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Happy Birthday Kakashi!

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Kakashi had received a message several weeks ago informing him that he had the weekend of his birthday off, and that a private room at an onsen several villages away had been reserved for him, all expenses paid.

His friends spoiled him sometimes.

Or, worried about him.

Still, he generally didn’t like to do anything for his birthday and preferred to be alone, so why not be alone somewhere fun and free?

And so, he had packed accordingly and was ready to leave two days before his birthday. First, a stop at the Memorial Stone, naturally. He received well wishes from his friends and loved ones there, and expressed how much he wished they were there in person with him today and on his birthday. Well, most of them. Some were jerks on his birthday.

Then, he pulled his pack on and left Konoha. His friends had been thoughtful enough to get him the room for an extended weekend, beginning Thursday afternoon and with a late check-out on Sunday, so that he could enjoy the time there.

He was at the onsen fairly quickly due to keeping to the trees and his natural speed, and in his room before he knew it.

It was a large room, his friends were truly generous. There was an extremely large, plush bed in the room, and next to that a small sitting area. A bathroom was off the main room, and doors opened to a private outside area with high wooden walls, which surrounded an in-ground bath. He took off his gloves and dipped a hand in. It was a nice temperature, but he decided to wait to go in.

Instead, he toed off his sandals, poured some tea, and sat to meditate. Well, after setting up a number of wards, barriers, and the occasional seal, for privacy, alarms, etc.

Then he spent the rest of the day relaxing for the first time in a long time. He sat in the bath, his head laying on a plush towel on the edge, a bandana covering the lower half of his face, and stared at the sky, his mind busy reflecting and drifting.

He thoroughly enjoyed dinner and had requested extra servings of beef, summoning his pack to enjoy the food and the room. And maybe, for some extra night security. But hey, everyone had fun!

This was going to be a good weekend, he thought. He still had two full days plus Sunday. He mused about going missing-nin and just living here, until he drifted to a deep sleep that night.


The next morning he woke late, having nowhere to be, and had a leisurely late breakfast before spending time stretching and loosening up, thinking about what he should do with the rest of his day.

It was not long before there was a noise at the door. A slight knocking, and when he didn’t answer, hoping the person would go away, he was surprised admittedly to hear the lock turn and the door slowly open.

He was up in a flash, kunai pulled out from his pack.

“I did knock!” the person said, and Kakashi felt a familiar chakra.

He peered around the door, which he had braced himself against.

“Sensei?” he asked, opening the door and lowering his kunai. “What is it? Do they need me back in Konoha?” Just my luck, he grumbled to himself.

He was confused as he took in the young man who had stepped in his room, still dressed in shinobi gear…and with a pack on his back?

“No, Kakashi-sama, you’re fine,” Iruka said, fidgeting slightly. “I’m actually here on a….mission.”

Kakashi didn’t respond at first. “A….mission?”

“I don’t have to do anything I don’t want to,” Iruka said haughtily. “They said so.”

“Who said so?” Kakashi was just so very confused.

Iruka blushed and reached into his vest, pulling out a scroll.

“A-rank mission. It says, and I quote, ‘we know you’re just going to stay in and get room service, so we thought we’d make it a little sweeter. Consider Iruka your’….” Iruka paused and blushed. “ ‘Manservant for 48 hours.’ “ He paused again. “It’s about ten o’clock now, I have to be here until at least ten on Sunday morning to complete my mission.”

Kakashi took the scroll and looked it over. “Actually A-rank? And the Sandaime approved it?”

Iruka frowned slightly. “It seems the people requesting it paid full price, and he found it rather…endearing….so, here I am.”

Iruka put his pack down near the bed and looked around, before looking back at Kakashi.

“I know this is a bit unorthodox, and we don’t really know each other. But…I could use the mission rank, and the money. And I know it’s your birthday, so I’ll stay out of your hair, really. I’ll be quiet, and I’ll run out and get you anything you want. Lunch, dinner, drinks. It’s all paid for already, but you won’t even have to leave this room for it.”

He looked at the older man with a hopeful look. Kakashi cursed the fact that he can never resist adorable puppy eyes.

Kakashi sighed, glad he had put on his mask and not just the bandana yet today. He was also quite glad his mask covered his face, which was growing warm suddenly. “Fine, do what you want. It’s all the same to me.”

Iruka smiled. “Thank you, Kakashi-sama. And here,” he reached into his pack and pulled out a small wrapped item. “Happy birthday! I didn’t want to come empty handed.”

Kakashi accepted the gift and watched Iruka as he opened it, before giving him a closed-eyed smile.

“Icha Icha Birthday? How did you know?”

Iruka laughed but rolled his eyes. “How did I know to get the pervert who reads porn in public porn for his birthday?” He tapped his chin with a finger. “Hmm, I just don’t know!”

Kakashi laughed but leered at him. “And if I wanted my manservant to partake in it too? Or act it out?”

Iruka coughed and blushed. “I can say no to anything I really don’t want to do if it’s overstepping. I think your friends expect you to be a proper gentleman though.”

“Ha, then they aren’t really my friends. We’ll see what we have you do, sensei. Until then, relax.”