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An Informal Fan Meetup with Jim Beaver

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It had been a long day at the convention center for Jim Beaver.

As per his friendly nature, he’d lingered a bit after dinner and walked the floor hall- having impromptu and chance meetups with fans. He was easy to pick out in the crowd, dressed in an old Deadwood branded cap, his usual horn rimmed glasses, ‘Singer Salvage’ branded black tee shirt, leather jacket, well worn jeans, and comfortable sneakers. Ever the genteel entertainer, he stayed quite late, eager to make sure to have as many little meet and greets as he could. Of course, eventually even the late night crowds thinned out, and it was time to head back to the hotel. Exhausted, a bit sweaty, and thoroughly footsore- he plodded his way back to the main hall entryway to call up an Uber Black back to the hotel.

Thankfully, it didn’t take much time for the ride to arrive- a large Chevy SUV with tinted windows. He promptly climbed into the backseat. He greeted his driver, who the app had informed him was named Ed, to confirm it was the right pick-up. Ed was a brawny guy- dressed in a tight fitting muscle tee and pair of black jeans. He had a close shaven beard and a face and a build like a linebacker- dwarfing even the already large driver’s seat. After making sure Jim was settled and buckled in, he turned around, squinting in apparent recognition.

“Hey, Whitney Ellsworth from Deadwood, right?”

Jim’s eyes perked up, as even then he’d started to doze off and space out- the comfy seat and air conditioning already having an effect on him. “What…? Oh er, yeah actually.” He smiled, properly tickled to be recognized as someone other than Bobby Singer for the day. “You a big fan? Usually people peg me for Supernatural or Justified, don’t seem to be as many folks into Westerns lately.”

Ed beamed, apparently starstruck at the sight of one of his favorite characters. “Oh you bet- been a while- almost didn’t recognize ya at first, ‘til you piped up. Shame how they did your character dirty like that. How’s the convention going for ya? I’m a bit of a TV buff so it’s been fun trying to pick out the actors everywhere.”

The old man smiled and shrugged. “Well, I’m kinda used to it. When you get typecast as the ‘likeable old man’ of a show you tend to expect you’ll get offed for audience tissues somewhere down the line. Right touchin’ that it affects so many fans, though I wish my ‘deaths’ weren’t so impactful on my paycheck.” He gave a hearty laugh, though it was a bit blunted by his exhaustion.

“Well, I’d still be flattered. You make quite the impression even if ya don’t have the most screentime.” Ed turned to take a look at his mounted phone- eyeing the screen for the route and time to destination. “Just a quick little ride huh, betcha glad to be getting some rest! Well I’m not gonna chat your ear off too bad here. Now if y’like there’s some snacks and drinks back there- help yourself. Phone charger and all that in the center console too.”

As much as a soft spot as Jim had for his fans, he was grateful for the reprieve, smiling his thanks for Ed’s consideration. “Don’t mind if I do…” It seemed like he’d lucked out with the ride- it wasn’t always that snacks and drinks were part of the package, but when they were they were greatly appreciated. His brows perked when he reached down into the cooler to find his favorite Dr. Pepper in stock. It wasn’t the diet variety, but of course his wife and daughter weren’t around to scold him for it. Settling into his seat, he crossed his legs and opened the bottle, taking a quick swig before drawing his cap down a little over his eyes. With how tired he was he hardly noticed the wave of dizziness that hit him almost immediately- the drugged beverage wiping him out like a light before they even got to the first intersection.


When Jim woke up it was dark all around, save for a spotlight trained directly on him. Because of that light he couldn’t see anything else or make out how big the room was, but he could hear muffled voices and breathing from all directions. He was on a hard concrete floor- a pair of metal handcuffs binding his wrists above his head. The air had a sterile quality to it, cool and air conditioned. It was a bit chilly- but he was still dressed in the clothing from the convention center. His voice was slurred when he tried to speak- a side effect of the drugs that had been used to knock him out.

