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Entwined Among Stars

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Naga stretched under the heated blanket, enjoying the way the soft fabric moved against his bare skin. He’d been chilled earlier, not dangerously so, but enough to feel run down. So when they’d returned to their ship, he’d taken the first shower and crawled into bed with the thermostat turned up. Now he was warm and relaxed in the heat, feeling comfortable and safe.

And that strange wanting feeling that was almost an itch but not quite, a needy desire to be touched that sometimes came with arousal. Balance called it “horny.” Warming up after being chilled seemed to trip some ancient instinct his body remembered from before his ancestors had stood upright. A primal desire to curl around a partner that would have been unthinkably embarrassing to acknowledge on his home world. 

But the Ophiuchus system was a long way away, and Balance was here. Balance who loved to touch him, loved to pleasure him, loved to hold him and make him feel like the most precious piece of treasure in the galaxy. He’d felt so many emotions since meeting Balance, and this was truly precious. To love and to be loved.

The sound of the air dryers stopped and Balance came out of the bathroom, all gleaming gold metal and smooth polymer. His weights swung and bobbed with his movements. Naga sat up and the plush silver blanket slid down to pile in his lap, revealing pale skin delicately flushed with pink, as he fixed his gaze on his golden lover.

“Balance. I want you.” Naga still wasn’t very adept at conveying his feelings through facial expressions, but his desire must have been clear enough because Balance gently caught his chin in his hand and pressed a gentle kiss against his forehead. Naga closed his eyes and enjoyed the contact. As brash as Balance could be, he always touched Naga gently and made him feel so good. Soft touches, tingling kisses when Balance pressed his face plate against his skin. A special sensation that was just for him.

“Hmmm. Somebody got chilly today, I see.” Balance said softly, voice full of amusement. He ran his fingers through Naga’s messy, silver hair and the snake man leaned into his touch eagerly. He loved seeing this side of Naga. Uninhibited, not preoccupied with his expression or word choice. A simple and open desire. 

Naga pulled him down, pressed his lips against Balance’s mouth port and flicked his tongue. The tips tickled oh so gently against the sensors there and carried the scent/taste of the metals and polymers and lubricants that made up Balance’s exterior into his mouth and nose. In some infinitesimal way drawing some of Balance inside him. Balance chuckled and Naga felt a tingling sensation in his lips as he pressed more kisses to his immobile face plate.

Naga jerked and gasped as Balance’s hand found his vent, still concealed by the blanket. He clung tighter as smooth metallic fingertips stroked horizontally across the opening, noting that the left hemipenis was the one rising. Balance climbed across him to join him on their spacious bed and Naga kicked away the blanket, not wanting anything between them. They pressed close against each other, just enjoying the contact for a while. Naga’s heated flesh pressing against hard metal plates and marginally softer polymer compounds. But Balance was always warm to the touch for him, and his hands traced familiar planes and grooves with pleasure and affection.

Balance’s powerful hands explored the muscles of his back in turn, switching from hard metal fingertips to the more yielding polymer material of the palm and back again. Balance knew just where and how to touch to make him melt, and Naga didn’t last long before he pulled away again. He wanted more, badly, and guided Balance’s unresistant hand to his erect left hemipenis, fully everted from his vent. 

Balance gently ran his fingertips up flushed pale pink skin, enjoying the soft throaty sounds that drew from Naga as he ran a finger around the tip. A simple cylinder tapering to a point, arching towards the left. He handed himself the lube with one of his cables, finding it entirely by feel.

Naga gasped at the feeling of Balance’s slick hand slowly stroking his erection. He loved it. Wanted to come and at the same time wanted this sensation to last forever, lying vulnerable under the mechanical life form who loved him with utmost trust. Stimulating himself alone when needed could never compare to this. Balance was going so slowly it was almost a torment, but it was also good. He jerked again when Balance slipped a finger into his open vent, teasing the sensitive flesh of his soft right hemipenis.

“What if I said I wanted to make you go absolutely crazy crazy tonight?” Balance’s voice was low and warm and made Naga feel ways. He knew exactly what Balance was asking permission for, and the thought made his mouth dry. Normally an erection was a one-at-a-time affair for his species. Balance, amazing, clever, inventive Balance, had figured out how just how to stimulate him to get both sides hard at once.

