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Part 1

AN- Dearest readers... while I know this is a SOUL EATER AU, please keep in mind that I'm using it as a mere base for this fic. While I LOVE Soul Eater and the world it has created, there are some parts that I personally don't think work well. As such, I will be changing some things in this fic. So please, be respectful and don't try and point these changes out. Since this is an AU fanfic I have every right to write the fic in the way I think it will work best. Comments that are rude or trying to point out these changes will be ignored and deleted. Think of this piece like my own personal take on Soul Eater with the characters from BNHA. With that said, I do hope you will enjoy this fanfic and what I have planned for it.

Also, big shout out to my co-Author and partner in crime: @professionallyunprofessional for her help writing this mini-series!


A cool breeze wandered through the streets, gently making your hair and clothing move with the tug of the chilly air. You pulled your scarf a little higher, making sure it covered your mouth. Your poor habit of pressing your lips together in a chill had often made them chapped and you didn't want any sort of annoyance now. Especially with winter coming as soon as it was. Fall was nearing its end, but even so, it was nice to enjoy the last few days of mild weather since it would drop to below freezing soon.

The bag in your hands was heavy and you inhaled slowly as you continued along your walk home. Your eyes looking around the narrow streets of Death City. Not many people were out, no doubt holding up in their own warm homes and enjoying their time away from the cold. You were not as fortunate, seeing as you had run out of food and thus needed to run out yourself to fetch what you'd need for the upcoming week.

And now, with all your items and a quick pace, you were hoping to get home soon. Your footsteps echoed along the dark streets, the only noise holding the attention of your ears. But even then you had other thoughts on your mind aside from the sounds of your own footsteps.

This week... hadn't been the very best for the weapon-meister world. With the announcement that the current Death, All Might, would retire in another few weeks. Meaning that Endeavor would take over as the new Death. Many people were unsure of this development, but your class seemed to be dealing with it in their own ways.

So focused on making sure they had a chance against Endeavour when the time came for them to be considered as a possible new Death, your entire class had thrown themselves into training and making sure their partnerships were as strong as possible. As well as that their own weapon forms were up to beyond standard.

It was clear right now that Endeavour's own son was a prime candidate for the title of Death following his father. But from what you could see, many people in your class were going to give him a run for his money. Especially the ash blonde and green-haired classmates of yours.

As for you though... you were not feeling pulled as much as the others were. Truthfully, you could care less about the title of Death. Only attending UA to be able to learn how to fight should a witch or demon or whatever creature decided to attack you. That was all you wanted of your education and it showed.

Your classmates had been curious about you for a while. After all... in a class of twenty, you and Endeavor's son were the only ones to not have a partner. And while it made sense for the boy who had two weapons engraved into his soul, you had never shown your weapon form... only fought through hand to hand combat.

It made you the class mystery, and soon enough light guesses turned into full rumors. After all, being an unsocialiable creature seemed to only add to the outrageous thoughts people had about why you never used your weapon abilities, or why... you didn't talk much to anyone.

You sighed, pausing a moment to readjust the grocery bag in your arms before continuing on towards the place you called home. It wasn't much; just a small apartment on the less than privileged side of town, but you had a roof over your head and that was more than you could ask for.

"Perhaps beef stew tonight..." You muttered, seeing as the beef would spoil the quickest and the chill of the air had made you begin to crave something warm.

Your head cleared a moment later though, seeing as the sound of your footsteps had suddenly become... irregular. It sounded as if someone was trying to walk when you were walking, but their footsteps were much more thundering then yours could ever be.

You paused a moment, wanting to confirm this. The sound of silence was deafening, but the sound of someone copying your footsteps was even more fear-inducing. It was clear that anyone doing this past sunset and when no one else was around wouldn't want to have a friendly chat. Darker intentions were surely on their mind.

Sure enough, as soon as you started running down the streets, hoping to escape conflict, the monster looked to have dropped its facade of copying you. Now looking to favor chasing and murdering you for the soul it no doubt wanted to feast on.

You turned a corner, feeling unlucky and a bit cliche when you saw a small end street. Nowhere to go but back the way you came. But by then, the monster had descended upon you. You turned around to face the thing, staring down at a humanoid figure only lit by the dulling street lights and glow of the stars above. And the man himself.

And while he stood as a human, he was no human. Green peeling skin, torn and tattered clothing and a mutilated face. One you couldn't figure out if he had lost the features of including his eyes... or if he had tried to create where the image of eyes, nose, and mouth with the blades that decorated his belt and pockets.

"Do you always stalk woman at night?" You asked, eyes staying on the man, but still checking your surroundings.

The buildings looked unoccupied and from what you could tell.... This creature had only targeted you because you were alone. So perhaps... you could use a little bit of your own secret techniques to get away from this monster who clearly was not here to ask you for directions.

