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Ballum one shots/prompts

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Ben pushes his whole front body against Callum’s back. He probs his chin on Callum’s shoulder, half laying down and half in the air. “ Beautiful you are. “ he whispers into Callum’s ear, he fondly strokes his fingers through Callum’s thick brunette hair being mindful not to wake him up. “ I know I always joke about me teasing ya, but I do love ya. “ Ben confesses quietly.

This is one of Ben’s favourite times in the early hours of the morning. If he wakes up first Ben would cuddle against Callum or place different kisses to Callum’s gorgeous body.
Even if they’ve had an argument, Ben would whisper sweet nothings into Callum’s ear.

“ I still can’t believe you held me in the middle of the pub, in your arms. “ Ben confessed, still in disbelief. He stroked up and down Callum’s chest in a warming manner. “ Even when Whitney was about to out you, when your wedding went to shit. You didn’t care about any of that, you only cared about me. “
He stopped talking for a moment, taking in Callum’s peaceful face. “ I’ll always be thankful Cal, I’m still here to annoy the shit out of you. I’m still here to be Lexis dad and watch her grow up. “ his voice cracked, the lump suddenly coming up in his throat. God, he really has become a softy hasn’t he? “ I love you too much to lose ya cal, you’ve made me be me again, to feel like I don’t have to put up an act anymore. “ Ben twirled Callum’s lock around his finger in a gentle curl. “ I just wish you see the impact you have on other too cal, you’re too hard on yourself. “Ben said, in a pitying tone before smirking. “ But your always hard for me anyway, suppose that’s alright then. “ he chuckles to his own joke. He kisses Callum’s shoulder again and lays back down, tucking them both under the quilt. As he snuggled up to his boyfriend.

“ m’did you whisper nothings into my ear again? “ Callum requires half slurring, voice deep with sleep.

Ben smirks, eyes still closed letting Callum kiss his hand. “ Maybe. “

Callum scoffs quietly. “ A right softie you are. “

“ hmm. I’m not a sofie right now I’m I? “ Ben teases, pushing his crotch into Callum’s behind.

“ Mmm I’m tired. “ Callum moans, pushing his head further into the pillow trying to get away from Ben’s countless sloppy kisses. He loves them really.

“ Come on baby. “ Ben whispers, deep in his throat. He wetly kisses Callum’s neck, nuzzling his nose into Callum’s jaw making him laugh from the tickles. Ben carries on with the teasing kisses and snogs lovin’ the giggles coming from his boyfriend.

“ B-Ben stop! “ Callum laughs out loud, placing his hand on Bens bare chest.

“ hmm but you love my kisses! “ Ben protest, he lays Callum on his back and straddles his waist. “ You weren’t complaining last night. “

“ Had my mouthful didn’t I? “ Callum smirks.

A twinkle sets off in bens eye, his smile widening. “ Think my bad influence is rubbing off on ya. “

“ I’m sure I’ll be alright. “ Callum replies, snogging Ben again, he pulls away with a smile when ben chases after his lips. “ And anyway everybody loves a bad boy. “

Ben hums, cupping Callum’s jaw.
“ That’s why you chased after me all those months ago. “

“ hmm. I had that bench wood imprinted on my arse for days! “

“ Wish I could’ve seen my handiwork Cal, I would’ve kissed it better. “

“ and you did - only 2 nights ago. “

Ben leans forward again, brushing his lips against Callum’s. “ think I need reminding again. “

“ hmm I think you do. “

Their lips clashed together, going deep in the covers and had long, heated sex.