“W-what…? Whe-where am I…? What is this…?” Still dazed, he tried to get up, but his head was still spinning.

Ed’s voice came from behind him- toned with a certain dark smugness. “Seems like a couple fans a’yours didn’t get enough of ya at the convention- bought out some personal time, paid quite the pretty price too…”

Realization began to dawn on the actor slowly and he thrashed- still too disorientated to move to stand, not that it would’ve been easy to begin with, with his hands bound. “Wh-what…!? S-someone help!! HELP!!”

Big arms moved in from behind to pin Jim, and something cool and metallic soon pressed against his cheek. Glancing down, the old man saw it to be the blade of a wickedly large and keen hunting knife. “Now, now Jim. I wouldn’t put up too much fight- we’re just gonna have a little fun with ya… You should be used to this- lots of your character’s stories don’t end too happily, do they?” Ed drew the knife’s dull side threateningly across Jim’s soft throat- rubbing the hairs of his beard there. Flipping the blade around, he pressed the point down over the softness of the older man’s chest- pressing the hard flat right over his heart, then aiming the point threateningly at the vulnerable gut below. All the while he crooned softly in the prone man’s ears, still gripping him tight, his hot, alcohol laced breath washing over Jim’s terrified face.

Jim drew breath in a panicked sob, biting his lower lip as he watched the brandished blade move and twist over his body- gasping as the point aimed back at his stomach. Instead of continuing his thrashing he remained as still as he could- afraid to even breathe, though his face was already getting red from the pressure and heat of Ed’s grip. “O-okay- I get it. I’ll do what you want, just- just don’t hurt me.” For the most part the old man was still holding it together and keeping up a brave face. There was a hint of panic in his voice and it came in a rather hurried, panicked whisper, but it was still the familiar growl he carried in his roles. Perspiration beaded on his flushed face- the smell of his sweat starting to waft through his cologne and deodorant, mingling with the earthier tones of his leather jacket.

“Hah! That’s the good news- you won’t have to do much at all, ‘cept hold still. ‘fraid there’s no paycheck at the end of this stage show for ya though- but who knows, you might enjoy yourself after all…” Ed leaned over to make sure the old actor got a look at his toothy smirk before he drew back a little- still bracing Jim’s arms- keeping the blade in threatening view.

There was a click from an unseen switch nearby, and the house lights went on. It was still dim, but Jim could clearly make out where the sounds of the hushed murmuring and breathing were coming from. There were maybe a dozen men or so- mostly large and solidly built, though varying in size within that range. They were rather typically dressed- just an assortment of t-shirts and jeans or slacks, maybe a ball cap here and there. They were a range of different ethnicities, and they seemed of varying ages, skewing a bit towards the older side. Several wore stubble or full beards- the group looking rather blue-collar and rough around the edges. Some had their phones out- snapping pictures of the prone actor, some holding their devices more steady and obviously recording video. The room was thick with their scent- sweat, cheap soap, and cheap shampoo. The space in total wasn’t very big - just a nondescript concrete room with a drain or two and no other features aside from ceiling mounted lighting.

Jim wasn’t certain what was happening, until the closest pair of men took the initiative. One was big, bearded and bald, the other a medium sized, crew cut sort of fellow. Four rough arms and hands further braced the old actor’s solid frame- groping at his belly and chest. With Ed bracing his arms and his wrists cuffed to begin with he couldn’t do anything but buck and thrash. A fierce glare crossed his face and he yelled out, as those fingers started to grasp and grab. “Don’t you touch me…! N-no… What’re you…?! Get the fuck off me…!!!”

“Shhhh… Settle down or I’ll start testin’ how sharp this baby is…” Ed moved to press the blade of his knife down on Jim’s cheek- almost like a straight razor. He pressed it close into the red flushed skin and nicked a few beard hairs off- letting the actor know just how deadly the weapon was…

The old man went quiet and held his breath- just gasping intermittently as the other two men shoved up his Singer Salvage tee- revealing his hairy torso.

