner was because of his partner drawing the boy’s attention. With the attention focused on him and him alone, he was taken out easily.


“Do you know if anyone else is here?” Ryuko asked as the villain dropped to the ground.


“I am!” A voice squeaked.


Ryuko turned to the source of the voice to find a pair of floating gloves and boots with seemingly nothing in them.


“Tooru was the only other person I found.” Ojiro said.


“We should look a little longer. We need to make sure our friends are safe.” Ryuko said.




With that, the three set off in search of their friends.




“I’m happy to see you have a dragon quirk as well. Much less vicious looking, more noble in appearance. But that’s alright. People will learn to fear it.”


Izuku stayed silent, his draconic eyes locked onto his father. He smiled.


“I was told by Tomura’s boss that I had a son attending a hero school. Imagine my surprise. My own flesh and blood trying to become a hero?”


“At least it’s better than becoming a villain.”


“You think villainy is so bad. It’s really not. You get to have whatever you want, whenever you want! It’s even more so for us. We’re dragons! Nothing can stop us but other dragons!”


“Oh really? Then why didn’t you stay in Japan?” Izuku questioned.


Hisashi grimaced.


“A couple heroes became an… inconvenience for me. In the UK, I am much more free. European culture portrays dragons as feared beasts. Not many try to go near me.” Hisashi said with a renewed smirk.


“So basically you had people who challenged you so you went to someplace easier. Hard to believe the Firedrake is that cowardly. You are a dragon after all.” Izuku said antagonistically.


“Is that any way for a son to talk to their father?”


“I’m not talking to my father, I’m talking to a villain.”


Hisashi glanced at Tomura.


“Don’t interfere. I’m going to have to show my son what it means to disobey his father.” Hisashi said, getting a nod from Tomura.


Izuku watched as his father changed into a large dark green dragon. The shade of green on his father was a darker color than his own, and was more of a matte color. His draconic face had straightened horns compared to Izuku’s more curved ones. His head, neck, and torso had scars from previous battles with heroes.


“Come, son. Time for me to scold you for being a disobedient wyrmling!” The deep booming voice coming from the menacing dragon in front of him growled.


‘We must answer our father’s challenge!’ A deep voice echoed through his mind.


‘What? Who said that?’ Izuku thought.


‘Answers later! We must fight!’


Izuku agreed with the disembodied voice in his head, despite how weird it was to him. He lowered his stance, making his body low to the ground while his wings are reached forward.


His father seemed to smile evilly as he saw his son preparing to fight. Reared back slightly before charging at his son. Izuku met his father’s charge with a lunge, claws facing forward and mouth slightly open.




Ryuko knocked out another villain that had tried to attack her and her friends. They had found Mina in one of the buildings earlier. She was fending off villain attacks when they did. Once they finished the villains fighting Mina, they left to another building.


The sound of a distant impact, with two roars echoing through the downpour zone. Instantly, Ryuko’s instincts flared.


‘Our mate is doing battle. We must help him!’ Ryuko’s quirk shouted.


‘I know! I know!’ Ryuko thought, groaning slightly at the feelings erupting inside of her.


“What’s wrong?” Ojiro noticed Ryuko’s unease.


“Izuku’s in trouble. I have to help him.” Ryuko said in a serious tone.


“Go, we got it here.” Mina said, nodding.


“Thank you, Mina.” Ryuko said, smiling at her before leaving.


As she left the group, she felt herself morphing her arms and legs, giving her a speed and strength boost. She ran straight towards the wall of the dome covering the downpour zone. Rearing a fist back, she busted through the wall with little effort. 


She immediately was welcomed by the bright light of the main room. She hears another roar followed by a slam and rumble. She looked towards the source and was stunned at what she found.




Izuku struggled against his father as he was held down, a clawed hand over his head and another over his chest. His back was to the floor.


“You’re experienced. That’s good. We’ll have to train harder once we get back.” Hisashi growled, putting more pressure on his head.


“You’re stupid… if you think I’ll ever … join you!” Izuku said in defiance.


“Hmm, looks like I’ll need to do some more convincing.” 


“Get off of him!” A deep feminine voice yelled.


Suddenly, Hisashi was tackled off of Izuku, allowing him to stand. Turning to where his father was, he got a good look at who saved him. It was Ryuko. Her pale white scales glistening in the light as she bit down onto his father’s neck.


His father roared in pain before using his tail and claws to swat her off of him. She landed on her feet and regrouped with Izuku, the two dragons getting into defensive stances.


Hisashi’s dragon head smiled at the two.


“I didn’t expect there to be two dragons in this class. And judging by that scent, I’d say it’s your mate. A feisty one, isn’t she? You chose well, I approve.”


‘Mate? What is he talking about?’


‘Ryuko. She is our mate.’


Izuku felt he should be embarrassed by that statement, but in the heat of the moment, he couldn’t help but feel more protective of Ryuko with that revelation. He thought the one thing he never imagined he would think so soon.


‘Then I will protect her with my life!’


‘And I mine.’


Izuku moved his body slightly ahead of Ryuko’s, snarling at his father.


“I don’t need your damn approval!” Izuku snapped.


Ryuko growled at Izuku’s father, her wings folding back and her teeth baring.


“You’ll be speaking differently when I show you and your mate your place in the hierarchy.” Hisashi growled.


Izuku and Ryuko ran at the larger dragon, Izuku moving to Hisashi’s left slightly, while Ryuko moved to his right.


‘He may have immunity to fire, but like me, he could still be prone to heat exhaustion.’


‘It seems reasonable. It can’t hurt to try.


In the back of his mind, Izuku found it amusing that he was actually comfortable with the mysterious voice in his head. He’d have to ask about it later once they were safe. For now, he had fighting to do.


Izuku opened his draconic maw and took a deep breath, shooting hot flames from his mouth. Ryuko, realizing his planning, breathed flame as well. While Izuku’s fire was a yellowish orange color, Ryuko’s was a brighter shade of yellow.


Hisashi could tell the difference in temperature. His son’s fire was only mildly hot for him, but his son’s mate seemed to breathe hotter fire. Using his wings, he shielded his mane from the flames. He couldn’t help but feel proud for his son’s attempts.


‘He’s a fighter, that’s for certain.’


‘But deluded to the true path of a dragon.’


Hisashi grinned.


“This is a good attempt. But you must have forgotten I’ve had my quirk far longer than you have had yours!” Hisashi said with a grin.


Hisashi flapped his large wings, the wind pushing the fire away from him. He swiped Ryuko with his tail while turning to face his son and swinging one of his clawed arms at him.


Izuku, seeing he had no way of dodging the swing of his father, moved his head towards it and opened his mouth, intent on biting it.


Ryuko had a similar idea, letting herself get hit, but also biting into Hisashi’s tail. Both attacks landed and a roar of pain was released from the older dragon’s mouth.


Annoyed, Hisashi decided to use a bit more of his power, sending his son and Ryuko away from him. He unfurled his wings and took flight.


“Come, my son! Let me see how you fare in the sky!” Hisashi’s voice bellowed.


Izuku went to Ryuko to make sure she was alright. Getting a nod from his pale white mate, he took flight as well. Ryuko was following close behind. The pair always loved flying with their quirks, so any time they could practice it, they would. That meant the pair were very experienced in flying.


Hisashi was surprised at how well the two maneuvered together. He actually had to put effort into avoiding the two as the dove at him and swiped at him before dodging nimbly from his retaliatory strikes.


It was starting to get annoying, and in his anger, he spewed fire all around him, obscuring his vision unintentionally. Suddenly, he felt a large hit and weight on his back, sending him hurtling towards the ground.


‘Dammit! I screwed up!’ He thought.


He hit the ground, creating a crater with how hard he hit. Out of the small crater, Ryuko and Izuku jumped out and turned back to him. They knew that wouldn’t put him out. Their postures went lower as they heard a deep rumbling laugh.


“I underestimated you two. That was a mistake on my part. I guess I was wrong in holding myself back.” Hisashi said with a sharp grin.


Before, Hisashi seemed to show age when he sluggishly moved. After saying what he did, though, he was a totally different beast. Or rather, dragon.


The two took one step back and suddenly, the dragon was upon them, using his tail to strike both of them. His tail had way more strength than before.


“Damn, I guess he wasn’t lying when he said he wasn’t holding back. Shit…” Ryuko groaned, getting back up.


“Yeah. It’s like we were just fighting a different person before.” Izuku growled.


“Let’s try surrounding him again. It worked before.” Ryuko suggested.


“Too slow!” Hisashi roared, appearing in front of them and striking them in different directions.


He decided to aim for his son’s weakness: his mate. He beared down on her as she landed, leaving her no room to react. He struck her again, having her let out a cry of pain as she was stabbed by Hisashi’s claws.


Izuku shook off his hit, not realizing his father went for Ryuko. As soon as he heard the pained shout, his head snapped to his father.


‘He dares to harm our mate?!’






Izuku shot forward, faster than before, ramming into his father and biting hard into his neck. Hisashi didn’t expect to feel pain without holding back. He was mistaken, as the bite from his son hurt like hell. He let out a roar before rearing his head to bite into his son’s wing in retaliation.


It was like Izuku lost all restraint. Where he originally went to swing and punch, he went to claw and bite. Hisashi learned right then: No one messes with his mate and gets away with it.


Izuku brought up his wings to shield him from his father’s hot fire breath. He didn’t even seem to register the heat as he went for his father. All instincts were telling him to kill.


Ryuko watched Izuku go after his father, surprised at the level of ferocity Izuku had. She tried getting up and immediately felt pain go through her left arm, her blood pouring from the large wound on her shoulder.. 




‘We will be useless in helping our mate if we don’t heal first. We are creating replacement scales to stop the bleeding. It will take time, though.’


‘Damn. Please hurry.’


Meanwhile, Izuku and his father clash, claws scratching scale and teeth sinking into body parts. Both had dark red splotches on their scales, signifying open wounds and dried blood.


They drew back momentarily, each giving the other time to catch their breath. It was in that moment the doors to the USJ shot open, revealing a very unhappy All Might.


“I AM HERE…” All Might spoke in a grim tone.




All Might then noticed Izuku and Ryuko in their dragon forms, one laying on their side healing their injured shoulder and the other covered in splotches of dried blood facing a much larger and darker green dragon. If it was even possible, All Might got even more furious.


He noticed the pale blue haired handy-man, purple mist man, and the bird headed man simply watching the father and son fight. It was as if it was a game to them. It angered him to no end.


Izuku didn’t notice All Might enter, as he was too focused on his father. Green slitted eyes met yellow ones. A minute passed before the two charged at one another again. A loud thud echoed through the USJ. If one were to guess, it was from the two dragons. But instead, it was of All Might’s fist impacting the bird headed man.


The sounds of All Might’s fight with the bird headed man were distant echoes in Izuku’s mind as he challenged his father to another bout. Ryuko looked on in worry, hating that she wasn’t able to help.


“I’m surprised you’ve kept on this long.”


“I’m not going to go down, so long as there are people that are in danger.”


“How noble of you.”




A thunderous slam echoed throughout the whole USJ, causing them both to jump back and turn towards the source. Izuku saw All Might, his fist in the air and his body smoking. His eyes widen as he realized All Might just shot that bird headed creature out of the USJ.


Just then, the doors to the USJ open again. Izuku heard gunshots and a yell of pain as the handy-man was shot by the pro hero Snipe. Izuku faced his father and noticed a purple mist surrounding him.


“Until next time… My son.” Hisashi said with a draconic smile.


Hisashi, Tomura, and the mist man all disappear. He let out an angry roar for letting his target get away. He then felt a pull to check on Ryuko. Not opposing the pull, he turned himself towards his mate and slowly lumbered towards her, fatigue setting in.


Izuku silently inspected the wound and noticed her scales slowly covering it. Looking at Ryuko’s face, she gave what could be considered a reassuring smile. With relief washing over his body, he finally collapsed beside her, his head next to hers.


Once unconscious, he changed back to his human form, unable to keep the form up anymore. Ryuko, who noticed it, released her transformation as well. She crawled over to Izuku’s unconscious body and pulled him close, silently thanking every deity in the sky that Izuku was alright.


All Might watched the two and felt nothing but anger and shame.






‘Hey. Can you hear me?’


Izuku looked around. His surroundings consisted of total darkness. He didn’t see anyone or anything there. He assumed he was dreaming.


‘No, you’re not dreaming.’

‘There’s that voice again. What the hell?’


‘If you could just give me a moment, all will be explained.’


Izuku looked ahead of himself as a green figure formed. The figure took the form of his quirk’s dragon mode.


“Now…” The dragon spoke with the same voice he heard before. “We need to have a talk. A long talk.”


“Woah…” Izuku stared in amazement at the dragon who spoke to him.


Chapter Text

Paramedics had just arrived at the USJ. Medical teams were rushing from student to student to make sure they were uninjured or that they were treated for their injuries. 


Once the students were cleared, aside from the passed out Izuku, they were told to file into the bus and head back to the dorms. Ryuko refused. She attempted to force her way to Izuku’s ambulance, but she eventually stopped after several police officers restrained her.


All Might saw Ryuko’s struggle and took pity on her. He told the officers and paramedics to let her ride in the ambulance. Ryuko gave a grateful smile to All Might before rushing to Izuku’s side, immediately grasping his hand and holding it close.


With Ryuko settling into the ambulance, the doors closed and the vehicle went off to the hospital. All Might watched as the ambulance disappeared, worried about the green haired dragon.




“So what are you?” Izuku asked.


“I am your quirk. While you have never heard from me much, I assure you I have been here ever since you awakened me protecting our mate for the first time.” the dragon claiming to be his quirk replied.


“You said that before. ‘Our mate’. What do you mean?”


“Dragon quirks like me have a natural instinct to choose a mate. A mate is someone who will spend their lives with us until our deaths. A lifelong companion, if you will.”


“What? You seriously did that? But what if she doesn’t want to be with me like that?”


“She does.” the dragon said nonchalantly.


“How do you know?”


“I’ve seen your interactions with her and how she acts. Also, with the fact that she also has a dragon quirk and the fact she doesn’t seem to be hanging out with any other person more than you, you should assume she has chosen you as a mate as well.”


“But what if she doesn’t have that type of dragon quirk?”


“Then ask her, you dumbass! Seriously, I get that you’re not confident after everything Bakugo put you through, but you’re a dragon! Be brave!” the dragon shouted, getting annoyed at Izuku’s lack of confidence.


“Sorry…” Izuku said in a small voice.


Taking a breath, the dragon continued.


“We can talk about relationships later. Right now, I need to explain to you what all that I am and what I can do.”


“What you can do?”


“Yep! There’s more to me than just changing you into a fire-breathing dragon or changing different parts of you. One of those you found out earlier today was that I can talk to you. That was my voice throughout the fight at the USJ.”


“So that was you. Part of me thought I was going crazy.”


“Haha! Don’t worry. As long as I’m here, you won’t be going crazy. Another thing I can do is that I can prevent your mind from getting messed with.”


“Seriously? So, like, Shinsou wouldn’t be able to mind control me?”


“I haven’t experienced his quirk controlling you, so the first time might take a bit to knock you out of it. But afterwards, you won’t be anyone’s puppet. Probably gonna be the same if you get hit with an illusion quirk for the first time.”  


“That’s cool!” Izuku said as if he was a kid in a candy store.


“That’s right, it is! Also, something you need to know. Now that I’ve fully awakened and can talk to you, I can also work on some things while you’re in dragon mode. For example, any wounds sustained in dragon mode, I can cover with our scales to stop the bleeding without you needing to think about it.”


“That’s useful.”


“Very. Especially when we have to fight our father again.”


“Again?” Izuku asked, looking down.


“He won’t just leave us alone now that he has returned to Japan and is working with the League of Villains.”


“I guess.”


“And next time, we’re going to have to fight differently.”


“How so?”


“Back then, you fought trying to injure and incapacitate. Only when our mate was injured, did you lose all restraint. You need to fight to kill next time.”


“What?! Kill?!” Izuku asked, shocked.


“Yes, kill. When fighting a dragon, you must always aim to kill. You need to let go of all restraint.”


“But what if I actually kill him?” Izuku asked worriedly.


“Good. One less monster in this world. I know you don’t want to kill. That’s good. But when you think about not killing, you instinctively hold back. You can’t hold back. That’s when you will lose.”


“So I don’t have to kill as long as I make sure not to hold back?” Izuku asked.


“Yes. But if you ask me, that man shouldn’t be in this world.” the dragon said, his tail flicking dismissively.


“I’d rather not kill. Even though he deserves it, a hero shouldn’t kill.”


“I understand. Anyways, the next thing I can do is act as a sixth sense to tell you when enemies are close by. Lastly, and this will only be used as a last resort, if you end up about to lose consciousness, I will force your body to remain awake if we are in a dangerous situation. That’s actually what I did when we fought our father. Your injuries were slowly breaking you down and I had to use that to make sure you didn’t die or get captured.”


“Wow… Thank you for that.” Izuku said, nodding.


“We’re in this together now, Izuku. Well, we technically were before this talk, but you get my point. Now that you know I’m here, we’re officially in this together.” the dragon lifted a claw and gave its version of a thumbs up.


“Yeah. Now… Um… How do I get out of here?” Izuku looked around curiously.


“Oh… Well, I don’t know.”


“You’re the quirk, here! I thought you were supposed to know these things!”


“This is the first time for me too, dumbass! I don’t know how to get out of it!”


Suddenly, the form of the green dragon slowly disappeared and he started to hear the sounds of the outside world.






Izuku’s eyes groggily open, looking around the pure white hospital room. He squinted against the light. As his senses returned to him, he felt a weight on his legs. Looking down, he saw Ryuko fast asleep with her top half on his legs and her bottom half on a chair. He couldn’t help but smile at her sleeping face.


He slowly reached a hand and ran it through her hair. Her sleeping self leaned into the touch, letting out a sleepy noise of enjoyment. Izuku sighed contently as he simply rests his hand against her head.


Izuku silently watched his mate sleep, thankful she was alright after the USJ incident. He heard the door open slowly before a gasp. He looked towards the door to see his mother at the door. Izuku quickly moved a finger to his lips before pointing to Ryuko.


Inko could barely hold herself together. She wanted to cry out in joy that her boy was awake, but she knew Ryuko was asleep. Instead, she walked up to her son and hugged him tightly.


“I’m so glad you’re safe…” She whispered in a shaky voice.


“I’m sorry for worrying you.” Izuku replied, hugging her with his free arm.


It was at that moment, Ryuko began to wake up. Right as Inko pulled back from the hug, Izuku was tackled and crushed in a bone crushing hug.


“IZU!” Ryuko shouted, tears of joy in her eyes.


Izuku immediately wrapped his arms around Ryuko, the familiar feeling of warmth spreading through him at the contact.


“I was so worried!” Ryuko said into his chest.


“I’m sorry. I’m so, so sorry.” Izuku said, his eyes threatening to tear up.


Ryuko pulled back from his chest and looked into his eyes, pressing a kiss onto his lips. It was the most heavenly thing Izuku’s ever felt. Ryuko pulled back for a breath before going in for another, Izuku reciprocating the kiss passionately.


Suddenly, they heard someone clear their throat. It was then that they remembered where they were. Looking to the source of the noise, they saw a doctor with an amused face watching the two. Blushing, the two pulled back from one another with Ryuko sitting in a chair beside Izuku’s bed. Ryuko held onto Izuku’s hand, not wanting to let him go just yet. 


“You recovered remarkably well, Mister Midoriya,” the doctor said. “After being out for a day, you’ve seemed to heal from your injuries. You should have some scarring, but that is normal after what you went through.”


“Wait, you said I was out for a day?” Izuku asked, surprised.


“Indeed you have.”


“It didn’t feel that long…” Izuku mumbled.


The doctor didn’t seem to hear Izuku or just ignored his comment.


“Anyways, we’re going to check you over now that you’re awake. If there isn’t any problems, then you can be on your way.” the doctor said with a friendly smile.




After the examination, Izuku and Ryuko were about to leave when they were stopped by All Might. 




“All Might! O-Okay.” Izuku said. 


Izuku glanced at Ryuko and his mother before smiling and nodding.


“I’ll be back in a minute. Promise.” Izuku said.


With that, the Number One Hero in Japan led Izuku to another room, not wanting any eavesdroppers.



Izuku jumped in surprise as All Might bowed in front of Izuku. He never expected All Might would ever do such a thing to him. He quickly shook his hands in front of his face, shaking his head.


“No! No! You don’t have to apologise All Might! I understand!” Izuku said quickly. “You don’t have to apologise to me!”


“EVEN IF YOU DON’T SAY SO, I STILL FEEL THE NEED TO APOLOGISE.” All Might said, standing from his bow. 


“W-Well I forgive you.” Izuku said.




Izuku seemed to be shocked he didn’t think about it earlier. Now that his father’s back, his mother could be a target for him. He didn’t want that to happen.


“...Yes... He does.” Izuku said, looking down.




“Really?” Izuku asked, looking back up at his idol.




“Yeah, I do. He was our trainer.”




“Thank you so much, All Might!” Izuku said, a grateful smile forming on his face.






Izuku and Ryuko went with Inko back to their house after he returned from talking to All Might. It was roughly six o’clock in the afternoon. Izuku seemed troubled and it worried Ryuko.


‘Was it about the kiss? Was I too fast?’ Ryuko thought.


As they entered the house, Izuku glanced at her.


“Ryu? Um… Can I talk to you in private?” Izuku asked.


“Sure, Izu.”


Ryuko and Izuku walked over to his room. Entering his room, they sat down on the bed.


“There’s something I need to tell you… I uh… Talked with my quirk.”


“You did? What did it say?” Ryuko asked curiously.


“Well, it told me what it could do. Like form scales over wounds to heal, prevent me from passing out if I’m about to in a fight. Stuff like that. It also told me something about you.”


Ryuko noticed a look of shame on his face.


“It… claimed you as my mate.” Izuku said.


“Do you… not want me to be?” Ryuko asked hesitantly, her heart squeezing.


“No! No that’s not it! It’s just… I don’t want to force you… I don’t know if you want to go all the way that way.” Izuku said, looking to the floor.


“Izu… Can I tell you something?” Ryuko asked.


Izuku looked up to her and nodded.


“My quirk’s the same way. Works just like yours. And… I also marked you as my mate.” Ryuko said.


“R-Really?” Izuku asked surprised.


“Yeah… I kinda didn’t want to tell you. I thought you wouldn’t like that.”


“I… I actually do like it…” Izuku said a shyly.


Now it was Ryuko’s turn to act surprised.


“You do?”


“Yeah… I-uh… liked the idea… You and me together.” Izuku said, his shyness reaching a higher level.


Ryuko blushed, but also felt so happy at the same time. She tackled him onto the bed in a hug. Izuku let out a squeak of surprise as he was tackled. She nuzzled into the crook of Izuku’s neck. 


“I’m so happy…” Ryuko whispered happily.


Izuku was pleasantly surprised at Ryuko’s acceptance. He hugged her, closing his eyes and savoring the moment. They were mates now. And Izuku couldn’t find the words to describe how happy he was.


“Izuku! Ryuko! Dinner time!” Inko called from the kitchen.


“We’ll be there in a minute!” Izuku called back.


Ryuko looked up at Izuku’s face, smiling. She pressed a kiss on his lips before getting off of him. Immediately, Izuku missed the feeling. Ryuko took Izuku’s hand as he got up.


“So, do you want to tell Inko?” Ryuko asked with a small smile.


“And get the house flooded in tears? I don’t think that would be good. Let’s do it sometime after I get cleared from the hospital.” Izuku chuckled.


Ryuko giggled, leaning on Izuku slightly as they went to the kitchen. Despite not telling Izuku’s mother about them being mates, she still practically flooded the house in tears with the reveal that the two were dating each other.




The next morning, the two were awoken by the beeping of an alarm clock. Since Izuku’s alarm was in the dorms, they used a regular alarm clock to wake them up. 


Izuku’s eyes open tiredly, a hand moving to wipe the sleep from his eyes. Spotting the familiar sight of Ryuko’s tail, he smiled. Reaching a hand over to her tail, he ran his hand along it.


Ryuko let out a mixture of a moan and whine at the contact before Izuku watch as her tail wrapped around his hand.

“What?” Izuku asked softly.


“It surprised me…” Ryuko said, her voice sounding shy.


“Sorry for that.”


Izuku felt the tail tighten around his hand for a moment.


“It’s okay.”


Izuku and Ryuko were silent, just enjoying each other’s presence for a good ten minutes before getting out of bed. Ryuko felt it was too soon to get up, but understood why. Their friends were probably extremely worried about them.


Ryuko reluctantly got off of Izuku and let go of his hand with her tail, allowing Izuku to get out of bed as well.




After breakfast and saying goodbye to Inko, the pair left for UA. It was a Sunday, so there was no class during the day. That meant their friends were most likely hanging out in the dorms or working out in the gym.


Arriving at the dorms, they looked at each other, somewhat worried over the reactions of their classmates. As they were about to open the door, the door opened on its own, with the purple haired Kyouka Jirou standing on the other side, looking at the two. Izuku and Ryuko jumped in surprise.

Kyouka wore her usual bored look, her petite body dressed in a black T-shirt with “DEEP DOPE” written on it and grey sweatpants.


“Hey. Welcome back.” Kyouka said.


“H-How’d you know it was us?”


Kyouka pointed to her earlobes, the earphone jacks hanging limply from them.


“My quirk gives me enhanced hearing even without sticking my jacks into anything.”


“Oh. That’s pretty cool.” Izuku said with a small smile.


“Thanks. The others are probably gonna hound you when they see you. You better prepare for that.” Kyouka warned, stepping aside to let the two in.


“We expected as much.” Ryuko said with a nod.

“Alright. And… I’m glad you’re alright, Green.” Kyouka added, talking to Izuku.


With that, Kyouka left for upstairs, leaving Izuku and Ryuko alone in the entrance. Shrugging, the two entered deeper into the main room, looking around the room. There was no one around.


“Did they all go out Sunday shopping or something?” Izuku asked.


“We shouldn’t really question it. At least we aren’t getting bombarded with questions.” Ryuko commented.


The two suddenly heard a stomach rumble. Ryuko raised an eyebrow. It wasn’t from her. Ryuko turned to Izuku and noticed he was blushing. Ryuko immediately knew what the problem was.


“Alright, my big bad dragon. How about we make lunch?” Ryuko asked.


Izuku’s blush lessened as he nodded. She smiled, taking his hand and pulling him to the kitchen.


As the pair cooked, they heard someone coming down the stairs. Glancing over to the stairwell, she saw Mina in her pink pajamas rubbing her eye tiredly.


“What’s that good sme- RYUKO! IZUKU!” Mina shouted, running to the kitchen with a happy smile.


Ryuko accepted the hug her best friend gave her.


“Hey, sorry I didn’t really tell you what was going on.” Ryuko apologised.


“No need to apologise. I know how you are with Izuku.” Mina waved a hand dismissively.


“Give me a minute and I can talk with you, Mina.” Izuku said, concentrating on cooking.




After a few more minutes of cooking, Izuku finished with lunch. Unsurprisingly, Izuku cooked himself and Ryuko katsudon for lunch. He put the food in two bowls and brought them to the table. It was then that Mina gave him a friendly hug.


“I saw you after you fought your father. You didn’t look good at all. Are you okay?” Mina asked, concerned for her friend.


“Yeah. Most of the injuries scarred over. I feel fine.” Izuku replied, with a reassuring smile.


“Thank goodness. I was worried.” Mina said, a smile forming on her face.


“Sorry to worry you. I guess I worried everyone, huh?” Izuku asked.


“Yeah. Everyone’s worried. A few also asked why the other dragon had similarities to you.”


“I figured… I guess I could only hide it for so long.” Izuku said, breathing a heavy sigh.


“Hey, we’ll be right there with ya.” Mina said, patting his shoulder.


“Yeah. I’ll be right beside you when you tell them.” Ryuko said, smiling.


“See? We’ve got your back!” Mina said.


Izuku couldn’t help but smile.


“Thank you, Mina, Ryu.” Izuku said.




The dreaded time came for Izuku. It wasn’t that long after finishing lunch that everyone arrived on the main floor for one reason or another. Some came to investigate the smell from Izuku cooking katsudon. Others came to get some food. All reasons were abandoned when they saw Izuku and Ryuko.


“Izuku! You alright, man?” 


“You didn’t look too good after that fight, ribbit.”


“That fight was so manly! You alright?”


Izuku held his hands up in front of his face, prompting the students throwing questions at Izuku to stop speaking. A look from Ryuko also reinforced the point to stop talking.


“I-I’m alright, guys. Just a few scars. Are you guys alright?” Izuku asked, a little overwhelmed.


A few classmates couldn’t help but smile. Even when he suffered the worst of the fight, he was worried about his peers.


“Yeah, we’re fine.”


“All good!”


“No injuries where I was.”


Izuku seemed to relax at the confirmation that everyone was fine. Ryuko couldn’t help but smile at Izuku’s happiness. She always liked how selfless he was.


“Izuku, ribbit?” Tsu spoke.


“Yeah? What is it?”


“You seemed familiar with that dragon villain. You were talking with him both before and during your fight, ribbit. Why was that?” Tsu asked, tilting her head to one side.


Izuku’s mood seemed to plummet at the mention of his father.


“Well… I’m sure you might know, but he’s the villain Firedrake.”


A few people’s faces morphed into recognition of the name. The faces turned to amazement.


“Woah! You took on Firedrake?! He’s, like, super dangerous! And you survived!” Kaminari said.


Kyouka jabbed him in the side when he spoke, realizing there was more to it than that.


“Ow! What was that for?!”


“He wasn’t finished. Besides, I don’t think it was all good for him.” Kyouka pointed out.


“Oh, sorry…”


Izuku shook his head before continuing.


“Well… about him… He’s actually… my father.” Izuku said. It felt like the hardest thing he could have ever said.


Ryuko placed a hand on his shoulder, showing her support. Mina flashed Izuku a supportive smile as well before looking to her friends to see their reactions. They were varied. Some were surprised, others seemed understanding.


“So when Bakugo called you a villain, it was because of your father?” Kirishima asked.


“Yes. My father left after I was born. Somehow, Bakugo found out about my dad and started calling me a villain.” Izuku said, his voice low.


“Pfft! Villain. Yeah. You’re as far from a villain as the north pole is from the south pole.” Kyouka spoke up.


“Yeah. You aren’t a villain.” Kaminari said, giving a thumbs up.


“You’re so manly! Standing up to your father like that!” Kirishima said with a wide smile.


“You’re not a villain, Izuku! You saved me. That proves you’re a hero!” Ochako said.


“Technically, you saved all of us. I doubt if you were defeated by your father, he would have just left it at you,” Momo said. “For that, you have my thanks.”


“Ours too!” Tooru shouted, her sleeve gesturing to the rest of the crowd.


Izuku was awestruck. He wasn’t pushed away like he was by his previous school. He was actually accepted. He let out a bright, tear filled smile.


“Thank you, guys…” Izuku said shakily.


Ryuko gave Izuku a side hug, happy for her mate.


“Alright, how about we get rid of this atmosphere and do something fun? We still have the rest of the day!” Mina suggested.


“I got my game console! Let’s play!” Kaminari suggested.




Izuku settled into his bed once the day was over. Ryuko was cuddled up to him in his bed. 


“So, how does it feel to know they don’t care about your father being a villain?” Ryuko asked.


“Good… Very good.” Izuku replied, hugging Ryuko tighter for a moment.


Ryuko smiled, moving up and kissing his lips. Izuku returned the kiss happily.


“I’m glad. I knew there was nothing to be worried about.” Ryuko said, resting her head next to his.


Izuku smiled, kissing Ryuko once more.


“Good night, my dragoness.” Izuku said.


“Good night, Izu.” Ryuko replied, her cheeks slightly pink at the nickname.


With that, Izuku and Ryuko fell asleep, enjoying the feeling of being in each other’s arms.

Chapter Text

The week had begun and Izuku was heading to his classroom. Ryuko was walking beside him, holding his hand as they walked along.


Arriving at their classroom, Izuku opened the door up, gesturing for Ryuko to walk in first.


“What a gentleman.” Ryuko said with a smile.


Izuku returned the smile, stepping in afterwards. Izuku noticed Iida looking at him with a bit of hesitance in his expression. Izuku raised an eyebrow at Iida’s behavior.


“I wonder who our teacher’s gonna be.” Tsu commented as the two dragons sat down.


“It’ll probably be a pro hero.” Ryuko mused.


“I sure hope Aizawa’s okay, though.” Ochako added.


“Yeah, me too.” Mina agreed.


The door opened to reveal a mummified Aizawa entering the classroom.


“Aizawa! Are you sure you should be walking around?” Iida said.


“A hero’s job is never done. I’m not so easily taken out. Speaking of never done, now isn’t the time for relaxing.” Aizawa said ominously.


The students were panicky as they assumed another villain attack.


“The Sports Festival is next week.” Aizawa revealed.


‘That’s a totally normal thing!’ the classmates all thought.


“But it’s so soon after the USJ. Shouldn’t we wait?” Tsu asked.


“We’re keeping this going as a show of strength to tell the public we aren’t easily beaten,” Aizawa explained. “That said, this whole week, we will be upping your training to prepare you for the Sports Festival.”


Some let out noises of excitement, while others let out noises of displeasure.


“With that, let’s begin.” Aizawa said, starting homeroom.




Classes went by relatively slowly, the anticipation for their Heroics Class making their school day seem much longer than it was. Soon, it was lunchtime and the students were seeing the light at the end of the excruciatingly long tunnel.


Izuku was about to leave, but was unable to by a large crowd of people blocking the doorway once he opened the door.


“W-What are you all doing here?” Izuku asked, surprised.


“They’re probably scoping out the competition.” Ryuko suggested.


“Hey! I heard you were attacked by villains! Don’t get too cocky just because you fought villains!” One person with silver hair and sharp teeth shouted.


Izuku’s eye twitched, turning to the crowd, specifically the boy who spoke up.


“Do you think we liked getting attacked? Do you think we came out unscathed?” Izuku began.


The silence from the crowd prompted him to continue.


“I fought Firedrake. I had to in order to protect my friends. Do you think that I came out without injuries?” Izuku asked. 


He pulled back his sleeves, showing scars that carried over from his dragon mode. Some were simple stabs, but others were long lines along his arms.


“If you think we are all excited we got attacked by villains and that we’re bragging because of it, you’re wrong. Dead. Wrong.” Izuku said seriously.


The crowd were shocked to hear about the boy fighting Firedrake and sustaining the injuries. They visibly flinched when they saw the scars. Ryuko placed a soft hand on his arm, prompting him to look her way. His serious scowl turned to a soft smile as he looked at his mate. She gestured out the door with her head and he nodded. He turned to the crowd again.


“Sorry for that. It was infuriating that you thought we got off without any problems. I look forward to competing with you in the Sports Festival.” Izuku said.


With that, Izuku left with Ryuko, the crowd parting to let them through. Once they were gone, murmurs sprouted up once again, but much less angry and more apologetic.




“You alright?” Ryuko asked, sitting next to him in the cafeteria.


“I’m better.” Izuku said, leaning his shoulder against hers.


“Good. Because I don’t like seeing you all down on yourself.” Ryuko said, her head resting against his shoulder.


Ryuko suddenly felt an unfamiliar feeling around her waist. Looking down, Izuku had copied Ryuko and formed his tail before wrapping it around her waist. She smiled softly.


“Copying me, are you?” Ryuko teased, causing Izuku to blush.


“I just figured you’d like it. I always like it when you do that with me.” Izuku replied shyly.


Ryuko giggled at her shy mate.


“I do like it.” Ryuko said.


The two returned to a comfortable silence as they ate their food, the silence soon broken by Mina joining their table.






All the students were in class except for Bakugo. They were all wearing their hero costumes and standing outside of one of the training fields. All Might was standing in front of the giant door to the training field.


“Sir! What will we be doing?” Iida spoke up, raising his hand.




Some students looked excited. Others looked worried. Izuku and Ryuko were excited. They nodded to each other, smiles on their faces.


All Might soon released them into the training field. All Might went between students, giving them tasks to improve their quirks. 


Ryuko and Izuku grouped up with Mina and they all started training. Ryuko managed to fully transform into her dragon mode, much to her excitement. Izuku and Ryuko decided they first should practice their fire breath.


Having no idea what to practice first, she asked All Might what she could work on. He suggested that she practice her acid producing abilities and continuously shoot out acid from her hands.


Izuku and Ryuko shot flames from their draconic maws, aiming at a nearby wall. The combined flames were slowly destroying it. They kept blowing fire from their mouths even after the wall was destroyed.


Izuku was feeling he was nearing his limit, his throat feeling like he was swallowing boiling hot soup. He winced but kept going. Ryuko was having a similar problem. She started feeling pain in her throat just like Izuku. She kept going, despite the pain.


After a while of spewing fire, they finally took a break. They changed back to their human forms and got a drink of water. They were disappointed to feel the same pain in their throats in their dragon forms in their human forms. Izuku downed multiple bottles of cold water hoping to get rid of the burning feeling.


“I guess this is what we get for overusing our flames.” Ryuko said hoarsely.


“I guess so. Let’s work on something else. I don’t like feeling like I just drank boiling soup straight off the oven.” Izuku said, his voice just as hoarse.


Ryuko nodded in agreement. Mina soon joined them, shakily sitting in their dedicated resting spot.


“My hands… Are so numb…” Mina mumbled, reaching for a bottle with both hands.


The pinkette opened the bottle with her palms, unable to move her fingers due to her numbness. She then picked the bottle up and gulped the water down.


“At least they don’t feel like you drank boiling hot soup.” Izuku said hoarsely.


“I guess that’s a good thing.” Mina said after emptying her water bottle.


The trio descended into small talk for a few minutes before going back to training.




The entire week was murderous for the students of 1-A. They were worked into the ground every single day to make sure they were ready for the Sports Festival. They were worked so hard that they barely had any energy to do anything more than shower, eat dinner, and sleep.


Izuku and Ryuko took to the new routine easier than the rest due to being physically worked to the bone by All Might before getting into UA. Even though they were better off, they still were tired and elected to having cuddle time in Izuku’s dorm after taking a shower and eating. 




“Izuuuuu…” Ryuko whined tiredly, leaning against Izuku as they walked back to their dorms.


“What is it Ryu?” Izuku asked in an equally tired voice.


“I’m gonna take a shower then we’re gonna cuddle.” Ryu said.


“That’s what we’ve always done.” Izuku pointed out.


“But not with me using your shower.” Ryuko clarified.


“W-What?” Izuku asked in a stunned voice, his tired eyes widening.


“I’m too tired to go to my room and take it. I’m using yours.” Ryuko stated.


Izuku’s face turned red as her words sunk in. He wasn’t able to think of anything else as Ryuko nudged him.


“C’mon, let’s go.” Ryuko said, pushing him lightly.


Izuku didn’t realize he stopped walking when Ryuko said she was going to use his shower, but he resumed walking after being pushed by his mate.


Arriving in his room, he was forced to be the one to take a shower last as Ryuko immediately grabbed a loose shirt and pajamas and disappeared inside Izuku’s bathroom. He decided to sit on his bed.


As the shower was turned on, Izuku tried really hard not to think about the naked girl in his bathroom taking a shower. He tried to not think about Ryuko’s well defined naked body.


‘No no no no no! I can do this! Just don’t think about her being naked! Don’t picture her… naked… beautiful… body…. NO!’ Izuku shook his head to try and dispel the thoughts.


“Jeez, thirsty much?” Izuku’s quirk spoke in his head.


‘S-Shut up!’


“I mean, it’s not wrong to imagine her that way. I mean she is our mate.”


Izuku had no response to that. One one hand he did agree that she is his girlfriend and mate. But on the other hand, she probably isn’t comfortable with him imagining her that way.


“Or she wants you to imagine her that way. You don’t know.” Izuku’s quirk pointed out.


‘I mean, that’s true. I don’t know. But it’s impolite to think that way.’


They were broken from their conversation by the door to the bathroom opening to reveal Ryuko in loose pajamas. Her blonde hair was undone and she wore a tired smile.


“Don’t take too long. Or else I might fall asleep.” Ryuko said.


Izuku got his clothes ready and Ryuko gave him a kiss before she flopped onto his bed. Izuku stepped into the bathroom and started his shower.


Despite wanting to take a warm shower, he had to take a cold one, the thoughts from before Ryuko stepped out making him a bit hot and bothered. Once he finished, he dried off and dressed himself.


Izuku exited the bathroom to see Ryuko was still over the blankets. He expected her to go underneath the blankets by the time he was out.


“Hey there, slowpoke. C’mon.” Ryuko said with a tired smile.


“You’re the one who decided to wait before going under.” Izuku said, getting into bed.


Ryuko slides into bed beside him, snuggling close to her mate with a tired smile.


“Hey, Izu?” Ryuko asked.


“Hmm?” Izuku responded.


“Tomorrow’s Saturday. Do you want to go on a date?” Ryuko asked.


Izuku smiled softly, kissing the top of Ryuko’s head.


“I’d love to.” Izuku replied.


Ryuko smiled at the kiss. She then leaned up and kissed Izuku on the cheek before getting back to her comfortable spot. The pair then spent the rest of the evening relaxing with each other, eventually falling asleep. 




The next morning came to a sluggish start. They didn’t get out of bed until midday and even then Ryuko was reluctant.


“Ryu…” Izuku sighed.


“Noooo…” Ryuko whined, hugging Izuku a bit tighter.


“We have to get up, Ryu.” Izuku said.


“But it’s so comfy here.” Ryuko said, burying her face in Izuku’s chest.


Izuku breathed a heavy sigh. He then gained a small smirk.


“I guess we’ll just not go on a date then. Too bad, I was wanting to go on a date with you as well…” Izuku said, faking another heavy sigh.


Izuku’s smile became a bit wider as he heard his mate grumble. The lump in the blankets began to rise and he was graced with the adorable pouting face of Ryuko, her gaze directed straight at him.


“You’re mean, you know that?” Ryuko asked.


“I love you, too, Ryu.” Izuku said, kissing her cheek, making her pout more.


Ryuko sighed, her pout turning into a smile. She kissed Izuku on the lips. Izuku returned the kiss happily, his hand moving around the small of her back and pulling her closer. She wrapped her arms around Izuku’s neck and pressed another kiss on his lips.


Pulling back from the kiss, they rested their foreheads against one another. 


“Good morning.” Ryuko said in a whisper.


“Good morning.” Izuku replied, going in for another kiss.


Ryuko smiled, her hand moving to Izuku’s cheek.


“How about we get ready for our date?” Ryuko asked in a whisper, pecking his lips.


“I’d love to.” Izuku said.


With that, the pair got up and got ready for their date. Ryuko had to go to her room to find a good outfit to wear. Meanwhile, Izuku was looking through his clothes to find a good outfit for himself.


Once he did, he thought of an idea for his date. He didn’t really like leeching off other people, but there was no way he would be able to afford it otherwise. Taking out his phone, he called Toshinori.


“Toshinori? I know this might be sudden, but could I have some money for something?” Izuku asked.


“What’s it for?”


“Well, it’s for…”




Toshinori smiled fondly at Izuku’s request.


“I’d be happy to. I’ll call in the order. And don’t worry, I’ll have it paid for.”


“Thanks, Toshiori! You don’t know how much this means to me.”


“Nonsense, my boy. I’m just glad you’ve acted on your feelings.”


“Oh yeah… I forgot to tell you about that, didn’t I?”


“It’s not a problem. I heard from All Might. I’m proud of you, Izuku. Now go and get ready. And enjoy your date.”


“Thanks again! Bye!”


“Bye.” Toshinori said before hanging up.


He looked over at Inko who was sitting at the kitchen table, holding back tears.


“My baby boy’s growing up!” Inko said.




Ryuko agreed to meet Izuku in the dorm’s main room. When Izuku arrived at the first floor’s main room, he looked around to see if his mate was downstairs yet. Not finding her, he decided to wait in the living room area.


Hearing footsteps, he turned towards the stairway. Emerging from the stairs was Mina doing her best impression of a zombie. She immediately went to grab coffee to wake herself up. Izuku found it funny watching the girl stumble about in the kitchen.


Mina finally realized she wasn’t alone and saw Izuku sitting on the couch. Immediately, something felt off to Mina. He wasn’t in his usual clothes. He was wearing a green polo and jeans. Usually he’d be wearing a T-shirt that said “T-Shirt” on it with a pair of cargo shorts.


She then smiled, making her way to Izuku.


“Hey, Izuku!” Mina greeted.


“Hey, Mina. Good morning.”


“What’cha doin’ with those fancy clothes?” She asked with a knowing look in her eyes and a wry smile on her face.


“I’m going on a date with Ryu today.” Izuku explained.


“Aww, that’s adorable! Don’t make me an aunty too early, though.” Mina teased.


Izuku was left sputtering with a red face as Mina went back to the kitchen, putting her empty cup of coffee in the sink.


Izuku was brought out of his sputter spree when he saw Ryuko arrive from the stairs. She wore a maroon red sundress that went halfway down her shins. Izuku never thought she’d wear a sundress, but he was pleasantly surprised when he saw her in one.


He smiled softly, looking at her as Mina approached her.


“You look beautiful, Ryuko! You’re gonna knock Izuku’s socks off!” Mina said encouragingly.


Ryuko gained a blush on her face as Mina complimented her.

“T-Thank you, Mina.” Ryuko said shyly.


“I’ll not hold you up any longer. Good luck!” Mina said before walking upstairs to her room.


Izuku decided it was his time to approach his mate. Standing from the couch he was sitting at, he made his way to Ryuko. Reaching her, he gently took her hand. Her head turned to Izuku, a momentary look of surprise on her face before it changed to a soft smile.


“You ready?” Izuku asked.


“Mhm.” Ryuko replied with a nod.




The pair of dragons were walking hand in hand down the sidewalk of Musutafu, heading to the train station.


“So, what’s the plan?” Ryuko asked curiously.


“I figure we could go to a place. Then take a walk somewhere. Then go home.” Izuku said, purposefully vague.


“Sounds fun.” Ryuko replied sarcastically.


“I’m sure you’ll like it.” Izuku said, squeezing his mate’s hand gently.


She squeezed his hand in reply as the two made their way to their first destination.




Ryuko was puzzled when Izuku brought her to a museum. She looked at him questioningly. He looked at her with a smile.


“Just wait.” Izuku said, gently pulling her along.


Ryuko soon realized why Izuku took her to a museum. Immediately, he brought her to something she loved to look at: shiny things. Turns out there was a whole section of the museum to showcase precious gems and jewelry. 


Izuku went from pulling Ryuko to Ryuko pulling him as she went from case to case, looking at the jewels inside. Izuku swore he saw stars in his mate’s eyes as she looked through the glass at the different pieces of jewelry inside.


Izuku had to practically drag her out of the museum at the end.


“Don’t worry. There’s something I’m sure you’re going to love better than that.” Izuku said, a smile on his face.


That seemed to get her attention as she stopped fighting. Izuku chuckled.


“You certainly are a dragon.” Izuku said, eliciting a pout from Ryuko.


“It’s not my fault I like shiny things. They just look nice.” Ryuko said in a pout.


“There’s nothing wrong with that. But I think this’ll be better than just looking at that stuff.” Izuku said.


The green haired boy then guided his girlfriend to a nearby building. Entering it, she saw what Izuku meant. They were in a jewelry store. She suddenly got excited as she realized what was going to happen.


Izuku walked up to the front counter.


“Order for Midoriya?” Izuku asked.


“Ah, one moment please.” the cashier said, turning and walking into a back room. 


She came out with a small black case, setting it on the counter. She then placed a receipt beside it.


“It’s already paid for. Have a good day.”


“Thank you, miss.” Izuku replied before taking the case and pocketing the receipt.


Izuku turned to Ryuko, who was blushing and smiling, and grabbed her hand with his free hand, guiding her outside. Once outside, Izuku opened the case to show to Ryuko. Inside was an emerald. It had eight sides, with four sides being longer than the others. The actual emerald was the same size as a dime. Around the emerald was a silver casing holding it in place and attaching it to the chain of the necklace.


Ryuko covered her mouth with her hands. Her heart was fluttering. She looked between Izuku and the emerald with equal levels of excitement.


“Can you put it on me?” Ryuko asked.


“Yeah.” Izuku said, taking the necklace out of its case and unclasping it.


Izuku placed the necklace around Ryuko’s neck and clasped it back together. Once he did, he let go of the chain and stepped around to her front again. Ryuko was admiring the emerald, pinkness dusting her cheeks and a smile on her face.


“Do you like it?” Izuku asked.


“I love it,” Ryuko said, looking up at Izuku. “With this, I always know you’re with me.”


“How so?”


“Your dragon mode is green. Your hair is green. You’re like an emerald. My emerald.” Ryuko said, wrapping her arms around his neck and getting closer to him.


Izuku said nothing as he leaned in to kiss his mate lovingly. Drawing back from the kiss, Izuku rested his forehead against hers affectionately.


“If I’m your emerald… Then I guess you’re my citrine.” Izuku said after taking a moment to think.


Ryuko blushed at Izuku’s statement, but couldn’t help but smile wider. She kissed him lovingly.


“This is the greatest gift you’ve ever given me, Izu. Thank you.” Ryuko said as she pulled back from the kiss.


The two spent a few more minutes embracing one another and kissing before deciding to move on with their date.




Izuku took her to a relatively average restaurant in Downtown Musutafu. 


“Hmm. Why’d you pick this one?” Ryuko asked curiously as she looked at the menu.


She got her answer before Izuku spoke as she spotted katsudon on the menu.


“Because they serve katsudon.” Izuku said with a shy smile.


Ryuko giggled at Izuku’s love for katsudon. She shook her head fondly at Izuku, a smile gracing her lips as she looked at what she would eat.


The dinner went without a problem. They either engaged in small talk or enjoyed a happy silence as they ate.


After paying for their food, Izuku left with Ryuko, their arms linked together and her head leaning on his shoulder.


Izuku and Ryuko decided to take a scenic walk back to the dorms. Smiles graced their lips as they walked together in the afternoon sun. The pair couldn’t have been any happier. 


