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thou shall not harm

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“Not sure if you could tell, but I’m not exactly a people person, Jimin.”

“You used to be back when we were in high school, though! We would go to parties and go out on the weekends all the time!” he countered, “We’d be out until three in the morning, and still be fine the next day for school. What happened?”

“A lot has changed since then,” you said, a sigh escaping your lips. You’d been having this same conversation more and more recently with your best friend. He was constantly on you about going out more and meeting new people, but you were perfectly content to just go to work and keep to yourself.

“That’s right because you were still dating-”

“I don’t want to talk about him,” you interrupted. It’d been a very long time since you thought about your high school sweetheart, and you weren’t about to break the streak you had going anytime soon.

“Okay, alright, I’m sorry. All I’m saying is that you should come out with me this weekend. Just for some drinks, you and me. Sound good?” Jimin asked, sounding hopeful. “I won’t try to set you up with anyone or anything like that. No funny business, I promise.”

You paused, mulling over his offer. It had been a while since you went out, even just for some drinks. Pushing open the door to the bank, you sighed already knowing you were going to give in and agree.

“Just so you know, I’m only saying yes to get you off my back about going out more, okay?”

You heard your best friend squeal through the phone, causing you to roll your eyes. “Alright, I’m at the bank, I have to go.”

“I’ll pick you up at seven on Saturday! And wear something sexy!”

“I thought we agreed no funny-”

“Gotta go, bye!” And with that, your best friend hung up on you. Rolling your eyes again, you slipped your phone back into your purse and got in line for one of the tellers. There were only a handful of people ahead of you, thankful that the bank wasn’t as busy as you thought it was going to be.

As you waited, your thoughts drifted back to what Jimin had said. He was right; you used to go out all the time when you were younger. You’d certainly had the time of your life back then, but things change. People change. You weren’t that same person anymore, and you didn’t hang out with the kind of people that you used to.

If you were being honest with yourself, you missed those days. You missed being out until the early hours of the morning, watching as the sun threatened to break over the horizon. You missed not having a care in the world and only worrying about your parents hearing you sneak in after a late night. If you went home, that is. You couldn’t count how many times you’d just stayed with your then-boyfriend, telling your parents you were staying over at Jimin’s house.

But that was as far as you were going to let your thoughts go. Like you’d said before to Jimin, you didn’t want to think about him anymore. You didn’t want to dig up all those happy memories that were now tinted with heartbreak. Especially not whenever you were still standing in line at the bank, with only one person between you and the teller.

Catching a sudden movement in the reflection of the teller’s glass, you quickly looked over your shoulder at the entrance, but it was too late for you to react. Four large men with masks covering their faces barged into the bank, the tallest one holding a gun up in the air and firing off a round. You instantly dropped to the ground, your hands shielding the top of your head.

“Ladies and gentlemen, this will all go smoothly if you just listen to what we say. We get our money, no one gets hurt, and everyone’s happy!” the tallest one said, while the other three moved further into the bank. “Men on one side, women and children on the other.”

Silently and quickly following his orders, you kept your head down as to not attract attention to yourself. You felt something on your leg, looking down to find a child hiding behind you. Resting a reassuring hand on the boy’s head, you allowed him to bury his face into the side of your leg. You briefly wondered where his mother was before you glanced back over at the four men.

Two of them were keeping a watchful eye on both groups, each with their guns drawn out. The other two, including the tall one that seemed to be the leader, were trying to get as much money from behind the desk as they could. Circling your gaze back to the man watching your group, you accidentally made eye contact with him. But strangely enough, his eyes were the ones that widened in fear.

“Boss!” he called out, glancing quickly over his shoulder and motioning to you. You felt the woman next to you wrap her arm around you, pulling you closer, as you held onto the boy at your legs tighter.

“What is it-” but as soon as his eyes landed on you, his voice cut out. His eyes widened just like they had with the first man, recognition in his stare.

Dropping the bag of money, he grabbed ahold of the one behind the desk with him, pushing him back over the counter. He protested at first, but once he saw you, he went willingly. And quickly. In a matter of seconds, all four men were gone, leaving everyone to stare at each other, dumbfounded.

Then it seemed like everything that happened next occurred in rapid succession. A group of armed policemen had burst through the front door, shouting at the would-be robbers that were already long gone. The child at your legs had started crying, and you had picked him up without even realizing. Husbands were running back across the lobby to their wives and children.

You didn’t understand; your mind was moving too fast for you to comprehend what had just happened. They had looked at you and recognized you. They had known who you were and left without even taking the money they’d already collected. Like they were scared of you. It didn’t make any sense to you.

“Hui, there you are!” A frantic mother came running up to you, pulling her child out of your arms. “Thank you! Thank you so much!” You didn’t know why she was thanking you, but you didn’t get the chance to ask before she scurrying back off in the direction she came from.

“Excuse me,” someone else said, your attention drawn away from the mother. An officer was standing next to you, a notepad and pen in his hands. “I’m Officer Jung Hoseok. I just have a few questions for you.”

“Yeah, okay,” you said, finding yourself answering automatically. “Ask away.”

“I need you to tell me exactly what happened, Miss…?”

“Y/N L/N.” You watched as he messily scribbled down your name before looking back up for you to continue. “I don’t know where to start.”

“From the beginning, Miss L/N. Why were you here today?” the officer said.

“I just got paid yesterday, I had to deposit a few checks.”

“And where do you work?”

“There’s a small art museum about four blocks away from here. I’m the curator.”

He scribbled more information down. “So you came in to deposit your checks. Then what happened?”

