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Possessive, Obsessive, and Aggressive

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"Yo, Hargrove! Great game last night"

"Hargrove! Hargrove!!"

"Hey, Billy~~"

Billy growls in annoyance as a crowd forms around him as soon as he walked out the halls. Boys hitting his back with their sweaty hands and girls desperately trying to touch him, batting their fake eyelashes and puckering up their lips up at him to look 'cute'.

It disgusted him.

He growls at them, causing them to move away from him quickly. He doesn’t care if it was rude or anything, he doesn’t want anything to do with them.

Cause all he wanted was to be with his princess.

Quickly moving away from the crowd, His eyes darted around, desperately looking around for him. "Where is he? where is he?? I can't see him. Icantseehim-" He thought, turning his head all around, Before finally spotting him.

The big bouncy fluffy brown hair, pale porcelain skin, big doe hazel eyes with long lashes, pink gradient small lips and cute pink cheeks, his lithe dainty body.

That was him.

Steve Harrington, The boy of his dreams.

He was by his locker, shoving his books inside. Billy felt his body relax instantly at the sight of Steve. "He's fine. Steve's fine" he told himself, immediately walking towards the smaller boy.


"Pretty boy!"

Steve barely turned around before he felt strong, muscular arms wrap around his body. At first, he was about to push whoever was hugging him, feeling fear going through his body.

He felt the person let go of him and cup his face into their hands. He looks up at them, staring straight into familiar looking baby blue eyes that held worry. Steve felt himself relax and smiles up at his friend.


"Hey, Billy" he greets while Billy smiles down at him. Billy immediately puts his arms around his waist, making Steve laugh as they walked to the cafeteria.

Ever since they were small, Billy was always affectionate with Steve; Holding his hand, an arm around his waist, arms around his shoulder, kissing him around his face, calling him cute little nicknames...

It was just Billy being friendly.

Friends are always touchy with each other, right?

"Afternoon, princess" Billy chuckles deeply at the pink flush that was growing on Steve's face. "God, he's so adorable~," Billy thought with a loving sigh. "Are you? you didn’t get hurt or anything?" Billy asked worryingly, Steve shakes his head with a smile. "Don't worry, Billy. I'm a big boy now; I can take care of myself" Steve tease, Billy sighs, and nods. "I know, but I can't help but worry a lot of the boys here are rats," Billy said.

Steve lets out a sigh at Billy’s accusation of the boys. "They aren't so bad.." Steve said with a frown. Billy lets out a grunt but doesn’t say anything as they walked through the doors of the Cafeteria.

Billy grabs both of their lunch trays ("Billy, I can carry mine myself" "I got this, Harrington") and they both walked towards their table, meeting Heather and Robin.

Heather had her arm around Robin and kissed her girlfriend's cheek when they arrived. "Making out with your girlfriend again, Heather? Like for what? the third time today?" Billy teased, laughing with a smirk when they both gave him the finger and peck each other lips.

"Fuck off, Hargrove"

"Whatever you say, Holloway"

Robin rolls her eyes at them fondly before turning to Steve, "Hey, Steve." She greeted with a soft and fond smile. Steve smiles back, nibbling on a piece of sandwich that Billy insisted on cutting it up for him. "Hi, Robin. How are you and Heather?" Steve asked.

She blushes; "We're alright, I guess" She played with a strand of her hair.

Steve giggles. "You guess?" Steve raised an eyebrow at her. Robin huffs.

"Haha, how about you and Billy?"

"What?" Steve looked confused as he took a sip of his milk.

"Aren't you and Billy dating?"

Steve felt his eyes went round and started choking on his milk. Billy paled but quickly started patting on his back. "Baby, are you okay?!" Billy panicked, giving gentle rubs on Steve's back as Steve coughed and rub his throat. "I-I'm fi-fine.." Steve coughed out, Billy wasn't convinced and stood up, "I'll get you some water. Sit tight, doll" Billy said gently, pecking his baby's cheek before leaving to get some water.

Robin raised her eyebrows at him after Billy left to get some water. "What do you call that then?" She gestures at Billy then at him. Steve frowned, "That's just Billy being a...friend?"

"Friends don't do that"

"What do you mean?"

Robin sighs, "Friends don't kiss each other’s cheek all the time, touch each other so closely, or call each other cute nicknames" Robin sipped on her milk slowly as she watched Steve take all this Information. Steve bites his bottom lip, thinking about what she said.

"She's right. Do we see anyone kissing their friends on the cheeks so often?" A voice in his mind agreed.

"Maybe Billy's just affectionate?" Another voice defended.

There was a scoff, "Do you see Billy hugging or kissing anyone?" There was silence.

