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Nightmare Walking

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It took a month after the wedding, Ohm and Luke taking a week long honeymoon and strolling back into the castle with big smiles and a stack of magic books for Brock to look through. The royal advisor was glad to take the multitude of books, flipping through them to find the final part of the spell he would need. 

The annoying part of the spell Craig had put on Mark was it was a spell meant for spirits and ghosts, helping them communicate with their loved ones. They never had a body to go back to once the spell was released, and therefore could escape once the mirror was shattered. 

But they had found Mark’s body- albite cold and still, and it was clear that he could go back to it. 

The only question remaining was how .


Sitting with their comatose friend- settled nicely in a glass coffin (Ohm's idea once again; this time for aesthetics ). Brock kept looking over to him as he read the through the books- Mark actually keeping him company as he appeared in the face of the mirror- having gotten used to seeing his body without him in it.

Ohm brought him cookies at some point- munching on a few as he handed the plate over; earning a bit of a glare from the advisor.


"That two weeks did not stop me from liking cookies."

"I purposely haven't been stress baking to avoid this, Ohm."


“To avoid what? Good food?” Ohm tapped a cookie against his lips. “You can still eat something sweet and stay in shape, pal.”

Brock sighed, pushing the plate to the edge of the table. “Thank you for the cookies, but I’ll pass.”

The king sighed and rested his chin on Brock’s shoulder, the pudginess slightly fading from his face. “What’re you stuck on?”

“Trying to find how to raise the dead.” Moo only half-joked. “Want to help?”


"Tempting..." Ohm moved from Brock's shoulder to the floor completely, grabbing at one of the books with his non cookie holding hand. "I do have a lot of paperwork I don't want to do."

"Perfect!" Mark exclaimed, coming into view from the edge of the mirror with a broad grin. "Finally some decent company-"


"Kidding, kidding." Dark brown eyes flickered towards the plate. "You save a cookie for me, Ohm?"


“I mean, I can’t promise it won’t be stale, but sure.” The king laughed and scooched one of the cookies to the center of the plate. “Hey, Mark?”

“What’s up?”

“Mirror Mirror on the wall-“

“Jesus Christ Ohm not again -“

“Who’s the fairest of them all?”

“Brock.” The mirror instantly answered. “Still.”

The advisor sighed, but hid his smile in his book, flipping through the pages. “Ohm, stop forcing him to answer questions.”

“Are you advising me or asking me?” Ohm laughed, but still reached up to pat the edge of the mirror in apology. 

They spent the next hour browsing through books, marking pages they thought could be of help, until Brock let out a call of victory.


"AHA!" He held up the spellbook and clambered to his feet- swaying his hips in a little victory dance, skirt swishing with the action. Brown and green eyes followed his movement, each filled with excitement and adoration.

"I can do the spell! I know exactly what I need to do! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!" 

"You're a dork." Ohm said, though pride swelled deep in his chest as his friend danced around the room- twirling around the mirror with such grace that made Ohm quite sure he was the fairest of them all.


“So what if I am?” Brock teased. “I still know more magic than you.”

“That’s not fair!” Ohm immediately protested, but him and his pout were drowned out by the wave of giggles from the mirror and the ex-prince. 

“Okayokayokay!” Brock gushed, finger landing in the center of the book. “Uh, looks like I’ll need some ingredients for a salve, but the spell itself is pretty simple.” Hazel eyes scanned the pages, his smile breaking into a smirk. “Ingredients... blood from the spellcaster, sunflower seeds.” He paused.

Ohm leaned in eagerly at the smirk that crossed his friend’s face. “What else?”

“A dragon scale and a werewolf hair. Those are the other two ingredients. We’re the luckiest people alive!”


"I feel very lucky." Mark deadpanned, causing Ohm to break into titters of laughter; Brock's face going red a bit.

"Okay so being trapped in a mirror isn't great but I can get you out- and you should preserve your youth if I do this right." He turned to Ohm- already with the charm and pouty eyes on thick. "Can you go get the ingredients while I start the ritual? Please? I need to do a lot of arts and crafts with my blood here."


Ohm swooned at the sight of the Brocky dog eyes, cooing at Brock as he rushed out of the study. Brock giggled, Mark clucking his tongue. 