“I was waiting in line. There was still someone in front of me when something moving in the reflection of the teller’s glass caught my attention. When I turned around, there were four men running into the bank, telling the men to get on one side while the women and children were on the other,” you explained before adding softly, “They all had guns.”

The officer nodded his head, offering you a sympathetic look. “Did they shoot them at all?”

“When they first came in, the tallest one - I think he was the leader, he shoot one round into the air to get everyone’s attention.”

“And why do you think he was the leader?”

“He was giving all the orders.”

“Okay, and what happened next?”

“There was one man watching each group, while the other two were grabbing the money. Then they all ran out of here, they didn’t even take the money.” You didn’t want to mention that they seemed to have recognized you. You were still trying to process it, and you weren’t ready for the questions you knew you’d be asked.

“Someone said that they seemed to know you. Is that true?”

You took a deep breath, pinching the bridge of your nose; you felt a headache coming on. “Yes, that’s true.”

“Did you recognize any of them?”

“No, they all had masks on.”

“You can’t think of any reasons why they would know who you are?” the officer pressed.

“No, I can’t think of any reason why,” you sighed. Your bones suddenly felt heavy inside of you. You were exhausted. You just wanted to go home and curl up in bed, forgetting this day even happened.

“We’ll be in touch soon.” And with that, you were left alone again. Hugging your purse a little closer to you, you left the bank, making your way back to your apartment.


The Saturday morning sun peeped through the blinds in your bedroom, bathing everything in a warm glow. You watched with heavy eyes as the sunlight danced across your walls. You knew you’d have to get up eventually, but you were perfectly content staying like this for the rest of the day. After the week you had, you thought you deserved it.

The officer hadn’t been lying; a day after the attempted robbery at the bank, you got a call from an unknown number. It was your new officer friend, asking if you could come down to the station for a few more questions. He had explained to you that he was only trying to get to the bottom of why these men knew you, he just needed you to clear up a few things.


A sense of dread settled in your bones as you made your way to the station, knowing exactly what had been dug up. It was nothing you had to worry about. There wasn’t the chance of you possibly being thrown in jail. But it would just bring back all of the old memories you’d buried a long time ago, and you weren’t ready to face them again.

Not that you had a choice. When you got to the station, the officer already had your old records on his desk. “Just need you to explain a few things, and then you’ll be on your way, Miss L/N,” he assured you.

You hadn’t been a bad kid. You had just run around with a less than agreeable crowd as a teenager. (Mostly because of who you’d been dating, but you weren’t going to think about him.) So you had a bit of a record. A few trespassing violations, caught breaking curfew, caught with some kids defacing public property. Nothing terrible, but it made you think of him again.

“You were a bit of a rebellious teen, huh?” Officer Jung commented with a slight smirk as he looked over your records. “And yet you’re now a curator of an art museum.”

“I cut a lot of people out of my life. They weren’t healthy for me anymore,” you said.

“Good for you,” he said. You couldn’t tell if he was being serious or not. “So all of these violations were because of who you hung around, is that correct?”


“And you don’t keep in contact with any of them anymore?”

“Only Park Jimin. He’s still my best friend.”

Officer Jung nodded, flipping through more papers. “What exactly made you stick around with this group for so long?”

You took a deep breath, readying yourself to deal with all the emotions you had kept locked up all this time. “My then-boyfriend.”

“And which one would that be?”

“Kim Namjoon.”

“Oh, he was a troublemaker,” Officer Jung said, before looking up, “When was the last time you spoke with Mr. Kim?”

“Not since we broke up.”

Nodding again, he flipped the file shut and leaned back in his chair. “Thank you for cooperation, Miss L/N. You’ve been a great help.”


Rolling over in bed, you buried your face into one of your pillows and groaned. Ever since you had mentioned your ex’s name, you hadn’t been able to get him out of your head. You’d successfully been able to keep thoughts of him buried for the past four years, but they all came bubbling back up to the surface because some would-be thieves recognized you during an attempted bank robbery.

And they left because of you.

That was the other thought you couldn’t manage to get out of your head. It’d been circling around in your mind, taunting you because you couldn’t figure it out. There were so many questions you had with not enough answers to satisfy you.

You’d resolved to not bring any of this up to Jimin until you saw him tonight. You’d needed the time to process everything before he bombarded you with a million and one questions.

Lifting your tired body out of the warmth and protection your bed has provided for you all week, you swung your legs over the edge. You sat there, giving yourself a moment to collect your bearings. You ran a hand through your tangled bedhead, making your way towards the bathroom.

You ran on autopilot for most of the day until your phone ringing cut through the comfortable silence that had settled in your apartment. A quick glance at the caller ID confirmed your suspicions on who it might be. “Hello?”

“Hello, my beautiful best friend that I hope didn’t forget about us going out for drinks tonight!”

Chuckling, you let your head fall back against the back of the couch. “No, Jimin, I did not forget about us going out tonight.”

“Well, knowing your track record I had to call and make sure,” Jimin replied coolly, but you knew he was still smiling.

“I told you I’d go out for drinks with you, Jimin. I wasn’t gonna back out.”

He hummed, saying, “You say that like you haven’t used every excuse in the book on me before.”

“I know, and I’m sorry. But I am excited to see you tonight, I’ve got to catch you up on the week I’ve had,” you said with a sigh.

“What’s happened? Are you alright?”

“Yeah, I’m fine now. I’ll tell you more later, I promise.”

Jimin whined, and you knew he was pouting. “Why do you always do this? Why can’t you just tell me now?”

“I’ll see you soon, Minnie,” you said, smiling even though he couldn’t see it.

With a huff, he replied, “Yeah, yeah, see you.”

