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I can never forget the words said to me that night.

It was almost like Josuke wasn't even talking to me.

We were at his house late at night. He wanted me to come over for a sleepover late at night. It was summer but almost time to go back to school for our last year.

I got to his door at about seven. I didn't really get to the door though, he was already sitting outside anticipating my every move. I haven't gotten the chance to see him in clothes that aren't his school uniform very often. Apparently on the days he doesn't wear it, he's in a crop top and shorts I wouldn't be caught dead in. But surprisingly, he still looked great to me? It just doesn't seem like something he would wear. At least not the side of Josuke I know.

"Hey, man, we're hangin' out tonight?" I only asked him that because I didn't know if his Mom decided I couldn't come over. Sometimes we're loud or I break something but I think she just makes other plans. I think she kinda likes having me around even if I'm a pain in the ass.

"Yeah, my mom said it was okay. What do you wanna do tonight?"

"I was just plannin' on whatever you wanted, bro," I sat down next to him on his porch stairs, "That's what we usually do, so I just thought I'd go along."

"We don't always have to do what I want." He turned his face to look me in the eyes when he talked. I always liked when he that.

I felt myself smile at that point. "Well, I think it'd be kinda nice to go inside before it gets dark."

He smirked, "That could be arranged. It's not like we're two feet away from the door."

"We don't have to go into your house yet. I think we should get some snacks or something first." I like going shopping with him because even though I like to buy things for myself, it's a little nicer buying things for Josuke. He's my best friend, but I just feel like I owe him something. Something tugs at me a lot of the time when I see him. Just when he smiles or when his eyebrows slant in an angry way. I don't think it's The Hand or anything because it isn't a real tug. I would probably be dead if The Hand grabbed me. The tug is a weird feeling that likes to pass and go. It isn't there all the time but it's kind of nice when it is. Maybe I'm just allergic to Josuke.

"I have some snacks inside, it's okay. I know you like Fruit Roll-Ups so I bought a bunch of boxes for when you come over," He stood up and leaned on the railing of the porch stairs.

"Bro, you shouldn't have. I have a ton at my house already," I think I must've followed him over because I sat on top of the railing.

"I just want to have a good time when we hang out. Y'know.." I don't know why he was so defensive all of the sudden. "You wanna go inside now, Okuyasu?"

I nodded. Josuke's house felt ten times more home than my house. It always smelled like good food and incense from the shrine in their living room. It was always brighter than my house too. I hate living in my house. My house reminds me too much of all the bad stuff that's happened in my life.

"Ah, you finally came. Josuke was waiting out there for such a long time. 'When's he gonna get here so I can-'"


"Oh, please we both know you missed him."

"I'm flattered, Josuke. It's like I'm a celebrity like Mr. Rohan or something," I teased.

Josuke was a blushing mess, "I hate you two." The tug pulled. It was definitely not The Hand. Am I just allergic to him when he's cute? Is that what I'm allergic to?

"C'mon, bro, let's go play video games."

Mrs. Higashikata called, "Shoes, Okuyasu, Shoes!"

"Right!" I forget about my shoes a lot because most of the time at my house I don't have anyone nagging me. I miss the nagging.

I went into the living room to catch up with Josuke and when I went through the doorway he was setting up the console on the floor. I didn't feel like talking to him in case I messed him up. I'm not going to flat out lie, I might've just been staring at him for a little bit. I mean, who can blame me! He was right there and in my situation you would do the same thing. Your best friend is right in front of you, bent over in shorts, and you don't look? We're clearly different people if you wouldn't.

"Alright, Mario Kart or Super Smash Bros?" He shifted himself back onto the floor with his legs crossed.

I fidgeted with my t-shirt. "Your call, they both have Mario and Luigi. Y'know, the bros or whatever."

"Okuyasu, are you, like, okay? You're more of a Smash guy and we both know it." He moved over close to me and pressed his shoulder against the couch. I know his mom has already gone to bed by this point because the lights are off. I should just tell him about the tug but I know now isn't the time for this.

"Yeah, I'm fine."

"So Super Smash?" He smiled at me and my face lit up with heat. I smiled back at him softly.

"Yep. Dibs on DK."