“You’re way too good at that. It scares me.”

“It comes naturally.” The advisor shrugged, and winked as he sliced open the pad of his thumb with a paper cut. In hindsight, it was probably a terrible idea, but it worked for the moment, Brock sliding open the glass coffin to smear the blood on Mark’s forehead in a circle.


"I've got cooties now, thanks Brock." The man commented- and after all this time spent with the seer, he was really starting to understand why Jack liked the guy so much.

The prince did a few more dots and runes on his skin, humming some cheery tune under his breath before he responsed to the mirror.

"I don't have cooties- and even if I did aren't they transmitted by kissing anyways?"

"Well if that's the case then maybe I want cooties."


Brock scoffed, leaning down and pressing a kiss to Mark’s hand, making eye contact with the mirror as he did so. “Does that satisfy his royal court wizard?”

The mirror retreated back a bit, face hidden by the reflective surface around him. “Fuck.”

The advisor giggled, squeezing his thumb a bit to dab polka dots of blood down Mark’s color bone. “Mirror mirror on the wall-“

“Oh, not you too-“

“Who’s the cutest of them? I’d say you.”


"I'm not legally obligated to answer-"

"Oh mirror mirror ~" He sang, twirling back over to the spellbook. "I asked you a question."

"And I'm biased!"

"Fine then, don't answer it." Brock started muttering some incantations that ended the topic rather quickly- and distantly the prince wondered why it was taking Ohm so long to return.


“Toonzy, I have to get back to Brock-“

“But you smell so good.” Luke muttered, burying his nose into his husband’s hair. Yellow eyes were blown wide even as they narrowed, the scent of winter pine filling his (almost) full moon sensitive nostrils. “Can’t let you leave.”

“Luke.” Ohm said patiently, twisting out of the were’s grip, a thick piece of jet black hair clutched in his hand. “I’ll be back tonight to help you get to the dungeons if it gets too bad, okay?”

“Can I at least get a kiss before you go, Red?” Luke asked, and the pathetic whine that left his lips tugged on Ohm’s heartstrings. 

“Fine, one kiss and then I really need to go.”


One kiss seemed to turn into two; Luke not quite ready to get rid of the intoxicating taste of Ohm's pretty lips. Two turned into three, Ohm's hands fisting softly in the front of Luke's shirt; feeling silk and muscle in one grip.

They got... distracted- the hair, pearlescent scale and seeds forgotten on the bedside table as Ohm fell victim to the werewolf's charm.


It was an hour later Ohm was scurrying back into the study, hair and clothes mussed and wrinkled as he deposited the ingredients on the table with a sigh. 

Brock gave him an incredulous look as he did so, paper cut long since healed and blood long since dried. “Seriously?”

“It’s the full moon tomorrow.” Ohm weakly defended, a flush rising to his cheeks. “He can’t help himself.”

“You can.” Brock muttered, but a small smile pulled at his lips as he swiped the ingredients off the table.


"I really can't," A shrug accompanied with a laugh, Ohm smiling through the blush as he sat down on a free chair, making sure his pants and shirt were hiding the hickies and scratches. 

He caught Mark's gaze in the mirror and figured the lovebites weren't hidden well enough if the waggled brows had anything to do with it, the king cursing quietly under his breath as he watched Brock work his magic (literally). 

"Your boy toys still at Brian's castle?"

"Uh huh, duty calls." His magic wavered a bit but Brock reeled it back in. "You're distracting me Ohm."


“Sorry. You missing them?”

“They’ve been gone ever since you guys went on your honeymoon.” Brock said softly, and the golden magic flickered. He shook his head, steadying himself. John’s scale was clutched in his grasp, and he set it so it acted as a bowl to the sunflower seeds he gently dropped in. They were quickly ground into a pulp, Brock slicing his thumb open again to mix the blood with the seeds.


He then took the hair, gently laying it overtop of the alchemy mix, and Ohm could only watch in awe as more magic poured from his hands; flowing steady as a river as hurried over to Mark's body. The scale was placed in the center of the bloody circle; right on Mark's forehead- the scale immediately burning hot as soon as it touched the skin.

