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The King of Time & the Dino Knights

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Note: Guys, Kamen Rider Zi-O has ended at Episode 49 while Ryusoulger is until Episode 25. However, this fic will have original content AFTER those, based on the magazine & toy scans. So, please excuse me if I make up stuff that does not eventually end up in the canonical series.

It was a peaceful day, and the six Ryusoulgers were blissfully hanging out in a cafe, eating ice cream sundaes.

"AH! I love ice cream!" Asuna said in a bubbly manner, eating some vanilla ice cream.

"Me too!" Canalo's younger sister Oto was with them. "All the food that humans make really is amazing!"

"Tsk tsk...the ice cream was too expensive though. I just wasted so much money" Canalo grumbled.

Koh, Melto & Towa all exchanged exasperated looks. Bamba just looked as stoic as ever, however he too was calmly eating his ice cream.

Suddenly, the crowds began screaming and running away in terror. The Ryusoulgers looked up in shock to see several monsters - Another Den-O, Another Build, Another Gaim and Another W.

"What are those?! They're not Druidon." Melto exclaimed.

"Aw man, I can't eat my ice cream!" Asuna pouted grumpily.

"Druidon or not, we need to stop them!" Koh said, standing up. Canalo told Oto to go and hide. The six Ryusoulgers stood up, and were just going to put down their ice cream when...

"It's alright! I can deal with them." The group turned to see a young man in spectralon-white royal garments and a golden circlet on his head facing the Another Riders.

"W-who are you?" Koh asked.

The man smiled at him.

"My name is Tokiwa Sougo. The King of Time & Space."

All the Ryusoulgers looked puzzled.

"You're a king?!" Towa exclaimed.

"But, but how are you going to deal with them?" Asuna exclaimed in disbelief.

Sougo merely smiled. He took out his Zikan Driver and Zi-O Ridewatch.

"Zi-O!" He attached the Zi-O Ridewatch to the Driver. The Ryusoulgers watched in surprise as the surprisingly ominous ticking of a clock sounded. "Henshin!" Sougo spun the Driver.

"Rider Time! Kamen Rider Zi-O!"

The Ryusoulgers looked on in shock as Kamen Rider Zi-O stood in front of them.

"Kamen...Rider?" Canalo said.

"I've heard of them. Apparently they also fight against monsters, and defend love, truth & peace." Bamba said.

Sougo took out the Build Ridewatch.

"Armour Time! Best Match! Build!"

The Ryusoulgers only looked on in amazement as Kamen Rider Zi-O Build Armour clashed with the Another Riders, his dual Drill Drill Crusher repelling their fierce physical attacks.

"Finish Time! Vortex Time Break!" Sougo unleashed his finisher with the dual Drill Drill Crusher, destroying Another Build & Another Den-O. He dodged a swing from Another Gaim's massive sword as he drew the Gaim Ridewatch.

"Armour Time! Soiya! Gaim!"

"He changed form again!" Towa said, as the other Ryusoulgers nodded in agreement.

Meanwhile, Sougo cut down Another W with his dual Daidaimaru and kicked back Another Gaim.

"Finish Time! Gaim! Squash Time Break!"

Sougo slashed Another Gaim & Another W into bits, before they exploded into nothingness.

"Wow...awesome! He's so strong!" Koh exclaimed in a childlike manner.

The Ryusoulgers ran up to him.

"Wow, that was awesome!" Asuna said. Koh & Towa nodded vigorously. If they had any doubts that he was a king, they were beginning to disappear.

Sougo scratched his head modestly. "It's my pleasure to fight evil and uphold justice. Still, I didn't know there were Another Riders in this world..."

Suddenly a wave of purple energy hurtled towards the Ryusoulgers. "Watch out!" Sougo said, before diving in front of them. The wave hit him hard, causing him to revert out of his transformation with a cry of pain.

"Sougo! You okay?!" Koh said, as the other Ryusoulgers helped him up. "Who's there?!"


Sougo looked up and his eyes widened. "Hiryuu Kakogawa...not you again?!"

Hiryuu smiled coldly. "That's right, Tokiwa Sougo. I told you, didn't I? That I would erase your very existence?"

Sougo gritted his teeth. "Why did you attack them instead of me?!"

"Because I knew you would be able to sense my attack and dodge it. If I tried to hurt the warriors that protect this world, being the noble & selfless person you are, you would've taken the hit for them regardless."

