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Maybe it's Growing Pains?

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“You are lukewarm and hate to be bothered to do much of anything, but are also dignified. You assert yourself easily, are thick-skinned, and have few worries. However, you are obstinate, contrarian, and hate to lose, often preventing it by aggressive means. You are overbearing and rebellious, but have talent to back it up.”

- Stand: Deep Purple. (7th Stand User)


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KUJO JOTARO awakens in his jail cell, head pounding. He groans, sitting up. 


It’s been a few days already, and it’s the first time he’s gotten up himself, without the damn policemen begging him to leave. He would hope they’ve given up at this point, but he’s pretty sure his grandfather is supposed to come today to try and get him out. If only that senile idiot knew better to stay away than to shorten whatever remains of his life. This is dangerous. He was dangerous. He’d try to warn them again and again, but his grandfather thought he could just waltz in today and solve all his problems...


He frowns.


Wait, no, something was strange. No one told him anything like that. He just… assumed. In fact, this whole situation was reeking with a sickening sense of Deja Vu.


...Perhaps it was the evil spirit. He glares his reflection down. If that weird premonition was true, might as well make use of it. He was on a time crunch. He was going to have to get rid of this before his family arrived. 


Good Grief.


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YOU wake up with a faint headache. What the fuck was that? You think you had a strange dream just now, something with men who introduced themselves as Speedwagon and Muhammad Abdul, something about determining you a stand, whose questions you answered as if in a trance...

Your dreams tend to reflect real life, but you’ve never even seen or heard of people with those names, especially considering you’ve lived in, well, freaking Japan your whole life (very unfortunate). You have to say it was strange, even for a dream.


Well, it shouldn't matter, you think, preparing to go the hell back to sleep. You have no idea what time it is, but you’re also very prepared to wake up much, much later. That is, a beautiful noon and hours after school actually starts. You’re quickly and happily blinking back into sleepdom when a man’s voice interrupts.


"Sorry to tell you, but that was no dream."


You snap your eyes open, suddenly more awake then you've ever been for basically the past decade. A quick survey of the room reveals no one, but...


The computer speakers. You lift your head a fraction.

“Who are you?”

There’s no mistaking it, the voice is coming from the computer speakers. Oh god, did it get Hacked or something? You have no idea what it means, only that it’s something that can happen, but that’s decidedly terrible news. You only got it a couple while ago! It’s fancy - It can even send emails and everything! (Crazy!)


The time to introduce myself has passed,” the voice continues, oblivious to your inner suffering, “But nonetheless, call me Steel. I’m the one who has granted you a stand.


You squint.


“...Like a book stand?” You had to clarify.




The voice - 'Steel', you guess, though it sounds ridiculously Chuunibyou - rambles on about how he’d been looking for someone like you. A courageous youth who desires a special power, and notably, how he’d given you that special power. Some might say you’ve been ridiculously lax about a potential break-and-entry, and this doesn’t help you put your guard up. You scoff.


“Are you even hearing yourself? You sound too old to believe in fairy tales,” you say, lazily rubbing at your eyes. It’s true - the disembodied voice sounds middle-aged at least. 


‘Steel’ doesn’t seem fazed. “If you don’t believe me, trying calling out the name of your stand from earlier.

“Geez…” you can’t help but whine, burrowing into your bed. “I don’t want to hang out with you, okay? Go home, and I won’t call the police.” It’s as much a warning as a dismissal, but it clearly doesn’t work. This guy seems intent on getting you out of bed. This is very terrible. You try to burrow yourself even deeper, hoping he’ll be gone by the time you get up.


I promise everything will make itself clear if you just give it a try, go on.”




==> Can’t hurt to try.


It looks like he won’t let you go back to sleep anyway. What did that weird dream say its name was? That’s right…


“Deep Purple!”






...Nothing happens.


Even you are disappointed.


“See? Nothing happened. Are you satisfied? Just hurry up and go home...?”


A blink. And suddenly it ’s there.

Enter Deep Purple


Stand Name: Deep Purple

Made of smoke, it can manipulate atmospheric density. It can poison the air around it, change the air pressure, and detonate hydrogen and oxygen particles. However, its range is extremely short. The smoke that composes the Stand flows out of the skull-faced jar in the center.


Holy shit.


You slam your butt against the floor as you slip off your bed. The stinging pain reminds you it’s not a dream.


You can see it, can’t you?


Your brain seems to stutter trying to take in something so… Unreal.


The guy says something about it being a Stand. In layman’s terms, a superpower. Which is ridiculous. You’ve delved enough manga to know Superpowers look like… you know, Telekinesis or something for a hero, not some creepy gas man for some brat like you. (Actually, this sounds way too much like that manga that’s all the rage these days, Pink Dark Boy or something. Though in the manga they stand by your side, so they’re called Sides… Huh, maybe it’s not too different after all.)


Thinking on this you nearly miss this guy’s next words.


Your stand will surely become an indispensable ally.


Ally? You quickly shake yourself awake.


“But… why are you doing this? And what exactly are you?”


The man almost sounds sad. “I’m simply a remnant of a man who was killed by one of those “Stands”. Think of me like you would a prerecorded message.”


Killed. Sudden cold makes you shiver. This Stand thing is dangerous, you’re sure of it. Having been forced to believe this sudden reveal, you try to keep your cool, and frown.


“Then what the hell do you want with me?”


The man is silent. 


...I want to change this world’s future,” he says. “As a unit, you and I can do that.... No, we must do that, at any and all cost!


It’s equally ridiculous and terrible. What he says next is worse.


“You, with your newfound stand, must take out a certain person… That insidious vampire, DIO!”


“You’re hiring a teenager to be a hitman?” You have to clarify. You’re pretty sure no one normal does that, even this weirdo called “Dio”.

(Meanwhile, you conveniently ignore the whole ‘vampire’ bit. You would call him out for being crazy, but you’ve just witnessed something inside you form into a creepy gas-sy man. You should cut yourself some slack.)


It will be dangerous.. DIO has assassins everywhere! They don’t take well to those who defy him. As long as DIO lives, they will continue to hunt you down. Go with caution.”


“Wait, slow down! Are you asking me to risk my life? What makes you think I’m going to let myself get involved in something that dangerous?”