"I still don't understand why you play him. No, I think I get it now. You're literally just like him." The last sentence was cut off mostly by laughing but I knew what he wanted to say. Both of us were rolling on the floor.

"Hey, maybe you play Kirby because you're so soft, haha, and pink, and you eat all my food!"

"W-What do you mean soft and pink?"

"Nothing, just play the game with me, bro." I had to get the subject onto something else. Fast.

His eyes narrowed at me in confusion. "Okay, I guess."

He kept cycling through every character but Kirby.

We played a couple rounds and got a little bored of it. Until he said something I never would've expected him to.

"Do you wanna go outside? I mean I know it's really late but I stole some of Jotaro's cigarettes off of him, which sounds impossible, but it isn't."

"I guess," I think part of me just wanted to follow him and listen to him talk more. Probably the part with the tug. And then I went out to the porch to wait for him. Josuke came out of the front door with two cigarettes in his hand and a lighter. He sat down next to me.

"I don't even know how smoking works. I just took them because I thought I knew but I don't." He was actually kind of quiet for once. It was peaceful and the aura between us wasn't the same awkwardness of playing around in his living room. He took one of the cigarettes in between his fingers like in the movies.

"You look like a dumbass let me help you." I rearranged the small tube in his hands the right way. I knew too well what the right way was from years of observing my father silently. I guess a lot of my childhood was trying to avoid his attention. I liked watching him and playing spy around the house. Keicho didn't want me to watch any of what he did, but I watched anyways. I didn't really have anything to do other than that.

"Okuyasu, why do you know what it's supposed to be like? Do you smoke?"

"No, I just used to watch Dad do it a lot." I decided I probably don't need to explain the same story he's already heard a couple times. Even if it's just a new detail. I don't like to remember when I was little either.

"Oh. I'm sorry I mention-"

"Don't be. You're always so sorry."

"Well, look who's talking." We both laughed at that. I don't think he was going to smoke now. He brushed his body up against mine and everything seemed to tug every direction.


"Yeah, Okuyasu?" He looked at me again. His eyes locked into mine and I finally knew I had to say it now.

"I think I'm allergic to you." Stupid, stupid, stupid.

"What?" He laughed.

I took a deep breath in, "Every time I'm around you, well not every time. More like when you just scrunch up your face when you're angry. Or when you smile or when your face goes all pink and squishy like it is right now. I don't know. What I'm trying to say is that my body just throws itself around and pulls and I don't know what to do. It doesn't feel bad though? Does this happen to you?"

"Okuyasu, I love you too."


"You described it. And yeah, Mom said that's what love feels like. I might've asked her about it. Anyways-"

I had no idea what came over me or why I did it but at that moment my body moved on its own. My lips locked into his and the taste of tongues colliding overthrew any doubt I had before. And he did the same. His body nestled into mine as he launched his arms over me and knocked me into the guard rails of the porch.

And nothing else mattered to me but him.

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I fidgeted my hands on the wheel. Giorno and I are in a tough position right now so he thought it would be best if we spent time at one of the safe houses. It'd be at least another ten minutes before we got there. The roads were deserted and the lines were faded to a point that I could barely see them. Giorno was staring out the window with his head rested into his hand. I desperately wondered what he was thinking about when he stared out the window. He was smiling like he always did when he had something to tell me. It's one of the little quirks about him I've grown into. It's no different from him stroking his fingers through the end of his braid when he's flustered; or when his mouth opens just enough to bare his front teeth when you call his name.

"Giorno, what are you thinking about right now? You look like you're dreaming."

"Mista, I can trust you right?"

I laughed a little, "I wouldn't be in this car if you couldn't trust me."

"You do have a point. Well, fine. If you really want to know I was thinking about Trish. I think I like her, but I don't know how she feels about me."

His relaxed tone didn't make me feel at ease as it normally would. I felt like his lax words had balled up and punched me in the stomach. My eyes were a wall from all of salty tears I held back. I wanted to tell him tonight. It was just going to be us, no interruptions. I had been trying to tell him for such a long time but there was never a good time. There was always something going on. I was on my third try now but again, it's been interrupted and now I'll never be able to tell him. I already knew it would just make things awkward.

