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Kai woke up to feel Sou in his arms and sunlight in his face. He tried to get up, but Sou was too cute to disturb, groaning and grumbling a bit as Kai tried to move his numb arm. So, he settled for pulling the blankets around them.

They were lucky, Kai thought. They found peace in each other.

The what-if's invaded his mind, though. He couldn't help but worry. What if it was all a lie? What if Sou got bored of him?

Kai couldn't shield his mind against the scenarios. He didn't have much going for him, other than a pretty face and a talent for making eggs. Eventually, Sou wouldn't have anything more to find out.

He felt his eyes grow heavy again as Sou cuddled closer. The long-haired man couldn't bring himself to think about it anymore. Sou loved him now, and that's all he could focus on as he fell back asleep.