The Ryusoulgers looked at Sougo, stunned. He was willing to take the hit for them? He did indeed have the compassion of a true king. 

"You will die here, Tokiwa Sougo. I will kill you & the Ryusoulgers and take over this world, before moving on to take over yours!" Hiryuu snarled sadistically before taking out his Another Zi-O Ridewatch.

"Zi-O 2!" He transformed into Another Zi-O 2. With a wave of his hand, all the nineteen Another Riders appeared along with Tankjoh, Gachireus, as well as the Unicorn, Kraken, Cerberus, Cockatrice & Shen Minusaurs.

The Ryusoulgers all gasped in shock & horror at seeing their previously defeated enemies rise again. "That's impossible! How did..." Melto began.

"He reversed time and brought them back." Sougo explained. Gritting his teeth, he fixed Another Zi-O with a steely glare. "I've given you so many chances, and tried to reconcile with you so many times, but you keep on throwing it down the drain. And now you want to hurt my subjects...and the brave Knights who defend this world. I...I will not forgive that!"

"That's right! I don't know what's up with you but...we will not let you destroy our world! Everyone! Let's go!" Koh said.

"Yeah!" The rest said.

"Qué Bom! Wassei Wassei Sou Sou Sou Wassei Wassei Sore Sore Sore Sore!"

"Qué Bom! Dongara haha Nossa Mossa Heysa Hoisa Mosa-sa-sa!"

"Ryu So Cool!"

Sougo gasped in awe & wonder as the six transformed Ryusoulgers stood before him.

"The Knight of Valour, Ryusoul Red!"

"The Knight of Wisdom, Ryusoul Blue!"

"The Knight of Vigor, Ryusoul Pink!"

"The Knight of Haste, Ryusoul Green!"

"The Knight of Glory, Ryusoul Black!"

"The Knight of Grandeur, Ryusoul Gold!"

"These noble souls will serve justice! Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger!"

"Woah, that's awesome! I'd better go all out as well!" Sougo said, taking out the Zi-O and Grand Zi-O Watches.

"Zi-O! Grand Zi-O!"

"Advent! Complete! Turn Up! Change Beetle! Sword Form! Wake Up! Kamen Ride! Cyclone! Joker! Taka, Tora, Batta! 3,2,1! Shabadoobie Touch Henshin! Soiya! Drive! Open Eyes! Level Up! Best Match!"

The Ryusoulgers all hastily got out of the way and stared in awe at the statues of the 20 Heisei Kamen Riders.

"Henshin!" Sougo said.

"Grand Time! Kuuga, Agito, Ryuki, Faiz, Blade! Hibiki, Kabuto, Den-O, Kiva, Decade! W, OOO, Fourze! Wizard, Gaim, Drive! Ghost, Ex-Aid, Build! Rejoice! Kamen Rider Grand Zi-O!!!"

The six Ryusoulgers stared awestruck.

"This...this is so awesome! He really looks like a king now!" Koh said. Sougo patted him on the shoulder. "I never thought I would actually have the chance to fight alongside knights! Let's go!"

"Yeah! We'll show you our chivalry!" Koh took out the Max Ryusoul Charger. Melto took out the MeraMera Soul, Asuna the Dosun Soul, Towa the BiriBiri Soul, Bamba the Cosmo Soul & Canalo the HieHie Soul.

"Max Que Bom!"

"Kyo, Ryu, Sou, Sou! Kono Kanji!"

Ryusoul Red became Max Ryusoul Red, along with MeraMera Ryusoul Blue, Dosun Ryusoul Pink, BiriBiri Ryusoul Green, Cosmo Ryusoul Black & HieHie Ryusoul Gold.

"Attack!" Another Zi-O shrieked. All the revived Druidon & the Another Riders charged at them.

Max Ryusoul Red took on both Tankjoh & Gachireus at once.

"This time, Ryusoulger, we'll destroy you for sure!" Tankjoh said.

"Try if you can!" Max Ryusoul Red leaped up and sent Tankjoh flying with a roundhouse kick.

"What?!" Gachireus, shocked, attacked Koh, but was slashed brutally by the Max Ryusoul Charger.

Koh then inserted the Red & Green RyuSouls into the Charger. Miniature versions of the Knight Lance & Knight Shield appeared in his right & left hands respectively. He parried Tankjoh's sword before slashing & piercing him right through his chest, before setting the Knight Shield ablaze and clobbered Tankjoh with a formidable punch. As Tankjoh went flying like a rag doll, Koh turned around and let loose a massive fiery beam from the Knight Shield which knocked Gachireus over, before stabbing him repeatedly in the right chest with the Knight Lance.