It was intense. Overwhelming. Fantastically vulnerable. He wanted that, too. “I want you to make me crazy.” Naga’s voice was husky with just the slightest hint of a tremble, face flushed despite his usual flat affect. “Please, Balance.”

“Well, when you ask like that~~” Balance’s voice was full of excitement and his eyes glowed bright. “I’ll just have to make you feel so crazy good~” Balance moved from beside him to sit between his spread legs, smearing lube around as he arranged both their bodies to his satisfaction. “That you’ll never want to leave this bed again.” He winked.

“Here we go!” Balance pressed two fingers firmly and confidently into his taint, as though reaching for a point somewhere inside him. Naga’s back arched off the mattress when the fluttery, spasmic feeling started. It felt utterly alien but also incredibly pleasurable and his right hemipenis rapidly rose to match the left. He dropped back to the mattress as it stopped, light-headed and trembling with the heat and pleasure he was feeling. He wrapped his legs around Balance, urging him on that way because words were already too hard to form.

Balance took his time, savoring the sight of Naga flushed and breathing heavily. Hair messy, hemipenes pointing to either side, and trusting him utterly. He stroked the right one first, then the left, comparing the pulse and rigidity. Naga whimpered and clutched at the sheets, panting as he raised his head a little to look imploringly at Balance. He squeezed him with his legs again and Balance savored that sensation. 

He started a steady, slow rhythm. Left hand coming down one cock as his right stroked up the other, he gradually increased the pace as Naga panted and gasped under him. His sex noises were usually limited to breathy exhalations and gasps, but here he vocalized. Balance treasured every little ‘mmm’ and ‘aaah’ like precious jewels. So rare he might be the only being in the universe to ever hear them. 

He adjusted his grip a little tighter, stroking Naga’s right hemipenis faster. There was no particular reason to the choice, but Naga’s legs locked around him were squeezing so tightly his carapace made a very faint creaking noise and it seemed he shouldn’t make him wait too awful much longer. Naga’s fingers were knotted tightly in the sheets under him, muscles trembling rapidly, sunk in sensation with rational thought far out of reach.

He was teetering on the brink, wound so very tight it was just this side of intolerable, and then everything exploded. Balance smiled inwardly as he felt the spasm he’d been waiting for. He didn’t stop but switched his focus from right to left. Naga whimpered and gasped as Balance’s hand on his right cock slowed and loosened, nursing him gently through that orgasm even as he was starting to increase the pace on the left.

Naga was shivering, gone limp from the first orgasm even as his body wanted to tense up again. He tried to focus on Balance’s face, looking directly into his glowing yellow eyes. “Balance.” He managed to gasp. That seemed to be enough, Balance cooed something Naga’s brain refused to parse and increased the pace again. It was like being rolled right back up to that precipice again, tense and not at the same time, such a strange and frantic feeling he couldn’t hope to name. He cried out as he came this time, a thin noise that hitched in his throat like a malformed whine.

He lay utterly limp, incapable of all but the most feeble movements. It was hard to think, so he didn’t. Balance gently cleaned the mess off his stomach and chest, then gathered his limp body against the mechanical life form’s. Naga’s head rested against his chest, cheek on warm metal, listening to the faint sounds from inside Balance. He couldn’t tell you what they were, but they were familiar sounds. Safe. It wasn’t a heartbeat, or a gurgling tummy, but it was the sounds of life nonetheless. He wasn’t sure how long he dozed like that, completely wrung out, while Balance gently stroked his hair.

Eventually, when strength started to return to his limbs and it was easier to think, he looked up at Balance again. 

“I wish I could make you feel as good as you have made me feel, Balance.” 

“Mmm, if you feel that way…”

“What is it?”

“I’d like to kiss you.” Balance said. “The very private kind of kiss.”

“I think,” Naga said carefully. “That I would like that, too.”

“I want to touch you, taste you, smell you all over. And I do mean all over.”

Naga shifted upwards with an effort, bringing his hands up to cup Balance’s face as he pressed a kiss to his mouth port. His fingers traced the seam that ran just above his mouth. “I want you to kiss me, Balance.” He said, insistently.

There was a faint hissing sound like a vacuum losing seal. Balance’s face plate popped forward, just slightly, under his fingers. Naga smiled slightly, entirely unconscious of the movement, as he used his fingers to gently hurry the slowly lifting plate along. It was hinged at the top and swung upwards very slowly, exposing Balance’s inner workings.

