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(LEMON) Lucci x Reader

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Thanks for requesting levi0el! Hope you enjoy! By the way new request rules coming soon! Next up is… also a lemon… so…
Anyway, we jumpin right in, so here’s all---and I mean ALL---your warnings now:

Warnings: Reader sub, Lucci dom, toys (vibrator), ice [? Is that a warning thing? It is now.], leopard form, oral, blindfold, collar, ropes/bondage (very light), orgasm denial (light), blood (very light), choking (light), and obviously some of that sweet aftercare in hopes of redeeming us all from this sin.


You sat against the headboard as Lucci tied the blindfold around your eyes and fastened the collar around your neck, the light ticking of the tag the only sound in the room. The pad of his thumb trailed across your cheek and along your jaw. Down your neck and across your loosely clothed shoulders, where the rest of his light fingertips joined in.. He played with the thin, white fabric of one of his dress shirts.

He pulled his thumb and index finger from around the cloth near your shoulder and down to the collar near your chest. You could feel the sharpness of his claws he always bore when he went into his half zoan form. The soft fur he had just across the tops of his fingers and forearms tickled your skin.

The slight bit of ripping fabric reached your ears before stopping. The tip of his claw traced your skin down to your chest. You felt it hook against the button before a slight ticking of the string holding the button on snapping sounded. It continued on as you felt his claw tear the rest of them. The cold fabric left your body, the cold air replacing it.

You swallowed in anticipation. He took your wrists and bound them together behind your back. He repositioned you so you were lying in the bed. His claws slowly retracted against your arms before brushing his fingers towards your chest.

You hummed softly as he took one of your breasts in his hand, fondling it as his other wandered to your panties. Through the fabric, he pressed his fingers against your wettening folds as he took your other breast in his mouth. His rough tongue played with your bud, and you only grew more anticipated.

He switched and gave the other the same treatment.

“Please, I want more…”

He paused, and left any contact he made. “What is it you want? ‘More’ isn’t very specific, is it now?”

You groaned, trying to arch your body to reach his touch.

“Don’t be so impatient,” he chided, and you could hear the smirk in his voice. His lips hovered above yours for just a moment before leaning down onto yours.

His tongue slipped through your lips and explored your mouth, nearly completely distracting you from his hands working at your panties.

He pulled away a little too soon. You instantly missed his lips against yours, but you could feel his breath at your newly exposed flower, and you knew he’d put them to perfect use elsewhere.

You let a small string of moans as his rough tongue played with your clit before delving inside your entrance.

It was soft sandpaper rubbing in the perfect places at the perfect times, and you couldn’t help but release more and more moans as he ate you out. His thumb rubbed your clit, and your hands clutched the ropes tightly, longing to pull at his hair.

Your moans grew louder and louder, and you could feel the knot in your stomach wind tighter and tighter before he pulled away sharply, leaving you whining and wanting just that extra little push.

He hummed, clearly pleased, as your closeness to orgasm faded.

“Please,” you moaned, wriggling your hips in hopes of more contact.

“What did I say about being patient?” he said, clicking his tongue. He finished his ropes and tied your ankles to the bedposts.

You heard him walking away, and you whined. “Wait, please don’t leave me here,” you said.

“Hm? No worries, I’ll be back momentarily,” he said simply, and you heard the door open and close.

You groaned, anxious for his return. True to his word, the door clicked open and shut just a year-long minute later.

He placed something down on the nightstand, and low ‘click’s sounded. A few seconds later, your breath hitched and your body instantly began shivering as he what you could only assume to be ice down your body.

He started at your collar bone and made his way into the valley of your breasts, where he paused for a brief moment before sliding to your naval and just a little too far down. He traced it up and down the inside of your thighs, and you tried to push him to get it going already.

The ice melted, and he grabbed another cube. With his other hand, he slid two fingers into you entrance, and a sudden moan escaped your lips. His cold fingers pumped in and out slowly, but you forced yourself to stay still, knowing it’d be worse if you showed more impatience.