Steve was staring into space before a hand was waving in front of him. He snaps out of his trance and looked to his right to see Billy holding a water bottle towards him, his brows knitted in worry.

"You okay there, doll?" Billy asked, handing Steve the water bottle before sitting down beside him. Steve faked a smile, "I'm good, Just a bit drained out from coughing up a lung" he joked, Billy lets out a small chuckle.

The whole group started chatting, talking about random stuff. Steve tried to stay in the conversation and act normal, but he kept wondering about what Robin said.

Could she be right?


“Princess?” Billy asked, snapping Steve from his trance once again.

They were now at Billy’s place, sitting on his bed watching TV. Steve was wearing Billy’s letterman jacket, while Billy was laid down beside him shirtless. Steve blinks, “Oh…yeah, I’m fine” he muttered. Billy looks at him unconvinced before wrapping his arms around Steve’s waist, pulling him into his laps.

He kisses Steve’s hair, “Come on, pretty boy. Tell me what’s going on inside that pretty little head of yours” He said encouragingly, lifting a hand to run through his princess's hair. Steve lets out a small sigh before leaning into Billy’s chest.

"I-It’s just that... Robin and I were talking and she asked about us. I got confused and asked her what did she mean. She looked at me all weird and said... that you and I looked like we were..." Steve trails off, biting his lips out of fear of what Billy was going to say when he tells him that Robin thought they were dating.

"What did she thought we were Stevie?" He asked, even though he already knew the answer.

Steve clears his throat. "She thought me and you were dating"

Billy lets out a small hum, his hands were rubbing around Steve's sides. "And where would she get an idea like that?"

He nibbled on his bottom lip, "She said...That friends don't always kiss each other in the face, they also don't each other so closely and call each other nicknames like baby, princess...." He shrugs.

Billy sighed, pulling him closer and tighter. "Steve, Who do you trust more, me or Robin?" he asked. Steve immediately answers, "You of course! you're my best friend!!" He said with a pout.

"Then trust me when I say you shouldn't always believe whatever Robin says to you about our friendship," Billy said.

Steve frowned but nodded, "Alright..." he whispered. Billy lets out what sounded like a purr and puts his head on Steve's shoulder, kissing at the adorable beauty marks that were dotted on his pale skin.

"Doll, don't be sad. You know I'm just doing this because you're my 'Best Friend'"

Steve looks up at him and gives him a small gentle smile, “I know, you’re only looking out for me. It’s just that you do everything for me and I have nothing to give you back..” He whispered.

Billy immediately frowns and lifts his chin so they can look at each other properly.

Sharp fierce baby blue eyes meeting Bambi gentle doe hazel ones.

“You don’t need to give me anything, baby. You just have to promise me something”

“What is it then?

“…That you’ll never leave me. Ever.”

Steve doesn’t even hesitate, “I promise I’ll never leave you”

Billy’s eyes soften and return to hugging the smaller boy, humming in content while Steve just lets out a small gentle sigh and rests his head on Billy’s chest once again.

They were happy.


Steve runs.

He almost trips and drops his backpacks but quickly recovers and continues running.

He runs.

You can’t leave me, Steve!”

He closes his teary eyes when he hears the voice boom inside his head.

Baby, you can’t go! you won’t go!!

I want to go! You can’t make me stay with you forever, Billy!

Steve lets out a sob but runs faster, struggling to carry his bags as he ran away from his house.

Not home. House

He couldn’t stay there anymore.

He couldn’t be with him anymore.

Steve stops by a bus stop and seats down, putting down his backpacks beside him. He cries silently into his hands, trying to get a hold on himself.

You got this, Stevie. Stay strong. You made sure not to leave any evidence behind, so he can’t find you.” The strong and confident voice in his mind comforted him.

He takes a deep breath, “I got this” he whispered, trying to convince himself. He looks up and sees out of the corner of his eyes the bus coming. He wipes his eyes and fixes his hoodie, making sure it was up before looking at his reflection on the mirror.

The reflection staring back at him was wearing makeup to hide the beauty marks, convincing black eye contacts, and dark brown blonde wig.

He looked nothing like Steve Harrington.

Exactly what Steve wanted.

He gets on the bus, glancing at the bus seats. There were only two elderlies and a blonde girl sleeping on a dyed blue-haired boy’s shoulders. “It is around 10:00 pm” Steve reminded himself before giving his ticket. “Where would you like to go?” The bus driver asked, “Somewhere far from here” Steve answered.

The bus driver just gave him a shrug and a nod before starting the bus. Steve goes and sits down at the far back of the bus, looking out of the window, watching his home town start to fade away into a blur.

He closes his eyes before leaning against the window, not falling asleep, just closing his eyes and thinking as he felt a tear fall down his cheek.

You can't leave me, your mine, Steve. You promised, remember?”