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A new experience

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Taehyung and Jungkook have been boyfriends for one and a half years now. They always enjoy to try new things, to experiment a lot. Not only in their everyday lives but also when it comes to sex. Although they've tried quite a few things, there's this one thing that is easy for them to do at any time, but simply won't, because Taehyung never agrees with it.

Walking back from the cinema, Jungkook pushed Taehyung behind a wall. Semi-covered from the people walking down the street a few meters away from them, Jungkook couldn't hold himself and started kissing his boyfriend hungrily, almost trying to show power over him.

-Watch your moves baby.
Taehyung managed to say after breaking the kiss with Jungkook.
-C' mon Taehyung! Please let me do it! Just once!
- We've talked about it before baby, what makes you think I'll let you top me, and in public too.
- Ugh! You're selfish!
Jungkook said with a pout forming on his lips crossing his hands over his chest.
- You're adorable, maybe I'll think of-
- Really?!
He asked with sparkly eyes
- Well, let me finish, I'll think of a solution since you wanna try topping so much.


The two of them walked back home.
Jungkook had moved in to Taehyung's about a year ago, when he got tired of taking a train and a bus, a two hour trip, until he reached his university. Taehyung's was only ten minutes away from it, and besides, they could do more fun things when living together, alone.

Taehyung has been thinking his boyfriend's needs for about a week trying to find a solution. His thoughts got interrupted when he felt someone bumping to him. His breath hitched.

- O-oh! I'm so sorry! I was trying to find my class and didn't see where I was going, I'm sorry!

Taehyung's mouth almost fell open when he looked at the boy in front of him. Blonde hair, plump red lips, cute little brown eyes, sharp jawline, cheeks with a pink flush from embarrassment on them.

-Woah it's okay! Don't panic! Are you new here?
- Uh- yes! I'm new!
- Name?
- Park Jimin

Park Jimin, he thought to himself, locking it in his head so he wouldn't forget it.

- I'm Taehyung! Nice to meet you. You said you were searching for your class. Want a little help with that? This place can be a bit chaotic when you're new.
- Actually I'd love that! I've been searching for 15 minutes and still have no idea where to go!
- What's the number of the class?
- It says iiiit's...., he said while looking at his phone to find the number, 742!
- You have to go on the 7th floor, 4th aisle, 2nd door.
- Was it really that simple...?
- Yeah
The two boys laughed. Taehyung couldn't believe in his eyes. Jimin looked so ethereal. His smile was beautiful and his laugh was airy and high pitched. Sounded like music in his ears. He could only imagine how that voice could turn into heavy breaths and moans-

-Soo, i gotta go, I'm already late with this whole "find the class" thing. I hope I'll see you around Taehyung! Thank you!

Jimin turned and started walking before getting an answer from Taehyung.
Oh you will definitely see me again.
Taehyung said to himself. He had found what he wanted.


He's back home, making a quick sandwich to eat until Jungkook is finished with his classes.

How am I gonna get closer to him.

Jungkook opened the door. He threw his backpack to the side and walked to his boyfriend. Left a gentle kiss on his cheek and smiled widely.

-How was the class baby?
-Boring but it went well. I couldn't wait to come back home.
-And see me?., Taehyung said with a grin on his face, touching their foreheads together.
-No., Jungkook said with a playful smile. He laughed when he saw his boyfriend's face drop a little in disappointment.
-I couldn't wait to come home to see and kiss you silly., He then cupped Taehyung face with his hands and placed his lips on the other's. Kissing him slowly lovingly, showing him how much he wanted this.
Taehyung bit his lip and smacked his ass. The little boy squeaked in surprise of the sudden movement.
-That, because you made me feel embarrassed., he then kissed him again smiling into the kiss. Jungkook giggled and melted in his touch.

But how was he gonna find Jimin again? The university is huge with thousands of students in it everyday. There was only one way. Next Monday, outside of 742, same time as today.

And that's what he did.


It's been a weak since Taehyung met Jimin outside the cafeteria. The clock says its 11:42 and Taehyung is already outside of Jimin's class. Morning classes always end around 12 and he was sure Jimin wasn't the type of guy to leave during the break, at 10:30.

A few more minutes pass until the door opens. He jumps out of his seat and quickly fixes his shirt and black hair. He has to look presentable after all.
People start walking out of the classroom, all looking half asleep and tired from the class until he hears this airy laugh again and sees this beautiful man walking with his books in hand, backpack on his shoulder, chatting and laughing about something with his friend.

Taehyung clears his throat

-Excuse me Jimin?, Jimin turns with round surprised eyes
-Oh Taehyung, right? I didn't see you there, what are you doing here?
-Nothing in particular, I was just, passing by and I remembered that's your class and thought I should say hi.
-That's so nice of you, I'm glad to see you!
-Great! Do you have some time? To grab a coffee or something?
-Yes, now. Only if you're free of course!
-I do have a class, but i have one hour break until then. Sure, let's grab a coffee!

Jimin greeted his friend and went back to Taehyung. They both started walking towards the cafeteria three floors down. They sat down, Taehyung holding a coffee and Jimin black tea with passion fruit taste.