Haven’t you heard the term, with great power comes great responsibility? This is simply a consequence of the things you wished for.” The speaker crackles. “You wished for power… So I granted your wish. However, certain people feel threatened by those who strength approaches their own.”


“I can’t believe this…” You mutter, dragging a hand through your hair with both horror and bewilderment. It’s way too early for this. “You’re the one who did this to me, so shouldn’t your life be the one that’s on the line here?”


That voice is calm. Annoying, though not as annoying as the fact that, well, you can’t dismiss his words entirely. He’s proved those ‘Stand’ things were real, you can’t even pretend he’s lying.


“I’ll say it one more time. You’re the one that wished for a stand, and you’re the one who called it forth. In fact, isn’t that why YOU’re here?”


“Who the hell are you talking to? I never wished for anything like that!”


If DIO was left to his own devices, your friends and family will be at risk. Even if you weren’t aware of it, you knew you needed a ‘protector’.


It’s like he never heard you at all. You let out a groan.


This is your destiny, I’m just helping to move it along. Now, head to school, Just like you would any other day…”


Like a final execution piece the speaker flicks off, and you fall back against your bed, just as exhausted as you are awake. You have no idea what just happened; It feels like a hurricane went through your room. Your very small room.


Stands. Huh.


You call up Deep Purple again, and observe it carefully. Its empty eyes observe you back. That Abdul guy in your dream told you what this stand can do, not to mention you haven’t taken Chemistry for nothing. Basic ideas - creating vacuums, or toxic gas... 


It's dangerous. From what you gained from that 'Steel' guy's words, this thing is way beyond dangerous.


It would be way too easy to just steal away someone’s life. The idea gives you goosebumps.


What can you do? You could self-quarantine yourself at some jail cell, you guess, refusing to leave until this stand bullshit either solves itself or goes away. No, wait. That’s the dumbest idea you’ve ever thought of. (Aside from that one time you decided the best way to open a sealed jar involved a small explosive and a microwave. No one was happy with the result, but hey, at least it worked.) You’re pretty sure only real idiots will actually go through with that idea. Yup, definitely.


Another idea is where you go back to sleep, but all possibility of going back to blissful dreamland is gone now. There’s not much choice aside from, well, doing what the guy tells you and go to school. 




You look up, unobstructed view to the corridor.

[Leave Room?]

==> YES

=> NO



Your older sister greets you in the kitchen. 


“Woah, you’re awake early! That’s unusual!” 


Hey you, you’re finally awake,” your dad quips in the corner.


That’s your family alright. You feel a strange sense of relief that at least this part of your peaceful life is the same. If that 'Steel' guy’s right, though, it won’t last, though whether it’s thanks to 'Steel' or that Dio is another thing. Well, you guess you could always clarify with the weight in your pocket right now.




'Steel’ stops you as you leave your room.


“Take the radio with you so I can communicate with you outside.”


It’s a beaten-up thing you have, but 'Steel’ has bound to be useful in… doing whatever the hell he wants you to do (going to school, apparently?). You begrudgingly pack the radio in your infinitely deep pocket. It’s a good thing you sleep in your school uniform. Your life has never been the same since you realised you could just… Skip this whole dressing up thing if you go to sleep in your uniform. It was mind-blowing, and it still is.


It surprises you when the radio crackles as you step out of your room.


“I’ve been wondering - why do you not have a door at your room?”


You lazily glance at the hinge of your room door. It stands out in the corridor, with the gaping hole where doors usually are- the way you like it.


You consider it, then decide it’s not worth the effort hiding it. You mumble something along the lines of not being able to sleep with the door closed, not alone, anyways. (You used to sleep with your sister, but she insisted on privacy and her own room once she’s older. Ah, the follies of puberty. You helpfully ignore the fact that she’s older than you.)


“I see… Well, I won’t pry any further. Good luck.” The radio shuts off, and you can’t help but feel a mixture of gratitude and annoyance. You said you wouldn’t hide it, but it’s not something you enjoy flaunting either. Then again, he’s the one that barged into your life…)


...You feel like your headache is going to return.


“Hey! You fallen asleep again?” Your older sister laughs, and you can’t help but let your lips quirk up. “But seriously, I think this is the first time I’ve seen you awake before school! Are you feeling alright?”


You wave her off. She’s right, though. It’s a good while before school even starts lessons. Maybe you’ll get a headstart on your way to school today, anyhow. Think more on this ‘Stand’ thing, maybe even get to school earlier, surprise everyone. Yeah, you’re gonna do that, you decide, confidently ditching your sister for school.  (Your sister will be later than you this time because she wastes time doing meaningless things like “change for school”. You’ve communicated her your genius idea of sleeping in your uniform many times to no avail. Maybe she is simply not ready.)



You are not earlier than your sister. In fact, she ends up dragging you out of the game center right behind your school.


“Hey, have you heard of a ‘Dio’?”


It’s after you’ve reached the school together when you spring this on your sister. 'Steel' said it was a vampire threatening your family or something, but there’s no way those exist. Still, there must be a reason behind the… strange things wandering around town right now.


Angry delinquents every corner were one thing, but there’s been strange things your sister apparently couldn’t see attacking the two of you. It was tough not seeming like you suddenly went feral at thin air. 


Your sister, bless her soul, pauses to think on your question.


“I’ve heard of a DiGiorno… Maybe it’s a knockoff pizza brand or something?”


“A knockoff?”


“Yeah, like you buy pizza, but turns out it was Dio all along. Something like that?”


It makes sense. You nod serenely.


“Whoa! You’re in school early too?!” Urgh. Some guy spotted you here early. Your classmate. Probably. You can’t remember who he is. You have enough social sense to make sure he never finds this out.


!Make sure this guy never finds out you forgot who he is!


Your Dignity

Your Social Face


“The world must be coming to an end…”


“Hey, don’t be mean!” Your sister, bless her soul again, comes to your defence. “What do you mean ‘too’, anyways?”


“You didn’t hear?” The guy scratches his cheek. “Jotaro’s back in school after disappearing for who knows how long. Man, it’s a shame too. I placed a bet that he finally landed himself in a hospital after taking on the entire yakuza, but he seemed fine this morning.”


“The entire yakuza? That’s a little far,” you add on helpfully. You’re doing good, man. You’re totally acting like you know this guy.


