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Saving us

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Saving us

Chapter 1

Wei Ying bit his lips with a laugh stuck in his throat, a lightly pain forming in his belly for all those minutes that he had been holding back his laughter. ‘’A-Yuan? It’s me’’ Lan Zhan wasn’t wearing that extravagant white custom from his last drama, Lan Yuan should be able to recognize him even better by now, but the little boy refused to being held by his father. ‘’What’s wrong?’’ He frowned, concerned, hurt, he took a couple of steps towards his son, but the kid shook his head and ran away in direction of Wei Ying, who couldn’t keep his laughter hidden anymore. ‘’Why are you laughing?’’ He felt betrayed. He spend a year away from home and the only thing he wanted was to kiss his husband and embrace his son.

‘’He saw the rain scene’’ He explained, a few tears spilling from the hardness of his laughter; Lan Yuan hugged his mama’s neck tightly, until Wei Ying choked for a brief moment. ‘’He said that he doesn’t want a new mama and he is upset with you for trying to replace me ’’ It should be a crime to smile like that when Lan Zhan had his heart torn apart. 

‘’You let him see that scene?’ That was one of the worst he had ever acted; a romantic scene with a woman that he needed to kiss. He spoke with Wei Ying before he filmed it, Lan Zhan was totally against the idea of kissing someone else than his own husband, nevertheless, Wei Ying said that he had no problem with it, he was a confidence man he didn’t mind a kiss. ‘’Why would you do that?’’ he asked, frowning, clearly mad at the idea of Lan Yuan watching his father kissing and swearing eternal love to someone besides Wei Ying. 

‘’What? How I was supposed to know when the rain scene was to be released? Also, he didn’t want to miss even an episode, he always make me to put your dramas, movies and interviews! Your little romantic scene was a juicy gossip for weeks!’’ Lan Zhan glared at him, Wei Ying smiled wider as he sent him a kiss from where he was. ‘’Don’t be mad, Lan Zhan! He would get over it soon!’’ But his husband didn’t change an inch of his face. ‘’Come on! If you don’t spoil me, Lan Yuan might think that you are indeed, replacing me for a another mama. Which, it doesn’t matter if it is miss Nou Kan, you won’t find someone hotter than me. Don’t even try it’’ 

Eventually, Lan Zhan couldn’t do anything else than lift lightly the corner of his lips. Closing his eyes and remember why he had married this man five years ago. Wei Ying had not change a thing since they escaped together and married secretly and against their families blessing. He shouldn’t be impressed. Wei Ying was Wei Ying, no matter how many years passed. Healthier and happier.

After a discussion with his firstborn, Lan Yuan decided that he might consider giving him another chance, but he needed to think it first; at least he let him tucked him in the bed, but Lan Yuan didn’t give him any goodnight kiss, which made him have a heavy heart. He turned the lights off and close the door behind him, quietly. He stared to the old wood door. A couple of decades ago, when he was as young as his son, and that door was already there. It looked battered in the corner, and the old paint was getting scratchs.  They should paint it again soon. 

He imagined Wei Ying’s mischievous smile as he persecute their son around the house, trying to stain his face with the paint. The floor covered with newspapers sheets, and himself doing all the job while they play. And he would be feeling very happy about it, he had more than enough only with seeing them happy.

He would choose the same tone, light blue. It was his mother’s favorite color, light blue for the walls, white for the ceiling, his father was content to let her decided, he would to whatever she commanded. As he made his way back to his bedroom, he passed his fingers along the railing of the stairs. Their house was old. Very old, we was sure that there was not any single place that hadn’t been touched by his parents and brother’s hands. 

He opened the door and saw his husband lying in bed, distractedly tipping something in his phone, he was already under the bed sheets. ‘’How everything went?’’ He asked, not leaving his eyes from the phone. ‘’What?’’ He said when he only heard a sigh from answer.

‘’Do not let him see that kind of scenes again. I do not  enjoy his look of disappointment’’ Wei Ying sat in bed, his feet swinging and touching the floor. 

‘’I wasn’t my intention in the first place, I would control more strictly what he sees, okay?’’ He said with genuine sorriness in his words. ‘’It won’t happen again, I promise’’ Oh no! Those eyes, Lan Zhan sighed and closed his own. He lost. He was defenseless against Wei Ying and his smiles, and eyes and the sweetness of his soul. ‘’Come here’’ He extended his arms and Lan Zhan stepped forward. He let his entire weight in Wei Ying and his husband let out a surprised squeak when he was slammed against the bed, but he let him rest his head in his chest anyway. He let him listen quietly the beats of the heart that owned his.  ‘’What is it, my love?’’ Lan Zhan looked down, refusing to answer, feeling relaxed as Wei Ying’s fingers caressed his scalp carefully. The soft tips of his fingers releasing the tension of the past few months. 

Wei Ying pulled him closer, both of them struggle for a moment before finding a more comfortable position to lay. ‘’What’s the matter?’’ He asked, voice lowly, barely enough for Lan Zhan to hear. ‘’Are you tired?’’ The ambiance of the room getting more intimate as Wei Ying stretch an arm to turn the lamp off. ‘’You can tell me everything, at every time’’ He said when Lan Zhan hadn’t say a word.