After hanging up, a quick glance at the clock showed you had a little bit of time to make something small to eat before you had to get ready. You’d rather have at least some food in you before you went out for drinks with Jimin. Most wouldn’t think so, but he could drink anyone under the table.

Heating up some leftovers from the night before, you flicked on the television for a little bit of background noise. You weren’t paying much attention, the silence was just starting to get a little overwhelming.

“—Police are still trying to figure out why four would-be bank robbers aborted an attempted robbery on Tuesday. Witnesses inside claim they recognized a woman before bolting—”

You stood in front of your television, mouth slightly agape. You couldn’t believe they were still reporting about this. You thought they’d let everything be until the police finally had some answers. You could only be thankful that they didn’t release your name as the woman they recognized.

Quickly finishing up the last of your leftovers, you browsed through your closet, trying to find something Jimin would seem ’sexy’. You’d already told him you weren’t interested in looking for a partner tonight so you didn’t know why he wanted you to dress up. Well, most of the time, you couldn’t figure out what was going on in your best friend’s mind.

You were just putting the finishing touches on your makeup when you heard a knock on your front door. Still in your bedroom slipping on your shoes, you heard the front door open and rolled your eyes. You never should’ve given Jimin a key to your apartment.

“Don’t you know most people wait outside until the owner of the house comes to open the door for them? Or did you not get the memo,” you said from the doorway into your bedroom.

With a matching smirk, Jimin held up your apartment key. “Not whenever the owner gave me a way to get inside so I don’t have to wait.”

“You’re insufferable.”

“But you love me regardless,” he said, walking over to give you a hug. “You look amazing as always.”

You just smacked him on the shoulder, trying to hide your blush behind your hands. Grabbing your purse, you motioned for Jimin to go back out the door.

“What, you’re gonna make me wait even longer?"

"Of course I am, now let’s go.”


“Maybe we should’ve stayed home!” Jimin shouted over the music.

“What’s this? Park Jimin wanting to go home early? I never thought I’d see the day!”

“Shut up, it’s hard to hear you in here. I didn’t realize it would be this crowded.”

“Jimin,” you started, shaking your head, “It’s Saturday night, and we’re at a club. Why wouldn’t it be crowded?”

He just shrugged, tossing back another shot. You hadn’t been counting how many he’d done already, but he didn’t even look the slightest bit tipsy yet. You were still working on your first drink.

“Can we talk outside then? Or maybe like the bathroom?”

“Okay, I’ll tell you right now, Park Jimin, that we’re not going back to the bathrooms. It’ll be gross, and there’s probably people fucking back there,” you said, scrunching your nose in disgust.

“That could be us,” he said with a wink, trying (and failing) to keep in his giggles.

“I’m gonna cut you off.”

“No, no! I’m not drunk! I’m fine, I promise!” he pleaded. “Let’s just go outside quick. It’s getting really stuffy in here anyways, I need some fresh air.”

Making your way back towards the front door, you held onto Jimin’s hand so you wouldn’t get separated. There were some whistles and comments from men as the two of you passed, but you both ignored it. By this point, you were used to people thinking you and Jimin were together.

Once outside, you felt like you could finally breathe again. A little ways down from the club, you found a bench to sit on. You could still hear the low thumping of music coming from the club, but at least you could hear each other now.

“Alright, spill the beans, missy.”

Now that the moment was finally here, you weren’t sure exactly how to go about telling Jimin. How would you even start? Oh hey, you remember that attempted robbery this past week? Yeah, those guys recognized me and that’s why they left. Right. Sounds like a great explanation.

“I’ve been thinking about him again this week."

By the look on Jimin’s face, he must be just as surprised as you were about what words actually did come out of your mouth. Not at all what you were planning on saying.

"Him… you mean like—”

“Don’t say his name!” you cut him off.

“Y/N, why would you start thinking about him again? You’ve tried since high school to forget he even existed,” Jimin said, his tone gentle as he grabbed your hand.

Taking a shaky breath, you held on even tighter to your best friend’s hand. “That bank robbery on Tuesday? I was there.”

“Oh my god, what?! Why didn’t you tell me! Are you okay? Were you hurt?”

“No, I’m fine, Jimin. Don’t worry, but it’s just… they left because of me,” you said, keeping your eyes averted.

“I don’t follow.”

“They recognized me, Jimin,” you said, turning to face him, voice hushed. “They saw me and they recognized me and then they left without taking any money. The police found out so they questioned me, and they dug up my old record and it made me think about him again.”

You didn’t realize you were crying until Jimin was gently wiping your tears away. Cooing softly at you, he held you tight against his chest when you leaned against him. He smoothed a hand over your head, fingers curling into your hair. This was the first time all week you finally felt safe.

“Everything will be okay, I promise. This will all get figured out, and then you won’t have to think about him anymore.”

You were quiet for a few moments, a question nagging in the back of your mind. Something you’ve been wanting to ask Jimin for a while now but didn’t know how to bring up to him. And because you didn’t want to think about him.

“Jimin?” He hummed. “Do you still talk to any of them anymore?” You couldn’t miss the way he stiffened at your words.

“I, uh—” Taking a deep breath, he started again. “Yeah, I still talk to Yoongi.”

You nodded, half expecting that answer. They’d danced around each other all throughout his school; you wouldn’t be surprised if he told you they were dating, and have been for the past four years.

“But no one else?”

“Sometimes I’ll see Seokjin-hyung around, but not who you’re thinking of.”

Nodding again, you fell silent. There was something else you wanted to say, but you didn’t know if you could muster up the courage to say anything. But for the second time tonight, you surprised yourself.

“I wanna meet up with him.”

Jimin pulled away from you, searching your face for something but you didn’t know what. “Who?”