After their walk, it was roughly an hour before curfew. They entered the dorms hand in hand. Mina looked towards the door and immediately spotted the emerald necklace Izuku bought her. Her smile got even wider at the sight.


She practically vaulted over the couch and demanded Ryuko tell her everything. While Ryuko was being tugged upstairs to Mina’s room, Izuku got a snack for the both of them before heading up to his room.




Mina let out a happy squeal after Ryuko told her about her date with Izuku.


“Girl, you never let go of that man! He’s a keeper!”


Ryuko smiled fondly.


“Yeah… I know…” Ryuko said.


“I assume your scheduled cuddle sleepover with our green dragon is coming up?” Mina asked.


Ryuko shyly nodded. Mina cooed at Ryuko, hugging the girl.


“You two are so adorable!” Mina said. “Go on, get outta here! Give your boyfriend a hug!”


Mina ushered Ryuko out of her room. Once Ryuko was gone, she sighed, happy for her friend. She then took out her phone.


AlienQueen: Hey, wanna hang out in my room?

Mochi<3: Sure! I’ll be there in a few!




Izuku heard a knock on his door. Putting a loose shirt on, he walked over to the door and opened it up. Ryuko was standing on the other side with her pajamas on and a smile on her face. Izuku noticed she still had the emerald necklace on.


“Hey.” Ryuko said, pink dusting her cheeks.


“Gave Mina all the deets?” Izuku asked with a smile.


“Mhm. She ate it all up.” Ryuko commented.


Izuku chuckled.


“I expect nothing less from Mina. C’mon. Let’s get in bed.” Izuku said, gesturing inside with his head.


Stepping aside, he let Ryuko in. Closing the door behind her, Izuku got into bed with her to sleep. Before they fell asleep, what started as a few loving kisses turned into a passionate make out session. Before things could go too far, they stopped.


“Sorry… I just don’t want to go too fast.” Izuku said.


“No, I understand.” Ryuko replied, pecking his lips.


Izuku placed one last loving kiss on her lips before laying his head down.


“Good night, my emerald.” Ryuko said.


“Good night, my citrine.” Izuku replied.


Izuku reached for his lamp and flicked it off. The room descended into darkness as the pair fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Chapter Text

It was the day of the Sports Festival and everyone was excited. Izuku actually managed to get Ryuko out of bed on his first try. As a matter of fact, she was tugging him along and urging him to hurry up. She seemed to be very excited.


Izuku knew Ryuko loved the Sports Festival. Every year, they would watch it together. While Izuku would be focused on the quirk side of things, Ryuko was always watching how people fought. She said that how they fought reveals things about the combatants. For example, if the pair were going at it super aggressively, they could have a deep seated hatred of each other.


When they got to class, the entirety of Class 1-A were brought to a large stadium. From there, the boys and girls were split into two rooms to get changed into the UA’s PE clothes. They were told to wait until they were retrieved before leaving the locker rooms.




Izuku was sitting at a table that was set in the room, mentally preparing himself for the large crowd that he would be in front of. He heard the sounds of his friends talking amongst themselves.


“Midoriya.” Izuku heard someone say, breaking him from his concentration.


Izuku turned towards the voice to see it was Shouto calling his name.


“Hmm? What is it, Todoroki?”


“As it is right now, I think I’m stronger than you.”


“I didn’t see you go up against Firedrake.” Izuku quipped, raising an eyebrow.


“That doesn’t matter. I came with a declaration. I will beat you today.” Shouto said with the same dull tone he always had.


“I expect you to go all out, then. To beat me, you’ll need to use your fire as well as your ice.”


“I’ll fight you with just my ice.” Shouto said, shaking his head.


“Then you will lose.” Izuku said seriously.


Izuku expected the conversation to go on, but then they were called to the field.






Izuku walked out of the hallway to the field with his class, Ryuko to his side holding his hand. Izuku was glad he had Ryuko by his side, because otherwise, he probably would have been a sweating mess.


Izuku’s class got into their place in time for Present Mic to introduce the next class. By the end of the introductions, both heroics classes were present, along with all three general education classes and a few members of the support classes.


“EVERYONE PLEASE WELCOME OUR UMPIRE, MIDNIGHT!” Present Mic shouted into the mic.


Midnight stood atop the podium in front of the group of classes, her hand on her hip, her other hand holding her signature whip. She didn’t say anything while the crowd clapped and cheered for their favorite sexy heroine. Once the cheering died down, she then said what she needed to say.


“Before we get to the events, Class 1-A’s Izuku Midoriya will lead is in the student pledge!”


Izuku froze at that. He didn’t know he was supposed to say a speech! A comforting squeeze of his hand calmed him slightly. He gave Ryuko a thankful smile before going up to the podium.


Izuku looked at the silent crowd, his nervousness coming back full force as he tried to think of what to say. Taking a deep breath, he spoke.


“The life of a hero is full of hardship. My class experienced that firsthand in the USJ attack. It opened our eyes to the struggles heroes have to go through in challenging villains and protecting people.” 


Izuku took a breath to steady himself before continuing.


“My class, even though we went through something like that, still refuses to give up our dreams of being heroes. Just like we want to be heroes, so do our other classes. 1-B, the general studies and support courses. Everyone wants a chance for people to see that we want to be heroes. That we deserve to be heroes. We want to prove that we are the next generation that will protect the people!”


Izuku glanced back at the crowd of students. 


“I pledge to fight my very hardest! And I want all of you to come at me with everything you got! Doing anything less would be an insult to everyone else. Define our school’s motto and go beyond-”


Everyone spoke up to complete Izuku’s sentence.




The crowd went crazy at Izuku’s speech, cheering and clapping loudly as Izuku stepped down from the podium and went back to his position next to Ryuko. Even the other classes were cheering at Izuku’s speech.


“You did great, Izu.” Ryuko said, taking hold of his hand again.


“R-Really? I just said what came to my head.” Izuku said shyly.


Ryuko giggled at her boyfriend’s sudden shyness. Her head snapped to Midnight as she heard a whip snap.


“What an amazing speech from Izuku Midoriya! With that, let us get into the first event! The Obstacle Race!” Midnight announced.


The students broke up in groups as they got ready for the race. Ryuko looked to Izuku.


“Team up until the last event?” Ryuko asked with a smile.


Izuku returned her smile. Both of them knew, the first event was usually an individual event, followed by a team event, and ended with a one on one tournament.


“Got it. Full dragon modes? Or just partial?” Izuku asked.


“Partial. We’ll save the full modes for the team event if we need it. And of course, when we fight each other, we’ll be going dragon versus dragon.” Ryuko said with a challenging gleam in her eyes.


“Alright. Let’s get ready.” Izuku said.


With their plan set, the two got to their places in the race and waited for the race to start.


Moments later, there was a gunshot. As soon as that happened, Izuku formed his wings and shot over the rest of the students. Izuku saw Ryuko doing the same.




Izuku glanced at his mate and smiled, getting one in return before looking back at the track.




Izuku glanced behind him to see Shouto sliding across ice that he made. Turning back to the front once again, he sees giant robots starting to appear.




Izuku slowed his speed.


“Melt them!” Izuku heard Ryuko shout to him.




Izuku formed his dragon head, his neck extending, horns forming, scales appearing, and teeth sharpening. Izuku avoided a telegraphed swipe from one of the robots before landing on its chest. He aimed his head at the center of the chest and opened his gaping maw. 


A raging inferno shot from his mouth and melted right through the robot, giving him a sizeable hole to go through. Taking the hole, he shot through the back of the robot as it started to fall, taking flight again as he heard the loud rumble of the robot hitting the ground.


He heard a secondary rumble and Ryuko rejoined Izuku flying through the air. The pair took a moment to celebrate with some aerial acrobatics.




A woman watched the pair of dragons fly around from the comfort of her chair. She wore a smile on her face as she watched them.


“I think I may have found some interns.”




A man with a blue skin tight suit and flaming hair watched the video feed from the screen in the stadium. He wore a scowl as he watched Izuku fly.


“Now I know he’s that man’s offspring.” he spoke in a low growl.




Izuku and Ryuko neared the second obstacle. It was a large hole in the ground with platforms spaced in between the two ends of the hole. Each platform was attached by ropes so that those who couldn’t jump that far can have a way of getting across.




Izuku and Ryuko landed in front of the start. They formed their dragon feet and nodded to each other before shooting off to the first platform.




The pair of dragons hopped from one platform to the next, clearing the second obstacle in a quick manner. The two looked back to the beginning of the obstacle and saw Shouto was just reaching it.


Izuku and Ryuko looked at each other and formed their wings again.




Izuku and Ryuko flapped their wings, but instead of taking flight, they got a burst of speed, running quickly to the next obstacle.


“They’re using their wings to gain speed. While flapping wings can produce lift, flapping them at a different angle will produce a propelling force in a specific direction.” Eraserhead said flatly from his co-commentator spot.




The pair reached the final obstacle in no time flat. There was a sign reading “Danger! Mines!” at the beginning.




Izuku looked at Ryuko, not moving from the starting point.


“Easy or hard way?” Izuku asked.


“Was there ever a doubt I’d pick easy?” Ryuko asked, changing her dragon feet back to normal.


Izuku mimicked Ryuko’s action before the two began walking slowly through the minefield, careful not to step on any mines.




Izuku glanced back to see Todoroki slow down to make sure he wasn’t going to hit the mines.


“Ryu, you mind taking first?” Izuku asked.


“I don’t mind. Why?” Ryuko asked.


Ryuko watched as Izuku formed his dragon feet and lifted one leg. He stomped hard, causing the ground to rumble ever so slightly. The vibrations set some mines off, preventing Todoroki from seeing. There became a chain of explosions heading towards Izuku.


“That’s why!” Izuku said, an explosion sending him rocketing towards the end of the obstacle.


Ryuko understood and began moving quicker, forming her wings and taking flight. She was intent on outrunning the mines’ explosions. Izuku was simply riding the explosions out, his body tumbling in the air towards the end of the obstacle.


Ryuko cleared the obstacle first, with Izuku flying out afterwards.


Ryuko landed and ran inside the stadium. She knew her mate was alright. If he wasn’t she would have heard him cry out in pain.




Ryuko looked back to see a dusty Izuku stumble dizzily into the stadium. 


“So many… Explosions…” Izuku said, stumbling into a hug.


Ryuko giggled at her mate, helping him further inside the stadium so he could sit down. Eventually, she helped him sit on the ground as he regained his bearings.


“You doing alright, Izu?” Ryuko asked.


“The world’s still spinning, but otherwise, I’m fine.” Izuku said, looking down and placing his hands on the ground.


“It’ll pass.” Ryuko said, patting his back gently.


Ryuko saw Izuku’s action in the minefield worked as Todoroki took a longer time than it should have been to reach the stadium. Todoroki was especially angry when he arrived. Soon after Todoroki, the rest of the students arrived inside the stadium.




“Direct your attention to the wheel!” Midnight commanded, gesturing to it with her whip.


The wheel began spinning. The students looked on in anticipation, Izuku included, as the next event was decided. The wheel soon came to a stop landing on “Cavalry Battle”.




“Alright! Before you go off making teams, I will tell you the rules! The leader of each team will be given a headband with a point number on it. Those people are going to be the riders. The rest of the team will carry the rider in a horse configuration. You can have a maximum of four team members! Now, to show the points!”


The top forty-two competitors were shown on a ranking board. Each one had a point value next to their name. What really caught everyone else’s attention was Ryuko getting one million points. 


Izuku looked to Ryuko to see her staring in shock. Izuku smiled, taking her hand and squeezing it. She seemed to break from he thoughts when he did that.


“We’re gonna be alright.” Izuku said.


Ryuko looked at her mate before a small smile formed on her face. She nodded and squeezed Izuku’s hand gently.


“You may now make your teams! You have fifteen minutes!” Midnight announced.


Ryuko didn’t need to look for another member. She had Izuku and with him, they can win. She’d be willing to take others into her team if they approached, though.


Ryuko and Izuku watched as the other students formed their teams. Ryuko saw Mina give her a competitive smile. She knew what Mina was thinking. She wanted to compete against her. She respected that. Ryuko gave Mina a nod, with her returning the gesture before moving to team up with Kirishima, Ochako, and Sero.


Izuku was glancing around, looking at the teams. She saw Todoroki gain a team comprised of Momo, Iida, and Kaminari. He made a mental note to keep an eye out for them.


‘I agree. Especially with Todoroki’s drive to beat you.’


‘I still don’t get why he doesn’t use all of his quirk.’


‘Could be a personal reason. Maybe he injured a family member with it and refuses out of fear it goes out of control.’


‘That could be. We’ll never really know unless he tells us.’


The two were broken from their conversation as Shinsou tapped his shoulder, trying to get his attention. Izuku quickly looked over to Shinsou.


“Hmm?” Izuku asked.


“Ryuko let me join the group. You need any help holding Ryuko up?”


“No, I’m going to be in full dragon mode. So you two will just be riding me. I take it you’ll try to get them to respond to you so it’s easy for Ryu to take headbands?” Izuku asked.


“How did you know?”


“She and I have similar ideas when it comes to plans. In this case, we both know how awesome your quirk is. You’d be perfect in allowing us to steal points.” Izuku explained.


Shinsou, despite getting praise by his two friends for an impressive quirk, still wasn’t used to the compliments, a faint blush forming on his cheeks.


“Well, to answer your question, yeah. That’s the plan.”


“Well then welcome aboard!” Izuku said, clapping Shinsou’s shoulder.


Shinsou chuckled at the sudden change from serious and analytical to friendly and encouraging. Meanwhile, Izuku had a conversation with his quirk.


‘Why didn’t you tell me he was here?’


‘The sixth sense only works with people of ill intent like in a fight.’


‘You couldn’t have mentioned that aspect before?’


‘I kinda assumed in that big brain of yours you knew what I meant when I said I gave you a sixth sense for when ENEMIES are nearby.’


S-Shut up!’


They were broken from their arguing as a bell sounded.


“The teaming up phase has ended! Everyone get into your positions on the field! Headbands on!”

Chapter Text

Izuku and Shinsou stood, carrying Ryuko. He was unable to shift into dragon mode until the match began, so he had to wait. Their plan was to have Shinsou let go when Izuku shifted into dragon mode and quickly get on once he was finished.


“We all remember the plan?” Ryuko asked.




“I do.”




Izuku and Shinsou tensed themselves at Present Mic’s voice. Ryuko took a calming breath as she waited.




Izuku sprang into action, immediately forming his dragon body. Shinsou let go of Ryuko and her butt fell onto Izuku’s scaley back. Izuku let loose a large trail of fire in front of him to deter the other teams from attacking them while Shinsou climbed on. 


Shinsou was unfamiliar with riding a dragon as he had never experienced it before. If it weren’t for Bakugo injuring Izuku in the battle trials the second day of school, he might have had the opportunity to get used to it. 


“Hold on, guys!” Izuku warned.


What Shinsou expected was for Izuku to take flight, but that wasn’t the case. 


“What’s wrong?” Ryuko asked.


“I’m stuck!” Izuku said.


Ryuko looked at the ground and found it seemed to be affected by a quirk. Looking around, she found the source to be a student from 1-B. From his foot, a path of altered ground was seen. 


The student in question had beige colored hair and didn’t seem to have any lips, his teeth exposed for all to see. His eyes looked angular and he had a more flat nose than usual.


Izuku spotted the same student. Breathing deeply, he let loose a wall of flames that distracted the student long enough for Izuku to get out of the softened ground. He opened his wings and took flight. Shinsou gripped onto Ryuko for dear life as he felt the sensation of his body gaining in elevation.


Immediately, the more long range oriented teams were targeting the dragon, intent on getting that sweet one million points for themselves. Izuku noticed right away that Todoroki’s team was focusing on his team primarily. He didn’t see him going for any other teams except for when they decided to try going for him.


Ryuko noticed Mina’s team targeting one of the groups of 1-B members. She realized the reason why them specifically when she noticed her headband was off. She mentally wished her friend luck before refocusing on her team’s predicament.


Izuku was bobbing and weaving in the air, avoiding the crosshairs of Momo Yaoyorozu. She looked to be holding a bazooka, but Ryuko had a thought that it wasn’t the case. She theorized it was a net gun and she intended on using it to bring Izuku to the ground.


Izuku suddenly lurched to the right. When looking for the cause of such a thing, she saw Izuku avoided a laser shot from Aoyama. The Navel Laser quirked boy was in a group with Mashirao Ojiro and a chubby, round-faced, and pale blue haired boy from Class 1-B. 


She suddenly saw a much larger laser shot from Aoyama, prompting Izuku to evade even further. Her eyes widened in surprise as she saw Aoyama wasn’t in massive pain over the stomach ache she would have thought he should have gotten from firing such a blast. It might have been due to the 1-B student’s quirk.


A large pillar of ice shoots up at Izuku, causing him to dodge once again. The source was from the heterochromatic boy hellbent on beating Izuku in the Sports Festival. Izuku found himself smirking, enjoying seeing the look of disappointment on the boy’s face.


‘That’s right. I’m not going down that easily.’


‘He doesn’t like you much does he?’


‘Not in this moment, no.’




The man in the blue suit and flaming hair watched with an ever increasing grimace.


“That boy can’t even bring that thing down?” He growled, referring to the green scaled dragon in the air with venom in his voice.


Just watching his son fight with the green dragon was bringing back memories he would rather forget. He clenched his fist tighter as his fire slowly got larger. Noticing the beeping of the nearby smoke alarm, he tried calming his flames slightly.


Suddenly, an idea came to the man’s mind and he couldn’t help but form an evil-looking smirk.






A certain explosive blonde haired boy was allowed a day off on the day of the sports festival. In his room, he watched the sports festival.


Gritting his teeth, he watched as Izuku avoids more ice pillars.


“Fucking Deku.” He growled.




Ryuko felt Shinsou holding onto Ryuko tighter as Izuku swerved to avoid the ice. She placed a hand on her friend’s hand, patting it once in a show of comfort. Her other hand was placed on Izuku firmly.


“Agh!” Izuku let out.


Suddenly, Ryuko felt Izuku lurch downwards and to the left. Looking, she saw Izuku had a net around his left wing.


“Izu! Switch!”


“You sure?”


“I’m sure!”


Ryuko pulled off the headband and stood up. Shinsou looked at her with confusion, his confusion increasing when Shinsou was given her headband. She then jumped off the side of Izuku, her dragon form taking shape around her.


Shinsou had a momentary heart attack as his place of sitting disappeared when Izuku shifted back to his human form. He let out a cry of fear as he fell a couple feet down to Ryuko’s back. Izuku was more quiet as he fell.




“Damn! That’s some coordination!” The woman, still in her chair, said.


She smiled, watching the team of dragons and brainwasher work.


“Now I know I want them for interns.”


She pressed a button on her desk.


“Get me the paperwork for internships.”


“Understood, ma’am. They will be up soon.”


“Thank you.”


She removed her finger from the button and sat back in her chair, going back to watching the Sports Festival.




The plan worked as the net became useless since there was no more wing to hold onto. Ryuko felt Izuku and Shinsou landing on her back as she flew.


“Nice job!” Izuku said, a trembling Shinsou holding onto Izuku for dear life.




“As long as the one holding the headband is supported, this is allowed!”


Shinsou’s terror slowly went away as his mind registered him sitting on a solid surface again. 


“How you doing back there, Shinsou?” Izuku asked.


“F-F-Fine.” Shinsou replied.


“Hopefully, that’s the last time we’ll have to do that.” Izuku said.


Izuku’s words comforted Shinsou slightly. Izuku was glad Shinsou seemed to calm down. He needed him at his best. 


“I’m diving down!” Ryuko warned.


Izuku and Shinsou felt the lurching feeling in their stomachs that they were dropping.


“Shinsou, over there!” Izuku pointed to Aoyama’s group.


Izuku felt bad for targeting Aoyama. Technically, they could win without taking anything. Even so, they still wanted to try taking some headbands. Holding onto Ryuko tightly with his legs, he felt her tip over.


“Hey Aoyama!” Shinsou shouted, biting back the fear of being in the air upside down.




Aoyama’s eyes glazed over, allowing Izuku to grab the headband from Aoyama’s head without any problem. The team then increased in elevation once again.


“Nice job!” Izuku said over the rushing wings.


Large pillars of ice started forming all around Ryuko. She had to cease her ascent to avoid them properly. 


“Shit! Todoroki seems to be pissed now!” Ryuko commented sarcastically.


“We might not be safe in the sky anymore, Ryu.” Izuku said.


“How so?”


Izuku pointed up where an ice dome was formed by all the pillars of ice. Ryuko cursed herself for not noticing that earlier. She landed on the ground, looking around for Todoroki’s team.


She saw them shooting out from around a pillar of ice, heading straight for them. Ryuko shot some fire towards them, but was forced to avoid stream of ice shooting towards them. Landing, she saw them standing still and staring them down.


Ryuko returned the glare Todoroki gave her. Her tail slowly swished left and right as she lowered her posture.


“ONE MINUTE!” Present Mic’s voice echoed in the ice dome that Todoroki created.




Ryuko readied herself for an attack. But it wasn’t an attack that was coming.




Faster than Ryuko could perceive, Todoroki’s team shot right past them. Ryuko thought they missed until Shinsou spoke.


“Where’s the headband?!” Shinsou said. 


The only headband they had on was the headband from Aoyama’s team. Turning to face them, Ryuko charged Todoroki’s team. She assumed they were immobilized as they didn’t seem to be running from them.

She dodged ice being shot at her, but at this pace, they’d lose.


“Ryu! Use your tail!” Izuku said, standing and running back to her tail.




Izuku jumped before grabbing onto Ryuko’s tail. Ryuko thrusted her tail forwards, shooting Izuku through the air towards Todoroki’s team. He formed his wings and beat them once, increasing his speed.


Izuku angled himself so that he came in on Todoroki’s fire side. As long as Todoroki wasn’t using his fire, he’d exploit it.


He came soaring past, spotting a small bit of flame forming on Todoroki’s arm. His eyes widened in surprise and he formed his scales in case he had fire to deal with. That thought dissipated as he saw the fire extinguish. 


Izuku grabbed the headband right before the end of the match.




Ryuko shifted into her human form, letting Shinsou off before doing so. Todoroki was let off his group. He glared at Izuku who was rejoining his group.


‘I used his power.’ Todoroki thought.


Izuku rejoined his group and waited for the standings to be posted. Izuku could already feel Ryuko’s excitement.


Her excitement became tenfold as they were revealed to be first place. She squealed and glomped Izuku in a hug. Izuku was laughing, returning his mate’s hug happily. He looked up to see Shinsou watching them with an amused smile. He gave Izuku a thumbs up and he returned the gesture.




Ryuko finally got off Izuku and helped him up. He wore a smile on his face. Throughout the announcement, he was peppered with kisses from his girlfriend.


“C’mon, let’s get some food.” Ryuko said, taking his hand.


Izuku was about to go with them when Todoroki got his attention.


“Midoriya.” Todoroki called.


Izuku glanced at Todoroki with a raised eyebrow. Ryuko was also looking at him, but a more cautious expression on his face.


“Can we speak in private?” Todoroki asked.


Izuku watched him for a moment before he and Ryuko looked at each other. He nodded at her with a smile.


“I’ll get some food for you.” Ryuko said.


“Thanks, Ryu.” Izuku said, kissing her cheek.


Izuku followed Todoroki to a secluded spot.



Todoroki stared at Izuku as they stood in a hallway. He stared unblinkingly, having Izuku think that Todoroki was trying to intimidate him. 


“Uh, we don’t really have forever to get food. I’m kinda hungry from the Cavalry Battle, too.” Izuku said, attempting to start a conversation.


The green haired boy’s statement was met with silence. 


“If this is all you want to do, I’m going to leave-”


“I almost broke my oath.” Todoroki said.


“Huh?” Izuku raised his eyebrow.


“You made me almost break my oath to never use my fire.”


“To be honest, it’s a pretty stupid oath.” Izuku said.


Todoroki seemed to ignore Izuku’s statement.


“I swore to never use that man’s power.”


“It’s not really his power is it?”


“It is.”


“So you’re saying since my father’s Firedrake, I’m using his quirk? Newsflash, that’s not how quirks work.”


Todoroki sighed, shaking his head. Looking back up, he spoke again.


“Have you ever heard of Quirk Marriages?”


Izuku’s eyes narrowed as he thought about what it was, but then his eyes widened. Todoroki seemed to notice his realization.


“My father bought my mother from her parents with intentions of producing an heir. He wanted a child that had both an ice and a fire quirk for a strong successor. After four failures, I was the success. A perfect merging of both quirks. He relentlessly trained me, not stopping for even the largest bruise. He kept me from interacting with other people, and most of all abused my mother.”


Izuku felt himself get angry at hearing about such abuse.


“It got so bad that one day, my mother poured boiling water on my face. She said my fire side looked like him. After that, my father put my mother away in a mental hospital. I swore to never use his fire ever.”


Todoroki began walking away.


“Todoroki.” Izuku called after him.


Shouto turned around to face Izuku.


“I understand what you went through was terrible, but that doesn’t give you an excuse to hold yourself back. I guarantee that you won’t beat me with just your ice.” Izuku said.


Todoroki didn’t answer and simply walked away.


“One more thing. You calling it his fire was your first mistake.” Izuku said, making Shouto pause before continuing to walk away.




Izuku arrived at the cafeteria. Almost immediately, he saw Ryuko waving him over. He smiled, heading over to his mate. When Izuku reached the table, Ryuko slid over a plate full of delicious meaty foods. Izuku’s mouth watered at the sight.


“So what did he want to talk about?” Shinsou asked as Izuku sat down.


“He told me why he didn’t use his fire. It’s rather private stuff, so I’d rather not say much.” Izuku said.


Shinsou and Ryuko nodded in understanding.


“Understandable.” Shinsou said with a nod.


The three continued eating in silence. Once finished, they had idle conversations about if they’d be matched up against one another.


“So, if we’re together, I’d say a good old hand-to-hand fight would be nice.” Izuku commented to Shinsou.


“No quirks?”


“No quirks. Since without yours, you’re technically quirkless, meaning you’ll have to show off your fighting prowess to the heroes that are watching.” Izuku explained.


“Alright, I understand that. We’ll be doing a quirkless match then.”


“I look forward to it, if we are matched together.” Izuku said with a smile.


“Same.” Shinsou replied.


“The same will go for me, too, Shinsou.” Ryuko said with a nod.


“Yeah. And if it’s us, we’re going dragon versus dragon.” Izuku said.


“That’ll be an interesting fight. Probably more fun than the fight with Firedrake.” Shinsou commented.


Once again, Izuku felt Ryuko’s tail wrap around him. He smiled, nodding while patting Ryuko’s tail gently.


“Yeah. It’ll be fun, alright.” Izuku said.




Everyone in the cafeteria began filing out to the stands, students included. Ryuko left with Izuku hand in hand.

Chapter Text

“Before we begin, let’s all go over the rules! You will fight in one on one battles. To win in a battle, your opponent must be unable to continue or across the line on the perimeter of this field! Knockouts are also acceptable if unintentional! Do not purposely injure your opponents! That is grounds for disqualification or worse. Lastly, your opponents will be decided by lots! Do you understand the rules?”


“Yes, ma’am!” The students shouted in reply.


The students were allowed to go to their class’ viewing areas while their opponents were being decided. 


Izuku and Ryuko got to the 1-A section of the stands, sitting together as the tournament bracket was announced. Looking onto the board, they see the pairings for the first fights.


Ryuko Tatsuma vs. Itsuka Kendo


Izuku Midoriya vs. Juzo Honenuki


Hitoshi Shinsou vs. Hanta Sero


Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu vs. Eijiro Kirishima


Ibara Shiozaki vs. Denki Kaminari


Mina Ashido vs. Momo Yaoyorozu


Tenya Iida vs. Ochako Uraraka


Shouto Todoroki vs. ???


Izuku raised an eyebrow in confusion after seeing Todoroki’s pairing. He wasn’t paired with anyone.




Izuku watched as the screen for Shouto’s pairing changed.


Shouto Todoroki vs. Fumikage Tokoyami


Izuku felt bad for Tokoyami. Todoroki was strong even without his fire quirk. It would be an uphill battle to succeed for the bird-headed boy. 


“I guess I gotta get going now.” Ryuko said, standing from her seat.


“I’ll come with.”


Izuku and Ryuko left the viewing box for 1-A hand in hand.


The pair of dragons walk down the hallway to the ready room, a silence passing over the both of them. Izuku decided to take it upon himself to break the silence.


“Kendo seems pretty tough.” Izuku said.


“Yeah she does.” Ryuko said.


“I know you’ll win, though.” Izuku said confidently.


Ryuko giggled lightly, leaning her head on Izuku’s shoulder. She always loved Izuku’s confidence. She never liked how nervous Izuku was when they were younger. 


The pair reached the ready room and entered together. Izuku released her hand and pulled her into a hug. The pair pulled back after the hug and Ryuko gained a wry smile. She took the back of Izuku’s head and pulled his face towards her, placing a passionate kiss on his lips. After a moment, Izuku returned the kiss with as much passion as her.


Pulling back, they rested their foreheads against each other.


“Good luck.” Izuku whispered.


Ryuko gained a soft smile.


“You better watch me.” Ryuko whispered.


“I will.” Izuku said.




Ryuko pecked Izuku’s lips once before she left. Izuku watched after her for a moment before jogging back to his class’ viewing box.


Izuku reached the viewing box and sat in his seat, looking on in excitement.




Ryuko stepped up to the field, a serious look on her face. On the opposite side, a ginger haired girl with teal eyes stepped up as well. Her hair was tied into a ponytail on the left side of her head. 


The girl, now revealed to be Itsuka, bowed to Ryuko before moving into a fighting position. Ryuko returned the bow before getting into a similar stance.


“Fighters ready!” Midnight called.




Itsuka’s hands increased in size and she clapped her hands together, a huge gust of wind shooting towards Ryuko. Thinking quickly, Ryuko formed her claws and dug into the floor just as the wind hit.


After the clap, Kendo began waving her hands around, creating turbulent winds that kept Ryuko grounded and unable to move. She grit her teeth as she fought against the wind.


Slowly, she felt the wind ease up. Ryuko assumed her opponent was tiring and began making her way to Itsuka, digging her claws into the ground and pulling herself closer and closer. She formed her tail as she moved.


When she was close enough, Kendo threw a hand down to slam Ryuko into the ground. The slam never happened as Ryuko grabbed onto the enlarged hand with her tail. She formed her feet and dug into the ground with them as well before lifting Kendo by her hand and tossing her towards the edge.


Kendo tried to stop her movement, forming her enlarged hands and clapping them together. She was happy the method worked, as it stopped her movement, but at the same time, she was disappointed, as she landed on her butt outside of the ring.


“Match over! Winner! Ryuko Tatsuma!”


The crowd went crazy as Ryuko reverted her limbs back to their human counterparts. She walked over to Kendo, who was now standing, and extended a hand, which she took.


“It was a good match. Nearly had me.” Ryuko said with a smile.

“It was foolish of me to only rely on my quirk. Next time, I’ll win for sure.” Kendo smiled.


“You’re on.” Ryuko said with a grin.


The pair walked off the field together, complementing the use of their quirks.




Izuku ran down to meet Ryuko after he was done cheering for her victory.


“Ryu! That was awesome!” Izuku said encouragingly, pulling Ryuko into a tight hug.


“Thanks, Izu. Now you just gotta win your match.” Ryuko said, giggling.


“Yeah. That Juzo guy was the one who caught us in the beginning of the cavalry battle. I’m going to have to be extra careful.” Izuku said.


“Well, like you said to me, I know you’ll win.” Ryuko said.


Izuku smiled at his mate’s confident words. He always loved the confidence Ryuko had in him and always wanted to live up to it. 


“Yeah, I will.” Izuku said.




“Gotta go.” Izuku said, hugging her.


He was about to leave when Ryuko grabbed his hand.


“Wait.” Ryuko said, pulling him to her.


The two met in a loving kiss, Izuku knowing exactly what she wanted to do. Izuku wrapped her in a gentle embrace as they kissed. As the two pulled back, they shared a smile.


“For good luck.” Ryuko said before pulling away from their embrace.


“Now I know I’ll win.” Izuku said.


Ryuko giggled as she watched Izuku walk away with a wide smile on his face. As he disappeared, she left for her class’ viewing box.




Izuku arrived at the field, facing the lipless boy that was Juzo Honenuki. Izuku gave the boy a thumbs up, flashing a friendly smile. Juzo returned the gesture, his eyes showing he was smiling, more so than his teeth.


“Are you two ready?” Midnight said.


The two shared a nod.


“Start!” Midnight said.


Before Juzo could manage to catch him, Izuku formed his wings and took flight. Right after his feet left the ground, it became soft. The lipless boy let out a grunt of disappointment as Izuku flew towards him.


Izuku pulled back and let loose a left roundhouse kick, using the momentum of his flight to fuel it. Juzo tried to evade from the kick. Unfortunately for Honenuki, he wasn’t quick enough and got sent sideways.


Juzo used his quirk to stop his movements just before going across the line. He looked at the line and let out a sigh of relief. Looking up and seeing a rapidly nearing Izuku, he cursed before diving away.


Izuku didn’t give Juzo any time to recover, attacking him with a flurry of airbourne punches and kicks. Juzo blocked most of them and dodged the rest. Despite blocking them, he was being pushed back with each hit.


Izuku had an idea on how to successfully get past Juzo’s defense. Taking a page out of Ryuko’s book, he formed his tail, but kept it behind him. After a successful hit with a foot, he snaked his tail underneath him and wrapped it around the lipless boy’s ankle. Raising his wings, he flapped into the air, taking the surprised Honenuki with him.


Izuku then spun once around and tossed Juzo out of the ring. He landed before running to the boy.


“Shit, I think I threw too hard.” Izuku said to himself.


“Winner! Izuku Midoriya!” Midnight shouted as Izuku arrived at Juzo’s side.


“Are you alright? I think I might have thrown you too hard.” Izuku said.


Juzo rubbed the back of his head where he felt a slight bump form.


“I’m alright. That was a good fight. I can tell I need to improve.” Juzo said.


Izuku sighed.


“That’s good. I was worried.” Izuku said before standing up.


Izuku offered a hand to Juzo. Accepting it, Juzo got pulled up. He gave the green haired kid a nod before the pair walked back to the stands.




Ryuko trapped Izuku in a tight hug, happy her mate won his battle. While some would be worried about going up against each other, the two of them were used to it and openly enjoyed doing such a thing.


Izuku smiled at her enthusiasm, returning the hug a bit more gently. The pair drew back and smiled at each other.


“C’mon. Shinsou’s match is gonna start.” Ryuko said.


The pair went to their seats, ready to watch what was going to be one of the quickest battles in the Sports Festival.




Shinsou got into his ready position on his side of the ring. He silently an analyzed his opponent. Hanta Sero was his classmate, and because of that, he might be ready for his quirk. Though, Sero wasn’t really the brightest in the class. It couldn’t hurt to try using his quirk.


“Begin!” Midnight announced.


“Hey, Sero. No hard feelings when I beat you?” Shinsou asked, flashing a cocky smirk.




Shinsou had to suppress the urge to laugh. Poor Sero, easily tricked.


“Sorry, Hanta. You should have known better,” Shinsou said. “Now walk across the line.”


Sero didn’t respond, only turning around and walking across the line.


“Hanta Sero is out of bounds! Winner! Hitoshi Shinsou!” Midnight announced.


It was at that time that Sero’s brainwashing was lifted. He shook his head, looked down and back at Shinsou.


“Aww c’mon! No fair!” Sero shouted.


It was at that moment that Shinsou let out his amused laughter.




Izuku and Ryuko, along with most of the class watched the match with blank faces, disappointed in Sero’s inability to keep his mouth shut.


Seeing the two walk off the field, Izuku shook his head.


“And he wonders why he isn’t getting higher marks on his schoolwork.” Izuku commented.


Ryuko giggled at Izuku’s sarcastic comment.


“By the way, where’s Mina? I was actually thinking she’d be sitting with us.” Izuku commented.


Ryuko gestured to the other set of seats across from them. Looking over there, Izuku saw Mina sitting with Ochako. Ochako seemed to be blushing a bit more while Mina had a lilac tint to her cheeks. The two seemed to be sitting close to each other.


Izuku instantly understood what was going on. Happy for his friends, he smiled. He looked back over to Ryuko, lacing his fingers together with hers.


“Our little Mina’s all grown up.” Ryuko joked, causing Izuku to chuckle.


The next match they watched was a rather boring one. Kirishima went up against what seemed to be his clone in 1-B, Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu. His quirk allowed him to cover himself in steel, much like Kirishima’s quirk.


The match consisted of them punching each other repeatedly, not backing down at all. It was fought until a stalemate. The two competitors passed out, causing the match to be a tie.


After the tie, Kaminari went up against a student from 1-B, Ibara Shiozaki. Her quirk allowed her to manipulate her vine-like hair. Kaminari didn’t stand a chance as after one discharge, he was in his stupid mode, giving Ibara an easy win.


The next matchup was Mina vs Momo. Mina was very athletic and quick. But Momo was smart and calculating. With the training of the past week, she was able to make things a bit quicker. The two dragons couldn’t decide who would win. They would root for both, though.




Mina stepped into the ring, looking at Momo with a grin. She knew this match was going to be fun.




Immediately, Mina secreted acid and started sliding her way towards Momo as fast as she could. Her pace wasn’t fast enough as Momo already opened her shirt and formed what looked to be a bazooka. Immediately, Mina gaped as Momo fired a rocket at her.


Mina avoided the projectile right before it exploded into a thick substance. She didn’t want to find out what it was. Momo made another rocket and loaded it into her bazooka as Mina was distracted. Momo made a pair of roller blades and quickly slipped them on. It was at that moment Mina remembered where she was. 


Mina saw the gear on Momo’s feet and smirked. This battle was getting to be interesting.


Momo began skating around, avoiding Mina’s acid as she threw it at her. The two class 1-A students started a dance of battle, Momo firing more of her rockets at Mina while the pink haired girl threw acid mainly at her roller blades to trip her up.


Not looking, Mina suddenly came to a stop. Looking down, she saw her feet in the thick sludge that exploded out of Momo’s rockets.


“Dammit!” Mina cursed.


While trying to get out of the sludge, Mina didn’t notice Momo aim another rocket. Momo pulled the trigger and a rocket hit Mina directly, covering everything below her neck in thick sludge. She struggled to get free but is unable to.


“Are you unable to move?” Midnight asked.


“Yeah.” Mina said with a sigh.


“Mina Ashido is unable to continue! Winner! Momo Yaoyorozu!” Midnight announced.




Ryuko clapped, even though her friend lost. It sucked that Mina lost, but it was a good fight all the same. Izuku was feeling similarly, though he somehow managed to summon a notebook out of thin air to note down all that Momo did.


“Should I be getting jealous about you writing a lot about Momo?” Ryuko teased.


“W-W-What?! I-I would never-!” Izuku was cut off by Ryuko’s laughter.


“I know, Izu. I just like to tease.” Ryuko said.


Izuku gained a deep blush and pouted at his mate.


“You’re mean.”


“But you still love me.” Ryuko said with a teasing smile.


The pair quieted down as the next match started. Ochako was already at a disadvantage against Iida, but she managed to stay in the ring longer than Ryuko expected. There was only so much she could do against a speedster like Iida.


Ochako managed to surprise Iida at first by taking his initial attack head on. She managed to plant all five fingers on her opponent’s shin, causing him to float. 


Iida countered Ochako’s move by using his engines to move around in the air. Iida proved to be an expert at speed even when floating. Ochako, not knowing much about fighting techniques, sloppily blocked each of Iida’s attacks. Each attack sent her stumbling back further and further until she was across the line.


Ochako ended up losing the match, to Mina’s disappointment, but she did show she was able to keep up with Iida, showing she had good reflexes. The pros were certain to have seen that. When Ochako walked off the field, Mina got up and left 1-A’s viewing box. Both Izuku and Ryuko had an idea where she went. 


The last match for the round was another quick match. As soon as the match started, Shouto Todoroki trapped his opponent Fumikage Tokoyami in a literal glacier. The match was called soon after.




Izuku turned to Ryuko with a smile.


“Our match is up first.” Ryuko said, returning Izuku’s smile.


“I can’t wait.” Izuku said.


“Me neither.”

Chapter Text



Izuku walked through the gate leading to the field, walking into the ring.




Izuku blushed at Present Mic’s title for Ryuko, but decided to focus on his mate as she walked into the ring. He smiled softly at her. She returned his smile. Even though they were about to fight, they still shared a loving look, knowing no hard feelings will come of the match.


“Midnight, can we make a request?” Ryuko asked.


“What is the request?” Midnight asked.


“We’d like to use the entire stadium, not just this ring.”


“Why is that?”


“We’re going to be using our dragon forms for the entire match. We don’t really plan on stopping until one of us is tired.” Izuku said for Ryuko.


“I’ll allow it!” Midnight announced.




The crowd went crazy over the declaration.




“Hydris? I have the papers for the internships.”


“Thank you, Kenzi.” the woman replied.


A blonde haired woman came into the pro hero’s office, carrying a few papers. She set them on her desk before nodding and leaving the office.


The woman turned back to the screen just as Present Mic declared it was going to be a literal dragon fight. She leaned back in her chair and smiled happily.


“This’ll be interesting.” the woman commented.




“Fighters ready?” Midnight looked to the two participants.


The two dragon quirk users nodded before lowering their stances.




Immediately, the two formed their dragon bodies before charging at each other, lunging at one another and meeting in the middle. They linked their claws together and pushed against one another for a moment, the ground crackling at the strength displayed. 


Ryuko pivoted her body and threw Izuku to the side. Izuku extended his wings and glided to the ground. He quickly turned in time to see Ryuko flying at him through the air. Izuku lifted himself onto his hind legs and lashed out with his front claws as Ryuko came close.


Ryuko’s scaled body caught the claws. Ryuko winced at the strike. She flapped her wings and sent herself backwards. She lands on the ground and slid to a stop.


“Our mate is strong.”


‘I agree.’ Ryuko thought.


“Let us test how strong he is.”


Ryuko raised her wings and bared her teeth.


“This is getting fun, Izu.” Ryuko said.


“I hope you don’t plan on giving up so soon.” Izuku replied.


“Not at all.”


The pair tackled each other, the pair rolling around and striking each other. Eventually, Izuku kicked Ryuko off of him.


As Ryuko landed on her back, Izuku charged towards her and bit her tail. Ryuko’s eyes widen as Izuku spun her before releasing his hold on her tail and letting her fly into the wall. She let out a grunt as she hit the wall.


Groaning, she climbed out of the wall. That hit rattled her a bit, but she shook it off. She raised her wings and took flight, Izuku flying up after her.


Ryuko could see the competitive smile on her mate’s face. Despite the situation, she couldn’t help but smile fondly at his face. Refocusing on the task at hand, she dove for the rapidly ascending green dragon.


Like before when they met head on, they crashed against one another, but spun together in the air this time. Izuku put some fire into his attack, literally, opening his maw and breathing a torrent of fire at Ryuko.


Ryuko fell back, flying away from Izuku’s range. Izuku stopped his flame breath and watched his mate fly around. He remained in place as he stayed on guard.


“You’re no fun, Izu. Why don’t you chase me?” Ryuko goads.


“We’ve fought before, Ryu. I know what you want to do.” Izuku said.


“Oh, poo.” 


Ryuko was beginning to feel fatigue. Changing into her dragon form still took a lot out of her, even if she didn’t feel the energy drain the first couple times she fully formed herself. She made a mental note to work on the duration of using her full form after the Sports Festival.


Izuku seemed to notice Ryuko’s fatigue. He also was feeling fatigue, but not as much as Ryuko. Using his full form was easier for him, so he could use it for a longer time without tiring.


“Last attack?” Izuku asked.


“Last attack.” Ryuko agreed.


“Then let’s make it count!” Izuku said, descending to the ground.


Ryuko followed Izuku’s movement.


“May the best dragon become the victor.” Izuku said.


Ryuko and Izuku neared each other, staring into each other’s eyes. They slowly picked up the pace. Izuku, with his horned head, lowered it slightly. As Ryuko got close, she jumped up, raising her front claws to bring it down on Izuku.


As Ryuko came down on Izuku, he rammed his horned head upwards, hitting Ryuko’s midsection. Pivoting himself, he slammed her into the ground on her side with the help of his front claws.


Ryuko landed on the ground in a heavy rumble, wincing as she felt the ground meet her head. She was panting heavily, trying her hardest to maintain her dragon form for a few more moments.


Izuku placed one claw on Ryuko’s abdomen. Lowering his head to Ryuko’s level, he whispered to her.


“That was an awesome fight. You really gave me a challenge.” Izuku whispered.


Ryuko’s lips curved upwards in a smile as she heard Izuku’s compliment. She felt Izuku nuzzle her head with his. 


Izuku looked towards Midnight and nodded. Midnight nodded in return.


“Ryuko Tatsuma is unable to continue! The winner is Izuku Midoriya!” Midnight announced.


The crowd erupted into cheers as the two dragons reverted to their human forms. Izuku smiled at Ryuko, who returned the smile tiredly.


“Alright, Ryu. Time to head to Recovery Girl.” Izuku said, helping his mate up and walking with her to the infirmary.




“It was smart of you to come to the infirmary. After that fight, I was worried that one of you were injured.” Recovery Girl said, checking over Ryuko.


“Is everything fine?” Izuku asked.


“For you, yes,” Recovery Girl said before turning to Ryuko.


“You’ll have to stay and rest.”




“It’s obvious you’re still new to your full dragon form. You stressed yourself a lot, even though you may not feel it right now.” Recovery Girl explained.


“It’s that bad, huh?” Ryuko asked.


“I’m afraid so. You can watch the matches on the TV over here. And of course, you’re welcome to stay with her.” Recovery Girl said to the two of them.


“Thank you, Recovery Girl.” Izuku said.


The short elderly woman smiled before moving to her desk to do paperwork. Izuku helped Ryuko get comfortable in the medical bed before sitting in a chair next to her.


The pair were silent, simply looking at each other. A smile formed on Ryuko’s face. Izuku felt a smile form on his. The pair shared a hug.


“You realize, since you won against me, you’ll have to win the whole Sports Festival, right?” Ryuko asked.


“You’re putting a lot on my shoulders, Ryu.” Izuku said sarcastically.


Ryuko giggled.


“Well, you can handle it.” Ryuko said with a smile, leaning her head against his shoulder. 




Ryuko and Izuku turned to watch the TV in the infirmary.




Shinsou stepped into the ring. He knew how his opponent was. He would not beat him in a frontal assault. That would be suicide.


Kirishima, the winner of the tie breaker, stepped inside the ring on the opposite side of the lilac haired boy. He was oddly silent. 


‘He should have declared something about having a manly fight or something by now.’ Shinsou thought.


“Good luck, Kirishima.” Shinsou attempted.


Kirishima simply nodded. He mentally cursed. His quirk required a verbal response, not just a nod. That meant he’d have to work to get Kirishima under his control. Or he could possibly catch him off balance and knock him out of the ring.


“Start!” Midnight called, bringing Shinsou out of his thoughts.


Kirishima charged at Shinsou, activating his quirk and hardening his whole body. Shinsou charged at Kirishima in return, somewhat surprising the spiky haired boy. Hitoshi noticed the surprise as it slowed the boy down slightly.


At the last moment before Kirishima reached him, Shinsou dove to the side. Kirishima’s momentum prevented him from turning as quickly as he slid to a stop.


“Running’s so unmanly!” Kirishima shouted.


“Would you prefer me to stand still?” Shinsou asked in another attempt to take control of Kirishima.


Kirishima didn’t answer as he charged at him again. Right before Shinsou dodged out of the way, Kirishima thrusted a punch into Shinsou’s stomach, sending him sprawling. He was NOT ready for that.


He groaned as he looked up at his surroundings. He had to roll out of the way of a punch intended for his face. Using his training, he swept Kirishima’s legs out from under him. The spiky haired boy landed in a thump, giving Shinsou time to get up. He decided to try again to take control of him.


“You alright?”




Kirishima’s second nature response was his doom as his eyes glazed over and he was under Shinsou’s complete control.


“Walk out of the ring.” Shinsou ordered.


Kirishima stood up, mentally screaming at himself to stop moving as he went to the edge of the ring. He stepped past the ring and felt control return to him.


“Match over! Winner! Hitoshi Shinsou!” Midnight announced.


Shinsou walked to Kirishima.


“Sorry for that.”


“Nah, man. It’s fine. While it was unmanly, it was my fault for responding in the first place. Let’s have a straight fight next time.” Kirishima said, extending his hand for Shinsou to shake.


Shinsou smiled and took Kirishima’s hand, shaking it.


“WHAT SPORTSMANSHIP!” Present Mic shouted at the display.




Ryuko and Izuku smiled at their friend’s success.


“Good for him.” Ryuko said.


“Yeah. I look forward to fighting him.” Izuku said.


“I look forward to watching.” Ryuko added.


“NOW LET’S GET MOVING ON TO THE NEXT MATCH!” Present Mic’s voice brought their attention back to the television.






Momo stepped into the ring with a serious expression.




Ibara stepped into the ring, bowing to Momo.


“May The Lord smile upon this match.” Shiozaki said.


Momo returned the bow.


“I wish you luck.” Momo said.


“You two ready?” Midnight asked.


Both of them nodded.




Momo, knowing her opponent, created a katana out of her arm. She grabbed the hilt just in time to cut up the vines Shiozaki sent her way. She created a grenade in her hand, pulling the pin and chucking it. Before it landed, Momo created a gas mask and put it on. 


Shiozaki didn’t bother trying to attack after the grenade was thrown, more focused on protecting herself from the explosion. She formed vines all around her to shield her. Not hearing any explosion, she removed her vines and was met with smoke. She instantly covered her mouth with her hand.


Shiozaki couldn’t see anything but smoke as she tried searching for her opponent. 


Meanwhile, Momo created a cannon outside of the smoke. She then went into the cloud. Her plan was a success so far.


Shiozaki heard footsteps and hastily shot vines in the direction. She noticed nothing changed and no one was where she shot her vines. She grit her teeth as she looked around. More footsteps. She couldn’t tell from where. Suddenly, the blunt end of Yaoyorozu’s katana slammed into Ibara’s side, sending her stumbling. 