He sped up anyway, and a constant trickle of moans made its way out. He added a third finger and increased his speed while teasing your clit with the ice. You let a high pitched, quivering moan as he did, and you could feel the cold water trail down into your pussy.

But you felt hot as you neared your release, and you were getting close when he once again stopped. With the rest of the small ice, he pushed it into your entrance, where it quickly melted in your heat.

“God, please stop teasing me,” you groaned, bucking your hips.

He hummed, like he was thinking deeply. His footsteps sounded to the side of you, and the deep sliding of wood against wood of him opening the bedside drawer sounded. You could hear slight shuffling before he, apparently, picked what he was going to use.

He waltzed back near your awaiting entrance and slid in a device you knew all too well. He turned the vibrator on its first setting, and you moaned lightly, waiting for him to turn it up. He kissed you harshly, turning it up one degree. Your moans were caught in his mouth before he pulled away and sucked at you neck, nibbling lightly.

For every few hickeys he left along your neck and body, he turned the vibrator up. Your legs were shaking as he turned the vibrator to its maximum, a setting he rarely used.

He let the vibrator run by itself for a moment in your pussy, which was getting wetter and wetter with every second that passed until it was practically flooding. He lowered the setting and took the vibrator out before entering three fingers abruptly, and you let out a harsh moan as he started at almost too fast of a pace, twisting his fingers.

You gasped as he placed the vibrator on your clit, and a few more thrusts and you finally came hard, moaning as your vision blanked. The vibrations slowed as you tried to catch your breath, letting you come down from your high. Once you got your breathing slower, the cloth over your eyes slowly being removed.

The room was dim, so it didn’t take long for your eyes to get adjusted.

Lucci positioned himself above you with his hands at your waist and planted a soft kiss on your lips as the head of his cock met your entrance. You nodded, and he pushed in, forcing a moan through your throat.

“Fuck, always so tight,” he groaned.

He hardly gave you a chance to adjust, his pausing more of him relishing in your heat. His hips slammed against yours, cock drilling into your tight, wet pussy.

“Lucci, faster, please,” you moaned, nails scratching at his back.

He gladly obliged and picked up his pace and thrust faster and harder, and you came again, moaning loudly, walls tightening and squeezing his cock even harder.

He pulled out for just a moment, ripping the ropes around your legs to flip you over on your knees, your ass in the air and your head buried into the sheets, before slamming back into you. He pulled at the collar, and you leaned your head back as breathing became harder.

Your vision threatened to leave just as he let go, and you fell back onto the bed. His cock grew inside you to a nearly unmanageable size. Now in his leopard form, he wrapped his tail around your waist and held your bound wrists to push your body back onto him as he thrusted, making him fuck you harder and faster than any normal human. You moaned into the sheets as you felt another orgasm coming.

Just a few more thrusts and you could feel yourself clench his cock, releasing yet again.

“I’m getting close,” he warned, shredding the ropes around your wrists before gripping your waist with his clawed fingers, beads of blood falling. He pounded you with the last bits of his energy, sending you over the edge one last time as he came with you, his heavy load shooting into you. He wound down from his and your high with several slower thrusts before pulling out.

Your body collapsed from exhaustion, and you could feel his cum leak from your throbbing pussy.

You could hear his own pants over yours before his footsteps. He returned with a warm washcloth. He cleaned the blood up before turning you over to kiss you as he cleaned the injuries themselves, his lips distracting you from the stinging. He made sure they were no longer bleeding before cleaning his and your juices from your legs. You could feel the dragging of the washcloth cleaning you and leather collar leaving your throat as you slowly drifted to unconsciousness.

Again, he left, putting away the cloth and returning to lie next to your nearly asleep form. He kissed you lightly one last time before bringing you into his chest, his comforting warmth pushing you to sleep.