As much as he’d opted for healthier habits as part of his career, Jim was still subject to the softness of age and relatively soft living. His pectorals drooped a little, his pinkish nipples firmed in the cool air and poking just free of his ample chest hair. His rounded belly hung a little over his belt buckle, an attractive treasure trail winding tantalizingly down under the waistband of his jeans. His two assailants moved in lecherously- callused, rough hands groping and rubbing and squeezing at the soft pink skin- their faces moving in to smell and mouth at the prone man. Jim sobbed and cried out- but only so loudly as Ed pressed the blade warningly once more. “…A-AGGHH!”

Rough fingers took both of his sensitive nipples and worked them thoroughly- stroking and squeezing, nails flicking gently at the pert nubs, fingertips drawing slow circles around the wrinkled areolas. Jim whimpered and gasped, protesting through clenched teeth- his voice a harsh growl. “S-stop…! Get off…!” It seemed that fell on deaf ears, but some of the other men seemed excited by his reaction- leaning in with their phones to get video and photos of his red, strained, sweaty face. Jim arched his neck back and bit his lower lip as he felt stubbled jaws and rough lips moving in on his skin- snuffling as they smelled his flesh, pervertedly savoring the sweat pang from under his arms, mouthing and lapping wetly until they reached further down his chest. Those wet mouths engulfed his nipples- suckling deeply, then roughly biting and pulling- forcing the overwhelmed old man to thrash and buck- his glasses clattering to the concrete at his side and crunching as they were carelessly trod on.

While Jim was panicking as the men worked his chest he was easy prey for the others who moved in. Unable to see beyond his first two assailants’ bodies, he wasn’t able to easily kick or twist away from the other men- his thrashing legs soon grabbed and pinned by strong pairs of hands and arms. In that prone position he couldn’t put up much fight, his weakness further worsened by the effects of the drugging. There was some initial groping of his groin and backside through his pants- but the crowd seemed impatient. Hurriedly they tore off his shoes and threw them aside, yanking off his socks and unbuckling his belt. His jeans and plaid boxers were pulled off and discarded- leaving the actor completely bare beneath the waist.

Ed chuckled darkly as he continued to hold Jim steady and watch as the assault proceed, eyeing the old man’s clenched, trembling fists while he kept that knife trained on his ageworn face.

Tears of frustration and humiliation streamed from Jim’s steely blue eyes, their rims red from strain as he continued to bite back groans and moans as his nipples were continuously suckled, bitten, and tugged- the poor, sensitive nubs of flesh reddening, the two men grotesquely leaving bruising teeth marks all over the soft, hairy flesh.

Down below there was a veritable frenzy of activity- the other men snapping more pictures and video of Jim’s lower body. More of his musky scent wafted into the air, though it was overshadowed by the growing, heavy, humid odor of the mens’ sweat and alcohol laced breath. Groping hands squeezed at the old man’s hips and thighs as he continued to writhe, squeezing at the hairy skin- moving up to yank and grab at his groin- tugging at the wiry hair of his bush and painfully grasping at his vulnerable penis and balls.

Jim’s length was still soft- but was getting forced firm as his chest was worked over. Insidious fingers squeezed at the thick shaft- pulling at the foreskin- a roughly padded thumb dexterously rubbing at the sensitive glans beneath. Another man dove in further, mouthing and biting at his groin, savoring the earthier odor and scent of his thick pubic hair- shifting down to mouth at the old man’s plump balls while the rest of the crowd each stole a fondle and grab at his dick. Jim sobbed as he felt his lower body getting bodily lifted and held- his bare legs and feet kicking weakly in the air as he was propped up.

There was a powerful, lecherous aggression thick in the air- the men grunting hungrily and tossing in lewd jeers as they assaulted the old actor.

“Hold him still- work those tits raw…!”

