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Watching, Waiting

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It was a nice, fall evening in the small neighborhood of Masutafa. The moon was illuminating overhead, working as an infinite nightlight in the small, quiet area of the city. The street lamps were on but gave only enough light to barely see in the very late hours of the night, like well after midnight.     

The trees swayed in the pleasant, crisp breeze, causing red leaves to gradually fall throughout the night. It was a sudden reminder that summer was well over and fall was moving into his infancy.     

It was the perfect night for running, and Shinobu agreed as she jogged in the streets, keeping a steady pace behind her teacher.     

Ever since the nightclub incident, Shota, Nemuri, and Hizashi ran 3 miles about three times a week and Shinobu, of course, was 'strongly advised' to run with them.   

Shinobu took a break after an evening jog with Aizawa, Hizashi, and Nemuri. She didn’t want to at first since she wanted to keep up with them, but Aizawa insisted that she rest often and not push herself too hard. It ticked her off a little and made her think he was treating her like a child, but felt joy knowing he cared about her.    

She sat on the ground, watching as the pro heroes continued their exercises. Hizashi and Nemuri continued their morning jog, while Shota was busy doing push-ups. And man, oh man, Shinobu felt like the luckiest girl on Earth as she viewed her crush in all his glory.     

He wore a light, black hoodie with a white wife-beater underneath and some black shorts about an inch above his knees. He took off his jacket after jogging, showing off his toned, brawny arms. They weren’t as big as All Might's, but still impressive; he had the muscles of a bodybuilder for sure.    

The sweat from his face and underarms and painted on his arms and legs, making them glisten in the moonlight. Not only that, but he was doing one-handed pushups, proving that his muscles were more than just for show.      

Oh god, how did she not notice it before? Aizawa had a cute face, but his upper physique was a different story. He had the face of an adorable yet creepy middle-aged man but the body of not just a bodybuilder, but a Greek God.    

No, he would even put the Greek Gods to shame. He was even more gorgeous than the Gods themselves…    

Before long, she was drooling as her eyes were glued to her crush. The training wasn’t on her mind anymore: it was on the sexy, captivating man in front of her.      

“Eh, Shinobu?” It took her back by a slight poke to her cheek. When she looked up, it was Hizashi. “You okay?”     

“Y-y-yes!” Her cheeks turned entirely red as Hizashi formed a smirk and glanced over to Aizawa, who was busy doing push-ups.     

“Oooooooh I see….” He put his hands around her. “Don’t worry, I won’t tell.”     

“P-please…d-don’t….” The last thing she wanted was for Aizawa to think of her as a pervert.    

But then, Hizashi and Nemuri, who stopped jogging after seeing Shinobu, didn’t think of her like that. She was a teenaged girl, and most girls her age loved boys. While Nemuri would personally disagree that Shota was attractive, Hizashi thought his best friend was one of those men who could look good without putting in too much effort, apart from diet and exercise.     

“What’s wrong kid? You look like an octopus.” Shota stopped his pushups and went over to Shinobu, slightly worried the jog was too much for her. Shinobu looked away, still blushing.      


“She was watching you,” Hizashi said, making Shinobu snap around and put her hands up in disagreement.     

“Not true!” She exclaimed, pouting and blushing redder than before.      

Shota chuckled, going to Shinobu and flicking her forehead. “Stupid kid.”     

Her heart raced just looking at Aizawa. While she had fully recovered from their jog, she still felt it difficult to breathe.      

Why did love feel so...strange???     

“Well, we shouldn’t waste any more time,” Shota said, reaching for her hand.    

“Let’s go.”     

All Shinobu could do was nod her head and take his hand.      

The four of them spent another hour training before going home for the night.     

Her arms and legs were sore the next morning, making it difficult to get up, let alone shower and make breakfast. It was even worse as she went off to school, but somehow, she managed. The soreness lingered throughout the day, but she didn't have hero training or one-on-one practice with Aizawa, so she didn't have to move around too much.   

As she walked home with Aizawa, she kept stretching her arms, teeth clenching the strap of her bag as she did so.   

It didn't take long for her to hear a flash from...a camera? No, a phone? Who's taking pictures of her? She turned to find her teacher, phone out, taking pictures of her! The shock made her drop her bag. 

"Aizawa!" She whined, pouting as he took another picture of her.   


"What do you mean what? Don't take pictures of me!" Shinobu said before picking up her bag and stomping away. Unfazed, he put his phone away and kept walking.  

They continued their silent walk home until something Aizawa didn't notice anything, but Shinobu could feel a faint presence in the distance. It was familiar, putting her hairs on end. 

And then, she heard something that made her stop in her tracks. 

Shinobu could hear footsteps not too far from them, getting closer with each minute. She turned around, seeing nothing in the distance, only for the sound to continue as she walked back home with Aizawa.    

He took notice of her odd behavior and stopped, staring at her with a worried look.    

"Something wrong?" He asked.    

Her body stiffened and shook as the steps got closer. Quickly, she seized Aizawa's arm.     


She took slow, uneven breaths as she avoided his concerned eyes.     

"They're watching me." She muttered, taking a step back and moving his arm.     

She wouldn't speak another word until they returned home.     

MBAM is watching, waiting for their moment to strike again. 


When Izuku woke up, he was back in his room. His mother sat on his bed, tears of joy staining his bedsheets. 

"Izuku!" Inko screamed, crying as she hugged her son.  

"M-mon? What happened?" 

She pulled him out of her hug, "That's what I'd like to know! Do you have any idea what time it is young man!?"  

"Huh?" He looked at the clock near his bed. It was almost 8 at night. 

"You were supposed to come home hours ago! Just what on Earth were you doing Izuku!?" 

"I-I don't know mom. The last thing I remember is being at school. I was having lunch with Shinso and..." He trailed off.  

"Oh, Izuku..." She hugged him again, "I asked All Might where you were, but he didn't know. We both went out looking for you, and he assured me that he would find you. I was about to call the police, but then one of your classmates came here holding you." 

Izuku paid little attention to his mother's words and tried to remember what happened, but after the mention of his classmate, he put both hands on his mom's shoulders. 

"Classmate? Who?" 

"A boy with purple hair? Oh, what was his name? Shinso?" Inko started, "But that's not the point! All Might and I were worried sick about you! What were you doing!?" 

"I told you, I don't know!" He shouted, shocking his mom. He never once raised his voice to her.  

"Izuku..." She started, "You really don't know?" 

He shook his head. "I'm sorry mom. I'll call Al Might and let him know I'm home, okay?" 

For his safety, Inko "strongly" advised Izuku to stay home the next day. Also, All Might took off work to pay him a visit, asking him about numerous questions and scolding him for making him and his mother worry.  

Meanwhile, Shinso walked home to his small apartment. As he removed his shoes, he looked around to find no one there. 

'He lives alone, huh? That's good to know...' He thought.  

For the time being, Father decided to bring the two home rather than keep them at the hideout. That way, no one would question their whereabouts from now on: he could alternate between Izuku and Shinso's body without any problems.