God, I'm so stupid. I shouldn't even like him. There's just so much wrong with this. He's two years younger than me, he's my boss, he's either straight or doesn't like me, I think you get it. GOD.

I had nowhere to focus myself because we were already at the small, blue safe house on the cliffs. I got out of the car almost immediately and I had to do my stupid routine checking with stupid Giorno.

But I didn't. I just stood there. My body was paralyzed where I stood. My legs were restrained by vines. FUCK.


I was beyond trying to choke back the ocean of sobs in the back of my head. "No! Giorno, let me go! I can't deal with this right n-" but my sentence was cut short by the walls of my eyes breaking down.

"Mista, please let me just-"

"No, Giorno! God, you really don't know how it is do you?!"

"Listen to me. I understand you're interested in Trish as well, but-"

"No, you don't get it at all!"

"Oh? Oh. OH !" His sudden realization made me fall even further into my meltdown of despair. I can't believe he's that stupid. I'm stupid myself, but wow. He did something a little unexpected. No, we didn't kiss, you dumbass fujoshi.

(If you are a fujoshi, gross. Get a fuckign hobby <3)

He lifted himself up on my shoulders and hugged me.

"Mista, I don't want to hurt you, you know that. I'm not even sure that I like Trish in that way, but it was probably wrong for me to tell you when even I don't know."

My insistent blubbering calmed down a little. It didn't mean that he liked me, but I mean, there's a chance he could, right? He still hadn't let go yet but his vines grew up to my shoulders, even growing little buds.


"I-Is that me? Am I Gigi?"

"Y-Yeah, you're Gigi."

"Well," he cleared his throat, weirdly enough he didn't let go, "What?"

"You've never done that to me before."

"Hugged you..?" His eyebrow raised, "Mista, we've hugged before."

"No, the.. the vines. Do they usually do that when you hug someone?"

"Oh, wow. I didn't even notice that. Uh, no, they usually don't." He started to call them off.

"Y-You don't have to do that."

"Mista, we won't get anything done if we stay like this."

"We don't have anything better to do."

"Oh yeah?"

And then we fucked. Good night.

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Tomoko decided enough was enough. She'd given him three days to clean his room, now she would for him. She practically waded through piles of dirty clothes, old garbage and food wrappers, you name it. But she never expected to find them.

Well, she did. But she thought it would be.. different. She'd reached under the bed to start cleaning and awaited her arm to come out holding onto magazines, but not these ones. Tomoko thought there would be greased up girls with back-achingly big boobs, not men in tight leather. She didn't know how to handle this. She loved Josuke and just wanted him to be happy, but she knew it wasn't going to be that great for him if anything got out. She wouldn't tell anyone of course, but who knows with him hanging around so close to Okuyasu. Teenagers are mean.

She heard the door open and scrambled to put the magazines back, but touched something gross and ended up dropping them. Josuke opened the door casually and Tomoko gave up.

"Uh oh."

"Hey, Josuke!" She laughed awkwardly, "You're home early."

"Mom, what are you doing?"

Tomoko sighed, "Fine. I gave you three days y'know? I really thought you would clean. So, I went through, pitched some things."

Josuke looked down and seemed as if he might cry. "Mom, I can explain. I swear. There's an explanation, please just- just let me stay here."

"Stay here? Josuke, you're a teenager you're bound to do it at some point, but- Oh, you're not talking about that." Josuke sniffled and squatted down to where Tomoko was sitting. She hugged him tight.

"Josuke, I kept you didn't I? I plan to keep you for as long as I can."

Josuke burst into ugly sobs and Tomoko held him there. "Look, I know this is hard and all but you need to clean your room at some point."

"Y-You aren't mad, mad at me?"

Tomoko pulled away and cupped his jawline lovingly, "I don't care what happens as long as you're safe and you get this pig sty cleaned up."

"Thanks, Mom. I love you."

"I love you too, Josuke." She walked out of his room while he picked up his floor and she smiled closing the door. All that she wanted was him to be happy but she couldn't help her mind wandering to the thought of all the times he's had Okuyasu overnight. She shook the thoughts away, she didn't want him to lose his love like she had all those years ago.

And thus the Higashikata household was a little closer.