Shiozaki recovered in time to see her disappear into the smoke. She followed where Yaoyorozu last was, intent on getting out of the smoke. She didn’t realize she was being led into a trap.


Light soon greeted the vine-haired student. She noticed a black object next to a kneeling Yaoyorozu. Before she could react, what felt like a cannonball slammed into her abdomen and sent her sprawling. It knocked the breath out of her and she was struggling to even stay conscious after landing. Blackness was at the edges of her vision.


She suddenly saw Momo’s worried expression over her as her vision faded. She heard a muffled voice as she slipped into unconsciousness.




“Midnight! Please call the match!” Yaoyorozu said, quickly lifting the unconscious Shiozaki.


“Uh- Yaoyorozu wins the match!” Midnight announced before jogging over to Momo.


“I hit her wrong and knocked her out.” Momo explained quickly.


“Go to the infirmary then.” 


Yaoyorozu nodded before rushing to Recovery Girl’s office.




“What happened?” Izuku asked as Momo arrived in the infirmary.


“I hit her wrong. I didn’t mean to knock her out. Just to knock her off her feet.” Momo said, her eyes filled with worry.


“She’s fine dearie. Don’t worry,” Recovery Girl said after inspecting Shiozaki. “She just needs to rest.”


Momo breathed a sigh of relief.


“Thank goodness.” Momo said.


“Good job winning the match, by the way.” Ryuko said with a thumbs up.


“Thank you, Ryuko.” Momo said with a smile.


“You earned it!” Ryuko replied.


Momo smiled at the blonde haired girl.


“I’ll return to my class now. If I don’t see you before your next match, I wish you luck.” Momo said to Izuku before taking her leave.








The two students took their places and stared at each other with a concentrated expression.






“What is it, Izu?”


“Is it me, or does Shouto look angry?” Izuku asked.




“I apologise, but I’m going to win this.” Shouto said in his flat tone.


“Such a bold declaration. I’m afraid I will have to decline!” Iida said.


“Begin!” Midnight announced.


“Recipro Burst!” Iida shouted.


He was halfway across the field in the blink of an eye. As soon as he crossed the middle, a large glacier was formed. Iida was encased in ice without so much as a hit on Shouto.


“Sh-Sh-Shouto T-T-T-Todoroki is the w-w-winner!” Midnight said, her teeth chattering.


Todoroki walked up to the glacier and started thawing it, saying one word to Iida.






“That was faster than expected. Would have thought Iida would have gotten at least one hit in.” Izuku commented.


“Yeah.” Ryuko agreed.


Izuku stood up from his chair.


“I gotta get ready for my fight with Shinsou.” Izuku said.


Ryuko gestured for Izuku to come closer. Izuku did and she pulled him into a loving kiss.


“Good luck. You better win.” Ryuko said.


“I will.” Izuku replied before walking to the door.


As Izuku left the room, Ryuko turned to the TV again.



Chapter Text


The crowd went crazy.



“That’s my baby!” Inko shouted on the couch, her eyes tearing up in happiness.


A gentle, yet firm hand was placed on the Midoriya matriarch’s shoulder. Looking over with teary eyes, she saw Toshinori fixing her a gentle smile.


“Easy. Don’t want to pass out from dehydration again.” Toshinori said with a chuckle.


“Sorry, I’m just so happy for him.” Inko said.


“I know,” Toshinori said, lightly rubbing her shoulder. “I am, too.”






Izuku gave Shinsou a wide smile, nodding at him. Shinsou nodded in return.


“Midnight, we have a request.”




“What’s the request?”


“We have this match quirkless.” Izuku said.


“Why is that?”


“We just don’t want people to think that we’re just our quirks. We can handle ourselves without quirks just as well. More so in Shinsou’s case.” Izuku explained.


“And you are alright with this, Shinsou?” Midnight asked.


Shinsou nodded, flashing Izuku a competitive smile.


“Then I will allow it! This match will be fought quirkless!” Midnight announced.




The crowd was loving it.




Hydris returned to her office in time for the next match. Hearing what was decided, she couldn’t help but smile.


“You’re a pretty interesting fellow.” She said, watching the screen as it displayed Izuku fixing Shinsou with a competitive smile.




Shinsou liked to think he was at least experienced in hand to hand fighting, thanks to Aizawa giving him one on one instruction. But when he heard Midnight say start and he went for Izuku, he didn’t expect to be on the ground in the next second.


“The hell, you have a speed quirk, too?” Shinsou joked, earning a chuckle from Izuku.


Shinsou got up and regained his bearings. Izuku kept from attacking him until he was ready.


“Alright, now I’m really ready.” Shinsou said.


Izuku dropped into a fighting stance once Shinsou spoke.


“Good. Now let’s actually get started.”


Now prepared, Shinsou blocked Izuku’s strike, adjusting his posture to hit Izuku where he was open. Izuku saw through Shinsou’s movement, blocking just before Shinsou let loose a punch.

Izuku grabbed Shinsou’s fist and flipped him over his body. As Shinsou hit the ground, he threw a punch aimed at Shinsou’s chest to knock the breath out of him. 


Shinsou rolled away, having Izuku hit the ground where his chest previously was. As Izuku winced in pain at hitting solid ground, Shinsou swept his feet out from under him. The green haired boy landed on the ground with a thump.


Recovering quickly, Izuku rolled to his feet to avoid a swift kick Shinsou sent his way. The pair paused where they stood, standing in fighting stances for a moment. That moment passed and the two resumed their fight.


Izuku led with a right roundhouse kick, an attack which Shinsou blocked and attempted to use to knock him down. Izuku jumped and kicked Shinsou’s chest, staggering him while Izuku recovered.


Shinsou closed in on Izuku, letting loose a flurry of punches, all of which were blocked or dodged by Izuku. Izuku let loose his own punches, which Shinsou blocked and dodged. The two jumped backwards to catch their breath. They were slowly losing steam.




Ryuko was metaphorically at the edge of her seat while sitting in her bed. She watched the TV unblinkingly, silently rooting for her mate.


“You seem extremely focused in this fight.” a voice said, snapping her out of her trance. 


Ryuko turned to see Ibara was awake. She was watching the 1-A student with curiosity.


“Yeah, I guess I am.”


“May I ask why?” Ibara asked curiously.


Ryuko gained a fond smile as she spoke.


“You see that green haired boy?”


“I remember his quirk transforms into a dragon. Am I correct?”




“What about him?”


“He’s my boyfriend.” Ryuko said with a smile.


“Oh, I didn’t know. May the Lord smile upon your relationship.” Ibara said with a friendly smile. “So that’s why you’re focused on it? You want him to win?”




“It is strange, though. Why aren’t they using their quirks?” Shiozaki asked curiously.


“Well, Shinsou’s quirk is a mental quirk. It allows him to take control of his target’s body upon a verbal response to something he says. Izuku knows that and the two of them made a deal to fight quirkless. If Izuku were to use his quirk, the battle would be over. We’re here to get noticed by heroes as much as we are here to compete.” Ryuko explained.


“That is a very honorable thing to do.” Ibara said, nodding.




Meanwhile, Izuku and Shinsou stood facing one another after another round of attacks, their postures drooping slightly. Neither held back in the previous assault against one another. Bruises were visible on both their bodies and their mouths were open, trying to suck in air.


“You’re pretty good.” Izuku said, forming a tired smile.


“Same to you.” Shinsou replied.


The two sluggishly charged at each other again, meeting in the middle and resuming their fight. Izuku avoided Shinsou’s punch and gave a palm strike to Shinsou’s chest, staggering him. Izuku kept up the assault, another palm strike directed towards Shinsou’s chest. The lilac haired boy recuperated enough to block Izuku’s strike.


Izuku dropped low and swept Shinsou’s legs out from under him. Izuku decided to not let up, grabbing Shinsou’s legs and spinning Shinsou. He went through two rotations before releasing Shinsou, causing him to soar out of the ring.


“Oof!” Shinsou let out as soon as his back made contact with the grass.


“Hitoshi Shinsou is out of bounds! The winner is Izuku Midoriya!”


The crowd cheered. Meanwhile, Izuku stepped out of the ring and went to help Shinsou up.


“Nice job. That was a good fight.” Izuku said with a smile.


“I still lost, though.”


“Winning isn’t everything. Now, you’ll have more heroes offering you an internship.” Izuku said, reaching out and grasping Shinsou’s hand. He then pulled him to his feet.


Both Izuku and Shinsou groaned a bit at the effort.


“Rest in the infirmary?” Shinsou asked.


“Glad I wasn’t the only one with that thought.” Izuku said.


The pair walked off the field. The cheers of crowds were heard even inside the stadium.




“You two sure did a number on yourselves.” Recovery Girl said with a disappointed sigh.


“Sorry, we didn’t really want to hold back.”


Recovery Girl simply shook her head before kissing the two, her quirk healing the two students’ injuries. Izuku, feeling tired, went over to the chair beside Ryuko.


“You did a good job.” Ryuko said with a loving smile.


“And I didn’t?” Shinsou asked with a tired smirk.


“Oh shut up. I was getting to you.” Ryuko said, returning Shinsou’s smirk.


“Mhm. Sure. I get it. You gotta support your boyfriend.” Shinsou said.


“And don’t you forget it.” Ryuko gave Shinsou a joking smile.


Shinsou chuckled. His chuckle turned into a yawn.


“Alright. I’m going to take a nap. Wake me when Izuku comes on.” Shinsou said, laying down in a medical bed.


“I’ll make sure to throw something at you.” Ryuko said.


“My favorite way to wake up.” Shinsou said before drifting into dreamland.


“I’m going to try and nap as well, Ryu. Can you wake me when the next match is over?” Izuku asked.


Ryuko moved over on her bed and patted next to her.


“C’mon. I’m not letting you sleep on that uncomfortable chair.” Ryuko said.


Izuku smiled, taking Ryuko’s offer. He climbed into the bed, resting his head on one of the pillows. He wasn’t awake for long, the fatigue of the day getting to him. Ryuko watched as he fell asleep next to her.


Ibara was just silently watching the exchange. She wasn’t used to seeing people so comfortable with each other that they fall asleep next to one another in the same bed, let alone talk to in such an impolite manner like Ryuko did with Shinsou.


Ryuko noticed Ibara’s expression.


“What?” Ryuko asked curiously.


“It’s strange.” Ibara said.


“What is?”


“The way you talk with your friend. And how you’re so comfortable with your boyfriend sleeping in the same bed.”


“It’s not really strange for a boyfriend and girlfriend to sleep in the same bed. And the way I talk with Shinsou? We both know we aren’t serious.” Ryuko said.


“I’m not used to this sort of activity. Forgive me.”


“It’s not a problem.” Ryuko said with a kind smile.


“WE HAVE OUR FINAL MATCH FOR ROUND THREE! WE HAVE THE EVERYTHING GIRL, MOMO YAOYOROZU!” Present Mic’s voice brought the two girls’ attention back to the TV.




Momo walked into the ring with an anxious expression. So far, Todoroki was winning by a landslide. In only one move, he won the previous bouts. How was she going to combat that?




The crowd cheered as Shouto walked into the ring.


She had to counter the ice. He never used his flames. Time to capitalize on that reluctance.




Momo instantly created a high powered flamethrower. She managed to start the fire as soon as the first ice wave hit. She handled it perfectly, the ice melting upon contact with the flame. She created a few incendiary grenades and tossed them around Shouto.


She smiled as she felt that she was going to win the match. Shouto kept throwing ice waves at her, the ice melting before reaching her. She could see him getting annoyed. Even so, she kept pressing on, slowly walking towards Shouto and backing him into a corner.


She saw the light at the end of the tunnel. She almost won. But it wasn’t meant to be.


Shouto, deciding to go all out with his ice, froze Momo’s legs. She jumped in surprise, looking down and momentarily stopping her flames. Instantly, she realized what she did and cursed. She didn’t mean to turn off the flames.


A moment was all Todoroki needed to freeze Momo, leaving only her head out of the ice. It was a more tame ice attack than he did against Iida and Tokoyami.


“Momo Yaoyorozu is immobilized! Shouto Todoroki wins!”


Shouto walked up and thawed Momo out before leaving.






Ryuko gently nudged Izuku awake.


“Izu.” Ryuko whispered.


“Hmm…” Izuku pulled Ryuko into a cuddle, resting his head against her stomach.


Ryuko giggled quietly. Ibara found Izuku’s response amusing, if a bit strange.


“Izu, c’mon. You gotta get ready for your match.”


“So comfy… Wake me in five minutes…” He said, his voice slurring slightly.


Ryuko sighed, shaking her head. She nudged Izuku a little harder, making him groan. His eyes finally open and look up at his mate.


“Good morning…” Izuku mumbled.


“Hello, sleepy head.” Ryuko said with a giggle.


Ryuko’s giggle was like music to his ears. He smiled softly at her, moving up and kissing her lips lovingly. She returned the kiss. Pulling back, she spoke.


“You gotta get ready for your fight with Todoroki.” Ryuko said softly.


“Oh, so Todoroki won?” Izuku asked.


“Yep. Go show him he can’t beat a dragon.” Ryuko encouraged with a soft smile.


“Right. Wish me luck.” Izuku said, kissing her one last time before getting up and moving to the door.


“Good luck, Izuku.” Ibara said.


Izuku smiled at Ibara and Ryuko before leaving the room.


Izuku walked down the hall towards his ready room. As he nears it, he sees a familiar man in a blue jumpsuit. Flames were trailing off of the suit as well as the man’s hair. He turned around and faced Izuku.


Izuku recognized the man as the Number Two Hero Endeavor. The flaming haired hero gave him a smile that sent a chill down his spine. He didn’t show his unease as he looked into the eyes of the man.


“You’re an interesting one, Izuku Midoriya. Not many would look me in the eye.” Endeavor said.


“I’m not really afraid of a Pro Hero. Do you need something? I really need to get ready for my match against your son.”


“I wish to talk to you for a moment.”


“Could it be quick?”


“Very well.”


“Okay. What do you want to talk about?”

Chapter Text

After Shouto’s match with Momo, Toshinori checked the time. His eyes widened as he realized he wasn’t watching his time. He’d have to hurry over to the stadium.


“Inko, I’m going to have to go. All Might needs me to come to the Sports Festival.”


“Oh, that sucks.” Inko replied with a pout.


Toshi chuckled.


“Don’t worry. I’ll be back as fast as possible. I’ll let a few heroes know to patrol around here.” Toshinori said.


“Okay. Oh! And say hi to Izuku while you’re there for me!” Inko said.


“You know I will. See you.”


“See you.”


Inko pulled the blond haired skeleton into a hug. It surprised him at first, but he melted into it, smiling softly. The two pulled away from each other.


“Be safe.” Inko said in a soft voice.


“I will.” He replied, his voice equally as soft. 


Toshinori left the Midoriya household and walked into a nearby alley out of sight. Once seeing no one was around, he puffed up into his All Might form and jumped away. He had to get there quickly or he wouldn’t be able to appear at the end of the Festival. 


‘I wonder if I should visit Izuku before or after the Festival.’ he thought as he jumped from roof to roof.




Izuku stood silently, waiting for Endeavor to speak. Endeavor looked to be studying the boy before speaking.


“Your quirk is a rather interesting one. It seems so simple, but has many uses. It’s very strong as well.”


‘Great. He’s beating around the bush.’ Izuku thought flatly.


“So it is.” Izuku said, playing along for now.


“I have no doubt that if you were to have offspring, they would be a force to be reckoned with regardless of your choice of wife.” Endeavor continued.


Izuku was quiet, suspicious as to where it was going. He wasn’t liking it one bit.


“I have a daughter. She is around your age. She, too, has a useful quirk. Nothing as powerful, but think of the offspring if your two quirks were able to fuze.”


Izuku remained silent, analyzing the man before him.


“Being the Number Two hero, I have much wealth and influence. I deem you fit to be my daughter’s husband. I could make it worth your while.”


Izuku’s face morphed into one of anger for a moment. He took a calming breath.


“Two things.” Izuku began.


Endeavor raised a flaming eyebrow.


“One: I already have someone I want to have as my wife. I would never trade her for anyone, no matter how much money you give me. Nothing you can do or say will get me to change that decision.”


“Jus-” Endeavor was about to speak when Izuku cut him off.


“Two!” Izuku began. “The only reason I wanted to hear you out is because I was confirming what I already thought. You only see me as a tool. Just as you see your family as tools to suit your own mad plans. You don’t care what your daughter wants. Only what you want and how you can use her to get it. I will not let her or me be a part of any of your messed up ideas. I wouldn’t be surprised if you abused Shouto with how you’re acting right about now.” Izuku stated, his voice trembling with anger.


Izuku knew telling Endeavor that Shouto told him about his family life would hurt the heterochromatic boy, so he didn’t reveal that. He disguised it in a statement of assumption. He noticed his statement angered Endeavor.


“You dare defy me, boy ? You? The son of Firedrake?” Endeavor asked, his flames increasing slightly.


Endeavor laughed as he saw Izuku getting angry.


“Yes, I know about your heritage. And frankly I’m appalled. How could a hero school would willingly bring in the son of a known villain?”


“I’m nothing like him.”


Endeavor seemed to ignore Izuku.

“You’ll just end up like your father. A villain.”


“Shut up!”


“An-” Endeavor got cut off by a familiar voice.

“ENDEAVOR!” All Might said, a smile betraying how he was actually feeling.


Izuku turned to the Number One hero and smiled, thankful for his appearance.




Endeavor growled before walking away without another word. Izuku let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding as he watched Endeavor leave. Once the walking bonfire was gone, Izuku turned to All Might with a smile.


“Thank you, All Might.”




Izuku visibly brightened up at All Might’s statement.


“Thank you! I should get going now.”




Izuku jogged off to this ready room in high spirits. Once Izuku left, All Might let his scowl form.


‘YOU BETTER NOT TRY ANYTHING ENDEAVOR…’ All Might thought to himself, letting his anger show for a moment before taking a calming breath.


The Number One hero then left for the viewing box reserved for the teachers.




Izuku paced slightly in his ready room, thinking of what he should do against Todoroki. He wanted to help the boy be comfortable with using his fire instead of shunning it. Doing that will do him no good.


“We could try and chip away at him. Show him his limits.”


‘That’s true. But would he be stubborn and deny it? Or would he actually accept that he needs his fire?’


“We won’t know until we fight him.”




Izuku broke out of his conversation with his quirk and left the ready room.






Izuku stepped into the ring, concentrating on his opponent.




Todoroki stepped into the ring, his gaze locked onto the green haired dragon boy. He wasn’t planning on using. He planned to show his father he doesn’t need his fire.


“Fighters ready?”


Izuku and Todoroki nodded.


“Begin!” Midnight announced.


Instantly, Todoroki let out his largest ice attack he could have. He was intent on finishing it quickly and not let a threat like Izuku have time to counter attack.


Izuku formed his draconic head and breathed fire, preventing the ice from getting to him. Finishing off the ice, Izuku closed his mouth and reverted his head back to its human form. He found himself smirking at the dumbstruck look on Todoroki’s face.


“You see now, Todoroki?” Izuku asked.


Todoroki shook out of his stupor at Izuku’s words. He fired another wave of ice at the green haired student. Instead of breathing fire, Izuku formed a draconic fist and punched the ice apart.


“You can’t beat me with your ice.” Izuku continued.


“Shut up.” Todoroki said, sending another wave at his opponent.


Izuku started walking towards Todoroki, practically backhanding the ice sent towards him.


“Do you think a villain like Firedrake will care about your stupid oath?” Izuku asked.


Shouto remained quiet as he sent yet another wave at Izuku. Once again it was shattered without effort.


“Stop holding back!” Shouto growled.


“I won’t give my all to someone who’s only using half his power.” Izuku responded.


“Did my father put you up to this?”


“I don’t give a damn about that man! He considered me to be just like my father ! I hate him just like you!”  Izuku said angrily, stunning Shouto.


“Then why are you doing this?!” Shouto asked, firing another wave of ice.


Izuku grew his draconic feet and stomped, shattering the ground and the ice around him. Faster than Shouto thought possible, Izuku grabbed Shouto’s collar and brought him to his level. The look on Izuku’s face stunned Todoroki still.


“Villains like Firedrake won’t give a damn about your oath. Can you really call yourself a hero when villains with fire quirks melt through your ice and kill civilians?!” Izuku asked.


Izuku threw Shouto away from him.


“Do you really want to be a hero if you don’t want to use your fire?”


“I won’t use his damn quir-”


“IT’S YOUR QUIRK NOT HIS!” Izuku shouted annoyed.


Shouto was frozen once again.


“I used to think the same way. That my dragon quirk is my father’s. But then someone told me those same words. It’s my quirk. Not my father’s. I can do whatever I want with it because it’s my own!” Izuku said, holding where his heart was with his right hand.


Izuku recalled the memory of when Ryuko said those words to him and found himself smiling fondly. His smile remained for a moment before he focused on Shouto. Shouto seemed to be zoned out as well. A moment passed before flames shot from his fire side.


“I’ve decided, Midoriya. I will be a hero!” Shouto said with conviction.


Izuku smiled, happy he got through to Todoroki.






Izuku and Shouto didn’t register Endeavor’s words, too caught up in their battle.


“Thank you, Midoriya.” Todoroki said.


“Thank me by fighting with all you’ve got.” Izuku replied, his full dragon body forming.


Todoroki used both sides of his quirk, the stadium lighting up as the ice and fire seemed to work in tandem to create a massive attack.


Izuku drew himself back in a stance that led many who watched to believe he was about to attack. Fire seemed to drip from his mouth as he prepared for his attack.


The pair launched their attacks, Izuku literally launching at breakneck speeds towards Shouto, flames trailing from his mouth and shooting ahead of him. Shouto sent a large wave of ice to slow Izuku’s speed. Izuku went over the ice, his speed momentarily decreasing.


Meanwhile, Shouto superheated the air and let loose a large flame attack just as Izuku reached him and let loose his flames. The combustion sent a shockwave all across the field, kicking up dust.




The dust slowly cleared to see Izuku in his dragon mode standing weakly in the center of the ring, his claws dug deep into the ground to prevent him from moving. The smoke continued to roll away and revealed Todoroki unconscious against a wall of ice.


Izuku felt like his skin was boiling. He was so hot and was on the brink of unconsciousness.


“I’m keeping you awake for now. We need to see if we won, after all.”


‘Thanks…’ Izuku managed to tell his quirk.


His eyes opened a bit more as his quirk kept him conscious. It didn’t do anything for the burning feeling he was experiencing.


“Shouto Todoroki is unable to continue! The winner is Izuku Midoriya!” Midnight announced.


The crowd went crazy. Izuku reverted to his human form and a tired smile formed on his face. 


“I did it…” Izuku said.


“Better get to the infirmary, partner.”


‘Noted…’ Izuku replied.


Todoroki was wheeled away on a stretcher while Izuku left the field.


As Izuku entered the hallways of the stadium, he was instantly enveloped by a pair of arms that he could never get tired of.


“You were amazing, Izu.” Ryuko said.


Izuku shifted himself so he could return the hug. Ryuko raised her head and kissed the green haired boy on the lips. Pulling back, Izuku gave her a tired smile.


“Think you can help me to the infirmary. I’m pretty tired.”


“Sure, let’s go-”


“I’m afraid neither of you are going anywhere.” A voice said.


Izuku and Ryuko turned to see Endeavor, a furious glare on his face. A flame ignited his fist.


“What the hell are you doing?” Izuku asked, adrenaline slowly filling his system.


His tired body started aching as his muscles tensed. Ryuko placed herself in front of him between him and Endeavor.


“I’m the Number Two hero. I can easily make you two disappear. It wouldn’t even be a chore.” Endeavor said menacingly.


“Why? What did I ever do to you?”


“You were born.” Endeavor growled, fire shooting from his fist.


Ryuko quickly formed her dragon wings, blocking the flames with them. The hallways were too small to change to her full dragon form. She cursed at the situation. She removes her wings as she felt the fire let up.


Meanwhile, Izuku was trying to get into dragon mode.


‘C’mon! Why can’t I change?!’


“Your body’s too fatigued! We can’t change! If we were still in dragon mode, that would be different, but we aren’t!”


‘Dammit! Ryu’s in danger!’


Izuku cursed as he watched Ryuko soak up another shot of fire from the Number Two hero. If there was one thing the two of them were thankful for, it was for her wings’ durability. 


Ryuko looked out from behind her wings again and saw a familiar face behind the pro hero. 

‘Toshinori?’ Ryuko thought in surprise.


Her eyes widened as Toshinori suddenly got larger and more muscular, his two clumps of hair raising into a V formation above his head. It was All Might.


‘ALL MIGHT?!’ Ryuko thought in even more surprise.


“ENDEAVOR!” All Might bellowed angrily.


Endeavor’s head snapped to the Number One hero, his eyes widening at his error to check for witnesses. His head then snapped away from All Might as he was hit with a punch from the Symbol of Peace.


Endeavor flew into the wall, causing the place to rumble at the impact. While Endeavor was stunned, All Might checked over the two.


“All Might!” Izuku and Ryuko shouted in unison.


“GET TO RECOVERY GIRL NOW. I WILL HANDLE ENDEAVOR.” All Might said, his signature smile nowhere on his face.


Ryuko nodded, grabbing Izuku and helping him to Recovery Girl’s office. All Might knew they would be safe there. He also knew that the heroes would have heard the rumble by now and grow worried.


All Might’s theory was right as a few pro heroes ran into the hallway. Endeavor was just shaking himself off when All Might grabbed the man by the collar of his suit and lifted him off the ground.


“Release me All Might!” Endeavor shouted.




The heroes present gasped in surprise. It was then that Endeavor realized his surroundings and not just his nemesis All Might. His eyes widened and he grew even more angry.


“All Might! What happened?” Aizawa finally arrived at the scene, his bandages hiding his expression.




Despite his current situation preventing his emotions to be seen by anyone, they could feel just how furious Aizawa was feeling in that moment.


“I’ll get Nezu.” Aizawa said darkly.


“No need, Aizawa.”


Endeavor seemed to start sweating when he heard the voice of one of the only two people who had more influence than him.


“I heard All Might’s explanation quite clearly.” Nezu said, finally appearing around the corner wearing a not so happy smile.




Izuku and Ryuko enter Recovery Girl’s office. Ibara and Shinsou had left during Izuku’s fight with Todoroki. Todoroki was in a medical bed, still unconscious. Recovery Girl could see the burn marks on Ryuko’s wings.


“My goodness, what happened?!” Recovery Girl asked in shock.


“Endeavor. He tried attacking us. Izuku couldn’t use his quirk. I blocked the fire. All Might came in to stop him.” Ryuko explained.


Recovery Girl, despite being furious at the pro hero, ushers the two into the room so she could look over them. She restrained her anger in favor of helping the two students.


Seeing no permanent damage was done, she kissed the two students.


“Stay here for now. I’m sure All Might has it handled. So just rest.” Recovery Girl said.


Ryuko and Izuku, after that stressful experience, felt they could breathe easier now that they were out of harm's way.


“Thank you.” Ryuko said.


“You’re quite welcome dearie.”


Izuku and Ryuko collapsed into a medical bed together and breathed a heavy sigh. 


“Alright. I think you’re pretty safe now, so I’m going to let you pass out now.”


‘I think that’s a good idea. Thanks for keeping me awake.’


“Not a problem. Just rest up, partner.”


Izuku soon lost consciousness in the arms of his lover.


Ryuko felt tired but couldn’t bring herself to sleep. That close call was still fresh in her mind. Instead, she watched over her mate while he slept, holding him close, despite Izuku’s skin being warmer than normal.




All Might watched as Endeavor was given quirk suppression cuffs and taken away. Nezu somehow had the chief of police on speed dial and ordered someone to pick Endeavor up, telling the man about how Endeavor attacked Izuku and Ryuko.


Everyone made especially sure to keep it quiet. They didn’t want the media to swarm them when they tried to get the scoop on what happened. Once everyone was gone, he went inside, checked around, and changed back into his skinny form.


The Sports Festival award ceremony was postponed for a bit. The official explanation was that two of the winners were unconscious. It was a cover for Endeavor’s arrest.


All Might, now as Toshinori, made his way to the infirmary to check on the two dragons.




Ryuko’s eyes went to the door as she heard the door open. She instinctively tensed as she saw it open. She relaxed once she saw Toshinori enter the room. 


“How are you feeling?” Toshinori asked softly, noticing Izuku fast asleep in Ryuko’s arms.


“Tired. Warm. But the second part is because of Izuku.” Ryuko said.


Toshinori nodded. Ryuko glanced at Todoroki and saw he was still unconscious. Thinking it was a good time, she looked at Toshinori with a curious expression.


“So you’re him.” Ryuko said.


Toshinori tilted his head in curiosity until he remembered noticing Ryuko watching as he transformed into All Might. He sighed and nodded.




“I got an injury. Can only keep it up for an hour at best. I could use it for longer before the USJ.” Toshinori explained.


“Who else knows?” Ryuko asked.


“The teachers. A police detective. And a retired pro hero.” Toshinori revealed.


“Inko doesn’t know?”


“It’s dangerous to know. I don’t want her in danger.” Toshinori said.


Ryuko paused before responding to Toshinori’s statement.


“That sounds fair.”


“Now that you know, you can’t tell anyone else.” 


“I can’t do that. I can’t keep anything from Izuku.” Ryuko disagreed.


It was Toshinori’s turn to pause as he thought it over.


‘He is one of my candidates for One For All. Having him know now would make it easier to tell him.’ Toshinori thought to himself before taking a deep breath.


“Alright. You can tell him. But no one else.”


“That’s fine with me.”


“Also, I will be there when you tell him.” 


“Also fine. You wouldn’t want to miss out on his reaction.” Ryuko said, a teasing smile forming as she tried to take her mind off of almost being fried by the Number Two hero.


Toshinori chuckled lightly.


“Most likely will scream with glee.” Toshinori said.


“He always was a fan.” Ryuko said, giggling quietly.




Izuku woke up soon after. His first thing he did was hug Toshinori. He didn’t know why. He just felt he needed to do it. 


Toshinori was surprised at first, but smiled and embraced the boy. Ryuko watched the two silently, a smile on her face.


The two pulled away and Izuku told Toshinori all of what happened. He didn’t get very far before Toshinori stopped him and said that All Might told him everything. 


“What’s going to happen?” Izuku asked.


“We’d like to avoid scandals like this one, so we’re going to most likely hold a silent hearing. Worst case scenario, Endeavor goes to Tartarus. Best case, he leaves Japan.” Toshinori said.


“Leaves Japan?”


“Yes. He would be banished from Japan and sent to a different country, stripped of his hero license. He’d have to earn his license all over again, following his new country’s rules.” Toshinori explained.


“He’d start from the bottom. It could be an eye opener for the guy. That’s if he does get banished. If you ask me, he should just go to Tartarus.” Ryuko commented.


“I agree, but it’s in the hands of the authorities and Nezu now.”


A silence came over the infirmary. It wasn’t there long before Toshinori placed his hand on Izuku and Ryuko’s shoulder and spoke.


“I’m glad you’re safe. Both of you.” Toshinori said.


The two dragons smiled. It was at that time that Recovery Girl walked up to them.


“Alright you two. You fit enough to move?” Recovery Girl asked.


The pair of dragons nodded at the elderly woman.


“Good. Now that the issue has been handled, Izuku, you should head to the award ceremony waiting area. Ryuko, you should head up to your classmates.” Recovery Girl said.


“I’d like it if I could come with Izu until the awards ceremony starts.” Ryuko said.


“That’s fine.” 


“I’ll head back to the viewing box. I’ll be cheering once you get that gold medal.” Toshinori said, flashing the two dragons a smile before walking out of the infirmary.




Izuku stood with the other students. It took another ten minutes before Todoroki awoke. The two shared a nod when he arrived at the waiting area. Suddenly the students in the top three spots were ushered into specific places in the center of the room. Without warning, the ceiling opened and a platform came out of the ground underneath Izuku.


Izuku was surprised at first before realizing it was a part of the award ceremony. Izuku looked to his right to see Todoroki just below his platform. On his other side, further down, was Yaoyorozu and Shinsou sharing the third place spot.




“And now, to give out the medals! We have-”


“I AM HERE!” All Might said, jumping into view


“- All Might!” Midnight said at the same time.


All Might landed and looked to Midnight. She put a hand in front of her face and mouthed “Sorry”. 


After the slip up, the award ceremony proceeded as planned. All Might gave Momo, Shinsou, and Todoroki their medals and gave them each a hug. All Might took the gold medal and placed it around Izuku’s neck. He them pulled him into a hug.


“I AM SO GLAD YOU’RE OKAY. CONGRATULATIONS. YOU’VE EARNED IT.” All Might whispered, patting his back once before standing up.




The whole crowd joined All Might as he spoke two more words.




The crowd gave one last applause to the students before everyone started filing out of the stadium. Reporters tried getting statements from All Might and the winners of the festival.


Once she was able to, Ryuko met up with Izuku and helped him leave the stadium without getting overrun by crowds. Toshinori met up with them outside.


“I think your mother would love it if you would visit after such an exciting day. Lord knows she’s probably flooding the apartment as we speak.” Toshinori said.


Ryuko and Izuku smiled, nodding.


“Yeah. Let’s go.” Ryuko said.


Toshinori, Izuku, and Ryuko then made their way to the Midoriya Household, happy the day ended on a happy note.

Chapter Text

The day after the Sports Festival, Class 1-A was called to homeroom. They entered and took their seats, waiting for Aizawa to arrive.


“I wonder what this is about. We were told we had two days to recuperate from the Sports Festival.” Mina commented.


“Yeah. Must be important if Aizawa called us here.” Ryuko stated.


The door slid open and Aizawa, in all his bandaged glory, entered the room.


“Good morning, class.” Aizawa’s muffled voice sounded as bored as ever.


Aizawa stopped at the front of the class.


“I suppose you’re wondering what you’re here for. Well the answer is simple: We’re here to discuss your internships. I know the first two days after the Sports Festival are for resting, but this is an important matter. Once you come back to class, you’re going to have to know where you want to intern at. I’m giving you a head start with making that decision, seeing as it’s irrational to expect you to know where you want to go right after break when you first see the offers.” 


Murmurs started to echo through the students as they talked amongst one another. Aizawa groaned in annoyance, something that shut all the students up when they heard it. Aizawa took a piece of chalk and began writing on the board, looking to a paper in his hand every once in a while.


Aizawa stepped back and revealed the writing on the board.


“These are the number of offers sent out to each student.” He explained.


“Woah! Look at that!”


The top five on the list were Izuku, Ryuko, Todoroki, Momo, and Shinsou. Each had hundreds of offers, leaving those below them with double digit offers instead of triple.


“Ryuko got the second highest despite losing in the second round!” Kaminari said in shock.


Mina smiled, elbowing Ryuko playfully.


“You sure showed off out there.” Mina said.


Ryuko smiled at Mina.


“Well, I couldn’t very well make it easy for Izu to win.” Ryuko said.


“I’ll be handing out a list of internship offers. You will have a final decision of where you want to go once the break ends.” Aizawa said.




Once the papers were handed out, Aizawa brought Midnight in.


“Before you all leave today, you will make something that is as important to hero life as fighting!”


The whole class stiffened.


“Hero names!” Midnight said with a smile.


Everyone relaxed for a moment before starting to sound excited.


Izuku watched as everyone (including him) were given whiteboards to write down their ideas for hero names.


A couple minutes later, people started going up to the front to show their hero names.


Mina was up first. She picked a pretty cool name. She came up with ‘Alien Queen’ for her hero name. Sadly, her idea was shot down by Midnight, so she later came up with ‘Pinky’ instead.


A few students later, Iida, who wasn’t really seeming like himself, came up and just put down his name as his hero name. Izuku was concerned, but didn’t think he’d open up to him.


Todoroki had a similar name as Iida, opting for his first name rather than thinking up a hero name.


Ryuko went up next, wearing a smile.


“I’ve been thinking of this name for a while. I thought it would be good.”


Ryuko’s whiteboard read: “Dragoon Hero: Ryukyu”


Izuku smiled at reading it. She told him a while ago that she planned for that to be her hero name. Izuku thought it suited her. He gave her a thumbs up and a smile as she returned to her seat.


More students passed until it was just Izuku left who hadn’t gone up yet.


“Izuku, have you decided on a name?” Midnight asked.


Izuku was quiet as he tried to think about it. He then got a sudden idea and wrote it down.


“I have.” Izuku said, standing and moving to the front.


Izuku revealed what was written on his whiteboard. It read: “The Noble Dragon Hero: Valiant”


Izuku saw Ryuko give him a beaming smile.


“Interesting name. I like it.”




“Wonderful name! I love it!” Midnight declared.


Izuku grew shy at Midnight’s words as he returned to his seat. Izuku looked at Ryuko and she gave him a thumbs up.


“Good job.” She whispered before homeroom continued.




At the end of homeroom, Izuku walked out of class with Ryuko, but was stopped by Todoroki.


“Midoriya.” Todoroki said.


“What is it?”


“Can I talk to you?”


Izuku started moving and Ryuko went with him.


“It’s a private matter.”


“No, you talk to him, you talk to me. Don’t want a repeat of what happened yesterday.” Ryuko said defensively.


Todoroki seemed to contemplate it before sighing. He nodded before the three went into a secluded area. Once it was clear no one was around, Todoroki spoke.


“What happened at the Sports Festival was wrong. I hope you have recovered without issue.”


Ryuko was the one who spoke.


“Yeah, I did.” Ryuko said.


“I honestly didn’t think my father would stoop to such levels. I apologize.”


“No need to apologize. He’s either going to get deported or put into prison. Are you alright with that?” Ryuko asked.


“His punishment was long overdue.”


“Was that all you needed to talk about?”


“No.” Todoroki shook his head.


“What else then?”


“I wish to thank you again, Midoriya. You helped me change my view of this quirk of mine. For that, I am in your debt.” Todoroki said.


“O-Oh! It’s not a problem! I’m just glad you’ve accepted it as yours.” Izuku said with a sheepish smile.


Todoroki gave the two a small smile before leaving the two. Once he was gone, Ryuko glanced at Izuku.


“Well that was something.” Ryuko commented.


“At least it wasn’t as violent as the last time a Todoroki wanted to talk to us.” Izuku joked weakly.


“At least. Let’s go. We gotta decide who we want to go with.” Ryuko said, taking Izuku’s hand and leading him to the dorms.




Izuku and Ryuko were sitting in their room, putting away the internship papers, when they heard a knock at the door. Izuku was the one who answered the door.


“Toshinori? It’s good to see you!” Izuku said with a bright smile.


Toshinori entered Izuku’s room.


“Ryuko.” Toshi said, nodding.


“It’s good to see both of you. But I have something to tell you. Could you come with me?” Toshinori asked.


“Yeah, sure.” Izuku said with a nod, a worried look passing over his face.




Ryuko and Izuku accompanied Toshinori to the teacher’s lounge. No one was inside, which made it easier for what he wanted to tell Izuku.


Toshi gestured for the two of them to sit before sitting himself.


“What is it you want to talk about?”


“What’s discussed here should never be disclosed to anyone else.” Toshinori said.


Izuku’s eyes widened before he gained a serious expression and nod. Toshinori looked at Ryuko and she nodded. He sighed before puffing up into his All Might form.


“W-Wha! All Might?!” Izuku shouted in surprise.




All Might then burst into a cloud of smoke and Toshinori reappeared, spewing blood.


“W-What was that?! How can you turn into All Might?!”


“I am All Might.” Toshinori clarifies.




“Do you know those guys who puff up their chest? That’s basically what I do. I sustained an injury that limited my ability to use my buff form for three hours. But after the USJ, I can only sustain it for an hour now.” Toshinori explained.


“Who did it?”


“A villain I hope you never meet.” Toshinori said grimly.




“That’s not all that I wanted to tell you, Young Midoriya. The reason I chose to take the teaching position was because I’ve been searching for a successor for my power.”


“Your… power?”


“Yes. My quirk wasn’t just mine. There have been seven users before me. Each time, cultivating the power into an even stronger quirk. The name of that quirk is called One for All,. It is a pillar of peace for society.” Toshinori said, opening a hand and allowing it to shine with power.


“One… For… All…” Izuku repeated slowly.


“And you deem Izu a worthy successor?” Ryuko asked.


“Yes. I know this is sudden. You don’t have to ans-” 


“I’ll do it.” Izuku said.


“You will?”


“Yes. If you said you can only use it for an hour, that means that once you can’t use it any more, you can’t pass it on?”


“You continue to prove time and time again that you’re an expert with quirks.” Toshinori said, giving him a fond smile.


“Then I will do it. Once it goes away, people would need another Symbol of Peace. If you deem me worthy, I will graciously accept!” Izuku said with passion.


Toshinori continued his fond smile.


“I knew you were a good pick.”


Izuku grew a blush at Toshinori’s words, causing the blond man to laugh.


“So how does he get this quirk?” Ryuko asked.


“My DNA has to be ingested,” Toshinori said before pulling a hair from his head. “This will be the least gross way.”


Izuku let out a noise of disgust as he took the hair and forced it down. He shivered after the whole ordeal.


“It should take about three hours to fully digest. Even then, I suggest waiting until tomorrow to test One for All. We don’t know how it will react to your quirk, so I suggest meeting at Training Room Gamma tomorrow so we can test it.” Toshinori suggested.


“That sounds like a good idea.” Ryuko agreed.


Izuku nodded in agreement as well.


“If so, then I’ll be seeing you tomorrow. I need to head back to your house.”


Izuku and Ryuko got up. Ryuko was out the door when Izuku stopped and turned back to Toshinori.


“I’m watching you, Toshi.” Izuku said ominously before walking out.


Toshi didn’t know why, but a shiver went down his spine at Izuku’s declaration.




The next day came and Izuku was excited to find out how One For All merged with him. Toshinori was waiting for him and Ryuko when they arrived.


“Alright. So first off, do you feel any different?” Toshinori asked.


Izuku took a moment to think of an answer. He looked up at Toshinori and nodded slightly.


“A little bit, yeah.” Izuku said.


“Try shifting into your dragon form, then. Let’s see if there’s anything different there.”


Izuku nodded. He felt a new feeling along with his dragon form. He assumed it was One For All merged with his quirk. Mentally grasping the feeling, his dragon mode took form.


The first thing Izuku felt was taller. He felt on par with his father’s height, which was weird, considering he was smaller when going up against him at the USJ. He looked down to see Toshinori and Ryuko looking up at him in awe.


He was indeed taller. But that wasn’t all. His horns were sharper, practically diamond tipped. Along with the horns, his body had glowing green lines like molten lava going all across his body, up his wings, and down his tail. His draconic body was more defined, giving off a more imposing figure than his normal form. All in all: He looked badass.


“You’re lucky I’m here, you idiot.”


‘What do you mean?’


“You were about to use one hundred percent. Even I know that would hurt you at this point. Right now, I’m limiting it so that you can actually use it without injury.”


‘Oh, shit. Thanks.’


“No problem partner. This is my body, too.”


“How are you feeling, Young Midoriya?” Toshinori asked.


“Well, I feel lucky.”


“Why is that?”


“My quirk just told me that if I didn’t have him, I would have been seriously injured. I didn’t really think about limiting the power, so he did instead.”


“Thank goodness for him.” Ryuko commented.


“His quirk talks to him?” Toshi asked.


“Yeah. Same with mine.” Ryuko said with a shrug as if it wasn’t a big deal.

“So how much are you using? Does he know?” Toshi asked Izuku.


“I’m restricting it to fifty percent currently.” 


“He says I’m currently using it at fifty percent.” Izuku said.


“That’s impressive if that’s only from fifty percent.” Toshinori commented.


“Izu. Try shooting your fire.” Ryuko suggested.


Izuku nodded, turning away from them so they don’t get caught in the fire if it went out of control. He opened his maw and spewed flames. The first thing he noticed was that the flames were green now.


“Woah…” Ryuko mumbled.


Izuku stopped his stream of fire.


“Can I change back?” Izuku asked.


“Go ahead, Young Midoriya. We still need to see what else has been improved.”


“Like your partial transformations.” Ryuko said.


Izuku nodded before shrinking down to his human form. 


“Now-” Toshi was interrupted by Ryuko.


“Try forming your partial forms. Maybe punch the ground to test the strength.” Ryuko said.


Toshi was planning on suggesting Izuku perform a smash, but Ryuko’s suggestion was better.


Izuku tried pushing his quirk to his arms. It was a bit more difficult with the new feeling of One For All, but he managed to do it. Just like his full dragon form, green lines went down his partially transformed limbs. He formed his wings, arms, and legs for the particular test.


“Want a lower percentage or the full fifty?”


‘Full fifty. We’ll work on the lower percentages later.’


“You’re the boss.”


Izuku raised his wings.


“First, let’s do a flight test.” Izuku said.


He flapped his wings once and was not ready for the sudden speed. He flew into the air at breakneck speeds he wasn’t used to. He tried to will his ascent to stop and it technically did… when he hit the ceiling of the training room. He managed to shake off his dizziness and glide back down to the ground.


“So… Improvements… Stronger wings…” Izuku said, shaking his head once more.


Ryuko giggled. The whole thing was comical to her.


“Alright, now try the limb strength.”


“Step back.” Izuku warned.


The green haired boy reared his fist back, aiming for the floor. He threw his fist forward and punched into the ground. The impact was heavy and the ground was damaged substantially. A mini crater formed when his fist hit the ground.


“This is very impressive. I didn’t expect One For All to merge that way with your quirk.” Toshinori commented.


“Toshi, could you stay with us longer? Izuku still needs to get the hang of controlling his enhanced self.” Ryuko asked.


“We can keep going until five in the afternoon.” Toshinori said.


“Why at five?” Izuku asked, raising an eyebrow.


“I told Inko I would be back by then.”

“Mhm…” Izuku said suspiciously.




The following day, class resumed at UA. Izuku was confident he had a bit better handle over One For All, but hoped he had time to train with it at his internships.


“Good morning class.” Aizawa droned on. 


His bandages were gone, revealing his perpetually bored expression.


“Today, you will be deciding what Hero Agency you’ll be interning for. Tomorrow is when the internships officially start. I’ll be passing out papers where you’ll fill out which agency you want to go to.”


Noises of excitement went through the class as Aizawa passed out the papers. When Izuku got his, he looked to Ryuko. She looked at him and smiled, nodding. They picked the same agency to go to.


Izuku looked down at his paper and wrote down their decision.


The Multi-Headed Hero: Hydris

Chapter Text

The next day arrived and Izuku and Ryuko were standing in front of the school building with their classmates. Each student held suitcases containing their hero costumes and other supplies. Aizawa was at the front, looking as bored as usual.


“Alright, class. Today, you’ll be going to your internships today. Make sure you show respect. Prove to them that they were right to take you on as interns.”


“Yes sir!” the class said as one.


“Get going, then. You don’t want to be late.”


With that, Aizawa walked back into the school. The class dispersed into groups. Izuku noticed Iida was alone and looking more serious than usual. While he wanted to try and help him, he knew Iida wasn’t really comfortable with him. He sighed before turning away.


Ryuko noticed Izuku and gently squeezed his hand that she was holding.


“You alright?”




“No you aren’t.”


“It’s just… Iida doesn’t seem like himself. I want to help but… I don’t think he really likes me.” Izuku said.


“How do you know that?”


“Ever since finding out about Firedrake, he’s been more distant…” Izuku said.


Ryuko pulled Izuku into a side hug as they walked.


“Don’t worry about him. If he isn’t alright with you being around, that’s his fault. Don’t let it bother you. Just let him be bothered.”


“Okay…” Izuku said, resting his head against her shoulder.




The train ride was a quick one and soon they were at the Hydra Hero Agency where they were going to be interned at. Izuku opened the door for Ryuko before heading in after her.


“Welcome to the Hydra Hero Agency.” the receptionist said.


“We’re the interns-” Ryuko began


“I know who you are. Hydris should be down in a moment.” the receptionist interrupted with a kind smile.


Ryuko and Izuku returned the smile before looking around the agency’s main room.


“I never imagined I’d be picked by her for internships.” Izuku muttered.


“Yeah. Getting her attention is awesome!” Ryuko agreed.


“Izuku, Ryuko. It’s good to finally meet you in person.” a voice spoke from behind them.


They turned around and saw a woman walking up to them. They instantly got excited when they realized it was Hydris.


Hydris wore a sleeveless azure blue shirt with black trim with a black bodysuit bottom. On the bodysuit, there were light pieces of armor on her shins, boots, and knees, all colored the same azure blue as her top. On the shirt, an emblem of a three-headed dragon was shown in the center colored silver. She had long black wristbands on her arm that had a thin line of blue outlining them.


The woman herself had chin-length black hair with a few strands of hair colored a light blue color. She had soft purple eyes and had an expression on her face that showed her friendly nature.


Ryuko had stars in her eyes, and so did Izuku. As soon as Izuku and Ryuko had started practicing with their dragon modes, Hydris grew to be Izuku’s second favorite hero. It was always a dream to meet her.


Hydris smiled at the two.


“Alright, follow me to my office so I can tell you what you’re going to be doing. Then I’ll give you a tour of the agency so you won’t get lost while working.” Hydris said, gesturing with her thumb behind her.


The two broke out of their stares and nodded.


“Right!” the pair said before following the Hydra Heroine.




The pair arrived at Hydris’ office and took their seats in front of her desk. Hydris sat behind her desk and looked at the two of them.


“First off, welcome to my hero agency. I hope you will enjoy your time here.” She said with a smile.


“We will, ma’am. Being here is a dream come true for us.” Ryuko said with Izuku nodding.


“Good. Now, seeing as this is an internship, we won’t be patrolling right away. I apologize if that’s what you hoped for right off the bat.”


“Not really, ma’am. We didn’t really have any expectations for what we’re going to do. We’re prepared to do anything you want us to do.” Izuku said.


“Good. Because what we’re going to be doing first is assessing your quirks once we get done with the tour.” Hydris said.


The pair looked excited. That brought a smile to the Hydra Hero’s face.


“Patrolling will most likely occur on the second or third day so that you can get a handle of what to do.”