“Yoongi. I miss him, and I want to know if you know who has anything to do with what happened at the bank,” you explained. You watched as relief washed over your best friend.

He seemed a little hesitant, but in the end, he gave you Yoongi’s number.


It took you almost a week to work up the courage to message Yoongi. You thought it was safe to say that your old friend was shocked to hear from you after so long, especially with how things had ended between your friend group. He had called you almost immediately; you had missed his voice.

So that’s how you ended up in a hole-in-the-wall diner on a backstreet of Seoul you weren’t familiar with. You’d been a little nervous after looking up the address Yoongi had sent you, but after talking to Jimin, you felt a little better. He had told you this is where he’d usually meet up with Yoongi.

Every time the bell over the door chimed, you looked up, partly excited, but also partly terrified, that Yoongi had finally shown up. The coffee you had ordered when you first got there sat untouched and probably going cold in front of you. Your stomach was too much in knots to eat or drink anything right now.

“Y/N? Is that you?”

You must’ve been so in your thoughts because standing before you was none other than Min Yoongi. It looked like he hadn’t changed at all since the last time you saw him, save for a few more piercings and tattoos. You were sure you couldn’t say the same for yourself.

“Hi Yoongi…”

Pulled to your feet, you let out a yelp but wrapped your arms around your old friend, pressing your face into his shoulder. You hadn’t thought this would be his reaction to seeing you again, but maybe over the years, you had convinced yourself that they didn’t want to see you as much as you hadn’t wanted to see them.

Yoongi pulled back slightly, staring at you so intensely that you had to look away. You expected yelling, probably some tears on your end, but certainly not this. You didn’t know what to do with yourself.

“Let’s sit,” Yoongi finally said, guiding you back to your seat and taking his across from you. A brief silence lapsed between the two of you until he said, “It’s been a long time, Y/N.”

“I… I know it has, and I’m sorry. I’m sorry I caught you all out of my life like that. You were the greatest friends I ever had, I don’t even deserve to be sitting here with you,” you said, and you could feel yourself starting to get choked up.

“Hey, hey… don’t say that,” Yoongi reassured, reaching across the table to take one of your hands. “Honestly, we understand— Jin and I. With how things ended with… we get it; we don’t hold that against you, Y/N.”

“How is Jinnie?”

Yoongi chuckled. “It’s Jin, he’s greater than ever. He does miss you, though.”

You felt a pang in your heart. “I really miss him too.”

“When I told him I was meeting up with you today, he asked if I was on drugs. But if he had said the same thing to me, I don’t think I would’ve believed him either,” Yoongi said with a sad sort of smile. “He wanted to tag along, but I didn’t want to overwhelm you. You know how much he can be sometimes.”

Now it was your turn to laugh. Fond memories of Jin in high school all came flooding back to you. “Give him my number. I want to see him again soon too.”

“Yeah, oh yeah! I can definitely do that for you!” he said while tapping out a message on his phone. “So. Tell me.”

“Tell you what?”

“Everything. I want to know everything that’s been going on with you since high school. What do you do? Are you seeing anyone? Are you safe?”

“Uh, well, I work as a curator of a small museum, and I love my job. I, um, I’m not seeing anyone at the moment. And to, uh, answer your last question, that’s kinda why I wanted to meet up with you.”

That had Yoongi’s attention, him sitting forward with his eyebrows pinched. “What’s going on? What happened?”

“Nothing really, I guess, but—”

“Y/N, if you don’t feel safe, that’s an important matter.”

You nodded, taking a deep breath. “When I was at the bank this past week, there was an attempted robbery, but once the men saw me, they left. Like they had recognized me. So, the police had been questioning me about it, but I had no idea what was going on. And I just… I don’t know.”

Yoongi was quiet, looking like he was deep in thought. “You said they recognized you and left?”

“Right, but how could they know who I was? And why would they leave because of me?”

Rubbing his hands over his face, Yoongi let out a sigh, mumbling something under his breath. “Y/N, there’s something you need to know. And it’s about Namjoon.”

You tried to keep yourself still, but you couldn’t help the way you flinched at your ex’s name. “…Okay.”

“Namjoon never really grew out of the trouble we caused as teens. If anything, he got good at it. Made a business out of it. He has a lot of power and sway over a lot of people in this city and internationally.” Yoongi took another deep breath. “He has you on a ‘no harm’ list.”

“A no-harm list—? What the fuck is that?”

“It’s a list of people that criminals are supposed to avoid if they see on a job. Or anywhere, really. Essentially, no one on that list is allowed to be hurt in any way, or else Namjoon will have their heads,” Yoongi explained.

“I… I still don’t understand. How can he do that?”

“Namjoon is the head of… basically it’s a global crime syndicate. A very successful one, at that. No one would ever dare cross Kim Namjoon.”

Slumping back in your seat, you tried to take in everything Yoongi was telling you. Nothing and everything made sense. It only seemed right that Namjoon was in the position he was, but you didn’t want to imagine the things he had to do to get there.

“Are you apart of it too?” Yoongi nodded. “And Jin?” Another nod. “Please, don’t tell me Jimin—”

“Oh god, no! I would never allow him to get involved in something like this. It’s too dangerous.”

“But he’s still involved with you,” you pointed out with a slight frown.

“I would never let anything happen to him, Y/N. I can promise you that.”

“Is he on the no-harm list?”

“I- I’m not sure.”

“Well, make sure he’s put on then.”

Yoongi balked. “I can’t just tell Namjoon who to and not to put on that list. It doesn’t work that way, Y/N.”

“So he can put me on that list, but he can’t put another childhood friend of his on there? Jimin doesn’t get the same protection, what, just because he never dated Namjoon?” you scowled. “I thought he was better than that.”

