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The Glass Prison

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“Shit,” Johnnie cursed as the water on the stove began to boil over. Spaghetti was one of the simplest dishes to make, so why was she having so many problems? She sighed in frustration and began to sop up the water with a towel, turning the heat down to prevent any further disasters. That’s when the smoke detector started alarming. She’d forgotten the garlic bread was already in the oven and now it was burning. She quickly pulled out the ruined food and started batting the smoke with the broom. She’d never been the best at cooking but it kept her busy while The Horde was away. Tonight was Hedwig’s turn to pick and angry tears filled her eyes knowing she was going to disappoint him.  

“Having trouble?” came an amused voice from the doorway. There stood Dennis, arms crossed over his chest as he watched her, a smirk on his lips. Johnnie fake pouted at him, lowering the broom back to the floor.  

“Don’t you make fun of me. I don’t see you doing any better.” He chuckled and walked across the tile to pull her close by her waist. He pressed his lips to her forehead and all negative emotions left her in that moment. She let the broom fall to the floor and wrapped her arms around him, pressing close to his chest.  

“I still haven’t cooked for you, have I?” he asked, casually swaying with her despite there being no music. She shook her head, her forehead pressed against his shoulder.  

“Soon, my love. I promise.” She pulled back to smile at him, but frowned instead when she noticed blood splatter on his shirt. She was well aware of his activities when he wasn’t home but she didn’t participate and she didn’t like seeing the evidence of it. She pushed away and turned her back to him, facing the stove once more.  

“You could have at least changed before you came to see me.” She heard shuffling behind her before he wrapped his arms around her from behind. His arms were bare now and she figured he’d taken the shirt off so he didn’t upset her further.  

“I’m sorry, sweetheart,” he whispered to her, “I wasn’t thinking.”  

“Clearly,” she muttered, trying to stay mad but failing miserably when he started to kiss at her neck. He spun her around, kissing her lips now as he lifted her onto the counter, pushing her dress up her legs so he could squeeze her thighs.  

“Baby... I have to finish dinner,” she breathed, her arms sliding around his neck as she pulled him closer, contradicting her statement. It was his turn to pout, his lower lip sticking out at her as his fingers stroked her slit over her dampened panties, causing her to yelp quietly.  

“To be continued?” he asked, letting his hand drop and she nodded.  

“After dinner.” He sighed softly, looking at her apologetically.  

“My love...” Johnnie narrowed her eyes at him, hopping down off the counter.  

“No. No, you are not going back out there. Not tonight. You promised you’d spend the night with me. You promised!”  

“I know. I know I did but something came up and I need to go back out for a little while.” She was beyond pissed by this point.  

“You’ve been gone for three days! Three fucking days, Dennis.” Tears streamed down her cheeks. She hated crying when she was angry. She hated crying in general and quickly wiped her eyes.  

“Don’t cry, sweetheart. I’ll try not to be long. I’ll try to make it back home tonight.”  

“There is no try,” she hissed, jamming her finger into his chest, “You and I need to have a very important conversation tonight. If you aren’t home, I’m changing the locks. Now get the fuck out of my kitchen.” Dennis sighed and tried to kiss her but she turned her head.  

“I love you,” he told her helplessly and for the first time in the month they’d been reunited, she didn’t say it back.  

Johnnie paced the dining room floor. It was getting late and The Horde had still not returned home. Her anxiety was through the roof. What if something bad had happened and she hadn’t said ‘I love you’ back? She couldn’t sit still and grabbed her jacket, slipping it on before leaving the apartment. She had to find them. Chills covered her skin as she headed in the direction of the old factory; the first place she had met the Beast. She had no idea what she would fin but she had to make sure they were safe. When she arrived on the scene, her heart fell into her stomach. Through the pouring rain, she saw police lights and immediately began running toward them. The Horde was surrounded by S.W.A.T and police officers as Barry begged them not to shoot. There was another man there too, one she didn’t recognize. She ran raster, getting to the border of the police. She could barely see with the rain in her eyes and was caught off guard when she was grabbed from behind, a cloth covering her nose and mouth. That was her last memory before the world went black.