He muttered more of the incantations, more song than spell as the words were spoken softly under his breath. 

The mirror shattered once more; Ohm squeaking as he dove for cover away from the shards.


He peeked out when he heard the clinking of mirror shards finally settle, the king looking with wide green eyes at the sight before him. 

The body had sat up straight, brown eyes blown wide and popping thanks to the contrast of dried blood. Shaky hands ran themselves through his hair, and Ohm watched with amazement as Mark- the real Mark, not his face in a mirror, let out a shaky laugh. 

“Holy shit.”

“Welcome back.” Brock said, wincing as he pulled a small shard out of his arm. “How’s life so far?”


"Not too bad." The wizard laughed, maybe a bit too enthusiastically but neither Ohm nor Brock would judge. He swung his legs over the side of his makeshift coffin and shakily planted his feet on the ground, cold stone and unused limbs making it a bit hard to stand; but he managed, grinning brightly despite the awkwardness and pain that settled heavy in his bones.


Brock and Ohm quickly rushed him, steadying their new old friend as he wobbled a bit, a deep laugh escaping his lips. 

“I’m good, guys. Just a bit of a headache.”

“You’ve been trapped in mirror for... how long? You shouldn’t be standing.” Ohm mothered, taking over Brock’s role briefly as the advisor pulled glass from his body. “And just a headache? You’re shaking.”


"With excitement!" 

"And probably dehydration." Brock muttered, hissing when another shard was plucked from his back- this time from the hands of their king."Can we do this later, Ohm?"

"I can multitask!" The king swore vehemently keeping a firm arm still around Mark too as he picked another shard of glass out despite Brock's protests.


“Help Mark first- I can help myself.” Brock said softly, and Ohm pursed his lips, pulling out a particularly jagged piece. 

“I can help myself as well, guys.” Mark said, amused expression on his face. “You two sound like my parents.”

The king and his advisor both flushed red with embarrassment, exchanging glances. 

“Fine. I’ll help him.”

“Thank you.” Brock said, and continued tugging his own shards out.


Brock pulled away for a moment- letting Ohm take lead and help Mark around the room, heading off quickly down the hall to see if he couldn't fill the basin and wash the blood from his shoulders.

The king had gotten Mark to the point where he could comfortably walk on his own- at least for now. If he used some magic to boost hinself up Ohm didn't say a word, just smiling and sending encouraging words Mark's way. 

"You wanna take a stroll with me, Mr. Wizard?"


“That’s Mr. Seer to you, peasant.” Mark said pompously, and it sends them both off into giggles. “Where to?”

“Outside? It’s summer, after all.”

“That sounds like a wonderful idea.” Mark blinked a few times shaking his head. “Woah.”

Ohm had already started to lead him out of the room, but paused to look back at his friend. “What’s up?”

“Vision? I think?”


"You think ?"

"It's been a while since I've been in my own body, give me a break." The grip on Ohm's upper arm tightened ever so slowly- Mark's face going a bit red; from exertion or the vision, Ohm wasn't sure.



"I-" Mark paused, his fluffy hair bouncing everywhere as he shook his head- as if trying to clear the vision from his head. "I'd wash up before seeing your husband."


“What?” Ohm moved his hand to a comforting grip on Mark’s shoulder. “What does that mean?”

“I can’t interpret visions, just give them.” Mark muttered, and blinked furiously. “Just- take a bath, okay?”

Ohm frowned but agreed, shoving that interesting fact to the back of his head as he helped Mark to the door outside. 

It was beautiful outdoors, sunshine gleaming down hot on them, yet a cool breeze still tickled their skin. Mark bathed in it all, tan skin lit up by the rays of sun.


With a happy grin the wizard fell onto his back, letting warm grass cushion his fall as he titled his head back- smelling flowers and dirt and everything he had missed during his entrapment in the mirror. He felt a body fall next to him a moment later, turning his head with a bright laugh when he saw Ohm joining him.

"You see that cloud up there?"

"Uh huh."

"Pretty sure its shaped like a boner."


There was a brief second before Ohm burst into giggles, scandalized as he pushed at Mark. 