The creature didn't respond with words, rather in disgruntled noises before taking off towards you. Taking one of his blades, the large machete seemed to be his preference for slicing you to bits and then aiming for your face.

You rolled on the ground, feeling parts of dust and rock hit your back as the monster's blade struck the wall where you had just been standing. He definitely was stronger than he looked, and from how he smelled greatly of chemicals and glowed a green color... you could only assume he was also someone you couldn't try to touch.

You took off back up the street, turning back to where you came from. Eyes widening in fear not only from the sounds of that thing following you but from the glow of an orangish-red coming your way as well. There couldn't be two of them, could there?

You didn't have time to stress anymore, as the next thing you knew, you were flying forward, skidding along the ground and feeling new cuts open up on you. You coughed harshly, looking towards where the green and red lights were starting to converge on you.

And then... the colors clashed.

The creature crying out in pain as someone with a sword made of blazing embers struck its bladed hand. The arm falling off and then melting into the ground and leaving a hole thanks to the radioactive state of the arm.

"Looks like we found him again." The male holding the flaming sword spoke. "And before he got to his newest victim too."

"Focus on what's ahead of you, shitty hair." Another male voice responded, this one sounding a bit more distorted and echoed then the male before you.

You sat up slowly, checking yourself first and seeing that besides a few minor cuts and bruises, you were fine. And then slowly realizing who had come to save your butt from the radioactive disformed man.

Kirishima Eijirou and Bakugou Katsuki... the most interesting partner pair in your class. Kirishima currently wielding the flaming sword that was Bakugou in his weapon form.

The pair no doubt having been assigned to take down this serial killer and put him to rest. And then to fight about who would get to devour his corrupt soul. You stood up slowly, watching as the radioactive man was planning another strike.

"Bakugou!" Kirishima shouted, the flames on the sword getting stronger.

"Do it then!" Bakugou called out.

Kirishima swung the sword as fast and powerfully as he could, hoping to strike the man clean through the center and kill him. Instead, Kirishima managed to only scrape his side. The no faced man was quick as well, as you had experienced first hand.

The monster looked to be preparing for yet another attack now, this time bubbles of acid starting to ooze from his pores and where he had been sliced thus far.

"Switch!" Bakugou's voice hollered, knowing he wouldn't be able to defend himself or Kirishima from an acid attack.

Kirishima was caught off though, looking to freeze for a split second. His mind trying to process and shift from attacking to transforming into his own weapon form and defending. A second that would cost then pair the time needed to switch to their defensive mode.

However, it seemed suddenly the wind picked up. And now there was another pair of them. A Kirishima holding a flaming sword, a near-identical copy. Someone was buying them time by confusing the stupid creature. But it was clear they were not very powerful from how the image flickered as if it was on a projector.

Kirishima quickly let go of the sword, shifting to a deep red light as he shifted into his weapon form. The shield forming and being caught as Bakugou shifted back into himself. And then as the illusion faded completely, the monster man looking back to the real pair.

Bakugou was closing in screaming loudly as he used Kirishima's shield form to block a spray of acid before quickly using the sharper edge of the shield to behead the man.

The faceless man let out a shrill screech before exploding into harsh light. As his skin and clothing faded into nothing, the only thing that remained of him was a red ball that slowly floated to the ground. A soul of the damned.

"Nice work." Kirishima spoke, reflecting on the shield as Bakugou sighed. "And it's your turn to consume it."

"Yeah..." Bakugou breathed slowly not too concerned with the soul at this point.

"You okay?" Kirishima asked. "Did any of the radioactive acid get on you?"

Kirishima followed Bakugou's line of sight back to the girl who had been saved by them. Her clothing having had changed and now laying passed out on the concrete. Her attire made of reds, oranges, blacks, and whites, looking to resemble a pattern of sorts. Like an animal...

"Soul can wait..." Bakugou spoke, moving past where Kirishima and the soul were waiting and instead moving towards the girl. A sinking suspicion raising inside of him and a bit of familiarity flickering in his mind.

"Okay..." Kirishima spoke, only then truly noticing what had made Bakugou so distracted.

The redhead's eyes widening and then following the ash-blonde who was currently approaching at a safe distance. Kirishima following his lead and doing the same. Kirishima remembering the strange image of another him and Bakugou having appeared for that split second, only then the idea of what could have caused it finally sinking in as he got closer to the fallen female.

"Is that...?" Kirishima breathed, glowing back to his usual form as Bakugou paced forward.

Bakugou didn't know what Kirishima was asking directly. But he did know he had at least two answers already. The first being this was the loner girl from class and the second being that she was dressed like a Kitsune witch.

And from what had happened moments before... Bakugou could only guess that this wasn't some costume she was wearing.

No. This was authentic.

Which meant UA's greatest enemy had been among the class for nearly a year now... and it was only now that the witch had been discovered.