Yoongi looked you over. “You know, and I’m not saying this to offend you, but if you and Namjoon had stayed together, I think you two would make a powerful couple.”

That certainly wasn’t something you wanted to hear. But regardless, you asked, “Where is he now?”


“What do you mean ’no’? Why can’t you tell me?”

“Not because I wouldn’t tell you, but it’s for your own safety.”

“I thought I was on a no harm list?”

Standing up from the table, Yoongi placed a hand on your shoulder. “Just because that list exists, doesn’t mean everyone will adhere to it. It was good to see you again, Y/N.”


Your conversation with Yoongi left you unsatisfied. He had given you some of the answers you had wanted but had left you with even more questions too. You figured that the only way you’d be completely satisfied was if you saw Namjoon himself.

So that’s how you found yourself wandering the back alleyways of Seoul after dark. Not your smartest or grandest idea, but in its own way, it brought you back to your high school days. Armed with pepper spray and the largest pocket knife you had found online, you had set out on a mission.

You were going to find Kim Namjoon. Maybe not tonight and maybe not him directly, but you’d find someone who’d point you in the right direction. You weren’t going to rest until you did.

Your phone buzzed in your pocket, inwardly cursing of this was Jimin trying again to get you to go out drinking with him. You’d told him you were going to be busy tonight, but he hadn’t taken your vague reply as a good answer. With a grumble, you pulled out your phone and was surprised at who it actually was.

Yoongi. [11:26 PM] Don’t do anything stupid.

You felt your blood run cold. Did he know what you were doing? Instinctively, you looked back over your shoulder but only saw the few cars still out at this time of night. You thought you’d be able to hear if someone was following you, but maybe you were wrong. Maybe you entirely overestimated what you could do, thinking you were still as invincible as you had thought you were as a teenager.

You. [11:32 PM] I would never.

If he really was tailing you, you could imagine him shaking his head at your message. You’d done all kinds of stupid things in the past, him present to see almost all of them. He knew just how stupid you could be at times.

After waiting a few minutes for a reply and not getting one, you started walking again. You kept a tight grip on the pepper spray in your pocket, making sure to listen for any sounds following you.

You were almost at the end of this alley when you saw two figures stop at the mouth of it. You stopped when you realized they had stopped too, blocking the entrance. Maybe they hadn’t noticed you, so you pressed yourself back against the brick wall.

“C'mon pretty little lady,” one of them called out. “We won’t bite.”

“Yeah, you don’t need to hide in the shadows. We won’t hurt you,” the other echoed.

Steeling your nerves and making sure you had your pocket knife in hand, you slowly began walking towards the mouth of the alley. You tried to subtly look at their hands to see if they were carrying anything, but both had their hands shoved in their pockets. Dammit.

You silently tried to get past them, but one of them grabbed your arm, pushing you back up against the wall. “Leaving so soon?”

“What’s a nice girl like you doing out so late, hm? Won’t your daddy be scared if his little girl doesn’t come home?” one said, gripping your jaw with a dirty hand.

“Hey, wait… we shouldn’t be messing with this one,” the one who had initially grabbed you said.

“And why not?” the one holding your face snapped back.

“Be-because she’s on his list.”

“I don’t give a flying rat’s ass who’s list she’s on, she’s fair game.”

Someone clearing their throat caught all of your attention, the two men looking back down the alley. The first one went white as a sheet, turning to run away before dropping to the ground. The other one let go of you, slowly backing away with his hands up.

“Sir, I’m so sorry. I didn’t realize she was-” but he also silently slumped to the ground, blood oozing from a small circle in his forehead. You didn’t dare turn your head, terrified to see who had killed the two men in front of you.

“Look at me.” Never in a million years did you think you’d ever hear that voice again. Even if it was the one you’d set out to find tonight. “I’m not going to hurt you, Y/N.”

Slowly you brought your gaze up, a tall figure stepping out of the darkness. Dressed in a black and white suit, he was carefully sliding a gun back into his shoulder holster. “Namjoon.”

Stepping up to you, he gently traced the curve of your jaw, checking for any marks on your skin. He seemed satisfied with what he found. With a hand on the small of your back, he guided you towards a large black SUV that you hadn’t seen pull up to the curb. He held the door open for you, climbing into the back after you.

“I thought I told you not to do anything stupid,” a familiar voice told you from the driver’s seat.

“And I told you I would never.”

Yoongi scoffed at you, letting the car fall silent after that. The rest of the car ride was quiet, Namjoon’s eyes glued to his phone the entire time. You supposed that since he was the leader of a global crime syndicate that he was probably a very busy man.

Pulling up to a rather expensive looking high-rise, Yoongi glanced at you in the rearview mirror. Namjoon was already out of the car when he said, “Y/N, that was stupid, but don’t be afraid now.”

You just nodded, grabbing the hand that Namjoon extended to you. He silently led you to the elevator bank, pressing the button for the penthouse. You didn’t realize just how successful Yoongi had meant Namjoon really was.

On the elevator ride up, it suddenly hit you like a ton of bricks that Namjoon was still holding your hand in his. Your heart felt like it was going to burst out of your chest, and you wondered if he could tell how sweaty your palm was. Wanting to pull your hand away from his, you thought he wouldn’t notice since he was still on his phone. But as soon as you started to slip your hand out of his, his grip tightened.

It was beginning to unnerve you how Namjoon was determined to not say anything to you. You could deal with him having his nose in his phone, but you couldn’t stand him not acknowledging you outside of holding your hand. So needing some kind of reaction from him, you yanked your hand from his grip, not caring about being subtle anymore.