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Giorno sat in his office doing his normal in between routines. Also known as spinning around in his chair, playing solitaire on his computer, and braiding his hair over and over. Because after all, he was still just a bored teenager. He did appreciate the calmness he got from it however. After putting up with Diavolo he just needed something to take his mind off of the fact that he killed, (and kept killing), a thirty-three year old mafia boss and now had to take over his position.

But the main thing that got his mind off of it was pining over his second- no, third in-command. Giorno always accepted that something about him was different. He just thought it was his stand. However, growing up in Italy, homosexuality and erotic undertones were everywhere so he didn't see anything wrong with embracing his crush on Mista. He hadn't told anyone and it was eating him inside to see women coming and going from his room.

But it hurt even worse to see men. Because it made that part of Giorno think that Mista had the capacity to love him, but chose not to.

Today had been another day of hearing loud noises through the ceiling of his office. You know the ones. He always recognized Mista. He always imagined himself doing those things to Mista. But he didn't know if he ever would and it ate him inside.

Trish opened the door slowly, "Giorno, you aren't doing anything right now, correct?"

"No, I don't have anything to do right now. Why?"

"Could you please do something about-" She was cut off by more of the noises.

"Those? I don't think I should go up there. It would be kind of awkward, especially if-"

"Giorno, finish that sentence right now," Trish commanded.

"Especially if it was me." It felt okay to subtly hint as opposed to flat out saying how he felt.

"You poor son of a bitch."

Giorno put his finger to his chin, "Yes, I suppose you could say that about my mother."

"That's not what I meant and that trauma is for getting wine-drunk and complaining about our shitty parents together," Trish crossed her arms sarcastically, "You know exactly what I'm talking about, Mr. I'm-too-scared-to-tell-a-boy-he-makes-me-vulnerable."

"Hey, that was a personal attack."

"This whole conversation is a personal attack, dingus."

They stared at each other waiting for the sound of a door opening. At long last, the door opened and the two broke their gaze while the sound of footsteps on stairs graced their ears.

"You need to tell him or I will."

"Trish, now is not a good time."

"You're an idiot, I didn't mean right this second. Tell him tomorrow or I'll tell him." Trish threatened.

And so Trish walked out like the diva she is. Giorno spent another hour in his office contemplating his situation before going back to his bedroom. Giorno's bedroom was as neat as a teenage boy's bedroom could be, which is to say it had one corner where everything was shoved and the rest was probably considered normal by hotel standards. He threw himself onto his bed unbraiding his hair and taking off his clothes only to throw them on the floor. He crawled under the blankets and sighed. Nothing felt the same anymore.

His night wasn't sleepless despite thinking it would be, but he didn't dream. It wasn't uncommon for stand users to have vivid dreams. Giorno's dreams typically consisted of massive rose gardens thriving with color and sunlight. Lately, his friends showed up spread throughout the garden like NPCs in a video game. The hardest dreams to wake up from were always the ones where he had to face Bucciarati. But luckily it wasn't one of those nights at all.

Giorno rubbed his eyes and pulled himself out of bed, despite his incredible urge to lock himself in his chambers all day to avoid his love. However, that urge was outweighed by the fear that Trish would tell Mista about his feelings so he readied himself quickly and went out to the hallway only to be greeted by the object of his affections.

"Morning, boss. Sleep well?"

"As a matter of fact, not really. Thank you for asking though."

"That sucks, d'you want some coffee or something?"

Giorno smiled at his concern, "Yes, that would be nice. I'd prefer to have it with you. We need to have a chat."

"What about, Boss?" Mista tilted his head like a curious puppy.

"Oh, I'd rather not spare the details until breakfast." Giorno felt like he was going to implode if Mista didn't stop the impromptu interrogation.

Mista nodded and went down the dark wooden staircase and Giorno knocked on Trish's door impatiently. "Trish, are you awake?"

Scrambled footsteps were heard as Trish approached the door and popped her head out of the ajar crack in the door. "No, Giorno, I'm sleep-walking."

He decided to ignore the sarcasm, being that it was morning and all. "I'm telling him over coffee this morning."

"Good, I thought I was going to have to do your dirty work again."

