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Summer Fevers

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Bakugou was annoyed. One, the AC had gone out which left the dorms uncomfortably warm and sticky. It was slowly getting closer to summer and the end of the school year. One more year to go and hopefully they replace the shitty AC they had here. It would be a lot less of a pain in the ass if they did so. But what came to make his mood slightly saltier was the fact that Kaminari was here. The dumbass had begged him to help him study so he could pass this test. Apparently Bakugou was the only reason he was passing at this point. But now he had been stood up and he could’ve been doing some jogging or sparring with Kirishima. It wasn’t like Kaminari to stand people up- even if he didn’t like someone, he would just show up just to be nice. Bakugou didn’t get why he would do something like that, but that wasn’t the problem here.

Kaminari was probably napping and needed to be awaken. Then they can get to studying like they had planned earlier.

The fact that Bakugou had to get up and go to the dunce’s room made him grumble some unkind things. Nothing he really meant thought. The grumpy blonde forced himself up from the desk in his room and gathered his notes together in his book bag. He shouldered the bag on and took his phone out to text the other blonde once more. Bakugou had sent about 5 messages so far and still haven’t gotten a response.

For once Kaminari wasn’t on his phone.

He grunted and just locked his phone, deciding it was a lost cause to try to get a hold of the other. Bakugou stepped out of his room and started down the hall, ignoring anyone who happens to be walking past him. There was no time for conversation. He had already wasted his time waiting. A growl rumbled in his throat and he clenched his jaw. Why the hell was he doing this again?


Kaminari was a friend. For some reason, the thought didn’t settle well with him and he felt a tightness in his chest. It was similar to what he felt at the training camp- the nervous and edginess that he felt through that whole event.

On the way, Bakugou used the stairs up to the next floor where Kaminari’s room was, huffing and puffing most of the way. A couple of more feet from the stairs and he was standing in front of the electric male’s room. Just to make sure there was no one over with Kaminari, he stood and tried to listen for sounds of video games and banter. There was nothing so it was probable that he was alone. So, he knocked.


He knocked again.

Still nothing. Now Bakugou would be lying if he denied that he was worried. It wasn’t like Kaminari was a deep sleeper when it comes to naps and for it to be so quiet. The invitation into the dorm room was an audible thud that came inside. What Bakugou seen wasn’t what he had expected.

On the floor was Kaminari. The blonde was curled up and whining, his cheeks a red tint while his skin was also a sickly pale. Kaminari was moving- but it was ever so slightly.

Bakugou furrowed his brows and took the book bag off of himself and threw it aside against a beanbag chair. He kneeled down next to the teen and pressed his hand against his forehead. This wasn’t good. The room felt about as hot as the outside did and Kaminari had a high fever. Bakugou needed to keep him cool or his body would shut down. Or maybe just take him to the nurse. Just to help decide what to do, he pressed his hand against his forehead and then each of his cheeks. Yeah, he had a fever alright.

He carefully wrapped his arms around Kaminari and lifted him off the floor, carrying him to the bed and sat him down. Bakugou gently held him up, glancing over once or twice when hearing some non-coherent mumbling.

“Now listen, fuckface. You’ve got a hell of a fever and your lucky we have a week off because holiday or I would be forced to take you to the nurse,” He started as he started to lift Kaminari’s shirt and stopped once realizing what this could look or seem like. “I’m going to take your shirt off and cut your pants into shorts. I need to keep you cool.”

Bakugou did just as he said. He made a surprisingly good caretaker if you ignored the crude language and mannerisms. The ash blonde made some soup and carefully spoon fed it to the weak male. He had also moved his fan into the room and opened the windows to get the air moving. When the other was more conscious of his surroundings, he might get him to take a semi-cold bath.

By the end of this whole ordeal, he was pooped. He crawled onto the bed, lounging on the side away from the wall, trapping Kaminari between him and the wall. Bakugou didn’t think much of this besides he was keeping the sicko on the bed. He would probably fall off otherwise. Whatever his reason was, he ended up drifting off to the white sound of whatever he had turned the T.V. onto and the more comfortable surroundings he was in.

