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Rey was incredibly excited: She was starting a new life today.


It might sound a bit dramatic, but she had taken such a sharp turn and decided to move into a brand new town, enroll in a brand new college, and she couldn’t be happier about the choice she made.


She got off the bus carrying a rucksack full of her clothes, her books, and a few other valuables, and began rushing through the campus. Glancing down at her watch Rey gasped: She was so truly late!


The young brunette began rushing, regularly checking her wristwatch, and was so distracted by her concern over being late that she didn’t even see the guy who just walked around the corner!


It was an instant, and all she saw before slamming into him was a dark set of hair and a long, athletic body. She fell down on her buttocks and sent her rucksack along with all her books and folders flying in the air, falling all around her.


She blushed furiously, giving the man she had run over so suddenly a sheepish, apologetic look.


“I’m so sorry!” She squealed, jumping to her feet and checking if he was ok, receiving a soft chuckle in return.


“I’m fine, don’t worry about me.” He replied, his smile so charming and sexy. She found herself blushing even further and smiling back, feeling herself get oddly lost in those bright brown eyes of his. “I’m a big boy, I can handle a pretty little thing trampling on me”


Damn, he was hot.


Rey giggled softly and shrugged, as she bent down to begin picking up the mess she had made on the floor: Her papers were everywhere!


Much to her surprise, instead of walking away, the guy knelt by her side and began helping her gather her items, offering her a welcoming grin.


“I’m Ben, by the way”


“Rey” She replied, offering him her hand and smiling widely as he took it, stretching it and finally letting go, perhaps a second or two longer than necessary.


They continued to pick everything up until it was all back in place, and Rey stood up, giving Ben a little look as he did the same thing.


“I’m sorry, you know. I could have hurt you badly, didn’t mean to.” She gave him a guilt-ridden smile “I was just in a hurry since it’s my first day here, and believe it or not, I managed to be running late already!”


She shrugged lightly and couldn’t help but add:


“Is there anything I can do to say thank you for being so nice about it and even helping me gather all my things?”


“Well, now that you mention it… Yes, there is something you could do for me” He replied, perhaps a bit too hastily. Rey gave him a quizzical look, and it was then that she realized just how he was ogling at her, looking up and down her body in a way that could only mean one thing. The way he bit his lower lip didn’t help either!


Rey knew she should have been offended even before he asked for his favor, but instead, she felt hot all over, like his look alone stirred something deep inside her.


He took her hand and instead of pushing him away, she followed behind him. Rey didn’t understand why she wasn’t reacting the way she usually would if a guy was acting this way toward her, especially after having known him all of 5 minutes! It was clear he was being seductive and wanted to get something from her, and he hadn’t even spoken the words that would have had almost any other woman slapping him across the face.


He stopped behind a tree, a few feet away from the path where they had bumped into each other. They were just out of sight, but not by much: If any other student grew curious, they could easily find them too.


“Hey, what are you doing?” She exclaimed, as Ben took her rucksack and folders and dropped them on the grass all over again. She was so confused, and yet so intensely attracted to him, all at the same time.


“Can I fuck you, please?” Ben asked, so suddenly that Rey almost felt the air sucked out of her lungs.


“Wh---What?” She asked, blinking in confusion, wondering if she had just misheard him. It was impossible that he had asked that question merely minutes after meeting her!


“Can I fuck you…” He asked again, this time resting his hand sensually against her hips, giving her a searing look that made Rey quiver with desire. “Please, Rey?”


She should have screamed at him. Slapped him. Kicked him in the balls! Do anything at all, really, but she didn’t.


And yet Rey could not help but stare deep into his eyes. They were so brown and so beautiful. He made her tremble, but not with fear: She was quivering with arousal, and she couldn’t quite understand why this was her reaction to his question.


There was something about Ben, something that felt almost hypnotic to her. Her body seemed to be screaming for her to just say yes, to just accept his request and let him fuck her. She was so aroused, filled with a desire she had never quite experienced before.


She couldn’t even utter the words out loud: It was simply too embarrassing! So instead of speaking up, Rey nodded, breathing out heavily as he smiled back at her.


Without missing a beat, Ben turned her around at once, pinning her against the tree, so her back was pressed against his body.


He let his hands wander freely over her perky, lithe body, grunting as he felt her. He enjoyed her breasts over her shirt and her round, firm ass, making Rey gasp with a mix of surprise and desire, as she closed her eyes and let this man she hardly knew explore her body.


Rey couldn’t believe what was going on! This was so unlike her! And yet she said nothing to dissuade her, and she certainly didn’t struggle against his grip. She was enjoying this in a way she couldn’t fully comprehend, a forbidden and sensual spur of the moment decision.


Ben pulled her hips back against him so her ass, round and perky, stuck out, and he grabbed at it firmly, enjoying it for a few seconds before pulling down her leggings and underwear, stopping halfway down her legs, about at her knees. She was so lewdly exposed, and Rey blushed furiously at this realization, her sex growing wetter by the second.


She glanced over her shoulder, giving him a coy little look, biting down on her thumbnail, in a mix of desire and embarrassment.


As she stared back at him, she could see him undoing his belt, and finally pulling his trousers halfway down his legs. God! This was truly happening! How could she be so aroused at something like this? It was so dirty and lewd, but she wanted it so badly at the same time!


Right then, he seemed to notice her anxiety, and he offered her a soothing, if sensual, little grin, caressing her hips hungrily.


“Don’t be nervous, Rey. Relax… I’ll make you feel so good, I promise” He whispered, and she couldn’t help but smile back at him.


She nodded meekly, and Ben leaned forward, kissing her hotly, and grabbing her hips tightly. She could feel him aligning against her soaked folds, and she gasped as he finally pushed himself inside her.


He was so big! She whimpered into his mouth as they continued to kiss. Ben was stretching her in a way that was both painful and pleasurable at the same time, and he kept his promise: He would make her feel good. So as long as she remained tense and gasped against his lips, he kept his thrusts on the softer side, giving her time to adjust to his girth. Once the pain started to be pushed away by intense, mind-blowing pleasure, Ben began to thrust into her harder, letting his cock slide almost all the way out of her greedy sex before pushing himself entirely inside her once more.


Rey began to moan loudly, her breathing out of control as he fucked her steadily, his every thrust making her quiver with desire.


"Shhh," He chuckled, as he stopped for a heartbeat. Ben remained just there, only the very tip of his cock inside her, his smirk wolfish and sensual. “You should be quiet, Rey, unless you want everyone on campus to find us here”


She nodded, and so Ben began fucking her hard again, but she immediately began moaning like crazy. Ben grunted with arousal but knew she would end up calling someone’s attention, so he covered her mouth as he continued to push himself into her.


“Doesn’t it feel so good?” He asked, whispering against her ear, nibbling sensually at her earlobe as his cock slid in and out of her soaked sex. Every time he spoke dirty to her, Rey’s pussy clenched viciously around his cock. It was clear she was enjoying it. “You feel fucking amazing… so tight, Rey… I could fuck you all day long!”


Ben could feel her so close to cumming, and he was so close himself as well, so he began to push himself against her, shoving his cock almost all the way out of her only to push himself right in again, thrusting in and out of her like a well-oiled machine, drilling against Rey as her body bounced against the tree without respite.


“Oh! Oh, Ben, I’m cumming!” She managed to squeal even against his hand. “Cum inside me, please!”


Her entire body was convulsing softly from her powerful orgasm, sex clenching so tightly around his length he had to make an effort to keep thrusting himself in and out of her.


“I’m on birth control…” She let him know, and this sealed the deal for Ben. As her sex massaged his cock through her orgasm, he finally let go and allowed himself to flood Rey’s sex, cumming inside her while kissing her so passionately her lips ached.


Moments later, they were hastily getting dressed, and Rey smiled brightly at him as he pulled her leggings up for her. He rested his hand on her cheek and leaned into her, kissing her one last time, his thumb caressing her face.


“I’ll see you around, Rey” A little wink later, he walked away, leaving Rey standing against the tree and trying to understand what the hell had happened.


She took a moment to recover her composure and gathered her stuff back again, smiling a big, silly grin. If she was late before, now she had outright missed the activity she needed to reach.


Rey stopped by a bathroom and made sure she looked presentable before rushing to the front office to be greeted for her first day.


It was there that she met two lovely students, just like herself, that she immediately knew would grow to be good friends to her. They were friendly and nice, and their smiles were earnest. They introduced themselves as Finn and Rose, and they helped her find her way around since they shared most of their classes.


“Don’t worry, we’ll show you to your dorm after the classes are over for the day,” Rose told her warmly, and Rey agreed immediately. They were being so helpful!