“He’s awfully old, think he can still get it up?”

“Look, he’s startin’ to leak a bit, grab his shaft more!”

“Hey, wasn’t his catchphrase ‘balls’ on the show? Give ‘em a good squeeze!”

With the old man so helplessly pinned and overwhelmed, Ed drew the knife away, letting him go with a pat of the blade to the forehead. “Now just remember, you cooperate, and I won’t feel the need to cut on you- you give these folks some good entertainment, we might just let you go at the end of this.”

Jim nodded weakly- his strained, tear streaked face craning back to stare daggers into his captor, quaking with a horrible combination of silent rage, fear and panic. Ed just laughed further, moving his own big, rough hand to rub and stroke at the old man’s soft beard and cheeks. In anger Jim lunged up and made to bite at Ed’s hand, but stopped short, too scared to show any further defiance with the knife so close by. Sobbing and quaking in frustration, he had to press his teeth into his lower lip to hold back his moans as the crowd worked him over with increasing fervor and perversion.

“Unhhh… Aggnnhh.. N-no… St-Stop…Pl—Pleas…Unghhh!!” Jim wrenched his head back as he felt overwhelmed- mouths seemingly all over his body coming from all angles. After Ed had moved away his head was free, and for a moment he relieved the soreness in his shoulders by settling back. His kidnapper chuckled, standing up straight, his footsteps soon trailing off into the distance as he made his way to the door. “Don’t you go missing me now, Mr. Beaver, we’ll have our time together sooner or later, but I gotta be polite and let our guests have first dibs, now don’t I?” With that the door slammed.

It seemed like Jim would have a brief respite, but he was soon snatched up again. Crying and grunting weakly he tried to pull his head away as more men came in from above, mouthing and kissing at his face- prying his jaws open and pressing their fingers over his tongue and teeth. Their faces were cold and uncaring as Jim’s panicked blue eyes stared up at them, hot tears continuing to stream from the corners of his wrinkled eyelids as he lay helpless. The pair at his chest had moved on to double team his forced erection- stubbled mouths lapping up and down his shaft, one playing with his foreskin and purple tip while the other moved down to suckle at his balls. Another pair of men took over at his chest- while others roved all over the rest of his exposed body- further pushing up his Singer Salvage tee and jacket, groping and mouthing everywhere where his hairy, pink skin was exposed. They savored his scent and odor- tasting the skin under his arms, and in the insides of his thighs. Even his hands and feet weren’t spared- lecherous kisses pressing over his clenched knuckles, others lecherously working over the soles of his feet and suckling at his toes.

Meanwhile rough fingers prized open his buttocks and stroked at the hairy cleft within. He could hear one of the men spit into his hands and soon a saliva coated fingertip started to push and tease at the tight pucker. Jim whimpered, unable to protest or cry out as the others were already working his mouth- painfully holding his jaws open- getting a feeling for how strong he was and whether or not he still had fight left in him- yanking and stroking teasingly at his pale beard as they did so.

Down below those fingers worked and played with Jim’s tight pucker- his muscles contracting and his hips bucking as he tried in vain to escape that horrible, invading sensation. His muffled cries and groans grew louder in protest as those impatient digits pressed into him painfully- heedless of any bruising they’d cause as they forced him open- yanking in and out from the first, second, then third knuckles with a grotesque, wet plopping sound. There was the sound of a plastic cap being opened- muffled voices talking about passing around the lube, and without warning a slicked up penis shoved into the old man’s ass.

Jim’s blue eyes went wide as he screamed- for a moment full volume as he lurched out of the grasp of the group at his head.


His voice was abruptly cut off as strong arms grasped and squeezed on his throat- causing him to convulse and tense. For a moment he thought they were going to kill him outright, his vision going blurry, mouth silently and desperately gasping for air. The pressure soon relented and he was allowed some gaping, greedy breaths- but the men’s intention was soon revealed. Further weakened, his head was easily braced- fingers gripping Jim’s bearded chin and yanking his mouth wide while another man stood up and unzipped- unceremoniously pushing his dark skinned erection into the gaping maw.