Kaminari was feeling better even though he was half awake. It was all because that blonde angel that had been helping him in his sick delusions. He wouldn’t know it would be Bakugou in the morning. Bakugou would have probably forgotten he didn’t go back to his room by that time. So either way, the morning when they wake, there was surely a surprise waiting for everyone.

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Bakugou grunted as he opened his eyes to some movement, glancing over at the person next to him. It was the the sick blonde, his eyes parted slightly as he squirmed some more. He watched him for a few seconds, wondering if there was any signs of life besides the little squirms and whines. After those few seconds passed, he gently placed his hand on his forehead and felt that his fever had gone down a bit. That was good at least.

He started to pull his hand away and then his wrist was suddenly grabbed, causing his brows furrowed in a stiff expression. A garbled little mumble came from the blonde, only causing him to stiffen more.

“What the fuck do you want, shitface?”

There was silence and Kaminari brought his hand to his face, pressing it against the flushed skin. Bakugou clenched his jaw tightly as a whirlwind of emotions swam through his head and what felt like in his stomach. A few moments of internal battle and thinking, caused him to kinda just space out. Too much emotion for him to just suddenly deal with.

But the first coherent words slipped from the other’s mouth and he snapped out of it.

“’s hot, Kat..”

Bakugou just stared. Being called ‘Kat’ was new to him. But maybe he shouldn’t be too caught off guard. Kaminari was sick. He gently tugged his hand away from Kaminari, wincing at the little whine that was emitted.

“Okay, well, I can get you a cold rag or some medicine in an attempt to break the fever?” Bakugou offered, not sure what to really do. Maybe he should just bring him to the nurse and let her deal with this. But he seemed to be getting better. Unlike yesterday, he had a lower fever and was able to speak properly- well somewhat speak. But still, he was able to do a lot more.

A small nod was all he got.

Kaminari seemed to be conscious enough to respond to him. Good.

“I’m gonna go and get you some stuff.”

He started to move but when Kaminari clung onto him. “Don’t go..”

What the hell was wrong with him? Why was he all frozen and buzzing with new emotions? First it was the whole fucking thing with being called a nickname but now being asked to stay was like a dagger going through his heart. He wanted to stay?? But he knew he had to go and fetch everything he had mentioned earlier for Kaminari. That should be reason enough to go get all of that.

“I’ll be back, shitface. Just getting something.”

Kaminari whined but let go, allowing Bakugou to get up from where he was on the bed. He looked over at Kaminari and huffed, going to the bathroom. He got a clean hand towel from the counter and folded it, wetting it with cold water. The teen walked back to the sick one and moved him so he was laying on his back. Then he placed the wet rag on his head, watching the electric blonde weakly open his eyes and shift.



That sounded a lot more impatient than how he really felt. Whatever.

“You’re the best. Like-”

Bakugou’s face lit up as if it was a Christmas tree and he narrowed his eyes at the other. He grumbled a whatever and hurried himself out the dorm room. Fucking idiot dunce. Talking to him like that and shit. He should beat the hell out of him- no. No. He couldn’t do that. As he walked in a hasty pace to downstairs to get the medicine from the cabinet. Everything there was recorded and was tracked by the teachers, knowing that it would be good for the students to take care of themselves- but responsibly. It took him no longer than about 7 minutes to get to the common area. Everyone seemed to be there. His very late arrival had Sero and Kirishima approaching him in a similar pace. They either were going to try to cut him off or follow him like lost puppies. Whatever it was, he would ignore them.

He went to the cabinet and pulled out some ibuprofen, deciding to just take a dose for now. So he put that in a bag and shoved it into his pocket before returning it to it’s spot.

“Dude, you’re still in yesterday’s clothes. Change,” Sero smirked as Bakugou growled a warning and pushed past them. Sero was the only one who followed. “You know where Kami is? He promised me a Mario Kart competition.”