Out of the corner of your eyes, you saw the way Namjoon glanced over at you, but you were unable to read his expression. You crossed your arms over your chest, wanting to shrink into the corner of the elevator. He just calmly slipped his hand into his pocket, going back to looking at his phone.

When the elevator opened, Namjoon exited without paying you any mind, you reluctantly following. He came up to the only door on the entire floor, stepping aside to allow you to enter first. You looked between him and the open door before slowly moving inside.

Namjoon quickly came in after you, letting the door fall shut behind him. He motioned for you to take a seat on one of the many couches that filled the living room before disappearing into another room.

Once alone, you finally took in Namjoon’s penthouse. Everything looked immaculate, like it was hardly lived in. Maybe he didn’t spend much time here. You didn’t know what all crime syndicate leaders did, but maybe there was another office or headquarters he spent more time at.

“You’re allowed to make yourself comfortable,” Namjoon said, passing back through the living room and into the kitchen.

“Why did you bring me here?” you asked, trailing after him.

Pouring himself a drink from a decorative decanter, Namjoon countered, “Were you not the one who wanted to know where I was? Well, here I am.”

You were slightly taken aback, but there was truth to his words. The whole reason you’d gone out tonight was to find him, and now here you were in his penthouse. You were finally free to ask Namjoon the questions that have been plaguing you since your conversation with Yoongi, but every word died on your tongue.

Seeming to notice your inability to say anything, Namjoon smirked into his drink, rounding the counter and making himself comfortable on one of the couches. “You leave me, telling me you want nothing to do with me. That you regretted ever being with me in the first place. But then you turn up years later, sticking your nose into places it doesn’t belong. Why don’t you explain that to me, baby?”

You bristled at the pet name, fists clenching at your sides. You weren’t here to answer questions, you were here to ask them. You didn’t have to explain yourself, especially not to Namjoon.

“Why don’t you tell me about this no-harm list I’m on? How I had the police questioning me because some wanna-be thieves recognized me and bolted?"

Swirling his glass, Namjoon hummed. "Yoongi had told me about that. I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to intercept the police before they came after you. Your old record didn’t cause a problem, did it?”

“Not for me, but your name was mentioned.”

That really caught his attention. “Why?”

“The officer was asking me about the crowd I used to run with as a teen, why I stuck around with them for so long. I told them it was because of my then-boyfriend, to which he asked who that was. Hence, your name being brought up.”

“What was this officer’s name?”

“Why does it matter?”

“Do not make me ask again, Y/N,” Namjoon said, his voice low.

Pausing for a moment, you really didn’t want to give in to him. But with a sigh, you relented, “Jung Hoseok.”

That sent Namjoon back to typing away on his phone, surely ordering someone to follow up on poor Hoseok. He had kind of grown on you throughout the course of the investigation until he had decided you were a dead-end. He still checked in on you every once in a while to make sure you were alright, and you appreciated it.

“You know you never answered me,” he said without looking up. You had hoped he wouldn’t realize, too bothered by the police business to say anything.

Finally settling yourself on the couch across from Namjoon, you slipped your shoes off, tucking your legs underneath you. “It was those robbers recognizing me. I talked to Jimin about it which eventually led to me meeting up with Yoongi. He updated me on how you were doing, but I still needed more answers.”

Namjoon nodded, apparently finding your answer satisfactory. “Have all of your questions been answered then?”


“Ask away then.”

“You know you never answered me,” you said, throwing his words back at him. “Why am I on your no-harm list?”

“Do you want the honest answer to that?”

Your eyes narrowed. With a question like that, how could you not wonder if you’d gotten anything truthful out of him tonight? Not that he was really doing any talking outside of interrogating you. “The truth would be much appreciated.”

“What if it’s something you don’t want to hear?”

“I’ve been hearing a lot of things I don’t want to the past couple weeks. I think I can handle one more thing, Namjoon,” you said with a roll of your eyes.

For the first time tonight, Namjoon appeared unsure of himself. The confident air that had surrounded him all night suddenly evaporated, replaced with this more shy Namjoon. It reminded you of him when he was younger, and you hated the way your heart swelled.

“I’m still in love with you.”


“Excuse me?”

“That’s impossible,” you said, shaking your head.

“Y/N, just because you stopped loving me doesn’t mean I didn’t same. You’re on that list because I don’t know what I would do if something ever happened to you. Probably burn this city to the ground and make sure whoever was responsible paid with their lives.”

“I never said I stopped.” For far too long, you’d been hiding from your feelings. Feelings that wouldn’t stop chasing you no matter how fast you ran.

“Don’t you fuck with me. I’ve been nothing but honest with you—"

"I’m being serious, Namjoon.”

Another crack in his collected demeanor. You saw something flash in his eyes; hope. You couldn’t imagine what he saw in yours.

“But you said before…”

“I said a lot of things back then, Namjoon. I was young and I was hurt. I didn’t know what to think or what to do with my feelings so I did a stupid thing,” you said, feeling a weight you didn’t realize you’d been carrying for so lift from your shoulders.

“What are you saying, Y/N?"

Taking a deep breath, you leveled your gaze at Namjoon. "I’m saying I miss you.”

In seconds, Namjoon was off of his couch and pressed up against you. He cupped your cheeks in his hands, eyes glassy as he searched your face. “Say no, and I won’t do anything. But, Y/N, if you’ll let me…”

“I can’t say no to you, Namjoon ” you whispered, covering his hands with yours. “Not anymore.”

“Then tell me yes, I need to hear you say it, baby,” Namjoon rushed out.

“Yes, Namjoon.” You didn’t know how exactly you just sealed your face, but you knew that at least for tonight, you belonged to Namjoon. What would come when the sun rose the following morning was the last thing on your mind. “Whatever it is, yes.”

