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My Friend’s Old Number

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Aizawa looked down as his phone lit up. He sighed, it was the third time in as many weeks that same number had called him. Like most sensible people, if it was someone he didn’t know, he let it ring and go to voice mail. It was the price you paid for being cheap and getting a pay as you go phone. You almost always got a recycled number and went through a few months of strangers calling you. After two rings, the phone when dead and the man shrugged and went back to grading his students work, the stranger’s calls already forgotten.

The phone calls were put out of his mind, until it happened again. This time it was in the early morning, after he had struggled to get to sleep and finally manged it after hours of staring at the ceiling. He let out a groan, reaching for it. If Hizashi was drunk he would call an Uber for him, but he was not coming to pick him up. He scowled when he saw the number, vaguely recognizing it as the stranger that kept calling him at random times. How dare they wake him up on a school night.

He snatched it up, ready to lit into the person. You figured after a few unanswered phone calls they would get the hint that they had the wrong fucking number.

“Listen you.” He started to yell into the phone but was startled into silence when he heard a gasp and a great shuddering breath. “Hello?”

“Oh.” a deep gravely voice said into the phone. Aizawa could almost hear the surprise and the regret in the caller’s voice. “Oh I am so sorry. ”There was another shuddering breath. “I forgot for a moment again.”

There was such a bone shaking tiredness in the voice, the voice was pitched low and it woke something in Aizawa. Some long buried empathy that the man kept buried until the early hours of the morning.

“Forgot?”He asked, his own voice rough with sleep. He rubbed his face, trying to wipe the sleep from his eyes and scratching along the rough stubble of his jaw. He really should shave sometime this month.

“A friend of mine used to have this number.”the voice replied. “I keep forgetting it isn’t his anymore.” there was a soft smooth chuckle. Aizawa wished it sounded happy instead of just on the edge of broken. “I’ll let you go.”

“Wait.”Aizawa said softly, shifting back so his back rested against the head board. He had no clue what kept him talking to the voice when it was obvious the man was trying to let him go. He supposed it was curiosity. “How come you don’t have his number anymore?”

There was a pause, Aizawa thought the man had hung up but then another shuddering breath told him he was still on the line.

“He was killed a month ago.” The voice whispered back, and Aizawa’s heart stopped, his fingers tightening on the phone. “Shot in the line of duty.”

“Oh god.” Aizawa breathed. “I am so sorry.” He didn’t know what to say, the phrasing, “Line of Duty”only meant one thing. Cop. Maybe this guy was a cop too?

“Thank you.” The voice said softy. “He was my best friend. ” It was like some dam had been broken inside the other man and Aizawa listened as words poured out of the strangers mouth. “I always called him for everything and he did the same for me. I don't know what to do now.”

The shuddering breaths were back and Aizawa realized that the man was quietly crying.

“Why did you call?”Aizawa asked softy. He didn’t know why but he was up out of the bed, pacing around his room. Tension running along his shoulders and down his back. He couldn’t sit still anymore, not listing to a man obviously in that much pain. “Why did you need him this late?”

“I broke down.”The voice said between breaths. “Flat.” There was a pause as coughing could be heard over the line. “I am still injured and can’t change it, I was calling him for help, only…”

Aizawa paused and reached for his blue jeans, yanking them on. “Where are you?”He asked.

“What?”The voice sounded startled. He had shocked the voice out of his breathy crying.

“Send me your location and I”ll come help.“ He was already turning on the lights in the room, and tugging on his shoes, fuck socks he would go without. He tugged on his t-shirt glancing outside. It wasn’t that cold, he would just stay in that and grab his jacket.

“You can’t.” The voice said, the breath hitching again. “I mean, I wouldn’t want to put you out.”

“Look we both know if you call Triple A, you will be there three or more hours waiting.”He grabbed his keys and opened his front door. “I am already outside heading to my car, don’t piss me off more after waking me up. Send me your damn location.”

There was silence on the end before a watery laugh came over the line. ‘For a moment you sounded almost like him.“ A few sniffs followed then a ping.

Aizawa looked down and noticed that the location was several miles off the highway. It would take about forty five minutes to get there. Not that it was a problem. He was already going.

“Okay get back in your car if you are out of it, stay warm, ”He said into the phone wondering why he was worried. “I’ll be there soon.” He paused. “do you need me to say on the line?”

Again he was met with silence and wondered if the man on the other end had hung up on him.

“No.” The voice said really softly. “No. I will be okay until you get here.”

“Good.”Aizawa nodded and opened and his car door sliding into the drivers seat, he started the car. “See you in a little bit.” He hung up and put the phone into the dash holder, the directions already telling him the way to get to the man. He paused as he pulled out of the parking space. “What the fuck am I doing?”He asked out loud, shaking his head. He figured it wasn’t the dumbest thing he had ever done, but it was up there.

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Aizawa made it in less than thirty minutes. He was surprised as he pulled up to an ancient blue car. It was the kind that was long and made out of metel instead of fiberglass. Had to be older that Aizawa himself as he pulled up behind it. He could see someone hunched over in the driver’s seat as his headlights lit up the car. He put the car in park and got out, leaving the driver’s side door open. Now what he was here, he was kind of at a loss on what to do next. He was glad there wasn’t any other cars around, and as this is where his app told him to stop, he was pretty sure that this was the right car.

He paused, better to be safe than sorry, ducking back inside the car, he grabbed his phone and hit call. He could hear the phone ringing inside the car, the man must have the window down, defeating the purpose of staying warm.

“Hello.”The voice said as the door swung open. Aizawa paused as he watched a huge man unfold from the car, he almost turn around and ran back to his car. No normal man could be that tall, and Aizawa himself was almost six feet.

“Hey.”Aizawa said into the phone, feeling foolish as he was standing not more than 20 feet away form the man. “Wanted to make sure I had the right flat tire. ”

Both men were still on the phone not more than 20 feet away from each other, studying each other. Aizawa’s impression that the man was huge had been almost right. The man was tall, but that was where the huge part stopped. The man was anything but huge, he was almost skeletal in weight, the white t-shirt hanging off one of his shoulders. It was not the smartest thing to be wearing outside this early and in this cold weather. It looked like it was made for someone broader. He couldn't really see much more, other than the man appeared to have one arm in a sling and a bandage around his head. He raked his eyes over him, noting the shocking yellow hair that seemed to almost rebelliously poke out from between the bandages that coverrd his head. He supposed he better not judge, considering that his own dark hair rarely did what he wished.

Suddenly harsh coughing broke into Aizawa’s thoughts and he blinked in horror as the tall man leaned weakly against the car, his hand covering his mouth, the force of his coughs racking his body in tremors. It looked like he was going to fall over at any moment.

He quickly rushed forward, putting his still open phone down on top of the other’s car. He reached out noticing when the man flinched away.

“Look just get back in the car, ”He pulled back his hands and shoved them in his pockets. “Just pop the trunk and I”ll take care of the rest.“

“I’m sorry for...” The man started but stopped when Aizawa shot him a look. He held up his hands and turned back towards the car, popping the trunk open but not getting back inside.

Aizawa decided to just get this over with, he moved towards the trunk and pushed it open, pausing at all the medical equipment and the bags there. He flicked his gaze up to the man now leaning on the car. He saw the man had his hand to his chest. It looked like he was trying to catch his breath.

“Get inside.”He used his best teacher voice, though he doubted it would work on a cop, if the guy really was a cop after all. “I said I got this.”

He pushed around some of the stuff in the trunk and yanked up the carpet, letting out a sigh of relief. The car had a full size tire and jack. He reached in yanking the tire and jack out and set them on the ground. He glanced up just in time to see the car door close and the man hunched over in the driver’s seat again.