“Yeah, but it’s Kujo Jotaro,” the guy, blissfully ignorant, continues. “I heard he put 8 guys in the hospital. The press called it the Blood Donation from Hell .”

(Kujo Jotaro. You’ve seen this guy from afar just once, and that just solidified your desire to keep the hell away from him. Not (just) because of his reputation, but because of that gang of his.

Yeah, you would call it a gang. You’re not the type to find girls scary most of the time, but the shrieks of “JoJo~” which can be heard even 20 metres away (This is, coincidentally how far Hierophant Green can move, not that you know what that is yet.) sends a shiver down your back any day. Simply put, they’re noisy as hell. Besides, any guy that keeps an entourage like that around him has not got to be normal) 


“That’s scary,” you attempt. 


“You punched out the weirdos picking a fight on us in one punch on our way here just now,” your sister says. “You have no right to talk.”


You coolly answer that they had it coming. It was pretty strange though. There were tons of these strange delinquents on the streets who seemed weirdly agitated. It’s not like people never pick a fight with you, but they seemed like they were on a frenzy or something, attacking entirely unprovoked. You didn’t even insult their hair or anything!


Was this one of the ‘Stand User’ thing 'Steel' talked about? Urgh, you must be in deep trouble to start taking this guy’s words for real. Maybe you do need to do something about it.


...Then again. Picking their pockets after you’ve defeated them (your sister will never find out) had been… a lucrative venture. Maybe it isn’t so bad…


Ah, crap. You’ve been zoning out. Your sister’s saying something. You nod at her pretending to understand.


“Great! That means you’ll go around the school a bit, chat up some new friends, right? You have to tell me how it goes, okay?” Your sister grins, and bounds off to her class with that guy. “Come on, Takashi!”


Ah. Crap.


Not to mention, that guy you were talking to probably was your sister’s friend, huh. Which means there was no need for your pathetic socialising… 


What a pain. You still count this as a success.






You do not count this as a success.


You were making pretty good progress with your sister’s assignment, making small talk about your favourite movies (the Erotic type), listening to some girl talk about getting confessed to (Gross) and questioning identities with a kid in the bathroom:


( “Thanks for helping me with the bullies!” He had said. “I thought you were a delinquent, but you turned out to be a pretty nice student!”

“I’m not a delinquent,” you said, puzzled.

“But you skip school, you’re always late, and you beat up those five guys bullying me in one go…”

“I’m not a delinquent,” you had repeated.)


All in all, pretty lucrative, a lot of things to report on your sister about.


Sure, you could lie to her, but you’ve never been a good liar. Mostly because of the effort that goes into it.


Anyways, the problem was afterwards, in the chemistry lab.


There was a girl struggling with a fairly simple chemical solution, and your stand (or evil spirit, whatever) can manipulate chemical elements, and you’re not a pro in chemistry for nothing…


And maybe you wanted to impress that girl a little bit. She was the first one to support your future career dream.


(“...and here, you’re supposed to put in hydrogen peroxide, not hydrogen chloride. Where’d you even find that?”


“Oh my gosh, thank you!” the girl practically starts weeping in gratitude. “You’re amazing at this - are you planning to be a chemist in the future?”


You gently inform her your path of choice is that of a NEET.


“That’s… You know, I’m sure you can do it!”)


Basically, the good news: You managed to use Deep Purple to twick her formula, making sure that girl got her ‘A’ in chemistry homework, instead of an ‘F’ and a lab tool damage refund form. 


Bad news: In an attempt to pull this off in a stylistic manner (It was going to be super cool. You were gonna whirl it and everything), you’ve gained a chemical burn on your palm. You insisted it was nothing, but that sweet girl insisted you head to the infirmary to get it treated. (A Bad Thing. The nurse had it out for you ever since the Needle Incident. You remember it like it was yesterday, so no need to elaborate on that.) Hence why you’re trudging on with your hand dangling by your side.


“This is your fault,” you scold your stand. Deep Purple looks back at your blankly. Right. Totally not creepy at all. 'Steel' just called it a super power, but Pink Dark Boy said it was a manifestation of your soul. If applying manga knowledge in real life was your deal now, you don’t know what it says about you that your soul is this creepy, hazy skeleton ghost.


This turmoil is something to worry about later, you happily decide, having nearly reached the infirmary. You heard from some people that Kujo Jotaro himself was seen heading this way from falling down stairs or something. You guess even the weird muscular casanova of your school is human too, hard as it is to imagine with all the girls constantly flanking him.


Speaking of, the infirmary sounds strangely noisy.


You open the door to a horrific, horrific sight. 


[Stand User: Kujo Jotaro]

[Stand: Star Platinum: Close-Range Power Type]

[Archetype: Hero]


Kujo Jotaro, the myth, the legend, is full-mouth kissing the school’s nurse.




You hear squelching and everything.


You didn’t have the best image of him with the girls he brings around, but this takes the cake. He was definitely swindling those poor girls, and now seducing the faculty staff too? This was so wrong, so gross and so ridiculous, you think, as you prepare to step the hell in. Kujo, the oblivious bastard, just keeps on at that french kissing or whatever they call it.



[Stand User: Kujo Jotaro]

[Stand: Star Platinum: Close-Range Power Type]

[Archetype: Hooligan?]


And then he- pulls something out of her mouth with his teeth?


Oh god, oh fuck.


Whatever the hell it is, it looks positively gross. It’s all green and slimy, like a melon, after the melon been chewed and spat out a couple of times.


Apparently Kujo thinks so, too, snarling as it takes a more… humanoid shape. Not unlike-


Well, not unlike Deep Purple, your stand. 


Oh no.


A wild student appeared! 

[Stand User: Kakyoin Noriaki]

[Stand Type: Long-Range Special Type]

[Archetype: ???Puppet???]


Unlike Kujo, it’s a student you’ve never even seen before, holding a strange wooden puppet you think you’ve seen lying around in the drama club. The (ugly) green uniform isn’t even that of your school- Did he break in from another school or something?

(This was not entirely wrong, if you take a rather liberal view on transfers.)


You don’t have time to dwell on this line of thought, for the weird guy (the one that isn’t Kujo) laughs, and…


It happens in a blink.


Kujo Jotaro is across the room, amidst a wreck of furniture.


