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Sharing Earrings and Kisses

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It was a rare occurrence for the two youngest crusaders to share a room, normally Mr. Joestar would only get two rooms, but since this hotel was cheaper than most, he spent the extra money to get a third room, which Polnareff quickly snagged for himself. Avdol usually roomed with Mr. Joestar, anyway, leaving Jotaro and Kakyoin in a room to themselves for the first time in what felt like an eternity. That’s what long trips like this do to you – make you forget how long it’s been since you started. Never a good sign when you’re racing against a clock.

They spoke to each other well into the moonless night. Lit only by a bedside lamp, their conversation a façade of normalcy in a crazy adventure. Jotaro in just his tank top and a pair of boxers, Kakyoin sitting across from him in stripped pajamas. Secrets shared in hushed tones; every word spoken making Kakyoin feel closer with his same aged friend.

A conversation about earrings was brought up well past midnight. They stood, side by side at the mirror, talking about this, that, and anything in between. Anything but Cairo and DIO. Jotaro wasn’t wearing his earrings, those got taken out nearly as quickly as he stripped down. Kakyoin didn’t take his out until a couple of hours ago. “Never worn dangly earrings.” Jotaro said in a gruff tone, examining his own face before making eye contact through the mirror with Kakyoin, “I’d like to try one day.”

Kakyoin gave him a gentle smile and pointed at himself, “I always wear those cherry earrings,” he held back a wink in Jotaro’s direction, “we can trade for a bit, if you want.”

He watched Jotaro’s eyes go wide for a split second before he looked away, making the motion of pulling the brim of his hat down before remembering that he was not, in fact, wearing it. Kakyoin chuckled watching the taller man run an awkward hand through his hair to cope with his embarrassment. The tips of his ears shone, revealing Jotaro’s true emotions. He decided to make it easy on him, so he went over to the nightstand and retrieved his cherry-shaped earrings.

“I’ll put them in for you,” Kakyoin said barely in a whisper, reaching up to begin the process. He saw Jotaro’s face go from just cracked calm to genuine embarrassment very quickly. The taller man tried to avoid his eyes while also maneuvering his body in a way to make it easier on Kakyoin to put the fishhook into his piercing. He brushed a few strands of Jotaro’s black hair behind his ear, parts of it going everywhere when not held by his hat. “Why haven’t you tried them before?” He asked, watching the pearl at the end brush Jotaro’s neck with the gentleness of a featherlight caress. Kakyoin looked in the mirror at the progress he had made – Jotaro in one dangly earring, the end barely hanging below Jotaro’s pronounced Adam’s apple. “Makes your neck look longer,” Kakyoin’s voice tapered off finishing his statement once he realized the absurdity of it, “not that you really need that.”

“Never really saw the point,” Jotaro admired the earring in the mirror, shaking his head and getting hit in the cheek with the pearl more than once. Kakyoin subtlety went to Jotaro’s left side to put in the matching earring. He leaned against the counter and started at his friend. By all standards, Jotaro was quite the handsome guy. Kakyoin was pleased with how the earring looked hanging from his barely pronounced earlobes. It drew the eye to Jotaro’s jawline and his neck, two very strong features among countless other strong, handsome features. He followed the jawline to Jotaro’s full lips and then to his entire face, prying his eyes away once he noticed his muse was watching him through the mirror.

He went right to business putting the second earring in. Jotaro has been wearing his studs long enough that he could easily handle fishhooks, but it seemed that he had either never wanted to, or he might have been scared to try anything else. His taller friend leaned over very slightly, to give him ease of access to his ear. It wasn’t difficult to reach having to lean over Jotaro’s shoulder, but occasionally doing something small like this really sets in the idea that Jotaro is much bigger than him in more ways than just height. Still, he fidgeted while under the control of Kakyoin, to which he told the taller, “Stop fidgeting or I’ll actually hurt you.”  He didn’t want to bring out Hierophant if he didn’t have to, though he’s sure that Jotaro would take that as a threat now that it’s this late at night.

