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Red Neon

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From behind the doors, Dabi can hear the roar of a crowd. Their feet stomping against the concrete reverberates throughout the small building. He stands in the back of the room, leaning against the corner and watches the rest of his group laze about. Dabi takes a breath in and slowly breathes out.

Toga and Twice are splayed out on the floor, chatting away excitedly- even their enthusiasm can’t crack the tense aura that’s settled around the room. Spinner cracks his knuckles and nervously swallows. Shigaraki remains silent and still but Dabi can tell that the chanting of the crowd is starting to pay its dues. He only smiles, tonight will be fun.

All their heads swivel as the back door opens and Giran steps through. There’s a flicker of orange as the older man lights his cigarette.

“Alright, we all know that this is the big night. I don’t believe that I need to explain why it’s important for you punks to win. Whose turn is it to do the motivational speech spiel?”

“Dabi.” Shigaraki murmurs from the sofa, barely looking over to Giran.

“Oh,” Giran slowly glances at Dabi and shakes his head. “Of course, well… it can’t be any worse than last time.” Dabi scoffs and pushes off from the wall, uncrossing his arms and looks to everyone.

“Fuck shit up. Don’t crash and most importantly, don’t lose.”

“I mean, it technically wasn’t worse than last time.” Spinner remarks, earning a bout of giggles from Toga and Twice. Dabi only rolls his eyes and squares back his shoulders. Shigaraki stands up, cracking his neck and motions everyone to follow him. Dabi reaches a hand into his pocket and runs his thumb over the teeth of the key.

As the door is pushed open, the thunderous roar of the crowd fills Dabi’s ears and he fights back the need to roll his eyes. Through the darkness of the night, he sees flashes of cameras and chants of racers’ names.

He’s only here to bring down his father’s team and he couldn’t care less about adoring fans with stars in their eyes. He’s here for victory and victory only.

“Wanna wave to your old man? Endeavor! Yo!” Twice throws an arm over Dabi’s shoulder and waves erratically to the fiery man standing on the balcony. Dabi slowly looks up and offers a sly grin, flipping the man off- his smile only growing as his father frowns and his fiery beard flares with anger.

“That’s not very nice, Dabs.” Twice hits Dabi over the back of the head before bringing up both hands and flipping off Endeavor with a cackle. “Fuck you Endeavor!” Dabi merely clicks his tongue and ducks away from Twice, running into Spinner.

“Watch it, discount Freddy Krueger.” Spinner mutters. Dabi tilts his head and smirks over at him.

“Aww, why is little Spinner so nervous tonight? Don’t you got the power of anime and Grand Theft Auto on your side or somethin'?” Spinner shoots a glare over his shoulder and punches Dabi on the shoulder.

“Of course I’m nervous you idiot!" Spinner ignores Dabi's second question. "Don’t you know who’s here tonight?”

“Besides my shit stain of a father? Nah.” His smile only grows, he can just imagine the steam escaping from Spinner’s ears. Of course he knows who’s here, anyone that had been following the street racing scene for the past few years knows of Stain.

“Are you completely out of your mind?! I thought you were a fan of Stain!” Spinner hisses and points to a thin man with wild hair and a frown. He can’t hold back a snort, seeing Stain standing next to Endeavor. Both men are clearly uncomfortable and that only lifts Dabi’s mood more.

“Well… why don’t you go and say hello then?”

“You are completely out of your mind! One can’t just say hello to Stain!” Spinner huffs and stalks away from Dabi, standing at his car. Following suit, he takes place next to his own car. Digging through his pockets, Dabi pulls out a cigarette and lights it, his blue fire illuminating the cars around him.

“Well, well, well. Didn’t know if you were gonna show up tonight or not.” A voice notes and Dabi looks over to see Hawks. He looks the winged man up and down, taking a long drag of his cigarette before blowing the smoke up into the air.

“‘Course I was gonna be here, I’d never pass up on the opportunity to piss off the old man.” Hawks laughs and leans against the side of his own car, taking the cigarette from Dabi and tosses it to the ground before he crushes it underneath the heel of his shoe. Dabi looks from the cigarette and up to Hawks with a quirked brow.

“That was my last one, when I win, you’re going to buy me a new pack.”

“When you win? Please, we all know I’m the fastest driver in the country. Good luck winning.” Hawks winks and puffs up his feathers. Dabi only shakes his head and leans in close.

“Just remember, little bird, the faster they drive- the quicker they crash.” He pulls away with a chuckle. He’s about to say more when the crowd falls silent and high heels click over the pavement. Dabi’s eyes linger on Hawks for a second more before he turns to see Midnight walking towards all of the racers.

Black thigh high heels shine against the bright street lights and the ruby red of her lipstick curves up into a smile. Jutting her hip to the side, everyone unlocks their cars. Dabi’s door slides open with a soft hiss, turquoise lights and loud bass music greets him.