"What do you mean a- Okay, I get it now. Thanks anyways."

"Get out, GioGio." She slammed the door and rolled back into bed.

Now he had no choice but to go downstairs and face Mista. His heart beat quickened with anxiety with every step he took. Just breathe, Giorno. It's not that big of a deal, you're just telling the man that you've liked for god-knows-how-long that you're interested in him. Oh FUCK.

"Oi, Gigi! Come sit down, I'm dyin' to know what you wanted to say." He motioned to the chair in front of him that he'd pulled out chivalrously. It was a subtle gesture but Giorno noticed everything. He sat down in the plush dining chair and Mista's hands brushed against the back of his shoulders as he pushed the chair in. Mista sat down at the opposite end of the square table in a manner that was very out of character, that is to say with polite table manners and posture.

Giorno breathed out deeply, "Mista, err- Guido, I know that I'm just a hormonal sixteen year-old or something, but I really like you." He looked down in his lap and Mista reached across the table, bracing his fingers under his chin to raise his gaze.

"Giorno, have you felt this way for very long?"

"You're not shocked? Not even a little bit concerned?"

"We live in Italy, it's practically gay Disneyland." He lowered his eyes acrimoniously.

"You have a point, but I guess it's been about.. maybe seven months? I don't count thi-"

"YOU WAITED HOW LONG?" He banged on the table upsetting the silverware.

"About seven months. Did you not hear me the first time?"

"Giorno, you are so dumb." Mista facepalmed.

"Do you not reciprocate my feelings?" The side of Giorno's mouth twitched and his eyebrows quirked inward like he was about to cry.

"No, no. I feel the same way, Gigi. I was hoping this was what you wanted to tell me this morning. Honestly, I've been kind of a pussy about this whole thing too, so it's okay."


"Say that to my mouth. On yours.. That was cheesy I'm sorry."

"It was perfect."

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Sleeping over at his house was a little weird after we kinda-sorta made out on his front porch. I thank god silently that Tomoko didn't find us. However, the next time I was over to his house the air was a little awkward. There was something I didn't know and I'm not entirely sure I wanted to find out what it was.

I was greeted by Tomoko at the door instead of Josuke, which didn't seem all that weird, but Josuke specifically called me over the phone and told me she wouldn't be home for a while. I had an old grocery bag of snacks and typical sleepover stuff like batteries, cool stuff I found at the thrift store, the ushe. Those things weren't really enough to distract me from Josuke maybe lying to me.

"Hi, Okuyasu, Josuke didn't tell me you were coming over," she squinted, "I'm fine with you here though." Her expression changed flat out twice within the same sentence. That was yet another weird awkward thing that happened.

"Oh, uh, where is he anyways?"

"He's in his room, but I'd make sure to knock first." Okay. Woah. Something is definitely going on.

"Thanks, Ms. H."

I moved nervously down the hall to Josuke's room and turned the door handle only to find him shuffling around nervously, face more flushed than usual. He was dressed in sporty, but disheveled clothes. "Did I interrupt anything important?"

"N-No, I actually wanted you to come over so, you.. you're fine." He sighed.

"Yeah, but did I interrupt anything?"

"No. I mean. God, okay, you were taking a while so I was looking through my stupid box."

Box? "Can I see it? Is it okay?"

"Well, yeah, i-it's your stuff so I guess it wou-"

I swear to god I almost bawled my eyes out then and there. "Josuke! That's so cute! Now I gotta know what kinda junk y'got in there."

Josuke grabbed the Reebok shoe box from under the bed, mumbling something.


"Not making that mistake again."

I shrugged and grabbed the box from him. It was full of pictures of us from over the summer. That time that we went to the Boing Boing Cape, some pictures with Mikitaka, a weirdly sexual shot of me eating a popsicle on his porch. (Wasn't gonna ask about that.)

Aside from pictures I found little mementos, like some CDs that I gave him and a letter.

"Hey, Josuke, what's this letter?"

Josuke's eyes widened, "I, uh, you- ARGH I CAN'T TALK TODAY," he breathed deeply, "You can read it now.. If you want to. It's just a stupid dorky letter I was gonna give you. I was gonna wait 'til school starts, but you can read it anyways."