If Kakyoin was just a touch taller, perhaps he could reach Jotaro’s earlobe with his teeth, nibble on it, see how stone-faced Jotaro would react. Both were quite popular in school, but due to Jotaro’s delinquent nature, he doubts the chance of any relationship. Himself? He could never find someone who could understand. He had his Hierophant, but never had he met another stand user. He tended to keep his distance, even when girls would confess. Perhaps this was fate? Kakyoin wasn’t one to believe in that sort of thing, even if he’ll entertain the idea for a night.

The earring was in. Jotaro leaned close to the glass, eyeing himself with a skeptical eye. Kakyoin was aware of how odd this would look once he knew that Jotaro was used to a specific look. His earrings look foreign hanging from Jotaro’s earlobes, but he couldn’t deny the obvious fact that it made Jotaro even more attractive in his eyes. Calm under pressure, collected, capable, strong of will and body, and of course, handsome physical appearance all made particular plusses in Kakyoin’s eyes. It just also made him happy seeing Jotaro in something of his. Comparatively, Kakyoin is far too slight to share clothes with Jotaro, but if he wanted to borrow anything of Jotaro’s it would be baggy on him, but he hoped the bagginess was part of the charm. Soon, Jotaro pulled away from the mirror and nodded, giving Kakyoin a smile. “Looks good.”

Kakyoin couldn’t help but run his mouth, “They make you look even better.” He saw the surprise in Jotaro’s face, both men looking anywhere by each other. At this point, that wasn’t a comment that could just be laughed off. Kakyoin was pretty sure that he had meant it. Still, his heart skipped a beat when Jotaro had walked away from the mirror, still wearing Kakyoin’s earrings. “Hey, what’cha doin’?” Kakyoin tried to catch Jotaro before he could do anything, but the taller man turned around holding his golden studs. Oh. Oh. He was going to do what Kakyoin just did for him.

“Helping you with my earrings,” Jotaro stood above him, just higher than half a foot over Kakyoin’s head. His voice was soft, nearly gentle while being so close. He’s used to being side to side with Jotaro, not directly facing him. It made him feel that his slightly-above-average height was much shorter than it really was. He watched Jotaro mess with the stud backing while nearly completely pinned to the counter. Kakyoin was not nearly this close when he put his earrings in Jotaro’s ears. He watched the taller man put down the backing on the counter next to Kakyoin’s hand, held his breath once he felt Jotaro’s wafting on his cheek. One wrong move and he could either get injured or hit Jotaro’s face with his own.

He gasped when Jotaro gently tilted his head up and to the side so he could have a better angle at putting the stud in his ear. His own eyes flicked around Jotaro’s face, ultimately landing on the taller man’s full lips. To avoid that confusion, Kakyoin looked away as soon as possible, but not without thinking what it would feel like to have Jotaro’s lips on his own. Their eyes met for a moment, disclosing an extremely rare and tender look in Jotaro’s eyes. Kakyoin has never witnessed this type of tenderness from Jotaro unless it had to do with his mother. Even though he always sounded quite rude to her, he could always tell that Jotaro cared about his mother deeply. Every time Jotaro’s skin just grazed his own hot skin, he felt his breath hitch. This seemed like so much, but there was nothing he could do about it. Every move Jotaro did was calm, locking the backing in a way that wouldn’t pinch Kakyoin’s skin. God, and every time Jotaro looked down in focus, Kakyoin’s drop earrings hung at the perfect spot on his neck.

Jotaro pulled away to do the same with Kakyoin’s right ear, causing the younger man to let out a shaky breath. A quirk of Jotaro’s eyebrow proved that he had figured out what was causing Kakyoin so much distress. He leaned in, adjusting Kakyoin’s head with one finger before whispering, “Are you okay?” The worry in his voice came out as clear as the stars in the sky and Kakyoin could only respond with a nod. It was difficult for Kakyoin to breathe while he was so close to his face. He wasn’t sure if it was nerves or… Anything else. Jotaro made a disapproving grunt but didn’t push anything but the stud into Kakyoin’s piercing. They remained surprisingly close until Jotaro’s stud was locked into place. With that, Jotaro finally stepped back from Kakyoin, his suffocating intensity dropping nearly immediately. “I’m done.”