Later that day, her stomach was beginning to rumble, and Rey was certainly relieved when her two new friends suggested heading over to the cafeteria and grabbing themselves some lunch. They sat together at a table with their trays in front of them, along with a friend of Rose and Finn’s, who introduced himself as Poe.


They were chatting merrily when Finn rolled his eyes and nudged Rose, motioning toward the door.


“Oh look who it is.”


Rey turned around and noticed Ben walking into the cafeteria. She immediately blushed and smiled to herself. She truly fancied this guy, she couldn’t lie to herself.


Ben noticed her at once and winked playfully, making her smile brightly at him. She decided, however, it was best to keep what had happened that morning a secret from her new friends, so she played dumb and pretended she hadn’t met Ben yet.


“Who is he?”


Rose, Finn, and Poe exchanged a little look before Finn shook his head in disgust.


“Well, he’s an asshole, that’s what he is” Poe declared before Finn had a chance to speak, making Rose chuckle.


“That’s not a lie, but Rey asked who he is,” Finn replied, laughing as well, and turning to look at a confused Rey. “His name is Ben, and he is a complete asshole, just as Poe so candidly said. He seems to enjoy bullying people on campus, and he is cynical enough to pretend to be nice toward girls when they need someone to help. He offers them a helping hand alright, but only because he wants one thing in return”


“He is a complete creep” Rose chimed in, leaning in closer to Rey “If you are smart, you’ll stay the hell away from him.”


Rey bit her lower lip, feeling so stupid. That was exactly what had happened to her earlier that day. How could she be so stupid? Of course, a guy who acted like that wanted only one thing and didn’t really like her at all. He just wanted to fuck her and dump her, and she had allowed him to do it!


“Don’t worry about him, though” Finn added, giving Rey a comforting look. “He never succeeds. Everyone here knows he is a jackass. You’re smart, you won’t fall into his trap”


“No… No, of course, I won’t” Rey muttered, feeling flustered. She already had fallen for it, like a silly girl!


Suddenly, she didn’t feel hungry any longer, and she took a few token bites off her sandwich just to keep the group from asking if something was wrong.


Somehow, Rey managed to keep her true reaction to this news locked deep inside until she was completely alone. Thank goodness she didn’t have any roommates, at least not yet, and so she could have some privacy to ponder about how stupid she had been without anyone around to bother her.


She laid on her bed alone, feeling so stupid about what she had done that day!


At the same time, she couldn’t deny she was curious. Why did Ben behave that way? Why was he so much of a jerk? Had he truly taken advantage of her, or maybe.... just maybe, he really liked her?


Rey decided she needed the answer to those questions, so she was determined to find him the very next day and speak to him.


For that night, though, she had endured her share of strong emotions. It had been a strange day indeed and she felt utterly exhausted and drained by everything that happened. She fell asleep almost immediately, and perhaps against her better judgment, she dreamed about a certain dark-haired young man with beautiful brown eyes.

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Rey woke up early the next morning, lazily stretching in her bed before slipping out and taking a warm, pleasant shower. She got promptly dressed, had a quick breakfast and then rushed outside to meet with Rose and Finn, in order to go to class together.


“How are you doing today? I hope you slept well during your first night on campus?” Rose asked, as they walked into class and chose their seats.


“Yes, thank you! The dorm is really comfortable, and I don’t have a roommate yet, so it’s spacy as well” She replied, smiling warmly at her new friend. “What about you guys?”


Both Finn and Rose replied that it had been a rather uneventful night and assured Rey they had slept well. It was as they continued to chat idly about their lives that the teacher arrived, and so Finn told Rey he’d continue telling her about the pet that was waiting for him back home when the class finished.


All through the class, though, she had a hard time focusing at all: All she could think about was Ben, and if what Finn had told her about him was true or not. Could he truly be that much of an asshole? Was she utterly stupid because she fancied him?


When their lunch break finally arrived, she gave Rose and Finn just about any excuse she could think about and rushed away from the cafeteria. She needed to speak to Ben, and she needed to do it alone, find out if he was the kind of guy that Finn told her he was!


She began searching for him around the different buildings, asking herself where a guy like him could be, even peeking in the cafeteria trying not to be noticed by Finn and Rose, but she just couldn’t find him indoors. Rey pondered for a moment about where he’d go during his lunch break and finally decided to instead look for him outside. Maybe he wanted to be away from the crowds?


After searching the field and walking with no real direction around, she managed to see him sitting behind a tree, fiddling with his cellphone, all alone. He seemed not to have any friends to speak of, which was kind of sad.


Rey took a deep breath in and hoped for the best, as she made her way toward him. Was she still an idiot for thinking he looked so very cute? So handsome? She was about to find out, apparently.


“Hey” She greeted him and was certainly disappointed when Ben gave her a little look before staring right back at his cellphone, playing a stupid game without even giving her a nod of acknowledgment. “Hi?” Rey repeated, growing more impatient every passing second.


How could anyone be so rude?!


Ben didn’t even look up this time, pretending she wasn’t actually standing there. Rey could see he wasn’t even texting someone: He was just playing a game on his phone! She was outraged: The previous day he had been so attentive, but of course, he wanted to fuck her… now that he had gotten his wish right behind this very tree, he wasn’t even giving her a second look!


Rey crossed her arms in irritation in front of her chest, and finally asked him:


“What’s wrong? Why won’t you talk to me?” She wanted an answer, even if she didn’t like it. But standing there looking like a fool wasn’t what she was expecting when she looked for him all around campus!


At long last, noticeably irked, he rolled his eyes and looked up at Rey, raising his brow sharply.


“Why are you talking to me?”


“What do you mean why I’m talking to you? Why wouldn’t I?” She asked, giving him a confused look, and biting her lower lip. Perhaps there was more to him than Finn had told her?


“Well, it’s quite obvious those three idiots… Finn, Poe and whats-her-name…”




“Yeah, her. It’s obvious they told you all about me, didn't they?”


“Well, they did have a few select words to describe you, but I don’t go around listening to rumors about people. I like to let everyone show me their true colors before I make up my mind about them, you know”


Ben huffed and shook his head, clearly not too impressed by her little speech, and seemed to be just about ready to go back to his phone.


“There is really nothing to talk about. So why don’t you go to your next class and your new friends and leave me well enough alone?”


Rey pursed her lips tightly, wanting to give him a good smack on the head and get him to stop acting like an utter ass! Instead, though, she decided to confront him directly and not let him treat her any way he wanted to:


“Stop being such a stubborn asshole, ok?!” She snapped at him, and Ben gave her a somewhat surprised look as she smiled to herself. Well, she had at least managed to startle him, which was rewarding in and of itself.


She grabbed a piece of paper from her notebook and scribbled down her cell phone number, offering it to him with her arm stretched out his way.


Ben looked down at the folded piece of paper and then back at her before shrugging lightly and grabbing it. He did the same, writing down his number for her, and handing it over, which Rey grabbed promptly.


“I want to meet up with you tomorrow night at my dorm, ok?” She told him, and Ben gave her what seemed like a suddenly more interested gaze. “I’ll text you where it is later tonight.”


“Ok” He replied, nodding, and Rey was somewhat surprised he had agreed so promptly. She innocently didn’t consider what might be going through his mind, and thought maybe, just maybe, he wasn’t that bad after all. Maybe he was just misunderstood, right?


Rey was determined to give him the benefit of the doubt, and perhaps he would behave more decently when they were alone and got some time to talk.


“Great. I’ll text you tonight, then”


Just then, Rey managed to notice Finn, Poe and Rose wandering on the field, not too far from where Ben and herself were standing. She didn’t want them to see Ben and her hanging out, not yet… First, she wanted to know if there were some redeemable qualities to him or not, lest she made an utter fool of herself.


“I got to go now” She waved goodbye to him, and of course Ben didn’t make any attempt to stop her from leaving, which irked Rey as well. She thought about saying something, but she didn’t want to make things worse, as he certainly didn’t seem like the patient or sweet kind of guy. Rey really did hope there was something else to Ben. Perhaps it was because she was smitten by him, for some reason, or because she found him incredibly attractive. Maybe it was just because she didn’t want to admit to herself that she allowed a jerk to manipulate her into having sex with him after less than 5 minutes of knowing him!


She rushed toward her new friends and they began talking merrily, chatting about their lives and the classes they were taking, getting to know each other better. They were so nice, and Rey did feel a bit guilty about so adamantly keeping the fact that she not only knew, but had slept with Ben already.