The nurse drops to the floor in a pool of blood.


“I told you,” the stranger smiles. “Attack my Hierophant Green… And you’ll be hurting her, too.”


High Arrow Fern Green. What a weird name, though you of all people don’t have the right to say anything about it. That should be the name of his stand, right? 


That is to say - you can’t take your eyes off the nurse on the ground - that must be the work of his stand as well. Something cold crawls up your spine.


“My stand may have a much longer range… But it hates open spaces. If something tries to remove it, he gets angry…” The student seems too calm, pointing a single finger at Kujo Jotaro. “It’ll claw on the inside and latch on! That’s why she’s injured!”


It’s scary. The way he says it, with childish glee and triumph… It’s really, really scary.


What the hell?  You can't even make heads or tail of this situation. There’s no way you’re getting involved with this. You vaguely regret coming to school early, as you try to get your legs to back away.


“You did this to her, Jojo! This is all your fault!” The boy is shouting. 


Your pocket knocks against one of the wooden chairs, and your radio cackles to life.


“It’s your turn!" It’s ‘Steel’. “He’s one of those people I told you about… One sent to erase those who stand in DIO’s way!”


The voice is filled with static, and you can’t help but let out a laugh in this situation.


[Join in the fight?]

=> YES

=> NO


Are you crazy?! The hell do you mean, ‘my turn’?!” You try to whisper back furiously. “That guy is nuts ! I should call the police-”


The police doesn’t know about stands, and I’m sure you know that too ,” 'Steel’s voice is frustratingly calm in this situation, and you grit your teeth. “ Stand users will escape the justice system, and this man is no exception .”


“‘Man’? It’s a teen my age, for christ’s sake-” This can’t be happening. Your mind maps out the most logical moves. All you should do now is run. Away from 'Steel', away from that homicidal student, away from Kujo freaking Jotaro himself, bleeding out...


You snap up. Just in time, it seems the teenager has spotted you too.


“Now, you over there… Looks like you’ve seen what my Hierophant Green can do. Are you a Stand user, too?” He hums thoughtfully. “I don’t know who you are, but make any false moves, and you’ll end up just like those two…”


Can you really run away? Do you want to run away? Adrenaline makes you giddy.


[Join in the fight?]

=> YES

=> NO


Out of the corner of your eyes, you see him straighten up. Kujo Jotaro.


“I" he begins. “Kujo Jotaro, am often called a delinquent.”


“Standing up again? At this point, you’re like a punching bag, getting up just to get down again…”


You personally don’t think this is the time for a self introduction. Kujo doesn’t seem to give a damn, evenly continuing, evenly walking closer.


"When I get in a fight, I’ll pummel the other guy until he bleeds. I even hospitalized people…” 


A step. Yet another.


“I've given half-assed teachers who were all talk such a scare that they never showed their faces at school again…”


He stops.


”And when I don't like the food at a restaurant, I make it a policy to stiff them with the bill."


He clenched his fist tight.


"But even someone like me... knows nauseating evil when he sees it! Evil is when you crushed the weak under your heel, using them for your own gain... Even innocent women! And that is you!”


Nauseating evil.


...Kujo is right. 


You have no idea what’s going on, what Kujo Jotaro has to do with all of this, or why this student in green even wants to kill you all. But one thing is clear: He has to be taken down. Your pride won’t allow such a person to keep on standing. 


[Join in the fight?]

=> YES

=> NO


“Neither the victim or the justice system will know about you. That's why... I will be your judge!"


He brings his hand down upon his hat, straightens it with a firm yell. What was it about this Kujo Jotaro? You have to admit something. You were wrong about him. This wasn't the uncaring punk you thought you were seeing at school. There was something else, like a fire burning within him. And somehow his words are filling you with courage. You take a deep breath.


Only stands can hurt other stands, can’t they?


This Kujo guy might be built like the freaking brick wall of Berlin, but it won’t even matter if he can’t even touch that melon stand, would it? You’re already dizzy from adrenaline. That is a stand. Stands are dangerous. Very dangerous.


You think you know this now more than ever, your half-dead school nurse and her own pool of blood bleaching the floor. Even your own stand, Deep Purple can very, very easily kill someone. Wouldn’t this Kujo guy end up cold on the ground too?


Aren’t you the only one who can do something?


(“This is your chance,” the radio whispered.)


[Join in the fight?]

==> YES

=> NO


Before you’ve realised, you’ve already stepped out to the middle of the infirmary. Broken glass crackles underneath your feet. Your fists are numb from how tightly they are clenched. Your blood pumps through your veins as Deep Purple makes an appearance. Fuck. Fuck it. Now you gotta do this.


You and Jotaro looks upon the smiling student.


“No, my stand-”


“My Stand-”


“Shall be your judge!”


Your voices are in perfect sync.


[Combination Attack: D-Rush]





Kujo Jotaro has no idea who this kid is. 


Glancing over after their collective yell, a student he’d never seen before stands besides him, a strange energy burning in their eyes. Behind them is a featureless man, made up of smoke and gas, a single skull jar in the center.


Another stand user, huh. Good Grief.


His own - Stand, he guessed - appears, hovering protectively over him. He still feels reluctant to admit it, but Gramps was right. It appeared his stand will help him. Eyes too similar to his is fixated on Kakyoin Noriaki.


His stand will help him - beat the shit out of this guy, that is.


“Evil? Now, you’re wrong there…” The guy in question is chuckling, unaware of the hospital bill to get chucked in his face. “‘Evil’ is the loser, justice is written by the winners… No matter what method he uses, Justice belongs to the last one standing!”


“Be prepared to lose, then,” the kid speaks, to his surprise. “What a pain… You’re definitely evil, aren’t you?” 


All sense of fear he saw earlier has vanished, and now they stand in confidence, ready to pummel this guy into bits.


Yeah, Jotaro has no idea who this kid is, but an innate sense tells him to trust them. 


Hierophant Green destroys the infirmary around the two of them. The kid dodges with much less grace than Jotaro, but there’s a determined shine to them that rejects any kind of concern. Jotaro steadily watches.


“You…” Kakyoin snarls. “Looks like you won’t be heeding my warning. Fine then. Die along with him, for Lord DIO!”


Jotaro pulls his fist back. So does his stand. A table is send flying- it shatters to bits underneath Hierophant Green. 


