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the chapters for this fic will be short and around 1000 words each//.

dedicated to zero <3

Chapter One:

"I'll have the veggie plate, but instead of carrots I want kale and instead of broccoli, more kale. I want the veggies steamed and instead of dressing I want extra kale." The brown haired female twists a lock of her thin hair between her fingers, brown eyes looking the waiter at the end of the table up and down. 

"Don't you need to write this down?" She asks mockingly, making the other three girls at her table giggle.

"I'm scared that if I start writing it down, it'll turn into a suicide note," the waiter clips, tapping his purple glitter pen against his notepad. 

Rebekah snorts loudly from where's she's at, hiding her amused expression behind a menu as she overhears the conversation. Klaus leans his chin into the palm of his hand, eyeing the art on the wall with mild interest as he rubs his other hand under his oddly sensitive noise. There's a sweet, fruity smell in the air that's assaulting his nose. It smells nice, comfortable almost. Oddly... Familiar. Like he's smelled it once before. 

They're sat at the new diner on the outskirts of Mystic Falls. It's a small, cosy place with red booths and large windows, the walls are covered in nice art and there's a long counter at the front with red stools.

The waiter walks around to their table, completely ignoring the four girls who had just made their order. 

Klaus eyes the male over, nose twitching. He has fluffy black hair and nice gray eyes. He's dressed in a dark green apron, an oversized pale pink hoodie, black jeans and a pair of low cut, pink vans. There are pastel coloured clips pressed against one side of his dark hair and his wrists are covered in multiple girly bracelets. His cheeks are dusted in freckles and smudges of purple icing. 

When Klaus matches his cyan coloured gaze with the waiters gray one, his chest tightens and burns. The sweet, fruity smell in the air suddenly intensifies and makes something deep in Klaus's chest ache. His fingers twitch atop the table with the sudden need to touch, mouth running dry and fangs threatening to descend from his gums. The waiter turns shy under his gaze, gray eyes widening before he ducks his head, pale fingers tucking a dark lock of hair behind his ear. Klaus suddenly feels the excessive need to just reach out and take, because... because that's his.

Rebekah blinks, eyeing both Klaus and the waiter with a calculating gaze over her menu. She flickers her gaze between the two males; watches the way the waiter blushes under Klaus's intense gaze and the way Klaus drinks up the image of the waiter like a starving man finding solace in the desert. She sees the flash of fangs and clears her throat loudly to catch both their attentions.

"Aren't you going to take their order?" Rebekah asks, lowering her menu down to the table and nodding towards the girls sat on the far end. She doesn't care about them. Not really. But she's... weirdly interested in this waiter and the effect he has on Klaus.

"Oh, um," the waiter fumbles, turning his whole body towards Rebekah, purposefully trying not to look at Klaus. "If I wanted to star in a mean girls movie, I would have stayed inside my mother's womb," he answers her question with a shake of his head, like he's trying to clear his thoughts. 

"Anyways, my name is Zero." He says, raising his head and tapping the silver badge he has pinned to the corner of his dark green apron. "And I'll be your waiter today because my mother drank. What can I get you?"

Klaus is still staring at Zero, bluish green eyes trailing over his shoulders and slowly lowering themselves until they stop at the waiters ass. He runs a tongue over his bottom lip almost hungrily and Rebekah kicks him under the table. Harshly.

Klaus lets out a warning growl, gaze flickering towards Rebekah in a glare and Zero noticeably stiffens, grey eyes closing as he hunches in on himself shyly.

"Oh?" Rebekah muses, lips curling into a predatory smirk. Now she's really interested. "I'll have the cheesecake." She grins, leaning across the table. "Oh, and coffee - black, just like my soul," she adds as an afterthought. 

Zero exhales quietly and flutters his eyes open. "Okay," he mumbles, scribbling her order down onto his notepad with his purple glitter pen. He then hesitates, teeth nibbling on his bottom lip in thought. "And you?" He asks softly, turning back around to face Klaus. He tucks another lock of his fluffy, black hair behind his ear, the girly bracelets around his thin wrist shining from reflecting light.

Klaus looks completely enthralled - bluish green eyes hooded and hands balled into tight fists over the table. "Just... water," he manages to say. He tries to catch Zero's gaze but the male avoids eye contact.

"Well that's exciting," Zero says, the softness in his voice switching to sarcasm. "It comes with a lemon, you sure you can handle that?" 

Rebekah startles herself into a cackle, Klaus blinks slow and deliberate, likely just as caught off guard as she is. 

Zero's eyes then widen with something akin to panic, freckled cheeks turning red as he ducks his head. "Sorry!" He hurries to apologise. "Sarcasm is my default defence mechanism." The waiter then fumbles his notepad and pen into his apron before he scrambles towards the counter at the front.

Klaus's stares after the male right until he escapes into the kitchen. He turns back to Rebekah, only to see his sisters blue eyes shining with mirth. "Klaus," she says, lips stretched into a wide grin, "your gay is showing." 

Klaus kicks her back under the table. 

Twice as harshly.


983 words//unedited