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The camera lens shook with laughter as Mitsuki filmed her eight year old son, Katsuki Bakugou who sat on a wooden stool by their sink in the kitchen. The sun was setting making the kitchen slightly dark and her son had a shadow over his gloomy face. His little body shook with broken sobs and his breathing was uneven.

“Why are you crying?” She asked, trying to make her voice come out as calm although she was dying on the inside.

Katsuki took a breath. “…because he says he’s gonna marry me-“ He took two more shuddering breaths, tears pooling down his cheeks. “-and that’s why I’m crying.”

“You’re crying because you don’t wanna marry him?”

A voice from the back of the camera spoke out at that. “I will marry you!”

Katsuki reacted immediately and leant forward on his time out stool. “NOYOUARENT-“ The blonde child screamed.

The camera quickly turned towards the other child, a young boy around Katsuki’s age. Katsuki’s childhood friend since he was a baby. He wore a cute baby blue overall suit with a pink shirt underneath- it matched his greenish hair well. “YES, I AM!”

Katsuki became even more enraged at that- “NO-“

Izuku replied with a quick and demanding “YES” and carried on with his finger painting, getting bored of the conversation but loving Katsuki’s reactions.

“NO!” Katsuki said a bit more clearly, tears almost forgotten.



Izuku slammed the paint over with his fist and got up onto his chubby legs, quickly walking over to Katsuki who leant back in his seat at the young boys approach. “I’m not- I’m not scared of you! Stop it-“

Katsuki leaned forward, getting face to face with his friend and screamed again. “NOOO!”

At this point Mitsuki realised the neighbours would probably be calling the police on how loud her annoying son was being so she decided to stop laughing her ass off and discipline her son. “Katsuki quit screaming…”

The Izuku on the camera stomped off into the background, leaving behind a struggling to breath out of fear Katsuki- who was adamant he did not want to marry the other boy.

“Yes, I am!”

“No- No- No- No- Nooooooooo…”

“Fine when you ask to come to my house I’ll say no- NO!” Izuku shouted and for the first time Mitsuki was shocked that the innocent child had said it so horribly but it was quick entertainment for her once she realised Katsuki had gone silent. “Y-you can’t yell at me!”

“No you yelled at me!” Izuku defended himself and he looked up at the camera for a split second, noticing Mitsuki’s smile.

Katsuki began to stutter, tears gone dry. “Mum, tell him he can’t yell at me anymore…”

“Katsuki you shouldn’t yell at Izuku, even if he says he’s going to marry you.” And with that one word the blonde boy started huffing and puffing again. “But I don’t want him to marry me.” He followed Izuku’s body with his eyes and watched him carefully as he walked around his time out stool.

“No, I’ll marry you.” Izuku confirmed, looking Katsuki in the eyes.


The video camera turned black and the TV screen in front of the Bakugou family showed their amused reflections.

Mitsuki had the same silly smile on her face; Masaru was trying to desperately hide his smile from his son who sat angrily with an equally amused Izuku tucked into his side. Bright green eyes looked up at Katsuki from having been hid in his armpit for most of the movie of their shared childhood and he spoke. “I told you I’d marry you.”

Katsuki found himself smirking. “You sure did, but I didn’t want to think of that then-“ He replied, grasping Deku’s left hand and rubbing the bangle placed on his ring finger. “I was a little kid though- who could blame me!”

Izuku sighed dreamily, eyes sparkling as he watched the diamond ring light up under the dim living room lights. “I hope our kids have as good moments as we did when we were younger.”

“Oh they will do, the Bakugou family are weird like that… even mum practically forced my dad to go out with her.”

“Now that’s a video I want to see!”

Mitsuki chuckled. “You think I’d actually caught that on camera?”

Izuku began to pout before he noticed the blonde woman begin to pick up the remote.

“-Because I totally did!”

And so the Bakugou’s watched the embarrassing CCTV camera roll of Mitsuki cornering Masaru and asking him out before furiously making out with him- Katsuki obviously left during that scene, complaining about PDA.

But when he returned he was happy to see they had resumed watching videos of cute baby Izuku.