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Hungry For You

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Virgil came down stairs quietly, and paused in the living room, looking around. Someone had left the TV on, sound low, so it was a faint background noise. There didn’t seem to be anyone there, or in the kitchen. Roman was out of town on a casting call, and Patton was doing something with local Cub Scouts. He bobbed his head with the cartoon’s theme for a moment, then shut it off and continued into the kitchen. He’d been working in his room for… how long was it? He had no idea, but it was getting dark and he was hungry. Pulling the door open, Virgil peered into the fridge. He poked around. The TV started again, and he turned around, frowning at it, before leaning over the couch, and turning it back off with a bit more force on the remote, and turned back to trying to find something to eat. 


Everything was turning his stomach. Cookies, coffee, leftover pizza… okay wait that was a few days old, and would turn anyone’s stomach. Virtuously, he tossed it into the trash, and continued his search. He hummed under his breath a snatch of what he’d been working on, a riff from one of his favorite songs, undercut with the beat of opening and shutting cabinet doors and shuffling boxes. 

“Virgil?” Logan asked behind him. His hand jerked, and the jar in his hand lost it’s top, scattering unpopped popcorn over the tile. He groaned, and knelt down on the tile.

Logan drew air over his teeth, standing the kitchen doorway, remote in hand. 

“I am sorry, I didn’t intend-”

“Just give me a minute, okay, Lo?” he swept them up into his hands and hooked the cabinet under the sink open to get to the trash can, then started counting them swiftly into the trash.

“I could-”

“You know-twenty six-  you can’t-twenty seven- just don’t- twenty eight- make me lose count okay?” Silence filled the kitchen, and Virgil reached the end of the handful, when Logan dropped a few more in, before securing the lid to the bottle more securely. Virgil counted them as well. 

“I couldn’t remember if not seeing them would make them not count.” 

“‘Count’? Is Patton rubbing off on you?” Virgil got off the floor and dusted himself off. 

“No.” Logan huffed. “They were behind you.” 

“Yeah, that probably would have gotten me pretty good.” Virgil sighed, and rubbed at his eyes gently. “I am definitely not in the mood for popcorn now. Not that I was before.” 

“I assumed it was to go with your show.” Logan admitted. “But no?”

“Yeah, I’m just…” he gave a dismissive shrug. “I’m hungry, but I can’t figure out for what.”

“Well, when was the last time you ate?” Logan asked, ready to apply logic to the situation.

“I dunno- I mean we all ate breakfast with Patton before he and Roman left so-”

“That was yesterday.” 

“Did you eat?” 

“Yes. Eating regularly is important to maintain health.”

“... Patton sent you a text didn’t he?”

“No. I set an alarm.” 

Virgil grinned at him. Logan looked at him over the edge of his glasses, not as amused. 

“But what I meant was when did you last ‘feed’” he used air quotes on the word. Virgil blinked a few times.  Then he thought about it. 

“I… no that was…” It had definitely been over a week. Patton hadn’t been the only one who had lost track of the moon phase last week, so he’d just skipped asking, and it hadn’t occurred to him to ask anyone else. 

“I thought so. I knew how long it has been since you asked me.” he looked off to the side, looking a bit flushed. “And I didn’t notice you love biting when we were saying goodbye to Roman.” 

Virgil looked a little taken aback, rubbing the back of his neck.

“You pay attention to that kind of thing?”

“You’re important to me. So naturally your optimal health is as well.” 

“I don’t like to ask…” Virgil mumbled.

“You aren’t asking. I’m offering.” Hesitantly, Logan reached out cupping Virgil’s face in both hands. “What was that phrase… how do you want me?” 

Virgil ducked slightly under his bangs, and put up a hand to cover Logan’s.

“You’re not a whopper, Lo, I... love you as you come.”

“I was actually trying to make a sexual reference.” Logan was blushing anyway. 

“Oh, God I completely missed it-”

“No that is okay I-”

“It’s just not usual for you-”

“I should have stayed direct-”

“I wouldn’t say no to a snack like you?”


They both stopped talking at that, and burst into laughter. 

“You’re lucky I’d learned that one, or I’d be very confused and or insulted.” 

“Shhh.” Virgil pulled himself level with Logan’s face and kissed him. Logan put his hands around Virgil’s waist if only so he didn’t have to see him completely defying gravity. He drew back from the kiss, and whispered. “May I?” 

“Yes.” Logan drew him backwards through the kitchen door and they settled on the couch, arms around each other, and still kissing for the time being. 


The TV turned itself off without them noticing.