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Jiyeon has known, right from the first time, that travelling with Hyunjung's mother will never be something she likes.

It's stressful, and traps Jiyeon and Hyunjung in a loop of overthinking: Hyunjung'll become so burdened because of how restless Jiyeon gets, and Jiyeon'll worry about that, which eventually will increase her stress.

It's close to midnight when they retreat to their hotel room, and an hour past it when they finally settle into bed to get some rest.

They're spent and quiet, but there's serenity in their shared exhaustion; in their newfound bond, and it envelopes them gently.

Jiyeon gets under the covers first, while Hyunjung continues applying her favorite night lotion.

Jiyeon thinks about that lotion, out of all things; it has a faint scent, but it always lingers on Hyunjung's skin. Even after they finish with their duty.

A hint of flowers mixed with the scent of arousal and sweat.

It has long become familiar to Jiyeon. Comforting. And as of late, indispensable that Jiyeon's truly fulfilled when she breathes its scent deeply.

Jiyeon feels a twist in her gut then, one too sweetly burning to be considered anything but lust.

She ignores it, though. Despite having agreed to having sex more regularly now, without the goal of conception hovering over their heads, they are tired.

Come the morning, Jiyeon wakes up to Hyunjung's warmth and arm draped over her.

From the dim daylight seeping into the room, Jiyeon knows it's still early and she can let herself remain immersed in Hyunjung like this. The fact that it's not the first time they wake up tangled in each other's limbs; closer to each other than the night before encourages her.

It's nice, she thinks. Relaxing. And something she can have.

So she sighs with content and ease, and relaxes.

Hyunjung's snoring faintly, her steady breathing brushes by Jiyeon's neck. Her fingers had clutched around Jiyeon's loose t-shirt at some point in the night, and the weight of her arm is far from annoying.

Jiyeon places her hand over Hyunjung, and strokes her; basks in the ease this moment's offering.


A desire to coax Hyunjung's burdens and worries away, and replace them with that same ease she's feeling flickers in Jiyeon's heart.

Yesterday, Hyunjung's given her all to prevent any tension between them and her mother, so it's the least she can do, right?

Jiyeon leans into Hyunjung.

She's been getting similar desires for a while now, even before that step they've taken a couple of months ago. Jiyeon reasons them with: they've been together for over a year, they've been sharing something real amidst something so painfully fake. It's only natural to genuinely care about Hyunjung.

Hyunjung stirs, and in her sleeping state, she pulls Jiyeon and snuggles into her before realizing what she's doing and practically stops breathing.

Jiyeon looks beyond her shoulder, and that makes Hyunjung snap out of it.

She apologizes and withdraws her arm, but Jiyeon keeps it where it is.

"It's okay."

It takes Hyunjung a second before melting back into Jiyeon, a deep sigh escaping her lips.

"Go back to sleep, unnie, there's still time," Jiyeon tells her, stroking her reassuringly.

Hyunjung fidgets a little, but eventually, she settles.

"Good morning," Hyunjung mumbles into her hair.

Jiyeon smiles. The sheer serenity wrapping them right now draws a memory, that's far from serene, to her mind.

The first time they shared a hotel room Hyunjung had offered to sleep on the luxury couch. It had been early in their marriage, and Jiyeon had been eyeing the huge bed warily without her notice.

When she heard Hyunjung's words, she immediately shook her head, surprising herself.

"Don't be silly, unnie," she had told Hyunjung nervously.


Hyunjung holds her middle tightly.

Holds her. Not her clothes.

She hugs her and, unexpectedly, it delights Jiyeon how comfortable it feels.

"Do you think your mother would notice if we skipped the celebration?"

"I think she'd notice if we even thought about it."

That brings them laughter, and for Jiyeon, a tremendous amount of relief.

In their joy, Hyunjung accidentally tickles her.

Jiyeon gasps, curling onto herself, onto Hyunjung's hand along with it because of all thing; the lust Jiyeon has ignored last night is now provoked.

"Unnie, don't move."

"What— what? What's wrong?"

"Uh. Nothing, just... just stay still for a second."

"Oh, all right," Hyunjung sounds confused, but she complies.

Jiyeon does her best to stifle her need.

In her attempt, she presses hard on Hyunjung's hand; no doubt intimately, allowing that lust to swiftly expand within her and pool in her pussy.

Jiyeon tenses further, unintentionally clenching her thighs together.

"Jiyeon, are you all right?" Hyunjung asks worriedly. "Tell me."

Tell her that she's so horny?

She clears her throat, accepts the heat in her cheeks.

She can tell Hyunjung this.

"I'm a little aroused," Jiyeon admits with a sigh, lying on her back and releasing Hyunjung's hand. "Since last night, but I was so tired. We were so tired."

