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Welcome to Bildungsroman, Part 2 of A Devil Walks the Dragonsphere, and a direct continuation of Innocent Faith.

If you're here after finishing Innocent Faith, thanks for coming along for the ride, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this corner we've turned. If you're here and you didn't read Innocent Faith, here's a little mv I did, which will also double as a preview of things to come: 

DMCV x Draken-nier

I did a lot of world-building in Innocent Faith that's going to be coming back here, so I do suggest a read

Fluff, bonding, lore diving, and idyllic pacing with minimal conflict aren't really your thing, you say? You’re here for the tags on this fic? Read chapters 40-45 and you’ll have the meat of what’s happening.

Here’s an abridged version of the rest so you know what’s up:

V awoke on the sinking coastline City Ruins with only a faint memory of Vergil fighting Dante in Hell Post-DMCV. Griffon et al were also mysteriously restored. 9S was waiting to die on a rock after being saved from the logic virus and the fall of the Tower by A2 a la the Route C ending.

Under the impression that V is a human witch whose family hunts demons, 9S has been assisting V's search for any way to get back home. They've been lying low, keeping his presence mostly hidden from other androids and never once actually telling anyone else he's human. All the while they’ve been going through the Pod archives looking for clues on inter-dimensional travel.

Along the way, a few important things happened:

  • Atmospheric remains of maso were found to be keeping V's body from deteriorating.
  • V heard the call of the Queen Beast, found a church to the watchers out in the Forest kingdom, and contracted White Chlorination Syndrome.
    • He was just enough of a demon to live despite refusing the pact deal.
  • 9S found out the hard way that normal androids have very split opinions of YoRHa (read: of him) now that the truth is out there.
    • Their reactions have ranged from brotherly protection to choking him out against a cliff.
  • The pods decided that the presence of a human didn't change the nature of their final orders.
  • New Pascal signed a Treaty between Peaceful Machines and the Army of Humanity.
  • A Commander in the Army of Humanity, named Theta, has taken an interest in 9S.
  • 9S met god. God was a remnant of Beepy searching for the name of the one who gave him will [Kalil]. 9S helped him find it, and in the process he absorbed the memory of Beepy’s death.
    • He knows Emil was with ‘The Original’ (Nier), but he’s more interested in the woman because of her resemblance to Theta.
  • The resistance members have been digging through the remains of the Tower. So far they've found 2B's sword (returned to 9S), A2 (buried by Anemone), and Devola and Popola's bodies (buried at sea by 9S).
    • They also found a backup of the entire machine network on a chunk of memory alloy the size of a tree.
      • Jackass asked for 9S’ help scanning it and he soundly refused.
    • Nelo Angelo's sword turned up. It had some data on it that pissed him off enough to make him DT.
      • His body couldn't handle the DT and he burnt down a sector of the amusement part.
      • He also vomited salt, suggesting that he very much still has White Chlorination Syndrome
        • 9S knows and V knows, but neither of them know that the other knows.
      • An unknown YoRHa model rescued V from the fire he caused. They seem aware that V isn't an android.
      • Pod 042 trusted V with the knowledge of the Pod's final protocol and asked for help freeing 9S from his fate.


This fic will formally kick off in November, so bookmark it and forget about it and I'll see you then!