He glanced at the tire and took a moment to find the flat, of course it was on the passenger side, so his ass would be out in traffic, but there was almost no one on the road so he might be safe. Aizawa looked down and sighed, trying to remember when the last time he had actually changed a tire. He hoped it was like riding a bike and he didn’t have to call reinforcements.

Two hours later, Aizawa sat back, his back and thighs were screaming but it was done and he was pretty sure it wouldn’t fall off, if the man didn’t have that much farther to go. He grabbed the flat and hauled it back the the trunk. He shoved it back into the wheel well and pulling everything back into place. slamming the trunk down.

Again he stretched with a groan, noticing there was a slight bit of light coming up on the horizon. Aizawa walked to the driver’s side door and knocked. He was shocked the man hadn’t woken up when he slammed the trunk, but if he had manged to sleep through his fighting with the tire he bet he could sleep through anything.

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Yagi Toshinori jumped as he heard someone tap on his window. He hadn’t meant to fall asleep, but the drugs from his hospital stay were still in his system, not that he would admit that. Otherwise he wouldn’t have been allowed to drive himself home from the hospital. He blinked open his eyes and saw Aizawa peering in at him.

“Sorry.” Yagi said and winced when he noticed the exasperated look the man gave him and grinned sheepishly. He had no clue what Aizawa had against politeness but it seemed to annoy him. Yagi couldn’t help it, his lips quirked and let out a small chuckle when Aizawa looked at him quizzically. Holding up his hands in supplication seemed to calm the other man down.

“All done.”Aizawa’s deep voice seemed to float to him on the still early morning air, though more cars were quickly added to the highway and the early morning noise. “All though with the length of time if took me, Triple A might have been a better choice.”

“No, no.” Yagi said shaking his head. “thank you so much for helping me. A complete stranger.”

Aizawa let out a long suffering sigh, running his hand through his dark hair. “Just start your car and go home. I’m going to follow you.”

“Why?” Yagi managed to sputter out and Aizawa gave him another look.

“Because you have a shit ton of crap to haul in and I want to make sure your tire doesn’t fall off and I accidentally got you killed.’ His voice sounded bored but firm and Yagi chuckled and it quickly turned into a cough.

He curled over the steering wheel and gripped it tight, his knuckles white while he willed himself to breath through it, as best as he could. He felt something heavy land on this shoulder and a hand squeezed his shoulder. He was grateful the man didn’t talk or offer any advice. He just put his hand on Yagi’s shoulder and it did help.

Taking a deep breath, he reached up and wiped the spit and whatever else away from his chin, he turned and looked over, expecting to see disgust and maybe pity mixed with a bit of horror, but all he saw was concern in Aizawa’s dark eyes. He opened his mouth to apologize again when the man pulled back and stood up.

“come on.” Aizawa said. “Let’s get going.”

Yagi nodded and turned on his car, watching as Aizawa snatched his phone off the hood of Yagi’s car and walk back to his car. He didn’t know why he was letting this man follow him home, but he suppose if he was going to be robbed the man would have done that before he spent several hours changing his tire. He had to be more careful now that he wasn’t able to protect himself like he used to.

Yagi pulled out onto the Freeway and finished the last bit of the drive home. He kept glancing in the review mirror, surprised to see the little dirty white car following him still. The man didn’t seem like the type not to follow through with something he said he was going to do. Left to his own thoughts, driving by muscle memory he pulled into the parking space in front of his building. Yagi turned off his car and popped his trunk before sliding out. He must have taken a bit longer than he thought because the dark haired man was standing by his trunk, pulling out some bags.

“You have a lot of medical equipment.” Aizawa pointed out as he very carefully pulled out a few bags to sling over his shoulder before reaching for something else.

“Yes.” Yagi said. “We don’t have to bring those in right now, I have a home health nurse coming in tomorrow to set everything else up. ” He paused reaching for a small bag. “I just need the nebulizer tonight.” He looked at the sun coming up over the horizon. “I mean today.” He frowned, realizing he had no clue what time it was.

“TOSHINORI YAGI!” A voice thundered and Yagi jumped letting out a small frightened sound and Aizawa moved quickly to stand in front the tall man to ward off whatever had frightened him.

Aizawa watched as another man moved from what he assumed was the shadows surrounding Yagi’s door towards them. He scowled and glared at the new stranger, he should know better than to yell at someone as sick the man behind him was. He could practically feel Yagi wilt. At least he had a name now.

“That is far enough.” Aizawa said, his hand still outstretched. “Who are you?’

The other man stopped, a shocked look on his face, his eyes blinking at Aizawa in disbelief as he pushed the tan hat back away from his face. “Who the fuck are you?”He shot back.

“Shouta Aizawa.” He replied. “I’m…” He paused, just what the fuck was he. “A teacher.”

Aizawa felt Yagi put one of his hands on his shoulder. “I am sorry Naomasa.” Yagi’s voice was low and did sound contrite, it appeared apologizing for everything was something Yagi did to everyone. ‘I didn’t mean to worry you.“

Naomasa’s eyes flicked from Aizawa to Yagi and he seemed to deflate. “You disappeared from the hospital, weren’t answering your phone. I have been looking for you all night.”

“You didn’t have to do that.” Yagi said softly and dropped his hands from Aizawa’s shoulder, and Aizawa missed it warmth. It was a strange thing to think of in the middle of this conversation. “I was capable of driving myself home, I have a nurse coming.”

Naomasa stepped around Aizawa and moved into Yagi’s space and Aizawa have to resist the urge to push him out of it, still not pleased with the way the other man had yelled at the obviously wounded man.

“Look can we get this shit inside and you can continue this lover’s spat in there away from everyone trying to get to work?”He deadpanned.

“Wait we aren’t.” Yagi sputtered before he broke out into a coughing spell and both men moved towards Yagi, reaching for him but Yagi waived them off.

“I”m fine.“Yagi stood up, breathing heavily. ”Aizawa is right.“ He said using the man’s name for the first time, now that he knew it. ”let’s get inside, I can’t stand up much longer.“

That seemed to moved the other two men into action. Naomasa running to the trunk grabbing what he could carry and following Yagi and Aizawa as the shuffled towards the front door of Yagi’s down stairs apartment.

“It’s good to be home.” Yagi said over his shoulder as he pushed the door open and stepped into the apartment, kicking off his shoes in entry way.

“How long were you gone?”Aizawa asked stepping behind him and kicking off his trainers to follow him up into the apartment and dumping the bags on the surprisingly comfortable looking couch. God he could take a nap right there,but that might be a little weird. Not that this night wasn’t weird enough already.

“A week, this time.” Yagi said turning and watching at Naomasa lugged in the rest of the equipment. “so not so bad.”

“Not so bad.” Aizawa muttered to himself. Glancing at the clock that was on the wall behind the couch. “shit.”

“What?” Naomasa asked curiously as Aizawa moved towards his shoes. “What’s wrong.”

“I got thirty minutes to get to school.”He tugged on his shoes and glanced behind him. “I didn’t know it was so late.”

“Oh.” Yagi said moving towards the door also. “thank you again.” He stopped as Aizawa paused and turned around.

“Quit thanking me.” He said with another one of his sighs. “I didn’t mind it, I wouldn’t mind if you called again if you need help.” He glanced over and his eyes met Naomasa’s. “don’t yell at him anymore.”

He glared at Naomasa and stepped outside walking towards his car, with his hands shoved in his pockets. He felt stupid for being over protective of a complete stranger but Yagi just seemed so lost, but he supposed it wasn’t so bad. He wouldn’t be left alone so that made Aizawa feel better as he pulled out into the street. Today was going to be a long day.