Meanwhile, Sougo tapped a statue on his armour. "Kabuto!" The Perfect Zecter shot out from the skies into his hand.

"All Zecter Combine! Maximum Hyper Typhoon!" Sougo swung his sword with a loud battle cry, totally obliterating a swarm of Another Riders, Another Kabuto among them.

Sougo then pressed another. "Wizard!"

The Ax-Calibur appeared in his other hand.

"High Touch - Plasma Shining Strike!" Swinging the Ax-Calibur repeatedly, the weapon grew larger & larger until Sougo brought it down with crushing force, extirpating another swarm of Another Riders.

Roaring in fury, Another Zi-O charged at Sougo with his two blades. Sougo drew his Zikan Girade & Saikyo Girade and began clashing with Hiryuu.

Meanwhile, Koh now faced a beaten-up Tankjoh & Gachireus.

"This can't be..." Gachireus said.

"How did you get so strong?!" Tankjoh demanded.

Koh chuckled. "You guys missed a lot when you were dead." He then inserted the MeraMera & Cosmo Souls into the Max Ryusoul Charger.

"MeraMera! Cosmo! W Max Dino Slash!" Koh slashed outwards with the Max Ryusoul Charger & the Ryusoul Ken; from each of the Max Ryusoul Changer's three claws came gigantic waves of flaming fire, purplish cosmic energy, light energy & dark energy, as did the Ryusoul Ken. Tankjoh & Gachireus screamed as they were engulfed by the waves of fire, light, dark & cosmic energy, utterly obliterated. 

"Burning Dino Slash!" Melto said.

"Thumping Dino Crusher!" Asuna said.

"Thunder Dino Slash!" Towa said.

"Cosmo Dino Slash!" Bamba said.

"Final Freezing Shot!" Canalo said.

They unleashed their finishers, destroying the Unicorn, Kraken, Cerberus, Cockatrice & Shen Minusaurs respectively.

Sougo meanwhile had gained the upper hand against Hiryuu, and cut down the Another Riders.

"Finish Time! King Giri Giri Slash!" The Saikyo Zikan Girade was engulfed in a massive column of immensely powerful golden energy. With a final swing of his sword Sougo obliterated all the other Another Riders as well as heavily damaging Hiryuu.

"No...not again. I refuse to lose this time!" Hiryuu said, charging at Sougo. However he was intercepted by Koh, who slashed him with both the Ryusoul Ken & Max Ryusoul Charger.

"This is the end, Hiryuu! Let's go, Koh!"

"Yeah!" Koh said, inserting the MeraMera & BiriBiri Souls.

"MeraMera! BiriBiri! W Max Dino Slash!" Massive waves of flames & lightning surged from the Max Ryusoul Changer & Ryusoul Ken. 

"Finish Time! Grand Zi-O! All Twenty Time Break!" The symbols of the 20 Heisei Riders appeared circling Sougo's Sword as it was coated in an even larger column of golden energy again. Sou slashed outwards with all his might, slashing thoroughly through Another Zi-O 2 just as the waves of fire & lightning hit him as well.

Another Zi-O 2 was soundly defeated, and reverted back to Hiryuu. He feebly grabbed the Another Zi-O 2 Watch, but Sougo picked it up.

"I think this is too dangerous for you to hang on to." Sougo said grimly, shattering the Watch with a swing of his sword.

With another wave of his hand, Hiryuu gasped as he was suddenly flash-frozen, before he literally vanished into dust that flew away in the wind. The Ryusoulgers looked on in awe & surprise. Now they definitely believed that he was the King of Time.

They all reverted from their transformations.

"I have go now. It's been really nice fighting with you guys." Sougo said, smiling at them.

"Us too!" Asuna said. Melto, Canalo & Towa smiled and nodded as well. Bamba merely nodded stoically.

"Take care, Your Majesty." Koh said, smiling broadly. Sougo nodded, returning his smile.

"Look after this world for brave knights." With that, Sougo vanished with an entire collection of clock manifestations behind him.

"That was really something." Towa said.

"Ah, I'm exhausted." Asuna said, yawning and stretching.

"Kamen Riders, huh? Never thought we'd actually get to meet them." Koh said. Before he turned to the others

"Alright, let's go home!"