“So we’ll be flying?” Ryuko asked excitedly.


Ryuko knew better than anyone how Hydris patrolled. She would always take to flight when patrolling. She was known for having the largest patrol route in Japan because of her method of patrolling.


Hydris chuckled at Ryuko’s excitement.


“Yes, we’ll be flying. One of the reasons I picked you was because of your experience in flight. That switch maneuver at the Sports Festival was an impressive one.” Hydris said.


The two blushed at the praise.


“We love flying, so we played around a bit with some maneuvers in our free time.”


“Still, that’s impressive. And I’m glad that other dragon quirk owners love flying. You know the hero Reptillos?”




“He never flies. He hates flying.”


“But it’s so fun!” Ryuko said.


“I know!” Hydris said passionately.


She seemed to pause as she was listening to something.


“Oh, sorry, we went off topic.”


“It’s fine, ma’am.” Izuku said with a smile.


“Anyways, for today, we’ll mostly be training. The most important thing to do in your young age is learn. I noticed you had some fighting techniques, but I didn’t see you incorporate any of your partial transformations, so we’ll be seeing what you do with that.”


The two nodded, seriousness on their face.


“Well, how about we get that tour over with then?”


The pair broke into smiles and they left the room with the hero.




The layout was simple. The east side of the building was where the offices, lunchroom, and lounge were. The west was where the training rooms were. The center section of the building held the sleeping quarters that were optional to occupy. Hydris spared no expense on them either. Each room had a large bathroom and shower along with a fully stocked laundry room.


The living quarters were the last stop on the tour.


“Alright, you settle into a room and get changed. And don’t try sneaking into one another’s room overnight. I can tell you two are mates. Just use one room for the both of you.” Hydris said with a smile.


The heroes in training went shy and blushed, causing the woman to laugh.


“Meet me in the training area once you have your costumes on.”


With that, Hydris left the two standing in front of a room. Izuku and Ryuko looked at each other and shared a shy smile before entering the room they will have as theirs.




Izuku and Ryuko, both in their hero costumes, entered the training room. It was a large open room with training equipment to the right of the door while the remainder of the room was dedicated to combat training. They needed a large area when the head of the agency was a three headed dragon.


The two made their way to the center of the room where Hydris was waiting. Turning around, the two nodded at her and she returned the nod, getting down to business.


“Now, I know all dragon quirks are different, so tell me about yours.” Hydris said


The pair described their quirks to Hydris, including the voice they had. Hydris looked at them thoughtfully.


“Well, this will be easier than I thought.”


“How so, ma’am?”


“I, too, have those. Two of them, in fact.”




“Yeah. I’ll introduce you.”


Similar to how the two dragons transformed, Hydris’ body changed shape, a tail growing from behind her, her draconic legs and arms forming with her mane. The last to sprout were three heads. 


Hydris’ dragon mode had a fading effect, her belly starting off midnight black and fading to blue on her back. Her necks looked to be more naturally armored than Izuku and Ryuko’s dragon modes. The eyes of the three heads were all different colors. On the left side, it was a pale blue color. In the center, it was a soft purple color. The right head was a fiery orange. 


“Hello.” the orange eyed head spoke.


“Pleasure to meet you.” the blue eyed head said.


“Woah…” the two dragons muttered.


“You know how Hydras work, correct?”


The pair nodded wordlessly.


“I’m sure your quirks have a similar effect, but this quirk is just as much mental as it is physical. Once a head is cut off, two more grow for me. If it weren’t for these two, I don’t think I’d be the hero I am today. Because of them, I can stay sane, but just have a major headache when I revert to my human form.” Hydris said.


The two shuddered at the thought of Hydris being a villain. Izuku spoke up, a question bothering him.


“Why is that, ma’am?”


“When my heads split into two, they essentially split my personality in half. Mizu, my left head, explained to me once that if she and Hono, my right one, weren’t a part of my quirk, I would have gone insane with the splitting of personalities.” Hydris explained.


The pair were surprised that Hydris’ voices were named. They were silent as Hydris returned to her human form and approached them.


“Show me your quirks’ forms now.”


The two snapped out of their surprised stupor and nodded. They both pulled their quirks out and transformed into their dragon forms. Izuku used his One For All powered form, wanting to continue getting used to it.


“Hmm. You’ve changed a bit since the Sports Festival.”


“Hehe, yeah. I’ve gone through a bit of a quirk evolution…” Izuku said sheepishly.


Hydris paused, looking at him before seeming to drop it.


“I hope you get used to the evolution fast. You’re a full sized dragon now. Not just an adolescent. Though those green lines are pretty interesting. No dragon I’ve seen has them.”


“I guess I’m unique then, huh?” Izuku asked with a nervous chuckle.


Hydris knew he was hiding something, but decided not to press the issue. She knew about Izuku’s heritage and understood he might want to keep some things a secret.


“Alright, now let’s get to testing your quirks. Seeing them on television is one thing. Experiencing them in person will be entirely different.”


“Do you mean we’re going to fight you?”


“Yes. Both of you will be fighting me.”


The two dragons looked at each other before looking back at Hydris. She changed into her hydra form, the three heads gazing at the two dragons.


“You may begin when ready.” Hydris said.


Izuku looked at Ryuko. She gestured for him to head in first. Already they seemed to have a plan form in their minds. Izuku charged forward, barrelling at Hydris. Hydris found herself smirking. She knew it was a feint.


Her hunch was proven right as Izuku quickly redirected himself, launching in the air to come down on her from above. Meanwhile, Ryuko followed Izuku’s initial trajectory, charging at her legs. Her smaller frame made her harder to hit successfully if she were to get attacked.


Meanwhile, Izuku reached the apex of his ascent and began descending. His wings were curled around him, decreasing drag and speeding his descent. In the last minute, the right hydra head opened its maw and breathed an ice cold breeze. Izuku’s eyes widen and he blew a wave of flame before redirecting himself to the side, landing on the side that had shot at him.


Izuku knew the breath all too well. Ryuko and Izuku knew Hydris’ heads all fired a different thing. For the orange eyed head, it breathed fire like him and Ryuko. For Hydris’ head in the center, she could let loose a powerful torrent of water. For the side he just defended against, it was capable of breathing icy winds that were capable of freezing things at Endeavor’s temperature.


Izuku knew Hydris was holding back. His fire breath was hotter than it was, but even he knew she could have frozen him stiff if she wanted to. She wanted to test their cohesion and fighting skills for herself.


While Izuku made another attempt to strike Hydris, Ryuko was charging at her feet. She may not be as large as her mate, but she was still able to do damage. She avoided a spray of fire from the orange eyed head as she slammed into the hydra’s leg. 


Hydris let herself be hit. As she fell, she blew her fire breath and water breath together, creating a smoke screen for herself. It was her turn to fight back.


Izuku and Ryuko regrouped after the steam rolled in. It was easy for her to find Izuku due to his glowing green lines.


“Wings.” Ryuko said once they were in position.


Izuku flapped his huge wings, dispersing the steam entirely. Their eyes widened as Hydris was gone.


“What the- How?!” Izuku asked.


Ryuko and Izuku looked around for any sign of the hydra. Izuku looked up and his eyes widened. He grabbed Ryuko in his arms and flapped his wings, shooting him forward. He slid to a stop and turned around to see the tail end of a fire, water, and ice attack.


“Good reflexes.” Hydris said as she descended from the ceiling.


The pair prepared for a counterattack, but Hydris put up a hand, halting them.


“While I do love a good fight, that’s all the fighting we’ll be doing.”


“Why’s that?”


“I saw a few flaws to your fighting. One: You overcommit. That leads you to having to make split second decisions if your opponent quickly counterattacks like I did with you.” Hydris said, gesturing to Izuku at the end of her sentence.


“Two: You two mainly rely on charging and dive bombing. You have arms and claws. You don’t have to use your bodies to do most of the fighting.” Hydris said.


The Hydra Hero smiled when she saw the gears start turning in Ryuko and Izuku’s minds.


“Third, you refer to your quirks’ voices as just your quirk’s voice. Give them a name. They’re a part of you now, after all.”


Hydris took a few moments to let them think before speaking again.


“Alright. Now that that’s done, let’s work on incorporating your partial transformations into your fighting styles.”


The two dragons gained eager smiles.






Izuku and Ryuko trudged to their rooms after being dismissed by Hydris. Despite being a supportive mentor, her training was tough and it tired them out fast. 


“It’ll take a dragon to tire a dragon out…” Ryuko mumbled.


“You want to be the first to shower?”


“Yes please.”




“Thank you, Izu.”


With that, Izuku collapsed onto the bed while Ryuko got a change of clothes and went into the shower. While Izuku was laying in the bed, he had a conversation with his quirk.


‘A name for you… Honestly, I feel bad I haven’t thought about that sooner.’


“It’s fine. I understand it wasn’t the first thing you thought of. Would it be possible for me to suggest something?”




“The name Valiant, now that I had time to think about the name, sounds good. Would it be possible for you to call me by that name?”


‘That’s fine with me.’


“You don’t sound very enthusiastic about it.”


‘I just got done being thrown around by a hydra. I just want to take a hot shower and go to bed.’


“Fine, your behavior is excused.” Valiant sounded very sarcastic when he said that.


Izuku groaned at his quirk’s sassy attitude and turned over. A few minutes later, his mate came out looking as beautiful as ever. Her wet hair was down and she was wearing her usual pajamas. Izuku found himself staring and smiling at the girl he loved.


Ryuko noticed him staring and smiled.


“You going to keep staring all night?” Ryuko asked.


“If I wasn’t as tired as I am, I’d admire you all night.” Izuku replied, groaning as he got up from the bed.


Izuku got out a pair of pajamas and went into the shower after giving Ryuko’s cheek a kiss.


While Izuku took her shower, she conversed with her quirk.


“I personally like the name you gave me.” came the elegant feminine voice of Ryuko’s quirk.


Ryuko named her quirk while she was in the shower. Her quirk actually named herself when she observed the water raining down on the blonde haired girl’s body.


‘Storm does sound nice. If only we had ice breath. Then I’d call you Snowstorm.’


“That name would suit me if that were the case, wouldn’t it?”




The two of them continued to converse until Izuku walked into the room after finishing up. He grabbed Ryuko’s costume and his own and tossed them into the washing machine. With how advanced the machine is, he was able to simply press a button and it would handle the rest, including the drying.


Afterwards, Izuku walked over to Ryuko and smiled at her. She was sitting on the bed while he was standing in front of her off the bed. Izuku bent down and hugged his mate before slowly falling onto the bed over her. Ryuko giggled at the silliness of her tired mate.


After a couple minutes of slowly rolling around playfully, they settled into bed with one another under the blankets. They had a makeout session that wasn’t as passionate as they usually were due to their fatigue. It was the thought that counted. The thought that the two of them fiercely loved one another and weren’t afraid to show it to each other.


They calmed down and relaxed with one another, cuddling close to each other. Soon, a knock came at the door. Izuku sighed.


“I’ll get it.” Izuku said, slowly getting out of bed and kissing his mate.


On the other side of the door was Hydris. She wore a simple admiral blue shirt over a brown jacket. She also wore jeans and sneakers.


“What is it, ma’am?”


“My name is Hidora like this. Don’t worry about formalities right now. I just wanted to tell you that we’ll get started at ten tomorrow. I have to attend a meeting in the morning, so you get to sleep in if you want.”


“Thank you for letting me know.”


“You’re welcome. Sleep well. Oh yeah!” Hidora placed a hand on Izuku’s shoulder.


“I’m proud of you.” she said with a smile before walking away.


Izuku was confused as to the relevance of her. He turned back to Ryuko and she seemed to have overheard the conversation.


“What do you think she means?”

“I dunno.”


“Hmm… Well, come back to bed.” Ryuko said, extending her arms in a needy gesture.


Izuku smiled fondly, knowing how much Ryuko loved cuddling. He got back into bed and cuddled with his dragoness.


“Good night, my emerald.” Ryuko whispered.


“Good night, my citrine.”




Hidora walked out of her agency, heading to her apartment.


“I’m glad Firedrake’s son isn’t like him at all.” Mizu commented.


“We drove him away from Japan before he had a chance to influence him. I’m not surprised.” Hono said.


‘I’m just glad I get to teach him. He’s a smart kid. And from what I saw today while we trained, I want both him and his mate as my sidekicks when they graduate.’


“What if they wish to start their own agency?” Hono asked.


‘Then I will extend an offer of partnership.’


Hidora smiled as she thought of the two dragons under her mentorship while she continued on home.

Chapter Text

Izuku woke up an hour before they were supposed to head to the gym. It wasn’t even because of an alarm clock. He wondered why he woke up early for a moment before his attention was brought to the sleeping dragoness on him.


She adjusted her sleeping position, letting out a gentle hum as she did. Once she settled in, she took a deep breath and released it. He smiled softly, cuddling closer to his love.


“Hmm… I can never get enough of waking up like this…” Ryuko said tiredly, nuzzling into his neck.


“Me neither.” Izuku mumbled.


Izuku felt Ryuko shift a bit before feeling a pair of warm lips on his cheek. He shifted his head and pressed a loving kiss on her lips. The pair then shared a gentle good morning kissing session. Their kisses weren’t heated enough to start making out.


Ryuko pulled away from their kissing session when they heard footsteps outside their room. A moment later, they heard a knock at the door. She let out a quiet groan.


“I really wish we had a full day to relax in bed.” Ryuko mumbled.


“We have plenty. We just decide to spend them doing something, instead.” Izuku pointed out.


“Be quiet with your good points.” Ryuko said, kissing him once more.


Izuku got out of bed before walking to the door. Opening it, he sees a sidekick. The man looked jumpy as if he was afraid of him.


“H-Hydris told me to come get you. Her meeting ended quicker than she thought.” 


“Thank you. We’ll be right down.”




The man stumbled a bit before walking away.


Izuku returned to Ryuko after closing the door.


“I wonder if it’s his first day.” Ryuko commented.


Izuku chuckled.


“That would be funny.” Izuku said.


“I’ll change in the bathroom.” Izuku said, moving to get their costumes from the washing machine.


The costumes were fully dried and ready for use. Handing Ryuko hers, he went into the bathroom. Ryuko waited for the door to click before getting out of the bed. As she was taking off her pajamas, she had an idea.




“I’m coming out.” Izuku said.


“Alright.” Ryuko replied from outside.


Izuku opened the door and was greeted with the sight of Ryuko’s bare back. His eyes unconsciously trail down to her butt that was also bare. His blush came but he found himself rooted to the ground. He had to admit, despite not seeing her assets from the front, she had a beautiful figure.


“I have to say, we made a good choice for our mate.” Valiant commented.


‘You can say that again…’


It was at that time that Ryuko pulled her costume fully on, swaying her hips slightly as if she knew Izuku was staring at her. Izuku found himself hypnotized by the sight. Turning around, Ryuko gave her mate a wry smile.


“Like what you saw?” Ryuko asked.


“Y-You meant to do that?” Izuku asked, blush increasing.


“Yes I did. Did you like it?”


“I-I’d be lying if I said I didn’t…” Izuku said shyly.


A blush came to Ryuko’s cheeks as her smile became softer.


“Good…” She mumbled.


“W-We should get going…” Izuku started for the door.


As Izuku walked by Ryuko, she grabbed him and pulled him into a kiss. A kiss that Izuku returned.


“When we get back, do you want me to do that again?” She asked in a whisper, referring to the show she just gave him.


“I-I wouldn’t mind that…” Izuku replied shyly in an equally quiet voice.


Ryuko found herself smiling at that. She laced her fingers with his and the two finally left with blushes on their face.


Their blushes calmed down once they reached the gym. Hydris was already there in her costume waiting. She seemed to be having a conversation with Mizu and Hono, if her expression was anything to go by.


Once she noticed her interns arrive, she refocused on the outside world.


“Hey. Sorry, I thought the meeting would be longer.”


“It’s alright. We were already up.” Izuku said.


“Oh really? A little morning relief?” Hydris teased.


Both blushed at Hydris’ teasing. The Hydra Heroine laughed at her interns’ embarrassment.


“Anyways, let’s continue where we left off yesterday.” Hydris said, shifting her arms and legs into her draconic counterparts.


“Right!” The two said, following suit.






Izuku hits the ground once again. He started getting up, looking up just in time to get a face full of Ryuko’s back as she fell on him.


Hydris was standing and didn’t look to be breaking a sweat at all.


“Your partial transformations still need work. You’re still swinging wide. Just because they’re heavier doesn’t mean you have to swing them willy nilly.” Hydris said.


Izuku, taking the instructions to heart, came in and extended a punch to her gut. As soon as he got close, she grasped his arm and tried pulling. Izuku used his claws in his feet to hold himself down. Hydris smirked before using her claws and practically wrenching him out of the ground, throwing him onto his back.


“You’re changing up your approach. That’s good.” Hydris said.


Her eyes went from focusing on Izuku to focusing on behind her as she formed her tail to catch a flying kick from Ryuko and fling her away.


She released Izuku and changed her draconic parts back. She then clapped her hands.


“Alright, that’s it for now. You guys should get some lunch. Also, after lunch, we’re going on patrol.” Hydris said.


The two’s eyes brightened instantly. They nodded before heading to the cafeteria. Hydris watched them leave with a smile on her face.


“Hmm. Reminds me of us when we were interning. What was the hero’s name again?” Hono asked.


‘Rathalos. Was like a father to us.’ Hydris replied.


“We always enjoyed his spicy curry.” Mizu added.




Izuku and Ryuko waited at the roof of the agency. Hydris told them to meet her at the roof when they were done with eating. To pass the time, the two would look out at the city below, watching the movement and activity of it.


“Did I keep you guys waiting?” Hydris’ voice drew their attention from the city to the hero.


“Not long.” Izuku said.


“Good. Shall we get started?”




Hydris smiled before changing into her full hydra form. Izuku and Ryuko followed suit with their dragon forms. Hydris took flight first with the two dragons on her flanks. The citizens recognized the three dragons instantly and the trio all heard cheers every so often while they flew.


Izuku glanced at Ryuko. She had a look of enjoyment on her draconic face, swaying her flight path slightly as she enjoyed the feeling of flight. Izuku smiled at her before returning his gaze ahead. He looked towards Hydris to see two of her heads looking down while her main head was looking forward.


He was about to speak when the smell of smoke caught his nose. From the looks of Hydris and Ryuko when he looked at them, they smelled it too. Following the scent, they see the city of Hosu in flames. His eyes widen before descending towards Hosu.


“Stay sharp. We don’t know what-”


Hydris stopped speaking as they all heard a howl. Izuku and Ryuko’s eyes widen as they realize what the source of it was. There were Nomu. Just like the one that attacked the USJ.


The three set down in the road in front of a wall of fire. The Pro Hero Manual was spraying water at the fire with his quirk while a few other heroes were doing their own things trying to minimize damage to the populace.


Izuku knew Iida was interning under Manual, but he didn’t see Iida at all.


“What’s the situation?” Hydris asked.


Manual turned to Hydris, looking up at the hydra.


“There were these three creatures that caused this. We haven’t seen them, but-”


A rumble went through the street before another howl. Three Noumu arrived. One was skinny and had wings for arms, the second was what All Might would have looked like if he had four arms. The third had cylinders for hands with a light flame emitting from them.


“Manual! Where’s Iida?” Izuku asked.


“I don’t know. Once they showed up the first time, he ran into the alley.” Manual said.


Hydris, knowing what her intern might be thinking, glanced at the boy.


“You and Ryuko find him. You have my permission to use your quirks on any villain you see. I’ll handle these things with the pros.” Hydris said.


“Are you sure you can handle them? All Might had trouble with one.” 


“I’ll have you know that I may not be as strong as All Might, I’m smarter. I can handle it, you two. Besides, I have more than myself. I have Manual and the others. Now go.” Hydris said before turning and lumbering towards the Noumu. 


Frozen winds started leaking from Mizu while flames leaked from Hono. The other heroes were preparing for a fight as well.


Noticing the alleyways were no place for full dragons, Izuku and Ryuko changed back to their human forms. They formed their wings, arms, and legs before kicking off and flying through the alleyways.




Iida ran through the alleyways. He saw him. The Hero Killer Stain. The person who ended his brother’s career. Thirst for revenge clouded his thoughts, his mind only on one thing: Ending the life of Hero Killer Stain.


He spotted Stain standing with his sword raised. He didn’t care what else was there, his sole focus was on the hero killer.


Iida ignited his engines, kicking Stain and sending him away from where he was standing. Stain flipped midair and landed on his feet.


“A student comes to stop me? Get out of here. I’m not in the business of killing potential heroes.” Stain said.


“I will not leave! I am Ingenium! You crippled my brother and ruined his career as a hero! You will pay!”

“Hmm, a child blinded by rage. I do not wish to kill those who can become heroes, but you have proven to me you are not a true hero.” Stain readies his sword, the jagged blade looking menacing in the man’s hands.


Before Iida could react, Stain went up and gave the hero student a downward strike. Iida reached up and blocked the downward strike with his armored forearm. He retaliated by sending another kick to the villain’s chest.


Stain smiles, tossing a throwing knife at Iida. Iida, distracted with avoiding the knife, didn’t see Stain strike until it was too late. He stabbed the armored boy in the shoulder, ripping the blade out right after to avoid a retaliatory kick.


Stain brought the blade to his mouth and licked it, causing Iida’s eyes to widen as his body stopped responding to him. He fell to the ground in a heap, all the while stunned at how he was unable to move.


“Your lust for revenge blinded you. You didn’t even notice a hero was in danger. That just proves you don’t deserve to be a hero.” Stain said dismissively.


Iida gritted his teeth as he glared daggers at Stain.


“I’ll leave you there. I’ll deal with what I originally came here to do before killing you.” Stain said, turning away from the boy and focusing on the pro hero.


The hero wore a costume that was reminiscent of traditional Native American garb. He had black hair with a headband around his head, a feather sticking out of his headband. 


Stain raised his sword for a downward stab into the man’s heart. He had no chance to, as a green scaley fist impacted the man’s face and sent him tumbling backward. 


“Iida, are you alright?” it was Ryuko’s voice.


Izuku and Ryuko landed in front of Iida.


“What the hell were you thinking taking Stain on your own? Especially with Native here?” Izuku scolded, his gaze never leaving Stain.


“Two more wannabe heroes come to take me down?”


“We have no choice but to. You’re attacking our friend and a pro hero. And we doubt you’re going to let us leave with our friends in our arms.” Ryuko said.


Stained grinned.


“You wish to protect this fake? Who wished to end me out of revenge?”


“If we can’t protect our friends, when how will we protect everyone else? We’d never be able to call ourselves heroes if we were to leave now.” Izuku said.


The manic grin on the hero killer widened.


“You will not get in the way of my goal.” Stain said, shooting forward.


Ryuko formed her head and blew fire out at Stain. The man dodged the fire, hopping onto the wall of the alley before coming down towards Ryuko. She formed her scales, the blade shooting sparks as it glanced off the pale scales of the dragoness.


Ryuko flexed her hand, pointing her claws towards the hero killer as she swiped at him. He jumped back and landed, right as Izuku reached him and thrusting out a human fist. Smiling, thinking the boy overestimated his reach, went to slash at him. His blade was deflected and he was knocked back as the human fist quickly transformed into a scale-covered dragon fist.


He landed and stumbled back, laughing horsley as he regained his balance.


“You’re good. You have as much bite as you have bark. Maybe even more. Maybe you are true heroes after all. Despite that, I will not be kept from accomplishing my goal!”


The two tensed at the man’s declaration, preparing for the charge. Izuku covered his body in scales as Stain ran towards him. Izuku was expecting a slash, but was caught off guard as he was kicked in the face by a spiked boot, knocking him over.


“Damn, even I wasn’t prepared for that!” Valiant cursed in his head.

‘Don’t worry, this guy’s way better than any other villain we’ve faced. It’s alright to be unprepared as long as we adapt!’ Izuku thought.


Stain changed his target to Ryuko, hoping to quickly take her down so that he can quickly finish off the two other downed heroes. Ryuko blocked the swing and held the blade in her hands. As she did, her tail snaked between her legs and grabbed the man’s foot. 


Stain was the one off guard in that situation as his feet went out from under him. He removed his hands from his blade and tried to get free of the tail’s strong hold. She stepped over her tail and spun herself, swinging Stain into the wall and denting it, causing smoke to scatter around the impact zone.


Ryuko released the villain, believing that to be enough. No one could have remained conscious after a hit like that. Izuku, feeling his sixth sense, dove in front of Ryuko. Before he did, Ryuko had a sixth sense feeling of her own. She moved backwards right as she saw the blades come out of the smoke. Before they got too far, Izuku’s body took the blades, one simply grazing his arm while the other embedded itself in his leg. 


He was so preoccupied with saving his mate that he forgot to protect himself. He was mentally cursing himself for his forgetfulness.


“Izu!” Ryuko shouted in worry. 


Quickly, Stain shot from the smoke and went for the blade that grazed Izuku’s arm. As soon as the blade touched his tongue, Izuku, who was lunging at the man, became limp and landed in a heap against the wall of the alley. Stain, in a moment of kindness, set the boy up sitting against the wall.


“I will not kill you. You’re a true hero. As is your fellow dragon,” Stain began. “Despite that, you protect the wrong people. I will show you their error.”


Stain rushed Ryuko. Before he was able to do anything, Ryuko shot a torrent of fire at Stain, keeping him at a distance. She suddenly felt an increased amount of worry for some reason. She was already worried, but the wave of worry increased unnaturally.


She let up the fire and glanced at her mate, who was looking at her with worry as he tried to move.


“Why are you doing this? This is my fight!” Iida finally spoke.


Ryuko looked at Iida, giving Stain time to try and strike. She felt the worry increase once more and her sixth sense flare, causing her to form her scales and block the attack. She used her tail to send Stain back.


“You’re an idiot if you thought you’d be able to fight Stain on your own.” Ryuko said seriously, turning and letting loose a wave of flames.


“I have to try! He ended my brother’s career!”


“And die trying? For revenge? What would your brother think of that?”




“Now you see! He’s a lost cause!” Stain said, coming in from the air with a downward stab.


“GET OFF MY MATE!” Izuku shouted, flying through the air and punching the man.


The punch, which was infused with One For All, sent the man flying into the ground and creating a crater.


“Easy with the emotions, buddy. You almost went past our working threshold.” Valiant said.




“I understand the need to protect her. You don’t have to apologize.”


“How did you manage to move?” Ryuko asked.


“I don’t know. It could be related to blood type. Or the amount of blood ingested.


The people present told Izuku their blood type. Izuku then told his.


“Mine’s Type O. If it’s the blood type theory, Iida should get up next. When that happens, we’ll have to grab Native and leave.” Izuku said.


Stain’s laughter caused everyone to focus on them.


“Good fighter and smart as well. You are a really interesting one, boy.”


Stain charged once again, but stopped as soon as both dragons let out waves of flames. Izuku’s green one meshed with Ryuko’s orange one, creating a practical wall of fire. They were only doing it to buy time.


As soon as they stopped, Izuku flew forward and met Stain head-on. He wasn’t going to let him get past. Every time Stain tried to get away, he would get back in front of him again. Iida slowly got control back with his body. Using the moment to surprise Stain, he fired his engines and rocketed towards the man.


As Izuku was about to land a punch to Stain’s gut, Iida’s foot connected with his head and shot the villain away from the both of them.


“You good?” Izuku asked.


“Yes.” Iida said with a nod.


Stain got back up, laughing once again. The two tensed as he lunged forward. Izuku pushed Iida back, forming his scales to take the attack. At the last second, he switched targets to Iida. Izuku, in a split second thought, extended his tail to wrap around Stain’s arm. Stain, in a last ditch effort to kill Iida, throws his throwing knives.


Iida had no time to react as two of the four knives penetrated his skin. Both landed on his arm, as Iida instinctively moved his arm to protect himself. He was so filled with adrenaline, that he didn’t notice when he suddenly lost all feeling in the arm and it hung limply at his side. 


Izuku flung Stain into the wall. Not letting up, Izuku formed his wings and shot towards the villain. Iida followed suit.


“Recipro Extend!” 


Iida’s legs fired flame as he shot an engine propelled foot towards Stain. Izuku shot a One For All infused dragon fist at the man as well. They both landed their hits successfully, sending Stain into the ground. As the two landed they checked him.


“He’s unconscious.” Izuku said after giving him a look over.


“Good. We can give him to the authorities once Hydris comes.” Ryuko said.


Iida grit his teeth but said nothing on the matter. Ryuko helped Native up and walked with him out of the alley and into the street. Izuku and Iida stripped Stain of weapons and wrapped him in rope they found in one of the dumpsters. Iida was shocked to find out he couldn’t use his right arm. He began to slightly worry about his arm, but figured it should be repairable at the hospital. 


Izuku lifted Stain with his tail before walking out of the alleyway. Iida followed behind him. It was at that time he noticed his arm wasn’t responding to his commands. He tried lifting it and it didn’t seem to work.


The sound of flapping wings echoed in the distance. Izuku looked up and saw a Nomu flying their way. Izuku formed his dragon head, watching as it got closer. Suddenly, Hydris came in, grabbing Nomu with Mizu and freezing it with her ice breath.


Hydris landed soon after, placing down the frozen Nomu. She looked over her interns as well as Iida and Native. Her eyes widened as she noticed Izuku carrying an unconscious Stain.


“I see I picked the right interns. Good job, you two.” Hydris said.


“Thank you, ma’am.” Izuku said, his normal head reforming.


“Thank you.” Ryuko bowed her head.


Hydris returned to her human form and took out a radio, calling the police to her position. Within minutes, the police were upon them. Reporters were as well.


The police took Stain away in an armored car while they took Izuku and the others to the nearest hospital. Hydris stayed behind to deal with the press.




Izuku, Ryuko, and Iida were all brought into the same room and checked out by the doctors. 


Izuku had a bandaged leg, the doctors able to heal the damage from the knife. He didn’t take it out of his leg, as it would have done more harm than good, so it remained there until the doctors took it out. 


Ryuko had slight bruising from some of the hits. The scales protected against sharp objects, but hits did still leave marks on her.


Iida was the worst out of the three. His entire right arm was unable to respond to his body’s electrical impulses. The injuries Stain gave him were primarily on his right arm. He was ashamed of his injury.


Once they were all alone, Ryuko decided to ask Iida something.


“So you decided to get revenge for your brother. Was it worth it?”




“No. I’m not holding my tongue. What Iida did was completely stupid. As a student, he decided to take on one of the most dangerous villains out there alone without any pro to back him up for revenge. Not only was that stupid, there was no guarantee he’d come out alive!”


“I understand that but-”


“It wasn’t, to be honest.” Iida interrupted Izuku.


Izuku was getting tired of being interrupted, but decided to keep quiet.


“I should have known better. The anger that I felt blinded me to reason.”


Ryuko regarded the glasses wearing boy for a moment before sighing.


“It’s in the past now. I just hope you don’t end up going on another revenge quest any time soon. Or else you might lose your other arm.” Ryuko commented.


The three looked towards the door as they heard it slide open. On the other side of the door were three people: Manual, Hydris, and a dog headed person who Izuku recognized as the chief of police.


Iida walked forward and bowed towards Manual.


“I apologize for running off on my own, sir. I will accept any punishment you deem necessary.” Iida said.


Manual raised a hand and lightly chopped the boy’s head.


“As long as you don’t do it again, all is forgiven. Just make sure you think before you act next time.”


Iida looked at Manual in surprise before nodding with a determined look.


Meanwhile, Hydris brought the two of them into a hug. The two were surprised, but they welcomed it.


“I’m glad you two are safe.” Hydris said, pulling back from the hug.


“Thank you, ma’am.”


Hydris patted their shoulders.


“I’m also really proud of you. While it worried me that you two went against the Hero Killer, you came out without much injuries and apprehended him. You did a good job.” Hydris said.


“Thank you, Hydris. But why is the chief of police here?”


Hydris looked towards the dog headed man before looking back at her interns.


“He’s here to deliver the official story of what happened that we’ll tell the press.”


“That is correct. But first, to explain the current situation. As it is, one hero student disobeyed a pro hero’s order and ran off to confront Stain. Then two more came in and fought him off, capturing him in the process. Since Hydris gave you permission, you are allowed to be credited with the capture. But what you did, Young Iida, is considered vigilantism. You used your quirk to harm someone. It doesn’t matter if it’s a villain or not. That’s why you will be listed as someone rescued from the hero killer.” The chief of police explained.


“He wasn’t really happy that I gave you two permission, but he couldn’t try and shove it to me, since the press already saw you holding the Hero Killer. You’re now the youngest people that captured a villain. Congrats.” Hydris said with a smile.


“So the official story is that since Hydris was preoccupied with the Nomu, she sent you two to rescue Young Iida and Native, giving you permission to use your quirks. You two will be credited with the arrest and rescue, but Hydris will be given the reward for capturing Stain.”


“That’s fine with us, sir. We’re just glad to have put him behind bars.” Izuku said modestly.


“Modest. A good trait for a hero. I hope you never lose that trait. That’s all.” 


With a bow, the dog headed man left the room. Manual gave the two dragons his thanks for saving his intern before leaving, himself.


Hydris gave the two one last hug.


“I’ll pick you two up tomorrow. Tomorrow, we’ll just be patrolling on foot to give you a day to recuperate. Then we’ll be back to training if you’re up for it.” Hydris explained.


“Alright.” Izuku said.


“Take care.”


With a wave, Hydris left, leaving the three students alone in the room.


“I want to apologize for bringing you into my mistake. And I want to apologize for being distant. You were one of the first friends I had and when you said your father was a man like Firedrake, I shunned you. I apologize.” Iida said, bowing.


“It’s okay, Iida. I understand. I was actually surprised everyone was so accepting of that. I just hope we can remain friends.” Izuku said.


“I’d like that.” Iida said with a smile.


“Good. We’ve made up. Now how about we sleep? I’m a little tired.” Ryuko said.


“As am I.”


“Yeah. Let’s get to sleep.” Izuku said.


“Goodnight.” Iida said.


“Goodnight.” Izuku and Ryuko said at the same time.


Iida went into one bed while the two dragons took the other. There was a third bed for Ryuko, but she doesn’t want to leave her mate after the stressful day that they had. She held onto him tightly as they lie in bed.


“I’m so glad you’re alright.” Ryuko whispered, kissing his cheek.


“I’m glad you’re fine, too.” Izuku replied, nuzzling his head into her neck.


Ryuko smiled softly.

“Sleep well, my emerald.” Ryuko whispered.


“You, too, my citrine.” Izuku replied.


The two enjoyed the embrace and proximity of their mate as they drifted off to sleep, the fatigue of their day setting in.

Chapter Text

Hydris picked up the two dragons in the morning. She was wearing her casual clothes, meaning she was Hidora at the moment. Once the two were set to leave in a set of regular clothes, they left the hospital.


“Like I said last night, we’ll just be doing light patrol work today. But that’s after we get some food in you.” Hidora explained.


“Alright. What are the cooks making today?” Izuku asked.

“Oh, we aren’t eating at the agency.” Hidora said.


“We aren’t?” Ryuko asked.


“Nope. We’ll only be stopping by to get our costumes before we get to patrolling.” Hidora explained.


“Where are we going?”


“Hiko Naifu’s Asian Grill. It just opened up.”


“Oh, I heard about it. That guy’s quirk is amazing.” Izuku said.


“Of course you’d focus on the quirk.” Ryuko said with an amused smile.


“Why is that, anyways? I get having an interest in quirks, but your infatuation is a bit more than just an interest.”


“Well, uh… It started when I was younger. My quirk manifested in my last year of elementary school. Around that time, everyone was calling me quirkless. I still wanted to be a hero, even before getting a quirk, so I thought if I analyzed quirks, it would help me in the long run.”


“It was absolutely stupid. And afterwards, they called his quirk villainous.”




“Yeah. My father’s… A… A villain.” Izuku said.


“Seriously? They judge you based on your father? I’ve kicked Firedrake’s ass and even I could tell you’re nothing like him.”


“I remember. I, uh… I didn’t know if you knew or not. I was worried about what you would think.”


“Oh, please, Izuku. You’ve got nothing to worry about. You remember what I said the first night you were here?”


“You were proud of me?”


“Yeah. You might not have understood it, but I meant that I was proud you didn’t succumb and turn into your father.” Hidora said.


“See, Izu? Even our hero doesn’t care.” Ryuko said.


“Yeah. Now, let’s get off this subject of the green punching bag and focus on the delicious food we’re going to have.”


Izuku and Ryuko snorted at Hidora’s nickname for Firedrake.




Hidora wasn’t kidding when she said the food would be delicious. Hiko Naifu’s Asian Grill had all sorts of food and it was prepared right in front of them. His quirk, Blade Summon, allowed him to make knives appear and disappear at will, making his knife performances when cooking way more interesting.


Hiko juggled both knife and food as he created the food his customers ordered. Hidora ordered the Salmon Slash, which referred to an order of salmon cut and grilled and served around a cooked full salmon. The reason why it was called “Salmon Slash” was because he managed to cut all the salmon in mid-air in his preparation for it.


Ryuko ordered the Sushi Surprise, which gave her a large plate full of different foods. Each piece of the Surprise was random, decided by the customer picking five random numbers. Each number was assigned to a specific food and once ordered, Hiko would make three of each food the customer picked. The list of things to pick was randomized after each order, which allowed no two Sushi Surprise orders to be the same.


Izuku ordered the same as Ryuko and watched as it was prepared. He was amazed at the skills the chef had. And throughout all of it, Hiko kept a focused expression. Izuku received grilled eel, salmon, shrimp, tuna, and octopus. Ryuko had eel as well, along with beef, california rolls, chicken, and steak.


Izuku saw stars in Ryuko’s eyes as she looked at all the meat with a watering mouth. He chuckled as he watched her dig into her food. He followed shortly after. Hidora watched the two for a moment with a small smile before finally digging into her food. She absolutely loved salmon foods. Thanks to the Salmon Slash, Hiko Naifu’s Asian Grill became her favorite restaurant in Japan.




After the food, the journey to the agency was a quick one. Once they geared up in their costumes, they set out on patrol. Rather than a patrol in the air, Hydris made them patrol on foot, wanting to let her interns have a patrol that didn’t use much energy.


All throughout the patrol, Hydris and her interns were hounded. Hydris wasn’t one for the spotlight. She saw it as a necessary evil for doing what she loved: Hero work. So when she noticed the crowds weren’t directed at her and instead her interns, she felt a bit better. Despite feeling glad the attention wasn’t completely directed at her, she still felt worried her interns would get overwhelmed.


After the two answered a few questions and gave a few autographs, Hydris intervened.


“Alright, everybody. These two just got out from the hospital and I’d appreciate it if you didn’t overwhelm them. They aren’t seasoned heroes yet.”


The crowd seemed to understand and backed off, but still watched and cheered for them, albeit a bit quieter. Izuku and Ryuko gave their hero a grateful smile before the trio returned to their patrol.





Once patrol ended, the pair retired to their room. True to what Hydris said, they didn’t do much more than just patrol. Nothing happened on the patrol, which the trio were thankful for. 


What Izuku was expecting when they got into the room, was a relaxing evening. He wasn’t getting it yet. Ryuko had plans for him.


Once the door shut, Ryuko was on him, literally and figuratively. She gripped his hero suit and pulled him into a passionate kiss that quickly turned into a makeout session. Izuku, used to their makeout sessions, let his hands roam her body as they usually did.


Ryuko moaned into his mouth, pressing her body against him even more. Izuku had nowhere to back up to, his back pressed against the door, so instead, he pushed forward. She let out a surprised gasp as he pushed her towards his bed. Izuku locked her lips with his once again after her gasp, refocusing her attention on him. When she felt the back of her legs touch their bed, she fell back onto it, pulling Izuku with her.


He let out a surprised gasp of his own as he was pulled on top of her. He didn’t stay there long, before his dragoness flipped him onto his back and straddled him. His face was red hot and so was hers. Ryuko gave Izuku a seductive smile, making his excitement increase.


She slowly bent down from her position and pressed a passionate kiss against his lips. It wasn’t a makeout kiss. Just a simple lip to lip kiss. As their lips remained against each other, she slowly moved to take Izuku’s top off.


“R-Ryu-” Izuku pulled back from the liplock.


“I want this, Izu. We aren’t going too fast.” Ryuko reassured him.


Izuku was surprised she knew what he was thinking, but embraced it, pulling her close and kissing her once more. While their lips were locked, they were slowly trying to undress one another. Ryuko’s dress was relatively easy to take off, but they had to separate to take it off. Izuku’s shirt was the same way.


Once his shirt was off, her face heated up in arousal. She’s seen hints of his muscular body before, but never in an intimate moment. She began feeling his muscles as they made out with each other. Izuku let his hands roam her body once more. The feeling of Izuku’s hands on her skin sent another wave of arousal through her body. She let out a moan into his mouth as soon as he brushed over her breasts.


Izuku began groping her breasts after hearing her moan. They stopped making out to catch their breath, letting him hear her moans clear as day. Her crotch was grinding against his costume’s crotch, making him let out quiet groans of excitement as she rubbed against his erection.


“Oh god~ Your hands are so good~” Ryuko moaned, pressing her chest harder into his hands.


Izuku gave them one last squeeze, before trailing his hands to her asscheeks. She let out a gasp as soon as she felt him squeeze. They were soft and plump and Izuku already loved rubbing them. By the sounds Ryuko gave, she was loving it too.


A few more minutes under Izuku’s ministrations and Ryuko let out a loud moan, reaching climax just from his hand. He hadn’t even touched her pussy!


Calming down slightly after orgasming, she gave Izuku a smile.


“I shouldn’t be the only one in my underwear.” She said, rubbing her crotch against his and smiling as she got him to let out a quiet groan of pleasure.


She got off his lap and reached for his pants. She took them off before brushing her hand over Izuku’s bulge. She smiled once more as she heard him let out a low groan. 


“I see my hands feel just as good to you as yours felt to me.” She said seductively.


She reached behind her back and unclipped her bra, freeing her B Cup breasts from them. She noticed his bulge increase and felt the emptiness inside her grow. 


Despite her slow foreplay, she was slowly losing patience. She really wanted him inside of her. She went closer and moved one of his hands to her bare breasts. She moaned as she felt him squeeze her.


“Izu~” She moaned, kissing him. “Please take me~ Make my body yours~”


What Ryuko said gave him a rush of lust-filled bravery. He trapped her lips in his as he slowly removed his underwear, freeing his member for her to see. She looked down and gasped at the size. His nine inch penis made Ryuko’s nether region even more wet than it was before. Before she could say anything, she was trapped in another kiss.


Pulling away, Izuku gently pushed her onto the bed. With him positioned over her, he moved himself towards her crotch. She felt herself get shy with the attention he was giving her clothed pussy.


He slowly removed the panties before giving her pussy a lick. She shivered at the pleasure sensation of his tongue.


“Please Izuku~ I need you inside me~” She moaned.


Izuku angled his member to her entrance and slowly pushed in. Once his head was in and about an inch inside, she let out a pained noise. Izuku stopped, looking at her with worry.


“Are you okay? Should I take it out?” Izuku asked.


“N-No. Keep it in! Just… Just say still for a minute.”


Izuku complied, simply caressing her side affectionately. Ryuko gave him a pained smile as she got used to it. Soon, the pain went away and she took a shaky breath, the pleasure of Izuku’s member inside of her starting to flow through her.


“O-Okay. You can keep going.” Ryuko said, holding back a moan of pleasure as she spoke.


“Okay. Just tell me if I should stop.” Izuku said.


She gave him a loving smile before it contorted into one of pleasure as he slowly pushed all the way in, hilting himself and staying still. He groaned in pleasure, feeling her walls contract on his penis. She was moaning lightly even though he wasn’t even moving.


He started moving back and forth, pulling back and thrusting back in. He slowly got quicker as his thrusting continued. With each thrust, she moaned louder, her legs wrapping around his waist and locking together. Her arms did the same, pulling herself up to press her lips against his.


She pulled back from the kiss and lets out a loud moan. 


“Harder, Izu~!” She moaned, her head rolling back as her mate thrusted harder and harder into her waiting pussy.


She was in total ecstasy, the feeling of her love’s penis penetrating deep inside of her driving her crazy with pleasure. She was slowly getting closer and closer to climax with each thrust. By the feel and look of Izuku, he was getting close as well.


“I-Izu! I’m so close!”


“Me too!”


Ryuko, in her pleasure-drunk state, gripped his waist tighter with her legs.


“Do it inside! Cum in me!” She moaned.


Izuku started thrusting harder and faster, pushing his penis deeper inside of her. The tightness of his mate’s pussy was driving him even closer to the edge.


With one final thrust, Izuku hilted himself inside of his lover and shot his seed deep inside of her. The feeling of him cumming inside of her drove Ryuko to the edge and caused her to climax as well, tightly holding onto her mate’s body as she rode the climax.


They panted and moaned as they calmed down from their orgasms, leaning their foreheads against each other. They pressed their lips together in a passionate and loving kiss.


“I love you, Izu.”


“I love you, too, Ryu. I love you so much.” Izuku replied, kissing her cheek then her lips once more.


The two fell asleep in their connected position, unaware of their quirks smiling at what their owners did. Storm detected the sperm inside of her owner and made sure she wouldn’t get pregnant from them. The last thing either of them needed was a child this early in their careers.




The next morning, the two of them woke up to the alarm clock that was set thirty minutes before they had to get down to the training room. Izuku, being the one on top, reached over and pressed the alarm clock to silence it.


He heard a moan as he shifted and his member felt good for some reason. He then realized he was still inside of his mate. She was smiling slightly when he looked back at her. Her tail slowly wrapped around the both of them and brought him down to her level again, pushing him inside fully once again.


He let out a moan. 


“Good morning, darling.” Ryuko said lovingly.


“Good morning, my citrine.” Izuku said, caressing her cheek.


“Hmm… Last night was amazing. And I’m glad it was with you.” Ryuko whispered, kissing her love.


Izuku returned the kiss before giving her a gentle smile.


“I loved it, too.” He replied.


Ryuko kissed him once more before sighing.


“We’re going to have to shower and get ready for our internship…” Ryuko said.


“I know…” Izuku replied with a sigh.


“I wish we could just stay like this forever.”


“Me too. But we still have our internships.” Izuku said.


“Then let’s get going. We can always…” Ryuko trailed off.


Izuku could feel her tail lightly brush his back and her hips slightly shift, moving his member slightly.


“Continue this tonight.” She finished.


“I’d love that.” He whispered, his voice dripping with lust.


She let out a soft hum before kissing him one last time. Once they finished, Izuku finally pulled out. The two of them split up, with Ryuko taking the first shower while Izuku washed their hero costumes.


“You’re lucky Storm was around. If she wasn’t, you would have a baby on the way.”


Izuku nearly had a heart attack when Valiant spoke. It was so sudden and he was in a relaxed concentration.


‘Jeez, don’t scare me like that.’


“Apologies. But my point stands. Storm is able to keep Ryuko from getting pregnant. We’re not ones to keep you kids from doing what your hormones tell you to, so you can do that as much as you want. Just thought I’d let you know in case you started to worry.” Valiant explained.


‘I should thank Storm for that, then.’


“Not to worry, she already knows.”




“With One For All, along with your constant stigma to get into trouble, Ryuko and us share a link. It’s more to let the other know if either of them are in danger, but I can still talk to Storm through it. You just can’t hear me when I do.”


‘I’ll have to tell Ryuko about that.’


“Once again, there is no need. Storm is probably telling her now.”






Izuku and Ryuko stood in front of the training room. They were ten minutes early, waiting on Hydris to arrive. They saw no one inside the training room.


“So Valiant told me Storm and him can talk to each other. And that we’re able to tell whenever we’re in danger.” Izuku commented.


“Storm told me that as well. It’s honestly surprising.” Ryuko said.


“Hello, you two.” Hydris said, causing them to turn towards her.


“Hello, ma’am.” Izuku said politely.


“Hello, Hydris.” Ryuko said.


Hydris could tell something was different. Her instincts could detect it. They were more than just mates by name and bond. Now they were physical mates as well. She flashed the two a knowing smile, causing the two to blush lightly.


“You two ready for training?” Hydris asked.


“Yes, ma’am!” The two said at once.


The two then entered the training room with Hydris and began their training.

Chapter Text

The remainder of the week for the two dragons were business as usual. Thankfully, there weren’t any more villain attacks that week, so they were focused on their training only. Friday came and they were on their final patrol.


They were patrolling on the ground as an easy way to end off their internship.


“So, you looking forward to going back to school?” Hydris asked.


“Not at all. I love training under you.” Ryuko said.


“Me, too.” Izuku agreed.


Hydris chuckled, glancing back at them with a smile.


“I’m glad you two like working under me. Hey, next time internships are happening, just come to my agency. You don’t even need to apply.” Hydris said.


“Really?!” Ryuko asked with stars in her eyes.


“Yeah. I like having you guys around.” Hydris nodded.


The two hero interns shared a beaming smile.


“Thank you!” the pair said at once.


Hydris giggled at the amount of star struck she saw in her interns’ eyes.


“Alright, let’s get back to work, you two.” Hydris said.






Around late afternoon, they were on their way back to the agency when they heard a noise down a nearby alleyway. Izuku stopped first, followed by Ryuko and Hydris.


The green haired boy stared at the other two before going to investigate, scales covering his arms as he cautiously moved towards the source of the sound.


He was expecting a lot of things. But what he wasn’t expecting was a white haired child with a single horn on her forehead running into his legs and hugging them.


“Help me.” he heard her whisper.


He looked down the alleyway for the source of what she was running from. He saw no one down the alleyway. He assumed once they saw him, they went away.


“We’ll help you. What’s your name?” Ryuko took the chance to get the girl’s attention.


The little girl hid her face in Izuku’s legs, only revealing one ruby red eye to Ryuko.


“Eri…” She said quietly.


“Nice to meet you, Eri. I’m Ryukyu.” Ryuko replied with a gentle smile.


“And I’m Valiant.” Izuku said with a gentle smile.


Eri looked up at Izuku, taking in the face of what she assumed to be her protector.


“We’ll help you, Eri. I promise.” Izuku said.


“Thank you…” She said gratefully.