Jim screamed again, but was too weak and scared to bite down or fight back- only left to his muffled groans and desperate efforts to keep breathing as the cock in his mouth started to push deeper and deeper- painfully bruising his throat and shoving it open. The old man’s eyes rolled up as his consciousness wavered- the other hands around his head pulling off his cap and stroking his balding head, gripping him steady while they angled his neck and skull to better receive the thrusting.

The old actor was a sorry sight- a cock pounding down his throat, while another man had him mounted from below- plowing his virginal asshole open without mercy or remorse. As Jim focused hard on trying to keep breathing, he screwed his eyes shut- still softly uttering muffled sobs into the flesh buried into his throat- desperately wishing to wake up from the dreadful nightmare.

However despite his strain and the continued attention to the rest of his body, he jolted up as sharp pain wracked his abdomen. The man below was of rather modest size, but even that forced entry was excruciating for Jim’s inexperienced hole. Heedless of the damage he was doing, the man pushed and shoved his cock into the old actor- indifferent to the pain and harm he was causing, made obvious by the piques of Jim’s voice with each thrust- as well as the dribbling rivulet of blood that seeped from the hairy cleft.

Despite the pain, Jim’s penis was forced to stubborn hardness- even as he was fucked from both ends. The men working his body roved all around, sucking his shaft and nipples alternatively, giving him absolutely no reprieve as the men at his throat and ass slowly increased their pace. His sobbing and crying gave way to guttural groans as he struggled to breathe- his body wracked with tension as he was overwhelmed by sensations of pain and horribly violating warmth. His poor prostate hadn’t received any real attention save for his last proctologist’s exam, so the sensation of a penis ramming up alongside it was too much for him to bear.

He quivered and shook violently when the man fucking his mouth came- his throat seizing up. He nearly passed out and choked right there, cum sputtering up into his mouth- painfully forcing its way out of his nostrils and running down his beard. He blacked out for a few moments as the men jeered loudly- slapping him across the face to revive him so he could suffer the sensation, taste, and odor of the cum dribbling out of his mouth and nose- soaking and matting into his mustache and beard. It didn’t take long for the man below to finish as well – a startled sob escaping from Jim’s mouth as he felt that release deep inside of him, despite all the pain and heat welling up from his loins.

For a moment he was allowed to catch his breath, but they soon set on him again. Noting his rigid erection they instead worked on forcing him to cum. To get the best view they let a man hoist him up from behind- working his nipples with his fingers while another man skillfully fingered him with his right hand, his left hand rhythmically jerking Jim’s cock. The phones came out again in greater number in anticipation as they snapped pictures and video as the old actor grew increasingly flushed and strained.

Jim was a sorry sight- his bare feet gripped tightly and legs spread to give the crowd a better angle for the show- his solid frame resting in the lap of a burly tradesman as he worked his nipples with his thick, callused fingers. His bare head was being petted and stroked patronizingly, his wispy remaining hair mussed up as much as it could be. His thick jacket was still carelessly left on- his handcuffs making it too much of a hassle to remove, as well as his Singer Salvage tee, that had been pushed up to his neck to give access to his hairy chest. Cum still oozed from his mouth into his beard- as well as from his leaking ass, flecked with both cum and blood around his badly bruised cheeks and hole. His eyes were strained shut, only now and then a peek of blue as he looked in fear and pleading desperation to those around him. However he was getting close, and the strain caused him to buck back and sob. The hand at his cock worked his seven inches furiously, the other pressing deep inside his abused hole. His penis bore an lewd curve to its length as it grew painfully hard- the reddish pink, veiny shaft glistening with slicked saliva, his purplish head already leaking pre.