Good Grief. Kakyoin is a pain in the ass to deal with; slippery, letting his stand do the work as he himself works at being at a distance. It’s a whole new idea of fighting he’s trying to get used to. That is, until the newcomer lets out a laugh.


“What’s so funny?!” Kakyoin growls. Jotaro watches.


“By what I know, your High Arrow Fern Green has quite the range, right? That’s why you can stay all the way over there, because you know Kujo and I can only reach so far.”


(Their pronunciation of the stand name is strange, but this isn’t the time to correct that.)


“Do you know what my stand does? Well, I’m not so sure yet myself, I’ve only had it for a couple of hours, but one of its abilities is changing atmospheric pressure.


The kid smiles, then runs forward.


“Do you know how wind is formed?”


A strong gust of wind. Like being sucked out from thin air, Kakyoin suddenly flies over with a yelp. Over, that is, right within his stand’s reach. 


Jotaro lets himself grin - and pulls back his fists.


“With a vacuum of air right in front you, you’ll be pulled right in, is what I’m saying,” the kid finishes off, right as Jotaro’s fist is angled at Kakyoin’s face.





You don’t know what to think, after the guy is down. The battle was a quick one, but… Hey… You know…


That Kujo guy had a stand all along, didn’t he…? It even looks way too cool, flowing mane and half-naked muscles and everything. It’s a PURPLE TARZAN! You bet it can even stop time or some cool shit like that. 


Doesn’t that mean that, you know, you totally didn’t need to butt in?


Not to mention the weird line you said with Kujo. That was totally copying him, wasn’t it? Was it weird? That was weird. That was so definitely super weird, wasn’t it?


You decide to spend the next minute writhing in embarrassment.


Kujo, unfortunately, doesn’t seem very receptive of your choice of activity.


“Well, that was a waste of time… My shoulder got busted up too,” he mulls. “Good thing his stand wasn’t much… still, I think I might be getting more violent.”


More violent?! That Kujo getting more violent?! That’s probably not a good thing. In fact, the thought is terrifying.


That Kujo Jotaro in question looks to you.


“I was in a bind there… thanks. But you… You have a stand? You don’t look the part-" You’re probably supposed to be happy by this. You’ve seen a total of one (1) Dio’s lackey, and he has a ugly uniform and a weird hair noodle. "-but you’re not one of Dio’s stand users, are you?”


You still have no idea what exactly this Dio guy is, only that he just tried to kill Kujo by sending a teenage assassin after him, and thus you too, by proxy. But that’s enough you need to know to bristle your sensitivities.


What the hell does this guy think you just risked your life for? Sure, you didn’t think too deep on it before you jumped in, but that’s what just happened, didn’t it? Annoyance makes you cross your arms.


“You’re not one of Dio’s stand users, are you?”



“Oh yeah, I totally am.” you drawl.


To your surprise, he doesn’t immediate get to beating the crap out of you, but does something weird with his face.


...Oh, he’s smiling. You’re pretty sure no one else in school has seen that before. (If a smile from Kujo Jotaro himself requires at least one person trying to kill him, you’re also pretty sure of the damn reason why.)


“A comedian, huh? If you really were part of Dio’s lackey’s, you would have just watched or attacked me too, not helped out.”


Yeah, that’s what you thought, too.


Kujo says something about the nurse being fine (A relief. Not that you forgot about her. Totally.) and just… picks up the fallen student. Literally. It’s so effortless you would weep in envy if not for the limp student currently not unlike a potato sack. That student that tried to kill you…


God, can this day get any weirder? What a pain.


“Guess I’ll skip school today,” Kujo says. It’s a while before you realise he’s looking directly at you. “You should come too. I should take you to see Gramps.”


Pausing by the windows as he looks to you in this wreck of an infirmary, he looks way too calm and collected. That’s why you just nod, you think.


What the hell. You should have seen it coming, skipping yet another day at school. (You briefly flashback to that kid that called you a delinquent. Just because you’re not opposed to skipping class after an intense and probably traumatic event doesn’t make you a delinquent… Right?)  


Hopefully your sister won’t be too mad about it. This was pretty important after all.



You were right about one thing: That was pretty important. That was also incredibly wild.


You’ve learnt at least ten new words today, each with notably heavy connotations. For one, it turns out not only was Dio an actual, living vampire with a charisma stat of max twenty ('Steel' wasn’t exaggerating), he can... Brainwash people? With fleshy buddy things? (You’re reminded of the delinquents on the street earlier, and that makes you think.)


Kakyoin himself sits over there on the floor, notably less evil, less brainwashed, less going-to-die-in-a-couple-days, and with maybe a gaping hole in his head (The thought grosses you out). He’s also notably less willing to try and kill you and Kujo. In fact, he definitely has a new found sense of respect bordering hero-worship for that Kujo guy (Not for you, though there is a sort of respect-thing going on, which is markedly an improvement from the murder thing earlier), which is totally unwarranted, considering he’s a total hooligan, even if he did totally risk his life trying to save Kakyoin’s while un-brainwashing him…


Ok, maybe it’s totally fair. In fact, it’s probably you being unfair on Kujo Jotaro.


It’s hard to match the image of him you had back in school with the boy over with his grandfather (Gramps) right now. In the few minutes you’ve known this guy he has performed feats you’ve never thought possible, including but not limited to un-brainwashing someone . It appears you were wrong before, about the day not getting any weirder.


(You realise it’s barely been a few hours since you woke up this morning, which is crazy because it seems like a long, long time has passed. At least 3 episodes, anime-wise.)


Anyways, the point is, Kujo Jotaro seems nothing like the woman-seducing hooligan you’ve thought he was, definitely much better than those delinquents attacking you earlier. Granted, you’ve never made an effort to get to know him before, and you never did find out exactly why he chose to deep-kiss that nurse in the first place…


Speaking of nurses, you glance down at your bandaged hand.





“Oh dear, it looks like your hand is hurt!”


You look up to see Kujo’s mother - Kujo Holly, you think? - looking at you in concern. You glance down at your hand. Now that you think about it, it kind of hurts like a... it hurts a lot.


Something about this woman prevents you from swearing.