Yagi watched as the door shut gently behind Aizawa, and felt his heart clench. He didn’t know why he was so moved but the other’s defending him, even to his friend.

“Yagi.” Naomasa said softly. “Toshi.”

Yagi turned towards Naomasa and he covered his mouth with his hand. He let out a small sound, tears slipping down his cheeks. He quickly found himself pulled away from the entry way. Somehow Naomasa managed to fold him into a hug as he started to sob. He was so tired and he couldn’t hold it in anymore.

Only two people in his life had managed to hold him and not make it seem ridiculous because of his height. Now there was only one left, and he was pretty sure Naomasa had to get to work.

“Come on Toshi let me get you to bed.” Naomasa said softly and led Yagi back towards his bedroom. “I don’t have to go to work until this afternoon. I'll let the rest of the squad know I found you and wait for your nurse.“

Toshi nodded as he was shuffled down the hallway, his hand gripping Naomasa’s upper arm not wanting to fall and end up back in the hospital. “And then you can tell me about Mr. Tall Dark and Broody you manged to pick up some how.”

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“I swear Sho.”Hizashi said as he slid the little tray along the metels bars. “You have such a hero complex.” He leaned over and gave Rasshu a smile as he eyed the lunch for today. “and it was your day to bring lunch, so we are stuck.” He glanced around, noticing that he was being watched not only by the lunch ladies but by the students in the line behind them. “Eating this wonderful and deliciously nutritious lunch.”

He gave everyone around him his signature finger guns and grin, most of them, even his best friend Shouta rolled their eyes at him and he just shrugged as he grabbed the little plate of something that vaguely had a meatloaf like shape.

“Oh now if that isn’t the pot calling the kettle black.” Aizawa shot back. “How many places to you volunteer at after school?”He rolled his eyes again and grabbed his own plate. “And look I said I would make it up to you and bring lunch the next few days. Stop your bitch….um complaining.”He scowled at the red haired teenager behind him, and that stopped Kirishima from snickering.

“Oh you know my motives aren’t all together pure in working at team Idaten.” Hizashi said with a smirk. “Sure I love working with the kids.” He slid into a chair at the teacher’s table. “It’s why I am a teacher after all. I love the brats, but.” He wiggled his eyebrows as he took a bite of his lunch.

“Yes yes.” Aizawa said with a smirk. “You have told me plenty of times how hot the director is.” He slid into his own chair across from his friend. He smirked when Hiziashi mimed being over heated and attacked his own lunch with gusto. He needed some fuel if he was going to make it through the remaining class periods.

“Hey man, you look like shit.” Kan spoke from his place next to the pair. Aizawa turned to yell at the other teacher, but despite his words he found Kan looking at him with actual concern.

“I didn’t get any sleep last night.”He answered and hoped to leave it at that, but of course is loud mouth best friend wasn’t having that.

“Yeah he had to go out and play hero to a complete stranger.”Hizashi said with a smirk now that Kan looked intrigued. Sho would have to tell him the story.

“Look it’s no big deal.”Aizawa sighed pushing his plate away suddenly not hungry. “The man was in a bad situation and if I didn’t go he would have been sitting on the side of the road. Something could have happened to him.”

“AWWWWWWW.”Hiziashi sighed, leaning his cheek on his hand and batting his huge green eyes. “You are so sweet Sho. Rushing out to help the down trodden.”

“Oh fuck off Zashi.”Aizawa hissed standing up and pushing his hair back. “You didn’t see him. He was.”

“Hey man calm down.”Kan reached up and put his hand on Aizawa’s shoulder pushing him back down. “I think it is pretty cool you went out to help someone, man, don’t get pissy about it.”

Hizashi sighed and sat up. “Sorry Sho.” He said softer. ‘I was just teasing. You just try so hard to be…“ He waved his hand around. ”You know a hard ass, I sometimes forget you are all squishy inside.“

“I am not squishy inside.”Aizawa said with a snarl and leaned back in his chair away from both of them. “I am just concerned.”

Hizashi nodded his head. “so you going to go visit again? Check up on him? You know sense you are so concerned?”

Aizawa sighed, pushing his food around on his plate. “I don’t know.”He said looking up at Hizashi. “I want to. I mean, he had his friend there but, I am not sure if I liked leaving him alone with him. He yelled at him.”

“Yeah well you told me, the man spent all night looking for him too.” Hizashi pointed out. “So he can’t be all bad.”

He finished his foot and sat back. “I mean I get pissed when you don’t text me back, and this guy was on deaths door like you said, I bet his friend was frantic.”

“Yeah I suppose you are right.” Aizawa sighed. “But I don’t know.”

“Go.” Kan said with a shrug. “I know you.” He said shooting Hizashi a grin. “I mean we both do. You are going to fret a bout him for days if you don’t.”

“Fine.”Aizawa sighed this time picking up his tray. “I’ll go, okay?”

“Oh THANK YOU!” Hizashi said loudly. “I was so worried you weren’t going to go back to some complete strangers house and meddle in their lives.”He rolled his eyes at Kan and the other man snickered with him. Aizawa huffed, got up from the table and stomped away from them.


Five hours later found Aizawa standing outside of Yagi’s apartment, staring at the doorbell. He hadn’t really thought this through, coming back to Yagi’s apartment. The man hadn’t called him, so he actually really wasn’t invited. He wasn’t even sure he would be wanted. He was assuming way too much from a brief meeting. He could always say he was just checking on him and then go. Who wouldn’t want to check on Yagi? He doubted anyone that saw him, would be able to resist the immediate desire to take care of him.

Taking a deep breath Aizawa presses the doorbell. It’s two seconds before the door is wrenched open and he leaped back.

“What?” a voice asks him and Aizawa looks down at a tiny woman in scrubs glaring up at him. “didn’t you see the sign.”She points her cane to the small handwritten sign tapped below the doorbell. He had some how missed it. “Says to knock!”

“I’m sorry?”He winces as the words come out in more of a question than he intended clutching his book bag’s shoulder strap. He had faced down irate parents when he told them their precious kids were expelled but this tiny, tiny woman scared the shit out of him.

“Who are you and are you on the visitor's list?”The woman demanded. She reached next to the door and picked up a clip board. “You are?”She tapped her foot waiting.

“Shouta Aizawa.” He said blinking. Why would Yagi have a visitor's list?

“Nope, not on it.” The woman said and slammed the door in his face.

Aizawa blinked, feeling a bit angry, seriously thinking about knocking again just to give the woman a piece of his mind. But it wasn’t like Yagi knew him or anything. He knew this was a stupid idea. He turned around to walk back to his car when the door was wrenched open and Yagi stood there. He was dressed in soft grey sweat pants and a tank top. He was breathing heavy and his bandages looked fresh so that made Aizawa feel better.

“Aizawa!” He spoke blinking at the other man in shock and confusion. “Why are you here.” He stepped back from the door and motioned for the other man to come in. “I am sorry. I am just surprised to see you.”

Aizawa smirked at the tiny goblin woman as he stepped into the entryway and kicked off his shoes. He watched in some amusement as the woman turned and made a show of very slowly and carefully writing his name on the visitor’s list. He noticed that there were only three names on that list. His name making number four.

“I wanted to check on you.”He said as he followed the other man further into the apartment. He noticed that the equipment that they had brought in that morning was no longer on the couch. “Just to see how you were doing.”

“What he should be doing is being in bed.” The woman pipped up and glared at them. ‘You and your Visitor can talk while you are in bed.“ Her eyes narrowed and Yagi blushed, but both men allowed her to shoe them towards the bed room.

“Get in bed. ”She demanded and bustled around the room, pushing one of the the rather comfortable looking arm chairs closer to the bed.