Kakyoin blinked several times before he could remember how to move again. He turned to face his reflection, surprised at the subtlety of the golden studs that now rest in his earlobes. Of course, these would be much more difficult to see if he wasn’t as fair skinned as he was, and instead as tan as Jotaro. But it still looked good. Kakyoin touched the earrings while checking them out, surprised more about the fit than how they looked. If he was a fan of studs, which he is not, Kakyoin would have tightened the backing exactly the same way. For that moment, he was touched by Jotaro’s gentleness and wondered if Jotaro was thinking the same thing he was.

Kakyoin noticed Jotaro staring at him through the mirror, almost giving in to giggling when he noticed the taller man look away. Again, his instinctual lowering of his brim happened to no avail, since his hat is on the table next to the open balcony doors. Again, his thick fingers ran through his hair, making Kakyoin wonder what it’s like to do that with his own, if Jotaro even let people touch his hair at all. “Thank you for putting them in for me,” Kakyoin turned around to face Jotaro, who had sat back down on his hotel bed. He was looking away, but the light caught Kakyoin’s earrings and still made the younger smile.

Being bold, Kakyoin sat down next to Jotaro, so close that their knees touched. The taller, bulkier man jumped, eyes going wide as this must have been the first time he’s gotten touched in a relatively safe space since this adventure started. Kakyoin reached over, touching his jaw delicately to have Jotaro face him. He could only smile at the shock and nervousness that grace Jotaro’s strong features. “You’re really handsome.” Kakyoin whispered as the breeze picked up, blowing into the room via the open balcony doors.

Jotaro’s eyes looked everywhere but Kakyoin’s face. A faint pink blush rested on the tops of his pronounced cheekbones and there was no way to hide it this time. Jotaro tried grunting approvingly to Kakyoin’s compliment, but the younger wanted more from friend. His first friend. Even though they met because Kakyoin was sent to kill him, the bond he’s made with Jotaro could be classified as ‘friendship.’ That meant a lot to him. He wondered if Jotaro felt the same.

“How do I look, Jojo?” Kakyoin angled his head for better viewing of the earrings, but just enough that he could still keep an eye on Jotaro’s reactions. The blush had never really gone away, but it just made him look cuter. He looked away when Jotaro’s eyes finally came back to him, to spare him from the embarrassment of being caught. Again, Kakyoin’s breath couldn’t help but hitch when Jotaro leaned closer. Jotaro’s presence felt like a heat wave washing across his body, the intensity of the man normally so cool. His fingers ghosted a touch on Kakyoin’s neck, following the line of his arm down his body until his large hand rested on Kakyoin’s for a second. Just like that, Jotaro retreated back into his shell, barely allowing himself to continue Kakyoin’s knee with his own. He avoided even looking at Kakyoin once again.

Jotaro’s word was extremely quiet and shaky, lacking the power he normally has. Kakyoin leaned closer to him, holding a hand up to his ear to say that he didn’t hear him without saying the phrase out loud. He was being forceful, in his own, subtle way. Jotaro repeated it, just loud enough that Kakyoin could tell that he said “cute” but not loud enough to be considered speaking normally. He bat his eyelashes and leaned even closer, head nearly resting upon Jotaro’s shoulder. He heard a “good grief” escape his lips before Jotaro faced him slightly.  Their eyes met and finally he spoke up, “Cute. You look cute with them.”

This pleased Kakyoin, albeit also embarrassing him. At times like these, Jotaro’s directness would be a relief if it didn’t mean that meant he was telling the truth. Deciding to push the envelope, Kakyoin leaned even closer to him, smiling slightly. “Do I only look cute with your earrings or do I look cute all the time?” He asked, his voice barely a whisper due to the proximity between them being reduced to such a degree. He was practically in Jotaro’s lap at this point, not something he would have thought about doing anytime soon but doing now. Jotaro’s hands ghosted touches around Kakyoin’s thin waist, making him gasp ever so slightly. To keep himself busy while Jotaro is silent, the earrings hanging from Jotaro’s ears look like fun things to poke around. Of course, this invites the ever-present fear of accidentally touching Jotaro even more than he is right now.