Bakugou stopped and looked at him, his mind racing for an answer.

“Him and I are watching something. He’s napping right now- When he wakes up I’ll make sure to tell him.”

For the next few seconds, it was Sero’s turn to study him in a suspicious manner and just nodded. “Well, alright. You two make sure everything you do is safe and protected.”

An angry blush spread across his cheeks and he tutted, stomping past Sero.


All the way up, Bakugou had been thinking about what Sero said. There was nothing between him and Sparky. They were just friends and he was doing his friend a fucking favor and making sure he didn’t die or some shit. So, he walked back into the dorm and closed the door behind him, frowning at the sight. There was nothing nice about seeing such a happy person like this- all sick and weak.

“I’m back, Kaminari.”

He walked to the bed and was greeted by opened golden eyes. Kaminari looked up at him for a few seconds before closing his eyes once again.

“Can you take this? It might help with your fever.”

Kaminari mumbled a small ‘yes’ and took the pills with a bottle of warm water. It was a miracle he didn’t throw that shit back up.

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The rest of that day was hazy for Kaminari- there wasn’t much he could remember from the day before. Or the day before that. But he could remember Bakugou taking care of him- he didn’t know why he chose to remember just that. It kinda made his chest all fuzzy and it wasn’t because he was sick. Well. Okay. Now he knew that he was better enough to think properly. Kaminari opened his eyes gently and shifted under the covers. His body still ached a little and he did still feel warm.

He turned his head and there was Bakugou, doing what looked like the project they were given to do over the week. The fact he just remembered that project made him wish he got sicker. Kaminari had little energy for that shit.

“Whatcha doin’..?” Kaminari had no reason to ask that because he already knew what it was. A few moments ago he had figured out what it was.

Bakugou flinched and looked at him, narrowing his crimson eyes at him. There was a few seconds before he opened his mouth and started to say something. “The project.”

The electric blonde hummed in thought, tilting his head to the side ever so slightly. He was snapped out of his thoughts when he felt a hand press onto his cheeks and forehead. Kaminari blushed slightly and looked at Bakugou who just tutted and shook his head.

“You still have a fucking fever. Not as bad as it was though. Lay back down.”

Kamianri furrowed his brows slightly and started to crawl out of bed. He did it in a retarded and stupid manner, crawling out head first. Bakugou scowled and watched, it looked as if he didn’t know how to react to what was happening in front of him. The blankets were falling off with Kaminari, the blonde somewhat sliding or crawling from the bed. With a thud, he managed to get to the ground.

“Get the fuck back into bed.”

“You can’t tell me what to do.”

“You’re sick, fucking dipshit. Get the fuck back into bed.”

That only caused Kaminari to scowl and start to try to get up. If he was even paying attention, he would’ve noticed Bakugou bracing himself. It was probably a smart thing to do. But it was for a good reason, the blonde’s body was still weak and just beginning to recover. His muscles complained almost immediately and his knees buckled from under his weight. In a mess, he fell over and Bakugou was nothing but a covenant soft place for him to land. There was a pained grunt from the sick blonde and an annoyed growl from the grumpy one.


Bakugou said nothing but grunt which left the other feeling about ten times worse than he had earlier. Kaminari was shoved off of Bakugou and he just curled up on the floor. A swirling feeling returned to his gut and he wanted to vomit again. He had vomited before Bakugou came and started to take care of him. He whined and closed his eyes, remembering how much he hated being sick.

Soon enough, he was being lifted up and sat back down on the bed. The nice cushion and comfort of the bed returned to him, everything just seemed to feel better for him. He turned to see Bakugou going to the small bathroom that came with the dorm room, wetting a rag. Fuck.

In silence, Kaminari watched Bakugou return with the rag, per usual with an unreadable expression plastered on his face.

“What?” A gruff voice sounded next to him, snapping him out of his thoughts once more. Gosh, he was spacing out more. Snap out of it Denki- think straight.