“Hey big bird.” Hawks glances over to him and Dabi’s smile grows. “When I win, I’m expecting an apology.”

“In your dreams, Dabi.” Hawks sticks out his tongue, the silver barbell of his piercing glinting from the streetlights above. Without another word, Hawks goes into his car- shutting the door. Dabi chuckles to himself and runs a hand through his hair.

“Hey, lover boy, snap out of it!” Toga giggles from his other side, sending him a wink before she ducks into her own car. Dabi says nothing, climbing into his car.

His long fingers wrap around the steering wheel and he revs up his engine, smiling at its low and rumbling purr. Flicking on his headlights, Midnight is bathed in the glow of everyone’s lights and she raises the black and white checkered flag. There’s a pause and Dabi’s foot hovers over the gas, waiting.

As the flag cuts through the air, tires squeal against the pavement and smoke rises up. Mixed with the cheering and screaming of the crowd and the tires squealing- it sounds like a sweet sympathy to his ears. Dabi rolls down the window as he takes off, laughing as the gust of air ruffles his hair. Sticking out his hand, he flips off the drivers behind him. A car’s honk makes him laugh more as he continues to drive.

His mind is filled with the thumping bass that almost seems to seep into his being and he feels as if his heart is beating to the beat of the deafening bass. As the singer starts, her voice fills him with energy.

Living the life of a drag racer is exhilarating and he lives for the adrenaline rush. Tightening his grip on the steering wheel, he drifts to the right- his tires screeching in protest. Glancing up to the rear view mirror, he sees the sleek outline of Miruko’s white car catching up to him. He clenches his jaw, Hawks is already ahead of him and now Miruko is almost grill to bumper with him.

His worry melts away when both Twice and Toga appear on either side of Miruko and box her in. They quickly fall back into the distance as Dabi’s floors it. He knows this route like the back of his hand and could drive with his eyes closed and one hand behind his back.

“There you are.” He announces to nobody as he spies the red neon of Hawks’ back lights. It takes only a moment to catch up to him and they’re driving neck to neck. Dabi lets out another bark of laughter as his car starts to gain the upper hand.

Rain begins to pelt down from the sky until all he can see is the blurred lights of his headlights against the downpour. There’s a bright flash behind him as he breezes through a red light. He doesn’t give it any more thought because the next moment, he’s hydroplaning. Fighting to keep everything under control, Dabi mutters a string of curses underneath his breath as his heart thunders against his ribcage. Adrenaline courses through his veins as he allows his instincts to take over.

Dabi regains control and furrows his brows. He pushes forward with the same intensity, he will not lose. Not to Hawks, not to Miruko or anyone on his father’s team. He will fight tooth and claw and come out as the winner. Not learning his lesson, Dabi continues to careen down the silent streets of sleepy neighborhoods. There’s always multiple headlights just behind him, haunting him like ghosts.

Skidding around the corner, he spies the finish line. Hawks manages to catch up to him and once more they’re neck to neck. Dabi glances over to Hawks and shakes his head. His fingers clench so tightly against the steering wheel, his knuckles are a stark white.

In a second, the race is over, Dabi wins by just a hair’s breadth. In another passing second, everyone else passes through the finish line and Dabi clambers out of his car. Standing next to his car, the cheering grows louder and louder as the rest of his team congratulates him. They all clap him on the back and Dabi glances up to the balcony to meet the enraged glower of Endeavor. Now, he can fully bask in the glory of his win.


Dabi stands in the silent room, the others in his team had gone out for a celebration party at the sushi place around the block. He’s not the biggest fan of parties or sushi so he decided to hold back, wanting to meet up with someone else instead.

“Do you know that your smokes are just about damn near impossible to find?” Hawks grumbles, shutting the door behind him and tossing the pack to Dabi. He catches out of reflex and pockets them without a ‘thank you’, instead, he looks over his shoulder to Hawks and leans against the wall.

“Let’s forget the smokes, how about that apology?” He asks, slyly smiling as Hawks slowly struts up to him.

“You barely even won and you almost ate shit back there. What happened to 'the faster you drive, the quicker you crash?'” Hawks retorts, trailing his fingers over the collar of Dabi's jacket.

“I still won though, now how ‘bout that apology?” Dabi’s arms wrap around Hawks’ waist and pulls him close to him. Hawks only chuckles, leaning against him and pushing him until Dabi’s back is up against the wall.

“I’m rather bad with words, maybe I should show you instead.” Hawks’ fingers feel like ice against his hot skin. He hums happily as Hawks’ lips crash against his own. Even while he originally just wanted to win to piss off his father, Dabi starts to think that this is a much better reward in the end.

His lips brush against the crook of Hawks’ neck, earning a low and breathy moan from the man. Quickly swapping, he pins Hawks’ arms above his head and places a knee between Hawks’ legs.

Yes, he thinks, this is much better.