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A Chocolate Cake

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Papyrus had just set out the tray of chips and dip, Edge seated on the couch looking through Netflix to find their show for the night, when the slightly staggered banging came on the door. Papyrus glanced up, sockets wide as he listened for it to come again, Edge hurrying off the couch when it did. The locks were undone with a vehemence, the ragged breathing on the other side of the heavy wooden door coming through all the more clear when it opened, revealing a sobbing Stretch.

Papyrus whimpered, gathering the weeping skeleton into his arms and leading him inside as Edge checked outside, just to make sure no one had followed him there. 

“Stretch, darling, what happened? Who hurt you?”

Edge turned sharply at the words, finding Papyrus gingerly peeling Stretch out of a rain soaked hoody, though that wasn’t the only liquid seeping into the fabric. The deep red marrow was shocking against the garish orange, the injury becoming clear as Stretch winced when the right arm was jostled as it came out of the sleeve. 

There was no answer from Stretch, his voice broken as he near wailed into Papyrus’ chest. Whatever had happened had broken more than his arm.

Papyrus was gentle as he soothed Stretch, taking his broken, near shattered humerus and healing it enough that it wouldn’t hurt him much, anymore. Edge watched, standing just at the side of the couch. Stretch was curled in Papyrus’ arms, still near inconsolable. 

It took nearly an hour to calm him down enough to get a cup of water in him, Stretch accepting a napkin to wipe his face with. 

“Thanks…” he mumbled, eyelights locked on the floor in clear embarrassment that he’d broken down in front of them. They gave each other a look, trying not to roll their eyes. 

“You’re very welcome, Stretch. Now, please-”

“Who hurt you?” Edge cut in, done waiting around when whoever hurt Stretch could be hanging around, waiting for him to leave, or worse, for them to fall asleep. No, he needed to know who it was, so he could take care of it quickly and efficiently. 

Papyrus gave him a look, one that he clearly did not deserve, but Stretch just curled into himself further.

“If I tell you… will you promise not to kill them?” The quiet request came, Edge and Papyrus again sharing a look before Edge nodded.

“We will not do anything you don’t want us to do.” Papyrus said firmly, gathering Stretch close to his chest and letting an intent of safety flow through the room. Stretch relaxed into it, sockets fluttering shut as he finally answered. 

“Slim... He’s… he was almost feral, I don’t…” The tears were returning, likely from remembering whatever had been wrong with Slim. If either of them had to guess, it was that Slim’s slightly too high LV had been set off by something, possibly something small, since Stretch was not maimed or worse. 

Edge stepped over to the door, slinging his jacket on and slipping into his boots before returning to the couch and leaving a small peck on the top of Stretch’s skull, Stretch looking up at him plaintively. 

“I will take care of him. I’ll bring him back to you.” Edge promised, and even if his promises didn’t hold the weight of a Sans’, he would keep this one. With a swift set of steps he was out the door and gone, Papyrus sighing as he relocked the door with magic. Edge would ask later if he had, and honestly he didn’t want the headache of the fit Edge would throw if he hadn’t.

“Alright, come on dear, it’s time to eat something.” Papyrus said, scooping Stretch up and placing him upright on the couch. “I’m going to go make some sandwiches, but please use the snacks while you wait, alright?” And with that he’d sped into the kitchen, Stretch watching him go with wide sockets.

Papyrus rifled through the fridge for premium sandwich toppings as he considered just what kind of trouble Stretch had gotten himself into. Stretch was… softer than he liked to admit, and Slim was from the roughest of their worlds. Edge had warned Papyrus before even attempting to move in that his LV was high, high enough that if something set it off, he’d likely hurt him. 

Papyrus had returned the sentiment with facts, that not only did he know how to take care of himself, he also had training regarding what to do if a monster went wild with LV lust. Edge had agreed, and they’d been living together ever since.

He had… not an idea as to what kind of conversation Stretch and Slim had had about this kind of situation, but Papyrus hoped it had been a lengthy one. 

Carrying the sandwiches back out to the living room, Papyrus made Stretch eat two of them, the third being nibbled on as they turned the tv to the playstation, Stretch picking a game to play while Papyrus gave advice in the background. Papyrus diligently checked his phone every 15 minutes, Stretch giving him a side glance filled with hope every time he did it. 

Soon enough it was long past time for bed, Papyrus insisting Stretch take his bed for the few hours he’d be able to sleep, Stretch putting up only a token fight before he finally trudged off to take a shower, Papyrus laying him out a pair of clothing to sleep in. 

As Papyrus shut the door to the bedroom, Stretch safely in bed, nearly already asleep, he didn’t react as his phone buzzed in its pocket. Walking gently back downstairs, he didn’t check it until he was seated on the couch, fingers shaking lightly as he clicked open the messages. 

Edgy Man: I’ve got him. He’s safe, don’t let Stretch come home.

Papyrus let a huff of air out through his teeth. Well. At least they were safe.