“I can’t believe you unhooked yourself from the I.V.”She hissed as she pulled his free arm towards her. “I”m going to have to put it in your hand now.“

A few minutes later the tiny woman shut the door quietly on the two men sitting awkwardly next to each other in the semi dark room. She smiled, she hadn’t seen Yagi move that fast all day and panicked look had worried her a moment, but the happy surprise on her patient’s face had made her loosen the rules and allow Aizawa in the house. She could deal with the detective later. It seemed like the sad lonely man had a new friend and she wouldn’t stand in the way. She would just watch them carefully.

“So, she seems nice.” Aizawa said, staring at Yagi with eyes wide and grinned when the other man started to laugh softly.

“Yeah very actually.” He looked at Aizawa sheepishly. “She is just very protective. I don’t take very good care of myself.”

“I hadn’t noticed.” Aizawa said setting his bag down by the chair and leaned forward. “How are you feeling?” He didn’t know what to say now that he was here but this was considerably less awkward then he thought. Not that it wasn’t awkward, just less than what Aizawa had expected.

“I’m okay.” Yagi said and sighed when Aizawa just stared at him. “I guess as well as can be expected when one recovers for multiple gun shot wounds.”

“WHAT?” Aizawa almost yelled and then looked around quickly expecting the goblin woman to come in and kick him out. “What the fuck do you mean gun shot wounds?”

Oh I am sorry.“ Yagi looked horrified and reached out his hand wincing as the i.v. pulled. ”I forgot you didn’t know,I am just used to talking to people on the job or that already know.“

Aizawa stared Yagi, his skin paled and he felt vaguely ill. He wanted to throw up. “You were shot more than once.”he said not as a question but more as a statement to himself. “I’ll be right back. I have to go to the restroom.”

He stood up and quickly left the room. Yagi watched him go sadly, only comforted by the fact that he would have to come back to get his stuff before he left again. He forgot civilians didn’t really enjoy cop talk or humor that much.

“He was shot multiple times.’Aizawa said softly leaning against the door burying his face in his hands. He felt like he might pass out. That man in that room, almost wasn’t here. He might not have met him. Aizawa had a hard time processing that thought.

“Come on.”Aizawa felt a cane tap his shin and he lifted his head to see the goblin woman staring at him. Though her face held a more sympathetic look. “Time to make his food so he can take his meds. ” She turned and started down the hallway. “You can help.’

“I don’t know your name.”He said as he followed the woman into kitchen and found a small tray with a small bowl of white mush in it. It didn’t look appetizing.

“Now you remember your manners huh?”The old lady said with a snicker. “It’s Chiyo Shuzenji. I’m his recovery nurse.” She put a hot cup of tea on the tray and motioned towards the counter. ‘Grab the blue pill case, that is his nightly meds.“

The older woman watched as the man reached for the shockingly large case, his eyes moving over the little compartments, counting the pills. She saw a tear slip down his cheek as he slowly put it next to the bowl on the tray.

“You just met him today I understand.”He looked at her in surprise. “I texted the Detective to ask about you when you first got here.”

“Naomasa.”Aizawa said nodding. “I don’t know why. I just can’t help it.”

Chiyo nodded her hand once again tapping his shin with her cane. “Grab the tray.” She commanded and then started down the hallway, sure that Aizawa was following her orders.

“Dinner time and this time you are going to eat it or I am going to leave the i.v. in for the rest of the night.” she threatened.

Yagi looked up and nodded his head, looking at Aizawa as he came in carrying the tray. The man moved further into the room and towards the bed putting the little tray over Yagi’s lap before sitting down.

“You don’t have to stay.” Yagi said softly. “I am not a neat eater right now and sometimes I get sick.”

“I don’t mind.” Aizawa said softly reaching down towards his bag. “I have papers to grade, I can do that while you eat.”

“I am not fixing you dinner young man.”Chiyo said glaring at them both.“ I am Yagi’s nurse not yours.“

Aizawa reached down into his bag, eyes locked on her as he pulled out a protein pack. “Mine still looks better than his.” He said smirking when she huffed at him.

“It might be.” Yagi agreed, watching as the other man spread out some papers on his lap and took out a red pen. He was undeniably happy the man was staying even if he would be embarrassed about his ability to feed himself, now made harder by the i.v. in his hand.

“Bring the tray when he done.”Chiyo commanded.

“No.” Aizawa said, not glancing up from his papers, the protein pack stuck in the corner of his mouth. “You are his nurse. You come get it.”

Yagi’s eyes widened as he watched his nurse raise her cane and make as if to hit Aizawa before she left muttering. He turned his head to laugh quietly in his hand and missed the smile Aizawa and Chiyo shared as she closed the door.

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Shouta awoke to yelling, he frowned not remembering where he was and glanced around the room, desperately trying to untangle himself from the blanket that had been draped over him.

He could hear the voices raised and he glanced at the bed. The Bed was empty and the iv cord had been neatly looped over one of the hooks. Scowling fiercely he moved out of the bedroom and into the hallway. He was not in the least bit surprised to see Naomasa standing in the middle the living room. The man had one hand on his hip and the other was clutching a surprisingly thick folder. Yagi and Naomasa both turned when he entered the room.

“Sorry to wake you Aizawa.” Yagi said from his seat in the arm chair. He looked calm but his eyes kept flickering back to the other man.

“You didn’t Yagi.”Aizawa moved to stand beside the chair. “His yelling did.” He folded his arms over his chest and eyed the other man. “What did I tell you about yelling at him? You are stressing him out.”

Naomasa looked incredulously at Aizawa then back at Yagi. Yagi was sitting in the chair, his one good arm resting on his lap, the smirk Yagi shot him caused the Detective to narrow his eyes.

“He has got you so snowed, doesn’t he?” Naomasa said dropping the folder so it slapped against his thigh. “You just see some helpless man, but he is far from it.”

“Naomasa.” Yagi started, holding up his hand.

“He stole this confidential file from work!” The man waved the folder again in the air. “That I have to find someway to get back before anyone notices that it is missing! It’s an active investigation!”

“An active investigation that I should be a part of!” Yagi shot back, this time his calm demeanor broken. “And I only took it because none of my ”Friends“ were giving me any information on the case.”

‘We can’t!“ Naomasa said, ”You are retired, not on the force anymore, you didn’t want to take a desk job!“

His voice was raising and even though Yagi was stressed it looked like Naomasa was on the verge of a break down. He dropped his arms and moved between them.

“Look, everyone is upset how about we just.”Aizawa began when he noticed the Detective rip his hat off his head and fling it against the wall. He jumped back as the folder was dropped and all the photos fell to the ground. He stepped back as the other man clutched at his head.

“We lost Sir and we almost damn near lost you.” Naomasa covered his face, his voice broken. “You took a shotgun blast to the fucking stomach, You shouldn’t be here.”

Aizawa’s eyes widened and he looked over his shoulder, not really sure who needed him most. This asshole cop or the other asshole cop trying to struggle up out of the chair.

“I know you want to find him, we have every damn cop in the city looking for him, but we can’t lose you too.” Naomasa jumped when he was yanked into a hug by Yagi. The taller man having made it over to him. He spoke against Yagi’s white shirt. “Stay here, get better, let us do the work.”

Aizawa stepped back, not sure what to do, so he bent down and started to gather up the spilled pages. He wanted to give them some privacy but not really wanting to leave either of them alone.

“Okay.” Yagi said as he held the trembling man against him, they were crushing his injured arm, but he didn’t mind the pain and Naomasa hadn’t noticed. yet.

“Liar.” Naomasa huffed out a laugh and pushed away, wiping his eyes he glanced down at Aizawa and watched as he put the papers back into the folder. “I need to get this back, but you don’t have anyone to stay here with you.”

