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He stuffed his cock inside her, and she felt her body move underneath her belly - or was it her belly that moved above her body? Either way, something moved, and her belly sloshed vigorously up and down as he thrust into her, over and over.


She felt the feeling of his nice fat package, and relished it, as well as the feeling of his nice fat pubic area hitting up against her clit. Oh, it was a magical feeling. It was better than she imagined, and she felt fuller than she ever could have anticipated.


"You're so juicy," she purred as he moved, his efforts slow and accompanied by his heavy breathing.


"I'm unexercised, is what I am," he said, panting. "And too stuffed to do a properly good job."


"Shut up," she whimpered, "you're blowing my mind."


"Oof," he responded, and readjusted his belly so that it was resting on top of hers instead of jamming against the underside of hers. "That's a bit better."


She squirmed with delight as his landings got better and better contact. "You're so nice and plump," she whimpered, "I love it. I really don't think I could go back to a thin man. Not possible."


Snape's face - she was watching it, despite the fact that she was closing her eyes with almost every delicious thrust he made into her - was impassive.


"Okay," he said, as she started to feel his sweat drip onto her body, "you, turn over. On your knees." He withdrew from her, and kept stroking. His cock was hard and soaking wet, from the curls at the base of the pillar to the tip of his phallus, which was throbbing visibly.


Hermione wasted no time getting into position, and she felt like an enormous fat cow, on her hands and knees, her belly hanging down. At least it was unrestrictive, and she was able to take deeper breaths than she was able to in the other position.


"I'm going to enter you from behind," he said, and she felt the bed jostle under them as he moved himself into a different position. She felt his cock slip into position, and his belly rest heavily on top of her growing fat arse, and she felt full and wet.


"I like this," she said with a whimper, as he thrust into her, or at least tried to. Unfortunately, the position did not work altogether well for him, and he wasn't able to really stuff himself inside her.


"All right, I give up," he said with a huff, "I'm too fat to fuck you from behind."


"Really?" she asked, and then added, "That's pretty hot."


"I'll show you pretty hot," he said with a growl, and he wrestled her down onto the bed, and sat his wide arse on her pubic area, stroking himself and looking off into the distance.


The applied pressure was actually incredibly sexy, and Hermione nearly screamed with the feelings that populated her cervix.


"Okay," he said, moving too soon, "let's try something else. Tell me if you don't like something and we'll stop."


"Understood," she said with a whimper.


With that, he waved his hand, and Hermione found herself floating above the bed.


Snape got off the bed and stood next to it, and adjusted Hermione in the air until she was exactly perpendicular to his cock. Then he flipped her over in the air so her tummy was hanging down.


"There we go," he murmured as he slid inside her again from behind, this time unobstructed. "Just needed a different position."


"You're too fat to fuck me from behind without using magic," Hermione whimpered, "that's incredibly hot."  


"Just a position thing," he said testily, and his hips started moving in a way that made her almost forget how to say words.


"Oh fuck," she breathed, grabbing onto the nearest pillow until her knuckles were white. "I can't even. This is so great."


He was on a fast-track to finishing up, so she wasn't surprised when he came inside her and pulled out, panting and dripping wet.


"That was amazing," she breathed as he gently let her down from the position.


He nodded, and wiped his face, then lay his body over hers, his cock nesting near the top of her arsecrack, his chubby breasts creating warm wet spots on her back, and his belly squeezing against her with the heaviness of a boulder but the softness of a blanket.


"You're so fucking beautiful," he whispered, and kissed her neck, and nestled his face in her hair.


"Thanks," she whispered, "but on my too-full tummy, I can't be in this position."


"Oh," he whispered back, and rolled off swiftly. "Sorry about that. I like laying on my full belly sometimes."


"I just don't have enough of a belly to do that very comfortably yet," she replied, and she turned over so that her distended stomach faced the ceiling again. "But gods. You fill me up so well."


"So well that you won't fuck a thin man again?" he replied with a smirk.


Hermione blushed deep red. "Well, don't hold me to my words, particularly with recent developments moving along, but I want you to know that, without a doubt, you're the most satisfying fuck I've ever had."


"So glad to hear it," he said, sounding somewhat amused, and he moved his entire body close to her and laid a hand on her belly. "It was a mistake to have that potion, you know," he said, rubbing along the stretch marks on her belly. "You will scarcely be able to keep up with your hunger now."


She laughed. "You seem to have been able to."


"Yes," he said, rubbing his own belly with his other hand, "but I'm a full-time researcher. I never have to perform for students - I can eat whenever I want, provided it's not interrupting some crucial part of the brewing process. And as you know," he said with a smirk, "a good part of brewing is waiting. I admit I rarely let a potion simmer without stuffing something in my fat face, these days."


Hermione nodded. "I'll take that under consideration," she said. "What do you recommend I do to help with the situation?"