"I'm gonna read it out loud and you're gonna get embarrassed and it's gonna be funny."

"Nooo, dude.."

"Dear Oku, This is too embarrassing to tell you in person and I can't risk anybody else hearing it. I don't wanna get bullied or called a faggot. You can't tell anyone about anything that I wrote in this letter," I stopped and silently crossed my fingers over my heart, zipping my lips, "I really, really like you a lot and I hope that even if you don't like me we can still be good friends. I wanna kiss your stupid face and," I started tearing up, "I wanna be your dumb pretty boyfriend and call you lover boy like they do in the movies."

I couldn't take it anymore and broke down sobbing, throwing myself into his arms. He caught me in his arms and squeezed me tight. I broke away and cupped his face in my hands and kissed him. "I-I wanna be your, your stupid lover boy like in the m-movies. I wanna kiss every inch of your body and mmph-" I was interrupted by Josuke's peach-flavored chapstick.

This time when we kissed my hands did not want to stay put above his waist. It's only seven, so we need to be quiet about it. I could hear the TV from the other room so Tomoko has it loud enough that we might be able to get away with something. I had an idea.

"Oh, that's new," I said teasing him innocently.

"What's new?"

"You can't hide that from me, Josuke."

I shifted him onto the ground and pinned his shoulders with my palms. I slid my head up his old t-shirt and led a trail of kisses and light nibbles down to the part of his hips he neglects to shave. I bit the liner of his tented grey sweatpants and pulled them down enough to expose the white boxers that were practically see-through.

"Fuck, Oku, don't tell me you're gonna-"

I grinned as I took my hands off of his shoulders and thumbed at his waistband before pulling down his boxers and exposing his hardened length.

"Damn, Josuke. If I knew you liked me sooner we could've done way more."

"J-Just stop teasing me already."

"Oh no, I'm gonna tease you all I want. Maybe I'll dabble over here, do some work over there.. I just wanna make you a needy, whiny bitch."

"Oh, fuck, Okuyasu. For cryin' out loud would you please, please, please just do it already?" He whimpered.

I grinned at him and gently fondled the bottom of his shaft, slowly prodding up the bottom with only my fingertips. His tip was dripping precum and the poor boy was already close. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and nearly choked as I went down hard.

He almost screamed and quickly thinking, I took part of his shirt in his mouth. Josuke ran his hands into my hair and unintentionally shoved me down harder. He gripped my hair tighter and almost pulled some out as he burst. My mouth was full of the scorching, goopy liquid and I didn't know what to do with it so I kept it there and ran into the bathroom to spit it out.

"Okuyasu, are you okay?" Ms. Higashikata called from the living room.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm f-ine." I could barely form a complete sentence.

I could hear Josuke panting from across the hall and it was something that I wanted to hear for the rest of my life.

Chapter Text

"Jolyne, are you really gonna spend all this time looking at dresses? You don't even have anyone to go with other than me and Foo," Hermes called from the dressing room. Did she really have to be that blunt?

"Well, maybe I'll go with Annasui just to piss you off."

Hermes gasped. "You wouldn't." And that's the absolute truth.

Because for the last year and a half I've been in love with my best friend Hermes Costello. Even though I've been blatantly obvious at times, she doesn't seem to catch on to any of my advances. Not to mention the time we were literally making out in her room. I remember that night perfectly. She wanted to know what it felt like. I did too, but I didn't tell her that it did a little more to me than to her. (Definitely more on the lower scale if you catch my drift.)

"Hey, Jojo, get over here I need your opinion on this one." And so I went to the dressing room area and sat on the old plush sofa in front of her door. She opened the door slowly to reveal herself in a satiny lime green dress that went to her ankles. I love seeing her. She makes an oversized t-shirt look like a ball gown. Which, ironically, is what she was wearing.

But just to tease her and spend more time with her, I said, "Why don't we go together wearing tuxes to fuck with people."

"I dunno, Jolyne, there's still plenty left of the school year. Y'know? I'll try anything once but the second we get called queers, I'm out."

"Okay, but let's try some on anyways." In other words, I'm heartbroken.

"Y'know what? Fine. Let's do this. I hate this dress with a passion."