Hyunjung keeps her arm where it is, and when Jiyeon finishes, she brings Jiyeon closer to her as if there's still room.

"Are you still tired now? I'm not."

"Unnie," Jiyeon whimpers instantly. "We shouldn't. We can't be late."

"We won't, don't worry." Hyunjung lowers her hand to Jiyeon's groin.

Hyunjung waits for her to accept her offer, and places a long, genuine kiss on her temple that somehow weakens Jiyeon's resolve then leaves a tremor in her thighs, urging them to part for Hyunjung.

Hyunjung firmly pulls Jiyeon's panties down, and buries her face in her neck as she strokes her skin.

Relief is immediate, washing over Jiyeon.

Jiyeon can't help but rock her hips in need. "Unnie, hurry, please." And when Hyunjung gives her what she wants, she mewls.

Hyunjung's gentle and tentative, but she's finally touching her pussy.

Hyunjung's breath catches the moment she feels Jiyeon's wetness. She starts spreading that wetness with purposeful slowness that easily gets Jiyeon trembling (and quickly enough, frustrated).

"A little?" Hyunjung whispers in a sensual voice.

Jiyeon whines, turning her face to Hyunjung.

She's already too far gone to process anything beyond how Hyunjung is flushed, and how her eyes fixating on her make Jiyeon blush and seek hiding in her shoulder.

Hyunjung welcomes her with another kiss on her temple.

Jiyeon's heart swells with sweetness and hesitantly growing affection for Hyunjung. She reaches for Hyunjung's wrist; digs her fingernails into flesh. A plea of some sort in her force.

Hyunjung keeps her cruel pace, though. She keeps drawing circles on her pussy with no regard to how hungry Jiyeon is. She dips her fingertips inside just slightly before refocusing on her swollen clit.

Jiyeon whimpers; writhes. "Unnie, this is not how we make it on time!"

With her other arm, Hyunjung holds her tightly. "Trust me."

Hyunjung isn't teasing her, she is working her up thoroughly, Jiyeon realizes when Hyunjung adds pressure as she rubs her pussy. The sensation now is greater and hotter and holds the promise of relief.

And when Hyunjung plunges two fingers into her tight heat, Jiyeon's embarrassingly ready to burst.

Jiyeon gasps from sheer pleasure and Hyunjung is no longer slow.

She thrusts deep and strong into her until Jiyeon's dripping and quivering and begging Hyunjung to not stop.

Hyunjung doesn't, she skillfully adjusts her hand so that Jiyeon can grind her clit on the heel of her palm with each thrust.

Hyunjung's hand will definietly ache later, but for now, she generously lets Jiyeon ride pleasure to her heart's content.

Jiyeon doesn't realize how loud she's just moaned until quiet returns once energy leaves her.

She's panting and shuddering in aftershocks, still embraced reassuringly by Hyunjung.

"God, unnie," Jiyeon lets out, covering her face with her hands while Hyunjung hugs her, her fingers still moving in and out with care. "I... I needed that."

"Glad I could be of help," Hyunjung says, a smile unmistakable in her voice.

Hyunjung nuzzles into her flushed skin, it gives Jiyeon even more satisfaction and urges her to close her eyes and rest. She can practically feel stress and tension dissolving from her mind and body, and so she only wants the same for Hyunjung.

"Your turn now," Jiyeon says without opening her eyes, still breathless.

"You don't have to."

"We're not leaving this room until you come," Jiyeon says, caressing Hyunjung's thigh.

"You just said we can't be late."

"And we won't be if you start taking off your clothes."

Jiyeon's still numb, but she refocuses and takes her panties fully off. Her shirt follows next.

Hyunjung watches her with hesitation for only a moment before pulling her blouse over her head. Jiyeon kisses her the moment she can, and helps her out of her shorts.

Hyunjung rushes to position herself between Jiyeon's thighs.

She's trembling, Jiyeon notes, her skin is surprisingly so hot. Her cheeks redder than a second ago and eyes glinting with want under the brightening sunlight.

She looks... mesmerizing like this.

Jiyeon brings her down for another kiss.

Blonde strands tickle Jiyeon's face, and she brushes them behind Hyunjung's ear naturally and expertly as though they've been this comfortable with each other right from the start.

Perhaps they have. If only for fleeting moments.

Jiyeon invites Hyunjung deeper into her mouth, sucks on her tongue and nips at her lip.

Hyunjung whimpers the moment she feels Jiyeon's pussy against hers.

As for Jiyeon, she gasps. She's sensitive, but Hyunjung's so careful and gentle that it brings her pleasant sensation rather than discomfort.

And when she realizes how wet Hyunjung already is; how soft her body feels, and how warm her pussy is, she encourages her to start her pace.

Hyunjung takes a fast pace; short and strong thrusts that are exactly enough to give her what she needs. A quick get off.