"Keep a stock in your drawer," he said, "you'll feel famished, but at least you can withdraw to get something in your tum when you can't bear it anymore."


He added, "At least that's what I'd do. Slughorn, as you know, rarely deigned to be so professional. Particularly in my days as a student, he would sit there eating an entire bulk-sized bag of chocolate frogs during class, and then get up just as excited as the rest of class about lunchtime."


Hermione laughed. "Speaking of food, where did those crisps go? I thought you brought in a bag."


"So I did," he replied amicably. He sat up, and grabbed them from where they were on the nightstand. "I find them somewhat laborious to eat, and they’re potatoes (which I despise), but I suppose you like them if you keep them in your kitchen."


"That I do," she said with a smile.


She opened them, and Snape passed a hand over the bag after she'd taken a handful - and suddenly they were gone.


"Where'd they go?" she asked, and she saw that he was laying a hand on his belly, rubbing it where it was slightly more distended.


"In my belly," he said with a smirk. "Simple thing to put them there. Basic transport spell. And moreover, the bigger your stomach, the easier it is to target it."


"Let me try," she said, and he raised a hand to stop her.


"Feel around for the boundaries of your organs, first," he said. "I'm well-practiced in it, but you don't want to accidentally put a bunch of crisps in your liver."


"All right," she conceded, and she let her fingers feel around her abdomen. She wasn't able to make much sense of it, but Snape grabbed her fingers and soon they were tracing the borders of her stomach, as well as she could feel it through the nice layer of fat that she'd been accumulating.


"Now," he said, "there it is. You want to try and feel it regularly, just in case it moves. Now, go ahead and try."


Hermione waved her wand over the chips, and suddenly felt the little bit of room in her tummy get immediately full.


"They just go in there whole," he said with a smirk, "so you want to wait a bit before your next attempt, so as to let them dissolve into mush."


"I prefer eating them directly, I think," she said with a grimace. "I don't like to have to wait."


He grinned. "Suit yourself, you fatty."


She grinned in response, and she stuffed her face with a full handful of crisps. "They're so good," she whimpered. "Feed me?"


"With pleasure," he responded. "I actually can't stand them, but I'll happily feed them to you."


"More for me," she murmured, leaning back.


He grabbed another handful and stuffed it in her mouth, but then his mouth wandered down to lick and suck at her clit as she chewed.


"Actually," she said, as he began to move his head, "I'll feed my own fucking face. You keep on doing what you're doing."


"Yes, my dear," he said with a crooked smile, and he continued to nip, lick, suck, taste, and otherwise enthrall her lower regions.


"Only thing is," he said after she felt her body come at least three times, "I wish eating you out had a caloric component to it. It certainly tastes sweet enough that it should. I'm afraid I expend more than I gain, however."


"Easily remedied," Hermione said after swallowing. "Did you eat all of the ice cream?"


She was interrupted by the sound of something in the closet that sounded like something falling. She looked at Snape, and he looked just as puzzled as she did.


"Yes," he said, "at least I believe so." He got up and opened the closet door.


Gingerly, he pushed back Hermione's clothes in either direction, but didn't reveal anything other than several items of clothing that had fallen on the floor from their hangars.


"Is this normal?" he asked, a sharpness in his eyes as he scanned the rest of the room.


"Oh, yeah," Hermione admitted. "I'm not the best steward of my clothing."


"That's fine," Snape said, then shook his head, picked up his wand, and cast a few new wards. "I'll see if there's anything else like ice cream in your ice box," he said, and went to the other room.


He came back with a raised eyebrow and a whole second bowl of ice cream.


"You have a magic icebox?" he asked, "because this wasn't there before."


Hermione sat up and shook her head. "Not that I know."


"Hmm," Snape said, and looked around the room again.


They sat in silence for several minutes, but finally it was clear that nothing was going to come of it, so Snape shrugged.


"Tell me what you intend to do with this," he said with a salacious smile.


"I'll show you," she said, and she felt the area around her cervix, and then passed her hand over the bowl of ice cream. Some of it disappeared.


"Oh shit," he said, and Hermione spread her legs.


His entire face was alight. "That's brilliant."


"Eat up, Severus," she said, "it's dripping already."


He didn't need to be told twice, and he dropped himself to lick and suck with the frenzy of a shark eating a fat, fat seal.


The cold ice cream was strangely delicious to feel in her vagina, and she'd never felt so perfectly full there.


"I'm going to have to make this a regular thing," she said with a whimper. "Serving ice cream out of my vag."


"No complaints here," he murmured, looking up at her, licking his lips. His entire face was slick with ice cream and vaginal juices. He looked utterly blissful. "This is really fucking great."


"Flavored by your own cum, I suppose," Hermione mused.


This was not something he'd considered, and he paused a moment, until saying, "Whatever. As close to autofellatio as I'll get these days."


They both found themselves laughing at that, until he noticed a bit of melting ice cream getting away, and he went back to his ardent licking.