He spend the next hour singing in a low tone for him, Lan Zhan close his eyes and got focus only hearing songs that he was inventing a second before sing it; he felt as a child again for a second, long before mourning his mother, where there was her father’s laughter and her mother’s voice. Lan Xichen’s genuine smile. 

He shivered in a good way when Wei Ying caressed his back under his clothes. A warm, velvet hand touching his strained muscles. Every part that he touched felt better immediately. Wei Ying made sure to draw imaginary side to side his back, never stopping his song. This was heaven, he thought, this was his personal heaven and the man touching him was an angel only for him.

‘’Sometimes I can’t believe that I have you by my side’’ He said, after a long while, his deep voice caught Wei Ying out of guard. He was always disposed to Lan Zhan speak about his feelings and thoughts, he rarely did, but he never pushed him to, it was surprising to let heard him speaking with an opened heart. ‘’I’m scared’’ He confessed, ashamed. 

‘’Scared of what?’’ Wei Ying would let him go at his own pace, but he knew when Lan Zhan silent was because he was insecure of how to say what it was torturing his mind. He kept his hands running along his back, neck and scalp as an encouragement to him to continue.

‘’Of open my eyes in the morning and realized that you and A-Yuan are not real’ He had to call him every morning, see their faces through a screen, just to remind himself that that was his family, his and only his. ‘’I fear that someday you would go away, as mother, as father’’. Oh…! Wei Ying pressed his lips slowly to his forehead, not kissing, just enough to let him feel support.

‘’Sadly for you, we are not going anywhere. ‘’ Lan Zhan hugged him tighter, and for a moment his lungs had a issue to expand. ‘’I know that it was difficult for you, my love, I know your pain, but we are not leaving. Not now, not in ten years. Even if we die, I can assure you that we would be right next to you, because we love you so much to leave you behind’’. Lan Zhan shook his head. 

‘’I’m not strong enough to see you die, I couldn’t, I would end my life if it happens’’ Lan Zhan said with pain in his voice, it hurt him so deeply, to hear him saying that kind of things, with a broken voice victim of painful memories that refused to let his beautiful husband in peace. 

‘’Let’s not think about that, alright? A-Yuan and I are too happy to have you with us to even think about such topics!’’ He laughed slightly because if he knew something, was he was Lan Zhan’s one of his strongest weakness. ‘’I love you’’ He said when Lan Zhan was not convinced enough. ‘’I love you so much, you know? I just don’t want you to forget it. You are the light that took me out of my dark times. I really don’t know what it would be of me if I hadn’t found you that day. I love you, and I would never leave you, okay? You understand that?’’ 

Lan Zhan nodded, still lacking a bit of confidence, but Wei Ying would never lie to him. ‘’I’m very happy to had find you before… That unfortunate situation. The world would have lost one of his brightest star that day’’ Now is Lan Zhan who kissed him, freeing Wei Ying from his weight, but cornering between his arms, as if Wei Ying would run away, and as if Wei Ying wanted to. ‘’I love you’’ Wei Ying smiled, that was an undeniable fact that everyone knew. ‘’You do not have any idea of how grateful I was the day you made my family grow in number; you would never understand the way my soul screamed full of joy, when I saw you holding A-Yuan for the first time. ‘’Wei Ying was not supposed to cry, because this was something very beautiful to hear, but he did it anyway. ‘’You do not know how much happiness I feel deep down in my heart every time I see you carry him around the house, when you speak to him and he speaks to you. My entire being crumbles and gets back again when I know that both of you are mine’’ The tip of his ears were deep red. He wasn’t the kind of person that said such love confessions, not that directly, he would never, but yet there he was. 

Wei Ying looked at him from where he was lying, caged. His gray eyes looking at his golden ones. Charmed. He was charmed by those gold eyes, made of the secrets of humanity. God. He looked  perfect and beautiful, as he declared his undying love, vulnerable. There was something else stuck in his throat but Lan Zhan didn’t have more words to expressed it, and he decided to meet his lips instead, hoping that maybe in this way he would understand how much his love burn in his soul. 

Wei Ying accepted, gladly, biting, moaning against his mouth. He missed this man terribly. He gasped when Lan Zhan bit back, and went down to marked his neck. ‘’Don’t be a savage!’’ He complained when Lan Zhan might sunk his teeth a bit too much, but he said nothing and Wei Ying shivered when he felt his hot tongue licking the offended skin. 

‘’Too much time without Wei Ying’’ The bastard said as it was a good excuse. 

‘’My ass’’ 

‘’There, as well?’’

‘’What? No! Don’t you dare!’’ 

He squirmed, doing an attempt to set himself free from his lustful husband, however, between him and Lan Zhan it was obvious who had the advantage; by the time he lost his energy straggling with him, Lan Zhan had thrown away his sweatpants, and he felt his hot breath in right cheek. ‘’Don’t bite me’’ it was half an order, half a plea.   

He moved backwards when there was not pain but a pull of pleasure. ‘’I miss you’’ He heard him say, but Wei Ying was too busy, covering his mouth, it would be the end of him if Lan Yuan was woken by him with his sounds.

‘’I hate you so… Ah!’’