“I’ll stay.”Aizawa said standing up and handing the folder back, he shoved his hands into his pockets and looked at Naomasa with a shrug. “Tomorrow is Saturday after all, I don’t have school.”

“His nurse will be here at two, can you stay until then?” Naomas shoved the folder under his arm and walked over to his hat, it was crushed and he tried to get it back into shape.

Aizawa glanced at the clock, it was three in the morning. He smirked. “Yeah I tend to stay up all night with him anyway. It seems to be our thing”

“Oh really?” Naomasa’s eyebrow quirked at Aizawa just as the teacher realized what he said. Aizawa blushed to the tips of his hair. ‘I mean…“ he glanced over at Yagi and noticed the man also was blushing and looking rather surprised.

Naomasa laughed shaking his head. “Yeah, totally snowed.” He turned and shoved his hat back on his head. “Yagi leave Overhaul to us, you can’t take him on anymore, and there is no arguments about the car that is going to be outside from now on.”

Aizawa watched as Yagi’s face pulled down in to a frown, he turned back and moved back to his arm chair without saying a word. Aizawa was sure the older man was pouting.

“I am still a cop.” Yagi said from the chair. “I can still take care of myself.”

“You’re an eye wittness to a murder Toshi.” Naomasa said. “You can’t go to a safe house so the detail stays.”

Aizawa noticed how tired Naomasa looked. He frowned at the other man. “When was the last time you slept?”

Naomasa blinked and then laughed. “Save your mothering for Yagi.”He turned. “I’m fine.”

Yagi and Aizawa watched as the other man left the living room and the sound of the front door shutting. Aizawa looked over at Yagi and noticed for the first time something different about him. He moved closer and eyed him for a moment. Yagi just sat in his chair looking at him waiting. Yagi wasn’t wearing the bandage around his head, he could see stitches across the other’s forehead and bruising across the left side of his face. He reached out and pushed Yagi’s hair back so he could see the wound better. It still looked angry and red, he was pretty sure the stitches pulled every time Yagi made any kind of expression.

“Tell me something.” Aizawa said softly. “Are all cops such stubborn dickheads are is it just the two of you?”

A laugh was surprised out of Yagi and it quickly morphed into coughing as the man curled into the chair, protectively around his stomach. He was wincing in pain and all Aizawa could do was kneel down beside him. He placed one hand on Yagi’s arm and the other resting on his knee he waited.

“Pretty much all cops.” Yagi said after a few minutes, “Though Naomasa and I do have a bit of a reputation.”

Aizawa made a small sound in his throat as he stood up. “Hungry?”He asked the other man. “I bet you haven’t eaten sense the goblin woman was here.”

Yagi’s eyes widened. “Aizawa don’t call her that!” He shook his head. “Not very hungry but I should eat.” He made to struggle to get out of his chair, but Aizawa held him in place and turned towards the kitchen. “Let’s see if she left any of the mush you ate earlier.”

“Why are you here?” Yagi asked softly from his chair. Aizawa paused turning around he leaned on the archway wall. Yagi was looking at him, his blue eyes studying Aizawa looking for any kind of deception.

“I don’t know.”Aizawa answered honestly.

“What do you want from me?”Yagi asked, his throat working to say the words.

“I don’t know.”Aizawa repeated shaking his head, and running his hands through his hair. Most had come out of the pony he had put it in before work. He hadn’t had time to wash it and he bet he looked like he stuck his hand in a light socket. “I normally would have asked you out by now to try and figure it out.”

Yagi’s eyes widened and Aizawa shrugged his shoulders. It was true. He couldn’t deny the strange attraction he felt to Yagi. He normally didn’t spend all day thinking about someone or become obsessed with someone so quickly.

“You have seen me, right?” Yagi gestured down at himself. “I have months if not years of recovery ahead of me. I have to be well over a decade older than you.”

“I don’t care.” Aizawa sighed. “Let me get you food and then we can talk.”

“I thought that was what we were doing.”Yagi shot back, his voice a little hard and annoyed, almost as if he was trying to push Aizawa’s buttons, but it would take more than grumpiness to get to the teacher. He dealt with hormonal teenagers all day for the past eleven years. A surly cop wouldn’t be much of a problem.

“Consider it our first dinner date.”Aizawa said moving back into the kitchen. “You should feel privileged, I don’t cook for people.”

Aizawa opened the fridge and found little containers of food and peeked into to see pretty much everything pureed. He made a face, it all looked disgusting, but he grabbed something of a different color than white and moved towards the microwave.

“I hardly think heating up food, qualifies as cooking.” Yagi called from the living room.

“You don’t know my cooking.” Aizawa shot back. Hitting the button he moved back to the doorway. “Look I would offer to give you a blow job if it would put you in a better mood, but it might kill you.”

Yagi let out a small squeak of shock, staring at him. “What?”He gasped, trying hard to break out into another coughing fit.

Aizawa smirked as he walked back into the kitchen and quickly set up a tray, that had been left out on the small dinning table in the middle of the room. The Microwave beeped and he got the food ready walking out he saw Yagi nervously fretting in his chair, but at least he didn’t look grumpy anymore.

‘you ah.“ Yagi started but paused, blushing as he reached for the t.v. stand next to his chair and set it up so Aizawa could put the tray down. ”You would want.“

“What, blow you?”Aizawa said. “I am attracted to you, for whatever reason and want to know you. So yeah, that is something I would want to do eventually. If you are willing.”

He reached over and put his hand on Yagi’s arm. “but right now I want to help you. I can’t tell you why, I just do.” He looked Yagi right in the eye and was rewarded with a small shy smile. “Eat your food, then we can figure out where to go from here.”

Yagi nodded his head and picked up the spoon, no more warnings of how he eats crossed his lips as he slowly started to eat the orange mash. He felt better than he had in along time, but still if tears slipped down his cheeks as he ate quietly. Neither man mentioned it.

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The rest of the night went by quickly. After Yagi ate, Aizawa managed to get the man back in his bed and both of them watched a few movies before Yagi finally drifted off to sleep. Aizawa, left to his own devices in the man’s apartment, began to explore.

He wondered back out into the living room and walked over to the bookcase. There among the western novels and surprisingly an over abundance of fantasy novels were a few scattered photos. Aizawa’s hand reached out and plucked one of the photos from the shelves.

It was a photo of four young men, obviously straight out of the police academy, they looked fresh faced and happy. Nothing like the worn out men he had met these last two days. He could pick out Naomasa from the photo but the other three were a mystery to him. His eyes traced the figure of the tallest of the four. His body was broad and strong, his lips pulled back into a wide grin. Maybe it was the way his blue eyes sparkled in the photo or even the way bright spikey blond hair poked out from underneath the the police cap, but it finally dawned on Aizawa that the tall man was Yagi.

He let out a small gasp and covered his mouth. This man, sure it must have been several years ago, but he was so much broader than the Yagi that was laying on the bed in his room. Whatever the damage had been done to him, had literally destroyed this man. He slide the photo back into place and reached for another one that was displayed on the shelf.

This one was another one of a healthier Yagi. This time, the man was standing with one of the other men he didn’t recognize from the photo and in his arms was a young girl of about ten. Both of them were looking up at Yagi with adoration on their faces and Yagi was grinning at the camera. Aizawa wondered if maybe this was Yagi’s past partner. If he had a family and one time and why weren’t they here. He was pretty sure that knowing Yagi, they wouldn’t just abandon him when he was like this. He noticed a few more photos of the young girl on the bookcase, most of them looking like selfies she took and sent to Yag. Maybe he was Yagi’s brother? Aizawa was suddenly painfully aware of just how little he knew about the man asleep in the other room.

