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I’d Rather Be Alone

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Every bad path starts with one terribly bad decision. My bad path started with one bad decision named John Reid that started a chain reaction of bad decisions I like to call "drugs fuck you up".


One thing I must state before we continue is; John Reid did not ruin my life. I ruined my own life. Of course it would have been a lot more difficult to ruin my life had it not been for the wonderful helping hand of John Reid, but never the less, I ruined my own life. John Reid did not force me to do drugs, John Reid did not force me to cut off all my friends, and John Reid did not force me to act the way I did. John Reid was an excuse for me to be the way I was.


Now, I know you're not here for my bullshit speech about how you don't want to end up like me, so lets start this whole story off at an earlier time. This starts a few months after John made me talk to my mother, our relationship has been relatively torn apart and my music is still as popular as ever.