Once they brought Eri to a nearby police station, they discovered that Eri was an orphan with no parents. That caused problems for the hero and her interns. They had no one to bring them back to and they couldn’t just bring her to an orphanage with who she was being chased by still at large.


“How about we take her to UA?” Ryuko suggested.


“It’s not a bad idea. It’s a highly secure place. Heroes are always around. Not to mention she seems pretty attached to you two.” Hydris said.


She looked at Izuku. Specifically, Izuku’s lap. On his lap, Eri was clutching onto Izuku like her life depended on it. Izuku was gently petting her hair and back in a gesture of comfort.


“What do you say, Izuku?”


The boy looked down at the girl in his lap. Eri was looking right back up at him with a pleading face. He was the first nice person she’s met. She wanted to stay with him. Izuku could tell what she was thinking, too. He looked back at Hydris.


“I want to keep her safe. I want to bring her with me. Do you want to stay with me, Eri?” Izuku asked, looking at the girl.


Eri nodded quietly, not wanting to let go of her savior.


“Alright. In that case, I’ll let Nezu know once we get back to the agency. You two can head back now. I’ll just be a moment. I need to square things away with the officer.” Hydris said.


“Hey, Eri. We’re going to a hero agency, alright?”


“...Okay…” Eri nodded slowly, holding onto Izuku tighter as he stood up and carried her in his arms.


Ryuko stood up next to them, smiling softly.


“You’re gonna love the agency. It’s so cool.” Ryuko said.


Eri stared at Ryuko in curiosity. Ryuko raised her eyebrow curiously at Eri’s staring.


“What is it?” Ryuko asked.


Eri’s cheeks turned red and she looked away shyly, burying her head in Izuku’s chest. Izuku smiled, shaking his head.


“Let’s go.” Izuku said.




Once the two dragons arrived at the agency, they saw the first positive emotion from the girl in Izuku’s arm. Eri looked around the agency’s main room with amazement and wonder as she looked around.


“I know, pretty cool right?” Izuku asked.


Eri nodded slowly as she kept looking around. The two took the time to take in the girl’s clothes. It was extremely thin and torn in various parts. On top of that, she had bandages around her arms. Their hearts hurt at how bad the girl seemed to have it.


“Today was supposed to be our last day here before we head back to UA, so take it in as much as you want. Ryuko can show you around.” Izuku said.


She looked at Izuku with fear, thinking he was going to leave and not come back.


“Don’t worry, I promise I’ll be back, okay? In the meantime, Ryuko can hold you.” Izuku said.


“P-Promise?” Eri asked.


Izuku gave her a gentle smile and moving his hand towards Eri. He extended his pinky.


“Pinky Promise.”


Eri looked at the pinky curiously.


“A Pinky Promise cannot be broken. So if I make a Pinky Promise to you that I’ll be back, I will be back no matter what.” Izuku said.


Eri slowly hooked her pinky with Izuku’s. He smiled as he completed the pinky promise. Once he did so, Eri released Izuku and moved so Ryuko could carry her. Izuku then left once Eri was seated in his mate’s arms.


While Izuku left to pack their bags, Ryuko walked around the agency to show the girl around the agency.


“Do you like heroes, Eri?” Ryuko asked.

“Mhm…” Eri nodded.


“Izu and I are training to be heroes right now.”


“But you are heroes, though…” Eri whispered shyly.


“Hmm?” Ryuko asked, raising an eyebrow.


“You saved me… Heroes save people, right?” Eri asked.


Ryuko felt her heart swell at Eri’s statement.


“That’s right. They save people with a smile.” Ryuko said.


Eri nodded at Ryuko’s statement slowly, recalling Izuku’s gentle smile.


“Do you have a favorite hero?” Ryuko asked.


“Ryukyu and Valiant.” Eri said innocently.


Ryuko giggled softly.


“Those are our hero names. Do you really like us that much?”


“Mhm.” Eri nodded


The girl smiled for the first time since meeting the two interns.




Izuku returned to the front desk of the agency to see Ryuko sitting on a chair in the waiting area and Eri sitting on her lap. The girl was fast asleep, clinging to Ryuko even in her sleep.


Ryuko noticed Izuku approach her holding their suitcases. She smiled at Izuku.


“Ready to head back?” Ryuko asked.




“Good.” said a new voice.


The two interns turned to see Hydris. She was smiling softly at the two of them.


“I’ll drive you there. I’d offer to fly you, but the little girl might be afraid of heights.” Hydris said.


“Thank you, Hydris. It means a lot. Especially since it’s getting late.”


The three looked outside to see the sky turn orange in the evening sunset.


“Well, let’s get going.” Hydris said.




Aizawa was expecting a lot of things. The two dragons getting in trouble? Yes, he expected that. The two dragons, who he knew were in a relationship, coming back to the dorms with a kid? He would have laughed harder than Ms. Joke using her quirk on somebody if he heard someone predict that. Needless to say, he was beyond surprised when the two dragons stepped out of Hydris’ car holding a little sleeping girl with bandages on her arms and a thin dress on.


He was about to ask what the girl was doing with them before Hydris pulled him away, letting the two dragons head to the dorms to unpack and get settled in while she explained the situation.


Ryuko gently woke Eri in her arms once they were in their room. She jumped slightly and hugged the dragoness tightly for a moment, before realizing she was with her heroes. She looked around, looking at all the hero merch in the room and then finally a bed. A real bed, not the pile of newspapers she slept on at that bird man’s building.


“Sleep well?” Ryuko asked gently.


Eri nodded.


“Do you want to sit on the bed?”


She shook her head.


“Well, we have to get changed, Eri.”


The little girl shook her head again. Ryuko sighed softly.


“Then how about you let Izu hold you while I change, then I can hold you when he changes?”


Eri looked between the two for a moment before nodding. She then reached out to Izuku. The boy smiled softly before pulling the girl into his arms and holding her against him. Afterwards, Ryuko left to the bathroom to get changed.


“Are you feeling a bit better, Eri?” Izuku asked.


The girl nodded slowly.


“That’s good. I know you said you’re alright with it, but are you sure you’re okay with living with us for now?” Izuku asked curiously.


Eri nodded once more, a determined look on her face. Izuku couldn’t help but smile.


“I’m happy you trust us enough to let us take care of you.” Izuku said.


“You saved me… I want to stay with my hero.” Eri whispered shyly.


Izuku’s heart swelled at the mention of him as her hero. He then hugged the little girl, a gesture she was surprised by, but quickly began to enjoy. Being hugged by the boy felt so good to her. She let out tears as she felt all the bad feelings get washed away for the moment with the hug.


Ryuko returned from the bathroom to see the touching moment. She smiled softly, letting the two enjoy their embrace before letting her presence be known.


“Hey, Ryu. My turn?” Izuku asked.


“Mhm. I’ll take care of the little unicorn.”


Ryuko smiled as she saw Eri blush at the nickname, hiding her face in Izuku’s chest.


“C’mon, Eri. Izu needs to change.” Ryuko said.


“Okay…” She said.


Ryuko took Eri in her arms and Izuku left for the bathroom to change. While he changed, Ryuko ran her hand through Eri’s hair.


“Tomorrow, how about we go to the mall to get you some new clothes.”


“New clothes?” Eri asked.


“Yep! Then when we get back, you can take a shower and wear all your cute new clothes.” Ryuko said with a gentle smile.


Eri found herself smiling happily at Ryuko. She felt wanted for the first time in years. She hugged Ryuko tightly, burying her face in her chest. Ryuko smiled softly, feeling something with her quirk.


“We’re adopting her.” Storm decided.


‘We can’t do that. I mean, legally, we can. But we can’t.’


“Why not?”


‘Because what if she doesn’t want to be our adopted child?’


“What if she does and is too afraid to ask?”


‘... Curse you and your logic.’


“You love my logic. It got you to confess, didn’t it?”


‘I’m not admitting anything.’


“I’m already talking with Valiant about it. If you don’t ask, I’m sure our mate would be willing to ask if Eri would be our daughter.”


‘It’s too soon. Give it a few weeks, at least. Please?’


“Fine.” Storm grumbled.


‘Thank you.’


She was drawn from her conversation when she heard the door open and Izuku step out in his pajamas. She smiled at her mate.


“Ready for bed, my emerald?” Ryuko asked.


“I am, my citrine. How’s the little unicorn?”


While she was conversing with Storm, she didn’t notice the girl fell asleep in her arms. Her eyes were closed and her grip was loose.


“She’s fast asleep. She beat us to it.” Ryuko said, getting up slowly, careful not to wake the girl.


“Well, we better join her.” Izuku said, helping her get into bed with the girl she was carrying.


Ryuko turned to her side to let Eri sleep on the bed as well as sleep cuddled up to her. Izuku got onto the other side and snuggled up to both of them. They noticed Eri smiling while she was sleeping. It warmed their heart to see her smile.


“Sleep well, little one.” Ryuko whispered to the fast asleep Eri.


Izuku leaned over and kissed Ryuko. The dragoness returned the kiss gently.


“Goodnight Ryu.” Izuku whispered.


“Goodnight, Izu.”


With that, the two went to bed. Eri, thanks to the pair of dragons, slept soundly for the first time in a long time.

Chapter Text

Izuku woke up the next morning with an unfamiliar extra weight on himself. He looked down to see the pale haired Eri sleeping on his chest. She must have moved overnight. He smiled softly, petting the girl’s hair softly. She snuggled closer in her sleep, enjoying the warmth Izuku had.


“She’s had a terrible life, it seems.”

‘I’m never going to let her have a terrible life ever again.’


“You know, Storm and I were talking. You and Ryuko are old enough to adopt. We could adopt the child.”


Izuku felt his chest warm with the thought.


‘That sounds like a good idea… But I want to make sure she’s comfortable with being adopted by us. So let’s wait a few weeks before deciding.’


“You got it, partner.”




Izuku glanced to the source of the noise. Ryuko was awake and cuddling close to his left side.


“Good morning, Izu.” Ryuko whispered, placing a soft kiss on his cheek.


“Good morning. Sleep well?”


“Yeah. How about you?”


“I did. This little one helped with that.”


Ryuko took in the sight of Eri sleeping soundly on his chest. Two things when through her mind. The first was her mentally cooing at the adorable sight. The second was that Izuku looked really good as a father. She blushed slightly at that second thought.


“We should get up. We’re going to have to head over to the mall, and I doubt Eri would be left alone by our friends if we end up waiting for a while longer.” Izuku said.


Ryuko nodded, gently nudging Eri while also caressing her cheek.


“Eri. Eri, it’s time to wake up.”


The girl opened one ruby red eye, looking at Ryuko’s gentle smile. She then looked up at Izuku, whose kind smile made her happy.


“Good morning, Eri.” Izuku said with a smile.


“Good… morning…” Eri rubbed the sleep from her eyes.


“You ready for today?”




“We’re going shopping for new clothes.” Izuku explained.


She got a bit more awake, a hint of excitement on her face.


“Are we going now?”


“No, we still have to get changed.” Ryuko said, giggling quietly.


“Oh, okay.”




The two students got dressed without problem. The only problem now was how to get out without their classmates seeing. They could use the window, but they didn’t want to frighten the girl. Ryuko volunteered to scout out their path to make sure no one was around.


Ryuko looked outside their room before telling them it was clear. Izuku carried the girl out of the room, following behind Ryuko from a distance. She went downstairs first, giving Izuku the thumbs up once she saw it was clear.


Izuku and Ryuko quietly left the dorms with Eri, unaware of the sleepy pinkette who observed the whole thing. Her mind immediately flew a million miles a minute as to how the two have a child.


“Those dirty dragons.” Mina said mischievously.


A pair of footsteps came from the stairwell before a brown haired girl in Alien themed pajamas came into view rubbing her eye.


“Mina, what are you doing down here? Come back to bed…” Ochako mumbled, grabbing Mina’s hand.


“I heard something. Sorry for waking you. Let’s get going.”


The pair went back upstairs to their bedroom.




Once the pair of dragons were away from the school grounds, they slowed their pace.


“Why did you run away?” Eri asked curiously.


“We didn’t want you overwhelmed with our friends. They can be a bit… intense sometimes.” Ryuko explained.


“Oh… What are they like?”


“Well, some are kind. Some are funny. But they all care for their friends.” Ryuko described.


“Will I meet them?”


“When we get back, you might meet a few.” Ryuko said.


Eri smiled softly at the prospect of meeting more nice people.




They made it to the mall with no issue. Once they arrived, Izuku brought Eri to the ground.


“Just hold my hand and if you see anything or need anything, just tug, alright?.” Izuku said.




With his free hand, Izuku held Ryuko’s hand as they walked along. People passing by could assume that they were a family with how they looked. 


Suddenly, as they were walking along, Izuku felt a tug. He stopped walking and looked down at the girl holding his hand. She was looking up at him and pointing to a nearby clothing store.


“Can we go there?”


“Sure we can.”


Eri tugged Izuku and subsequently Ryuko inside and to a specific isle. She saw what was in it from outside. Once they were in a specific spot of the isle, she pointed to a specific item of clothing. It was a green sundress with white flowers. It looked to be her size as well. Conveniently, the one beside it was a red color similar to Ryuko’s hero costume.


The two dragons smiled at her choices.


“Can we get these?” Eri asked finally.


She had a pleading look in her eyes. One that made their hearts clench.


“Of course we can, Eri. But we need more than two sets of clothes.” Izuku said.


“Oh! Okay!” Eri brightened up a bit and it honestly melted their hearts. 


Eri was happy. She was actually able to get more than one thing. She was able to get many things. She resumed leading her saviors around the clothing shop, pointing out different things.


Izuku and Ryuko were smiling, happy the girl was a bit more excited.




Halfway through the day, they decided to go to the food court to get something to eat.


“Can we get apples?” Eri asked.


“There are a few things that have apples in them.”


Eri once again brightened up. Her saviors were nicer than anyone else she ever met. Then again, the only other people she'd met were the people at the orphanage from before her time with that bird headed man.


Once she got her food, she happily ate it. In the two days she knew her saviors, she loved them more than anyone else she knew.




Eri was between Izuku and Ryuko, holding each of their hands as they walked down the sidewalk. Izuku was carrying dozens of bags, each with different items. One bag had underwear, which Ryuko thankfully helped find the right size of, while another had sundresses. There was also a whole bag dedicated to stuffed animals, all of which appeared to be draconic in appearance. Izuku smiled when he looked at the bag, remembering the talk that motivated Eri to buy them.




“What’s this?” Eri asked curiously, pointing to a strangely shaped plushie.


“That’s a dragon, Eri.” Ryuko explained.


“What’s a dragon?”


“They’re creatures that are very kind and noble. They can spew fire and fly.” Ryuko described.


“Woah. That’s cool.”


“We actually turn into dragons, Eri.” Ryuko added.




“Mhm! While we can’t really turn into dragons in public, we can show you our scales.”


“I wanna see.”


Ryuko looked to Izuku. He sighed and smiled, nodding. The two of them brought their arms closer to Eri and formed their scales. She marveled at the emerald green and pale white scales.






“Why can’t you transform in public?” Eri asked.


“Well, it’s illegal to do that until we become full heroes. Heroes can use their quirks in public. For now, we can transform in UA when we go to hero class.”


“Can I come with you two please?”


“We’ll have to see if it’s okay, but I think it would be fine.” Izuku said.


Eri smiled before looking back at the plushies. She found a green dragon and hugged it close. The two dragons smiled at the little girl as she proceeded to pick out a few other dragon plushies of varying sizes.




The three of them returned to the Heights Alliance dorms, standing in front of the door. Ryuko elected to go in first, followed by Eri and Izuku.


A few people were down. Todoroki was sitting in the common room reading a book. Shinsou was passed out on one of the couches. Mina was talking animatedly with Tooru. That was, before Mina noticed Ryuko.


Izuku brought Eri into his free arm and quietly disappeared up the stairs. Thankfully, Mina was fully focused on his mate rather than him and Eri.


The green haired dragon brought Eri up to his room and set her on the bed.


“Why did we leave that quickly?”


“Because we gotta get you nice and cleaned up for when you meet our friends.” Izuku said.


Eri smiled slightly.




While Izuku was with Eri, Ryuko was dragged to Mina’s room.


“Alright, girl! Spill!”


“W-What?” Ryuko asked, surprised at the sudden question.


“This morning I saw that absolute cutie of a child with you two! Spill!”


“W-What about her?”


“Who is she? Where’d you find her?”


Ryuko’s expression turned serious, worrying Mina. Ryuko explained the previous day’s events in finding Eri. Afterwards, Mina had a look of shock.


“That poor girl…” Mina muttered.


“We’re taking care of her. Storm’s actually wanting us to adopt her.”




“Oh yeah, I didn’t tell you. We gave our voices names. Izu’s name is Valiant. Mine’s Storm.”


“Oh cool! So she wants you to adopt?”


“And what she told me is Valiant agrees.”


“What about you and Izuku?”


“Storm told me that Valiant and him had a talk about it. He’s willing to do it, but only if she wants us to be her parents. I’m kind of the same way.” Ryuko explained.


"Well, I’m all for it. She deserves some happiness. Besides, I’ll be an amazing auntie!” Mina said encouragingly.


Ryuko giggled at Mina’s silliness.


“So can I meet her?” Mina asked excitedly.


“Izu’s probably washing her now. We’re wanting to introduce her to a few of you guys at a time. She’s alright in crowds when no one’s focusing on her. With all our classmates focusing on her, she might panic.”


“I understand. Can I meet her first then?” Mina asked.


“Sure. I can bring her over once she’s nice and clean.” Ryuko said with a smile.






Once Ryuko returned to her room, she heard splashing in the bathroom. Curious, she went up to the open door. The sight that greeted her warmed her heart. Izuku was sitting beside their bathtub, which was full of soapy water. Inside the tub was Eri, facing away from him as he washed her hair. It looked like she just got into that position as her hair was just getting soapy.


Ryuko smiled, watching Izuku wash her hair. Once he was done, he started the shower head and rinsed her hair.


Ryuko stayed silent as she watched Izuku wash the girl, her mind unintentionally drifting to the thought he was washing their daughter. She blushed and shook her head, reminding herself that Eri wasn’t their daughter.




‘Hush you.’


She returned her focus to Izuku to notice he was smiling at her. She returned the smile softly.


“How’s the unicorn?”


“Squeaky clean.” He said.


He put a finger to Eri’s cheek, gently brushing it and making squeaking noise. Eri giggled at Izuku’s silliness. Ryuko giggled as well.


“Then let’s pick out a dress for her to wear.”


“I wanna pick, though.” Eri said.


“Okay, then. You’ll get to pick. After you rinse off and get dry.”




Eri, with the help of her two dragon guardians, proceeded to get ready to meet with their friends.

Chapter Text

A knock came at Mina’s door. She was in the middle of a cuddle session with her favorite gravity girl. Curious, she went to the door.


“Who is it, Mina?” Ochako asked curiously.


Mina smiled, opening the door. Outside, Ryuko, Izuku, and Eri were standing there. Izuku and Ryuko were in their normal casual clothes. Eri was in a green and white sundress hiding behind her guardians’ legs.


“It’s only our favorite Dragon Couple and a little unicorn girl.” Mina said with a smile.


Eri tried to hide further into Izuku and Ryuko’s legs. 


“Unicorn girl?”


Izuku stepped to the side slightly before kneeling down and placing a gentle hand on Eri’s back.


“It’s alright. They’re good people, I promise.” Izuku said softly.


Eri looked at the green haired dragon before nodding slowly. She walked forward in front of the two dragons as Izuku stood back up.


“H-Hi… My name is Eri…” Eri said shyly.


Mina and Ochako both cooed. The pinkette would have pulled the little girl into a hug if it weren’t for Ryuko placing a hand on her. 


“Calm down, Mina. You don’t want to scare Eri with your sudden hug, right?”


“Right.” the pinkette nodded.


Ochako came to the girl and kneeled before her.


“Hello, Eri. My name is Ochako Uraraka.”




Ochako giggled.


“U-ra-ra-ka.” Ochako said slowly.


“U...ra...ra...ka…” Eri repeated slower.


“Yeah! That’s my last name.” Ochako said with a bright smile.


Eri gave the brown haired girl a small smile. Mina came around and gave Eri a beaming smile.


“My name’s Mina Ashido! But you can call me Mina!” the pink haired girl said with a beaming smile.


“H-Hello… Mina.” Eri said quietly.


Mina had to suppress the urge to pick up the girl and give her the biggest hug she could give.


“She’ll be staying with us for the time being.” Izuku explained.


“And she’ll most likely come with us during school hours, too.” Ryuko added.


“So I get to see this bundle of cuteness every day? Talk about heaven!” Mina beamed.


Eri blushed, moving to Izuku’s leg and attempting to hide herself behind it in embarrassment. Her shyness calmed slightly when she felt the gentle hand of Izuku on her head.


“Do you want to meet the rest of the class now, Eri? Or do you want to head back to our room?” Izuku asked.


Eri shook her head.


“I want… to meet them…” Eri said, trying to sound brave, even though she was nervous about meeting new people.


“Okay. But if you are too overwhelmed, just tell us and we’ll bring you back, okay?” Izuku said with Ryuko nodding at his statement.


“O-Okay…” Eri said quietly.




Izuku arrived downstairs in the common area. Some people were gone, but most were still there. He glanced upstairs. A few steps away was Ryuko and Eri. Ryuko was smiling at him while Eri looked nervous.


He took a deep breath before letting it out and turning to the room. He cleared his throat.


“Hey everyone!” Izuku called.


The room went silent.


“There’s someone here who I want to introduce you to. Be warned, though. Don’t make any sudden fast movements or be overly in her face. She’s been through a lot.” Izuku said.


Everyone had curious looks as they made their way closer to the stairwell. Even Shinsou, who was previously fast asleep, woke up and was a part of the group wanting to know who this mystery girl was.


Izuku gestured for Ryuko and Eri to come down the stairs. His mate was holding Eri’s hand in a gesture of comfort. She slowly moved behind the female dragon as they got closer. Once they came out, everyone got a look at the girl.


“C’mon Eri. Say hi.” Ryuko said encouragingly.


Eri slowly moved out from behind Ryuko’s leg.


“H-Hello… My name is Eri…” Eri said shyly.


“She’ll be staying here with me for the time being. And she most likely will be joining us in classes.”


“Hey, Eri. My name’s Hanta Sero. Nice to meet you.” Sero said with a kind smile.


“My name is Momo Yaoyorozu. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Eri.” Momo said elegantly while still giving Eri a gentle and kind smile.


“My name’s Hitoshi Shinsou. I’m friends with your two guardians. Good to meet you.”


One by one, the class introduced themselves. The only ones who weren’t there were Mina, Ochako, Koji, and Tooru. When Eri saw Tokoyami, she started feeling scared. It was a bird headed man.


“...ri? Eri?” Izuku’s voice calmed her fear.


“Hmm?” Eri let out.


“Are you going to respond to Sato’s question?”


“W-What was it?” Eri asked shyly.


“What’s your favorite food, Eri?” Sato reiterated his question.


“O-Oh… Apples…” Eri said.


“I can make some apple pie. Would you like that?” Sato asked.


Eri brightened up instantly.


“Mhm!” Eri said with a smile.


She suddenly realized she spoke louder than she previously had and blushed, looking down shyly. Sato chuckled.


“Alright, I shouldn’t be long.” Sato said before leaving for the kitchen.


Eri looked back at the bird headed student and took a breath. She had to remember these people all were Izuku and Ryuko’s friends. The bird headed boy included. He wasn’t like the other bird people.


“Hey, Eri. Want to watch TV on the couch?” Kaminari asked.


“T...V…?” Eri asked.


Kaminari and many others were stunned that Eri didn’t know what it was.


“Do you know what it is?” Kaminari asked.


Eri shook her head.


“Do you want to find out?” 


Eri paused, looking back at her two guardians. They nodded with smiles on their faces. She turned to Kaminari with a small smile before nodding.


“Sweet, let’s go.”


Eri looked back at her guardians, hoping they would come with.


“Come on, Eri.” Ryuko said, taking her hand and gently bringing her to the couch. 


She tugged on Ryuko’s hand, making her stop. Once she stopped, Eri glanced back at Izuku.


“I’ll be there in a bit. I’m gonna help Sato with the apple pie.” Izuku said.


Eri, now excited, nodded furiously before walking with Ryuko again. Izuku’s mate smiled at the little girl as she went to the couch. Once there, she sat down and put Eri on her lap.


“What is that?” Eri asked, pointing to the TV.


“That’s a TV. It can show you moving pictures and stories.” Kaminari explained.


“Woah…” Eri’s face morphed into one of amazement.


“So what do you think she’ll want to watch?” Kaminari asked.


“How about The Incredibles?” Ryuko suggested.


“Alright. Let’s get it started.”




All in all, Eri enjoyed the day. Her two dragon guardians saw it on her face as they carried the tired girl up to their bedroom. She was barely awake but sported a soft smile on her face.


“She’s so tired. It’s so adorable.” Izuku voiced his thoughts.


“I know. She’s so cute…” Ryuko agreed.


Eri let out a tired whine at their comments about her, weakly hiding her head against Ryuko’s chest. She smiled softly at the little girl.


Once they reached their room, Izuku opened it for his mate. The three walked through and Izuku closed it and locked it for the night. He then got out Eri’s pajamas. They were colored green and had chibi dragons on them that were colored green. When Eri asked to buy them, their hearts melted at how cute they knew she would look in them.


They were right, they were absolutely adorable on her. As the three got into bed, Eri cuddled with Ryuko, mumbling something quietly before she went limp and entered the land of dreams.


Izuku and Ryuko were quick to follow, cuddling with one another with the little girl between them.




School was back in session at the beginning of the week. Izuku and Ryuko guided Eri to class 1-A’s classroom. Their classmates were all talking amongst themselves as they neared their homeroom.


Once inside, they all got seated. Eri decided to sit with Izuku first, placing herself on his lap and sitting quietly. She leaned into Izuku’s chest once she felt his arms wrap around ber, enjoying the dragon’s embrace.


The door slid open to reveal Aizawa in all his bored glory.


“Good morning, class.” Aizawa droned.


“Good morning, Mr. Aizawa.” the whole class minus Eri replied.


Aizawa looked at the girl in Izuku’s lap, recognizing the girl.


“As I’m sure you’re all aware, we have a new guest in this class. I expect you all to be nice to her.”


“They’ve all been nice, Aizawa.” Izuku spoke up.


Aizawa allowed himself a momentary smirk, hidden under his scarf.


“Good. Now, let’s get started. With it being your first day back, you will have one other class today. That class will be Heroics. You are to demonstrate improvements that you have made during your internships with your heroes. Afterwards, you have the remainder of the day to relax. The following day will be when you have a full class schedule.”


The class then got started with their homeroom activities.




Once homeroom was over, Ryuko and Izuku stood up. Halfway through homeroom, Eri switched over to Ryuko’s lap, so she was the one who set her on the floor. Eri grabbed Ryuko’s hand and allowed the dragoness to guide her to the Heroics class with Izuku beside them.




Toshinori was expecting many things. Students having new tricks. Students looking buff. Never in his life did he expect the boy who he thought of as a son and his girlfriend enter his classroom with a child. He was so surprised by that fact that he almost coughed up blood.




“H-Hello… My name is E-Eri…” Eri said shyly, looking at the buff form of All Might.


She recognized All Might from the times she would try and escape. There were pictures of him everywhere at the places she would escape to.


“NICE TO MEET YOU, YOUNG ERI! MAY I ASK WHAT YOU ARE DOING IN HERE?” All Might said, a gentle smile never leaving his face.


“I-I wanted to come with Ryukyu and Valiant… I-I mean Ryuko and Izuku…” Eri blushed.


All Might’s heart melted.






All Might smiled wider as he saw the blushes on Izuku and Ryuko’s faces. He decided to have mercy and address the whole class.




“Yes, sir!” the class responded.




The class and Eri all assembled in the viewing room of Field A. All Might was at the front.




“WHAT?!” the class shouted.




After All Might said that, a screen illuminated to show the randomly drawn team members.


Team A: Shouto Todoroki, Tsuyu Asui, Tenya Iida


Team B: Ochako Uraraka, Mezo Shoji, Kyouka Jirou


Team C: Mashirao Ojiro, Tooru Hagakure, Koji Koda


Team D: Rikkido Sato, Eijiro Kirishima, Denki Kaminari


Team E: Ryuko Tatsuma, Mina Ashido, Hitoshi Shinsou


Team F: Hanta Sero, Yuuga Aoyama, Fumikage Tokoyami


Team G: Izuku Midoriya, Momo Yaoyorozu


Izuku looked at Momo, smiled, and waved. She waved back.




All Might took out two cauldrons. One was labeled “Heroes” and the other was labeled “Villains”. He reached into the cauldrons and pulled out two balls. Izuku sighed.


“I guess I’ll be going first.” Izuku said to Ryuko, gesturing to the “Heroes” ball which had his team on it.


Izuku and Momo were going up against Team F. He pet Eri’s head.


“Well, I gotta get ready, Eri. Stay with Ryuko, alright?” Izuku said.


“Okay!” Eri said. “Good luck!”


Izuku smiled at the girl’s encouragement before going over to Momo. The two nodded and left together. They were told to wait at the entrance to the city for the moment while the other team prepared for them.


“So, what’s the plan?” Momo asked.


“I was going to suggest you get on my back and we can scout from the sky. A little bit of a warning, I went through a quirk evolution recently, so I’m a bit larger in my dragon form.”


“Noted. Okay, so aerial recon. I can also create a drone to drive on the ground. Or a scanner that can sense heat signatures.” Momo offered.


“Awesome! I’d suggest the heat signature scanner.” 




“Where’d you learn to make one those?”


“Jirou suggested I go to Edgeshot’s agency. He was able to give me a blueprint of it. I also have improved my skills with weapons like my bo staff and katana.”


“That’s awesome, Momo!”


“It is indeed impressive, but not as impressive as you and Ryuko taking out the Hero Killer.” Momo commented.


Izuku blushed slightly, scratching the back of his head and smiling sheepishly.


“Hehe, it wasn’t too bad. His quirk revolved around blades. Covering ourselves in scales kind of kept him from hurting us. After that, it was pretty easy. He’s a good fighter, but not good enough to deal with the both of us.” Izuku said with a confident smile.


“Still, it is an impressive feat.”


“Thanks. Anyway, back to the plan. What do you want to do? We’re obviously outnumbered. What do you suggest?”


“I suggest you take Aoyama. You can make a mirror to reflect his laser. I can take Tokoyami if we can help it.”

“What about Sero?”


“He’ll most likely stay behind and trap the bomb room. We’ll deal with him last if so.” Izuku said.




“BEGIN!” All Might announced through their earpieces. 


Izuku shifted into his draconic form fueled by One For All. He felt the familiar sensation of two powers flowing through him.


“How much do you want me to give you?” Valiant asked.


“Give me as much as you can.”


“Fifty percent, got it.” Valiant nodded in Izuku’s head.




The whole class gawked at the sight of Izuku’s giant form.


“Holy-” Kaminari was cut off by Jirou.


“Don’t finish that phrase. There’s a kid in here.”




“Izuku’s way different!” Mina said, surprised.


“Yeah, he went through a quirk evolution. Right now, he’s the size of an adult dragon. Before, his quirk was still an adolescent dragon.” Ryuko explained.


“He looks so bada-” Jirou coughed.


“-aaaawesome!” Kaminari corrected.


Eri watched Izuku’s dragon form in amazement. He was one of the people who saved him. And he looked so cool!


“Wait, if Izuku’s now an adult, are you one as well?”


“Not yet.”


“Does that mean you’re younger?”


“No, it means his quirk adapted. You’ve seen all the stuff he’s gone through. He needed more strength so his quirk evolved into his adult form sooner than mine would.”


“So basically it changed out of necessity? And if it weren’t a necessity, he’d still be using his adolescent form until it evolved naturally?” Shinsou asked.


“Exactly.” Ryuko said.


She knew her classmates wouldn’t accept just that it was evolving, so she came up with a cover story for why it changed. She was glad everyone bought it. She knew One For All needed to be kept secret so she was thinking up that cover story all throughout internships with the help of her mate.




Momo climbed onto Izuku’s back.


“You better hold on, Momo. We’re going to ascend quickly.”


“Got it.”


Izuku spread his wings wide.


“Alright. Let’s get started!”

Chapter Text

“We got this, boys.” Sero said through the communicator.


The three of them were spread out in a single building. Sero was in the bomb room with many tape traps strewn about the room. He stood beside the bomb as an insurance policy that no one would try a ranged attack on him.


Tokoyami was watching the top floor in case the hero team decided to infiltrate the building from the roof. Dark Shadow was hidden in the shadow of the roof entrance while Tokoyami was standing in front of the roof entrance.


Yuga Aoyama was on the bottom floor. He was out in the open as he stood in a dynamic pose and his sparkles practically lit up the room. There was no chance they wouldn’t notice him if they entered through the bottom.


“I agree. Our positioning, as well as our choice of hiding spot, will ensure that we can hold them off until the time runs out.” Tokoyami agreed.


“Oui.” Aoyama said.




“Found them. They’re in a single building.” Momo said, watching the scanner in her hands.


“What are their positions?” Izuku asked.


“One on the top floor. One on the bottom. One on the middle floor.”


“How many stories?”




“Did they think we were going to think it was too obvious?”


“That’s the most likely answer.”


“Well, what do you think we should do? Shrink down and latch onto the side so we can sneak in?” Izuku suggested.


“I believe that would be the best course of action so we won’t have to fight anyone else.”


“Sneak attack it is. You’re going to be falling for a second.” Izuku warned.


She felt the dragon body disappear only to be carried in a bridal carry by the green haired dragon. His wings and feet were the only parts formed at the moment, the partial transformations sharing the same volcanic green lines that were on his dragon form.


As soon as they arrived next to the building, Momo felt herself tilt to where her left side was facing the ground. She heard a crunching sound and looked down, seeing his claws digging into the cement of the wall. He bent himself upwards.


“Hold on.” Izuku said, removing his left arm from holding her.


She felt her legs lose their support and she clutched onto Izuku tighter, taking calming breaths as he dug his clawed hand into the wall.


“Can you make something that can cut a hole in the window?” Izuku asked.


“O-Oh! Yeah…” Momo said, taking a deep breath before creating a circular glass cutter.


She attached the suction cup on the glass before cutting a large circle out of the window. She moved the cut glass to the side before dropping it, letting it drop to the ground as she climbed inside building. Izuku climbed in soon after.


“Alright, we gotta be quiet. So where is the bomb located?” Izuku whispered.


Momo consulted the heat scanner before answering.


“One floor below us.”


“Alright, so we have a few options. Try to repel to the window the room has and break in, burst through the ceiling and risk hitting the bomb, or go down the stairs and take the villain on.” Izuku said.


“Sero is most likely in there. His quirk makes it easy to make traps inside rooms. That throws the window break in idea out.”


Izuku snapped his fingers.


“Can you make a stun gun?” Izuku asked.


“Yes I can.”


“Then I got an idea. Make two of them.” Izuku said.




Sero checked the nearby clock. It was halfway through and no one was there.


“Heh! I guess they didn’t realize the obvious spot.” Sero said confidently.


The doors slam open, causing the boy to jump in surprise. In the doorway was Izuku. He had a smile on his face. He put a finger to his ear.


“He’s in the big building! Go in from the bottom!” Izuku said.


He lowered his hand and transformed them into their clawed variants. He then lunged at the man, cutting down tape like it was nothing with his claws. Sero smiled confidently, spraying more tape until Izuku was stuck. 


“That was rather bold to attack me alone.” Sero said with a cocky grin.


The black haired tape user put a finger to his communicator.


“Aoyama, watch for Momo. Izuku just called her in.”




“Now then, how about we capture you and hold you for your partner?”


Izuku smirked, revealing a stun gun and shot it at Sero. The boy moved out of the way, knowing to always be on his toes when he was around Izuku. He kept his smirk.


“This tape is bound to lose its adhesiveness sooner or later.” Izuku said.


“It’ll be after you lose.” Sero countered, matching his smirk.


“Nah, it’ll be after you lose.” Izuku said.


Suddenly, Sero was stunned from behind, his body jolting from the effects of the stun gun. He crumpled to the ground, revealing Momo with a spent stun gun. Izuku gave her a thumbs up.


“Nice job sneaking through the tape.”




“Time to win this.” Izuku said.


Momo pressed her hand onto the bomb.


“HERO TEAM WINS!” All Might’s voice echoed through everyone’s comm devices.


“Nice, now could you give me a hand with taking all this tape off?” Izuku asked.




Izuku and Momo were back in the viewing room, the ravenette helping Izuku take a piece of tape off his suit’s inner arm so he could actually use his arm again and not have it at his side.






The following round was long. Team A, which consisted of Shouto, Tsuyu, and Iida, went up against Team C. Team C, which consisted of Ojiro, Tooru, and Koji, were the heroes and Team A were the villains.


Team C couldn’t even get close to the bomb, which resulted in a failure. They were bummed, but knew it would have been impossible to go against three of the stronger students of the class. 


After the end of the match, Team B, consisting of Ochako, Shoji, and Jirou, were the heroes and they were against Team D, consisting of Kirishima, Kaminari, And Sato. Izuku noticed Ryuko would be on the last team.


Team B were the heroes while team D were the villains. Ochako’s team was perfect for tracking down the bomb. Both Shoji and Jirou were experts at detecting enemies. It wasn’t long before they were able to find the hiding spot. Getting to the bomb was a different story.


Sato and Kirishima were both frontline fighters. Kaminari was able to attack a large area with his quirk. They had to be very careful. Their first encounter was with Kirishima. Ochako tossed him onto his back using the training Gunhead taught her. The move surprised Kirishima, so it gave her an opening to move further into the building. She lost him soon after.


Shoji was battling Sato toe to toe while Jirou was handling Kaminari. It was at a standstill until Ochako touched the bomb right before Kirishima tackled her. Mina clapped for her girlfriend eagerly.

Izuku and Ryuko waited while her team’s opponents get chosen. When it was decided, he looked towards his girlfriend. She looked at him before the two of them looked at the teams.


Team E vs Team G


“This might be just like internships.” Izuku said.


“Yeah, with me as the winner.”


“You and I remember internships very differently.” Izuku chuckled.


Ryuko giggled softly. Eri watched her dragon guardians with curiosity, wondering why they were laughing and what they were laughing at.


“Good luck, Ryu.” Izuku said, giving his mate a kiss.


Ryuko returned the kiss lovingly, caressing his cheek for a second before pulling back from the kiss.


“You win this, you get to pick where we go on our next date.” Ryuko whispered.


Izuku smiled.


“Deal, my dragoness.” Izuku said, kissing the back of her hand before they left for their preparation phase.




Izuku and Momo were the villains in the situation. They had to think of a place to hide the bomb. 


“I got it!” Momo said.


“What is it?”


She took out a large candybar and ate it. Afterwards, she opened her shirt wider. Izuku looked away as she did that. A few moments later, she spoke.


“Alright, you can look again. Thank you for looking away, by the way.” Momo said.


“Not a problem. The only girl I will see naked is my girlfriend. And that’s when we’re ready.” Izuku said, trying to imply he hadn’t done anything with her yet.


“That is very noble of you.”


Izuku finally turned around to see an identical bomb next to the real one.


“You’re a genius, Momo!” Izuku said.


“I’ll take the fake one and put it out in the open and guard it.”


“I’ll take the real one and hide it in the basement of the smallest building.” Momo added.


“Let’s get to work. Oh, and when the match starts, don’t reply to any voices.” Izuku said.




“Shinsou’s quirk requires a verbal response, and I just so happened to notice a voice changer on his new costume design. He could sound like anyone now. If it really is me, I’ll say ‘Valiant sends his regards’ before speaking.”


“Got it.”


“Alright, let’s go.”




“Alright, you all know what to do?”




“Got it.”


Mina and Shinsou were on Ryuko’s back in dragon mode. As soon as the match started, they took flight. They weren’t far along before they heard a loud roar echo through the city.


“What was that?”


“Obviously, it was Izuku. But why give away his position so early?”


“He wants to challenge me. I’ll answer his challenge. You guys find the bomb.” Ryuko said, flying to the source of the roar. 


Once they landed, Ryuko let her riders off. They looked around and saw Izuku, his draconic body partially curled around a bomb. He gave off a cocky grin.


“I see you’ve answered my call, heroes .” Izuku said evilly.


“Is it just me, or does this feel wrong?” Valiant asked.


‘Not just you. Let’s just get this over with.’ Izuku thought with a sigh.


“You’re brave to reveal yourself and the bomb this early.” Ryuko said suspiciously.


“Well, I just happen to have a plan to keep it from being captured.” Izuku replied.


“Shinsou, you scout around. Momo is nowhere near here. We need to see where she is.”


“Got it.”


“Mina, you and me are going to take him on and capture that bomb.”




“Oh? So you’re going to accept my challenge?” Izuku asked, lifting the bomb with his tail and moving it away from him. He stared at the pinkette and his mate.


“It’s time for my mate to finally get taken in. I will make sure you are captured.” Ryuko said.


“Then by all means, try your hardest.” Izuku said, spreading his wings.


Ryuko charged ahead. Izuku raised himself onto his hind legs and came down on her as she reached him. He bared his claws down and pinned her to the ground. She curled her body around Izuku’s neck, biting his neck and forcing him under her. They rolled around, fighting for dominance.


While Ryuko was fighting her mate, Mina was skating her way to the bomb, intent on grabbing it to make it a quick and easy win. She glanced back at Ryuko and Izuku’s fight, seeing that the female dragon was once again on the ground with her mate pinning her to the ground. 


Mina soon reached the bomb and she touched it. She looked around, seeing the two dragons still fighting. 


“Wait what?” Mina said, confused.


“Mina! Grab the bomb!” Ryuko shouted from her struggle with her mate.


“I did!”


“There isn’t a mission finished announcement!” Ryuko shouted.


Izuku took that time to throw his mate away before laughing maniacally.


“Foolish heroes. Did you really think it would be that easy?” Izuku taunted.




“My partner’s quirk allows her to create anything if she has the lipids for it. That means decoy bombs!”


“How many did you make?” Ryuko asked.


“How many buildings are in this city?” he bluffed.


“Holy... Shinsou! If you see any bombs in the buildings, they might be decoys.” Mina said through the communicator.


“I haven’t seen any bombs yet.” Shinsou replied.




“Oh, but I’ve seen you.” Shinsou heard behind him. 


He turned around just in time to get his body shot with an adhesive rocket, sticking him to the ground. The figure revealed herself to be Momo with her adhesive rocket launcher. She took out the capture tape and wrapped it around Shinsou without another word.






“Dammit! You planned this!” Ryuko accused.


“It was more Momo’s plan than mine. Have fun trying to find the real bomb. That is… after you defeat me.”


Izuku let out another maniacal laugh after he finished his statement, his head pointed upwards slightly as he did. Ryuko cut off his laughter with another lunge and tackle, stabbing her claws into his body. He grunted a bit.


“Easy with the claws.”


“Sorry, I get into it real easy.”


“That’s fine. Let’s just keep fighting until the timer runs out.” 


The two resumed their fight after the brief exchange. Their fight didn’t last long as the time ran out after a few minutes.




Izuku and Ryuko stopped their fighting, returning to their human forms after getting off of each other. They checked each other over for any major wounds before hugging each other.


“That was fun.” Ryuko said.


“Yeah it was.”


“I totally won, too.” Ryuko added.


“Uh, did you not hear All Might?”


“When I said who won got to choose our next date, I meant our one on one battle.”


“Nuh-uh. You’re not changing the rules on me now.” Izuku shook his head.




Everyone participating in the last match were checked over by Recovery Girl and healed before they returned to the viewing room. When they were all there, All Might decided to speak.




The class filed out, leaving the room talking amongst themselves. Izuku and Ryuko had an arm around each other, with Izuku’s free hand holding onto Eri’s as they all walked out of the viewing area.




Once Izuku and Ryuko arrived in their room, they collapsed onto their bed. Eri climbed into bed in between them. There was still a good two hours before it would get dark, but they didn’t care. They wanted to sleep. 


Izuku took off his uniform, keeping his underwear on as he changed into pajama pants only and get into bed completely. Ryuko was doing the same, allowing Izuku to see her in her bra. The two were completely comfortable with watching each other change, so while she changed, he hugged Eri close.


Ryuko soon got into bed with her pajamas on, cuddling Izuku and Eri as she reached them.


“Sleep well, my dragoness.” Izuku said.


“You, too, darling.”


“Good night, Ryuko, Izuku.”


“Good night, Eri.” Ryuko said.


“Good night, little unicorn.” Izuku said.


The trio soon found sleep, drifting off into dreamland with smiles on their faces.

Chapter Text

The days following their first day back were mostly normal. The only difference was the fact that practically everyone other than 1-A was watching him, Eri, and Ryuko while they were eating lunch, quietly cooing at the adorable girl. Eri’s appearance had been well received, but it made the girl nervous. Thankfully, Izuku and Ryuko would always comfort the girl in her nervousness.


A change to the normal routine was the two dragons playing with the girl. Sometimes she wouldn’t feel like being around everyone and just want to spend time with her guardians. She particularly liked it whenever Ryuko and Izuku swung her around with their tails. Eri liked their tails in general, often asking for one of them to form it so she could snuggle into it as it curled around her.


The first occurrence of her newfound form of comfort was cute.




The two dragons were sitting on the bed in their room with Eri sitting in between the two. The television they had on was playing a children’s cartoon that Eri seemed to really enjoy. The two were just enjoying one another’s company while Eri was preoccupied with the television.


Behind the little unicorn child, their hands were locked and their fingers were laced together. Just that small contact was enough for them when they weren’t full-on cuddling. Suddenly, Izuku felt a poke on his side. He looked down at Eri, who was blushing shyly.


“What is it, Eri?” Izuku asked.


“Can you… Take out your tail?” She asked shyly.


Izuku raised an eyebrow curiously before forming his tail and moving it towards Eri. She then lightly took it and put it around her. Izuku smiled softly as he saw her snuggle into the tail. He heard Ryuko quietly coo at the adorable sight.


Izuku slightly moved his tail so she was more comfortable while wrapped up. Eri smiled softly. She then realized something and pointed to the small pile of plushies on the bed. 


Izuku reached over and took two of her favorites: a small set of white and green dragons. He handed them to her and watched as she hugged them while enjoying the tail wrapped around her.


He pat Eri’s head softly before returning his focus on Ryuko. She was smiling softly. He leaned over slightly before kissing her cheek. She stopped him from pulling back before she kissed him on the lips, a gesture he reciprocated lovingly.


When they pulled back, they cuddled close to one another with the little unicorn, still wrapped in his tail, in the middle of the cuddle.




The following weeks were filled with work that left the dragon duo too tired to do anything other than relax in the common room or their room. They were preparing for midterms and they were starting to cram as much knowledge as possible into every student’s heads.


Eri was worried for them, always asking if they were okay. They would always smile and reassure her that they were just tired. One day, Eri decided to be brave.




Izuku and Ryuko were leaning against each other on the couch in the common room. Their eyes were half lidded as they just relaxed with one another. Eri was sitting next to Ryuko, snuggling into her side with her tail loosely wrapped around her. She was hugging the tip of her tail like a stuffed animal.


She suddenly got an idea. Taking some deep breaths to summon some bravery, she slowly unwrapped the tail from around her and hopped off the couch, running to the kitchen where Sato was cooking.


“Mr. Sato?” Eri asked, tugging his pant leg gently.


“What is it, little Eri?” Sato asked.


“Can you make Izuku kat-katsu-”


“Katsudon?” Sato asked.


Eri nodded.


“And can you make Ryuko steak?”


“Why do you want me to make them?”


“I wanna make them not tired.” Eri said.


Sato repressed the urge to coo at the girl’s cuteness.


“Alright. Do you want to help me prepare them?”


Eri’s eyes turned into stars before nodding.


“Alright. Come here.”


Sato grabbed a stool and placed it next to the counter. Eri got on the stool while Sato started grabbing everything he needed to prepare the two foods. Ryuko’s was more simple than Izuku’s so it didn’t take as long to prepare it.


Meanwhile, Ryuko smelled the sweet smell of steak coming from the kitchen. It got her awake enough to get rid of her tail before nudging Izuku.


“Izuuuuuu….” She whined.


“Hmmmm?” Izuku responded.


“There’s steak in the kitchen.”


“That’s nice…”


“C’mon… Let’s go…” Ryuko urged.


“Hmmmm… Okay…” Izuku groaned.


The pair slowly got up and trudged to the kitchen, slowly waking up to the smells. Once they got into the room, they observed Eri and Sato in the kitchen. Eri was doing very simple things while Sato handled the more complicated parts. 


Izuku smiled tiredly, wrapping an arm around his mate’s lower back as he watched. Ryuko leaned her head against his chest as she did as well.


Eri glanced back towards the two dragons, not realizing they were watching. When she saw them watching her, she gave a shy smile before waving one of her food-covered hands at the two. They smiled wider when she did.


Sato got her attention.


“Alright, you have to wash your hands before you can go get- Oh, you’re already here.” Sato said, looking at the two dragons.


“How could we not be with the smell of steak.” Ryuko said, her mouth practically watering.


Sato chuckled.


“Your food will be done in a second. Go grab a seat.”


Izuku and Ryuko nodded before sitting at one of the tables in the dining area. They were significantly more awake than before, looking forward to eating their favorite foods. Eri soon joined them, smiling happily.


Sato soon arrived with the steak and katsudon. The two dragons began to dig in eagerly. As they ate, Eri watched with a smile on her face. She felt she did a good thing for her guardians that she was feeling closer to every single day.


They finished quickly, satisfied smiles on their faces.


“Did you like it?” Eri asked.


Izuku brought Eri into a hug. She reciprocated the hug happily.


“We loved it.” Izuku said, smiling at Ryuko.


Ryuko smiled back before placing a hand on Eri’s back and rubbing it gently.


“We loved it so much that now we’re feeling tired.”


“Can we go to bed?” Eri asked with a smile.


Izuku chuckled at how eager Eri was to sleep. When he was her age he never wanted to sleep. 


