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[Podfic] Want Need Have

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Read By: Ailis_Fictive

Written by: Arsenic (arsenicjade)

Cover By: akamine_chan

Music: "When I Am King" and "Consequence Free" by Great Big Sea

Time: 3:07:13

Content Notes: Author warns for BDSM (epilogue only) Reader would add that, while she doesn't consider it dub-con, the main story contains rough sex with elements of un-negotiated power exchange and some emotional manipulation. Complete version (Want Need Have) includes music before, after, and between sections - music-free mp3 versions of both stories are also linked below.

Complete mp3 (86 MB)

Complete Podbook (87 MB)

Just Off The Key Of Reason (no music or cover art) (80.8 MB)

A Little Bit Dirty (no music or cover art) (8.6 MB)

Audiofic Archive links - Archive page, mp3, m4b, Just Off the Key of Reason, A Little Bit Dirty


Please check out akamine_chan's art post - I had to choose one, and consider legibility on a small screen, but they're all lovely!

There is also a fantastic fanmix: "Despite What You've Been Told" by dear_monday , for download and on 8tracks.  It captures the emotional arc of the story beautifully.