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Reward You

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The love between them was particular, Zhang Yuan always wondered how come he is with Luo Fusheng he thought he would be with other people and not him.
He could do another thing that rests with him and let him help for the studies.

"Why are you with me tonight? You could be anywhere and be with other people. You don't need to rest with me especially since I have to study"

Luo Fusheng hug him and tell him "Why I would go at another place, the person I love the most is here with me, in the couch and also I have promised you to help you and support you" He kissed him

"When you have finished you will have a little reward in bed" Luo Fusheng was giving him one wink

Zhang Yuan was blushing because he knew that Luo Fusheng could be hot, horny and he also one passionate lover.
He continues to study hard and when he have finished he is very glad.

"Oh great you have finished," said Luo Fusheng who kisses him, he grabs his hand and they go to the bedroom.

"Let me do one massage to you, so you can relax" the massage that does Luo Fusheng to Zhang Yuan was so great that it's turned into one massage sex. And they finally made love.

"I love you"

"I love you too"