Jotaro swallowed very audibly, looking away with pink dusted cheeks. Silently, Jotaro’s hand found his once more, this time threading their fingers together. His face grew hot. The silence that had filled the air had become somewhat tense – building up to something. Jotaro’s free hand touched his jaw once more, gentle compared to the roughness of the hand. Kakyoin realized what was going on at the last second. Jotaro’s chapped lips left a lasting impression on Kakyoin’s own, a chaste kiss that seemed to have lasted a lifetime, maybe even more.

Now he couldn’t help himself. Kakyoin was afraid of being too forceful, so he had hoped that Jotaro would make the first move. He quickly pressed their lips together for more, his free hand not knowing where to go. A decision was made but he decided to wait until he would do it. Their kisses were sloppy, awkward, full of nose bumps and chuckles from the two of them. Kakyoin wondered if this had been Jotaro’s first kiss too. They caught their breaths for a moment, Kakyoin smiling at Jotaro and receiving a very small one back. He placed his free hand on Jotaro’s neck, pulling him back in for more. He tugged the earring by accident, leading to a wince from his much larger companion. “Sorry,” Kakyoin whispered between hungry kisses. Despite apologizing, it took an ungodly amount of effort not to smile with Jotaro pulling on his bottom lip.

“Don’t be,” Jotaro whispered as his reply, suddenly pushing Kakyoin down with his own body to deepen the kiss. Kakyoin didn’t even notice with the tentative touches of Jotaro’s tongue against his own. He let his head fall to the bed, inviting his neck to be kissed while he laughed. One of his legs were still hanging off the bed, awkwardly. His taller friend peppered kisses all over Kakyoin’s face and neck, making him continue laughing. Kakyoin grabbed his face and pulled him in for a kiss, both smiling when Jotaro’s hands decided that he could touch Kakyoin’s body. A small “can I?” came for Jotaro’s mouth while he held onto the top button of the pajamas Kakyoin was wearing.

Kakyoin wrapped his leg around Jotaro’s muscular body, getting a small gasp from his much larger partner. He smiled and poked Jotaro’s nose before resting his hand on his bicep. “Hmm, not yet.” Kakyoin brought himself up just enough to peck Jotaro’s no longer rough lips. “That was my first kiss you just took, Jojo.” He punched Jotaro’s shoulder playfully, laughing to try to keep the mood light. He watched Jotaro look away into the darkness, cheeks reddened, not surprised but slightly confused as to his reason.

“Mine too,” Jotaro’s face was darkened by shadow, a slight chuckle escaped his lips, betraying his feelings. Kakyoin laughed again, wrapping his arms around Jotaro’s thick neck to pull him down into a kiss again. This time their lips slotted against each other comfortably, both smiling. Kakyoin let his leg fall, only to have it caught by Jotaro. He almost wanted to curse him for his fast reflexes but feeling Jotaro’s hand that high on the back of his thigh made him more embarrassed than anything. Jotaro quirked an eyebrow up when Kakyoin released him from the kiss, smiling when he said, “Caught you.”

Kakyoin played with his earring hanging from Jotaro’s ear, raising an eyebrow up as well. “What? Thought I was gonna run away or something?” He smirked, now holding himself up by this other elbow. “As if I’d ever be able to outrun the Jotaro Kujo.”

“You have Hierophant,” Jotaro leaned down to litter Kakyoin’s neck with kisses, “Long range stand.” Sure, he’d used Hierophant to get out of some sticky situations, but he would never consider this to be a situation that he’d need to get out of. Using his free hand, he pulled Jotaro’s face from his neck to kiss him on the lips.

Kakyoin’s leg fell suddenly, Jotaro breaking the kiss to look around the room. “Something wrong?” The two of them stood up and looked around, no longer focused on each other. Kakyoin’s eyes immediately went to the balcony, the breeze pushing their curtains just slightly. Jotaro’s hat was still on the table. There was nothing immediately obvious on this side of the room. “Nothing here.”

“We should see if the others are okay.” Jotaro said, walking to the door. Kakyoin caught his wrist before he opened it completely. Without words and cutting of Jotaro’s he pressed one final kiss to Jotaro’s lips. Kissing him standing up nearly felt weird, having been sitting next to each other and then laying down the other times. Still, quite pleasurable. They nodded when they broke apart, a silent agreement that whatever this was would have to wait until some other time if they’re being attacked by an enemy stand user.


Also, Kakyoin kind of wanted his earrings back.