That's why it doesn't take long before a gush of hot arousal leaks onto Jiyeon, distracting her.

It rekindles her lust easily.

Hyunjung leans down to kiss her whenever she can, but eventually favors maintaining the good angle.

Jiyeon watches her through half-lidded eyes. She touches her chest and tweaks her nipples, but her eyes remain on Hyunjung's face, enchanted by the flimsy restraint Hyunjung has on her expressions.

It's familiar, that restraint. It's alluring in its own way even though its purpose is to muffle moans and whimpers and prevent the curves of pleasure from painting her face.

Because they are strangers, Jiyeon knows, then corrects herself.

They were strangers. Now they are... something nicer than that.

Hyunjung notices her fixed gaze at some point, and it must've made her nervous because she jerks unsteadily, whimpering.

Jiyeon clenches her jaw as the sudden pressure teases her with satisfaction. She attempts to resist her soaring lust to focus on Hyunjung's, but when Hyunjung can't seem to find her steadiness again and her movement turns faster, rough, she gasps in discomfort, her hand darting to Hyunjung's hip to stop her. "Unnie, slow down."

Hyunjung immediately panics, pulling back that it feels like a literal loss. A cold and cruel one.

Jiyeon presses onto her with her legs, indicating for her to stay where she is. "Wait, wait."

"I... I apologize." Hyunjung's so shocked and so tensed, heaving with nervousness and tension.

Jiyeon holds her face and shoulder with reassurance. "It's okay, just go slower," Jiyeon whispers.

She's close, Jiyeon can tell from her trembles.

Hyunjung lowers her head but doesn't return to her position.

"Unnie," Jiyeon calls for her to look at her, stroking her cheek. "You didn't hurt me, I promise."

"I apologize, Jiyeon. That was careless of me—"

She's still rigid, and so Jiyeon can only try to soothe her. She sits upright and kisses her lips, then jaw and neck. Deep and sultry kisses that almost get the job done.

She pushes Hyunjung into her back and climbs on top of her.

"We'll have a lot of things to worry about later. Going hard all of sudden isn't one of them, unnie," Jiyeon tells her between kisses.

"Even so, I should've been more careful, Jiyeon. Nothing can excuses my carelessness and selfishness."

Jiyeon peers at her with a frown. "Are you being serious right now? The angle got wrong, unnie, that's all. It happens. It literally happens to everyone." Jiyeon hovers over her, holding her gaze firmly. "I know you didn't mean to go rough, and I want you to freely get the pleasure you want. That's not selfish, unnie. Stop worrying."

With that, Hyunjung relaxes a little.

"Are you sure you aren't hurt?" Hyunjung asks worriedly, reaching her hand between them to cup Jiyeon's pussy, to caress it gently.

Jiyeon breathes in relief, trying so hard not to melt into Hyunjung or rock her hips. It's challenging, really, and before Jiyeon can find her focus to reply, the alarm goes off.

Both of them flinch, but Jiyeon recovers first and shuts it off.

She sighs. "I'm not hurt."

Hyunjung doesn't stop her comforting massage on Jiyeon's pussy and inner thighs, and Jiyeon wants to surrender to it, to that gentleness, but she wants to get Hyunjung off more.

She wants to return to the comfortable moment they've been sharing, and not dwell on the fleeing thought of whether Hyunjung got so worried because she's usually like that in bed or because there are barriers between them still.

"Let— let me do it," Jiyeon says.

Jiyeon moves Hyunjung's hand away, and after a moment of internally debating which position to go with, she settles onto Hyunjung's thigh; her pussy against Hyunjung's.

They haven't done this position before.

Jiyeon being on top and Hyunjung finishing that way.

"Is this okay?"

Hyunjung nods immediately, bangs sticking to her forehead. She reaches to hold Jiyeon, and keeps her bent knee pressing against Jiyeon with warmth.

Jiyeon thrusts gingerly, and then again.

It feels strange at first, but soon, it starts to feel both different than when it's Hyunjung the one being on top, and exactly the same.

Jiyeon finds herself liking it a lot.

She leans forward, supporting herself on her hands, and starts moving with resolve. Starts riding Hyunjung's groin, starts rubbing their pussies properly.

Hyunjung's so flushed, and there's urgency in her grip.

She's trying so hard not to affect Jiyeon's pace, Jiyeon realizes, and quickens it for her.

She goes as hard as she can, and Hyunjung grunts in crumbling calmness; eyes fixed on the point where they connect beautifully.

She's pulsing, her body burning with lust that Jiyeon eagerly tries to sate.

Jiyeon can't look away now, too, her lips part in amazement at the way their bodies slide together.

The sound of their wetness, their gasps, and the pleasure Jiyeon feels pooling right in her clit makes her rock her hips even harder.