“Lay with me.” The words kinda just fell out of his mouth- he wished he could quickly pick them up and take them back. He was a fucking idiot and being sick didn’t help. So much for thinking straight.

“Excuse me?”

“Nothing. I promise you it was just sick crap. Nothing important.”

Those words stung for some reason and Kaminari wished they didn’t- he already felt like shit. He looked up to see studying crimson eyes, there seemed to be a dim fire in them which caused them to look like they were always burning. But after there was nothing from the other to prove maybe he actually heard him, he just turned onto his side to face the wall. Maybe he could just sleep and maybe wake up- take some more medicine or something. He could do some light training with the Kirishima just to get himself feeling better.

Kaminari sighed softly. He just closed his eyes.. Just forget it.

None of that lasted long.

His eyes shot open once he felt someone lay on the bed next to him. He rolled over to just look who it was and stiffened at the fact it was Bakugou. Those eyes...they looked at him in a way that made his body heat up. Yet again. Not the sickness.


“Shut the fuck up and rest. I’ll turn some shit on the T.V”

Kaminari blushed and nodded a bit, watching Bakugou turn the T.V on and set the remote control on the nightstand on his side of the bed.

“I owe you.”

“Bet your fucking ass you do.”

Kaminari nodded a bit and just returned to his side, closing his eyes in the final decision to get some sleep. Nap a little til it was time to eat some dinner or something of the sort. His breathing began to slow in a relaxed, sleepy manner. He opened his eyes once again when he felt an arm snake around his waist. The warmth he felt wasn’t uncomfortable or weird hot-cold feeling you got when you were sick. It was comfortable to be surrounded by. He rolled over to his other side, burying his face into the chest of the person who was holding him.

Despite the way Bakugou had talked to him- how he acted towards him, he was being tender and caring. A gentle hand drifted along his spine, both comforted by the presents of each other.

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Bakugou wasn’t quite sure why he did it but he did. He watched the blonde sleep for a few seconds- it was peaceful. He was at peace for the time being and something in Bakugou wanted to keep it that way. He wanted to give it his all to keep Kaminari at peace. The guy was far from that at times too. There were moments where he was screaming or carrying on, in stressful situations maybe panicking. But this changed something in the explosive male. Who knew someone like this could easily sway his thought and mind. Someone like Kaminari.

But Bakugou was never good with feelings. When he felt something knew and native, he usually blamed it on something else and push the feeling away. But now whatever it was- it was unavoidable. He couldn’t simply just shove the feeling aside like he would try to do. It was huge and he felt like it was swallowing him up. He felt warm and at ease.

The teen looked at the sleeping figure once more and sighed. He silently promised himself and the other that he would do what he could to make life for him this peaceful and at ease.


Kirishima furrowed his brows as he walked through the halls, his crocs made slight squeaking noises as he walked. He was supposed to have a work out sessions with Bakugou around now, but his ash blonde friend hadn’t been around. First, he thought he was probably already there. That wouldn’t be surprising. But then he found out he wasn’t and asked Sero. The ravenette suggested checking Kaminari or Bakugou’s room, they had been hanging out a lot lately. He got what he was implying too. The thought honestly made Kirishima happy, the two balanced each other out in a weird way.

So, now he stood in front of the door of Kaminari’s room. He knocked and got no answer. Knock.

Nothing still.

Well, this made Kirishima a little worried, so he twisted the door knob. It was unlocked and that was unusual for Kaminari. That was the one thing he got on Bakugou about- locking dorm rooms was important.

He pushed the door open and peeked in. Across the room he could see that there was someone on the bed. Kirishima looked around and chewed his lip, wondering if he should actually go into the room and check on him or not. He wasn’t aware both were there yet. So, he decided it wouldn’t hurt and he quietly walked to the bed but immediately stopped once he seen both were in bed cuddled close together.

