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You, Me—What Happened Again?

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Tony knew immediately that something was wrong.

His entire body ached—and not in the good kind of way.

As he became aware more and more, he realised he was in a car, head slumped awkwardly toward the door. He could feel a mother of headaches pounding inside his skull, his joints pulsed annoyingly, his mouth was dry, and a painfully throb resonated from his stomach. Just the thought of the throb made it hurt more—or maybe it was getting worse as he awake.

He absently noted the buzzing of the air conditioning before actually feeling the cool air—even then he felt hot.

He tried to think beyond the pounding headache that was assaulting him. But he couldn’t…

Something was wrong.

He came to that conclusion quickly because he couldn’t remember anything—not how he might have gotten here or anything days before.

That last thing he could really remember was him and Barnes watching Star Trek and planning a trip up to someplace for a getaway while Pepper had given him a week free from any responsibility.

Tony started to drift off again—his body too exhausted—when a hand came to settle on his knee. It was heavy and warm with long fingers that squeezed just above his kneecap before sliding up and down his thigh. It startled him enough to jerk, eyes lethargically flashing open as he tried to sit up only to be hit with agonising pain.

He choked, clenching his jaw shut—he hardly noticed the hand on his leg tightened—and he clutched his stomach in a vain attempt to get it to stop hurting. He sucked in a breath and before he could put any more pressure on the spot, a hand grabbed his wrist and pull his away.

Не делай этого.

Tony turned his blurry sight onto the owner of the hand and voice. Immediately familiar silver-blue eyes meet his, brown hair was matted with dried blood and covering the face was a familiar black faceguard.

Tony’s ears rushed with blood and it took him a moment to register just who it was. “Barnes?”

His voice was hoarse and his throat hurt to speak.



Tony was looking into the cold gaze of the Winter Soldier, not Bucky Barnes.

Tony stared at the Winter soldier for a solid several moments, blinking blearily as his mind tried to register the sudden influx of information but his brain wasn't having it—his brain just continued to pulse against his brain.

(Tony would say angrily if his brain was an actual thing with emotions.)

He swallowed. "What happened?"

The Winter Soldier released his hand and turned back to the road, saying nothing. Tony felt his irritation began to grow but before he could ask the question again the Soldier spoke.

Воспоминания неполные. Проснулся, чтобы увидеть, как ты защищаешь меня. Ситуация опасная.” Tony stared blankly at him.

"I don't understand Russian." Tony rasped. "In English please."

He got the side-eye—which Tony would have found funny, had this been literally any other situation.

"My memories are incomplete. I woke to see you protecting me. Situation was dangerous."

Tony sighed heavily, slumping into the seat only the grimace in pain. "And what situation was that?"

He got a noise that sounded rather disgruntled and the Winter Soldier began to explain.

It was the sound of gunfire that snapped him awake. The too bright ceiling lights distorted his vision momentarily before he adjusted. There was more gunfire and the sound of a struggle going on.

The Asset rolled over just to see a familiar man—Tony Stark. Level Threat: six. Do not engage unless absolutely necessary.—holding another man in familiar uniform around the neck.

HYDRA uniform.

The Asset tensed—were they here to for him?

Stark took the man down only to initiate a fight with another HYDRA agent that rushed through the door, a second followed.

"Stand down, Stark!"

"Over my dead body!" He threw himself at the first—despite the man being baseline human and normally fighting with the use of his Ironman suit, the Asset found himself surprised at the skill Stark held. Of course, it was obvious Stark was injured, his head was bleeding, his was favouring his right foot and his left arm was badly bruising already.

The Asset used the chance while the three were distracted with one another to locate a knife that had landed nearby.

Stark shout of pain brought him back quickly. The Asset watched as he was went stumbling, a knife protruding from his left side of his abdomen.

There was a flash of... something that hit the Asset—something the Asset knew originated from his other half—of which wasn't actually awake but responded either way.

So the Asset launched himself at the nearest HYDRA agents—he was no longer a tool for them, he was a free man—and was oh-so-happy to kill them both without any sort of guilt.

The Asset would never feel guilty for HYDRA scum.

His attention turned to Stark, the man gasping for breath as he pressed his fingers around the knife to put pressure on the wound. Good.

Tony frowned. "So neither of us remembers how we got into the situation?"


Tony sighed, licking his dry lips. "What happened to Barnes then? He not awake?"

"He's..." The Winter Soldier's brows furrowed in—Tony wanted to say—concern. "He has not awoken, the only hints I have gotten from him is flashes but nothing considered a real response."

Tony bit his lip. "You got hit in the head?"

The Russian nodded.

"I'm not expert in DID, so maybe the hit knocked him out and forced you to come to the surface?"