“Sure we can, little unicorn. Let’s just wash our dishes and we’ll go to bed.” Izuku said.


Izuku lifted Eri into his arms and stood up. Ryuko stood next to him. He handed Eri to Ryuko, who held her as he picked up the dishes and left for the kitchen sink. 


A few minutes later, the trio were heading up the stairs to go to bed. The trio quickly got ready for bed and laid down once they were ready. Eri snuggled up to Izuku’s side with Ryuko on his other side.


‘I guess it’s my turn to be in the middle.’ Izuku thought with a content smile.


“Goodnight, Izu.” Ryuko said, kissing his cheek.


“Goodnight, Ryu.”


The duo turned to Eri who was quickly falling asleep.


“Goodnight, Eri.” The two said at the same time.


“Goodnight… Papa… Mama…” The girl said in her tired state before finally succumbing to sleep.


The duo, too tired to comprehend her words completely, fell asleep with gentle smiles on their faces as they all snuggled up to one another.




The following morning was a peaceful awakening. It was the start of the weekend and they were intent on resting a few more hours. Izuku snuggled into Ryuko, pulling a sleeping Eri closer as he did.


“Good morning.”


‘Not now, Valiant. I’m wanting to sleep a little longer.’


“Not when I tell you this: Eri called you ‘papa’.”


Izuku’s eyes snapped open in surprise.




“You heard me. Eri called you ‘papa’. Last night, she was very tired and called you and Ryuko ‘papa’ and ‘mama’.” Valiant had an amused tone as he spoke.


‘Well… Thanks for keeping me from getting extra sleep…’


Valiant laughed.


“You’re welcome, partner.”


‘I hate you sometimes, you know that?’ Izuku thought flatly.


“Now that’s not true. You love me and you know it.”


Izuku sighed before refocusing on the outside world. He felt Ryuko stirring slightly to his side. He glanced over to her and saw her beautiful tired eyes look into his. The two smiled at one another before sharing a good morning kiss.


Ryuko reached one of her hands to his cheek, running a thumb over it gently.


“Good morning.” Izuku whispered.


“Good morning.” Ryuko replied, kissing him once more.


“You awake for the same reason I am?” Izuku asked.


“Because Storm decided to wake me up with serious information?”


“Valiant did the same.”


“Then yeah. Which sucks, because I want to get more sleep in. But I can’t in good conscience sleep when we need to talk about this.”


“Me, too.”


“So… What do you think?” Ryuko asked.


“I don’t know… I really want to give her the happiness she deserves.”


“Me too…”


“Then how about we ask if she wants us to be her parents?” Izuku asked.


Ryuko looked at him and saw his determination. She smiled and nodded.


“Yeah. Let’s do it. Besides, this will give us practice for when we have our own child.” Ryuko said.


Izuku blushed but couldn’t help but smile at the thought of a blonde, shaggy haired child running around in a house that he owned. Ryuko brought him out of his daydream with a kiss.


“So, now that we’ve talked about it. Want to wake the little unicorn up?” She asked.


Izuku and Ryuko glanced at the sleeping bundle of cuteness cuddling close to Izuku. She was still fast asleep, a satisfied expression on her face. Izuku glanced back at his mate.


“Part of me wants to, but she’s just so adorable like this.”


“Well, it’s the weekend, so we could just go back to sleep after telling her.”


Izuku thought for a moment before nodding in agreement.




Izuku glanced at the little sleeping unicorn and gently nudges her.


“Eri, wake up.” Izuku said quietly as to not jar her awake.


Eri yawned cutely, rubbing the sleep from one of her eyes.




“Hey, Eri. I’m sorry to wake you up, sweetie. We just want to ask you something.” Izuku said.


Eri looked up at Izuku with a curious expression.


“Well, you called us ‘papa’ and ‘mama’ last night when you fell asleep. We were talking and… Would you like for us to be your parents?” Izuku asked softly.


Eri stared at them in surprise at the sudden question, then tears started forming from her eyes. The two dragons panicked, thinking they said the wrong thing.


“Eri, we didn’t mean to make you-”


“Do you mean it…?” Eri said in a small voice, tears falling down her cheeks.


The two paused before looking at each other with concern. They nodded at each other with determined faces before turning their attention to the girl again.


“Yes, we mean it.” Izuku said.


Eri quickly hugged Izuku as tight as her little arms could. She buried her face in Izuku’s chest as she let out more tears of happiness.


“Thank you…”


Izuku and Ryuko’s hearts squeezed at Eri’s words before they both hugged her between them. They promised that they would give her all the love and affection she deserved to get.


Soon, Eri’s tears dried up and she looked up at her new parents. A small smile was on her face. Izuku smiled down at her, brushing her hair back.


“So, it’s the weekend. Do you want to go back to sleep?”


“But don’t we have to do stuff today?” Eri asked.


“Not really. Unless you want to take another trip to the mall.”


Eri gasped.


“The mall? Where I got stuffed animals of Mama and Papa?” Eri asked with a bright smile.


Izuku and Ryuko’s hearts melted at the joyful smile on their new daughter’s face.


“Yeah. But you won’t be able to get as much as the last time. You have enough already.” Ryuko said, a smile on her face.




“Well, how about we get ready?” Izuku suggested.




The trio of dragons got out of bed. Izuku got ready first so that he could make breakfast for his mate and daughter.


The remainder of the day was full of fun and smiles as the new family all went and had fun at the mall.


When they all got back from their trip, their classmates quickly caught on to Eri’s referral to the two dragons as her parents. They questioned it at first, but was happy with the explanation and encouraging of the couple. Everyone knew how good they would be at taking care of the little unicorn. Kaminari even got a joke in.




“I guess UA has their very own mythical family.” Kaminari said with a clever smile.


Izuku and Ryuko smiled at Kaminari’s attempt. Jirou stabbed Kaminari in the side.


“That was terrible.” Jirou said flatly.


The other classmates were varying in their reactions. Some chuckled, some smiled, and others just facepalmed at Kaminari’s attempt.




Bakugou sat in his dorm room after hours. He just got back from doing community service with Fourth Kind. He stared at the calendar on his wall. On one of the days, it was written:




Back in 1-A

(Fuckin’ Finally)


Bakugo smiled at the date before finally turning out his light and going to sleep.

Chapter Text

The following weeks until Midterms were tiring, but happy. Eri, with her new parents, started coming out of her shell more and more as time went on. Having two supportive dragons as parents helped exponentially. At the end of the month, Eri already called Mina and Ochako her aunties. Both of the girls were extremely ecstatic about the whole thing.


Word soon reached to Inko from Toshi that the two dragons had a daughter. The call was practically transmitting tears through the phone line.






“Mom! Calm down! You’re going to flood the house!” Izuku shouted through the phone.


Ryuko just watched with Eri on her lap. The two seemed to tune out the yelling from both sides of the phone as they talked.


“Is my grandma angry that you and Papa are my Mama and Papa?” Eri asked.


“No, Eri. She’s happy. She just has a different way of showing it compared to me or Papa.” Ryuko said softly.


“So she’s happy that I’m her granddaughter?” She asked with a hopeful smile.


Ryuko returned the smile, running a hand through her daughter’s hair.

“Yes, she is.”




“I kept this from you exactly because of how you’re reacting right now!” Izuku shouted.


Ryuko sweatdropped as she watched her mate talk to his mother on the phone.




A few weeks later, it was time for midterms. Izuku and Ryuko were both looking forward to it and not at the same time. They were looking forward to it because they were that much closer to becoming heroes and they weren’t because they’ve never liked tests. Well… Ryuko moreso than Izuku.






The click of the alarm being pressed was heard before he felt Ryuko’s hand return to his chest. Every night, they would fall asleep cuddling sideways and in the morning, Ryuko would always end up on top of him while Eri would be clutching his arm in her sleep and resting her head against it. He found it cute and funny.


He ran his hand through Ryuko’s hair softly, eliciting a hum from his favorite dragoness. 


“Good morning, my sweet dragon princess.” Izuku said softly.


Ryuko let out a quiet giggle.


“You’re getting more creative with pet names for me. I’m gonna have to think of names for you.” Ryuko said softly, revealing her head from under the blankets.


Izuku returned the smile and pressed a loving kiss onto her lips, which she happily returned.


“Well… It’s time for midterms. You ready for them?”


“Honestly? Not one bit.”


“You’re gonna ace them.” Izuku said with a smile.


Ryuko smiled and kissed his cheek.


“Alright, let’s get up and ace those tests then.” Ryuko said, getting off of him and out of the blankets. 


Izuku nudged Eri awake while Ryuko changed. She didn’t bother changing in the bathroom, completely comfortable with having her mate see her naked body if he caught a glimpse.


“Hmm… Five more minutes, Papa…” Eri mumbled.


“We can’t have five more minutes, sweet pea. You have to wake up.” Izuku said softly, kissing her horn in the process.


Eri let out a whine, burying her face into Izuku’s shoulder.


“Why do we have to wake up so early?”


“We’ve done it a bunch already. You’re just feeling it more because you wanted to stay up late and watch cartoons.”


“I don’t like this feeling.” Eri pouts.


“Then think about that next time you want to stay up late.” Izuku said in a light scolding voice.


“Sorry, Papa.” Eri said.


“You don’t have to apologize. Just show me you’ve learned by not staying up so late, alright?” Izuku asked.


Izuku gently ran his hand through Eri’s hair and pat her head softly.


“Okay.” Eri said, enjoying the headpats.


“That’s my girl. Now c’mon. Up.” Izuku said, sitting up.


Eri let out a low whine as she got up as well, rubbing the sleep from her eyes as she released Izuku’s arm from her cuddle. She then stretched her arms out wide and yawned cutely. Izuku smiled softly.


“Alright, Mama’s going to get you dressed. I’m going to change then make breakfast, alright?”






The two dragons and their unicorn all entered the classroom with the rest of the class, minus Bakugo. Izuku was glad Eri didn’t have to experience the explosive blonde’s attitude.


Izuku thought Eri was going to sit with Ryuko first, but found his lap being sat on by his daughter, who was smiling happily.


“Hey, Eri.” Izuku whispered.




“We’re taking a big test today. Unicorns are supposed to be lucky. Why don’t you give some good luck to Mama?”


“But don’t you want my luck?”


“I absorbed so much luck last night that I’m all full of luck. Mama needs to absorb your luck.”


“Oh! Okay!” Eri said with a cutely determined expression.


Izuku smiled and watched as Eri hopped off his lap and climbed onto Ryuko’s. She looked down and smiled at her daughter, hugging her before Aizawa came in.


Everyone’s focus went to the emotionless teacher.


“Good morning, class.”


“Good morning, Mr. Aizawa!” The class replied.


“Today’s an important day. I hope you’ve all studied up.”


Izuku practically felt Mina’s flinch. He knew she barely did any studying and it would take a miracle to get her to study, let alone pass a test with a higher grade than a C minus. Both Izuku and Ryuko had tried everything.


“Everyone only take your pencils out. Nothing more. You will begin your written test as soon as the paper is on your desk. Every other class except for heroics is out for you. In Heroics, you will be taking the practical Midterm. Once you finish your test, head to lunch. When lunch is over, you will head over to the Heroics classroom for the explanation on the practical.” Aizawa explained with a bored tone.


Everyone was silent as Aizawa gave them the tests and they all started.




Out of the two of them, Ryuko was the first one to finish. It surprised the green haired dragon. It was a pleasant surprise, but it was a surprise nonetheless.


Once Izuku finished, he went to the cafeteria where Ryuko and Eri were. He found them easily. There weren’t many people there. He recognized a few from 1-B but that was it. He sat next to Ryuko and Eri, taking Eri onto his lap. She quickly turned around and hugged him.

“Hey, Papa!” Eri said with a bright smile.


Izuku returned his daughter’s smile.


“Hey there, little unicorn. Did you give Mama luck?” Izuku asked.


Eri nodded quickly.


“Mhm! Mhm! I gave her as much luck as I could!” Eri said.


Izuku ruffled her hair, causing her to giggle.


“That’s my girl.”


“So you were the reason why Eri came over to my lap. I thought she just decided to switch.” Ryuko said with a smile.


“Yep, that was me.”


Ryuko shook her head before giving both him and Eri kisses on their cheeks. Eri giggled and smiled while Izuku just kissed her cheek before she could get far.


The two then continued eating while Eri stole snitches from both of her parents’ plates. 




Once the entirety of 1-A, minus Bakugo, was in the Heroics classroom, they were given their grades on the test. Everyone was surprised at how quickly they were graded. Izuku and Ryuko were happy to find out they were in the higher scores. Mina, Kaminari and Kirishima were on the lower end, but all in all, everyone passed.


Aizawa entered the room last.


“Good afternoon, class.” Aizawa began.


“Good afternoon, Mr. Aizawa.” The class said.


“Where’s All Might?” Kirishima asked.


“He’s getting ready with the other heroes.”


Everyone was confused.


“Everyone get into your hero costumes and meet me at the main viewing hub for the training fields. You have ten minutes.”


Everyone, knowing how strict Aizawa was, bolted out of their seats. Iida unintentionally used his quirk to speed through, mentally berating himself for running in the halls. He reasoned that it was important enough to let it slide.


Izuku and Ryuko were jogging along with Eri on Izuku’s back. She was holding on and smiling brightly, enjoying the piggyback ride she was given.




A while later, Izuku and Ryuko made their way to the viewing hub with Eri. She was happily skipping between the two with her hands holding her parents’ hands. 


They noticed Aizawa standing outside of the building with a familiar looking blonde. Izuku found himself slowing down. Ryuko glanced at him before slowing down as well. Eri looked up at her parents curiously.


“What’s wrong?”

“Eri, stay close to us.” Ryuko said.


Eri started worrying once she heard the seriousness of her voice. She stopped skipping and went behind her parents, standing between them. She felt her mother’s tail wrap behind her. She held onto it as they walked.


Aizawa noticed the immediate change in demeanor of his class’ dragons. He understood why. Bakugo was there. He took the written midterm exam already and was waiting for the practical to get underway just like the rest of the class.


Bakugo glanced at the two dragons with a grimace. Aizawa raised an eyebrow at Bakugo.


‘At least he isn’t outright trying to injure him.’ Aizawa thought to himself.


The two dragons kept between Eri and Bakugo, not even entertaining the thought of Bakugo changing at all. Bakugo kept staring at Izuku in particular. The silence was interrupted when the rest of the class arrived.


Everyone was surprised to see Bakugo there. Some were glaring at the explosive blonde while others were just shocked he was there. Mina went to Ryuko’s side, crossing her arms over her chest. Ochako raised an eyebrow before Mina unspokenly told her that she’d tell her later.


Shinsou went to Izuku’s side, raising an eyebrow at the blonde with his hands in his pockets. 


“Alright everyone.” Aizawa got everyone’s attention, removing the tense atmosphere momentarily.


Everyone focused on their homeroom teacher as he explained what was going to happen.


“Your practical midterms will be very different than past years. I’m sure some of you asked upperclassmen about what their midterms were, correct?” Aizawa asked.


A few students all let out murmurs of affirmation.


“Well, instead of the exams of the past years, we’re giving you a new exam. Since this class has faced villains a lot more than previous classes in their first year, you’ll be doing something special.”


It was then that the UA teachers appeared. Present Mic, Midnight, Power Loader, Snipe, Ectoplasm, Thirteen, Cementoss, All Might, and even Principal Nezu. Everyone was shocked at the news.


Izuku and Ryuko smiled at one another, eager for the challenge.


“To keep it fair, we have bracers that add weight to us, making us slower than we normally are.”


“Uh, Mr. Aizawa, there are a lot more students than teachers. How are we being tested?” Ochako spoke up.


“Well, that’s simple!” Nezu spoke up. “We’ll be taking more than one of you on!”


“Now onto the rules. Your goal is to get from your starting point to the exit gate on the other side of the field you will be assigned before the timer runs out. One of your teachers will be the villain in this scenario. There are only two ways to pass the test. You either can pass through the gate or you can capture the villains. You will be given special cuffs that, once placed on the villain, will declare the hero team the winner.” Aizawa explained.


The entire class listened intently to the explanation.


“You will be graded on your individual performance as well as your performance as a group. You’ll need to work together and make a solid plan for winning. You lose if either the time runs out or if you get taken out by the villains.” Aizawa finished.


“Okay! Now that we have the rules, let’s get going on selecting the teams!” Nezu said cheerfully.




At the end of the selection process, Izuku and Ryuko were on the fence with the results. On one hand, they were together, which they were happy about. But on the other hand...


All Might vs. Izuku Midoriya, Ryuko Tatsuma, and Katsuki Bakugo


Present Mic vs. Kyouka Jirou and Koji Koda


Midnight vs. Hitoshi Shinsou and Hanta Sero


Ectoplasm vs. Tsuyu Asui and Fumikage Tokoyami


Power Loader vs. Tenya Iida and Mashirao Ojiro


Eraserhead vs. Momo Yaoyorozu and Shouto Todoroki


Cementoss vs. Eijiro Kirishima and Rikido Sato


Thirteen vs. Ochako Uraraka and Yuga Aoyama


Nezu vs. Mina Ashido and Denki Kaminari


Snipe vs. Mezo Shoji and Tooru Hagakure


Izuku looked to his mate and saw the displeasure on her face. He gently took her hand, causing her to focus on her mate instead. She smiled softly.


“We got this. Even with him on our team.” Izuku reassured quietly.


“The exams will be randomly decided and two exams will go on at the same time. The first ones are…” Nezu trailed off as he pressed the button to scramble the matches.


1: Nezu vs. Mina Ashido and Denki Kaminari


2: Snipe vs. Mezo Shoji and Tooru Hagakure


Nezu smiled cleverly.


“Why, this is a surprise. It looks like I’m up first!” Nezu said with a cheerful smile, faking surprise at the randomizer.


His opponents shivered at the smile their principal gave them.




Everyone filed into the viewing hub so they could watch both matches at the same time. Ryuko and Izuku were more focused on planning for their match. They didn’t see Bakugo anywhere.


Eri just listened to her parents’ planning with great interest.


“Baka-go isn’t here, so I guess we’ll have to plan for the two of us.”


“We should at least have a plan for what he can do.”


“He won’t follow it…” Ryuko sighed.


“We have to at least try. You heard what was said. We are judged based on individual performance and group cooperation. We need to at least have a plan for him.” Izuku said.


Ryuko sighed once more.




“Mama? Papa?”


“Hmm? What is it sweetie?” Izuku asked.


“Why are you not happy around that blonde guy?”


Izuku smiled softly, petting her head while Ryuko explained.


“It’s because he was a real meanie to Papa and called his quirk villainous. It made him really sad.”


“That’s mean! Papa’s amazing! And a hero!” Eri said with an adorable angry face.


Ryuko smiled softly.


“That’s right. But we have to be able to stand him just for the duration of the exam. Or else we might not pass.” Izuku said.


“Oh no!”


“That’s right. So we need to make sure we have a plan for Bakugo so we can pass this with the highest score possible.”


“Yeah!” Eri cheered.


Both dragons smiled at their little unicorn. After a brief family embrace, they got to work on their planning.

Chapter Text

Izuku and Ryuko made a plan. It was the perfect plan at least in their minds. And by perfect, they couldn’t really think of anything else to do, so they decided to go with their plan as it was.


Mina and Kaminari completely failed against Nezu, not even knowing where the furry principal was at all. Ryuko spent her time, after thinking up a plan, cheering her best friend up with the help of Ochako. It worked right as Ochako was about to leave for her match. 


Mina and Ryuko went to Izuku and Eri and watched the following matches. Eri switched between Izuku’s and Ryuko’s laps, getting hugs from both her dragon parents as she sat in their laps.


Soon, it was their turn to test. Eri happily sat on Mina’s lap, the pinkette smiling brightly at the bundle of cuteness that just climbed onto her lap.


“Hey Auntie Mina!” Eri said, hugging the pinkette.


“Hey there, Eri! Ready to cheer on your mama and papa?” Mina replied, hugging the unicorn child.


“Mhm!” Eri nodded.




Izuku and Ryuko arrived at the gate to the field they would be in. Bakugo was waiting for them. He turned back and grimaced at the two dragons.


“Bakugo, we have a plan.” Izuku said.


“I don’t need your fucking plan. I may not care that you’re here anymore, but I don’t give a fuck about what you have to say.” Bakugo growled.


Izuku was about to try again when Ryuko placed a hand on his shoulder. He looked back and she shook her head. He sighed.


‘Could you relay a message for Storm to tell Ryuko?’


“Sure, partner. What is it?”


‘Tell her that we’ll need to babysit in order for us to pass this.’


“Got it. Telling her now.”


Izuku saw Ryuko’s face contort into annoyance. She huffed.


“Fine.” She said quietly.


Izuku gave her a grateful smile, leaning in and kissing her cheek. It was then that the large gate opened to reveal a large cityscape.


“You may begin!” The intercom sounded.


Izuku and Ryuko watch as Bakugo started walking inside.


“Just stay out of my way. I don’t need any fucking dragons’ help.” Bakugo growled before using his explosions and propelling himself away in the air.


Izuku and Ryuko glanced at each other before sighing and taking flight using their wings. They kept their distance from the explosive blonde as he flew down the main route to the exit. 


“Incoming breeze.” Valiant said.


Izuku wasn’t given much time to think as suddenly, an echo of a clap was heard right before a large turbulent wind engulfed the three of them. Izuku was thrown right towards a building while Ryuko was thrown left. Bakugo, being in the center, was thrown backwards.


Izuku groaned, getting up from the floor of the building he was thrown into.


“Nice landing.”


‘Shut up. And why did you say breeze?! That wasn’t a breeze! That was a tornado!’


“Breeze. Tornado. What’s the difference?”


‘It may be none for a dragon, but-’


“Incoming!” Valiant said in all-business fashion.


Izuku felt the familiar twitch of his sixth sense and ducked. Where he was previously, Bakugo came flying through the window he crashed through. He looked back down to see All Might staring straight at him.


“FOUND YOU, HERO!” All Might said menacingly.


Izuku fought a shiver that tried to go down his spine.




Ryuko was thrown into a five story building when a large gust of wind threw everyone around. She managed to catch Izuku fly into the building adjacent to hers. She worried for her mate despite how little she knew he would be affected.


‘Storm. Can you see if they’re alright?’


“I can,” There was a pause before she continued. “Aside from Valiant and Izuku arguing, they are alright.”


‘Arguing?’ She thought with a sigh.


“Apparently, Valiant thought it would be funny to tell him about a breeze before getting thrown around.” Storm replied.


‘Of course.’ Ryuko sighed.


She knew Valiant was, for lack of a better term, a little shit. But she also knew in serious situations that he gets things done right.


She suddenly heard a crash, drawing her from her thoughts. She went to the window to see All Might staring straight at the window Izuku crashed through. She also noticed Bakugo wasn’t anywhere to be seen.




Eri watched the fight from the comfort of Mina’s lap. Mina smiled softly, petting the unicorn’s hair as she watched. She then gained a wide smile and hugged Eri close.


“Go, Ryuko and Izuku!” Mina shouted.


“Yeah! Go Mama and Papa!” Eri cheered.




Izuku glanced back at the stunned Bakugo. He was just picking himself off the floor when he looked back. All Might must have hit him hard to get him knocked that bad. He wasn’t given much time to think as All Might broke through the wall of the building. 


Izuku immediately activated his quirk before All Might could land, throwing both fists into the hero’s chest and throwing him away from his building. He then grabbed the stunned Bakugo and formed his wings, flying away.


“HEY! PUT ME THE FUCK DOWN!” Bakugo shouted, struggling in Izuku’s grasp.


Bakugo let out explosions from his hands, but was quickly dropped onto the ground before he was able to hit the dragon. He got up and stared Izuku down.


“WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT ABOUT?!” Bakugo growled.




Ryuko watched as the Symbol of Peace was punched out of the building adjacent to her and observed Izuku flying away. She decided to enact her part of the plan: Distract the Symbol of Peace while her mate and Bakugo head for the gate.


She jumped down and changed into her fully formed dragon mode, her pale white scales glistening in the sun as she glided down to the ground.


“All Might, your fight shall be with me.” Ryuko challenged.


She landed with gentle grace despite being a large dragon. She crouched down slightly as she stared All Might down.




“That is correct. I will not let harm come to my mate.” Ryuko said.




All Might dashed forward and punched Ryuko.




Ryuko tilted and pivoted herself so that the punch sent her spinning. As she spun, she swung her tail out to catch All Might and bat him towards the field’s entrance.


“He’s not going to be gone for long. Let’s get to the gate.” Storm said.






“I don’t like you and you sure as hell don’t like me, Bakugo. But we can’t take on All Might.” Izuku said sternly.


“Who the fuck says?” Bakugo growled.


The two were glaring at each other. Bakugo’s body being restrained against a wall by Izuku’s dragon claws while his hands were restrained with his tail. Bakugo was straining to get his hands out of the green dragon’s tail.


“Says me, says Ryuko, says every person ever to challenge All Might, and even you've said that All Might always wins. If you think you can get better than All Might in our first year, you seriously have a fucking problem!” Izuku shouted.


Bakugo was stunned. Izuku never said ‘fuck’ before. He grimaced once more.


“So? What the fuck else are we supposed to do?!”


“We get to the end of this field and pass the exam. I know you hate running, but I don’t give a damn. I’m not failing this and I doubt you want to fail this either.”


“How the hell are we supposed to get to the end of the field with All-fucking-Might as our opponent?!”


“Ryuko’s got that covered.”


Bakugo was silent once more. He was weighing his options. Izuku was going to see if Bakugo was still listening before the blonde let out a loud growl.


“Fine! We’ll do your fucking plan!”


“Good. Now, while Ryuko’s doing that, we’re going to…”




Storm was right when she said All Might wasn’t going to be gone for long. Where she originally was, it was about a quarter of the way to the other end of the field. All Might returned once Ryuko was just over halfway there.


“DID YOU THINK THAT PUNY ATTACK WOULD BEST ME?!” All Might said as he flew through the air towards Ryuko.


Ryuko turned.


“No, I didn’t. But I knew it would buy some time.” Ryuko said, raising herself and throwing a clawed hand towards All Might.




“If that is what I must do, then I will.”




“Beat All Might, Mama!” Eri cheered.


“Yeah! You can do it, Ryuko!” Mina cheered.




Ryuko and All Might clashed. Despite her large size, she could only leave scratches on his hero suit. Despite that, she knew she was tiring him.


“What’s wrong, old man? You getting tired?” Ryuko asked, with a draconic grin.




All Might let loose a smash, throwing Ryuko into a wall. The building came down on her as she impacted it. All Might watched for a moment before looking away, searching for any sign of the other two.




Izuku felt a tingle in his mind.


‘What was that?’


“Ryuko suffered a hit. She’s fine, though. Just slightly rattled. We need to keep going.”


‘Fine…’ Izuku thought, biting back the urge to go to his mate.


“Deku. You fucking listening?”


“Sorry, what?”


“I said I’m done with the gas lines under the roads.” Bakugo growled.


Izuku looked to the road. Bakugo, using smaller explosions, was able to dig up the gas lines from under the road.


“O-Oh. Right. We just need to wait for the two of them to get here and we can all pass.” Izuku said, using his claws to cut small holes in the gas line.


They were near the exit gate. They could walk through any time, but Izuku wanted Ryuko to pass the gate with them. He heard a roar from his mate and smiled.


“He’s almost here.” Izuku said.


“He fucking better be.”




Ryuko was once again clashing with All Might, luring him to the trap the pair had planned. All Might helped with his heavy punches that sent her flying backwards. She knew she’d have bruises, but she knew she would always have bruises when fighting villains.




Ryuko’s eyes widen.






Izuku and Bakugo went into hiding spots. Or rather… Bakugo was dragged to a hiding spot by Izuku with his tail. Bakugo didn’t want to hide. He wanted to fight.


He soon saw Ryuko and All Might arrive into view. He had to keep himself from jumping out and helping his mate. 


He watched Ryuko backpedal more.


“ARE YOU READY TO GIVE UP?” All Might asked.


‘Tell her two more steps back and use her fire.’ Izuku thought.


“Telling her!”


He smiled as he saw her take two steps back before using her flame breath. She didn’t use it long before all the gas in the lines ignited, exploding the entire street. It was then that he released Bakugo.


“Ryu! Let’s go!” Izuku shouted.


“Let’s fucking win!” Bakugo yelled.




The three used their quirks to augment their speed to get to the gate. They heard the sound of All Might gaining on them.


‘Give me a fifty percent One For All!’


“Got it!”


Izuku extended his arms, the glowing green lines covering his dragon arms. He pressed his hands against his mate and Bakugo’s backs. He then shoved hard, throwing them across the line just as All Might reached him and swatted him away.


Izuku tumbled away from the duo.


“DAMN! ONLY ONE OUT OF THE THREE!” All Might cursed.


He intended to get all three with that swipe, but with Izuku’s push, he only caught his successor. He only had time to turn to Izuku before he heard a sound.




All Might sighed, watching as Izuku got up and smiled defiantly at All Might.


“We win.” Izuku said, panting tiredly.


Ryuko came to his side and helped him stand.


“You did. Congratulations. You even got Bakugo to work with you.” All Might said.


“I just reminded him that no one can contend with you, let alone first year students.” Izuku said.


“An impressive feat considering how stubborn he has been.” All Might said.


Izuku gave him a smile before the two dragons made their way back to the viewing area.




Eri was quick to tackle the two in a hug.


“You were so cool, Mama!” Eri beamed.


“Thank you, Eri.” Ryuko said.


Izuku and Ryuko bent down and returned the hug their daughter gave them. Izuku then took Eri in his arms and held her as he went to sit down.


“You were cool, too, Papa!” Eri said, hugging Izuku.


“Thank you, little unicorn.” Izuku said, kissing her horn.


Eri giggled and buried her face into Izuku’s chest. He looked around and found Bakugo wasn’t there once again. He shrugged and focused on his daughter and mate.




The remainder of the tests were straightforward. The only other group that lost were Kirishima and Sato’s, who charged in with their quirks expecting Cementoss’ walls to be broken easily. They did, but the quantity that Cementoss had used, overwhelmed the two students, causing their failure.


Shinsou’s match had him win against Midnight, but only to pissing her off.




Shinsou was hiding behind a rock. Sero was knocked out due to falling for Midnight’s charm. 


“So, Shinsou. Will you succumb to your desires as well?” Midnight said with a seductive voice.


Shinsou winced. He had a plan. But he knew he might risk Midnight whipping him after the match.


“How could I succumb to my desires when I’m staring at a wrinkly old woman?” Shinsou asked, wincing after he said it.




Midnight’s angry rant stopped once Shinsou used his quirk. Her eyes glazed over and she had a blank look on her face.


“Put these on.” Shinsou ordered, gesturing to the restraints in his hand.


Midnight wordlessly took them and put them on. She regained herself when the bell sounded for the Hero Team’s victory.


“Sorry for calling you old and wrinkly,” Shinsou apologized. “You actually do look young and attractive.”


After that, he ran to Sero, not wanting to arouse her with his compliments. She just watched him leave as she cursed herself for letting her anger at being called old making her lose the match.




After the rest of the matches, Aizawa brought everyone, including the missing Bakugo, together.


“Alright. You guys finished your practical exams. Over the weekend, I will be reviewing the footage and grading accordingly. You will be told your scores on Monday, the last day before Summer Break. For now, you’re dismissed.” Aizawa said.


Once Aizawa left, everyone went to the locker rooms to get changed out of their hero costumes. After they were out, they went back to the dorms.


Izuku, along with every other student, were all tired beyond belief. They couldn’t be bothered to do anything other than lounge around and relax. The two dragons and Eri went to their room early to just cuddle themselves to sleep. But first, they had to shower.


Izuku took the first shower, letting Ryuko take care of their daughter first. Once Izuku was out and changed, Ryuko went in.


After the showers were done, all three mythical creatures cuddled up to one another under their blankets.


“You were awesome, Papa, Mama.” Eri said, yawning.


“We only could have accomplished it from your cheering, Eri.” Izuku said, kissing the girl’s forehead.


Izuku was in the middle between Eri and Ryuko. It felt nice to be surrounded by his mate and daughter.


“Good night, Izu.” Ryuko said, kissing his cheek.


Izuku stopped her head from moving before kissing her on the lips. She hummed into the kiss, enjoying every second of it. After they broke their kiss, Ryuko’s head rested on his chest, looking up at him lovingly.


“Good night, Ryu.” Izuku replied.


“Good night, Mama, Papa.” Eri said, cuddling up to her father.


“Good night, Eri.” The two parents said.


The three fell asleep comfortably in each other’s arms. Small smiles graced their faces as they slept.

Chapter Text

The weekend was a calm one. Izuku and Ryuko would take turns spending time with their daughter if they weren’t together. When Ryuko wanted to hang out with Mina, Izuku would take care of and spend time with Eri. When Izuku went out on a jog with Iida, Ryuko would take care of him. When they both were in the common room playing games, they both would be with their daughter.


Eri was still fascinated with the television, but instead of shows that she was fascinated with, it was with video games. She found it amazing that they could play games on it. Whenever she was able to, she would ask to play with them. If neither Izuku nor Ryuko had a controller, the closest person with a controller would hand her theirs. They always felt bad that she never experienced the sort of things they did in their childhood and they were determined to catch her up.


The weekend passed and Monday came. It was the day they would get their exam results as well as the first day of their summer vacation.




The alarm was what woke Izuku up. He looked to his sides to see his daughter and mate moving slightly at the sound. He reached over and pressed the button to turn off the alarm. Immediately, they relaxed, sighing softly. He smiled at them, pulling them closer slightly.


He sighed softly in content, enjoying the warmth of the two people he loved most. A small smile formed on his lips.


Suddenly, he felt his mate turn slightly and a pair of soft lips land on his jaw. He looked down to see Ryuko’s eyes staring into his, a gentle smile on her face.


“Good morning, darling.” She said, moving up and kissing him on the lips.


“Good morning, my dragoness.” Izuku replied, his hand moving out from around her to cup her cheek.


The two shared a smile before looking at the unicorn cuddled up to her dragon father. 


“I wasn’t expecting to become a father this early, but… I don’t regret offering to be her father.” Izuku said.


“I don’t regret being her mother, either.” Ryuko said, her head resting against Izuku’s chest as they stared at their sleeping unicorn.


Izuku wrapped his arm around his mate and his hand gently caressed her back affectionately. She hummed, leaning slightly into his touch.


“I’m one lucky dragon.” Izuku said, kissing the top of Ryuko’s head.


“Me, too.”


Eri groaned slightly as she slowly awoke, not happy that she had to wake up from the nice dreams she had. She opened her eyes to see Izuku and Ryuko both staring at her and smiling.


“Good morning, Papa and Mama.” Eri said tiredly, rubbing her eyes.


“Good morning, Eri. Did you sleep well?” Ryuko asked.


“Mhm…” Eri nodded.


“That’s good. Because we have a big day.” Izuku said.


“Hmm? It is?” Eri asked.


“Yeah, it is. After we get our test scores, you get to meet Grandma.” Izuku said.


Eri perked up at that.


“I get to meet Grandma? Let’s go Mama! Let’s change! C’mon!” Eri said, immediately getting out of bed and jumping on the bed.


Izuku and Ryuko chuckled at their excited daughter.


“Alright, alright.” Ryuko said with a smile, kissing Izuku’s cheek once before getting out of bed herself.


Izuku missed the warmth of his mate as soon as she left. He sighed, getting up as well. He grabbed his clothes and went into the bathroom, allowing his mate and daughter to get changed in privacy.




The trio of mythical creatures went to class with their classmates. They all talked amongst themselves, theorizing how well they did. Kirishima and Sato had a depressed air around them as they had failed their exam. A couple classmates were trying to raise their spirits as they got to their classroom.


They all took their seats before Aizawa entered the room. Izuku saw Bakugo was back in his original seat.


“Good, you’re all in your seats. You’re showing improvement.” Aizawa said.


“Teach. Why is the little pipsqueak here?” Bakugo asked.


“That’s because she’s allowed to be here, Bakugo.” Aizawa replied.


Bakugo let out a huff before sitting back in his seat. Aizawa then turned back to the full class.


“I’ll be honest. Your performance both individually and as a group was impressive for first years. That is, other than a few of you.” Aizawa said, looking at Sero, Kirishima, Sato, Mina, Kaminari, and Bakugo.


“That being said, you all passed. Even you six.” 


The entire class erupted into cheers.




The entire class went deadly silent.


“Mina, Kaminari. Your control over your quirks are the lowest of the classes. That and your inability to create a solid plan lead to your downfall. Sero, you need to be smarter when you fight villains. They will do anything to defeat you, including seducing you. Kirishima, Sato, you can’t always win fights with brute strength alone. Bakugo, you need to work as a group. Every time Midoriya was trying to get you to cooperate, he would have to yell at you or restrain you.” Aizawa began, critiquing the students.


“You six got the lowest score and were it not for you passing the written test, you would have to stay here for summer school. Instead, you four will be taking the remedial classes that will be held at the summer camp.”


Kirishima, Sato, Sero, Kaminari, and Mina all cried in agony. Bakugo was just silent and grunted once.


“These classes will challenge you and when you come out of it, you will hopefully have improved.”


The class was silent aside from the quiet weeping from five of the six remedial students.


“You are all dismissed. You have a week before summer camp. Enjoy your freedom while it lasts.” Aizawa said before leaving the classroom.


Everyone shivered at Aizawa’s final comment before they all left in a hurry.




Izuku, Eri, and Ryuko were the only ones who left the common room. Most of everyone else were lounging around on the first floor, enjoying a relaxing day of their summer break. 


Izuku was standing in front of his bed, packing some clothes for the week-long vacation to his parents’ house. Eri was choosing what clothes she wanted to bring and Izuku was putting it into his suitcase.


Ryuko’s suitcase was next to his, with the dragoness putting her clothes into it as well. Every so often, she would bend down and kiss Eri’s horn, drawing a giggle from her daughter.


A short while later, the two dragons were packed and ready to go to the Midoriya household.


“You ready, Eri?” Izuku asked with a smile.


“Mhm! Mhm! I wanna meet Grandma!” Eri shouted with a smile.


“Well then, let’s get going.” Izuku said, lifting his daughter onto his shoulders.


Eri giggled happily, her arms hugging his head as Izuku started walking to the door. Ryuko smiled, following the father daughter pair.


“Alright, Eri. Duck.” Izuku said as he opened the door, crouching down as well so Eri wouldn’t hit her head.


Once the trio were out of their room, they went down to the common room.


“Woah, going on a family vacation or something?” Kaminari asked once they were downstairs.


“Yeah, pretty much. We’re going to visit my mom and stay with her for the week.” Izuku explained.


“Eri’s gonna meet her grandma?” Mina asked.


“Mhm! I get to meet her!” Eri said with an excited smile that made Mina coo at the adorable girl.


“We’re going to miss the train if we wait any longer. So I guess we’ll see you guys in a week.” Ryuko said, her free arm snaking around Izuku’s.


“We’ll hold down the fort while you’re gone!” Mina said with a playful salute.


“Don’t dirty your bed too much, Mina.” Izuku said.


Mina blushed brightly but then her mind did a double take.


“Did you just… tease me?” Mina asked, her face still blushing.




“Oh my god, hell has frozen over!” Mina shouted in mock distress.


Izuku just rolled his eyes and walked out with his mate and daughter.




Toshinori and Inko were sitting next to each other on the couch. But they weren’t really focused on the program on the television. Their arms were around one another and they were focused on each other.


“How are we going to explain this?” Toshi asked.


“I don’t know. But I know he’d be happy with it. He does see you as a father figure.” Inko said softly.


“I have to admit, I do see him as the son I never had. I just worry, even if it’s not going to happen.” Toshi said.


Inko’s hand gently held his head, turning it to face her. He looked down at her and she had a gentle smile on her face. Their heads neared each other and their lips connected in a loving kiss.


The two pulled back and Toshi smiled.


“You do have a way with taking away my worries.” Toshi said.


Inko giggled softly.


“I’m glad I have that effect on you.” Inko replied.


A knock came at the door, startling them slightly. They turned to each other and smiled.


“I’ll get the door. You can just sit right there.” Inko said with a smile, kissing his cheek before standing up and walking to the door.




Izuku was holding his daughter’s hand as she was hopping in excitement. Ryuko was holding her other hand, watching her daughter with an amused smile.


The door opened to reveal Inko with a gentle smile. The smile turned teary eyed and wider when she saw Eri. The little girl had stopped hopping and looked at Inko with a small smile.


“H-Hi… I’m Eri.” Eri said, her excitement replaced by anxiousness.


Inko, without saying anything pulled the little girl into a hug.


“You’re so adorable!” Inko said.


Eri was surprised, but enjoyed the hug, She returned the hug tightly.


“Hey, Eri. I’m Izuku’s mama.” Inko said, pulling back and smiling wobbly at the little girl.


“So that means you’re my Grandma?”


Inko choked back tears as she replied.


“Yeah, Eri. That means I’m your grandma.”


“Are you… Okay?” Eri asked.


“I’m just so happy, Eri.” She said, hugging the unicorn child once more.




It took a bit, but Inko stopped crying long enough to bring the others inside. Izuku looked suspiciously at Toshi who was still sitting on the couch. Toshi gave Izuku a kind and slightly nervous smile.


Eri walked up to Toshi after being smothered in hugs by Inko. She had a small smile on her face.


“Does that mean you’re my grandpa?”


There was a variety of reactions to that question. Toshi hacked up blood, Inko’s face blushed red, Izuku looked like he wanted to maul Toshi due to seeing his mother’s reaction, and Ryuko just smiled at the chaos all around her.


“W-Well… I guess that is one way to bring this topic up.” Inko commented.


“What?!” Izuku’s head snapped back to his mother.


“Toshi and I… Are together.” Inko said.


Izuku was oddly quiet, but his face was obscured by his hair. He looked at Toshi with a gaze that could have frozen even All For One.


“Toshi… Can I talk to you in… private ?” Izuku asked.


Toshi gulped before looking to Inko. She hesitantly nodded. Toshi looked back to the green haired dragon.


“S-Sure.” Toshi said.


The two decided to go to Izuku’s room. When they were gone, Eri glanced at Ryuko and Inko with a confused face.


“Did I say something bad?” Eri asked with innocent worry.


“N-No you didn’t sweetie. Izuku’s just… Protective of his mama.” Ryuko explained.




Toshinori, the Symbol of Peace, was terrified by the look the boy in front of him gave him.


“S-So what did you want to talk about?”


“What are your intentions with my mother?” Izuku asked.


Toshi knew lying wasn’t an option. But he didn’t have to lie to express his love for the green haired mother.


“I love her. I don’t have any other intentions than to love her.”


Izuku raised an eyebrow as he studied his mentor for any hints of deception.


“Very well… You can date her… But if you ever hurt her… I don’t care if you’re the Symbol of Peace. No one will find the body. Are we clear?” Izuku said darkly. 


Toshi shivered.




Izuku’s behavior did a complete one-eighty in that moment.


“Good! Welcome to the family!” Izuku said with a bright smile.


Toshi had to practically check if he had whiplash after that sentence.


“T-Thank you.” Toshi said.


“Let’s get back out there. I bet Eri’s pretty confused.” Izuku said, opening the door of his room.






The two returned to the living room to see only Ryuko there along with giggling in the kitchen.


“What’s going on?”


“Inko’s making Eri caramel apples.” Ryuko said with an amused smile.


“Is that her favorite food?” Toshi asked.


“No, her favorite food is anything that has apples in it. Apple pie. Caramel apples. Apple smoothies. Anything.” Izuku said with a smile on his face.


“Ah, I see.”


“So, did you two have the ‘you hurt her and you die’ talk?” Ryuko asked.


“Yep we did.” Izuku said.


“Good. You looked like you were going to do what you told me you wanted to do to the ‘bird man’ to Toshi.” Ryuko said with a giggle.


“It wasn’t that bad, was it?” Izuku asked.


“Oh yeah, it was.” Ryuko replied, still giggling.


“Did Eri notice?”


“Yeah. She wondered what was wrong. After explaining just the simple things to her, Inko told me she and Toshi were dating. Then that opened up another can of worms where we had to explain that her original grandpa was a meanie and Toshi is the new grandpa.”


“Did she understand it?”


“As well as she could. But she did say something that was funny.”




“She said you would make sure that the meanie would be beaten up.”


Izuku laughed.


“Even when she doesn’t know my father, she still wants him beaten up. Is it possible to love my daughter more than I already do?” Izuku asked with a chuckle.


Ryuko giggled, standing from the couch and hugging her mate.


“Well make that two of us.”


“Mama! Papa! Grandma made the most amazingest things in the world!” Eri called.


The two chuckled and entered the kitchen. Toshi was watching the whole thing with a fond smile.


‘They’ll be great parents.’ Toshi thought.




The remainder of the night was filled with Eri’s excitement as she learned things about her grandparents and got to play games with them. Her favorite was Monopoly and she insisted on being the puppy.


At the end of the night, the two couples retired to their bedrooms. As they left, Izuku glared down Toshi. He practically screamed ‘No funny business with my mom’ with the look he gave the Symbol of Peace.


Izuku and Ryuko took Eri to Izuku’s bedroom and got their pajamas out of their suitcases. Izuku changed in the bathroom while the two girls got changed in his room. When he returned, they were waiting for him in the bed. It looked like it was Ryuko’s turn in the middle this time.


Izuku slid into bed and cuddled up to his mate. He placed a loving kiss on her lips, a kiss that she happily returned. The two dragons then kissed their daughter who was on Ryuko’s other side.


“Good night, Mama. Good night, Papa.” Eri said with a happy smile.


“Good night, Eri.” Ryuko said


“Sleep well.” Izuku added.


Eri cuddled closer to her mother, her eyes closing and her consciousness leaving her. Izuku and Ryuko were close to follow, enjoying the warmth of each other as they drifted off to sleep.

Chapter Text

“A trip?” Izuku and Ryuko asked at the same time.


The family of mythical creatures were sitting down with Inko and Toshi during breakfast.


“Exactly. An old friend of mine at I-Island gave me tickets to visit for I-Expo.”


“I-Island?!” Izuku shouted in excitement.


Toshi laughed at the sudden excitement his successor showed.


“I take it you’ve heard of it.” Toshi said.


“Have I?! That place is the center of support equipment for the entire hero world!”


“I suppose you want to come along, don’t you?” Toshi asked.


Izuku hesitated before glancing at Ryuko and Eri. She had a hesitant look, not wanting to be separated from her mate.


“If you’re worried about if they can come, my friend gave me enough tickets for all of you.” Toshi said.


“Wait, really?!” Izuku looked back at Toshi.


Ryuko also gained an excited look on her face.


“Yep! Now then, if that’s all, how about we go get packed?”


“What’s I-Island?” Eri spoke up, causing everyone to stop.


She wore an adorably confused expression.


“It’s a really cool place full of cool things.” Izuku began.


“Are they really cool things?” Eri asked, looking more excited.


“Yeah they are! Really really cool.” Ryuko said with a nod.


“I wanna go!”


The four others in the room laughed at Eri’s eagerness.




The entire family were walking along in an airport, carry-ons rolling behind them and Eri in Ryuko’s arms. 


“Mama, what is this place?”


“This place is called an airport. It’s a place that has these giant machines that fly called jets. And we use that to pass large distances in a short time. That’s how we’re going to go to I-Island.”


“But can’t we just ride on Papa’s back?” Eri asked.


Ryuko giggled.

“Papa would get very tired, then. And if we did that, then I-Island would be very angry at us.”




“Because they aren’t able to accept dragons flying to their island. Only jets.”


“Aww! No fair! I wanna ride on Papa’s back!” Eri pouted.




Inko was very surprised that they had their own private jet. Izuku and Ryuko understood why they had their own private jet. It was All Might’s. 


“Please fasten your seatbelts, we are about to begin our flight to I-Island.”


Everyone heeded the advice of the pilot and soon felt themselves moving to the runway. Suddenly everyone felt the feeling of the jet quickly accelerating. The distinct feeling of an increase in altitude was welcomed by Izuku and Ryuko who loved flight. Eri held onto Ryuko’s hand as she sat in her own seat. She was trembling lightly, but trying to be brave for her parents.


The feeling soon went away and five minutes passed before everyone heard the pilot speak again.


“It is now safe to move about the cabin. It is now one forty-five in the afternoon, and we will be arriving at I-Island in two hours.”


Izuku immediately went to his daughter. 


“You alright, Eri?” Izuku asked with concern.


“Mhm… It was just scary…”


“Would it have been less scary if you were on my back in dragon form?” Izuku asked. “Because that would be similar to this, only you’d be feeling a lot more wind going by. And you wouldn’t really be in a seat.”


“Mhm, because I know it’s you, Papa.” Eri said, hugging him.


Izuku smiled, patting her back gently.


“You’re so brave, little Eri.” Ryuko said, joining the hug, placing Eri between the two of them.


The two of them broke apart with Ryuko taking Eri.


“I gotta talk to Grandpa, but afterwards, I’ll be back.”


“Okay.” Eri smiled.


Izuku placed a kiss on Ryuko’s cheek before walking over to Toshi.


“We need to talk.” Izuku whispered.




Toshi and Izuku went away from the others, towards the back of the plane. It being a private jet, there was a bedroom in the back of it. They decided to talk there.


“When are you planning on telling her?” Izuku asked.


Toshinori immediately knew what Izuku meant. He looked down slightly.


“I don’t know. I want to tell her soon. I just… Need to find the right time.”

“Well, perhaps you can tell her on this trip. I doubt you’d be able to walk around as Toshinori all the time.” Izuku explained.


“You’re right. At I-Expo, I’m going to have to show up as All Might. I can’t really explain why I can’t go as Toshi unless I tell her.” Toshi agreed.


“When you plan on telling her, tell me first. I can make sure it’s just you two alone.” Izuku said.


“Thank you, Young Midoriya.”






“You’re going to be my dad now, right? Just call me Izuku when you’re Toshi.” Izuku said with a smile.


Toshi returned the smile, patting the boy on his shoulder.


“Thank you, Izuku. I’m happy you have accepted me into your life. I really care about both you and your mother.”


“Well, show how much by making her happy.” Izuku said with a smile.


“I will. I would never want to hurt her.”