Aizawa shrugged to himself. He would just have to learn more as they went along. He wasn’t squeamish and had no problem taking care of Yagi. He figured that Hizashi might have a point about his hero complex but he supposed Florence Nightingale syndrome would be more accurate. Which left him wondering if he would be so intent on the man if he wasn’t so injured. He actually didn’t know how to answer that even to himself. He needed to spend less time thinking about things that didn’t matter and more time finding food. He hadn’t eaten sense lunch yesterday and he was starving suddenly.

He had just put in two slices of bread into the toaster when he head something from the bedroom. With a frown he turned and walked slowly down the hall. The strange sound continued and he quickly opened the door.

He froze as he watched the man on top of Yagi turn towards him. He man’s eyes were crazed, and his hands tightened reflexively around the prostrate man’s throat. It was hard to tell much about the man, in the dim light coming from the open window, only that he had some how crawled through the open window and Yagi was vainly trying to fight him off.

“Get the fuck away from him.”Aizawa yelled and rushed forward. His own arms outstretched as he was going to choke Yagi’s attacker. He threw himself across the bed, trying to knock the man off of him. He hadn’t really been in a fight sense his first year of college and was hoping just his weight would knock the man off.

It was in all a bad idea as the man did not want to let go of Yagi and all three crashed into a heap on the floor. Yagi was curled up under both of them coughing and trying weakly to crawl away. His hand reaching for his side table to give himself leverage or something to hold onto as coughs wracked his body.

The other two men were locked into a deadly battle and Aizawa was frankly terrorized. He lashed out in desperation, kicking the man in the stomach and felt some satisfaction when the man rolled away form him and allowed Aizawa space to sit up between him and Yagi. He could feel the Yagi behind him struggle to breath.

“Get out.’ He hissed as he pushed to his feet, watching as the other man effortlessly got to his own feet, with a sickening deadly grace. ”The cops are already coming.“

“Liar.” the man hissed, suddenly a wicked looking knife flashed in the dark and Aizawa’s blood ran cold. “No alarms and the cops out front are sleeping. ” He let out a wicked chuckle. “None of them are worthy to watch the hero. You aren’t worthy.”

“You are?”Aizawa said asked, glancing to side wondering how he was going to let anyone know what was going on. His attention being divided was a bad idea because suddenly pain erupted across his face and he staggered back. Aizawa’s hand coming up to his face, feeling the sticky wetness that could only be blood and the man laughed.

“More than most.” The man laughed as he moved forward quickly, his hands shooting out and tossing Aizawa like a ragdoll across the room. Aizawa let out a grunt as his back hit the dresser and he fell down onto his knees. He had to get up, he couldn’t let his monster anywhere near Yagi. He had to find away to let someone know what was going on.

“Going it alone hero?”The man had Yagi dangling from his grip, his t-shirt clutched in his hand. “Been watching you a long time, you are finally all mine.”

Yagi’s eyes narrowed, before he spit all the blood still in his mouth into the man’s face, bringing up his hand he smashed it down on the side of his attacker’s head. Hitting him in the temple. He didn’t have much time, his vision was already graying around the edges.

“Shouta, go.” He managed to choke out. “Go get help.”

Yagi managed to get his hand twisted in the man’s red and black shirt and pulled him closer, throwing him off balance, most attacker’s didn’t think their victim would pull them closer. He felt the man stumble closer to him and did the only thing he could think of at the time. Yagi slammed his head into the bridge of the man’s nose. He could feel the man’s bones crunch under his attack, and he felt pain explode across his forehead, his wound opening up even as his eyes rolled back in his head. He thought about Aizawa as finally the blackness took him over. He desperately wanted to stay conscious, he couldn’t leave Aizawa alone, He couldn’t lose another friend.

Aizawa had struggled to his feet, He watched in horror as Yagi went limp and the man dropped him turning towards Aizawa. The attacker brought his hand up to his ruined face and wiped the blood across his cheeks and lips, pulled back in a grin. Aizawa didn’t know what had the man still going, he had to be on some kind of drug or just running on complete crazy. All Aizawa was sure of was that he was going to die.

“I don’t know you.”The man’s voice was thick now, as if he was finding it difficult to speak through his ruined nose. “Brave of your to stay even though Hero told you to go.”

“Are you Overhaul?”Aizawa asked, trying to stall and latching onto the only thing he remembered from What Yagi and Naomasa spoke of. The man paused and regarded him curiously.

“No.”the attacker said, licking his lips as the blood still oozed from his broken nose. “You can call me the Hero Killer because after you, I will kill the biggest Hero of them all, Toshinori Yagi.”

Aizawa threw up his hands but it was too late, the killer moved to stand over Aizawa and started beating him. Aizawa tried to fight the man off, land some punches himself, but the man was too fast and too strong, soon all he could do was curl up as blow upon blow rained down on him. He could feel darkness rush up to meet him when a thunderous explosion rang through the bedroom.

He turned on his back and watched in shock at The Hero Killer sank onto the floor, his eyes wide in shock as he collapsed, the manic’s know lifeless eyes staring right at Aizawa.

“Shouta?” Yagi croaked out, from his spot across the bed. his face a mirror of the killer’s bloody and ruined face, but the hand clutching the revolver was steady. “Are you alive?”

“Yes.” Aizawa said and tried to breath. He wasn’t sure but he might have heard someone banging on the door. He let out a small sound as thankfully the blackness finally claimed him. His only thought was that he hoped someone got to them in time to save Yagi.


Aizawa let out a groan, he lifted up his hand and touched his face, or tried too, there was something covering it. He let his fingers lightly prod at the covering and it felt surprisingly like gauze.

“Holly shit man are you awake?” He reconized Hizashi’s voice and turned towards it. “I gotta get nurse. I’ll be right back”

Aizawa heard his best friends retreating foot steps and the door open and close. He groaned again and tried to take stock of what hurt and he came to the conclusion that everything fucking hurt. There wasn’t a place on his body that didn’t hurt, and he needed more drugs and possibly to be knocked out again.

Yagi. His mind snapped and he remembered. He could feel cold terror over take him and frantic beeping started from somewhere. He tried to sit up, maybe see where they were, but he couldn’t really see through the bandages, his entire chest screamed in protest, his own voice horse. Was Yagi even alive? He didn’t know.

“Holy shit.” he heard Hizashi’s voice and suddenly hands were all over him, trying to hold him down. He was thrashing, trying to get up and go find Yagi. He could hear people yelling around him, though he couldn't make out any words. The pain was unbearable but suddenly something cool washing into him from his arm and he felt is body unlocking, and sleep over taking him. He sent a prayer up in thanks for whatever drug they just shoved into his system, his panic slowly fading with is consciousness.

Hours later he woke again, groaning his way back into consciousness. He felt someone touch his arm.

“Okay, don’t panic again.”He recognized Hizashi’s voice again and wondered if the man ever went home. “You are safe and at the hospital. Just stay calm okay?”

“Hizashi?”Aizawa rasped and was rewarded with a sigh from his friend that boarded on a small sob. “I’m okay.”

“Oh my man you are so far from okay.”Hiziashi’s voice sounded thick, but his hand remained on Aizawa’s arm. “But you will be with enough time.”

“What happened?”He rasped out, licking his lips and finding his mouth also covered by gauze. “Yagi.”

“Psycho attacked both of you, your cop boyfriend killed him.” Hizashi said his hand tightening on Aizawa’s arm. “So I guess I have to approve, he saved you and all.”

“Thirsty.”Aizawa said and Hizashi’s hand left his arm, only to feel something cold slip between his lips, he greedily sucked on the ice chip.