Now he probably knew something that he shouldn't know. Now he knew a secret that the two were supposed to be the only ones to know.. Suddenly, the redhead began to feel bad and retreated out of the room. He decided it was best to just forget about the work out and go do something else. Maybe tell Mina. Or Sero. But no- this had to stay a secret. Maybe Izuku then.

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Bakugou wasn’t sure why he did it still. It weighed heavy in his mind and thoughts, consuming him as soon as he woke and was spooning Kaminari. He groaned and nuzzled his face into his neck, breathing in the other’s sickly smell. His hand drifted gently upward, lifting the soft fabric of Kaminari’s shirt on accidently. The cold hand on the electric blonde’s skin caused the other to stir a bit, squirming slightly in his sleep. Bakugou grunted in discomfort, his eyes opening and he was snapping out from the sleepy state. He looked at the clock on the side table, it was about four so they slept the morning up already. The fact that he slept through a work out session caused him to growl quietly.

He started to pull himself away and Kaminari didn’t seem to mind too much because he merely rolled over and continued to sleep. Bakugou got out of bed and stretched, wincing a bit when his back popped a couple times. It felt better afterwards, so he deemed it worth it. The explosive male started to the door, glancing back for a couple of seconds just to make sure it was okay. He was going to be alright.

All the way to the common room was a thoughtful one. All the sudden he cared about Kaminari. Not like he hadn’t before- Kaminari was a friend and as much as Bakugou would say otherwise, he would still protect the teen as much as he could. But it was more than I will care about you because you are my friend. It was a different feeling that floated in his chest and spread through his body when he seen Kaminari curled onto the bed next to him. He growled at the thought and shook his head. Whatever it was it could wait til later because now he had to go and find Kirishima. Honestly, Kirishima had probably found Tetsutetsu and went to work out with him instead.

“Yo, Bakugou!”

Speak of the devil and he may appear.

“Dude, you’ve been up in your room for a while. Feelin’ okay, bro?”


The chipper tone of the redhead’s voice didn’t match the worry floating in his eyes, it only made Bakugou scowl a little.

“I’m fine. Just stayed up late and been sleeping on and off.”

Kirishima nodded and walked besides Bakugou as he made his way to the kitchen area. Sero had an arm around Mina, both seemed to be enjoying each other’s company.

“I just found the elusive Katsuki Bakugou crawling from his cave.”

“Shut up, shithair.”

The sound of his must’ve been enough to suddenly make the two look from each other and look over. It must’ve been amazing too because Mina gasped and broke away from Sero almost immediately. She grinned and opened her mouth, Bakugou only could guess what was going to come from it. Probably something stupid.

“Where’s Kaminari? We all assumed he was with you.”

The mention of the name caused the tips of his ears and cheeks flush, Mina let out one of those annoying squeals. Can she just shut up?

“He is with you.”

Sero cocked his brow and Mina gave a laugh, her eyes bright with excitement. Which was stupid to Bakugou because he honestly didn’t know why she was this chipper about it.

Bakugou tried to push past his idiot friends and get himself something to drink. Of course Mina was going to continue to bother him and follow him to the fridge. “I mean, I don’t blame you, Kat.”

It was a strange thing for her to say so he looked back at her, his brows furrowed curiously. He allowed her to continue what she was saying. “Me and Sero wanted to spend most of this holiday with just each other. You and Kami are taking it to another level by completely hiding away with one another.”

That did it and sparked his temper. His palms grew hot and popped lightly, stomping off back to the staircase. Mina was about to follow but Kirishima told her not to. Bakugou was probably just helping Kaminari with the project and had just been napping a lot. It was normal for Kaminari afterall. But Kirishima knew better than that and if Bakugou didn’t want anyone to know, he would try to do his best to keep it that way.


Bakugou went back to the dorm room and opened the door, slamming it in his anger. He immediately remembered and looked at the figure in the bed. Kaminari probably had woken a couple minutes before and was drowsily looking over at him. He furrowed his brows as his whole body felt like it was relaxing and he was no longer angry. Still feeling whatever it was, he crawled into the bed next to the other and huffed.

