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After everything the two groups had been through together, it was impossible for the relationship not to change. They still felt a little awkward around each other, but after the newborn battle and standoff with the Volturi they couldn’t go on thinking the other was all bad. They began to communicate more, agreeing they each had something to learn from the other.
They tried to meet every other week or so. They’d discuss whatever came up over the weeks past, if either group noticed any signs of danger in the area. The conversations were short and stilted at first each not really knowing what to say to the other. They did awkward, basic, small talk, answers and questions short with silences in between. It got easier over time, as they grew more comfortable with each other.

Now they met at least once a week, whenever they had time around Sam’s patrolling schedule and Carlisle’s shifts at the hospital. They had plenty to talk about, what with everything their chaotic families did. Carlisle liked to talk about how Emmett and Bella still liked to challenge who was stronger- and how their forests had suffered as a result. Sam spoke of the races and “practice” fights his group got into- he had to ban them from crossing state lines. They listened, most of the time.

Sam and Carlisle spent so much time together, it was only a matter of time before Emily and Esme became good friends. They spent a lot of time together as well, trading stories and recipes on an almost daily basis. The younger members of their groups formed friendships as well. Emmett and Jasper joined the pack in their roughhousing, Rosalie started working with Leah in her garage, Bella continued spending more time with Emily. Edward and Alice floated between the groups, having fun with everyone.

With more time spent on the reservation, Carlisle realized how much they were struggling. He quietly set up a fund, to help cover college or any other expenses they had. Alice found a lot of old clothes they had only worn a few times, and gave them away to whoever needed them. The Cullens extended their open door policy, happy to have members of the pack over whenever for whatever they needed. Esme and Bella made sure there was always plenty of food for visitors.

The Cullens hadn’t expected to stick around too long after Bella was changed. But with the new friendships, they found that they didn’t really want to leave.They kept pushing off reasons to find a plan for their next life, as they didn’t want to leave yet. Carlisle and Sam began working with younger members of the tribe, hoping to make the first transformation easier, if it happened.

Carlisle also began helping the tribe as needed with medical care. Especially for members of the pack that couldn’t risk going to the hospital. There were a lot of small injuries to be fixed, mostly small dislocations and breaks, and cuts that couldn’t quite heal immediately. He started teaching first aid and related skills to Sam and anyone else who wanted to learn to cut down his trips over the treaty line.

After some time, they abolished the treaty line. It had basically been ignored for so long, with the frequency that the Cullens were invited over to visit the pack. It had become mostly ceremonial by this point. Other parts of the treaty still stood, but it was with a much closer relationship between the two.

Eventually, the Cullens did have to move away. Even after they did, they still kept in touch with the tribe. They sent postcards and other mementos from their adventures, including care packages for the wolves full of sweets from Esme, supplies from Carlisle, and other random gifts from the rest of the Cullens. They called occasionally, still loving the chance to share stories and lament the struggles of trying to raise supernatural creatures, especially ones that are so bad at blending in.