It was later that evening that she finally arrived at her dorm once again. It had been a long but productive day and she dropped her bag on her bed before sitting down and sighing to herself. She wasn’t sure if she should be meeting with Ben at all, but she just needed to know: was he redeemable at all, or was he the jerk Finn warned her to stay away from?


She grabbed her cellphone and decided it was high time she texted Ben already. Better to rip off the bandage quick and smoothly rather than drag this on any further.


Hi! It’s Rey. My dorm is number 29, down the road from the library. I’ll wait for you tomorrow night, around 8.


A few minutes slipped by without any reply, and Rey began growing worried he wouldn’t reply to her at all. Just when she was getting ready to text him again or totally give up, her phone lit up with an incoming message.


Thanks. See you tomorrow.


Rey smiled to herself and placed her phone on her nightstand before changing into her nightclothes. She was exhausted: It truly had been a long day!


She slipped into her bed, covered herself with the blanket and closed her eyes, ready to call it a day. It truly took her almost no time to fall asleep at all, but her dreams were not peaceful nor easy: She dreamed of a dark-haired, handsome but aloof man all night long.

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From the very moment she woke up, Rey was anxious for the night to finally arrive. Why was she so obsessed with this guy who seemed to be a complete asshole? She couldn’t quite explain it herself, but she felt like there was something else to him than met the eye.


Rey was certain he wasn’t a complete jerk, that perhaps people misunderstood him and he’d be able to give her some explanation if they sat down and talked.


So, eager to go through her day as fast as possible, she got ready for class and searched for her friends, who were waiting for her just outside her classroom.


They sat together and began chatting happily, waiting for their teacher to arrive. The more she got to know the three of them, the more she liked them. It was clear to her that she’d grow quite close to them soon, and she was slightly worried about it for a simple reason: She was keeping a secret from them, which made sense if they barely knew each other, but soon would become a problem. She couldn’t begin dating Ben, if it got to that, and keep hiding her relationship with him from her new friends for much longer.


Soon, she’d have to make a decision, but first, she needed to speak to Ben and truly understand if there was anything behind that jerkish exterior.


As the class began, Rey could barely focus on the lesson at all, because every time she remembered the meeting she had scheduled for that very night, she grew more and more impatient. She fidgeted with her pen and daydreamed about the conversation they would have, imagining her questions and making up answers he could give her. Some scenarios were more positive than others, and she truly hoped that she got to know him better after tonight.


Finally, though, break time arrived, and Rey was greatly relieved for this fact: This meant that she had to wait only a few more hours till she could rush to her dorm to meet up with Ben. They walked together towards the cafeteria, except for Finn, who regretted having to go to the library.


“I’ll see you guys tomorrow” He explained, “I have a paper to finish and I won’t get to it unless I begin writing it soon.”


“Good luck with your paper!” Rey replied as he began walking away, and he waved back with his usual pleasant smile.


“Thanks, Rey!”


As they had lunch and began chatting idly, Rey felt her thoughts drifting away from the conversation she was sharing with Rose and Poe. She couldn’t help it, and instead of listening to the story Rose was telling, she grabbed her cell phone instead, ready to send Ben a message:


Hi! Are we still on for tonight, Ben?


A few seconds later, she received a text back and smiled noticing it came from Ben’s number:


Yeah, sure. See you tonight.


The rest of the hours before the evening dragged on so slowly Rey wanted to scream. She could barely keep herself from skipping one of her classes and simply texting him to come over earlier. Rey, however, didn’t want to seem desperate, and she needed to go through her day as if she wasn’t anxious about the night arriving.


She was certainly happy when the last class of the day was over, and she bid her friends goodbye before promptly rushing toward her dorm.


Rey arrived promptly, probably much faster than she would have any other day, given that she trotted almost all the way there.


She got in the shower and dried her hair off to make herself look nice and cute. She didn’t know what would happen that night, but she felt like it might turn out to be some kind of date if the conversation went right.


While waiting for Ben to arrive, she remembered Finn was stressing out about his paper earlier that day, and so she decided she’d text him to make sure he was doing better now and hopefully far less stressed about the whole issue!


Hi Finn! How are you doing? Did you manage to get your paper finished? I hope you’re having a great night now at least :)


It didn’t take long for Finn to reply at all, and he certainly didn’t seem relaxed at all. He sounded pissed even through the simple text format:


I’m doing terrible! You won’t believe what happened. I was busy revising my paper on the computer, almost finished with that damned paper, and suddenly the screen went black! I thought there had been some kind of glitch, but no! Ben was there, giving me that freaking smirk and looking so proud of himself. The ass switched off my computer! I lost all my progress!


Rey gasped as she read, covering her mouth with her hand. That couldn’t have truly happened! Could Ben really be that much of an ass?! After all, it wasn’t as if Ben and Finn had been arguing or anything of the sort, he just walked up to another student and turned off his computer, ruining all the hard work he had been doing.


You can’t be serious! That’s terrible!


Finn texted back a few moments later:


I told you he’s a jerk. I’m serious about you staying away from him. He’s great at using people and ruining their days if he can find a way of doing it. You’re lucky you don’t even know the guy, you know! Keep it that way, trust me. I have to get back to my paper now, I’m afraid I’ll have to pull an all-nighter!


Rey was furious! She didn’t even know how to deal with this fact. Why would Ben do something like that? It was just too random and cruel! He was coming over and all she wanted to do was scream at him and scold him for being so mean.


Just then, someone knocked at her door. Rey looked up, and for an instant considered simply not letting him in. Perhaps Finn was right and he was nothing but a jerk! But she still was certain there had to be more to Ben than met the eye, and so she stood up, determined to find out if she was right or not.


She checked herself in the mirror one last time before walking toward the door: She was wearing a cute little blue dress and white flats. Her hair, long and russet, cascaded down her shoulders and back beautifully. She had applied minimal makeup just to make herself look better, but she had always preferred a natural look.


Satisfied with the way she looked, Rey stepped toward the door and opened it, though she was certainly frowning at Ben instead of offering him a welcoming smile. She was too pissed off about what Finn had told her, after all!


Ben stood there, handsome as ever, and though he had a little smirk on his lips when she opened the door, it disappeared when he saw her crossing her arms and frowning.


“What?” He asked, raising a brow “What happened?”


Rey didn’t even let him in, giving him a sharp, annoyed look.


“I’m mad at you! Finn told me about what you did to him today. It was mean and just mindlessly cruel. I mean, what did you gain by turning off his computer while he was so clearly working hard on his paper?” She gave him a frustrated look and added “Why do you think it’s ok to bully Finn, or anyone else for that matter, in that way?”


Ben’s expression changed, and suddenly he looked regretful, staring down at the floor. He had become an expert at faking he was sorry about stuff he did while not feeling bad about it at all after all these years. Rey, though, had no way of knowing any of that, and so she believed he truly looked sorrowful about it.


“I’m deeply sorry, Rey… I won’t do it again, I swear” He mumbled, giving her a quiet look as if begging her silently to forgive him.


Rey sighed, giving him a hesitant look before finally nodding and stepping away from the door, watching him walk inside.


“Fine… but you need to stop acting this way. It’s not nice being a jerk to all those around you, you know” She scolded him a bit further, but Rey was satisfied with his reply. After all, Ben truly did look regretful.


Ben closed the door behind him and Rey turned around, beginning to walk toward the lounge to sit down and talk… but she didn’t get too far at all! In an instant, Ben stepped behind her, wrapping his arms around her lithe figure, making her gasp in surprise.


His arms were strong and protective, and it felt so nice to be grabbed in that manner, especially as he pressed her back against his chest and her ass against his crotch, making her quiver with desire. It was as if he knew exactly how to make her want him.


“Ben… what are you doing?” She asked, though she didn’t truly struggle against his touch. She liked this more than she could possibly explain. There was something about Ben that pushed all the right buttons in her, from the moment they met.


He began kissing her neck, and she stretched it for him, panting softly but trying to resist his charms.


“Ben, stop… I really need to speak to you. We need to speak about you and… ahh” She moaned as one of his hands slid away from her hips and down her leggings, the ones she was wearing underneath the pretty blue dress.


He placed two long, firm fingers on her clit, beginning to circle it, pinch it, rub it sensually, stimulating her into forgetting all about the conversation they were supposed to have. It felt so good, making her feel jolts of pleasure run up and down her body.


“Oh… oh, fuck. That feels so good…” She mumbled, heaving as the arousal grew exponentially with each new rub. She wanted him so badly it hurt!


“Bedroom?” Ben asked huskily in her ear, and Rey could do nothing but nod. How could she refuse him when all she wanted was for him to fuck her hard and nice!