Before you could take back your words, Namjoon was angling your face up to his and pressing his lips against yours. Emotions that you’d kept buried for years came surging back all at once, threatening to drown you in everything that was Namjoon. You couldn’t find it in you to complain.

“Gotta have you now,” Namjoon was mumbling into your mouth. Pulling you into his lap, he wrapped your legs around his waist and stood. Without disconnecting from you, he carried you towards what you assumed would be his bedroom.

Soon enough, you were being laid back against the mattress, Namjoon standing over you at the end of the bed. Taking his suit jacket off, he tossed it to the side where it landed on a chair in the corner. Seeing his shoulder holster still wrapped around him jolted you back into reality.

Noticing your reaction, Namjoon asked, “What’s wrong, baby girl?”

“Can you just… hide those or something please?” you said, motioning to his guns.

“Of course, baby,” Namjoon cooed, kissing your forehead before depositing the holster in the top drawer of his dresser. “Better now?”

“Much,” you smiled before remembering what you had hiding in your own pockets. “Oh— wait.”

Namjoon looked at you curiously before laughing when he saw you pull out your pocket knife and pepper spray. “What were you gonna do with those, little girl?”

You pouted, handing them to Namjoon and watching as he set them on the dresser. “I could’ve protected myself if necessary.”

“I’m sure you could, baby, but now you don’t have to,” Namjoon said, caging you against the mattress. “I’ll always make sure you’re safe, I promise you that.”

Lips on your neck, you wrapped yourself around Namjoon. You tangled your fingers in his hair as he sucked bruises down the column of your throat. It didn’t take long before you felt something hard pressing against the inside of your thigh. Lifting your leg, you let Namjoon rut against you with a groan.

“Need you, baby,” Namjoon muttered to your collarbones, hands tugging up on your hoodie. It didn’t take long after that for both of you to be left naked, clothes discarded somewhere on the floor.

Namjoon took his time pressing kisses all over your body, like he was refamiliarizing himself with you. Seeing if you were still as sensitive; seeing if he still knew what set you off. You quickly found out that it felt like only days, not years had passed since your last time with Namjoon.

“Namjoon— please.”

“Please what? What do you want me to do?” Namjoon said, head peeking up from where he was situated between your thighs. He playfully bit the inside of your leg.

“Touch me.”

“But I am already?” he replied with a smirk, gently trailing his fingertips over your skin.

“Joonie,” you whined, wiggling your hips at him.

“Don’t worry, my love,” he said, tentatively sliding a finger through your folds. “Look at how wet you are already! And all because of me, the one you said you never wanted to see again.”

Memories of that day floated around in the back of your mind; all of the anger, the hurt, and the tears. How much it killed you inside to watch as Namjoon’s face dropped when you told him you were finished. How he begged you to stay, that you could work out whatever it was that was making you leave.

You didn’t deserve to be with Namjoon right now. All of the resentment and bitterness you’d held inside you for so long; you had no right to be forgiven, to still be loved by him.

“I’m sorry, Namjoon,” you breathed out, fisting at the bedsheets.

Tsking at you, Namjoon delivered a harsh slap to your clit, making you cry out. You felt the tears collecting at the corners of your eyes. “You should be sorry. Do you know how much pain you’ve caused me? How you almost destroyed me when you left?”

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.”

“Sorry isn’t going to cut it, slut. That doesn’t take away all the hurt,” Namjoon frowned, standing up from the bed. Grabbing your ankles, he yanked you to the edge, pointing for you to get on the floor in front of him. “Open wide.”

Obediently, you got on your knees before him, hands behind your back with your tongue out. You knew what Namjoon expected of you, and you weren’t willing to make him even angrier. He hummed at the sight of you, pulling your head back by your hair. This change in his attitude wasn’t something unfamiliar to you; him easily switching back to the dominant persona that you loved so much when you were younger.

“Such a good little whore for me, hm?” he smirked, “All ready and waiting to be used by me. How many other men have you been with, slut?"

Whining, your things pressed together, needing some kind of relief. Namjoon yanked your head back even further, and you had a hard time trying to focus on his face and not his cock just inches from your mouth. "I expect an answer when I ask a question.”

“I-I don’t know! A few!"

"A few, huh? Did they ever make you feel as good as I did? Did they ever fuck you right like the little whore you are?”

“No! None of them could!”

Bending down, Namjoon grabbed your face so you’d look straight at him. “And why is that, baby girl?”

“Because none of them were you.”

Straightening back up, Namjoon ordered again, “Open wide.” Your mouth fell open, and he smirked. “Such a dumb little slut."

Gripping himself at the base of his cock, he gave himself a few strokes, head falling back and exposing his throat. You couldn’t help the moan that escaped you. Chuckling, Namjoon mumbled a quiet 'hold still’ before slapping the head of his leaking cock against each of your cheeks. Whimpering, you wanted nothing more than to have him bury his cock in the back of your throat.

"A needy little whore, aren’t we?” Namjoon said, letting the tip of his cock sit heavy on the end of your tongue. “Ready to be my cum dumpster?”

You nodded, not wanting to move away from his cock. You could taste the precum dripping down onto your tongue, another moan coming from you. So without another warning, Namjoon buried himself deep in your throat, your eyes rolling back into your head.

Setting out at a relentless pace, Namjoon curled his fingers into your hair, keeping your head in place as he fucked your throat. Tears streamed down your face as you tried not to gag, feeling the way Namjoon slipped down your throat. He leaned to the side, wrapping a hand around your neck.

“Holy fuck, I can feel myself,” Namjoon groaned before moving his hand away. “You look so pretty choking on my cock, baby girl.”