“I think you got me sick.”

Kaminari smiled softly, his face still lazy from sleep. He threw an arm and a leg over Bakugou, cuddling him like some toy. He looked up for a couple of seconds, “Well, I guess we just have to lay here longer.”

He didn’t know if Kaminari was awake enough to tell what he was saying or if he really meant it. He also wasn’t sure why he wasn’t complaining and demanding to be let go. So Bakugou just laid there and allowed himself to be cuddled, his thought eating him alive.

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By this time, Kaminari was feeling better. His energy was returning to him and he felt like he was able to do more- stay awake more. Not that he wasn’t against laying here with Bakugou. That was another thing he was kinda curious about this whole time. Not once did the explosive male leave his side while he was sick. Which was kinda weird for anyone who knew Bakugou. But it was nice. Kaminari was always a more affectionate person and this was right up his alley. So, he eventually willed himself to wake up for once and for all. He sat up a bit and looked at the clock that sat on the nightstand, seeing it was about 9-ish. Damn- their sleeping schedules were fucked at this point.

Kaminari then looked on his other side to see if Bakugou was still there- and he was. He couldn’t tell if he was awake or not though, he was just so still and quiet. Like any smart person, he decided he would try and test his luck.

“Kat~” He cooed quietly, brushing his finger against his cheek in wonder if he was going to get a reaction or not. And he did. He got a grunt and Bakugou rolling over with a glazed look. Fuck he was cute and Kaminari couldn’t help but smile a little.

“Sorry- I didn’t really mean to wake you up. I was just checking if there were any signs of life in you or not, and there was.”

Bakugou narrowed his eyes and looked up at him, probably trying to make sense of what he said.

“Go the fuck back to sleep.”

“I just woke up and I’m feeling way better. I can’t.”

A sour face came across the sleepy expression of the blonde in bed with him. Bakugou sat up and looked at the clock and rubbed his eyes. “Fuck.”

Kaminari watched slightly, almost enraptured by the other. Then there was something he noticed, there was a puffiness and red hint to Bakugou’s eyes. He wasn’t sure if it was from rubbing them, which was very much possible since that was what he was doing a couple seconds ago; or was he crying. The thought of that made his heart drop a little. It was tough knowing someone you liked in that manner was upset or down.

“You okay?”


“Your eyes.”

The electric blonde reached out to touch Bakugou’s cheek, “Have you been crying?”

“Fuck no.”

Bakugou almost growled that at Kaminari, who only cocked his brow at the other. For a few seconds, they stared at each other in silence and waited for someone to say something. There was the most serious expression he had ever seen Kaminari wear before and he felt his strong mental shield start to crumble. His eyes were blurring.

Fuck- Kaminari had no idea what to do. Well, he did but the sight of Bakugou crying really did catch him off guard. He smiled gently and brushed the first tear to start to stream down his face. Bakugou had taken care of him when he was sick, he was able to take care of Bakugou until he felt better as well.

“Now, Katsuki, no dancing around the subject. Please, please tell me what is wrong. I want to help you,” Bakugou looked vulnerable, his cautious eyes of fire burned a hole into his soul.

“Start from the beginning. Take your time.”

Chapter Text

Bakugou didn’t know what he was supposed to say in this moment. He couldn’t explain this aching feeling that was pent up in his chest. It was so forgein to him still and it was too early to put it in words. If he did manage to do so, would Kaminari be able to understand and do whatever the idiot was going to do. The golden eyes that stared at him were soft and somewhat understanding. It was making Bakugou melt and all he wanted was to force himself to stop and suck it up but his body wouldn’t allow it. He just kept crying and sobbing out.

When the electric blonde frowned and moved closer to him, hugging him close. He smelt sick still. Or like he hadn’t showered for a couple days. It wasn’t important because the feeling in his chest was growing like some infection.

“Beathe. Breathe, Katsuki. It’s okay.” Kaminari said quietly, trying to soothe him with soft words and touches. It was working surprisingly well.