[Stand User: Kujo Holly]

[Stand: ??? ???-Range ???-Type]

[Archetype: Saint]


“Here, let me take a look at that,” Miss Holly says, unpacking the first aid kit she just took out earlier for Kakyoin.


She has a larger-than-life presence about her, similar to but not quite the same as Kujo’s. It’s a kind of a presence that puts you at ease. Is it because she’s a foreigner? (It did surprise you a bit at first, before you remembered Kujo was apparently half-British or something.)


“Oh, no, I couldn’t trouble you at all,” you try.


“It’s okay!” She giggles (How did she pull that off?), “It’s the least I can do for Jotaro’s friend, after all!”


Come to think of it, that’s what you said to her, wasn’t it? Back when Jotaro left you with Kakyoin ( Asshole ) to go find his “Gramps”, Miss Holly seemed very well ecstatic to find “Darling Jotaro” brought friends - not one, but two, even!


You didn’t have the heart to correct her buy one get one free assumption. You also didn’t have the courage to correct someone who considers one (1) unconscious body a friend of her son. Especially considering that the two of you were the cause of that unconsciousness…


Wait a minute, does that mean you have friends now?! Beating someone up together makes you kind of friends, doesn’t it? Plus, shonen mangas have taught you beating up someone else always makes them your friend too! The unconsciousness body you’re holding up could be your friend right now.


Holy shit, never mind Miss Holly, your family is going to be ecstatic!


This state of euphoric epiphany makes you miss Miss (hah) Holly’s next words to you. You blink at her. 


“Um, could you repeat that?”


“How did you kids become friends?”




“.......................................Sewing club.”


Kujo Jotaro owes you.


“Oh, really?” Miss Holly laughs gently. “I thought it had something to do about the Stands of you kids!”


You blink. “You know about them?”


“Oh yes! Papa told me all about them,” she happily replies, beginning to apply the salve to your hand. Her touch is incredibly gentle. It’s almost surreal, the kind of person Miss Holly seems to be. You resist the urge to touch your burn, just to check if it can still take the same roughness you usually treat your own scrapes and cuts with. 


“Well, I still don’t know much about them,” you admit. “I’ve only got one this morning, actually.”


“Really? You’re just like Jotaro! He only got his a few days ago, too!”


This surprises you. Sure, it wasn’t exactly the same practised ease Kakyoin seemed to wield his stand, like an extension of himself, but even you could tell it was incredibly powerful. You don’t get used to that kind of power overnight, do you?


Before you realise it Holly asks to see your stand, and you can’t help but hesitate.


You want to refuse. There’s a reason you didn’t want to take it out here in the first place - You don’t want to spook her. 


But you want to say no to her even less, and so you reluctantly call out, “Deep Purple.”


The stand manifests right next to you, its smoky form shifting every so often as Miss Holly gasps in delight. Its blank eyes looks to you, as if to ask you why you’d call it out.




Holly seems to notice your shiver.


“What’s wrong?”


“It’s creepy,” you simply say.


It’s true, isn’t it? It’s creepy as hell . That 'Steel' guy didn’t mention this when he talked about having a Stand. Sure, it’s helped you out when you were in danger just now and it responds to your commands well enough, but it makes it even more creepier. Like… Like having a third arm you’ve never asked for attached to you. Every time it moves without resistance, this sense of alien feeling haunts you. It feels like you were never meant to have this in the first place. It’s a complicated feeling, but it’s not one you can put in words, especially to this sweet lady finishing up the salve on your wound.


“A guy said I got it because I asked for it, but I dunno.” You sigh. “The most I’ve asked for is a peaceful life, not something like this. This is just creepy and gross.”


“Don’t say that!” You blink. Even Holly’s scolding is as gentle as her, strangely. “Papa told me about it. This stand is an extension of you. It’s helped you when you were in danger, hasn’t it?”


She pats down the bandage.


“I know it’s helped both you and Jotaro when the both of you were in trouble, and I’m grateful for that!”


“But it’s dangerous,” you argue. Deep Purple’s gaze bores into you. “It can make poison, it can take away the air you breathe, it can-”


“Even a knife can be a weapon, but ultimately it’s a tool, isn’t it?” 


Holly’s hand kindly eases your hand out, and it’s only then you realise your grip had tightened without your knowledge.


“It’s all about how you use it, but I know both you and my sweet Jotaro can figure it out,” she winks. “I have a good judge of character, you know? Hee-hee!”


You can’t help but blush. You sure hope she’s right. You want her to be right.


Also... “My sweet Jotaro”, huh. You should totally see if you can tease him on this without being punched to hell and back. 


Right now though, you merely scratch your cheek in embarrassment, and let Miss Holly bandage up the rest of your hand in peace. 



The same Miss Holly that’s in the room over. 


Both Mr. Joestar and Kujo is over there. You’re not sure about Abdul, but you don’t exactly see him anywhere.


Kakyoin himself sits at the porch, looking over at the garden of this house. (You should mention, it’s barely a house - because it’s a freaking mansion . Kujo is freaking loaded man, and you’re halfway sure his grandfather (Gramps) is Mr Joestar, as in, the Joestar of the real estate tycoon. This family is nuts. At this rate, Kujo’s dad might be Kujo Sadao, that famous jazz musician himself. Though that’s a bit overboard, isn’t it?) He looks contemplative, and you realise you’ve never really had a conversation after you totally kicked his ass. So you walk over.


[Stand User: Kakyoin Noriaki]

[Stand Type: Long-Range Special Type]

[Archetype: The Lancer]


“Kakyoin, right?”


He looks up at you. Is it just you, or does his hair noodle look more spry since the un-brainwashing? It must be your imagination. (This is, in fact, not your imagination. You don’t find out. Yet.)


“Yes, Kakyoin Noriaki. I haven’t had the chance to apologise to you properly earlier, didn’t I?” He lets out a gentle laugh. The real(?) Kakyoin seems a lot more… Easy to get along with than the brainwashed one. Encouraged, you take a seat next to him.


“It’s cool. You were flesh-budded and all, whatever that is,” you say, then frown. “I still don’t get what’s going on.”


He laughs at that, pained.


“You mean you just entered that fight without knowing what was going on? I could have,” Kakyoin stops laughing, rubbing his face with his hands. ”I could have- I could have killed you.”


