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Multu-Verse writing prompts

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Brainstorm stared at the roof of the rusty warehouse he and perceptor were sheltering in. It was a horrible day. Everyday is a horrible day and the rain isn't helping. He never thought this would ever happen. Thought this was all just a bad dream he couldn't escape. Brainstorm just wanted to be home again, with perceptor by his side. 

Perceptor said he would be back soon, he went to go get more wood for the fire. Having one of his guns by his side just in case. Just then perceptor came back, with the wood. He placed down the wood next to the pit. Brainstorm immediately notices the scratches all over his neck and face, brainstorm ran up to him and checked his wounds. "Please tell me you didn't get bit," brainstorm said, he had started taking off perceptor's jacket. Perceptor shook his head, "no, just ran from a horde in the woods." He winced from the pain in his left leg and shifted a bit. "Think they were heading towards the city though."

Brainstrom looked down at his boyfriend's leg. "You need to sit down."

"I need to get the fire going. Its too cold not to have it."

Brainstorm softly glared at the obsidian haired male, "the fire can wait."

Without saying anything more, Perceptor limped to the old couch. Perceptor wiped some blood from his nose with his shirt, as brainstorm checked over him. "Did you fall?" Brainstorm asked, grabbing a wet cloth to clean perceptor's cuts. Perceptor hissed in pain, "I can't even count how many times I fell," he sighed, "Zombies are fast when they want to be." "Tripped on a hole, that's probably why my damn leg hurts so badly."

Perceptor continued to talk as brainstorm wrapped his cuts, leaving the sore leg for last.


A few minutes brainstorm finishes wrapping the injuries. Luckily perceptor's leg wasn't broken, but there is a huge bruise. Brainstorm sat beside perceptor, nuzzling his neck. "You said there was a horde," Brainstorm looked at perceptor with worried eyes, "Is it heading this way? Do we need to leave?" Perceptor squeezed brainstorm's hand, and looked him in the eye. "Yes there was a horde. Not heading this way though. And with the electric fence we have they won't stand a chance."

Brainstorm looked out the window at the woods, "But what if we need to double check? Maybe they changed route and is heading this way." 

Perceptor just rolled his eyes, "Nothing is gonna happen stormy, they were heading west. And only about five zombies broke away from the group, that's why i ran."

Perceptor winced as he got up and walked over to brainstorm. "Nothing will happen to us, I swear on my life. I will die protecting you."

Brainstorm glared at him, "You better not die."

They both leaned in for a kiss, "I love you stormy."

"I love you too Percy."


Brainstorm woke up, he was in a bed. In a room. He looked over to his right to see perceptor sleeping, his face is clean and there were no cuts, scars or bruises. Shifting a bit, he looked at the bedside table and saw his phone. "Saturday, September the 14th 8:52." he whispered to himself. Brainstorm heard perceptor shift, "You good?" Brainstorm turned to look at perceptor, "Is this real?"

Perceptor was confused of why brainstorm asked that."It's real," He wrapped his arms around the smaller male. "Bad dream?" 

"Zombie apocalypse."

Perceptor flicked the white haired male, "I told you watching the Walking Dead at 7:00 would be a bad idea. And you said it wouldn't bother you."

Brainstorm frowned, "it felt so real ..."

"It was just a dream brainstorm. Im fine, You're fine. All our friends and family are fine. No zombies." He whispered softly in brainstorm's ear. "You should get some sleep, work in the morning."

Brainstorm clung to perceptor and buried his face into the other's neck. "Please let this be real. Please." He whispered to himself as he slowly fell asleep