Without hesitating, Ben grabbed her tightly and got her off her feet, picking her up bridal style, and making Rey giggle as they began making their way into her bedroom. He was so sensual and hot, as he laid her down on her bed. His fingers were everywhere, undressing her bit by bit, removing her dress, her leggings, her bra, and panties. He pressed his digits all over her body, kissing and licking her as he removed her clothes.


Ben kissed her deeply, playing with her nipples with his fingers as their tongues met, kissing passionately. Rey panted as he began kissing his way down her body, stopping at her breasts and making her moan from the attention he granted them. Ben didn’t waste any more time, though, nibbling at her stomach and then her hips, until finally reaching that sweet spot between her thighs.


Rey moaned out loud as his tongue sank between her folds and began lapping over her clit, flickering his tongue over it and stimulating her until Rey breathed irregularly, her breasts heaving up and down in arousal.


He began penetrating her with his fingers as he continued to lick and lap at her clit, stopping from time to time to kiss her sex, enjoying the sweet taste her skin provided. Ben didn’t stop until she was screaming and moaning his name, clenching her thighs against his head and arching her back in utter delight as an orgasm washed over her completely.


Ben didn’t give her any time to recover, though. He wanted her so badly he almost ripped his clothes from his own lean, tall body. Flipping her over, he coaxed her onto her hands and knees and began brushing and rubbing his cock, erect and aching for her body, against her inner thighs and her moist sex.


“I want to fuck you so bad” Ben whispered hotly, as he continued to rub his erection against her swollen lips and her engorged clit. Finally, though, as he felt Rey tensing wonderfully and almost pleading for him to penetrate her, he aligned himself with her sex, before pushing himself into her in one smooth thrust.


Ben began to fuck her hard, with long and steady thrusts, grabbing her hips filled with pleasure, feeling his cock tightly gripped by her velvety, soaked sex. He was fucking her so hard and fast Rey could barely think straight any longer.


Her body was still so overly sensitive from her previous orgasm that she knew another one was coming! She was moaning out loud like crazy, but couldn’t be bothered to think if anyone outside could hear her. How could she when she was being pushed closer and closer to her second orgasm for the night?!


“P---Please don’t stop!” She begged, struggling to speak coherently between her squeals and moans. “I’m going to cum again!”


That was when Ben wrapped his strong arms around her body, pulling them from her hips, and lifted her upper body up, prompting her to press her back against his chest, helping her open her legs wide with his own thighs.


“Cum for me, Rey” He hissed in her ear, nibbling at her ear as he began to toy with her breast, using his free hand to slide it between her thighs, as he began toying with her swollen little clit.


Finally, Rey lost complete control, panting and gasping, moaning out loud as she reached her second orgasm of the night, but not for one second did Ben stop moving his hips, fucking her silly.


"Oh God, Ben!" she cried out, grabbing onto him as she could, moving her hands behind her and holding onto his hips as he continued to thrust into her. Ben grunted, pinching her nipple and pushing himself into her hard, cumming into Rey with a last thrust.


Finally, they collapsed onto her bed, completely and utterly spent, drenched in sweat. Ben brushed strands of rebellious brown hair away from Rey’s face and kissed her once more, smiling down at her softly.


“You are amazing” He whispered, helping her cuddle up to him. Rey rested her head on his chest, and closed her eyes, falling asleep in his arms almost immediately, completely exhausted by the amazing sex she had just enjoyed.

Chapter Text

Rey opened her eyes lazily, only to panic a moment later: Looking at her phone, she realized she had overslept and needed to get ready in a hurry before she ran truly late! She didn’t want her friends to worry and even less so, she didn’t want to be tardy to class!


So she tried to jump out of bed, but a set of strong, firm arms kept her from wiggling away from the handsome man sleeping by her side. Or at least it seemed like he was sleeping… by the way he was holding her, it was clear that Ben was very much so awake, even if he hadn’t opened his eyes yet.


“Ben, let go… I need to get a quick shower and rush out! I’m going to be so late for class!” She protested, but Ben wouldn’t budge: He pulled her closer against him and brushed her neck with his nose, tempting her into staying with him, before slowly opening his eyes and staring at the beautiful, naked woman in his arms. “I’m serious, class starts in about 30 minutes, I’ll be very late if I don’t get out of bed right now!”


“Come on, gorgeous, stay only five more minutes” He cooed, acting all nice and sexy like he always did when he wanted something from her. His hands began rolling sensually over her body, making Rey quiver with desire.


“I really, really can’t! I overslept as it is, I can’t waste another five minutes just laying around, Ben. I’m sorry”


“Come on… you can spare five minutes, Rey” He whispered in her ear, before nibbling at her earlobe sensually and making her gasp in delight.


“Just five minutes?” She asked, moaning softly and closing her eyes as his right hand found her nipple and pinched it softly.


“Just five minutes” He promised, knowing full well he didn’t intend on keeping his word, not even for a second.


Ben had in mind doing something to her that would take far more than five minutes, and he was already too erect to let this perfect morning go to waste. Rey was incredibly hot and she was so willing to please him. Her having a kicking body didn’t hurt at all, of course.


Rey moaned gently as he groped her sensually and continued kissing at her earlobe and neck, trying his hardest to convince her, until she finally nodded with another soft groan, biting her lower lip.


This was so wrong… but Ben made it feel so incredibly good! It was so unfair… but she couldn’t find a way of resisting him, no matter how hard she might try.


“Fine… Just five more minutes” She replied softly, knowing deep down this was going to take more than a handful of seconds.


Ben didn’t waste any time getting onto what he really wanted to do that morning: He rolled over Rey, and she could feel his weight on top of her, applying a gentle pressure she found so arousing.


His cock, already erect, throbbed as he felt her bare, moist sex. Again he kissed her, and as he did, he reached between their bodies, grasping his manhood and guiding it to her sex, inserting himself into Rey’s clenching pussy.


Rey kissed him passionately, giving in to her desires, moving her hands and arms around him, pulling him closer as he pressed his body against hers, as his manhood once more spread her open. Having sex with Ben was like a drug: Addictive and dangerous. She knew, in the end, she’d end up regretting it if he didn’t show a good side to him, but she kept going back to him, hoping there was more to him than the rumors people would lead her to believe. He had to be more than a jerk!


"O...oh" She muttered, enjoying the tingling sensation his cock inside her awakened as he continued to thrust into her with eagerness and arousal.


Ben grunted as he continued to fuck her, enjoying how Rey pushed her hips up against him each time he thrust down against her, how she sank her nails against his back, how she moaned and gasped as he played with her nipples. How tight her sex was, how moist her folds were, how warm Rey was. He wanted her so badly, and he enjoyed having a fucking buddy like her to release tension every time they met.


Their bodies moved in tandem as the minutes began slipping by, and Rey completely forgot all about her class: All she cared about was the intense pleasure Ben made her experience, and she arched her back, forgetting all about the world outside.


Finally, though, they both reached their climax, moans and moist sounds filling the room, as Ben thrust forward into her one more time then held still as his cock throbbed, shooting streams of hot, thick cum into her.


Rey panted, feeling Ben’s body pressed tightly against hers as she experienced her very own orgasm, her pussy clenching and pulsating around him, her body tensing underneath his own, skin flushing as she completely gave in to her arousal.


They laid there for a blissful moment, panting in each other’s arms, until… Rey remembered what time it had been before they began having sex. She could only imagine how late it was now!


“Fuck! It’s so freaking late now!” She squealed, this time finding no resistance as she jumped out of bed and rushed to the bathroom, turning on the shower in an instant. She didn’t even wait for the water to get hot. Warm would have to suffice that morning!


She cleaned off the evidence of sex, though she would have to let her hair down to avoid her friends noticing the hickeys on her neck.


Rey rushed out of the bathroom, trying to get everything done at once: Comb her hair, dry it up, get dressed and check her phone, which had her running and jumping around the dorm as she tried to get her shoes on or find that goddamned brush that she never could remember where she last saw!


She gasped as she noticed she had 2 missed calls and more than 3 messages from Finn and Rose asking her where she was and if she was ok. Oh god no! What if they got worried and came knocking on her door? What if they saw Ben there?


Immediately, Rey texted back, to keep them from growing that concerned, as that would be a mess in and of itself.


“Ben! I have to leave right now.” She explained and saw him already getting dressed. She bit her lower lip and continued to speak as she finally managed to brush her shoulder-length, brown hair. “You can’t come downstairs with me: Finn and Rose are waiting for me… and that can be a disaster. If they see you walking out with me, I mean”


Ben didn’t seem to mind, and he just shrugged, nodding.


