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This is a segment called: drabbles

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What was that? Who was that?
He knew the answer to both those questions, but that didn't stop him from asking them in his mind anyway.

Pat. Patrick Gill. His hair. What.

Okay, so Pat did tell them all yesterday that he was going to get a haircut. That didn't mean Brian was ready for this?

It was way shorter than before, but it definitely suited him. The little floof in the front was still there, so he didn't have to mourn how he would never get to run his hands through it. Not that he would ever get the chance to do it anyway, it's not a normal question to ask your friend. "Yeah hey there buddy- ol' pal, can I just casually run my hands through your hair? Totally platonically I swear!" Like no, that is not a thing you do, especially not with your co-worker who happens to be 7 years older than you.

Shit- he had been staring for way too long. What was he going to say? "I'm just admiring how good it looks!" Not happening. He was not going to embarrass himself that much today.

"Nice haircut Pat, a little shorter than I expected but cool anyway!" So that's an example of how to sound like you're completely in love with the guy, fuck.
"It makes you look like you're not an old man anymore! Great choice!" Nailed it..?

Pat didn't even care to answer him as he walked past Brian towards his desk.

Except for a little "you're not very quiet when you mumble to yourself."