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September 8,  2019 

“Hey, can I say something?” 

“Sure Rowan, what’s up” 

She stuttered and fidgeted as she tried to find the words that escaped her while her friend cocked her head and looked at her with a concerned look on her face. She finally found the words that escaped her after a few seconds of falling over her words, she looked up from her watered down drink and finally asked her question. 

“Do you really think it’s a good idea for us to be looking for an flat together?” 

The young girl opposite of her nearly choked on her drink out of shock, she slammed down her cup and began to hit her chest to regain her breath. She then looked up at her friend in confusion and concern. 

“What do you mean? Are you having second thoughts? Is the thought of living with me really that bad?” she said, saying her last comment in a slightly hurt tone as her eyes drooped. 

“W-what of course not! I’d never think like that Hana!” she started to wave her hands around rapidly attracting the attention of the other customers of the cafe. 

Feeling awkward she looked around and saw the other customers staring at her, in response she dropped her hands and quieted down and began to once again stir her watered down coke. 

“It’s just that I’m sick of hearing people just say we’re dating because we’re always together.” After saying that she avoided eye contact and continued to look down at her drink. 

“That’s all you’re getting worried about?”

Rowan’s eyes widened in shock and she looked up at Hana and loudly exclaimed, “that’s all!?! What do you mean?” 

Hana turned away and closed her eyes and with a pout said “you shouldn’t worry about small things like that, that’s just going to make you even more stressed then you already are.”

After hearing her say that Rowan’s eyes softened and she relaxed her shoulders. 

Hana suddenly stood up and grabbed her purse, “well it looks like it’s time to leave or we’re going to be late.”
Rowan’s eyes widened as she suddenly stood up and looked at her watch to see that it was already one in the afternoon, “We were talking for over three hours! I’m sorry let me just pack all my stuff.” 

“Don’t worry you don’t need to hurry I can just call in and say we’re going to be a little late.” 

Rowan quickly packed all of her things and she and Hana left with Rowan a little more optimistic about their situation than she originally was.