“Sure. I’ll wait here for a few minutes and then leave” He agreed. Rey couldn’t help but ask herself why he didn’t mind her being embarrassed about being seen with him at all. That was so strange… but maybe she’d talk to him another time about it. Perhaps next time they met, they would actually manage to talk a bit instead of just fucking around, quite literally.


That wasn't the time and place to have this conversation, though or any conversation for that matter. She was already so late it was ridiculous. So instead she waved at him goodbye and rushed outside.


When she finally met up with Rose and Finn, they looked really concerned and frowned lightly at their new friend as they began walking to class with a fast pace: It was the only way they were going to avoid being tardy!


“What happened?” Finn asked, with curiosity, but Rey tried to simply shrug it off as if it wasn’t a big deal.


“Sorry, I just overslept. I was up all night studying and I guess I just didn’t hear the alarm go off”


“You should set up a louder alarm next time” They recommended, and Rey nodded sheepishly, wishing they could stop talking about it all already!


They got to the classroom just as the teacher was stepping in, and they all sighed in relief. No matter how interesting the class might have been, though, all Rey could focus on was thinking about how she hadn’t been able to talk at all last night with Ben. She had wanted so badly to sit down and have a heart to heart, but in the end, she had been weak and given into the impulse to fuck his brains out… twice! Once last night and once this very morning. She was truly becoming addicted to him and it was a dangerous realization. Why, then, couldn’t she stop thinking about him and how utterly cute he was?


“I can’t keep doing this!” Rey thought to herself as she pretended to pay attention to the lesson the teacher was imparting “Today I’ll speak to him for sure, I’ll text him to meet during our lunch break, give Rose and Finn some excuse and finally get that talk we should have shared last night. I’ll find out once and for all if he’s a guy worth dating or if I’m just being an utter fool and letting him take advantage of me. I really need to get that answer, because I like him far more than I should. I’ve only known him all of a week, for crying out loud!”


Lunchtime finally did arrive, and Rey was sitting with her friends, thinking of what excuse she could give them to leave and what she was going to tell Ben, when she received a text. Checking her phone, she was surprised to see it was from him… Ben! Apparently he was also thinking about her. This made her smile harder than she’d admit out loud.


Meet me on the field behind the tree we chatted under the other day. I’ll be waiting for you.


Rey texted back immediately to let him know she was coming, and then looked up at Rose, Poe, and Finn, who were chatting about some homework that was due in a few days.


“Hey guys, I need to finish a paper” She explained, picking up her things. That was the perfect excuse: Being students, everyone had a paper due soon. “I think I’ll go to the library and get it done. I can’t keep procrastinating it any longer. I’ll see you later, ok?”


“Sure! Good luck!” Rose wished her, smiling warmly, and the two other students smiled as well, completely buying her lie.


Rey walked off, trying to play it cool, but as soon as she was outside, she noticed she began walking faster without even really thinking about it. She was eager to meet with Ben and hoping to finally have that conversation.


He was right there, as he said he’d be, sitting underneath the tree and waiting for her to arrive while he fiddled with his phone. She sat next to him, giving him a sweet little smile. She really did like him more than she should, didn’t she?


“Hi, Ben” She greeted him and he gave her a quick hi back. Rey, determined to get their talk on motion, began speaking about the subject she had been thinking about “So, Ben, I was hoping we could…”


But before she could utter another word, Ben leaned in and silenced her with a passionate, steamy kiss. Rey should have moved away, but she couldn’t resist it: She kissed him back eagerly, feeling herself aroused by his passion.


As the kiss broke off, he leaned in further and whispered in her ear:


“Sit on my lap, Rey”


Perhaps she should have refused, but it was hard resisting him, for some reason. She was so attracted to Ben, and she fancied him more than she was willing to admit. So she did as he asked, and she straddled him gingerly, blushing furiously as he began kissing her again.


Ben surprised her by slipping one hand down her trousers, sliding one of his fingers inside her. Rey was embarrassed and aroused when he noticed that she was wet already, aroused by his presence and their passionate making out session.


With his free hand, Ben grabbed her right hand, never breaking the kiss. It was clear what he wanted her to do as he guided it down his trousers and underpants, he truly didn’t need to say a single word…


Ben helped her wrap her fingers around his manhood, already fully erect and demanding her full attention. She hesitated for an instant, but as he kept finger-fucking her, he began moving her hand up and down his shaft, until she began following that movement on his own. She couldn’t resist him any longer, and there was something so utterly arousing about pleasuring one another out in the open like that.


She moaned against his lips, and their tongues continued to roll over one another passionately as they continued to masturbate each other with growing arousal. Her sex was slicker and tighter with each passing second, and she could feel his cock pulsating underneath her fingers… until they both exploded, a powerful orgasm washing over them right there underneath that tree. Rey was sure that if she hadn’t been kissing Ben and muffled by his tongue and lips, then everyone on campus would have been able to hear her moans and pants of pleasure.


They remained in each other’s arms for a moment longer after their orgasms, but soon it was time to return to class, and they both rushed into the bathroom near the field, to clean each themselves up. Ben’s underwear must have been a mess from cumming while still dressed, and she felt utterly drenched, but neither had enough time to return to their respective dorms and change into a new outfit.


Much later that evening, and way after classes were over, Rey found herself lying alone in bed… but still very much accompanied. She was texting Ben and had been for a while now, but they weren’t chatting about what she wanted them to… instead, they were sexting, sending each other lewd and sexual messages, one after the other. She was aroused, but also frustrated and confused.


Why on earth couldn’t she resist him?


Finally, though, too exhausted to continue any further, Rey decided to end the sexting for the night:


I’m going to bed now. Goodnight. Talk to you tomorrow.


Rey didn’t wait to read his reply: It surely would be some plead to keep going a few minutes longer. She felt too tired for any of this. Setting down her cellphone on the table next to her bed, she turned off the lights and slipped underneath her blankets, closing her eyes and sighing heavily. Rey fell asleep almost immediately, exhausted by her long -though exciting- day.

Chapter Text

This time, Rey woke up without any inconveniences, thank heavens. Without Ben there, getting out of her bed and into the shower was certainly far easier yet also far more boring. She kind of missed him in an odd way, even if all they ever did was fuck each other’s brains out. Rey was utterly fascinated by him, though, and no matter how much she tried, she couldn’t get him out of her mind.


She fancied Ben more than she dared admit even to herself, but she knew she needed to have a real conversation with him sooner than later.


Rey got out the shower and munched on her breakfast as she got ready for class, deciding what clothes she’d wear that day and how she’d style her hair. Once she was ready, she grabbed her bag, and just then, her cell phone chimed, letting her know she had received a message.


We are outside! Hope you didn’t oversleep today!


Rey smiled at this and chuckled lightly, heading downstairs where her friends were already waiting for her, just like they promised.


“Hi! Thank you for your concern” She teased them sweetly, and they all shared a laugh as they teased her about oversleeping the other day, while they walked toward their first class of the day.


“I definitely remembered turning on my alarm today. Won’t be happening again” She assured them, and Finn seemed happy to hear this. It was clear he cared deeply about his friend, and Rey liked this about him. He was someone she could definitely rely on, which made her feel bad about the fact she was keeping a secret from him.


When she got to know Ben better and could explain why she was sleeping around with him more coherently, then she’d tell Finn about it, she promised herself. She just didn’t want to have them be annoyed with her since they did warn Rey about keeping Ben away. He did sound like such a jerk to other people, but she really liked him! Surely there was more to him than met the eye!


Finn nodded and just then, the teacher walked in and began the lesson. For now, the issue of Ben was brushed away from Rey’s mind as she focused instead on the class, glad she was finally able to concentrate on something else besides him!


When the class was finally over, Rey, Finn, and Poe began making their way toward the cafeteria. Rey wanted to head to the bathroom first, though and turned to her friends as they began getting ready to get their lunches.


“I’ll join you soon, I just need to stop by the toilet real fast” She explained, and they parted ways for a few minutes. Rey didn’t take long at all: She just needed to pee and reapply her makeup, but by the time she arrived at the table they were sitting in, something had gone terribly wrong.


Poe’s clothes were covered in food, a terrible mess that he was miserably trying to clean up with a napkin and failing miserably.


“This isn’t working, I’ll have to go get changed” Poe protested, finally giving up and standing up by the time Rey took a seat with them.


“Oh, my god! What happened?” Rey asked in surprise, and Poe sighed.


“Never mind… that jerk Ben again” He replied, before giving them a little shrug “I won’t let him ruin my day. See you guys later, I’m going to take a shower and change into a clean pair of pants and t-shirt”


“You literally just missed it!” Finn explained, as Rey looked at him and Rose wide-eyed. “Ben came out of nowhere, and apparently he thought it would be oh so funny to trip Poe and make him drop his food everywhere.”