From the face plate itself thick strands of dull gray plastic trailed back from the eyes to a mass of the same substance that coated the inside of his skull. It clung to the inside surfaces with spreading tendrils like the roots of a plant, and Naga knew it was Balance. The thick doughy mass of nanomachines, flexible plastics, and metals served as brain, nervous system, and even muscles. Sensors and servos and voice box and actuators, all linked by the demi-organic life inside the robotic shell. He might be the only non-Libran in the galaxy to ever see this, although he couldn’t be certain. It certainly felt that special, to him.

A tendril formed slowly from the main mass and began to stretch towards him. Naga had seen this a small handful of times, but he was still struck by how very vulnerable this situation was and how much Balance trusted him. He brought his hand up and cupped the tendril gently, then tenderly touched it with his lips. It quivered softly and Balance sighed, his mouth port lit up below his open face plate.

The mass shivered and a mechanical eye emerged, the plug end enveloped in the gray mass. It stretched on another thick tendril and it seemed like the whole thing was moving more easily. The eye’s shutters clicked noisily as it focused on Naga.

“Ah, there we go. Now I can see your crazy cute face properly~” Balance said, and he reached for Naga again. More tendrils stretched out and touched Naga’s face gently, smooth plastic full of nerve endings stroked gently along his skin and teased his pale lips. Naga flicked his tongue at one of them, playfully, and Balance chuckled at the tickle of tongue tips.

Balance slid the fingers of one hand through Naga’s hair, cupping the back of his head. “You okay, babe?”

“I am fine. It’s feels nice.” Naga responded.

“Ah, that’s good.” Balance sighed. “Because you taste so nice, I don’t want to stop yet~” his tone was teasing but tender.

The thin tendrils pulled back and combined into one thicker tentacle, it bulged at the end and formed lips that drew close to Naga’s own. Naga closed the small distance to kiss Balance, artificial lips moving against his as they deepened the kiss. Balance tasted of plastic and metal and Naga savored it like a rare and precious flavor. There was a creak from Balance’s torso and Naga slid his hand down his lover’s side to feel where the seam between body and breastplate had come open.

More tendrils of thick gray plastic emerged from the new opening and investigated Naga’s body, stroking his skin and gliding through his hair as Balance’s ‘tongue’ tasted his mouth. They broke so Naga could breathe and the damp tentacle stroked his cheek lovingly. They moved all over his body, slipped between his side and the sheets to cradle him and pull him closer to Balance’s body. It was almost ticklish in places. He made a soft sound of surprise when a tendril crept between his ass cheeks and stroked delicately against his asshole.

Almost as though Balance could feel that he was too tired for another round of sex the tentacle kept moving, touching and undoubtedly tasting him as it crept downwards along his taint and then his inner thigh. Another touched his vent tentatively, as though asking permission to continue. Naga pulled the tentacle connecting his face to Balance’s head around and kissed it again.

“You can taste me there.” Naga said, speaking to the plasticky vine in his hand. “Softly, please.”

The tentacle at his vent split into smaller strands, and he inhaled at the squirming sensation in his hemipene pockets. He was still sensitive, the flesh puffy and tender from earlier, but Balance was gentle as he tasted Naga so intimately. Balance’s hand gently massaged the back of Naga’s head and Naga sighed. He was warm and comfortable, every muscle relaxed, and enveloped in his lover’s most secret parts.

 He couldn’t have imagined this, so long ago. That meeting a golden stranger on a dark street at night could lead to such pleasure. Every strange turn of his life was precious for leading him here. To this warmth, to this love. He curled closer against Balance, nuzzled his face into the crook of Balance’s neck and shoulder. Balance’s innards retracted into his head and pulled his face plate closed with a definitive click.

He stroked Naga’s hair and pressed a tingling electric kiss to his forehead. Naga was Balance’s precious treasure, the partner he could trust utterly. Naga’s fingers tangled in his slick gray tendrils as they pulled away from his skin, retracting into Balance’s body. His touch was gentle, he rose up to kiss Balance’s face plate again.

“Balance.” Naga said, voice thick with sleepiness. “I love you.”

Balance tucked Naga’s silver crowned head under his chin, listening to his biological rhythms settle into sleep. “Love you too, babe.”

Balance used his cables to pull the blanket over both of them and turn out the lights. Naga slept deeply. Cheek against his lover’s chest, soothed by the soft sounds of mechanical life.