Izuku nodded.


“Let’s get back there. I’m sure you want more snuggling time with my mother.” Izuku said, smirking when Toshi blushed.


“When did you get so good at teasing?”


“Ryuko and Mina.”


“You’re turning into a dangerous man, Izuku.” Toshi said.


Izuku chuckled.


“All the better to become a great hero.”




The remainder of the flight was a calm one. Izuku would spend the remainder of the flight with his daughter and mate. Izuku noticed Toshi and his mother show affection to each other as the flight continued.


They soon arrived at I-Island and Izuku had to go back to his seat. Eri came with him, sitting beside him as the plane descended. Izuku managed to get his tail at a comfortable position to place over Eri, letting her hug it for comfort. It seemed to help her as the plane landed on the runway.


The family disembarked from the plane with their luggage and immediately saw a man in a suit with black sunglasses with a card in his hands. The words on the card read “Toshinori Yagi and Company”. The man then lead them to a long black limo.


“That’s our ride.” Toshi said.


“We have a limo, too? My goodness, this must be expensive.”


“It isn’t that much. I am All Might’s trainer after all.”


“Oh yeah.” Inko said, lightly smacking her head.


Izuku and Toshi locked eyes for a moment before looking back to the man in a suit. He opened the door for the family wordlessly.


“We’ll be heading to the hotel you will be staying at for the duration of your stay.” The man finally spoke.


“Thank you.” Toshi spoke for everyone.


They all piled into the limo while the man packed their luggage into the trunk. Once it was all in, they set off to their hotel. They looked around at the different sights the car passed on their way to their destination. Eri was in complete awe of everything. Izuku was the same, which made Ryuko giggle at how alike they were.


The two soon arrived at their hotel and everyone, excluding Toshi, was amazed at it. Just the outside looked like a rich five star hotel. Was there such a thing as a six star hotel, because Izuku would have imagined the hotel they’re staying at would fit the description of one.


They entered and were greeted with a rich blue colored floor with marble walls and ceiling. The receptionist gave them their room keys. Izuku, Ryuko, and Eri were allowed a separate room from Toshi and Inko, but they also had a common room linking the two together. Outside the common room was a pool. Everyone was excited at that. Except for Eri.


“What’s a pool?”


Everyone’s heart hurt at Eri’s cluelessness. They explained what a pool was while they went up to their room. By the time they arrived, Eri was just as excited for the pool as the rest of them. 


The common room was very expensive looking, couches and recliners in the center around a large screen television with a coffee table between the two. The floor of the living area had a rich blue carpet with a dull gold outline. Beside the living area was a small kitchen with the best kitchenware and appliances money could buy. The cabinets and cupboards were a nice cream white color with a pearl white tile floor. The walls also were a cream white color. In the back of the common room was a full glass window with a glass sliding door that was only able to be seen because of the silver outlining of the door. Eri’s eyes locked on to the pool outside of their common room and she tried to get to it.


Izuku had to actually pick her up from the ground to keep her from running to the pool outside. 


“Later, Eri. We need to get unpacked.”




“Besides, we need to get you a swimsuit.” Izuku added.


“I need a swimsuit for it?”


“Yes you do. We can go and get a swimsuit after we unpack.”


“Yay!” Eri cheered.


Toshi and Inko smiled at the family interaction. Inko looked down slightly in sadness, something Toshi caught.


“We’re going to unpack, you three. Wait up for us, too. We need to get swimsuits as well.”


“Okay.” Izuku said.


“C’mon, Papa! C’mon Mama! Let’s go!” Eri said, tugging their arms impatiently.


The two dragons looked at each other and smiled, letting their unicorn daughter drag them into their shared room.


As they left, Toshi looked at Inko with a concerned expression.


“What’s wrong?”


Inko looked at him surprised.


“What do you mean?”


“I saw that look you had when you looked at Izuku and Eri.” Toshi said.


The two entered their room before Inko spoke.


“I’m sorry, it’s just… He reminded me of Hisashi... “


“What do you mean?” Toshi asked, his voice showing no sadness or anger.


“Izuku never had a father figure… Him being a father to Eri makes me wish… Hisashi was at least there when he was younger. I don’t regret meeting you, Toshi, I just wish…” She trailed off.


“I understand. I’m sure if I was in your situation, I would feel the same. But you raised him on your own for eighteen years. And look at how good he turned out?” Toshi asked, gently taking her hand and giving it an affectionate squeeze.


“I had help…” Inko mumbled.


“Ryuko helped, yes. But you had the most impact on your son. He is who he is today because of your guidance.” Toshi said. “While growing up with a father would have helped with him, you did way better than any single parent before you did.”


Inko smiled sadly.


“Thank you, Toshi. I’m sorry. My insecurities are getting the better of me…” She apologized.


Toshi released his bag from his other hand and pulled the woman into a loving hug.


“Which is why… I am here.” Toshi said with a smile.


Inko giggled quietly.


“You just had to say it.” Inko said her smile clear in her voice.


“I couldn’t help it.” Toshi replied, kissing Inko’s cheek.


“I know you couldn’t.” Inko pulled back, giving Toshi a smile that warmed his heart.


“You feeling better?” Toshi asked, his face changing from a smile to a concerned expression.


“Yeah. Thank you, Toshi.” She replied.


“It’s my pleasure.”


The two shared a kiss on the lips before they started unpacking.




The two adults met up with Izuku, Ryuko, and Eri when they finished unpacking. The two of them decided to walk to one of the stores rather than take the limo. They managed to see some of the sights as they walked to the store.


When they got there, they immediately got to looking for swimsuits. Toshi and Izuku bought a set of swim trunks. Izuku’s was all green with a leafy design on it while Toshi’s was designed like the American Flag. Inko, Ryuko, and Eri got one piece swimsuits in green, maroon red, and yellow specifically. Eri’s had frills on the waist. Ryuko couldn’t wait to see her in the pool with it, as she looked so adorable in it.


The family then returned to their hotel room to get changed into their swimsuits. They all went to their respective bedrooms to get changed. Their bedrooms had the same style as the common room, with a blue carpet with a dull golden color outlining it. The walls were a cream white as well. They had king sized beds that had blue blankets with white pillows and bedsheets. 


“I’ll change in the bathroom.” Izuku said, kissing Ryuko before leaving.


“Be quick, Papa! I wanna swim before it gets dark!” Eri called.


“I will, sweetie!” Izuku replied.


The bathroom was another reminder of how expensive the hotel was. It had a large walk in shower with a sliding glass door that was frosted so it can give the person taking a shower some privacy.


The sink had a black marble countertop. The faucet was a non reflective silver color as was the inside of the sink. Soap was provided for both the shower and the sink. The toilet was a pearl white color that Izuku was suspicious about it being real pearl. The toilet paper holder was the same non reflective silver color as the faucet.


Izuku quickly got changed into his swim trunks and waited for Ryuko to call into the bathroom. Once she did, he came out. Ryuko’s swimsuit, despite not being revealing, was still breathtaking to Izuku. His gaze then drifted to Eri and couldn’t resist the urge to coo at his daughter.


Her yellow one piece swimsuit was adorable on her and the frills on the waist gave her an adorable little skirt for her swimsuit. She blushed as soon as she heard Izuku’s coo.


“Papa! You’re embarrassing me!”


“That’s what papas do, sweetie.” Izuku jokes, kneeling down and kissing her horn before ruffling her hair.


“You’re so mean!” Eri pouted cutely.


The two dragons chuckled at their daughter.


“If I was mean, then I’d restrict you from going in the pool.” Izuku teased.


Eri immediately grew worried.


“No! I wanna go in the pool!” Eri pleaded.


Izuku chuckled.


“I’m just kidding, Eri. Of course we’re going into the pool.”


Eri hugged Izuku tightly.




Izuku laughed at her sudden change of behavior from worried to happy.




The family all swam in the pool. Ryuko was helping Eri swim while Izuku was trying to see if his tail could help propel him in water. It was actually better than using his feet. Eri watched him and giggled at him trying to figure out swimming with a tail. His mother, Toshi, and Ryuko all watched him as well, smiling at him trying to control his movement.


The family relaxed in the pool, enjoying the sensation of floating. Every so often, Izuku would take Eri and pull her around gently in the water. She was smiling widely and giggling lightly as she felt herself move through the water without moving.


A few times afterwards, she slowly was starting to fall asleep. It was like she was being rocked to sleep. Seeing her get tired, they decided to call it. It was getting dark anyways.


“Alright, sweetie. Time to get out of the pool.” Izuku said softly.


“No… I wanna… swim… more…” Eri weakly protested.


Ryuko quietly giggled at her daughter’s weak reluctance.


“Papa’s right, sweetie. You’re falling asleep.”


“But… I wanna swim… More…”


“You can swim tomorrow, my little unicorn.” Izuku said.


“Okayyyyy…” Eri sighed.


Inko and Toshi smiled softly.


“You going to be in there any longer?” Izuku asked.


“I don’t think so.” Toshi said.


“Alright. I can make dinner if you want.”


“No, sweetie. I’ll make dinner.” Inko replied.


“No, mom. This is a vacation. You need to relax. I’ll make it.” Izuku said.


Inko and Izuku kept their eyes locked onto each other before Inko sighed.


“Okay. Thank you, sweetie.” Inko said.


“You’re welcome, Mom.”




Dinner was a calm affair. Izuku handled cooking while Ryuko was holding a sleeping Eri. Toshi and Inko helped set the table, despite Izuku’s protests. Once Izuku was finished with dinner, Ryuko woke Eri up. She tiredly ate her food with some help from her parents. They didn’t want her to sleep on an empty stomach, especially after swimming.


Once dinner was finished, they said their goodnights and turned in early. Izuku was told by Toshi that the two of them had to meet Toshi’s friend the following morning, giving him an early warning of the following day’s duties. After that, they retired to their bedrooms.


When the small family of mythical creatures went to bed, Ryuko was in the middle, cuddling Eri while Izuku was cuddling her. She hummed, gently leaning into Izuku’s chest. Her tail formed between the two of them and lightly wrapped around his legs.


“Feeling extra clingy, my dragoness?” Izuku asked softly.


“Mhm… I just have this bad feeling.” Ryuko said softly.


Izuku hugged her tighter, kissing her neck then her cheek affectionately.


“Well, don’t worry. Because if that bad feeling comes true, we’ll be in it together. And we’ll deal with it together.” Izuku said softly.


She hummed gently, her head turning to look at Izuku, whose head was over her shoulder. She kissed him lovingly.


“I love you, Izu.” She whispered.


“I love you, too, Ryu. Sleep well.”


“You, too.”


The two fell asleep, enjoying the warmth of their lovers and daughter.

Chapter Text

Izuku woke up to the alarm he set on his phone. He reached over and stopped the alarm before relaxing into the back of his lover. Her tail was still wrapped around his legs. He simply wrapped his arms back around her, eliciting a gentle hum from his mate. Izuku felt her tail shift slightly, making him smile.


“Good morning, darling.” He heard her say.


He tightened his hug slightly.


“Good morning.” Izuku replied, his head shifting to kiss her neck affectionately.


She let out another soft hum, leaning into his chest.


“Shouldn’t you be getting ready to meet Toshi’s friend?” Ryuko asked, not making any movement to remove her tail from around his legs.


“I should, but I’m currently trapped and am too comfy to move.”


Ryuko let out a soft giggle, a smile coming to her face.


“I’m glad you are. Because that means we can spend more time in bed.”


A knock at the door interrupted their loving conversation.


“Izuku, you awake?” Toshi’s voice came through.


Izuku sighed, resting his head against his mate’s back. He looked at the door.


“Yeah. Give me a few.” Izuku called.




Izuku turned back to Ryuko who was smiling softly at him. He gave her an apologetic smile.


“I guess we’ll have to continue this later.” Izuku said softly.


“I guess so.” She sighed.


Izuku trailed his hand up her side to her shoulder, gently squeezing it once. He felt his legs get released from Ryuko’s hold before he got out of bed. He got dressed in the bedroom, his girlfriend watching with interested eyes. He smirked when he caught her staring at his body.


“Like what you see, my dragoness?” Izuku teased.


Ryuko blushed. She would have replied if it weren’t for their sleeping daughter in the room. Izuku understood why, and smiled more. He finished getting dressed before walking up to her on the bed.


“Play your cards right, and you might just get to have it.” Izuku whispered.


Ryuko shivered at his whisper. She then pouted.


“You’re mean, you know that?”


“Yes, I know.” Izuku said, kissing her cheek before moving to get up. 


She stopped him before pulling him back down to have her lips meet his. They shared a passionate kiss before backing off.


“Until this evening.” She whispered.


He smiled brushing his hand over her cheek in a loving gesture before leaving.




Izuku and Toshinori were walking along. Toshi was in his All Might form which he transformed into on the hotel elevator. Every so often, fans would flock around him, making him have to sign autographs until they left.


They soon arrived at a large multi-story building.




“Who are we meeting, All Might?” Izuku asked.




“DAVID SHIELD?!” Izuku shouted in surprise.


All Might laughed.




“Do I?! He’s the one who you partnered with when you first started out! He’s the leading expert in support technology! How did you not tell me before?!” Izuku shouted, stars in his eyes.


All Might laughed at his successor’s excitement.




“You told him about me?”


All Might smiled as he braced for another excited shout.




To say Izuku was ecstatic was an understatement. When they first met David Shield, he was in the middle of an experiment. All Might had to physically hold the boy down so he wouldn’t disturb him. Once David was finished, they went into a private room, allowing All Might to change out of his muscle form.


David was surprised he’d do that in front of Izuku. Toshinori saw his surprise and explained it.


“Izuku, here, is my successor. The one who will take my place once I step down.”


David looked to the boy who was still trying to calm his excitement at meeting David Shield. David then looked at Toshi with concern.


“Sorry for him. He’s a big fan.”


David chuckled.


“I see.”


“I-I’m Izuku Midoriya! It’s a pleasure to meet you, David Shield!” Izuku shouted a bit louder than he intended.


David full on laughed at that point.


“It’s a pleasure to meet you, as well. Having All Might deem you as a successor must mean you’re special.”


“I-I’m not all that special…” Izuku looked away bashfully.


“Nonsense. Toshi must have seen something in you if he chose you as his successor.” David said with a smile.


“Yes I did. He has the heart of a hero, always thinking of others before himself.”


“Sounds a lot like you, Toshi.”

“Well, yeah.” He said sheepishly.


David chuckled before returning his focus to Izuku.


“So, Izuku. Tell me a bit about yourself.” David requested.


“O-Oh… Um… My quirk is called Draconic Transformation. I can turn into a full dragon or just parts of a dragon. I, uh, recently went through a quirk evolution which changed my dragon body into an adult dragon, rather than an adolescent that I started out with.”


Izuku flexed his quirk, his right arm transforming into its scaly emerald green counterpart. David looked on at the quirk and was especially interested in those green volcanic lines along his arm.


“I’ve seen dragons before. I’ve never seen those green lines over them, though.” David commented.


“I-It’s something unique with my quirk. I don’t really know why it's there.”


“I’m not really well versed in dragon mythology. I can’t really think of any reason why you have them.”


“I’ll find out some day.” Izuku said with a shrug and a sheepish smile.


“Indeed. So-”


A knock at the door caused David to stop.


“Who is it?” David called.


“It’s me, Dad. Can I come in?”


David quickly looked at All Might. He nodded before buffing up into his muscle form.


“You can, sweetie.” David called.


The door opened to reveal a girl with long blonde hair, blue eyes, and a pair of glasses. She wore a button up short sleeve shirt with a vest over it and khaki pants.


“Uncle Might!” The girl shouted, her face brightening up. 


She ran over and hugged All Might tightly, the big muscular man returning the hug gently. 


“MELISSA! IT IS SO GOOD TO SEE YOU AGAIN!” All Might said happily.


“I missed you so much! Why didn’t you call more often?”


All Might chuckled sheepishly.




“Just remember to call more often. I miss getting to talk with my uncle.”




They released from their hug and she looked at Izuku.


“Dad, who is this?”


“Melissa, this is Izuku Midoriya. He’s training under All Might. As you know, All Might is going to have to step down one day. Izuku is going to be filling his spot.”


“Uncle Might must like you a lot if he wants you to take over.” She said with a smile.


Izuku chuckled shyly.




“What’s your quirk?” Melissa asked.


“It’s called Draconic Transformation.” Izuku said, showing his quirk once more.




“Yeah. My quirk allows me to transform into a full on dragon or just transform parts of my body individually.”


“What gives you those green lines?”


“I don’t know. Your father doesn’t either.”


“Melissa, why don’t you show Izuku around the building while Uncle Might and I catch up?”


“Oh, sure. C’mon.”




The two young ones left, leaving All Might and David in the room alone. He removed his muscle form and gave David a serious expression. David returned it in kind.


“How long?”


“Three hours.”


“It’s getting less.”


“I know.”


“Your successor better be ready.”


“I just hope I can hold onto my power until he graduates.”


“Are you sure you have that time?”


“I have to.”






Izuku and Melissa were standing in a completely empty room with a completely blue interior. Along with the blue, there were white squares all along the walls, floor, and ceiling. The room was absolutely huge.


Melissa was smiling at the wonder in Izuku’s eyes.


“Pretty cool, huh? This is the simulation room. It utilizes hard-light technology to make realistic terrain and scenery. It’s also possible to make AI enemies to fight against. We test all of our support equipment here. Want to try?” Melissa offered with a smile.


“Really?!” Izuku turned to her with stars in his eyes.


Melissa blushed slightly at the look he gave her.


“Y-Yeah! What do you want to try?”


“How about…” Izuku trailed off as he thought, not noticing the blush on Melissa’s face.


“Forest.” Valiant said.




“Yeah! I love the forest.”


Izuku nodded before looking up.


“How about the forest?” Izuku said.


“Alright, I’ll get the simulation started. Get ready.”


“Okay.” Izuku said.


Melissa left and after a few minutes, the completely empty room shifted to the most realistic forest he had seen. There was even a gentle breeze running through where he was standing. He took a deep breath and sighed, enjoying the breeze. It was night time, the dark sky showing stars.

He turned around to see a translucent blue barrier signifying the wall.


‘That’s helpful.’ Izuku thought.


“Agreed. Now let’s get to flying!”


‘Jeez, impatient much?’


Izuku smiled before letting his transformation wash over his body, his dragon form growing into its full size, green lines glowing slightly in the dark. He let out a soft huff before he spread his wings and took flight. He didn’t know why it felt so right to be in the forest, but it did.


Izuku glided gently around the forest, enjoying the sensation of flight.


“Look out!”


Izuku was thankful for the warning. A large fireball flew right by him as he flew to the right. He looked down and saw a dragon looking identical to him, except red. That included the lines.


“What the…”


“Must be the enemy you’ll be fighting in this simulation.”


‘Maybe. Well, let’s go!’


“Don’t hold back!”


Izuku folded his wings to his back and dropped, pointing himself right at the dragon. The dragon’s blank eyes watched him as he descended. Izuku crashed into the dragon, creating a crater in the ground with how hard he landed on it.


Izuku didn’t let up. He had to learn to not hold back when fighting another dragon. This was better, since it wasn’t a real enemy. He could learn on here. He bit down on the dragon’s neck and swung it into the air before slamming it on the ground.


The dragon clawed at Izuku, pushing him back slightly. Izuku growled, pouncing on the dragon and stabbing a clawed hand into its chest. It roared and bit his neck. Izuku used his enemy’s anchored head to his advantage, raising both his front claws and scratching its head. The scratching caused it to let out a loud cry. Izuku was kicked back from the dragon.


Izuku spread his wings and glided to the ground, staring at the dragon as it got up. He was starting to have fun fighting this dragon. He didn’t know why. Maybe because he wasn’t restraining himself.




All Might and David walked through the lab, searching for Melissa and Izuku. They soon found Melissa outside the simulation room, watching through the screen. 


“Hey, Melissa. Where’s Izuku?” David asked.

“In the simulation room.”


“OH? WHAT IS HE SIMULATING?” All Might asked.


“Forest while fighting with a dragon.”


All Might looked at the screen to see two dragons fighting each other. One was clearly Izuku while the other looked like a clone of Izuku, but red.




“No. I just figured he’d like to do that.”


“Well, it seems like he likes it.”




Izuku ducked his head below a clawed slash, swinging his tail around and wrapping it around the other dragon’s tail. He then growled as he tugged the dragon’s full weight into the air, swinging it around and throwing it into the ground. 


Izuku pounced on it and stabbed both front claws into the dragon’s neck. He pulled the dragon up and slammed it back down on the ground. He repeated it a few times before slamming it down one final time. The dragon stopped moving but he could hear it was still breathing.


He sighed, calming down slightly, but keeping his transformation. He felt great. He beat his fath-... a dragon. He suddenly became concerned. Was he picturing his father as that dragon he fought?




“Woah…” Melissa muttered.


“That was a powerful fight. You sure know how to pick a strong successor.”




“Uh, Melissa? Is there more dragons? Or was that it?” Izuku’s draconic voice came through the speakers next to the screen.


“O-Oh! No, that was it.”


“That was amazing, Melissa! It felt like fighting a real dragon! And it felt like an actual forest!”


“I know right? Here, let me just turn off the simulation.”


Izuku came out of the simulation soon after. He had a small smile on his face.


“That was fun.” Izuku said.




“Alright.” Izuku nodded.


Izuku turned to Melissa, bowing.


“Thanks for showing me around. This place is really cool.”


He then turned to David and bowed again.


“It was a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Shield.”


“Just David is fine.”




“Take care, Izuku.” Melissa said with a smile and light blush.


All Might and Izuku turned and left the building after one last goodbye.




Izuku and All Might, now in his Toshinori form, entered the hotel room to see Ryuko, Inko, and Eri cuddling on the couch. A tub of ice cream was on Eri’s lap and the three of them were eating out of it. The two smiled fondly at their significant others and Eri, silently watching them.


Ryuko turned towards the two of them. She smiled softly.




“Papa!” Ryuko had to pull the tub off Eri’s lap as she leaped off the couch and ran to Izuku.


Izuku smiled, bending down and hugging his daughter softly. He kissed her forehead.


“Hey, Eri. Miss me?”




“What did you do while I was gone?” Izuku asked.


“Mama and Grandma and me played in the pool! And then we watched TV!” Eri said with a joyful smile.


“That sounds like a great day!” Izuku said with a smile.


“Mhm! Mhm!”




The whole family relaxed for the remainder of the evening. When it was time to go to bed, Izuku and Ryuko asked Inko and Toshi to sleep with Eri. They saw no reason why she couldn’t, so they agreed.


Izuku and Ryuko went to their bedroom after bidding goodnight to the adults and Eri. As soon as the door closed, Izuku was jumped by Ryuko. He was in for a fun night ahead.

Chapter Text



Izuku awoke to his alarm. He felt his mate on top of him. Something else he felt was how the two of them were still connected. Feeling her inner walls squeezing around his member felt good and the warmth of being close to her was an added bonus.


Izuku shifted himself, unintentionally shifting himself inside of her. She let out a soft moan, slowly stirring awake from the pleasurable sensations. When her eyes fluttered open, they locked onto Izuku immediately. Her face became a tired and pleasured smile.


“Good morning, darling.” Ryuko whispered, kissing his cheek then his lips. 


His hands gently caress from her rear to her upper back. He returned her gentle smile after kissing her.


“Good morning to you, too. My sexy citrine.” Izuku whispered.


“Hmm… You trying to get a morning session out of me? Because it’s working.” She whispered.


Izuku chuckled deeply, slightly shifting his hips. They were about to rip the covers off and mate like two dragons in heat when they heard a knock at the door, stopping their movements.


“Hey, you two. We’ve been invited to lunch. Just to let you know.” Toshi’s voice came through the door.


There was silence before Izuku replied.


“Alright. Thanks.” Izuku called.


“I swear, we can’t even have morning sex…”


“We’ll just have to reserve that for night time, my love.” Izuku said, caressing her cheek.


“I guess. Can we still shower together?”


“Of course.” Izuku replied.


Izuku pulled out of Ryuko, groaning in pleasure as he did. Ryuko let out a moan and whine as she wished she could just stay in bed and have sex with Izuku all day. But sadly she couldn’t do that, so maybe when they were back from the summer camp they could have some fun.


The two got out of bed and walked with each other to the shower. 






After showering together, Izuku and Ryuko got dressed for the day. They ate a small snack to tide them over until lunch. They still had some time before they had to do anything, so Izuku and Ryuko sat down and watched TV with Eri.


A short time into their TV watching, Toshi came up to him and nodded. Izuku realized what was going to happen.

“Hey, Eri. Want to explore I-Island?” Izuku asked.


“Oh, can I?!”


“Of course. Let’s go.” Izuku said.


“Izu?” Ryuko questioned, a look of confusion forming on her face.


‘Tell Storm to tell Ryuko that Toshi wants to tell Mom he’s All Might.’ Izuku thought.


“Got it, boss.”


Ryuko seemed to have been listening to a voice in her head for a moment before nodding. Her smile returned and she lifted Eri into her arms.


“C’mon, Eri! Let’s go explore!” Ryuko said.






Inko watched as Toshi approached her with a serious expression. 


“Toshi, is something wrong?” Inko asked worriedly.


“No… Nothing’s wrong. It’s just… I need to tell you something.” Toshi said.


“What is it?”


“Could we… sit down? Before I tell you?” Toshi asked.


Inko looked at her lover with worry in her eyes before nodding. She was getting concerned about what he wanted to talk about. She nodded after a while of looking at him. She then walked with him to the couch where she sat next to him.


“Alright, Inko. You know I love you, right?”


“Yes…” She replied, raising an eyebrow.


“And I don’t want there to be any secrets between us?”


“Of course. I would never want to lie to you.” Inko replied.


“Me neither… That’s why I want to tell you something.” Toshi said.


“Toshi, what do you mean?”


“I’ve kept a secret from you. I never told you because… I didn’t know how you would think about it. But I’ve made my decision. I need to tell you this. Just… Promise not to freak out?” Toshi asked.


Inko looked hesitant. She took a deep breath before exhaling.


“I won’t.” Inko said.


“Okay. Prepare yourself.” Toshi said.


Before Inko’s eyes, Toshi exploded in smoke. When the smoke cleared, she saw All Might with his trademark smile.


“I AM ALL MIGHT!” Toshi declared.


Inko was shocked at the sudden declaration. She looked All Might’s body up and down before meeting his eyes. It was the last thing she saw before she passed out.


“SHIT!” All Might shouted aloud as he caught his girlfriend’s limp body.


All Might put Inko in a lying position on the couch.






Inko woke up a short time later to All Might, now in Toshi form, looking at her with a sheepish smile.


“Sorry for that.” Toshi said, his smile turning apologetic.


“T-Toshi… What… How?”


“That surprised?”


“Surprised? I just… You? As All Might? I… I can’t believe it.”


“I’m sorry I hid it from you for so long. I did it to protect you at first… But as we got closer… It hurt to keep that secret from you.”


“But… But how? You’re so skinny!”


“Well, that’s due to two things.” Toshi said before showing his injury.


Inko saw his injury a few times before. The majority of the times were during intimate moments in the bedroom. He told her it was dealt by a powerful villain that he defeated.


“You remember this? I used to always be muscular before I got this. Since getting this, I changed. Now for me to be muscular, I have to use my quirk. It’s like how men puff up their chests at the pool.” Toshi said.


Inko finally processed everything and had a shocked expression on her face. She was dating All Might! She was in love with All Might!


“So… That’s my final secret. I’m sorry… for not telling you sooner.” Toshi said, looking down slightly.


“N-No, it’s okay. I understand.”


“I understand if you don’t want to-”


Inko interrupted him as she pressed a loving kiss on his lips.


“Toshi, you should know. I fell in love with Toshinori Yagi, not All Might. I still love you, Toshi. You saying that you’re All Might just made me love you more. I mean, if the Symbol of Peace loves me for who I am… I just feel like I could take on the world.” Inko said.


“I feel the same way about you, Inko. You’re the best thing to ever happen to me.”


“I love you, Toshi.”


“I love you, Inko.”


The two embraced each other in a loving hug, kissing one another lovingly.


“Also, Toshi?”




“We’re so trying out your muscle form in bed one of these nights.” Inko whispered sultrily into his ear.


Toshi blushed at Inko’s declaration. Despite that, he gave her the best response he could muster.


“I look forward to that night.” Toshi replied, hoping that when they do that he doesn't have any hero work done prior.




A half hour later, Izuku, Ryuko, and Eri returned. Eri had a large lollipop in her hand, a small part of it in her mouth. She wore a satisfied smile on her face as she came in. Inko smiled at the sight.


“Hey there, Eri. You looked like you had fun.”


“Mhm! Mama and Papa let me have candy!”


“We’re gonna have such a hard time trying to calm her down once the sugar hits.” Izuku said with a chuckle.


Ryuko and Inko giggled while Toshi just smiled.


“So, he tell you?” Izuku asked.


Inko nodded, wrapping her arm around Toshi’s skinny waist in an affectionate gesture.


“That’s good. That means we can talk openly about the fact that All Might is my DAD!” Izuku said, excitement filling his face.


Toshi blushed at Izuku’s excitement.


“Izuku! He’s not your dad… Yet.” Inko spoke, causing Toshi to sputter.


Ryuko simply laughed while Eri idly licked at her lollipop.




The family got ready for their lunch and left their room soon after. Ryuko wasn’t told who they would be meeting and Izuku was looking forward to her reaction. The family then went to where they were going to be having lunch at.


The place they would have lunch at was an American style diner. It had black and white tile floors, white walls and a white ceiling. The seat cushions were red while the seats themselves, both the booths and normal chairs, were silver.


Toshi, who was in his All Might form, entered first with his family coming in afterwards. There was barely anyone there, which the pro hero was thankful for. He didn’t want to get swarmed by fans when he wanted to go to a simple lunch with his old friend. 


They were waved over to a seat in the far end of the diner. Ryuko started vibrating in excitement when she saw one of the people at the table they were going towards.


“That’s… David… Shield!” She beamed, stars in her eyes.


Izuku chuckled at his mate’s reaction.


“Why didn’t you tell me we were going to meet the David Shield?” Ryuko asked.


“I felt it would be more fun to see your reaction as we meet him.” Izuku said with a chuckle.


Ryuko lightly punched him, pouting.


“You’re mean!”


“I love you, too.”


“Who’s David Shield?” Eri spoke up.


Izuku stopped, looking down at Eri. He forgot she didn’t know about him. He smiled softly.


“He’s a guy who makes really cool things. He actually made Grandpa Toshi’s costumes!”


“Really?! That’s amazing!” Eri beamed.


Izuku lifted Eri in his arms and walked over with the rest of his family to the table. He saw Melissa was there as well.


“Hello, Izuku.” Melissa greeted with a smile and blush.


“Hello, Melissa. It’s good to see you again.” Izuku greeted, oblivious to the woman’s blush.


Ryuko looked between Izuku and Melissa for a moment before relaxing. She had nothing to worry about now that they were mates for life.




David smiled sheepishly.


“Am I really that bad at getting out?”


“Yes, yes you are, Dad.” Melissa said, giggling.


“And who is this lovely young lady?” David asked, looking at Inko.


“My name is Inko Midoriya. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”


“She’s who you told me about? It’s good to finally meet her in person!” David said with a smile.


“What do you mean?” Inko questioned curiously.




“More like a lot.”


“DAVID!” All Might cried.


Doctor Shield laughed at All Might’s embarrassment.


“And I see you brought more than your girlfriend here. Who’s this?” David asked, glancing at Ryuko.


“Her name is Ryuko Tatsuma. And this is the most adorable little girl ever, Eri.” Izuku declared with a smile.


“Papa! You’re embarrassing me!” Eri complained, hiding her face in his chest.


Izuku chuckled at his daughter’s embarrassment.


“‘Papa’?” David questioned.


“I rescued her from a bad situation. I’ve kind of adopted her since that point. She saw me as a father and at that point, I considered her my daughter.” Izuku said with a smile.


“That’s very heroic of you, Izuku.” Melissa said, blushing at the adorable father-daughter sight.


“Indeed. You’re well on your way to becoming a great hero. And not just for your daughter, either.” David said.


“Th-Thank you for your kind words, sir.” Izuku said, blushing at the praise.


Under the seat, Ryuko’s tail formed and coiled around Izuku’s shin affectionately. Izuku looked at her and smiled, with his dragoness returning the smile. Melissa looked on at the exchange with an uncomfortable feeling in her chest.


“Well, I suppose I should get the business portion of this meeting out of the way so we can all just enjoy lunch.” David said, breaking the silence.



“There’s a formal event tonight on the day before I-Expo. I know you were invited to be one of the guest speakers at the event. All Might. And I have a few tickets I can give to the rest of you. If you would like, that is.” David said.


“Sure. I’d like to go.” Inko said, gently placing her hand over All Might’s.


“Me, too.” Izuku nodded.


“Yeah, I do as well.” Ryuko accepted the offer.


“What’s a ‘formal event’?” Eri asked.


“It’s something people get all dressed up nice and go talk to people. There’s also dancing involved sometimes.” Izuku explained.


“Can I go, too?” Eri asked.


“If you want. We’d have to run over and get you a nice set of clothes for the event, though.” Izuku said.


“I’d like to go, Papa!” Eri said with a wide smile.


Izuku chuckled.


“Then after lunch, let’s go shopping for a cute dress.” Izuku said.


“Yeah. I bet you’d look super adorable in anything, though.” Ryuko added, placing a hand on Eri’s head and petting it softly.


Melissa once again watched on with a blush, but when Ryuko joined in, she couldn’t help but feel that uncomfortable feeling in her chest again.


“Well, with that out of the way, how about we get started with lunch?” David asked.




The rest of the family agreed and the group began conversing amongst one another, unaware of the evil plot that is nearing its reveal in the coming hours...

Chapter Text

After lunch, Izuku and Ryuko took Eri and left the adults so they could shop for Eri’s dress. The two dragons were told to bring their formal clothes, so they had no need to buy clothes for themselves. The shopping trip was dedicated entirely to Eri.


Eri was amazed at the large selection of clothes for children her age. Not even the mall had that much! They arrived at the isle that had more formal dresses for children. She kept tugging her mother and father as she went to look at each dress. 


“Mama! Papa! Can I try on each one?” Eri asked, excitement on her face.


Izuku and Ryuko smiled at their daughter.

“Of course, sweetie.” Ryuko said softly.


“Okay! I wanna try this! And this! Ooh! And this one!” Eri said, running from dress to dress.


The parents smiled at their daughter’s excitement. Izuku released his hand to allow Eri and Ryuko to take the dresses and go to the changing room. Izuku sat on the couch in front of it, waiting for his mate and daughter to exit the changing room.


A few minutes later, Ryuko and Eri left the changing room. Eri was in a beautiful purple dress. The sleeves ended at the shoulder, with the shoulders being slightly puffy. The skirt went down to Eri’s ankles and small sparkles were dusted near the bottom of the skirt.


Izuku smiled softly as Eri twirled.


“You look absolutely adorable in that, sweetie.” Izuku said with a smile.


Eri giggled, a blush dusting her cheeks.

“Thank you, Papa!” Eri said.


“Let’s get this one on, next.” Ryuko said, lifting a somewhat identical dress but with a red coloring and the sleeves slightly longer.


“Ooh! Okay!” Eri smiled eagerly.




Izuku watched as Eri tried on each dress she found. Each time, Izuku would give her a different compliment that would essentially mean the same. His daughter was so beautiful in all of the dresses that he couldn’t find one that looked the best. 


Eri came out in her last dress. It was a ruby red in color with no sleeves and a flowing skirt that stopped at the ankles. Eri twirled with a smile. Izuku felt it fit her perfectly, more so than the other dresses.


“I think that one is perfect for you, Eri.” Izuku said with a smile.


“Really?!” Eri asked excitedly.


“I agree. It looks really beautiful and cute on you.” Ryuko nodded.


“I want this one then!” Eri beamed.


Izuku and Ryuko chuckled. The green haired dragon stood up and walked to Ryuko, kissing her cheek.


“I’m gonna put the dresses back. Get her changed and we can buy it so we can get ready for tonight.” Izuku said softly.


“Alright.” Ryuko replied with a nod.


Izuku took the other dresses and left to put them back. He went to the cashier’s counter where his mate and daughter were waiting for them. Eri wore a happy smile on her face as she held onto her mother’s hand. Her smile got wider when she saw her father. She started hopping on the balls of her feet in excitement.

Izuku took out his wallet and paid for the dress before leaving. Eri was skipping happily along as they all walked home. She was happy to have a dress able to be used at the event. It sounded fun, so she didn’t want to miss it.


The family returned to their apartment when it was starting to get dark. When they got back, they saw Toshi and Inko in their formal clothes. Toshi was wearing a black suit and tie that was too baggy for his skinny appearance while Inko was wearing a seafoam green sheath dress with a couple gold bracelets around her wrists. Izuku had a suspicion that they were real gold, if they were from All Might. She was wearing dark green flats and red lipstick and just a bit of makeup.


His parents looked at the door towards them. They smiled.


“Hey. Found something she liked?” Toshi asked.


“Yeah.” Izuku said with a nod and smile.


“Well, go get ready. We need to be there earlier since Toshi’s gonna be one of the special guests.” Inko said with a smile.


“Alright. We’ll be ready soon.” Izuku said.


“C’mon Eri! Let’s get ready.” Ryuko smiled.


“Okay, Mama!” Eri beamed.




Izuku was left alone in his bedroom while Eri and Ryuko got changed in the bathroom. He dressed himself in a white dress shirt with dark green slacks. His suit jacket was also dark green. The only alteration of color was the pure black tie that was terribly tied around his neck. He looked at himself and thought he looked pretty good.


The door opened and he was stunned to silence. He never saw Ryuko wearing formal clothes before, so seeing her in her maroon red maxi dress was breathtaking. Her hair was still in its usual style, but gone was her headband. He actually thought she looked cuter without it, but he knew she loved that headband.


Eri was beside her mother, wearing a bright smile on her face. Her hair was braided, giving him a view of her adorable face, horn and all. What was quite possibly the cutest part of her outfit was a tiny green bow tied on her horn. Her hair style, comboed with her red dress she got that day and the horn bow caused Izuku to mentally coo at how cute his daughter was. 


“You both look amazing.” Izuku managed to find his words after a while.


“Thank you, Papa!” Eri beamed.


“Go show Grandma and Grandpa your adorableness, Eri!” Izuku encouraged.

“Okay!” Eri shouted, running out of the bedroom.


Izuku turned to Ryuko and the two shared a loving kiss.


“You look absolutely beautiful.” Izuku said softly.


“I’m glad you like it. I bought this for a dance I noticed coming up in UA. We missed it after the whole thing with the USJ. I actually thought about returning it before this thing came up.”


“I’m glad you kept it. I can’t imagine you looking as beautiful as you are now in any other dress.” Izuku said softly.


Ryuko giggled, her voice turning slightly sultry.


“I bet you want more than just to look at me in this dress~”


“That will come later, my sexy dragoness. For now we have to get through tonight.” Izuku returned with a slightly husky voice.


She smiled, sharing a kiss with her mate.


“I can’t wait.” She said, kissing him again.


The two locked arms after pulling away from their kiss before walking out of the bedroom. Inko was gushing over how cute Eri was while Toshi was smiling at the two girls softly.


“We’re ready.” Izuku said with a smile.


Inko looked up and smiled, cooing at her son and his mate because of how nice they looked.


“Hold on, I need to get a picture.” Inko said.


“Ooh! I wanna be in it!” Eri cheered.


“Well then get over here.” Izuku chuckled.


Eri ran over to her parents while Inko got a camera. She came back with a gentle smile on her face and a camera in her hands. Izuku and Ryuko got closer, their arm closest to one another wrapping around their backs. Eri revealed a beaming smile to the camera while Izuku and Ryuko smiled softly. Inko took a couple pictures before showing the three of them. They all liked it.


“Alright, how about we get going?” Toshi asked.


“Yeah, let’s go.” Inko said, placing the camera down on the desk.


Izuku and Ryuko linked arms again and the green haired dragon took the hand of his unicorn daughter. Inko and Toshi linked arms as well before the group left their room. Toshi buffed up into his All Might form in the elevator. 


Outside their hotel, a limo was waiting for them. They quickly piled in and were driven to the event hall. Izuku noticed a few people walking in the hall's direction that looked familiar. He could have just been seeing things, though.


They soon arrived at the hall and disembarked from the limo. They were quickly guided into the building soon after. Izuku and Ryuko were amazed at the different heroes that were there.


Heroes like Mr. Plastic, X, and Takahiro were among the group of guest heroes. Some were in their hero costumes while others were in suits and ties or dresses. 


“Papa, more heroes!” Eri beamed.


“I know! They’re all so cool!” Izuku said.


“Mhm! Mhm!”


“Alright, no rushing the heroes. We’re here to socialize and have a calm evening.” All Might said.


“Okay!” The three mythical creatures replied.


The two dragons went with their daughter to the refreshments first while All Might and Inko talked with some of the other heroes. The heroes were quite interested in the fact that All Might brought a plus one and was showing affection to her.


The event hall was soon officially open and music began playing. Groups of people entered the event hall and began socializing. Some talked with other heroes while others simply talked amongst each other. 


Izuku couldn’t see where Melissa was, but he did see David. He gestured for Ryuko to follow him. Eri followed her parents as they approached Doctor Shield. He turned to them and smiled.


“Midoriya and Tatsuma. It’s good to see you could make it.” David said.


“Hello, Mr. Shield. Where’s Melissa? I thought she would be here.” Izuku said in curiosity.


“Ah, she’s waiting in the lobby with some of your classmates.” David replied.


“Classmates?” Izuku asked.


“Yes. Were you unaware?”


“I wasn’t aware.” Izuku nodded.


“Well, go down there and greet them. I’m sure they’d be surprised to see you here.” David said with a smile.


“Alright. Tell mom and All Might that we’ll be in the lobby.”


“Of course.” David smiled.


Izuku smiled at Ryuko, who was excited to see Mina.


“C’mon, let’s go.” Izuku said.


“Auntie Mina and Auntie Chako are here?” Eri asked excitedly.


“Let’s go and see.” Izuku said, making Eri tug on his and Ryuko’s arms.


Izuku and Ryuko chuckle, walking with their daughter down to the lobby. 




David walked up to All Might and Inko. All Might smiled as he saw David.


“Hey, All Might?” David spoke.


“YES, DAVID? IS THERE A PROBLEM?” All Might asked.


David shook his head.


“No, I just wanted to tell you that Izuku, Ryuko, and Eri are down in the lobby greeting their classmates.” David explained.




“Yes, thank you, Mr. Shield.” Inko gave a grateful smile.


“It’s not a problem.” David replied with a smile.


“SO, ARE YOU GOING TO TELL ME WHAT YOU’RE GOING TO UNVEIL AT I-EXPO? I’M VERY CURIOUS.” All Might said, trying to find out what his friend made.


David chuckled.


“It’s a surprise. I’m not going to ruin the surprise by telling you now. Especially in a room full of people who might just listen in on this conversation.” David said.




David laughed.


“Good luck getting by the security drones.”


“I’M ALL MIGHT! MERE SECURITY DRONES CAN’T HARM ME!” All Might said confidently.


“The security drones might not hurt you, but the paycheck for breaking in as well as destroying the drones will certainly harm you.”


All Might gained a mock defeated expression on his face, causing both David and Inko to laugh.




Izuku, Ryuko, and Eri arrived at the lobby to see the familiar faces of most of Class 1-A. Mina almost immediately saw Ryuko.


“Ryu!” Mina squealed, running right for the girl and hugging her.


Mina was wearing a teal colored dress with a brooch that depicted a planet colored pink on the left side of her chest.


Ryuko returned her best friend’s hug happily, giggling happily.


“I’m so glad you’re here!” Ryuko said with a smile.


“Auntie Mina!” Eri chirped.


“Eri!” Mina returned, scooping Eri up and hugging her.


Eri giggled in happiness, hugging her auntie.


“You look so adorable!” Mina said after finally letting her down.


Eri giggled once more, blushing and covering her face.


“Auntie Mina! You’re embarrassing me!” 


While Mina was talking with Ryuko, Ochako walked up to Izuku. The two shared a friendly hug. Ochako was wearing a pink shoulderless pouf dress with black leggings and a white flower in her hair. 


“How are you guys here?” Izuku asked.


“Yaomomo had some extra invites for I-Expo. Only a few of us were able to come to this event, though.” Ochako explained.


Izuku looked back to see Melissa talking to Yaoyorozu who was wearing a mint colored empire dress in the front of the group of their classmates. Izuku saw Iida, Kaminari, Jirou, and Todoroki with her. Melissa was wearing a dress similar to Ochako’s but the color was blue with the skirt section being white. Her hair was brushed back and she had red lipstick on.


“Who else is here, then?” Izuku asked.


“Tsu and Tooru are. Tsu had jet lag, though, so she’s sleeping it off tonight. She said it was fine for us to go. Hagakure is feeling similarly, but instead of sleeping, she decided that watching movies and eating ice cream was a better choice.” Ochako explained.


“I hope Hagakure and Tsu feel up for I-Expo. I don’t think they would want to miss it.” Izuku said.


“Me too.” Ochako agreed.


“Alright everyone, how about we all go into the event hall?” Melissa called, getting everyone’s attention.


Mina and Ochako hooked an arm around each other. Izuku and Ryuko did as well, with Eri holding her father’s free hand. Melissa saw Izuku and Ryuko and felt the familiar feeling in her chest she had that afternoon. 


She shook it off, regaining her smile as she started leading Class 1-A into the event hall. The rest of the class greeted Izuku, Ryuko and Eri as they walked by.


Before they could enter, the door leading to it closed suddenly. The alarms were sounding in the lobby.


“What’s going on?!” Kaminari asked.


“I don’t know! This usually happens when a lockdown occurs! But what could have happened to cause a lockdown!?” Melissa asked.


They heard sounds of people coming their way. A group of people in masks entered the lobby.


“Hey! Get on the ground!” One of the masked men ordered.


Izuku immediately could feel Eri’s hand tightening as they all leveled guns towards them.


“Papa…” Eri whispered scaredly.


“Hold onto Mama, okay?” Izuku said.


Eri released his hand and went to Ryuko, holding her hand tightly.


“I’m already telling Storm to have Ryuko stay where she is. Teach them never to point guns at our mate or daughter.” Valiant said, a protective anger heard in his voice.


‘With pleasure.’ Izuku thought.


Izuku immediately surged forward with the help of his partial transformation. He blocked the bullets hitting him with his arms before he slammed most of them with a single punch. It was their fault for staying in a group.


Izuku immediately formed his tail and grabbed one of the still conscious ones by the leg, swinging it at another. He was not happy his family was threatened. He dropped the transformation on his right hand grabbing the last standing attacker and slamming him into the wall. 


Tha man was terrified.


“Here’s what you’re going to do. You are going to tell me just what is going on here. If you don’t… Well… I can transform into a dragon. And I could most likely do for some dinner right now.” Izuku said menacingly.


Iida was being restrained by Kaminari, his mouth covered so he wouldn’t be able to scold about how unheroic Izuku’s claim was. Ryuko was simply watching with her hand clutching Eri’s, making sure the girl was with her at all times.


“O-Okay! I’ll talk!” The man said in a panic.



Chapter Text

All Might, Inko, and David were idly talking amongst each other when the lockdown alarm started. Suddenly, before anyone could move, restraints shot at all the pro heroes including All Might. All Might found himself unable to fight the restraints as he fell to the ground.


“Toshi!” Inko shouted in a moment of shock and fear.


Others shouted in fear as the heroes were restrained and the lockdown alarm rang. Soon, masked people with full kevlar ran in brandishing rifles. A man with a white jacket over his kevlar gear came in last. He wore a mask different than the others. His metal mask allowed them to see his mouth, a smile on his face.


“Ladies and gentlemen, get down on the ground! We do not wish to hurt you but we will if you do not cooperate.” The man said, the grin deceiving the notion that he didn’t want to hurt anyone.


Inko was beside All Might, shaking in fear. She held All Might’s hand tightly, hoping to calm down from the warmth of her lover.


“Now! We’re here to get something from the vault! Who here knows the codes? I know one of you does!”


“I do…” David’s assistant Sam said.


“Ah, splendid, now if-”




The man looked to David, who just spoke up.


“Ah, David Shield.”


“I know the codes. Let him stay and take me instead.” David said.


“Ever the hero. Very well, let’s go.” The man said, gesturing for one of his men to restrain David before pushing him along.


“N-NO… DAVID…” All Might growled through gritted teeth.




“O-Okay! I’ll talk!”


“Good.” Izuku said with an evil smile.


“W-We were hired to break into this place and steal a piece of tech from the vault on the top floor.” The man explained.


“What could they be trying to steal?” Melissa spoke up.


“Do you know?” Izuku asked.


“N-No! Only Wolfram knows!”


“Who’s Wolfram?” Izuku asked.


“He-He’s the leader of our group. He was the one to make contact with our client.” 


“Who’s the client?”


“I don’t know!”


“Well what do you know?!” Izuku asked in an angry growl.


His patience running thin on the man not knowing things and the fact his mother was in the event hall. His family was threatened and he wanted to deal with the threat.


“That we captured the security office on the hundredth floor before coming down here! I-If you handle the people at the security room, you will have no opposition on getting to Wolfram!” The man said quickly.


Izuku finally calmed down after a deep breath.


“Thanks for the advice.” Izuku said.


He pulled his left fist back, still in its partially transformed form.


“Now why don’t you take a nice rest?” 


Izuku punched the man once, knocking him out. He dropped him to the floor and stepped back, taking a few calming breaths. His instincts to protect were going crazy, making his aggression levels skyrocket.


Ryuko approached him and placed a gentle hand on his arm. It momentarily calmed him. She knew what was going on with him and smiled softly.


“We’ll get through this and everyone will be safe.” Ryuko said softly.


Izuku nodded softly.


“We should head down where these guys came from. We have to get rid of the people in the security room.” Izuku said.


“Alright, let’s-” Ryuko was interrupted by Iida.




Everyone turned to Iida.


“We can’t do this. We’re not allowed to use our quirks to harm people without licenses.” Iida said.