He motioned toward a cleaning lady who was scrubbing up the mess on the floor.


“Poe could have really harmed himself. That idiot has no limits” Rose protested, not feeling like having any lunch by then.


“And you know what the worst part is? Ben just rushed away laughing! That’s so pathetic” Finn added, shaking his head in annoyance.


Rey was pissed off! Ben had promised her he wouldn’t bully anyone anymore and this was what he did the very next day? That ass!


“I can’t believe it” She mumbled, thinking of any excuse to go confront Ben about this without her friends knowing where she was heading. “I’ll help you guys out with this later… but I really need to finish that paper today. I’ll be at the library for a few hours and then we can catch up, alright?”


Finn and Rose nodded, wishing her good luck with her paper, and Rey immediately rushed out of the cafeteria. She didn’t head toward the library, though! She went right outside, knowing full well where she could find Ben at by then.


Behind the tree, as he usually was whenever he wasn't in class or bullying someone, she caught up with Ben, and Rey was certainly not in a good mood!


“Why did you do that?!” She screamed at him immediately, and of course Ben played dumb.


“Do what?” He asked innocently, but she wasn’t having it!


“Bully Poe! He’s a nice guy, and you promised you would stop bullying people!”


Ben grew quiet for an instant before nodding, as if regretfully, and he stood up to stare into her eyes.


“He was mean to me, Rey. Your friends aren’t going to tell you he said nasty things to me before I made him trip, but he did. He’s not as nice as you think”


“Well, you still didn’t have to do that!”


Ben nodded sheepishly immediately.


“You are right. I messed up. I swear I’ll never do it again… if you do something for me”


Rey gave him a hesitant look, before asking:


“What do you want”


“Well… get on your knees and make me feel good”


“I---Well, ok! But only if you swear you’ll be nice from now on!” She replied, blushing furiously, but unable to avoid feeling tempted to taste him.


“I swear! I won’t bully anyone anymore” He promised, but Ben truly wasn’t being earnest at all. He didn’t mean to keep his promise, he just wanted to make Rey blow him and cum right there in public. It aroused him to no end.


Rey looked around for an instant, making sure no one was looking, and promptly got on her knees, pulling Ben’s trousers down. His cock wasn’t fully erect, but it was clearly growing thicker with arousal. She blushed softly and couldn’t help but smile to herself a tiny bit. She liked this more than she’d care to admit.


Rey grabbed his manhood and began stroking him to make sure he was stiff and eager to feel her tongue and lips around him, before leaning closer and placing her lips against the tip of his bulbous head, enjoying its warmth and taste.


The first lick was awkward, hesitant. Her bright eyes settled fully on his face, measuring his reaction. A second lick and Rey parted her lips further so he could slip deeper inside her mouth, feeling him growing stiffer by the second, until he was fully erect and grunting lightly.


Her tongue was slightly sloppy but not totally inexperienced, a dollop of drool sliding down her chin, perhaps even slightly clumsy, but she made up for it with eagerness, wrapping her full lips tightly around him and trying to repeat what she felt he enjoyed, what made him groan with pleasure.


Rey began rolling her tongue around his cock, sucking harder and then gentler until she managed a good rhythm, her head bobbing up and down his shaft with increasing eagerness.


Meanwhile, Rey’s secret was getting closer and closer to being discovered. Rose and Finn had gone to the library to ask Rey a question they had for her, but being unable to find her, they had grown worried and began searching for her around campus.


It took them a few minutes, but they finally made their way outside onto the field, and it was then that Finn managed to see Rey on her knees behind a tree. It was odd, truly, but he didn’t grow suspicious anything was amiss, at least not at first.


At least not until he saw Rey’s head bobbing up and down, and Ben leaning against the tree next to her.


Finn’s eyes went wide with shock, and he stopped flat on his feet. Rose gave him an odd look, until she discovered what he had seen, and gasped, covering her mouth in surprise at the scene unfolding before them.


To make matters worse, Ben noticed them standing there, and instead of caring for poor Rey being seen giving him a blowjob, he smirked their way and stuck his middle finger up, clearly mocking them cruelly.


Finn was ready to stomp over there and put an end to this whole messed up situation, but Rose grabbed his arm, shaking her head at him.


“No, you can’t go!” She hissed at him, knowing how humiliated Rey would feel if they walked in on that scene!


“I can’t let that idiot manipulate her like that! He clearly somehow made her fall into his trap, we need to help her”


“Not now, Finn. We’ll talk to her tomorrow” She insisted, tugging at his arm and prompting him to leave Ben and Rey alone. “It’s not the right time”


Finn sighed, shaking his head with disappointment and anger, but finally relenting, and following behind Rose.


Ben chuckled silently to himself, and grabbed a handful of Rey’s russet hair, helping her keep up her rhythm and continue to suck him off. Her tongue rolled all over his stiff cock, pressing her full lips tightly around his shaft, bobbing her head up and down his length over and over again.


Finally, though, he couldn’t let his pleasure build up any further, and his cock throbbed in her mouth, filling her with his cum as he reached his orgasm. He tensed and pushed himself further into her mouth, making Rey gag lightly, but not enough to keep her from breathing in.


“Fuck… that felt good” He moaned out loud, as he felt the pleasure slowly begin to recede. Rey stood up, cleaning up her lips with the back of her hand, and she gave her wristwatch a little look, before opening her eyes wide.


“The break is nearly over! I have to go” She exclaimed, and gave him a little smile. “I’ll talk to you later, ok?”


“Sure” He agreed, tucking his cock back into his pants, pulling them up and giving Rey a little smirk. “You were great”


Later that evening, after classes were over and she found herself all alone in her dorm, Rey found herself staring at her phone. She was getting a bit worried, to be honest: Finn would have usually texted by now to ask how her day was, but she hadn’t received a single message from him, even if she had already eaten dinner and was getting ready for bed.


Probably he was really busy, right? He didn’t have the time to be checking on her every single day. Maybe he was tired and went to bed early. That must have been it.


She decided she wouldn’t want to annoy Finn if that was the case, so instead, she texted Ben, telling him she really needed to talk to him the following day. She couldn’t keep pushing that conversation forward indefinitely!


Ben replied fast enough, telling her sure, that they could meet tomorrow. She didn’t mind chatting with him for a little while, but his following text read:


I’m kind of tired tonight. Talk to you tomorrow.


Rey didn’t really mind, as it was getting late, and she quickly wrote back:




The young student rested her cellphone on her night table and finally decided it was time to head to bed herself as well. It didn’t take her long to fall asleep at all: That had truly been an eventful week!

Chapter Text

Rey woke up the following morning, sleepily checking her phone. She fiddled with her phone for a few seconds before sending Ben a text message, asking him if he was still ok for meeting up that night.


She slipped out of her bed and began choosing what clothes to wear that day, when his reply came through. It was short and to the point, letting her know that yes, he was still on. She wasn’t really expecting anything else, but still she kind of wanted more.


Rey had developed strong feelings for him, feelings she couldn’t quite comprehend. How could she fall in love with a guy who tried to wiggle his way out of a simple conversation each time they met? She had high hopes for him, though, and she knew in the end they’d find a way to be together.


What really worried her, though, was the fact that not only hadn’t Finn sent her a text at all, but that he didn’t even seem to be waiting for her downstairs either. She was almost certain there was something massively wrong by now. She stepped outside and waited for a few minutes there, expecting Finn and Rose to arrive at any given moment, but in the end she realized no one was coming.


So she finally decided to walk alone and when she arrived at class, Rey noticed much to her surprise that Finn and Rose were already sitting there, without having even saved a seat for her.


She was stunned, and a bit hurt, especially when they looked back at her with a hateful little look, as if she had done something terribly wrong! Rey bit her lip and sat down a few rows back, deciding to ignore them for now. After all, there was nothing to be done right then and there, with the professor stepping toward the front of the classroom by then.


Rey took notes and tried paying attention to the lesson, but when the break arrived, she was stunned to realize that not only didn’t Rose and Finn approach to speak to her, but that they left without her!


What could possibly be going on?!


Determined to figure out what had happened that pushed Rose and Finn to be so mad at her, Rey walked toward the cafeteria, but whatever she was thinking about slipped away the moment she began approaching them and witnessed a shocking scene unfolding.


Finn and Rose were walking toward their table, food trays in hand, when none other than Ben rushed toward them, and without exchanging a single word, he pushed Finn forward, making him trip and almost cover himself with food just like he had done to Poe the previous day. This time, though, she was there to witness the whole mess and Finn had done nothing at all to merit such mean behavior from Ben!