“He’s alive.” Hizashi said soflty. “The Detective Tsukauchi came in to check on you. He seemed pretty frustrated with you. Something I can totally relate to by the way.”

Aizawa made a kind of choked laugh and wished Hizashi would give him more ice. His best friend must of read his mind because again a small sliver of ice was pushed into his mouth, and again it melted way to quickly.

“Yagi?”He started and was quickly cut off.“

“Is doing as well as can be expected.”Hizashi said with a sigh. “I went to see him. They have him hooked up to many machines because of his injuries and he just recently hurt his head, so they are dealing with that. Did you know he only has one lung?”

Aizawa’s heart monitor started to beat frantically again and Hizashi cursed under his breath.

“Shit! Sorry!”Hizashi said quickly. “He’s okay, even talking more than you can because I guess he is used to fighting off psychos and shit.”

“I wanna see him.”Aizawa croaked out and found more ice placed in his mouth. “Hizashi, please.”

“You can’t see shit now.” Hizashi said, his hand back on Aizawa’s arm. “Get some rest and when you can I’ll take you to him. But you gotta heal more first, you are lucky you only have bruised not cracked ribs. ”

“Okay.”Hizashi blinked never having known Aizawa to give in so easily. He let his hand gently squeeze his friends bicep.

“Hey Shouta?” Hizashi asked just before Aizawa fell back asleep. “Do you know if Detective Tsukauchi is single?”

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Shouta was staring at the t-shirt that was laying across his lap and he was scowling. He wanted to put it on, but last time he tried to raise his arms he almost threw up. His ribs were still bandaged, sore and any kind of movement sucked balls. He was already regretting his refusal of the pain meds but the last thing he needed was to be spaced out on Narco when he finally got in to see Toshinori. Three days sense the attack and three days of awkward messages to Toshinori through Hizashi and Naomasa, had left the teacher with an anxious knot in his stomach. The only comfort he had was the fact that the Detective had said that Toshinori’s first thought when he had woken up was if Shouta had been alright. So the teacher at least felt hopeful about their reunion.
“I can’t tell if that is a smile or a grimace of pain.” Shouta looked up to see the afore mentioned Detective standing in the doorway, with a wheelchair. The Detective had volunteered to take Shouta back to Toshinori’s because he was the only one with a key to get in and Shouta still had his stuff at the retired cop’s apartment.
“Both?” Shouta supplied helpfully and rolled the shirt up in his hands. Maybe he could just take a deep breath and get it over with. If he passed out he was still at the hospital so it wasn’t all bad. He just really didn’t want to puke on his clothes, they were the only set that Hizashi brought to the hospital.
“Let me.” Naomasa sighed as he pushed the wheelchair next to the bed and took the shirt out of Shouta’s hands. “He is waiting to see you before we leave.”
Shouta nodded his head. He wanted to yank the shirt back and tell the other man to fuck off and let him do it but, that would only delay him going to see Toshinori, and he was tired of waiting. Neither man said anything at Naomasa pulled the shirt down over Shouta’s head and pulled his hair out from the collar. He stepped back and Shouta was grateful for that. Despite the pain he knew that was coming, he didn’t think he could handle if the other man tried to touch him anymore. With a deep breath and gritting his teeth, Shouta managed to get his arms into his shirt and pull it down over his bandages. He could feel the bile rise up in his throat and his vision swam just a bit before he turned his head and looked at Naomasa.
“Okay.” Shouta said and slowly stood up, ignoring the way Naomasa stiffened and the Detective’s arms automatically went out to steady him. He managed to shuffle around and sit down into the wheelchair with a groan. “Let’s go.”
Naomasa snorted and grabbed the handles, slowly wheeling him out of his room. There was almost no one else in the hallway and the few nurses that we on duty seemed to ignore him. He supposed he hadn’t been the friendliest patient, barking at them that he wanted to go see Toshinori or just refusing the meds they brought into his room. He was betting that they were all glad to see him go. He felt a bit of guilt and wondered if he should send them flowers or something to make up for his behavior. Even Hizashi had thrown up his hands at his attitude the past three days.
“He was this close?” Shouta looked up at Naomasa in surprise when they had just gone a few doors down. “Why couldn’t we be in the same room?”
“Both of you woke up violently and Toshinori needed a bit more extra care. “Naomasa said softly. He paused and knocked softly on the door. “Toshi? We’re here.”
The Detective pushed open the door and Shouta just managed to control his gasp as he was rolled forward. His fingers tightened his lap at the sight before him. Toshinori was laying in a hospital bed, his wild hair was matted and in places sticking to his forehead. He didn’t have an oxygen mask covering his face, but the small tube rested below his nose and each hand had different wires running from it. Some to machines and other’s to varying i.v. bags. Shouta wondered how such a tall man could look so small laying there on the hospital bed.
“Toshinori.” Shouta’s voice was rough and his hand reached out as he was pushed closer to the other’s bedside.
Toshinori’s brilliant blue eyes had found Shouta’s the moment the door had opened and had silently moved all over Shouta’s body. It was as if the other man was cataloging every bruise and injury that he could see and looking for other’s he couldn’t. He tried to reach out for Shouta but the wires prevented much movement, so Shouta reached the rest of the way. Despite everything Toshinori’s grip was stronge around Shouta’s fingers and they both just sat there staring at their clasped hands.
“I’m just going to go make a phone call.” Naomasa’s voice broke the spell and both men looked up as Naomasa stepped away from them. Although, he didn’t leave the room.
“Subtle.” Shouta said with a smirk, knowing that the way his face was bruised it must still look rather grim.
Toshinori chuckled, though it was dry and wheezing. Shouta frowned and leaned forward. His other hand reaching out and slowly smoothing back some of Toshinori’s hair, waiting.
“Are you alright?” Toshinori’s voice was like sharp gravel, but Shouta was thankful to hear it.
“Yeah.” He said softly. “Hizashi said my cop boyfriend saved me.”
Toshinori shuddered at the words and Shouta watched as his lips pulled down in a frown, his eyes shuttering closed as the cop looked away from Shouta.
“About that.” Toshinori begain.
“Don’t.” Shouta’s instincts were screaming at him to retreat. To pull his hand back, to be on guard. Instead he kept his hand around Toshinori’s even as he tried to pull back. “Don’t you dare.”
“All I am saying is that maybe we should slow down.” Toshinori said. “Maybe not see each other for a bit just until things calm down.”
“Fuck you.” Shouta said, his voice low and angry. “Fuck you, you giant idiot.”
“Yagi what the hell?” Naomasa started to say but paused when Shouta turned to send him a warning glare. The heart monitor started to beep faster and Toshinori swallowed, still trying to tug his hand away from Shouta, but the teacher refused to let go. He would not let Toshinori pull away from him.
“You don’t get to do that.” Shouta said softly. “You don’t get to fight off some crazed serial killer and just decide what I need to do.” He leaned forward. “Look if you don’t want me around that is fine, but we both know that is a god damn lie.”
Toshinori opened his mouth but the look of pure anger that Shouta shot him, had him close his mouth again.
“You are feeling guilty because I got hurt.” Shouta said, his eyes locked on Toshinori even if the other man wasn’t looking at him. “It wasn’t your fault.”
“Yes it was.” Toshinori shot back and the heart monitor went off again. “I was so busy worrying about Overhaul I forgot about Stain. You don’t know how many psycho’s I have after me and like this.” He lifted his other arm, still encased in a cast. “I can’t do anything.”
“Bullshit.” Shouta hissed, “You killed him.” He said and wondered at why he wasn’t more upset by that fact. “You are basically almost bed ridden and you took out a guy that was wiping the god damn walls with us.” His hands tightened on Toshinori’s . “You kept us from getting killed, you shot him with one hand in a cast.”
He realized he had tears running down his face as he looked at the man. “I’ll take self defense classes and learn how to shoot.” He said softly, trying to make the retired cop understand. “If it doesn’t work out,fine. You find out you don’t want me in a week or a month fine, but don’t use this as an excuse. I won’t, can’t allow it.”
“Stop being a martyr Toshinori.” Noamasa said walking over to the other two men. “For once don’t over think this.”
“Yeah listen to the other asshole cop.” Shouta said looking up at Toshinori, his own dark eyes looking into Toshinori’s eyes,now that the man was actually looking at him.
“But you don’t know what else happened that night.” Toshinori was desperately clinging on to what he felt was right. He wanted the insane man safe, and that meant away from him. “Stain…”
“Yagi.” Naomasa warned. “Not now.”
“No he has to know.” Toshinori said softly. “Stain killed the officers out front, and he isn’t even the only enemy I made while I was on the force. Shouta, I am dangerous to be around. “
Shouta sighed and looked at him. “I’ll sit outside your door.” He said and heard Naomasa snort with amusement. “I’ll follow you in my car when you do to all your doctor appointments. I’ll become your next stalker.”
“You are ridiculous.” Toshinori said shaking his head.
“Pot meet kettle.” Shouta shook his head. “I’ll quit my job and live outside your apartment; my cat will starve to death.”
“Well I guess we can’t have that.” Toshinori sighed. “No kitties should be harmed on my account.”
“Just shut up.” Shouta said with a sigh, not really knowing if he got through to the other man. “I don’t care, I might not even let you break up with me at all no matter what you say.”
Toshinori blinked. “So. I have no say?”
“No you do not.” Shouta said firmly and his lips twitched when Toshinori let out one of his gravel-like chuckles again. “I can’t trust you to make good decisions.”
“Finally you are starting to realize more about him than what he lead you to believe.” Naomasa said taking a breath and putting his hands on Shouta’s wheelchair. “Come on and say good bye, I have to get Shouta home and Toshinori needs his rest, you already had his heart racing more than it good for him right now. “
“You know I don’t even remember when we started dating.” Toshinori said with a sigh as Shouta leaned forward and pressed their foreheads together. He looked up at Shouta hovering above him with exasperated affection clear in his eyes.
“You hit your head pretty hard.” Shouta said softly. “So that isn’t surprising.” His legs were already trembling, his back and ribs were screaming with the effort to remain where he was. “I’ll see you soon.”
He pulled back and fell back into the wheel chair, taking some deep breaths to get his own heart and pain under control. He watched as Naomasa leaned over Toshinori and spoke softly to him, he was too busy trying not to puke from exhaustion to eavesdrop. It seemed like too soon, he was turned away and pushed towards the door. He glanced over his shoulder and saw Toshinori watching him leave. The man on the bed lifted his hand in farewell a pained smile was all Shouta could manage.
The ride back to Toshinori’s apartment was quite, both men lost in their thoughts. Naomasa had turned on the radio and it was playing music softly. Shouta felt exhausted and drained but he felt worse leaving Toshinori behind.
“The officers.” He begain and Naomasa sighed.
The Detective ran a hand over his face as he drove, his lips pulling back into a thin line. Shouta noticed that the man looked as bad as he felt. There were lines etched on his face, that Shouta didn’t remember seeing before and bags under his eyes.
“Yeah.” Naomasa nodded, his eyes trained on the road. “The two officers were still in their car, throats slit.” He looked over at Shouta and the teacher could see the depths of pain in his eyes. “Good men.”
“I’m sorry.” Shouta offered though he knew it wouldn’t help. The Detective nodded his head sharply and pulled into the space in front of Toshinori’s apartment. Shouta saw Toshinori’s old car but his wasn’t there.
“Hizashi came and got your car, yesterday with another Friend of yours.” Naomasa said. “Big fellow, Kan something. I wasn’t here so he didn’t get your bag.”
Shouta kept his mouth closed when Naomasa called Hizashi by his first name. He turned his head and smiled to himself. He closed his eyes and leaned his head back against the head rest of the seat. “Okay, give me a second and I’ll run in and get my bag.”
“I got it.” Naomasa said and turned off the car. Shouta looked over at him and found the Detective studing him. He sat there waiting, knowing the other man had something on his mind. He seemed to be doing a lot of waiting on what people wanted to say to him. He just wished they would all get on with it. He was in too much pain to deal with much more.
“He is really fragile right now.” Naomasa said softly. “I don’t know if he could survive having his heart broken right now. And I damn sure know you wouldn’t survive breaking it.”
Shouta blinked as he looked at Naomasa and started to laugh. He held up his hand and curled into himself. He tried to stop the laughing but it was hard and his body hurt so badly. He leaned back taking slow deep breaths clutching his chest and stomach.