“You didn’t though,” you say, confused. “ ‘Cause Kujo and I kicked your ass, easy.”


Kakyoin looks at you in a weird cross between helpless laughter and horrified concern, but apparently decides to drop them both in favour of a tilted smile.


“That’s true. I thank you for that, by the way. I’m truly grateful,” he whispers. You give him a tentative smile. Yeah, this guy is much better un-brainwashed. In fact, he’s an even better conversationalist then Kujo. (You were in complete silence on the way here. Granted, you didn’t even try to talk to him, because silence and not-talking is underrated, but still. Usually people try with you.) In fact, while he’s talking…


“So,” you start. “What’s the deal with Dio and uh, stands?”


Kakyoin squints. "You don't know about that, either?"


“I dunno, I just got this thing this morning. Kujo only got it a while ago, too.”


“That’s strange,” he blinks, and he summons High Arrow Fern Green out of nowhere. You tense up, resisting the urge to shift into battle-mode.


Now that you’ve relaxed, there’s a chance to observe it closer. It’s strange seeing it not zipping around in high speeds trying to crush your skull in. Now that you see it it’s a humanoid shaped one, emerald green and white all over. You’re reminded of toothpaste.


“I’ve had my own stand since I was born,” the guy explains. “I’m sure that is the case for most stand-users as well, if Dio was to be believed. I’m not sure why that’s the case for you two.”


“Huh,” you say, inwardly really glad he stopped calling that guy 'Lord Dio', because that had been super creepy. “I swear, if I didn’t know what stands were, I would have thought I was being possessed by an evil spirit or something.”


Kakyoin snorts. “Really? An evil spirit? I’m sure only an idiot would think that.”


Somehow, that is way funnier than it actually is, and the two of you share a laugh.


“Anyways,” he says, once he’s calmed down. “You mentioned you knew about stands, and you knew about when Jojo got his… Are you perhaps a friend of his?”


“What? No way,” you belch. With that hooligan? Wow, and this guy is using his nickname already. At least, you think it’s a nickname. Maybe he just remembered Kujo’s name wrong…


“He’s kind of famous at our school, but I barely know him. Miss Holly told me that.”


“You risked your life for someone you didn’t know? Nevermind, anyways.. Miss Holly, huh…”


You two look back into the room where Jotaro and Mr. Joestar still is. The one where Miss Holly lay, barely conscious after collapsing out of nowhere. You still don’t know what the hell is going on, but...


“I really hope she gets better,” you admit. You don’t think you can forget how gentle she was around you, without any of the dismissal or scorn adults usually have.


“She’s the kind of woman you feel at ease just by being around her. If I was going to fall in love, I want it to be with a woman like that. I feel like I want to protect her, to see her feel better, smiling,” Kakyoin adds. 


Usually, you would totally question why a guy is unloading this to you about another guy’s mother. So it’s good for Kakyoin that you totally agree.


“Same,” you say sagely. The both of you sit in agreement. 


“Actually, I’ve been meaning to ask you something,” Kayoin starts suddenly. “How did you find out about stands, then?”


You’re about to answer, but then the two of you are interrupted by the sound of the traditional door sliding open. Kujo's grandfather steps out, face grave. Whatever it is, it’s not good news. He sees the both of you, then hesitate.


“Hey kids, um,” he scratches the back of his neck. “It’s getting late, you guys should stay the night. It’s summer break tomorrow, isn’t it? We can talk in the morning.”


Holy shit.


You get that it’s not the time, but this is kind of a sleepover, isn’t it? You were right. Your family is going to be ecstatic.


Kujo's grandfather gets the two of you up to use the phone to call your parents. Before you go, though, you can’t help but glance back, through the open door, at Kujo Jotaro.


You barely see Miss Holly (She's too kind, whatever that’s going on, she doesn’t deserve this), only the edge of the bed, but Kujo is framed perfectly by the open door space.


His expression hasn’t changed the moment you saw him, but his fist refuses to remain still, clenched tight in tension as he looks down at his mother. His eyes are overshadowed by the hat brim of his, but it seem like… It seems like they’re on fire, almost.


There’s no mistaking it. This guy loves his mom to death.


His jaws are clenched, and he can’t keep his eyes off his mother’s pale figure. You know - no, feel that they’re close. Miss Holly has been kind to you. The fact that this happened is devastating. What must it be like for her own son? For Kujo Jotaro, who, for the single day you’ve known him, feels much stronger than he shows?


God, maybe he’s not really a hooligan after all.


And somehow this realisation prevents you from just leaving.


“What a pain…” you mutter, and head to Jotaro.


Obviously sitting around angsting isn’t the healthiest way to deal with things, so you’re going to give this Kujo guy a hand. Right now he looks just about like a coiled spring, with pent-up energy that’s got nowhere to go.


Yeah, that’s why this is up to you. You have just the right idea, anyways.


You’re going to teach this asshole some Coping Mechanisms.





KUJO JOTARO is going to beat the crap out of this Dio.


That was a fact. He’d never thought a statement so certain, so true before. 


Sending assassins to kill him was one thing. Putting his mother in danger was another. There was only one road ahead of him now, and that was pummeling the hell out of Dio or whatever his name is.


The sight of his mother in bed for all the wrong reasons makes him want to punch out the nearest person in sight. He wasn’t the best son, he knew that, but that will have nothing to do with when he inevitably sent Dio to the hospital or straight to hell, whichever was more viable.


“Hey, wait up! Weren’t you going to call your parents?”


Good Grief. That sounds like Gramps. He probably offered the two kids who got pulled into this mess to stay over or some bullshit like that.


“I will, I just gotta talk to Kujo for a bit.”


Great, it’s that kid that helped him fight Kakyoin earlier. Jotaro turned around right in time for the person in question to show up at the door. Jotaro grits his teeth. He has neither the time nor patience for this.


“Go home,” he grunts.


“Kujo,” the kid starts. “You know you can’t just stay in this room.”


They’re so wrong, but very right. He doesn’t want to leave his mother’s side, but he knows he can’t stay here forever either, especially if he’s going to rest up so they could go to Cairo.


Never mind how he wouldn’t be able to sleep with all this energy about him. The very same energy makes him turn to the kid, squaring his shoulders and glaring down in the most menacing manner.