“UNGGHHHH!!!” When Jim came it was a veritable fountain- his pungent load spraying wildly and spattering over his belly and chest. There was a loud, jeering cheer from the crowd. He quaked and convulsed- sobbing and begging for them to stop as they continued to work his over sensitive penis as he spurted more and more. Even after his ejaculation had finished the cruelly stroked at him- letting him scream and wail at full volume until he was left weak and quivering.

The old actor laid still while he was gawked at- spattered with his own cum in addition to his sorry dishevelment. He shook his head weakly as the group crowded in again- smearing that cum all over his hairy belly and chest- scooping it up and pressing into his face as he weakly struggled and pushed at them.

“Swallow it slut! Swallow it!” They cruelly commanded, yelling at him and holding him down. Frightened and cowed, he obeyed- those rough fingers forcing into his bearded maw and pressing his own semen onto his tongue. Dazed from his strain and orgasm, he went largely limp. From there he was easily hoisted up again.

Sobbing quietly and slowly shaking his head, his ageworn face was a mask of distress and pleading. Forcing him onto his hands and knees, the group readied him to be mounted again- a different man taking his mouth, and another unceremoniously penetrating him from behind. All the while he was groped and stroked by the others as they took turns fondling him and fucking him. The ones who couldn’t get in to touch freely talked and taunted and recorded it all on their phones.

It went on for hours- the men intermittently shifting Jim to different positions for better access- filling him from both ends with their own cum, while also forcing the old actor to orgasm several times as well. They didn’t get any gentler as the night went on- opting to choke him every now and then, leaving horrible bruises all over his solid frame. In all the chaos and suffering he lost track of time, only realizing they were done and every man had had his turn when they finally released their hold on him- letting his broken body slump in the corner of the room.

As one final, horrible violation and act of disrespect, they then held him steady, surrounding him from angles and blocking out the light as he weakly stared up at them. Gasping and sobbing, he held up his hands to shield himself- his wrinkled face bearing bruises- his beard utterly saturated with cum, saliva, and sweat- blood trickling down from his nostril. Not knowing what to expect, he pleaded.

“P-please… N-no more… Just sto-…!! Urgghh…Aghhh…!”

An acrid stream hit him square in the face, stinging his blue eyes and forcing him to turn to the side. Then came another stream, and another as the group of men took turns pissing on the old, broken actor as he cried out and writhed in the corner of the room. As he sobbed he couldn’t help but catch some in his mouth- the horrible taste and humiliation causing him to cough and choke more, making him an even easier target.

When they’d finally finished and left him soaking, he collapsed, eyes blank, mouth gaping for air over the stench as he crawled away from the mess- jacket and shirt soaked, forcing the piss to cling onto him as he weakly dragged himself to the center of the room.

Thoroughly satisfied, the men chuckled and conversed as if they’d just watched a football game- making lewd jokes and sharing choice shots they’d gotten of Jim’s rape. Of course, they added a few more to their galleries as they snapped shots of the old man’s prone body at their feet- waving tauntingly as they watched his consciousness fade as he finally passed out- his eyes rolling up and closing, drool seeping from his bearded maw.

After a short while longer of jovial conversing, the men slowly filed out of the room- turning out the lights. Jim was left in darkness, soaked in piss, cum, blood, and spit- utterly exhausted and used up.


Despite a desperate and perplexing search, Jim was never found. His kidnappers had done a thorough job of erasing any trace of his abduction- no doubt well connected and funded at various levels.

It was thought the old actor would never be seen again.

That was, until the videos of his gangrape were uploaded to various dark corners of the internet. Conveniently his assailants faces were all blurred out- but his own visage was clear and in-focus- giving the public a horrific, front seat show to Jim’s fate. As much as they tried, the authorities attempted to prevent circulation of the images and video, or glean some clues as to where he had been taken. Unfortunately it was all for naught, and those videos were all that would remain of the poor old man- that last, humiliating footage a grim bookend to his on-camera career.