“You do remember that he was the one that tried to break up with me?” Shouta pointed out. “I have no plan on breaking anything.” He shrugged and looked at Naomasa. “I’m not sure what it is we have going right now, but I know it is nothing I have ever felt before and I really don’t want to do anything to fuck it up.”
Shouta turned his head and looked at Naomasa again. “I can’t say exactly how I feel but in just under a week, I can honestly say, I don’t know what I would do without him.”
Naomasa sighed and ran his hand down his face. “It’s too fast.”
“I know.” Shouta said nodding.
“It’s not normal.” The dective said again.
“He isn’t all that normal to begin with.” Shouta pointed out.
Naomasa let out a barking laugh and opened the door, sliding out of the car and shutting the door behind him. Shouta felt a bit better being out of the hospital but he knew he really wouldn’t feel better until he was home and cuddling his cat on his bed. Soon Naomasa was back with Shouta’s bag and they were on their way back to the teacher’s apartment.
“Looks like you have company.” Naomasa said as he pulled up next to a little white sports car.
“Already know what kind of car Hizashi drives huh?” Shouta asked and watched in amusement as a slow flush crawled up the Detective’s neck. He turned just in time to have his door flung open and his best friend was gently helping him out of Naomasa’s car.
“Shou!” Hizashi said all but pulling the other man into his arms. Shouta just rested agaist his best friends chest for a moment. “I got your text.”
“Obviously Zashi.” Shouta said watching as Naomasa grabbed his bag from the back seat. “Thanks for meeting me.”
“Just try and keep me away.” Hizashi said with a sigh as the three men started the walk up to Shouta’s third floor apartment. “I swear I can carry you like we did in highschool. You know on my back. You aren’t that much heavier.”
“Try and I’ll bite you.” Shouta said gritting his teeth, each step making his ribs burn. It took too long and Shouta was about to pass out when they finally reached his door. Hizashi opened it and pulled Shouta down onto the couch. The blond teacher knelt down, ignoring his best friends protests, to take off his shoes and gently push him over, back onto the couch.
“Where is Mochi?” Shouta asked softly, his eyes already sliding closed, as Hizashi pulled his throw blanket over him.
“I locked her in the bedroom I didn’t want her jumping on you until I knew how bad you were.” Hizashi said softly. “I’ll let her out now.”
Shouta turned his head and found the detective still there, standing way to close to Hizashi but the wounded teacher smiled. He reached out his hand and motioned the detective closer. Naomasa came and knelt down leaning over the other man so he wouldn’t have to raise his voice to be heard. .
“Remember what you said to me in the car?” Shouta said softly. “The same goes for Hizashi, hurt him and they won’t find the body.”
“Shouta!” Hizashi shrieked covering his cheeks with his hands as Naomasa chuckled and Shouta grinned, making sure to squeeze Naomasa’s hand as hard as he could despite his weakened state.