We both laughed and Hermes didn't even change out of the dress, she just ran over to the men's section with me. The prom department of this store sucked ass most of the time, but it's not like we can afford much better. Formal wear stores have always sucked in Florida. Everything always sucked in Florida.

Hermes was first to try on a suit and of course some part of it had to be green. She didn't take long in the dressing room even though suits take longer to put on.

"Not gonna lie, I look pretty good. I think I might get this actually."

The suit contoured her perfectly and it made me thankful I was a girl. It highlighted her curves, and her boobs. Oh lord, her boobs. God really does exist.

"You should," I smirked, "I'm gonna try one on now."

I chose a suit almost identical to hers, but pinstriped. I know I'm probably gonna end up looking like a mobster, but hey it runs in my blood.

"Jojo, you're not looking all that bad." Was she flirting with me? Was my brain deceiving her tone?

"You're absolutely boo- beautiful yourself." Stupid lesbian brain.

"Thanks, I guess. I think I'm gonna buy this to be honest. I might need some help in the dressing room getting it off though." So it wasn't just my stupid lesbian brain after all. My face was probably bright red at this point, with all the mirrors in the place I should know. I followed her into the dressing room innocently.

"Jolyne, take yours off too. Here let me help." Oh Father who art in heaven that's a hand up my shirt. She leaned into me and kissed me. It goes without saying that I knew where to put my hands.

Years of pent up sexual frustration sobbed out like a flooded river. I slid my hands down to her waist, slipping off her dress pants and slowly rubbing skin to skin, inching around her thighs. She whispered breathy moans to me and I put her tie in her mouth. "We can't risk getting caught, we're in public."

Hermes spit out the tie for a second. "Oh, so you're just gonna ignore the fact that we're fucking out of literally nowhere?"

"You don't want me to stop, do you?" I teased. She bit her tie again and cupped my boobs, pinching my nipples. My hands wandered down lower and dove for her clit, rubbing as her muffled screams and moans were almost out of control.

She was close, I could feel her heat. She took out her makeshift gag and bit my chest ravenously. She came on the crappy wooden bench and panted. I was out of breath too.

"S-So, how long have you, have you.. Gay."

"Freshman year. Not you.. though. Remember that upperclassmen chick? Guess?"

"You have a type, J-Jojo."

"Do not!"

"Whatever, how are we, we gonna clean this shit up?"


"H.. Hey, calm down. You don't have to freak out about it. We can just walk out like nothing happened, just don't mention it to the clerk when we buy these. We kinda have to now because we.." She trailed off.

"There's absolutely no way we can act like that didn't happen. You know me, Hermes."

She took off the remainder of her suit and made sure nothing got on them, or our clothes. I changed back into the old Neon Trees concert t-shirt and ripped shorts I was wearing before.. that. We couldn't help but laugh at the awkward silence between us every so often.

"You were so loud. I can't believe they didn't come yell at us."

"Heh, yeah. Nice use of a tie, though. I totally would've gotten us caught if you hadn't done that."

She unlocked the door to Anastasia from school standing in front of the door disgusted with a bright purple tux draped over his arm.

"Fuckin' dykes. You two fuck in there?"

"What's it to you, fuckin' douchebag?" I snarled.

Hermes held her arm out in front of me. "You got some nerve talking to my girl like that, Annasui." Oh my god she called me her girl. I know that this is the wrong time to be happy about that, but she's defending me from this creepshow? Epic.

"Whatever. I'm not going in there after you. Who knows what kinda gay pheromones and shit's in there."

Thank god he didn't go in there. Hermes and I rushed out of there quickly, paying with my Mom's credit card and leaving to get some kind of food to go. We sat in her crappy green Jetta, eating McDonald's chicken sandwiches and practically chugging Sierra Mist.

"Hermes, that was awesome. I can't thank you enough."

"Hey, you bought everything for us, Jojo. And you kinda took my virginity while you were at it."

"Don't mention that to Mom or anything. Please. She doesn't know and I don't know how she would feel."

"Jolyne, I'm Mexican. How do you think my family's gonna be?"


"Yeah, we're catholic.. I'm not coming out if I can help it. We fuck at yours or we don't fuck. Period."