Bakugou’s breathing was calming down a bit and his hands gripped at Kaminari’s sides. He didn’t know where else he could put them, but he felt like he needed to hold something. Just to keep him steady. Nothing else but just that. Just for that reason.

“Ever since you’ve gotten sick- I feel different.”

Kaminari pulled away a bit, allowing Bakugou to keep a hold on his waist. He studied him for a few seconds, looking for signs that the other had caught was he had. There was nothing evident that he saw only a slight redness to his cheeks but he was crying. So, he would have to wait afterwards to see if that was truly the case.

“I don’t know why I feel so warm and so weird when I’m around you- you make me feel comfortable and- I don’t know.” Bakugou mumbles and looked right at Kaminari, “I think you have an effect on me. You just make me feel- feel weird.”

The explosive male looked up to watch Kaminari press his lips together in a sweet little smile,
Like there was an understanding what he was saying. It kinda made Bakugou think this will go quickly. The tears were beginning to dry and the last few fell from his eyes. A more gentle feeling replaced the ache that he was feeling. The sight and closeness just seemed to be what he was needing. It was definitely a weird for him. But for some reason Bakugou was finding that he was pretty fine with it. Which was another weird thing for him.

“Well, is this feeling a weird a bad one or a good one.”

Bakugou narrowed his eyes at him, wondering what he was getting at.

“It’s not bad,” He started, scared to say something wrong or to make him seem pathetic. “I won’t say that I don’t want to feel whatever it is.”

“Where do you feel it?”

Bakugou pointed to his chest.

“I think I know what it is but- you have to promise not to kill me.”

Bakugou only cocked his brow. What could he possibly say? Then he immediately took it back because there was a lot of things that could be said to upset him. It wasn’t really his fault that he had a temper. His mom was the one to blame really. She taught him these poor manners to control his feelings and emotions.

“You might have feelings- or some sort of positive thing for me.”

The blonde wince as if he was about to get uppercutted square in the jaw. But when it never happened and it was just Bakugou staring at him like he had two heads. The male nodded a bit and let that settle in. Bakugou wasn’t terribly upset about any of this either. Feelings? Someone said he had feelings which was more than what people usually thought. They usually said he had none. But there was some reason that he was okay just having feelings and emotions for Kaminari. Kaminari was the one person he would want feelings for.

For some reason. For as long as he remembered, he wasn’t the nicest towards the other or felt any different around him. He was usually treated like Kirishima. But now, it was different.

He felt different.

“Okay. I’m okay with that.”

Kaminari nodded, his gentle smile brightening up some.

“Well, I’ve got news for you.”

That caught him off guard and he looked up at Kaminari, silently asking him to continue.

“I have feelings for you too. Who knew you could be so fucking caring and gentle.”

Bakugou just stared. His mind was going at a snail's pace for him. Kaminari liked him too.
Kaminari thought he was worthy of his affections and wanted Bakugou too. It made the feeling he had felt in his chest bloom into something more and he smiled. Katsuki Bakugou smiled. Kaminari then was just ecstatic, his lips curling into a happy grin and he looks like he’s about to blow up.


“Shut up and don’t ruin the moment.”

The smaller male gaped at him and furrowed his brows a little. “I thought you were going to be nicer to me now.”

“I am.”

Kaminari just opened his mouth to say something else and Bakugou dragged him down onto the bed with him. “I said quiet.”

That made him shut up and his cheeks went pink. Wow. Woww. And the dunce let exactly how he felt about the whole display slip from his mouth. “Fuck.”

The sight of the other laying next to him, a dumb look on his face and his rosey cheeks. It was too good to resist and hey, he was in his third year and hadn’t dated or kissed anyone like this yet. So why the hell not now? He felt something towards Kaminari, surely he would feel something while kissing him now too.

And that was what he did.

Bakugou connected their lips which pulled the breath away from Kaminari, his hand finding its way to his waist once more. Surely this wouldn’t lead to anything else. But to be honest, it probably will.