“What the hell is going on?!” She cried out, rushing toward them and glaring at Ben with clear frustration.


That was when Ben noticed that he had been caught red-handed, and he opened his eyes wide, cheeks flushed as he gulped, trying -and failing- to make an excuse for his actions.


“Rey! Hey, I didn’t see you there… Finn was being a real asshole toward me, you know… I just took it out on him, because I was angry at the way he spoke to me…”


“Are you kidding me?!” Finn asked, angry and pissed off, shaking his head in disbelief. “Of course I didn’t! None of that is true”


Rey bit her lower lip and gave Ben an annoyed, incredulous look, until Ben sighed and shrugged nonchalantly.


“Fine, fine. It’s not true… but none of that matters, right?” He asked, suddenly smiling smugly much to Rey’s surprise. “Because you’ll always forgive me, no matter how much I mess up. I just need to apologize and that’s it!”


Finn frowned, giving them an incredulous look, and turning toward Rey.


“That can’t be true, right?” He asked Rey, who blushed furiously and looked away from him, but Finn wouldn’t let go of the subject “Is it true?”


Rey simply nodded silently, biting her lower lip silently. Ben chuckled triumphantly and gave Finn a smug little smirk.


“See? I can bully whomever I want, because Rey will forgive me no matter what. I win, and you lose. You tried getting Rey away from me, but she’s always going to come back to me! You are a loser, and I’m a winner. Hope you had fun redoing your paper all over again, because I’m going to be ruining your work whenever I feel like it!”


“Shut up!” Finn hissed, just about ready to walk away from them, but too angry to do it just yet.


“Don’t you see it? I have Rey just where I want her, and I’ll get her to do whatever I want, whenever I want her to!”


That was when Rey reached her boiling point. On the brink of tears, she slapped Ben right across the face, hard!


“You are a fucking asshole!” She screamed at him, her pulse racing, tears rolling down her cheeks “I can’t believe you can be so cruel!”


Rey’s friends were certainly shocked by her reaction, and Ben touched his cheek, caught by surprise by her sudden reaction.


“That hurt! What was that for?” He asked, clearly still not comprehending what was going on, as he was so certain he had her eating from the palm of his hand.


“I’ve had enough of you being so mean to everyone around you! I’m done listening to your lies and rolling over whenever you call me over!” She screamed at him, clearly hurt by his actions and words. “I wanted to help you, I wanted to be there for you! But all you wanted was to fuck me 24/7. I tried to speak to you so many times, I tried to grow closer to you, but you wouldn’t listen!”


She whimpered silently, muffling a little sob, and she continued speaking, unable to hold back her feelings any longer.


“The only reason that I kept forgiving you was that I thought there was something special about you, that underneath your stupid attitude, there was something worth saving. I fell in love with you, so foolishly, and I kept telling myself there was far more to you than meets the eye, that Finn was wrong. That you just couldn’t show everything you truly were to others, because you were too used to being the bully and the asshole!”


Ben was clearly stunned, and he didn’t manage to reply, and Rey continued speaking, blurting out everything she had been keeping bottled up inside.


“But all you seem to care about is sex and being an asshole toward everyone in campus!”


She sobbed miserably and began walking away in tears. Ben went after her, trying to grab at her arm and stop her before she left.


“Wait, Rey…” He muttered, but she pulled away from his grip, shooting him a frustrated glare.


“You have a choice to make! You can continue being a jerk to everyone and lose the only woman who’s ever loved you, or accept you need help and change your ways. I can be there for you if you are willing to make the effort and become a better person, but if you aren’t… then this is it!”


Rey stomped away from Ben, leaving him in a huff. Ben just stood there in shock, silently staring at the door Rey left through, until he suddenly broke down in tears and walked away as well. Finn, Rose, and Poe stared in utter shock, having witnessed it all and being unable to believe their eyes!


All alone, Rey made her way toward her apartment, crying her eyes out and feeling like the world was collapsing around her. She cuddled up in bed and tried to be strong, because she wanted to call Ben so badly and tell him she needed him to come over.


The hours slipped by, and it became so hard to stop herself from grabbing her phone and texting Ben, apologizing and begging him to come over. She loved him so badly, but she knew that if she gave up right now and accepted him back into her life without demanding he changed now, then she’d never be strong enough to make this decision again.


Ben needed to learn his lesson and know that he needed to be a better person, even if it broke her own heart. Not only for her own sake, but for his as well! He couldn’t be happy being all alone all the time, and having his only interaction with other people be aimed at mocking them or fucking them. He must be feeling so lonely and miserable to behave that way, even if he refused to admit it.


Rey kept checking her phone every few minutes, even though she didn’t receive any notification of a new message arriving. But Ben didn’t text her at all, and she was beginning to wonder if he ever would, or if he was a lost cause, just as Finn had warned her he was.


Eventually, Rey ended up crying herself to sleep, sobbing as she hugged her pillow, hoping that Ben would make the right decision and text her to apologize, ready to change his ways for good once and for all.

Chapter Text


Rey had barely been able to sleep at all that night. She was feeling utterly miserable, heartbroken and confused. Could it be that she truly was giving up on the chance of being with Ben? But even if she had fallen in love with him so deeply, so madly, so suddenly, was it really worth it if he didn’t change? If he kept being such a jerk toward everyone and never wanted to be with her for any other reason than to have sex with her?


She checked her cellphone almost eagerly, hoping that perhaps Ben had thought about her words and texted her, but there was nothing from him.


Truth be told, she was slightly relieved when at least Finn texted her instead. It was not the same and it did not soothe her aching heart, but at least she hadn’t lost her friends as well… that would be adding insult to injury.


Finn was letting her know they were waiting for her outside and that they’d be there when she was ready to walk outside. She sighed, getting dressed slowly, not feeling like she had any more energy left. It was good knowing that her friends had forgiven her and that she’d have someone to speak to, at the very least.


I’ll be downstairs in a few minutes, thank you


She took a quick shower and got dressed in a pair of jeans and a grey shirt, feeling really down. It was not a good day for her, not one bit. When she was finally ready, she walked downstairs and met up with Finn and Rose, who was looking at her worriedly.


“Hi… how are you doing?” Rose asked, giving her a big hug before Finn spoke to her as well. Apparently he was no longer mad, which was good news.


“Are you feeling better?” Finn asked, and Rey shrugged silently, not quite knowing what to reply to that.


“Not really… I barely slept at all and I’m really sad about this whole mess” She explained, biting her lower lip quietly. She felt so heartbroken, it was hard even speaking about the issue, so she added: “Would you mind if we didn’t speak about it just yet? I’m not feeling up for it”


Her two friends nodded, and they silently made their way to class, though from time to time Rose would gently pat Rey on the shoulder, to let her know they were there for her, even if she wasn’t ready to speak about it all yet.


They sat down in the classroom, at their usual spots, but no matter how much Rey tried to focus on the lesson being delivered by the professor, it was all for naught: She could only think about Ben, and how he probably had forgotten all about her already.


She wanted to call him so badly and apologize, but she knew that would be a massive mistake to make!


Minute by minute slipped by and somehow midday arrived, even if Rey felt like the whole day had dragged away. She was anxious and antsy, close to tears all the time, and awfully quiet as her friends and she walked toward the cafeteria.


They all gazed at her worriedly as she refused to have anything to eat, looking so frail and pale.


“You should eat some fruit, at least. It’ll make you feel better” Rose suggested, but Rey tearfully shook her head.


“I feel a knot in my stomach, I don’t think I can eat a thing” She mumbled, and shook her head at the plate being offered to her by Finn.


“Come on you can trust us… tell us what’s wrong”


Rey hesitated, but finally nodded, albeit with some reluctance, giving them a look before mumbling:


“I want to go find Ben and apologize”


“But you didn’t do anything wrong!” Finn protested, clearly frustrated by the whole situation.


“I don’t care, don’t you understand? I don’t care if I was right or wrong. I know I shouldn’t, not when he’d being such a jerk to everyone and claiming I’ll always forgive him, but I want to be with him, I want him by my side”


“You need to be strong!” Rose told her, resting her hand on Rey’s shoulder tenderly. “If he cares about you, he will make the right choice. And if he doesn’t care at all, do you really want to be with him?”


Rey broke off sobbing at that very instant, unable to restrain herself any longer, and she hung her head, silently crying as her friends tried in vain to soothe her.


“It’s ok… don’t cry. He might come to his senses and realize what he’ll be losing if he doesn’t try and change” Finn told her, hesitantly. He doubted a man like Ben could ever change, but if there was anyone who could get him to, it was a girl like Rey.