“First thing you do when you get out of your mirror is make a dick joke? Can’t wait to get to know you better.”

The seer arched his back like a cat to take in more sun, stretching out in the grass. “I mean, I know you pretty well. Wait, no, that sounds really creepy-“

The king just shoved him again, soft laughs falling from his lips. 

“You’re an idiot. No wonder Jack considered you family. It must run in the blood.”


"Best friends are idiots together," The man joked, turning a bit away from Ohm- expression unreadable with the angle and the glare from the sun; which was probably going to burn them if they didn't head for the shade in a bit.

Ohm wasn't worried; knowing he'd just havr another healthy sprinkling of freckles on his cheeks and shoulders the next morning.


They stayed in silence for a few good minutes, peaceful and calm as they looked up at the clouds with content expressions.

Until Brock sped out into the garden, a gleeful expression on his face as he bounded over to them.

"Guys!" He called, and Ohm quickly propped himself up to look at his friend. Moo was waving at them with the same spell book they had found the spell in before, cleaned of all glass wounds. "You'll never guess the cool spell I just found!"


"Cool spell, huh?" Mark asked, lifting his head so he could properly see the prince fast approaching. "It better not be a truth spell; Craig already dicked me over with that one. Not sure if it wore off now that I'm back, actually."

Ohm turned to him with mischief in his eyes- Mark's own widening ever so slightly in fear as Brock continued walking over.

"Let's see if you're still cursed!"

"Ohm don't you dare your royal pain in my ass -"


"Mirror Mirror on the wall," Ohm quickly said before Mark could stop him, dodging the hand aiming to cover his mouth. "Who's the fairest of them all?"

"Brock." Mark said immediately, brown eyes narrowing at the king. "Oh, you motherfucker-"

"Mirror Mirror on the wall, who do you find to be the cutest of them all?"

"Brock." Mark said again, a plead in his eyes that had Ohm laughing manically. 

"Okay, we'll figure out a way to take that off of you. Brock, what did you find?"


The prince blushed as he heard the last bit of the conversation, hiding dark cheeks in the pages of his spellbook.

"A uh. Spell of invisibility- that can be cast on objects or people. I don't see a counter spell to it; so that's kind of an issue if I were to cast it on a person..." He bookmarked the page anyway before the books snapped shut, Brock carefully tucking it under his arm before gently taking a seat next to the others on the grass; almost immediately surrounded by a few woodland creatures.


"I mean, that's pretty useful for hiding things like towers." Ohm commented, reaching out to scratch a fox on the head. "Or weapons."

"Ew." Brock made a face, leaning into Mark as he looked up at the sky. "I'm not a weapons person, thank you very much. Also, imagine how weird that would be- you could grab your sword by the blade and hurt yourself!"

The seer blushed faintly, brown eyes snapping to a smug Ohm. "That actually sounds pretty funny."


"You know who would agree with me?" Brock sat up to send a brief glare Ohm's way before he settled back down. "Gorilla. Polite demon, sweet as pie. He's sensible. I miss him-"

"You only like him so much because he's a mom friend just like you!" 

"You take that back." Hazel eyes held no malice even with he glare, the prince trying his damned hardest not to crack a smile.


"Mom friend." Ohm sang. "Momma Brock. Momma Moo." His green eyes lit up. "Mooma."

"Stop." Brock weakly protested, failing miserably at holding back his smile. "Otherwise I'll tell Luke where you're ticklish."

The king gasped. "You wouldn't."

"I could go tell him right now, I'm sure he would appreciate that the day before a full moon."

The two best friends dissolved into bright laughs and smiles, an unknown joke shared between them as Mark was left utterly bewildered. He had a lot to catch up on, it seemed, and it also seemed he wasn't going to do it today, Ohm standing up and stretching out.

"Speaking of Toonzy, I promised to go check in on him tonight." He held up his hand before Mark could say anything. "And yes, I'll take a bath before, even if I still don't know why. Talk to you guys later?"


"Course," Brock sent a smile his way; one that was probably too friendly- and Ohm should have guessed the little shit was up to something. "I'd say I'll see you for dinner but I'm sure you'll be busy tonight eating something else-" 


"Bye Ohm!"