You briefly wondered what Jimin would say if you were on your knees for the man you swore you hated. The man you swore you wanted nothing to do with, doing everything you could to the point of cutting out some of the greatest friends you ever had. You briefly hoped that Jimin would never find out.

Namjoon’s cock in your mouth pounded out any other thought in your head aside from him, wanting nothing more than for him to just use you. You didn’t care how much your heart got hurt in the process, you deserved it after all the hurt you caused Namjoon.

“On second thought,” Namjoon mused with a dark glint in his eyes, “Maybe you don’t deserve my cum.” He slowly slipped back out of your mouth, a tight grip on your hair so you didn’t try to follow after him.

“No no, please, cum in me!” you pleaded, “I need your cum!”

Pulling you by your hair, Namjoon shoved you face-first onto the bed, ass up in the air. He delivered a hard slap to your ass, pulling your cheeks apart before doing it again. You felt a growing wet spot beneath your face, your tears soaking into the bedsheets. You cried out every time his hand connected with your flesh, already feeling the bruises beginning to form. It’d be weeks before you’d be able to sit down properly again.

“Still think you deserve it, slut? Think you’ve been good enough?”

“Yes! Yes, please I’ve been a good slut for you!” you sobbed.

Expecting another crack to your ass, you were surprised when you felt Namjoon press a gentle kiss to your lower back, smoothing his hands over your abused skin. You drew in a shaky breath and waited for Namjoon to make his next move. You listened as he hummed to himself, cooing at you for being a silly little slut as he softly pressed more kisses over your backside.

“You promise to stay good for me?” he hummed, pushing your knees further apart. “You think you deserve a reward, pretty slut?”

“Namjoon, please, I need you in me so badly. I promise I’ll be your good slut!” you said, pushing your hips back towards him. “Please please please—”

Namjoon’s hand connecting with the back of your thighs now cut you off, the words dying on your tongue. "Being a good slut means staying in place.”

“I’m sorry, I just need you so mu—”

“Shut up.”

Again you fell silent, willing your body to stay still despite wanting so much to shake in anticipation. You were so close to finally getting Namjoon to dick you down, and you were not going to fuck this up for yourself. Bunching the bedsheets up in your fists, you screwed your eyes shut, praying that he would just do something already.

Feeling the bed dip and the sound of a belt jingling, you held your breath as Namjoon got back on the bed. Pulling your arms behind you, he bound your wrists together. Wrapping one hand around the belt to hold you in place, Namjoon finally finally teased the head of his cock through your slick folds.

Crying out in relief, it took everything in you not to push yourself back onto him. He was holding out on you longer than you were used to, and you were on the verge of losing your mind if he didn’t fuck you in the next five seconds.

"Look at that, you’re gushing, baby girl,” Namjoon said, pressing his thumb against your clit that had you clenching around nothing. “Absolutely soaked.”

Without another word, Namjoon finally bottomed out in one thrust, a strangled moan slipping from your lips. You felt as your drool and tears began to mix underneath your cheek as Namjoon drilled you into the mattress, completely unrelenting.

One hand still held onto the belt while the other had a bruising grip on your hip. You had almost forgotten how much Namjoon liked to paint your skin with deep purple galaxies. His cock curved perfectly to fill your sopping cunt up entirely, hitting spots that felt like they hadn’t been reached in years.

You hadn’t realized you were just chanting his name over and over until you heard Namjoon say, “That’s right, baby girl. My name is the only one you’ll ever need to say again. I won’t let you get away this time.”

That had you clenching around him, quickly feeling your climax approaching. All of the teasing had you so on edge it wouldn’t take much before you were cumming. And honestly you weren’t sure how long you’d be able to hold out at this rate.

Letting go of his grip on the belt and your hip, Namjoon leaned over you, pressing you even further into the mattress. The new angle had you crying out, mixing with the lewd sounds of skin slapping and the wet squelch of him pounding into your pussy.

“Please, I need to cum, Namjoon.”

“Oh, the little slut has to cum now, huh? Greedy bitch, can’t even wait for me to cum, can you? You think this is about you? It’s not. Remember that, slut,” Namjoon grunted into your ear, reaching around to wrap his hand around your throat.

Gasping out, the lack of air felt absolutely delicious, almost sending you directly over the edge with the sounds of Namjoon panting in your ear. You were barely able to hold yourself back, but you felt the way your resolve was beginning to slip.

“Please, Namjoon,” you sobbed, “I’ve been good!”

“Shut up, slut,” he ordered, voice thick with arousal. You could tell he was getting close himself, the way his hips were beginning to stutter.

Pulling you back up onto your knees, Namjoon planted one of his feet on the bed for better leverage. With every thrust, his cock was hitting your g-spot, watching as stars danced across your vision. And then with one particularly hard thrust, you finally fell over the edge into complete bliss.

You vaguely heard yourself screaming out Namjoon’s name, legs spasming as your walls seized around him. Your toes and fingers went numb, and it felt like an eternity had passed before you finally started coming down from your high. You couldn’t remember the last time someone made you cum that hard.

“Holy fuck!” Namjoon gritted out, hips pressed flush against your own as he unloaded his hot seed inside of you. You felt so full, feeling some of it sliding down the inside of your thigh there was so much of it. Turning your head, you let the mattress swallow up your moans.

Whining at the loss when Namjoon slipped his softening cock out of you, you let him manhandle you onto your back. Scooping up some of the cum that had dribbled out of your cunt, he held it out to you. Without needing any further prompting, you let Namjoon feed his cum to you.

“You’re mine forever now, baby girl. We’ve been tied together since the beginning.”