Izuku’s face contorted into anger and he walked towards the blue haired boy. Iida was surprised at the rage emanating from Izuku’s face. 


“Ryu, cover Eri’s ears.” Izuku said, restraining himself for his daughter.


“Okay, you can go ahead.” Ryuko said once she covered her ears.


“Iida, with all due respect, I don’t give a flying fuck! My parents are in there right now being held at gunpoint and Eri is in the same danger! I am not going to sit idly by and do nothing while these villains do whatever they please with the hopes they won’t kill any hostages! So you can stay here all you want, but I’m going to be taking out every villain between here and the security room, free the heroes, then take Wolfram out for endangering my family.” Izuku said firmly.


Everyone, including Ryuko, was stunned. Izuku never cussed before.


“So you all can stay behind if you want. I’d probably want Eri to be safe from these fights anyways. But I’m going. Whether its legal or not.” Izuku finished.


Ryuko removed her hands from Eri’s ears to cross them over her chest.


“Izu, you know me. I’m not letting you go fight without me being there. I want to make sure you’re safe.” Ryuko said.




“No, I’m going with. And I doubt Eri would want to stay behind with these guys, much to my disappointment.”


“Nuh-uh! I wanna go with Mama and Papa!” Eri stated.


“And don’t think we’re going to be staying here all safe. We’re heroes in training.” Jirou said.


“Yeah, we’ll help!” Mina said with determination.


“Mhm! We can do it!” Ochako nodded in agreement.


“I’m in. I understand the wish to protect your family.” Todoroki said in his trademarked flat voice.


“Hey, I’m not staying down here! I wanna help!” Kaminari put in his two cents.


“You guys…”


“I will help as well.” Iida spoke up.


Everyone looked at the boy who was stunned to silence with Izuku’s outburst.


“I understand your desire to save everyone. I apologize for trying to stop you.”


“Thank you.” Izuku said, smiling.


His classmates, mate, and daughter all smile. He nodded at them before turning to Melissa.


“Find someplace to hide out-”


“No, I’m coming with you.”




“Do you know the security code to disable the lockdown?” Melissa questioned.


Izuku was silent, prompting her to smile victoriously.


“Alright, fine. You can come with.” Izuku said.


“Let’s get going then.” Ryuko said.


“Yeah! Let’s go beat the bad guys!” Eri cheered.


Izuku smiled at his daughter.


“Stay close to Mama, Auntie Chako, or Auntie Mina, alright, sweetie?” Izuku said.




“Alright. Let’s go!” 




The group of students made their way through the building, finding the staircase that would bring them to the higher levels. They made it to the thirtieth floor before the people in the security room saw them, blocking their way.


“Try and block me out? Well, not a chance!” Izuku shouted,


‘Valiant! As much One For All as I can take!’


“Got it!”


Izuku’s arm bulked into the dragon mode, scales covering his arm and the green lines glowing bright as he exerted as much as possible. He let out a yell of exertion as he burst through the door with his punch.


‘Calm down, Ryu. There’s time to be aroused by that punch later.’ Ryuko thought to herself, dispelling heated feeling inside of her at the sight of her hunk of a mate busting through a door.


Izuku gestured for them to follow through. Once they were through, a secondary door closed. Izuku turned to look at the room they just entered. 


They were in a giant room filled with different plants everywhere, indicating that they were in some sort of lab likely experimenting on plants to some degree. The amount of greenery in the room made them think it was a forest, only with metal walls and an elevator in the center of the room. 


“We’re gonna have to find another way up. These doors are reinforced. I don’t want to try my hand at busting through them. I might exert more energy than I want. On top of that, that elevator is most likely locked down” Izuku said.


Everyone looked around the room. Melissa pointed towards the ceiling.


“Look! Over there! If we go through that, we’ll be on the floor with roof access.” Melissa said.


“Roof access?”


“Yes. The hundredth floor and the floors above it aren’t as large as the lower floors. There’s a roof on top of this large room.” Melissa explained.


“Alright. Let’s get up there. Get on!” Izuku said, running ahead and forming into his dragon mode.


“Stay close to Auntie Chako and Mina, okay, sweetie? Mama’s gonna also carry some people.” Ryuko said.




Ryuko kissed Eri’s horn before running beside Izuku and forming into her dragon mode, her form a lot smaller than Izuku’s. Once they were both in dragon mode, their classmates got on. Melissa, Iida, Kaminari, Todoroki, and Yaoyorozu climbed onto Izuku while Mina, Ochako, Jirou, and Eri climbed onto Ryuko.


“Hold on tight.” Izuku said before taking flight.


Ryuko was following close behind him.


‘Valiant, do you detect anybody?’  


“I detect some people above us, but no one else… Wait! Look out!”


Izuku avoided a large rock that flew through the air. Looking down, he saw a purple gorilla looking guy tearing out another slab of the floor next to a goat faced man. Both were looking their way. Todoroki and Momo looked at each other and nodded.


“We’ll take care of them! You get up to the top!” Momo said.


“Be safe!” Izuku ordered.


Todoroki wrapped an arm around Momo and jumped off the back of Izuku. Todoroki used his fire side to slow his descent while Momo created an umbrella shaped propeller that slowed their fall even more. She tossed the umbrella aside and got into a fighting position with Todoroki once they landed.


Izuku and Ryuko got close, allowing those they were currently carrying to open up the hatch on the ceiling and climb up the ladder that came down from it. Once all their passengers were off their backs, they changed back to their human forms with only their wings still out. They grabbed the ladder before climbing up it and into the next floor. Izuku glanced back at the fighting below.


“Good luck, you two.” Izuku muttered to them before continuing on.




A rumble sounded through the entire event hall. All Might could only think of one person who could have done that. Inko was thinking similarly.


“Izuku…” Inko whispered.




“There’s so many people though…”




“I hope so.” Inko said, squeezing All Might’s hand once more.




The group of hero students met some opposition on the way to the roof access. Their first encounter was in a narrow walkway. Security robots controlled by the villains blocked their path and were quickly advancing on them.


“I got this!” Izuku said, running forward. 


He dropped to his hands and knees, his draconic head forming as it happened. Green fire flickered out of his mouth as he opened it. He then let loose a wave of green fire, partially melting some of the armor of the robots. When Izuku closed his mouth and reverted back to normal, he could see all the robots on their sides deactivated with some pieces of their armor melted in place.


“That’ll do it for now! We gotta go!” Izuku said, gesturing for everyone to follow him again.


They soon came to a T-junction. More robots met them. Ryuko jumped ahead in her partial transformation form and knocked a majority of them off the walkway. She was restrained by a few cables for a moment before Mina shot acid at them, releasing her from her restraints.


“Thanks, Mina!” Ryuko shouted as she slammed the remaining ones off the walkway.


Everyone arrived where Ryuko was. Izuku turned to Melissa.


“Which way?” Izuku asked.


“That way.”


The group followed the left route of the T-junction where Melissa pointed. As they climbed up several more floors, they turned the corner into another hallway, a security door locked down. They stopped at it.


“Dang it! What now?” Izuku asked.


“In there! The server room bypasses the security door!” Melissa said.




The group busted through the locked door of the server room and filed in. The server room was filled with black rectangular objects that went from the floor to the ceiling. A center walkway enabled those to get from one side of the server room to another.


They were unable to make it far before robots practically flooded the room. They had a short window to escape before the robots would be on top of them. Jirou, Iida, Kaminari, and Mina stepped away from the group.


“We’ll hold them off! Get going!” Iida shouted.


“Yeah! Turn those things off!” Mina agreed.


The rest of the group was hesitant for only a moment before they sprinted to the door and bursting through it. As they ran out, they heard the sound of their friends’ quirks being used on the robots.


They had a straight shot to the roof access. There was no opposition on the way there. That was both good and foreboding. Even so, they had to press on regardless of what might happen.


Izuku opened the door to the outside, letting everyone exit before letting it close. He caught up with them when they stopped in front of a large cylindrical part of the building.


“Where’s the door?” Ryuko asked.


“There isn’t one.” Melissa replied.


“What? Then how do we get past this?” Ochako questioned.


“Izuku and Ryuko can take us up there and break through the wall.” Melissa explained.


“Alright, let’s get started-”


Izuku stopped speaking as he heard a noise. Suddenly, dozens of robots surrounded the group. Everyone turned to face the new enemy.


“Get behind us, Eri.” Ochako ordered, protectively holding Eri’s hand.


Izuku looked at the robots that were surrounding him and his group. They were red with dark grey trim. Red lights were on the optic unit as well as the four legs on them. Izuku could see multiple ports for firing the capture equipment in their bodies.


“Things just keep getting better and better, huh.” Izuku muttered.

Chapter Text

The robots slowly advance on the surrounded hero students and Melissa.


“Got a plan?” Izuku asked his mate.


“I do.” Ryuko replied.


“Speak quickly. I doubt these things will wait.”


“You take Melissa up. Ochako and I will handle them.”


“What about Eri?”


“She’ll be sticking with me.” Ryuko replied.


Izuku knew that Ryuko would protect her with just as much if not more ferocity as him. He knew Eri would be safe. He nodded.


“Alright. Melissa. Get on my back.” Izuku ordered, crouching down.




“Get on! There’s no time!” Izuku said.


Melissa bit back her embarrassment and got on his back. She saw two wings sprout from his back once she was on.


“Hold on.” Izuku ordered.




“We’ll deactivate these things shortly, guys. Hold out until then.” Izuku said.


“Go get ‘em, Izuku!” Ochako cheered.


“Yeah! Beat ‘em up!” Eri said with an adorable frown.


“Good luck, darling.” Ryuko said, kissing his cheek.


“You, too.” Izuku replied softly.


Melissa watched them and knew her chance was gone with him. She sighed in defeat before refocusing on the task at hand.


“We’re going now.” Izuku notified Melissa.


He felt her hold on him tighten as he flew into the air. Right as he did, Ryuko formed into her full dragon mode.


“Get on, Eri!” Ryuko said.


Eri hurriedly climbed onto her mother’s back.


“You hold on tight, okay?” Ryuko said softly, her long neck allowing her to turn her head around fully to look at her daughter.


Eri nodded.


“I’ll be putting my wings over you for extra protection.”


“Thank you, Mama.” Eri smiled.


“It’s my pleasure sweetie.” Ryuko replied before covering Eri and the rest of her back with her wings. 


She lowered herself slightly. She was now grounded, but that wouldn’t hinder her. Hydris helped improve her ground fighting techniques.


The robots suddenly surged forward towards Ryuko and Ochako. The two of them shared a look before they charged in and began fighting them.




Izuku watched as Ryuko and Ochako charged in. He had to turn away after the two of them met the robots. He had to focus on where he was going.


“Just a bit higher.” Melissa said.


Izuku flew higher.


“Right there. Break through right there. They won’t suspect it.” Melissa said.


“How do you know?”


“We don’t have security cameras that watch the exterior. We have pressure sensors on them.” Melissa explained.


“Guess that oversight lead to the foiling of their plans.” Izuku said, flying backwards and forming his draconic right arm. 


He flew forward, throwing a punch right into the wall. The wall crumbled, debris shooting at nearby villains that were inside. Most of the people were shocked at the sudden attack.


“Get off and get to safety.” Izuku ordered, letting Melissa down before covering himself in scales. 


His head and neck shifted to their dragon forms, completing the scale covered look. He walked forward.


“You dare endanger my family. Endanger my DAUGHTER! My MOTHER! My MATE! You better be glad that I’m being merciful. Otherwise, I would maul all of you alive for such transgressions.” Izuku said, his deep dragon voice mixed with his angry growl striking fear in most of them.


Nobody moved, so Izuku took the opportunity to charge the first one. The first villain screamed in fear while firing his gun. The bullets pinged off Izuku’s scales as he advanced on the man. He reached out and grabbed the head of the man with his large clawed hand. Izuku lifted the man up before slamming him down on the ground.


Izuku quickly stood up and rushed to the next one, avoiding some of the bullets and letting other bullets hit him. He bit down on the man’s leg, causing him to howl in pain. Izuku lifted the man up and spun once before launching the man into another one. Izuku launched at the two of them before punching them both to the ground.


Izuku stood back up, grabbing a knife from one of the two on the floor below him with his tail and quickly launching it at another villain. The villain jumped to the side, avoiding the knife. Izuku smiled, knowing it was his opening.


The next thing the villain knew, he was hit with a dragon tail and sent into the wall, knocking the man out. Izuku searched around for any more villains. He calmed down, relaxing his transformation.

Melissa came out from behind a bit of cover. She looked around at the carnage.


“Damn, you make short work of villains.”


Izuku smirked.


“This goes to show you that I will never forgive anyone who tries to hurt my family.” Izuku said.


“I’ll remember that.” Melissa giggled before walking to the console.




Ryuko slams another group of robots away with her tail. She then breathed fire at another group.


“They just keep coming!” Ochako shouted, throwing a robot at a group and returning the gravity to the robot.


The robot crashed into the group, sending it off the side.


“We have to hold out longer! Izu’s up there! He’ll be able to turn it off with Melissa’s help!” Ryuko replied.


More robots emerge from the building.


“They’ll have to work fast! I don’t know if we can handle all of these at once!” Ochako said.


“They will! I know they will!” 




Iida kicked another robot away. As he did, Mina threw more acid at the robots, breaking them down in the liquid. Kaminari was uselessly sitting on the ground, smiling stupidly. He managed to go over his limit in one attack against one robot.


“How many of these things does this building have?!” Mina cried as more showed up.


“I do not know! But we must keep them here! Our friends are counting on us!” Iida replied.


“...Yay…” Kaminari said dumbly.


“Well Kaminari ended up being totally useless!” Jirou said stabbing her jacks into two more robots and frying their circuits.


“It’s the thought that he wanted to help that counts!” Iida said, trying to defend his dumb friend.


“Yeah, but what are thoughts gonna do when we’re trapped with no way ou...t?” Jirou trailed off as the robots stopped moving.


The robots all deactivated, compacting themselves down a bit as they turned off. The heroes in training looked at each other with smiles.


“They did it!” They shouted.




All Might and Inko were still in the event hall with everyone when the security shut down. As soon as All Might felt it deactivate, he released his Inko’s hand and rushed to take out the villains still in the room. By the time the other heroes got up, All Might handled everyone. He was angry and was pushing his quirk as much as he could.


“Heroes! Get everyone out! I will handle the villain! Make sure everyone evacuates to a safe distance!” All Might ordered.


The heroes nodded before getting to work. All Might approached Inko. She wore a worried expression.


“I have to go save our son, our granddaughter, and his friends. I promise I’ll be back soon.” All Might said softly.


Inko smiled, nodding.


“Go get ‘em, Toshi.” Inko said.


All Might wore a genuine smile, gently squeezing his love’s hand before bolting off.




Ryuko and Ochako kept fighting the ever increasing horde of robots. Ryuko could handle large groups but Ochako was starting to get overwhelmed whenever Ryuko wasn’t assisting her.


“Dang it! We’re losing ground!” Ryuko growled.


Just as a new wave of robots came in, they all deactivated. The two heroes in training were surprised at first. Ryuko reverted to her dragon form and holding Eri with her tail for a moment before grabbing her.


“They did it!” Ochako shouted with happiness.


The two girls shared a tight hug with Eri in the middle. All three were giggling.


“Valiant wanted me to tell you that Izuku and Melissa are going to go and scope out the vault. They won’t attack until you guys catch up.”


‘Got it. Thanks Storm.’


At that time, the others caught up. Ochako and Mina shared a loving embrace.


“I’m glad you’re all okay.” Ryuko said, letting Eri down.


“We can handle it. It’s just Jamming-Yay that has the problem with things.” Jirou said, pointing to the currently dumbified Kaminari.


“Izuku and Melissa are going ahead and checking out the vault. I’m going to go ahead. You guys follow with Eri.” Ryuko said, handing Eri to Mina who takes her.




Ryuko went to the wall and busted it open, revealing a floor with staircases leading up and down. She pointed to the room she just revealed.


“I wanna come with, Mama!” Eri protested.


“Eri, this is gonna be really dangerous. I want you with Auntie Mina, Auntie Ochako, and everyone else so you’ll be safe.” Ryuko said, approaching her daughter and kneeling down in front of her.




“Please, Eri.” Ryuko said.


Eri pouted, crossing her arms.


“Okay… Be careful, Mama…” Eri said.


Ryuko and Eri embrace in a hug.


“I promise, sweetie.” Ryuko said softly.


She pulled back from the hug before standing up. She jumped up and formed her wings, flapping away. The others watched as Ryuko flew ahead. They knew why she went ahead. It was so that they would be safe while she handled the villain with Izuku.


“Let’s get going. We need to be there when they take them down.” Mina said.


The others, except Kaminari, nodded.





Chapter Text

Izuku and Melissa ran up more of the stairs, heading to the vault that the villains were robbing. When they arrived at the floor, they saw the door to the vault wide open. They peeked inside and saw David Shield, without anyone aiming at him, taking a box from the vault.


“I must thank you for helping me with this.” David said, surprising the two watching them.


“The only thanks we need is the paycheck we get after this is done.” The leader, Wolfram, said.


Melissa couldn’t hold back anymore, questions flooding her mind. She walked out and let herself be known.




Everyone turned to her. David was the most shocked out of all of them.


“M-Melissa? What are you doing here?” David asked, shocked.


“Is it true? What you just said? You wanted this to happen?” Melissa asked.


“It- I mean…”


“It is true.” Wolfram said, interrupting David.


Melissa was shocked. Why would her father want to rob anyone?!


“What are you gonna do about it, girl?” Wolfram asked the speechless Melissa.


She was broken from her stupor when she noticed a bar of metal shoot towards her. She was about to move when she saw a mass of green block her vision, combined with the sound of metal hitting a solid object echoing through a room.


Izuku had just saved Melissa from getting impaled. He was holding the bar at bay for the moment.


“You okay?” Izuku asked.


“Yeah. Fine.” Melissa said.


“W-Why did you do that? You weren’t supposed to hurt anyone.” David finally found his voice.


“Where’s the fun in that?” Wolfram asked.


He then nodded to Sam, David’s assistant, who was with them. He was holding a gun pointed at David.


“I’d advise you not to resist.” Sam said.


“Sam? What are you doing?”




Ryuko was running up the stairs when she felt her stress increase for no apparent reason. It was then that she realized it wasn’t from her. It was from Izuku. Her eyes widen and she transformed her legs, bounding even faster up the stairs.


“Please be safe, Izuku…” Ryuko muttered as she ran.




“I’m following the plan.”


“What do you mean? We’re doing this to get back our research!” David replied.


“Our research that you willingly let get frozen without getting anything from it! At least this way, we get something from our research.”


“You set all this up? All this violence? For this all to be a setup?! These bastards attacked my family!” Izuku growled.


“What? I thought this was supposed to be an act.” David countered in protest.


“It is an act. Us being fake villains, that is.” Wolfram spoke up finally.


Wolfram went to Sam and took the case in the man’s hands.


“And the payment?” Sam asked.


“Ah, yes. The payment.” Wolfram said with a nod.


Wolfram drew his gun and shot Sam in the shoulder, surprising everyone with the sudden gunshot. Sam fell onto his back, clutching his shoulder.


“Sam!” David shouted.


Wolfram held the gun to David.


“If you don’t want to end up like him, I suggest you do what I say.” Wolfram said threateningly.


“Not if I have anything to say about it!” Izuku said, bursting forward. Suddenly a large cylinder of metal slammed down on him, causing smoke to conceal the spot.


“Izuku!” Melissa shouted in fear.


Everyone was surprised when the metal cylinder started moving up, away from the ground. The smoke soon cleared and saw Izuku lifting it up.


‘How’s it going up there?’ Izuku thought.


“We’re at our limit. We could go past it and risk injuries if we really have to. What do you think?”


‘Add three percent to our max.’


“On it.”


Izuku started feeling slight feelings of pain along his body. But thankfully, lifting it was a bit easier. He didn’t have time to celebrate, though, as Valiant told him of more incoming pieces of metal. Izuku couldn’t do anything to stop it in his current state.


The metal pieces slammed into him, sending him into the wall. His scales covered his whole body, shielding him from the impact somewhat.




Ryuko felt a slight twinge of pain before hearing a rumble. She was thankfully at the last floor. She ran to the door to see Wolfram exiting with David at gunpoint.


“Don’t follow us if you want Doctor Shield to stay alive.” Wolfram threatened, causing Ryuko to pause in what she was about to do.


Wolfram left and she ran inside the room. Melissa was restrained with some iron bar while Izuku was nowhere to be seen. Immediately she became worried. Especially when she saw dozens of rectangular pieces of metal pointed towards a specific crater in the wall.


She was relieved when the crater exploded and Izuku came gliding down. He was still covered in his scales when he arrived. He released his scales before moving to remove Melissa’s restraints.


“We have to go after Doctor Shield.” Izuku said, turning to Ryuko.


Ryuko nodded. Izuku turned to Melissa.


“Melissa, you need to stay here.”


“No, I need to come with you. I need to save my papa!”


“You can’t! It’s too dangerous.”


“I don’t care!”


Izuku and Ryuko shared a look. They were on a time crunch and couldn’t argue about it for long. Izuku then glanced at Sam, who was holding his shoulder and grunting in pain.


“What about Sam? Do you want him to bleed out?”


“Wha-no, I…”


“Sam needs you to keep him from bleeding out. We’ll get your father back, I promise. Do you trust me?” Izuku asked.


Melissa looked at Izuku. He was smiling reassuringly, a soft look on his face. Melissa looked down for a moment before looking back up at him with a newly determined face.


“Okay. Please bring him back.”


“I promise.” Izuku said with a nod.


Izuku and Ryuko looked at one another and nodded before running to the roof access where Ryuko saw them go to.




David was forcibly lead to a helicopter that was on the roof helipad. The propeller was running and was ready to take off once he and the other villains were boarded. They stopped when they saw the door fly past them. Him, Wolfram, and the others looked to see Izuku and Ryuko rushing at them.


Wolfram and a few others raised their guns and started shooting at the two dragons. The bullets did nothing as they covered themselves in scales. Wolfram yanked David onto the helicopter while the goons kept the two dragons busy.


“Take off!” Wolfram ordered the pilot.


The pilot didn’t question it and simply took off, starting to fly away from the helipad. Suddenly, they lurched to a stop in midair. Wolfram looked to see Izuku grabbing onto the helicopter landing gear with his transformed arms while digging into the ground with his clawed feet.


“I did not give you permission to take off!” Izuku growled as he pulled the helicopter back.


Ryuko finished off the last of the villains and ran to help Izuku. It was then that Wolfram used his quirk to strike the two of them. Ryuko tumbled backwards while Izuku only flinched. He was lucky One For All assisted his durability or else he would have ended up like Ryuko. Even so, he was angry that they harmed Ryuko.


He heaved, using sixty percent of One For All. The helicopter got pulled backwards towards the helipad. Wolfram used his quirk and detached the landing gear Izuku was holding on to from the helicopter. The helicopter jerked away, causing the pilot to lose control for a moment.


“Damn!” Izuku cursed, forming his wings and preparing to fly after the villain’s helicopter.


Suddenly a flash caught his eye and suddenly, the villain’s helicopter fell to the ground. The flash landed in front of Izuku, revealing itself to be All Might, who was holding David.


“All Might!” Izuku said happily.


“YES, IZUKU. I AM HERE!” All Might said, happy that the boy he considered his son was safe.


Ryuko ran up to the two.


“You did it!” Ryuko said.


“Not yet.” Izuku disagreed, pointing to where the helicopter wreckage was.


It was at that time that Melissa, Sam, who had bandages around his shoulder, and the rest of their classmates that came to I-Island arrived.


“What happened?” Iida voiced.


Izuku turned back to the rest of them.


“This was all a setup. But that setup was a setup as well.” Izuku explained.


“What do you mean?” Ochako questioned.


“Doctor Shield hired what he thought was fake villains to help steal something. Those villains then turned out to be real villains and betrayed him to take what was stolen. What was it, anyways?” Ryuko asked.


David looked down in shame.


“It was a quirk amplification device. It can increase the user’s quirk exponentially when used, but sadly the research was frozen when I showed the prototype to the research board.” David explained.


“Seriously? So this villain just stole a power boost?!” Mina asked in shock.




Wolfram climbed out of the wreckage of his helicopter. His clothes were ripped in some places and his skin was burnt in others. He held the case holding the quirk amplification device in his hand still. He looked down at it and smiled.


He broke the case open and looked at the headgear that was inside it. He took it and moved it over his head, lowering it on top of him.


“Haha… Those damn heroes will regret-UGH!”




“We can argue about whether it was right to do it later. Right now, we need to focus on-”


A tremor rumbled through the building, causing some of the people to stumble. Eri fell back into Ochako’s arms.


“I got you, Eri.” Ochako said softly.


“What the heck was that?” Ryuko asked, minding her language around Eri.


Izuku looked to the wreckage to see the fire extinguished and metal from the surrounding buildings and objects rushing towards it. They heard an eerie echo of a laugh as a mass of metal built up from the helicopter wreckage.


“Oh no…” David muttered.


“What?” Izuku asked.


“It’s the device. He’s put it on…” David said.


All Might was shocked at the effect the device had. He was broken from his stupor when the voice of Wolfram echoed from the large piece of metal.


“You should have taken the device from me rather than Doctor Shield! Now you’re not going to survive past tonight!”


“Oh no…” Izuku muttered.


At the center of the mass of metal, Wolfram’s body was glowing red and glaring at them. Izuku spotted metal flying their direction out of the corner of his eye. His eyes widened.


“Guys! Brace yourselves!” Izuku shouted.


As soon as he said that, the building rumbled violently and a sense of descent filled everyone’s bodies. Suddenly the ground left them as the roof of the building collapsed faster than their descent.


As the ground got closer, Izuku only had one thing on his mind: Protect his daughter. His instincts kicked in once he heard Eri’s voice.


“Papa! Mama!”




The building completely collapsed, kicking up dust and concealing everything in and around the building. To Wolfram, the heroes all died. He smiled in victory.


“Weak heroes couldn’t even save themselves.”

Chapter Text

Wolfram smiled from where he was, looking on at his handiwork. Beating the number one hero told him that no other hero on the island could hurt him. He could take his time with the rest of the island. He just wanted to soak in the joy of defeating the number one hero for a little more time.


His joy suddenly disappeared as soon as the dust cleared. Two dragons, a green one with molten green lines across its body as well as a pale white one were standing over the rest of the people he thought he killed, including the number one hero All Might.


“What!? Impossible!”




“ThEy DaRe HuRt OuR fAmIlY?!” A combination of Valiant and Izuku’s voice growled in unrestrained fury


“AnD jUsT aBoUt HuRt ErI?!” Ryuko and Storm’s voice growled as one, the tone just like Izuku and Valiant’s.




All Might tried to calm the dragons as well as offer his assistance.




“No! YoU wIlL nOt GeT iN oUr WaY!” Izuku growled.


All Might found himself actually scared of Izuku. He stepped back. Ryuko seemed to get slightly calmer, her voice sounding a bit more even.


“Protect Eri and the others.” Ryuko said.


All Might wordlessly nodded, surprisingly too afraid to reply verbally. The auras the two dragons gave off were so similar to that man yet completely different. While that man only exerted fury and anger with such an aura, Izuku and Ryuko had a rather protective air about their fury. All Might understood their anger and wanted to help, but he was afraid he might not stand a chance trying to disagree with two enraged dragons when their daughter was threatened.


Wordlessly, the two dragons surged forward towards Wolfram’s enhanced body. All Might watched them. Strangely, All Might noticed Izuku’s dragon body looking slightly different than he last remembered. His draconic elbows had sharp ridges to them, his claws were looking a bit more sharp, as were his horns on his head. His body looked slightly larger and the volcanic lines were slightly brighter. It seemed like in his anger, he developed his quirk even more.


All Might also noticed Ryuko was looking slightly different as well. But it wasn’t what was new on her body that was drawing his eye, it was what was new around her body. He noticed pure white sparks running along her dragon body, wings and tail as she charged beside her mate.


All Might wondered what caused the sparks, but he couldn’t think too hard on it now. He had to focus on protecting the rest of the students as well as holding his transformation up. He held Eri in his arms, the girl trembling slightly as she clutched his suit.


“Mama… Papa…” Eri muttered worriedly.




Eri looked at All Might for a moment before nodding and turning back to the fight.




“Hmm… Only these two? What? Is All Might too chicken to fight me?” Wolfram asked.


He waved his hand lazily. As he did, dozens of shards of metal seemed to come to life. Some formed into cubes of metal while others changed to tendrils of metal. That didn’t discern the furious dragons, though, as they charged on.


Wolfram sent the metal he just controlled towards the dragons. Ryuko ducked behind Izuku as he tanked the giant cubes of metal. He was stopped at the impact of the cube. Ryuko snaked around Izuku and continued her charge, avoiding the tendrils of metal that Wolfram was sending. The man grit his teeth as he tried to catch the more agile dragon.


As he was focused on Ryuko, he didn’t notice Izuku charging at his position. When he realized it, it was almost too late. 


Gone was the restraint of Izuku. He wanted to murder the one who threatened his daughter, mate, friends, and family. While he didn’t ever want to take someone's life, he would make an exception just this once.


It wasn’t meant to be, though. Just before his maw was able to open and bite off the top half of Wolfram, metal impacted his body and shot him backwards, causing him to roar in rage that he was unable to end the life of the one who threatened those he held most dear.


He watched as Ryuko took the distraction Izuku gave her and charged up to Wolfram. Surprisingly, though, Wolfram’s body glowed pinkish red and a fist shot out, impacting Ryuko and sending her flying backwards, roaring in pain.


Izuku landed and went to his mate’s side. She stood back up right when he got to her. They shared a look before turning towards Wolfram with rage filled draconic faces. Wolfram let out laughter.


“You really think I just had metal manipulation? No, the man who contracted me gave me something else that he knew would defeat you! Your fight is useless! In the end, I will kill both of you, then your friends!” Wolfram taunted.


“Kill our friends?” Valiant repeated.


‘Our family?’ Izuku spoke.


“YoU wIlL bE tHe OnE tO dIe ToNiGhT!” Izuku shouted with the rage of the heavens.


‘Give me seventy percent!’


“With pleasure!”


Izuku’s dragon body changed once more, his elbows getting sharper, his teeth practically diamond tipped, his dragon head getting more angular and imposing while his volcanic lines shined an even brighter green. His volcanic lines didn’t just go along his body anymore. Volcanic lines appeared all along his claws and horns as his body adjusted to a seventy percent One For All adjustment. The last change came in the way of spikes forming at the tip of his tail, also with volcanic lines all along the spikes.


It hurt like hell, but Izuku would willingly break himself if it meant taking this villain out of the world.


Ryuko could feel an increase in strength and could see sparks dancing across her body. She didn’t question it, only taking in the increase of strength she got from it. Her eyes once again locked on to Wolfram.




“What is going on with Izuku? He looks so different now.” Mina said in worry.


“It could possibly be, due to the danger he is in, his body is evolving in the middle of the fight to better suit his situation, getting stronger and more durable.” Iida reasoned.


“And look at Ryuko! What are those sparks?” Ochako spoke up.


“I do not know. It could possibly be a similar reasoning as to evolving in times of great danger.” Iida theorized.


“Come on, Greenie! Kick his ass, Ryuko!” Jirou cheered.


The others looked at her in surprise. The next one to shout was Melissa.


“Izuku! Ryuko! You can do it!” Melissa shouted.


“Yeah! Kick that villain’s ass Ryuko!” Mina cheered.


“Beat him up, Izuku!” Ochako shouted as well.


Eventually, everyone present was cheering for the two dragons, pouring their emotions out and hoping it had an effect on the outcome of the battle. Even Eri was cheering them on.


“You can do it, Mama! You can do it, Papa! You can beat him!” Eri shouted, tears forming at the edges of her eyes as she practically willed her parents to survive.




Wolfram glanced at the cheering people, smirking in amusement.


“Oh, how touching.” Wolfram said sarcastically.


“YOUR FOCUS SHOULD BE ON US!” Both Izuku and Ryuko’s voice shouted in unison, drawing his attention to them.


His eyebrow raised in curiosity as he saw the differing states of the two dragons. They weren’t like that before. He grit his teeth, knowing he’d be in for another annoying bout. Little did he know, it would be his last.


He shot more metal at the dragons. This time, however, Izuku didn’t slow down as he hit them. He and Ryuko took flight, soaring straight for Wolfram’s body. The man smiled evilly, knowing they were just where he wanted them.


Suddenly, all the metal in the area closed in on them and entombed them in a large cube of metal. After a few moments, Wolfram laughed victoriously.


“So much for your cheering section and your ‘power ups’!” Wolfram taunted.


His laughter was cut short as soon as he heard the bending and stressing of metal. Suddenly, the cube exploded, showing the ever familiar glares of rage from the two dragons. Wolfram’s eyes widened in shock.


“No! Impossible! You shouldn’t have survived!” Wolfram shouted.


The two wordlessly shot through the air towards him, finally striking fear into the heart of Wolfram.


“N-No! Stay away! Die!” 


Tendril after tendril, cube after cube, each construct Wolfram created, the two dragons effortlessly struck down, their eyes never leaving Wolfram as they got closer and closer. As they got closer, Wolfram became more and more frantic. 


Ryuko rushed forward and blocked an attack, allowing Izuku to shoot forward and reach his clawed hand towards Wolfram’s head. Right as his first claw touched his head, specifically the device on his head, Wolfram put everything he could into one attack to blast Izuku back. What he didn’t know, though, was that Izuku’s claw did more damage than he thought.


As Izuku shot back, his claw scraped against the top of the device, causing it to malfunction slightly. He didn’t know until it was too late.


Izuku landed on his back, shoving the metal off of him. Surprisingly, there was no resistance on the metal. He got to his feet and looked in confusion as the metal around him collapsed into heaps. He looked back to see Wolfram in shock and confusion as his metal constructs collapsed into indescribable heaps. 


“No! What’s happening?! This can’t be happening!” Wolfram shouted in anger.


Ryuko went to Izuku’s side, inspecting her mate for injuries before looking over at Wolfram. She watched as Wolfram fell to the ground, the metal holding him up collapsing underneath him. He landed in a heap of metal.


The two of them paused for a moment before advancing on the downed villain. They stopped and lowered themselves as their instincts flared. They watched as Wolfram got out of the pile of scrap. He remained glowing a pinkish red color as he struggled to stand.


“You… Have not defeated me!” Wolfram said in defiance.


He took a clumsy step forward towards the two dragons, causing them to drop lower. They didn’t launch forward due to the possibility that with his first quirk gone, his second quirk would be overcharged. They didn’t want to take that risk.


“I… I will not be defeated! For I… Am… Wolfr-UGH!”


Before their very eyes, Wolfram’s body glowed an even brighter pinkish red hue as it bloated, keeping its size before shrinking back down, causing his body to get so skinny that it would give All Might’s skeletal form a run for its money. The glowing ceased and Wolfram fell backwards, collapsing on the ground.


Izuku and Ryuko’s instincts stopped flaring, causing them to raise to their normal height. They approached the body of Wolfram in their dragon forms before shifting to their human forms once more. Izuku bent down and checked Wolfram’s pulse. There was none. When he inspected the helmet, he could see his claw did a lot of internal damage, probably causing what happened to Wolfram. In the end, it seemed he got the kill, albeit unintentionally.


He looked up at Ryuko and shook his head. The girl breathed a sigh.


“Everyone’s safe…” Ryuko said.


“Yeah…” Izuku said, standing back up.


Suddenly, Ryuko hugged Izuku tightly, tears trailing down her cheeks as she cried with relief.


“Everyone’s safe!” Ryuko said again.


Izuku returned the hug just as tight, relief washing over his body as well.


“Yeah… Everyone’s safe… Eri’s safe…” Izuku repeated.


“Our baby’s safe…” Ryuko said in agreement.




“Hey guys… I think it’s over…” Jirou spoke up, looking at the two dragons.


“Woah… They did it!”


Their celebration was cut short as they heard metal shifting. They looked towards it to see Momo carrying Shouto out of the wreckage of the building. They rushed to them.


“Oh my god, Yaomomo! Are you alright?” Mina asked.


“Just… Just fine… All the rumbling kept us from finding a stable way out of the rubble… So when the rumbling stopped, he took our chance to get out.” Momo said.


She was suddenly glomped by all the girls in the class, happy the Yaoyorozu heir was alright. Iida helped Shouto to a place he could sit.


“Are you well?” Iida asked.


“Now I am… Thank you.” Shouto said, giving the robot boy a small, grateful smile.


Iida placed a hand on Shouto’s shoulder.


“I am glad you are, my friend.”




David watched in awe as the two dragons hugged. They displayed power only All Might had ever did. All Might walked up to him in his skinny form due to the two of them being concealed.


“I’m so sorry, Toshi… I just wanted to help you… All this was to try and help you…” David apologized.


“I understand, David. I really do. But I meant it when I said Izuku would be my successor. And he won’t be alone. Those two will become the best heroes that will ever be.” Toshi spoke.


“I guess so… We’ll have to leave the world in their hands once you fully retire, then. I sure hope they’re ready.”


All Might and David smiled as they watched Eri run up to them, drawing their attention. The child quickly was pulled into the hug, smiles and happy tears falling from all of them as they calmed down from the stressful situation.


“I know they will, David. I know they will…”

Chapter Text

It didn’t take long after the end of the fight for the heroes and other authorities to arrive. Now that the danger was gone, they were finally able to come in and help. Unfortunately for them, though, no one needed immediate help. That didn’t stop them from checking everyone over. 


Once everyone was checked over, David turned himself in, feeling bad about how the whole attack was his fault. After getting taken away, the authorities started searching the wreckage. As the group waited for any news on what is going to happen next, one of the I-Island officials that was present through the whole takeover of I-Expo approached the group of hero students and heroes.


“Excuse me.” The official spoke, getting the group’s attention.


“Ah, Governor Williams. What brings you here?” Toshinori asked.


“I wished to meet the people who helped stop the villain attack. And to express my sincerest thanks for helping us.” The man said, bowing.


“We’re just glad everyone’s safe.” Izuku spoke up for the rest of them.


The other students nodded in confirmation to Izuku’s words. Ryuko, who was holding Eri for the moment, felt a light pang in her chest, but it wasn’t from her. She looked to Izuku to see a distant look in his eyes. She was drawn back to the conversation before she could question it, though.


“I-Island is on lockdown for the next day and a half, meaning that there will be no flights coming in and out of the island. As thanks, you won’t have to pay a cent for the remaining stay in your rooms and you will be notified as soon as you’re able to leave.” The governor said.


“That will be much appreciated. Would it be possible for us to get moving?” Toshinori asked for everyone else.


“Yes, you may. If you wish, I can have a car take you to the places you are staying.” 


“Yes please.” Toshinori said with a nod.


“Once again, thank you all for stopping that attack. You are well on your way to becoming great heroes.” The governor said before bowing and walking away.


With the governor gone, Izuku decided to talk to Toshinori.


“Mom was okay, right?” Izuku asked.


“Yes she was. She left with everyone else. You two head back to the hotel and I’ll get Inko.” Toshinori said softly, placing a comforting hand on Izuku’s shoulder.




“No buts, Izuku. You need to rest.” Toshinori said.


“He’s right, Izu.” Ryuko said.


“Yeah, Papa.” Eri agreed.


Izuku looked back at his mate and daughter before sighing and nodding.


“Okay. I’ll see you back at the hotel room, then.” Izuku said, looking back at Toshinori.


Toshinori nodded with a smile before pulling the boy into a hug.


“I’m proud of you, Izuku. Very proud.” Toshinori said softly.


Ryuko watched the exchange and once again felt a pang in her chest. She watched as Izuku pulled back from the hug and bid Toshinori goodbye. He turned to Ryuko and smiled softly, with her smiling in reply as she went up and hooked an arm around Izuku’s arm.


After bidding their friends goodbye as well as suggesting to possibly do something once they were rested before leaving, she left with Izuku and Eri in a car that sent them back to their hotel. Through the journey, she was concerned as to what the pang in her chest was, especially since she could tell it wasn’t from her. When they finally arrived at their hotel room, she got her chance.




When they entered their hotel room, they moved to bring the sleeping Eri into their room and change her into her pajamas. After tucking her into their bed, Ryuko brought Izuku out, wanting to talk with him before they went to sleep. They sat down on the couch and Ryuko started speaking.


“Izu, what’s wrong?” Ryuko asked seriously, concern in her voice.


Ryuko could see Izuku was about to try and act like nothing was wrong by the way his eyes glanced around, but she saw defeat in his eyes a moment later before he gazed at the floor.


“I… I can’t stop thinking about Wolfram…” Izuku muttered.


“What about him?” Ryuko asked softly.


“I… I killed him… Didn’t I?” Izuku asked.


Her heart dropped as she realized what was eating him up. He may talk and speak his desire to kill anyone who hurt his family, but most of it was intimidation to those who threaten his family. She knew he would never actually want to kill a person. Immediately, she pulled him into a loving embrace.


“No you didn’t, Izu…” Ryuko said softly as she held him close.


“But I did… My claw, it… It dug into the device and made it malfunction…” Izuku trailed off.


“If you didn’t do that, he would have kept rampaging and probably would've killed all of us, Izu…” Ryuko said.


She felt him tighten his hold on her as she said that. She kept going anyways.


“I know you hate killing… I understand that… And I would never want you to kill anyone… But you have to understand that if you didn’t do that, he wouldn’t have stopped until all of us were dead. I’m sorry, Izu…” Ryuko said softly, running a hand through his hair.


Izuku didn’t respond, simply holding Ryuko tightly as he silently vented his guilt. Ryuko kept whispering soft words to him to try and help him through it. Eventually he calmed down, but unfortunately for Ryuko, he was fast asleep when he did.


She smiled fondly, moving to look at Izuku’s sleeping face. She brushed her hand over his cheek affectionately before placing a gentle kiss on his other cheek. She just admired his sleeping face for a few minutes after that before gently moving to pick Izuku up to carry him to bed. Her tail assisted her with her task when she did start moving to bed.


She knew he’d be uncomfortable in what he was wearing, so, being the good girlfriend and mate that she was, changed him into a simple pair of sweatpants. She grabbed one of his shirts and a pair of shorts before tucking Izuku in on one side of Eri. Ryuko laid down on the other side and cuddled with both of them, smiling softly as she felt Eri cuddle closer to her and Izuku’s arms sleepily surround her.


“I’m the luckiest girl in the world…” Ryuko mumbled quietly as she closed her eyes and let sleep overtake her.




The following day started wonderfully for Izuku. The first thing he felt when he woke up was that he was in his bed holding two warm bodies that he immediately snuggled deeper into. His eyes opened to see his daughter’s face close to his. He smiled softly, kissing her cheek softly before closing his eyes once more and enjoying the warmth his daughter and mate gave him.


He didn’t even think of the previous day at all. He simply enjoyed it like nothing ever happened at all and that they were just relaxing at a hotel. He found himself drifting off once again and willingly let sleep take him once more. 


The next time he woke up, he felt his hair being played with and his head was resting on a softer pillow than the pillow he fell asleep on. His eyes opened and showed that he was in bed, but Eri was gone and his head was on Ryuko’s thighs. He immediately glanced upwards to see Ryuko smiling softly down at him. 


“Good morning, sleepyhead.” Ryuko said softly.


Izuku smiled softly, reaching up to his head to grab one of her hands. He squeezed it once before bringing it to his cheek so he could place it against his cheek, enjoying the warmth of his mate’s hand.


“Good morning, Ryu.” Izuku said lovingly.


“Sleep well, you big bad dragon?” Ryuko jokingly asked, leaning down and kissing his forehead.


“Yeah I did… Where’s Eri?” Izuku asked, glancing around with his eyes while his head remained on Ryuko’s lap.


“She’s in the living room with Inko and Toshi. I wanted to have some well deserved private time with you. And no, not the kind of private time where we’re very naked and very sweaty .” Ryuko said softly.


“Oh… Is that why you’re just in your underwear?” Izuku asked, a slight smile on his face.


As he examined Ryuko’s body once more, she was wearing a maroon red bra and he assumed a matching pair of panties.


“Even if we aren’t going to be mating like two animals in heat, I still want to feel your skin against mine.” Ryuko said with a pout.


Izuku smiled softly, taking the hand still on his cheek and kissing the palm of it, drawing a smile from his mate once more.


“Well then, how about you join me under the blankets?” Izuku asked.


“I thought you’d never ask.” Ryuko said softly as Izuku lifted his head and allowed her to slide under the blankets.


The two quickly cuddled to one another. Izuku glanced as Ryuko’s tail slowly trailed over to the remote on the nightstand closest to her. He smiled.


“Cuddling and a movie? Well, add rings on our fingers into the mix and it would be a dream come true.” Izuku said without thinking.


Immediately he blushed brightly as he realized what he just said. He noticed Ryuko was blushing up a storm as well, though the difference was that she was smiling widely. Izuku noticed the television turn on to a movie channel before the cuddle got tighter.


“Was that just a proposal, my sexy dragon?” Ryuko whispered.


“Well… I don’t really have the rings yet… And I think we could get promise rings when we get back to Japan-” Izuku was cut off by a loving kiss being placed on his lips.


“You don’t even need to ask, Izu… I would love to.” Ryuko whispered.


Suddenly, any focus he had on the movie was lost as he gave Ryuko his full attention. It was then that he thought about the future for a moment. Ryuko noticed the concern on his face as he thought and calmed down a bit.


“Izu?” Ryuko questioned.


“Hmm?” Izuku asked, shaking out of his thoughts.


“Are you alright?” Ryuko asked.


“Oh, yeah… I just… Could we wait? I mean, we have school, we have Eri, and we have the issue of starting out as heroes after we graduate. Would it be possible to wait until after all that stuff calms down?” Izuku asked.


Ryuko smiled fondly at her mate, knowing he was thinking of everything to make sure it was all perfect. 


“Of course, Izu… But when we get to Japan, we’re so getting promise rings.” Ryuko whispered the last part, leaning in and placing an electrifying kiss against his lips.


“I wouldn’t have it any other way. I gotta make sure all the guys know you’re taken, after all.” Izuku said after pulling away from the kiss, a blush on his face.


“Oh, Izu. My hero.” Ryuko said, kissing his cheek before nuzzling her head into his neck.


After the conversation ended, Izuku and Ryuko quietly watched television together in the privacy of their room. The closeness the two felt, mixed with the happiness and relief of the previous day’s attack being over, made their relaxation all the better.




Eventually, they decided to get out of bed and do something. It was at that time that Ryuko’s phone went off, telling her that Mina was texting her. When she saw that Mina wanted to hang out for their last day on I-Island, she quickly accepted, dragging Izuku and Eri along as well.


As it turned out, all of their classmates were invited, including Izuku, but he didn’t get a text because Mina knew that Ryuko would have brought him. Mina tried getting Melissa in on her plan but she wasn’t able to come due to personal reasons.


For their last day, they did something relatively simple: explore around I-Island and see all the sights. Apparently, not everyone had the opportunity to explore I-Island, which gave them the perfect idea for a way to spend time with everyone.


Aside from the destroyed sections of I-Island and the more classified science buildings, everywhere was open, allowing them to fully explore all the public places. They stopped for lunch at the place Izuku and his family went to to meet David and Melissa before all the chaos went down. The place was a lot more lively that day since it wasn’t reserved like last time.


After lunch, they resumed their exploring, though this time, they split up into two groups and were challenged to find the coolest thing in the area they were assigned and take a picture of it. Izuku went with Tenya, Denki, Momo, Tooru, and Tsuyu while Ryuko went with Mina, Ochako, Kyouka, and Shuoto. Since Ryuko’s group had less people, Mina convinced Eri to go with them.


Izuku’s group was relatively tame, aside from Denki and Tooru. They wanted to take pictures of all the wacky things showcased in their area, but the majority overruled their desires. In the end, they decided on taking a picture of a giant robot that was the size of a Zero Pointer and looked to take some design cues from an old show called Macross. It was the only thing they agreed looked cool out of the different showcases.


Ryuko’s group barely had any luck. The place Mina had them go to had nothing really interesting to the two, though Ryuko did eventually find a precious gem on display that was documented as the largest natural formation of Topaz ever unearthed. It was the size of Ryuko’s dragon form. Her dragon side begged Ryuko to take it, but she knew it wouldn’t have been possible without getting in trouble, so she decided to simply take a picture of it.


When the two groups reconvened to see which group won, it was decided that Izuku’s group won. But Izuku found that the large Topaz formation was way cooler in his opinion compared to the mecha.


After the deciding of the winner, the group kept exploring for a bit longer before deciding to head back to their rooms. They still had to pack their bags for their flights the following day. Izuku and Ryuko enjoyed the day with their friends and Eri had fun, too.




When Izuku, his mate, and his daughter entered their room, they found no one around. Izuku decided to check his parents’ room while Ryuko and Eri sat on the couch and relaxed. What greeted him when he checked the room was a locked door with a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on it.


The more innocent side of Izuku wanted to think that they were just sleeping early for the following day’s flight, but that thought quickly disappeared as he remembered it was five o’clock in the evening. Then the more dirty side of Izuku’s mind reared its ugly head and Izuku hated the thought that came into his mind.


He simply left the door and went to the couch.


“So, do you know where they are?” Ryuko asked.


“Yeah… Probably getting some early shut-eye…” Izuku said, not wanting to think of the other possibility.


Ryuko seemed to understand and let out a hum of realization, confusing Eri. When she asked, Ryuko deflected the question. She didn’t want her daughter to be corrupted. Thankfully, Eri didn’t really press the issue after the question was deflected.


The two dragons sat with their unicorn daughter on the couch until dinner time, where they had dinner without Izuku’s mother and Toshi. After dinner, they packed most of their clothes except for the clothes they would change into the following day before getting into bed together, looking forward to the following day.




Izuku boarded the plane the following day with his mate and daughter, his mother and Toshi following behind them. When they got into their seats, there was a slight delay before the plane took off. As the plane flew away from I-Island, Izuku looked out the window to watch as the island disappeared into the distance.


As he watched, he couldn’t help but feel uneasy. While he knew the danger was over for the moment, why did he feel like the worst was yet to come?