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Let the hope shine before tomorrow

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So before we start this fanfiction i want to say i do not own anything form the harry potter universe i do not claim i own any character or magical creatures there will pop up in this story...

 sometimes i be wrong, something i will chance becurse i don't like it too much….

 THIS is my first fanfiction ever and English is not my native language so there will be some spelling mistakes, maybe some major mistake along the way (i sorry for them beforehand)

I will bring some original character along for the ride 

things will be a little confusing from time to time and i would ty my very best to not confuse your guys  (and ladies) to much







It was a cold summer eve the temperature was little under what was normal for a summer day but that wasn't the weirds thing that day, an elderly man in a funny purple rob was walking down a dark ally it wasn't normal to see a man like this in a neighborhood like this but nobody paid any mind to him as he walked up to a door at the end of the ally, the elderly man knot the times on the door an waited for more then 10 minute before a hard-looking man riped the door open "what do you want now? haven't i suffered enough allready? haven't o done enough for you old man?" the voice of the man was hard and cold and the brown almost black eyes were looking at the older man with so much hate in then that it made the older man take a few steps back "Please let me speak it important, you know i would never come to you if it wasn't a matter of life or death" a second pasted before the younger man sighed and step to the side so the other man was able to pas by him "ok out with it old man.. what is it there are so important that you seek me out after 20th years ?" the elder man pas by him and walked to he entered the living room "I need you son at Hogwarts this year, i fear that Potter boy is in more danger than ever and with your sons unique skills he will be more helpful to the boy then even i can" a bitterly laughed sounded from the younger male "So now you want to use my boy for you greater good nonses ? i can't believe you Albus you know that he does not know anything about the magic world, and you know that i don't even get to see him after everything.. You promised me after what i did for you last time that he would never be dragged into any of you schemes. he is not another pawn you can use the way you like. I left him to protect all my enemies and you know this so how is he gonna help this boy pawn of you when he does not know that he even has magic? i blocked all that away the day he was born" the elder man sighed deeply "I can't tell you but believe me he can help, i can feel it in my old bones that you boy can help the greater good an i desperate so i need all the help i can get, the dark lord would rise again if the potter boy don't get the help from your son" the younger man look defeated and like the world rested on his shoulder alone "Fine old man but I'm coming back to and the boy is going to live with me no matter what it time my son knows his dad.. not even you can stop me. After all, you to broke a promise so it only fair that i do to, you ganna do all in your power to give me a job at that blasted school" the older man sighed he knew it was coming but that didn't mean he likes it for second but maybe, just maybe he could use it for the greater good. Yes, he would found a way to get this man to once again be a part of his bigger plans. 


Little did he know that the younger man had only waited for a chance to get back to the magic world so he could show the world what kind of man Albus Dumbledore really was and the best thing was the old goat though that he would get him to join all that 'grater god' crap he always talk about, he would get a real eye-opener that was for sure, an he even got to see his son after 13 years it was indeed a good day for the younger male he could finally hey his sweet revenge *oh Albus i hope you ready to lose all what you love,, for here i come and not even Fate can stop me from getting my  revenge now*..