Hyunjung must've taken that as good sign because now she helps her move harder, moves her own hips to meet Jiyeon's thrusts, and that what brings Jiyeon over the edge so suddenly.

Jiyeon chokes on her moan, but she doesn't stop thrusting.

"Unnie," she whispers, "that's it, yes. Don't stop, don't stop."

She absently touches Hyunjung's breast, flicking her thumb over its sensitive peak before pinching it so hard.

The groan she draws out of Hyunjung is loud and gets stuck deep in her throat, but that pinch gets Jiyeon what she wants.

Hyunjung coming with her.

Hyunjung's orgasm hits her strong, Jiyeon watches with awe as Hyunjung rubs herself onto her unabashedly, grunting with each thrust as come nicely paints their groin.

It's a rare sight, really, and to no one's surprise, Hyunjung turns redder than ever once she comes down from her high.

She's breathing heavily; trembling as she tries to collect herself.

But she doesn't withdraw her hands from her body, Jiyeon absently notes the soft and soothing warmth on her hips.

Jiyeon leans forward; still recovering from her own orgasm. She leans in and takes the nipple she's just pinched in her mouth to suck on it gently.

In response, Hyunjung whimpers, holds her tight and seeks any more friction she can get against Jiyeon's thigh with long and firm thrusts.

Jiyeon smiles around the nipple, locking eyes with Hyunjung.

Hyunjung gapes at her, and when Jiyeon worries the hardened flesh between her teeth before sucking on it one more time, she shudders.

"Jiyeon, please."

Jiyeon releases her nipple, a thread of her saliva connects them for a second.

Hyunjung watches her the entire time, her chest heaving.

"I was just returning the favor," Jiyeon mumbles with fake innocence. "How was it?"

Hyunjung's answer comes after a moment of suspense.

She flips them over and pins Jiyeon to the mattress.

Jiyeon yelps, yet readily accepts Hyunjung's full weight on her. A proud grin lingers on her lips.

She's unintentionally provoked Hyunjung and it feels so nice to have her like this; breathing fast and shallow, tensed and warm.

Eyes darkened with lust.

She doesn't like the worry that seeps into her features next, that makes her loosen her hold around Jiyeon.

"Really good," Hyunjung finally replies. "I... uh, it was really good. Really..."

The change tugs at Jiyeon's heart painfully.

They've just been so wonderfully burning in rapture, and now it feels as though all the heat and passion are evaporating as Hyunjung struggles to settle on top of her.

"Mindblowing?" Jiyeon supplies brightly, albeit with lesser-than-usual eagerness. "I don't accept anything less than mindblowing, unnie."

She's joking because that's usually how she solves the sudden awkward moments between them.

And usually, Hyunjung will immediately relax and smile and things will go back to comfortable.

But now, Hyunjung meets her eyes and there are tears gathering in them.

"Yes, it was that. It really was, Jiyeon. I... we should get up. Get ready..."

Jiyeon is at a loss of what prompted the change or the tears, but Hyunjung doesn't untangle herself from her, doesn't hide her falling tears nor attempts to avoid Jiyeon's eyes. She genuinely seems confused and unsure.

Jiyeon's heart is pained at all of it, and it only gets worse with each word Hyunjung lets out, so with fleeting confidence that she can see Hyunjung like this and she can comfort her, she pulls Hyunjung into a hug.

Hyunjung accepts it after a moment of stillness.

"Unnie, it's okay," Jiyeon whispers.

With that, Hyunjung buries her face in Jiyeon's neck, sobs catch in her throat and eventually escape.


Jiyeon's heart is worried, but she can only tighten her arms around Hyunjung and soothe her with caresses and soft whispers. "It's okay. Let it out, it's okay. Trust me. I'm here."


When the moment passes, Jiyeon doesn't ask about what happened. She doesn't ask while they prepare for the event in silence, either, nor when they are ready to leave.

But Hyunjung tells her. They're a tad late and Hyunjung's mother's staff is waiting outside their room, but Hyunjung steals a moment for them.

"I liked it so much. Sex. Earlier," she starts, honest and blushing. "It felt like... it felt like everything was all right. Real."

Jiyeon finds herself agreeing. "It did."

Sweet heat sinks into the pit of her stomach then, and a desire to kiss Hyunjung; to feel her one more time, beams under her skin.

Jiyeon wonders if she can just step closer and satisfy that desire. Hyunjung looking at her with fervor that clashes with evident hesitation certainly doesn't help her decide. It only fills the space between them with tension and restlessness.

As if the staff heard her wondering, Jiyeon's cut off from deciding by knocks on the door.

They spend the entirety of the event tensed. They remain close, practically attached to each other, but undeniably tensed; skin prickling with lingering need and passionate lust.

Jiyeon realizes that later that day. When they're supposed to pack and check out, but end up fucking with serene yet (arguably) embarrassing ardor.