“So what.” Jotaro Kujo growls. He’s made grown yakuza shit their fucking pants. One kid wasn’t going to be nothing, even if they did help him earlier.


To their goddamn credit, they merely cock their head over their shoulder.


“Come with me.”


“What should I.”


“Come beat up bad guys with me.”


Jotaro just stares. They stare back.


“I dunno if you’ve seen them, but there’s a bunch of delinquents on the streets, attacking whoever they make eye contact with. Granted, that’s usually the case for most punks, but there’s something wrong - I think there’s a stand involved.”


The kid is infuriatingly calm, stating his case. Jotaro just keeps staring.


“I’ve asked around the school earlier, before we met, and apparently they all have something in common.” The kid holds up a single card, scribbled in blood-like letters. “They’ve all talked to this suspicious fortune telling lady in the game center near our school. I was going to check it out, but my sister dragged me away… Anyways, the point is,” the kid says. “Come beat up this potentially bad guy with me.”


[Stand User: I don’t need to tell you your own name, do I? ]

[Stand: Deep Purple: Close-Range Control Type]

[Archetype: Detective]


Jotaro stares at the kid. The kid - you, the weirdo who likes to stick their nose where it never belonged - stare back, questioning.


Jotaro’s lips tilt up in what is, unquestionably, a smile.




[Stand User: I don’t need to tell you your own name, do I? ]

[Stand: Deep Purple: Close-Range Control Type]

[Archetype: Detectiveeeeeeeee



Restoring Functions...

[Archetype: ANOMALY]



=> To be continued...

Stay Tuned: You teach Kujo Jotaro the healthiest coping mechanism you know: beating the crap out of baddies. (Maybe Kakyoin will have a better idea, but he’s not here right now, is he?)

As well as: Kakyoin criticises you and Kujo’s relationship with your stand.



====OMAKE:  Probably Not Canon====


Jotaro finishes his sketch. The Pre-Crusaders (Much like how we call piglets pre-bacon) look into his sketch. It’s obvious Star Platinum has unparalleled control down to a microscopic level, able to frame things uncatchable by the human eye. Whatever Jotaro’s stand has caught must be tremendously crucial to saving Miss Holly. It is with those thoughts and bated breath that the team looks closer.


The sketch is so incredibly marvelous, so detailed, you can’t believe it was crafted by a mere pencil. In perfect visage it depicts a single image of Luigi, green brother of Mario.


Silent fills the room.


“It’s in Egypt,” Kakyoin says.


“It’s in Egypt,” Jotaro confirms.


“It’s definitely in Egypt," you add on.


“How- How did you find that out from that picture?” 


Abdul asks in lieu of Joseph, who is too bewildered to speak.


“Never underestimate the power of Luigi.” Kakyoin sagely declares. The three teens nods in agreement.




“So those delinquents and uh, murder-dolls,” you start. “On the streets, they’ve been really loaded. Why?”


“First of all, murder-dolls is a terrible name. (It’s their name! You protest) Second of all,” Kakyoin responds well to your small talk. “By loaded you mean with money, yes? How did you know that?”




“...Have you been stealing from them?”


“First of all, it’s not stealing , it’s called ‘Looting’ and a ‘Reward’,” you hastily defend yourself. Your wallet jingles joyfully. There is no shame. “Second of all, it’s totally fair. Kujo!”


Jotaro pokes his head out at you two.


“You’re experienced with beating people up-- If they attack you first it’s totally fine to loot them, right?”


“Don’t drag Jotaro into this! And you totally just admitted you rob them-


“It’s fair,” Jotaro confirms.




You have money. All is justified.



Kakyoin calls you over as you were about to leave.


“Hey, I didn’t catch your name earlier, but…Anyways,” He coughs gently. “During our, uh, battle earlier, you kept… shoving something from your pocket into your mouth?”


“Oh, that,” you say.


“Yeah,” he says, composure regained as he smiles coolly. “I was wondering what it was, you see.”


“Oh, they’re just-” You pull out a Dora Cola from your pocket. And another. And another. And another…


The two of you are now surrounded by most of your inventory, that is, about fifty cans of Dora Cola.


“How deep are your pockets?!”




“Why do you even have this many?! And why would you drink Dora Cola in the middle of me trying to kill you?!


“I have zero impulse control when it comes to sudden gains in cash.”


“Sudden gains- Did you buy them with your stolen cash?!”


“First of all, it’s not stolen, Kujo and I agreed it was totally fair-”


Jotaro later yells at the both of you to shut the hell up. You make up with Kakyoin helping you pick up the fifty-something cans of Dora Colas back into your pocket.



“....No way, you do it...”


“...I don’t want to…”


“Hey guys, what’s up?” you ask, meandering into the room. “You all packed yet?”


The bunch of guys - Now your comrades, you guess - collectively flinch from their position on the floor. From what it looks like, the way they’re all huddled together suggests a conspiracy - though the look on their face, like a kid caught with a hand in a cookie jar, suggests very much otherwise.


Joseph coughs, and the rest of them shifts uncomfortably. You watch in blank confusion as they furiously exchange looks. Whatever that was, it seems Kakyoin was the one who lost, for he coughs and takes a stand.


“Hello there, we were talking about… Well, the thing is, we want to ask you something.”


You nod, prompting him to continue.


“We don’t exactly… Know your name.”


You stare blankly at him. Kakyoin avoids your gaze. You stare at the group of men still on the floor. They also avoid your gaze.


“Seriously?! You ask me to join you on a life-threatening journey to save a life and defeat a vampire evil lord without knowing my name ?!”


They take your very valid outburst in shame.


“I mean, you didn’t exactly introduce yourself either,” Joseph mumbles. He’s right, but you elect to ignore that.


“Could you tell us your name?” Abdul, the only sane one it seems, is the one that asks you outright. You huff in annoyance.


“Fine,” you say, and tell them your name.


All of them stare at you blankly.

Huh? Maybe they didn’t hear you right. You repeat your name again.


Silence fills the room before Joseph interrupts with a booming laughter.


“I see, I see! Thanks kid, we’ll never make the same mistake again, you hear? Since now we all totally know your name! Let’s go, everyone!”


“But Mr. Joestar, we-”


“Let it go, Abdul. Let it go…”


All of them shuffle out of the room, leaving the room much emptier and you in a lot of confusion.