“I love him, I fell in love with him! I don’t know how it happened, but it did and now all I want to do is be with him!” She suddenly exclaimed, shocking them with her sudden admission. There was a moment of stunned silence, before Rose sighed and finally told Rey about what had happened the previous night.


“Well… Rey, Ben might feel something similar. I mean, I can’t be sure, honestly, but by the way he reacted yesterday. He started crying and just walked off. He was really affected by your words. You… maybe you managed to move him.”


Rey opened her eyes wide, giving her a shocked look. Could this be possible? Could Ben truly be hurt and regretful about what he did?


“I need to go talk to him!” Rey suddenly said, standing up in a hurry, ready to rush out the door and go look for him.


“What, Rey, you need to let Ben think about what you said. You need to make him understand that he will really lose you unless he changes” Rose reminded her, trying to convince Rey to sit back down.


“Sit down a bit, and let’s talk about it. You’ll regret looking for him next time he is a jerk to everyone around him, and even to you. Perhaps he is capable of change… but he needs to be given some time to realize this” Finn added, but Rey didn’t listen to them, she simply couldn’t!


They might be right, yes. She might be making a mistake, but she couldn’t take it any longer. And knowing that Ben had cried after she left made her realize he had to feel something deep and powerful toward her. He simply had to! Could it be that Ben loved her too, as much as she adored him?


Could it be that he cared enough to change? That maybe he wasn’t texting her because he didn’t know what to say, he didn't know how to apologize? Ben was so proud! Maybe he couldn’t even think of the proper way to begin doing it.


The beautiful brunette wandered off to the field where he always hung out, under the tree where they had shared such lewd acts, where they had touched each other and enjoyed bringing each other pleasure. Where they had sex for the first time. It couldn’t all be lust, could it? He kept going back to her, it couldn’t be because she was a pushover and he was horny.


There was more to it, more to him. She just knew it!


Surprisingly, though, he wasn’t there. And it wasn’t time for him to be in class, so it was so strange that he wasn’t there, fiddling with his phone as he always was! Perhaps he was close by, perhaps he’d be there any second!


So Rey decided to sit on the spot where she had always found him before and wait for him. Every time five minutes went by she asked herself, what would happen if she just walked off and left, and he came back only five minutes later, so she waited a bit longer, and then a bit longer still.


No matter how much she waited, though, he never arrived, and Rey lost hope that he’d be going there that day at all.


Perhaps he was fucking another woman? Perhaps he was on a date? Completely forgetting about Rey and everything they shared together? Could it be?


She sobbed silently as she walked toward her dorm, wanting nothing but to be in Ben’s arms and apologize even if she had done nothing wrong. She would gladly say sorry and make love to him if it meant they could be together.


Rey changed into her inside clothes, wanting to be comfortable, and so when she threw herself onto her bed, without having any lunch, she was wearing a pair of blue shorts and a dark sleeveless t-shirt. Rey stared at the ceiling with tears in her eyes, and she began checking her cell phone almost compulsively. Outside, it had begun raining a while ago, and it was only making her night all the more depressing. All that was really missing was sad music and it would look like a scene out of a drama movie.


But no matter how many times she checked her phone, no text message arrived. Ben simply wasn’t writing to her. Apparently she was wrong… he didn’t care about her at all, and he wasn’t going to change at all for her. He had simply forgotten all about her and went on looking for a simpler girl to deal with.


When she was ready to turn off the lights and call it a night, even if she was truly going to just be tossing and turning madly all through the night, she heard a knock on her door. She expected it to be Rose or Finn, or maybe the two of them, coming over to help her and be there for her. Though Rey was really appreciative about it, she just wanted to be alone, and she stood up to go tell them that.


When she opened the door, though, she could barely believe her eyes! Standing there was not Rose nor Finn, but none other than Ben himself, soaked from head to toe. He had been clearly standing outside for a long time, under the rain, as everything he was wearing was utterly and completely drenched!


“Ben… what… what happened, what are you doing here?” She asked, still not fully able to believe he was here for her, that he was going to agree to change for her.


Ben didn’t utter a single word, he just broke down in tears and pulled Rey tight into the sweetest, most loving hug she had ever received. Rey immediately hugged him back, not caring even for an instant about getting all wet herself as well. They held each other that way in her doorstep for a few minutes, comforting each other and finally giving Ben the courage to speak to her.


“Can I talk to you, Rey?” He asked gently, finally letting go of her, and Rey was incredibly shocked and relieved: He actually wanted to speak to her!


“Yes, of course” She immediately replied, letting him in and giving his wet clothes a little look “Do you want to change out of those soaked clothes?”


“Maybe later… now there is something I truly need to tell you”


They sat together on her sofa, and Ben held her hands, staring deeply into her eyes and asking the question he had been repeating in his mind all through the day:


“Do you truly love me, Rey?”


“I do, Ben. I truly do”


Ben stared at her silently for what seemed to be endless seconds, and finally, he smiled slowly, sighing softly and with relief.


“I’m so sorry about everything I did. About how horribly I acted. I messed up. I know I messed up. Hearing you say those beautiful words and how I’d lose you forever if I didn’t change shocked me to my very core. It made me realize how wrong everything I did was. Mocking people just because I thought it was fun, it’s wrong.”


Rey smiled softly at this admission, and for the first time, Ben seemed a hundred percent sincere about what he was telling her.


He wasn’t done speaking, though, and he continued with that same sweet tone that melted her to her very core.


“No one had ever told me that they loved me before. No girl could ever love the jerk I was, but you saw past it. I want to change, even if it takes a long time. I want to be with you, and that’s why I want to be better so that I will deserve an incredible girl like you”


Rey smiled brightly, kissing him deeply and wrapping her arms around him. They kissed for the longest time, until their lips were slightly sore, but in the best way possible.


Finally, Rey let go of him, staring deep into his eyes and whispering sensually:


“You can begin making it up to me now, you know” She teased him gently, only to receive a confused little look. Rey grinned widely and grabbed his hand, leading him to her bedroom.


Rey didn’t waste any time, pushing Ben lightly on the bed so he was laying on his back, and began to undress herself sensually, letting each piece of her clothing fall onto the floor, letting him admire her naked body. Ben grinned back, and began taking off his clothes as well, taking them off the bed and keeping it from getting any wetter.


Rey climbed onto his lap, straddling him eagerly and spread her legs around his thighs, staring deep into his eyes as she did so. She could feel his erection pressing sensually against her thigh.


“I love you, Ben”


“Oh, god  Rey… that feels so good!” He whispered back, just as she wrapped her hand around his manhood, and sinking herself onto him. She could feel him spreading her so wonderfully, making her squirm with pleasure until he was buttoned up inside her. Rey was aching for him so badly after the two horrible days she had faced alone and began bouncing on top of him eagerly, enjoying every single thrust, as Ben lifted his hips every time she pushed herself down, fucking each other in tandem.


His big, skillful hands reached for her bouncing breasts, and he grabbed them filled with desire, playing with her pink, erect nipples and moaning as she continued to jump on his cock, her sex tightly massaging his erection each time she shifted.


Ben couldn’t help but take charge after a while, though, and so his hands moved to her hips, using this new grip to help him flip them both over. Soon he found himself on top, with Rey lying so beautifully on her back, her legs now wrapped around his hips and pulling him closer against her, deeper still than before.


Ben smiled, leaning in to kiss her while he began thrusting into her with great passion and desire, fucking Rey hard as he panted against her warm skin.


“Please… don’t… stop!” She panted as she kissed and nibbled at his cheek, his neck, his earlobe, wrapping her arms around his back as well, their skin brushing against each other’s each time Ben thrust into her. “I’m going to cum!”


They ended up climaxing in each other’s arms, moving in perfect tandem as Ben filled Rey with his seed and her sex clenched around him so viciously as if milking him for every last drop.


Ben rolled over slowly, wrapping the blanket around their perspiration-covered bodies and pulling her closer to him so that they were effectively cuddling up together. This was amazing… just what they both needed.


Rey grinned to herself in his arms and sighed happily.


“I love you, Ben. I truly do”


Ben caressed her messy hair gently, and for the first time in his life he trusted a woman enough to finally let his guard down. He realized that he felt the same way, and was no longer scared to admit it.


“I love you too, Rey” He replied tenderly, and they tightened their embrace, feeling more connected to each other than they ever had before.


“You can start changing tomorrow by apologizing to my friends, you know” Rey suggested, hoping he’d agree. Much to her delight, Ben readily nodded.


“I will, I promise. This time for real”


They kissed one last time before finally closing their eyes, exhausted and ready to sleep at last. Rey smiled as she fell into a deep slumber, glad that Ben had finally made the right choice.