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The Weirdest Pair Of Best Friends That You Could Ever Imagine

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Shinji and Kaworu were the weirdest pair of best friends that you could ever imagine. Shinji's tame dark hair to Kaworu's almost white mane of feathers. Kaworu's tall and ever so slightly muscular frame to Shinji androgynous silhouette. Shinji's ocean blue eyes to Kaworu's rubies. They were more or less the textbook definition of contrast.

Their personalities too. Shinji enjoyed reading while listening to whatever music he was playing at the moment. Kaworu, on the other hand, flexed his muscles on the field. Shinji often watched him practice, observing his friend rather than the game. He also used this time to study, occasionally taking his eyes off the field to read a page or two.

This time, Shinji had been so engrossed in his book that he hadn't even noticed that the game had finished until he felt one of his headphones being pulled out his ear. He turned to be faced with Kaworu smiling at him. Shinji looked down to see that he was still wearing his red and white soccer uniform. It suited him a lot.

"Shinji-kun, we finished ages ago." Kaworu said. "I've been waiting for you for five minutes."

"You could've changed." Shinji said before sniffing. "Or showered."

Kaworu put one leg over the bench Shinji was sitting on and sat down, straddling it. Shinji observed how the shorts of his uniform clung to Kaworu's thighs... and crotch.

"Shinji-kun, my eyes are up here." Kaworu said jokingly. "Unless..."

Shinji shivered slightly at how the tone of Kaworu's voice changed at the last word.

"Here?" Shinji asked. "Now?"

Kaworu sent him a slightly viscous grin. "I was going to suggest the bathroom, but I don't see why not! I know that you'd suck my cock anywhere if you could."

Shinji glanced back between Kaworu's legs to see that his shorts had started to tent. He sighed as he knew it wouldn't go down unless it has been 'played with'. Shinji reached down and grabbed Kaworu's cock through his shorts.

"Kaworu," Shinji said with a feign innocent smile. "You get hard way too easily!"

"It's only because you're so pretty." Kaworu answered. "I can't wait to fuck your mouth."

Shinji smiled and blush at that comment. The fact that Kaworu found him attractive helped Shinji's confidence. He started to squeeze Kaworu clothed cock, resulting in a moan from him.

"I'm glad you think that way." Shinji said. "Can I suck you off?"

Kaworu stopped to process what his friend had asked him before standing up and moving so his crotch was level with Shinji's face. Shinji took it as a 'yes' and hooked his fingers into the other's waistband. When he had pulled down his shorts ever so slightly, he saw the effects his groping. Kaworu's boxers had been stretched out by his cock and they were also stained with precum.

"Wow," Shinji exclaimed. "you're so pent up!"

Kaworu laughed nervously. "I haven't gotten off in quite a while."

Shinji snorted. "Three days is not 'a while'." he said. "Also you have a hand."

"But you have a hand, mouth and ass. That and the cute screams you make with I fuck you."

Shinji pulled Kaworu's boxers down, allowing his cock to spring up and slap his face. Kaworu laughed at the scene before smiling apologetically when he saw Shinji frowning at him. Shinji seemed to forgive as he pushed Kaworu's cock into his mouth. In a way to encourage him, Kaworu pulled on Shinji's hair and began to thrust roughly into his mouth. It didn't last long as he let out a yelp before filling Shinji's mouth with his cum. Shinji pulled himself off and started to cough off Kaworu's jizz into his hands.

"Sorry Shinji-kun." Kaworu said with a frown on his face. "I should've warned you. I get so violent when I'm horny."

Shinji licked off the cum on his hands and turned to his friend, smiling at him. "Don't worry about it. I like it when you do nasty things to me."

Kaworu grinned perversely before standing up to readjust his soccer uniform. "Let's continue at my place."

Shinji nodded. "Please!"

Fifteen minutes later, the two were on Kaworu's couch. Kaworu had pinned down Shinji and was shoving his tongue down his throat while grinding their clothed erections together. Shinji stopped him, resulting a predatory growl.

"What now?" Kaworu asked venomously. He didn't like being interrupted during their sessions.

"Could you fuck me now?" Shinji asked. "I think I earned it."

Kaworu flashed his signature grin before flipping Shinji on his stomach and groped his ass through his pants.

"Are you sure Shinji-kun?" Kaworu asked, lust heavy in his voice. "I may look like an angel, but really I'm anything but. I might hurt you."

"Too bad!" Shinji said. "I can take it."

"As you wish. On your hands and knees."

Shinji did so, allowing Kaworu pull off his pants and underwear, revealing his ass. He slapped it, earning a moan from his friend.

"You like that, don't you?"

Shinji nodded, earning a chuckle from Kaworu. Kaworu pulled down his soccer shorts along with his boxers, causing his already hard, leaking cock to spring up. He pressed the tip against Shinji's entrance. Seeing a nod as consent, he pushed his full length inside Shinji, causing him to let out one of his favourite sounds.

"I'm going to fuck you so hard!" Kaworu said.

Hearing no reply, Kaworu started to thrust mercilessly into Shinji, often making him scream in pleasure. Liking the reaction to shoving his dick up someone, along with the pleasurable amount of squeezing that accompanied it, Kaworu pushed himself in deeper, hitting a bundle of nerves which made his friend squeeze around him tighter.

"Fuck, you're so tight. It's almost like you were made for me." Kaworu said

He didn't get a reply from Shinji, probably too full of cock to think straight. All he could think about was Kaworu's dominance, manliness and his huge size. It wasn't something he'd expect from a normally gentle, kind boy like him. He loved how it was rough, yet loving at the same time. The way the ten or so inches plowed mercilessly into him, while making sure to please the other by rubbing on his prostate. With the loud grunts, wet friction and his cock being squeezed, Kaworu knew that he wouldn't last.

"Kaworu-kun," Shinji cried out. "I'm going to cum!"

"Me too."

Shinji allow himself to release onto the couch while Kaworu continuing to fuck his ass, further causing him to completely empty himself while provoking the orgasm of his friend. After regaining a bit of energy, he pulled out of the other's entrance.

"Thanks Shinji," Kaworu said, his voice immediately reverting back to its default gentle tone. "have a shower and I'll give you a reward."

Judging by Kaworu's tone, Shinji guessed that it was non sexual. Shinji nodded and disappear down Kaworu's corridor, Kaworu watching him as he left. The two continued to have fun and entertain each other all night.

Exactly like the weirdest pair of best friends you could ever imagine.