Taehyung broke the silence
-What class was this?
-It was about art history. I'm studying dance and music history.
-Oh so you're the art type. Very interesting. I guess you dance, no?
-Yes I do! I love being on stage!
-I'm sure people love seeing you on stage as well. You must be breathtaking., Jimin laughed with confidence.
-And what makes you say that?, he said playfully, staring into Taehyung's eyes
- You., Taehyung said, staring back, a grin forming on his face.
-Me?, he giggled lightly, moving his head back
-You enjoy compliments, don't you?, the smirk still on his face
Jimin took a sip from his tea
-When they're coming from cute guys? Who wouldn't?

The conversation between the two went smoothly, and before they could even realise it was time for Jimin to leave for class. Taehyung managed to get his instagram this time and promised to text him.

Taehyung also left for his part time job and when he was back home at night, he was ready for a conversation with Jungkook.

-Baby? I'm back!
Jungkook walked out of his room wearing a long shirt and a very tight underwear, completely showing the shape of his dick. He walked towards Taehyung and wrapped his arms around him, kissing him for welcome.
-I made some rice for you to eat. It's on the table.
-Thank you baby. I want to talk to you about something, come sit with me please.
They both sat down, Jungkook's palms under his chin, elbows on the table, waiting for Taehyung to start the conversation.
-So, remember when I told you I'd find a solution for your needs?
-Would you like a threeso-
-I'm not sharing you with anyone.
-Actually I'll be the one sharing you. You wanna top, remember??
-And you don't care?, Jungkook pouted
-No, I do! That's why I said threesome! I will be there too. Otherwise I would just say here i found this guy hit on him and top him.
Jungkook still looked nowhere close to convinced,
Taehyung sighed.
-At least let me show him to you?
-Okay, he's beautiful. But have you asked him?
-Uhhhhhhh, nnooooo………
-What's the point of this conversation then?
-Look I met him like a week ago. I can't straight up tell him what i want. I need to show him interest first, go out with him for a few times. Then while chatting I'll bring the i have a hot boyfriend topic and see if he's into it.
-You seem like you really want this
-I mean look at him. I'm sure you like him too, I know you too well Kookie.
-Okay, okay. I'm convinced.
-That wasn't hard at all.
-Shut up he's cute.


Taehyung texted Jimin that night, flirted a bit more openly with him, complimented him since the boy seems to love receiving sweet words. He asked him out for dinner on Friday night and Jimin accepted. It was his chance to let the latter know what was in his mind.

Days passed by fast. Jimin and Taehyung were together most of the time and Taehyung made sure to mention the name "Jungkook" a few times, without saying he's his boyfriend of course. He was surely praising him though and Jimin didn't seem annoyed by that at all. Instead he was joking about it saying If he is as cute as you say maybe you should introduce him to me.

To be honest, it seemed crazy and impossible to Taehyung that Jimin might want to do this, but the boy's tone and response at the mention of a third guy made him believe that he can actually be wrong. It wouldn't hurt to try it, right?

Friday is here and Taehyung is getting ready for his date. A towel around his waist is the only thing he's wearing now as he's shaving. His hair wet stuck on his forehead from taking a shower, a manly aftershave smell filling the bathroom walls. Jungkook stands at the door, leaning against it watching Taehyung while he takes the mouthwash into his mouth, head tilted back, his neck exposed, veins visible through his golden skin, hands grabbing the sink by its sides as he spits forcefully. He looks at Jungkook.
-You're so fucking hot.
-You look at me like you wanna swallow me.
-That's exactly what i want., Taehyung laughs
-Won't you get ready baby?
-I have some time until you're back, besides we don't know if he will accept.
-And what if he doesn't? Can't we have fun by ourselves? I can fuck you senseless once I'm back, with Jimin or not.
-God, I can't fucking wait.
-Don't you dare play with yourself while I'm gone, okay Kookie?
-Can't promise.
-Tsk tsk tsk. Such a brat.


Taehyung is ready and he's wearing black jeans with a burgundy button up shirt, sleeves rolled up to his elbows and sneakers. He makes sure he arrives at the restaurant before Jimin does, cause that's what gentlemen do. He looks around as he waits. His eyes quickly get distracted by the view in front of him. The blonde boy is walking towards him and is looking absolutely stunning, like a dream. Jimin has an uncommon sense of style yet it suits him the best. He is wearing a black top with a see through black crop top on top of it, low waisted leather jeans that expose his V line, an oversized jacket, one sleeve falling from his shoulder to his elbow and black sneakers. Taehyung could swear that the boy has slight makeup,eyes looking darker than usual and lips shining from his lip gloss. Fuck, he looks beautiful.

The two boys greet each other and proceed to walk inside of the restaurant, Jimin already giggling at Taehyung's cheesy yet adorable comments on his looks.
They first talk about boring stuff such as university life, exams, studying. Taehyung shows some more interest and asks the boy what things he wants to try and what excites him. He stares at Jimin's lips as he waits for him to answer. Jimin looks to his side thinking, repeating Taehyung's questions once, smirking. Taehyung snaps out of his dirty thoughts when he hears Jimin's answer.
-I have a few sexual things I want to try. And a few kinks I haven't tried yet.
Taehyung's mouth goes dry, the conversation is now on the sexual side. His next question was expected.
-What kind of sexual things and kinks?
-Can't you make a little guess? You're no fun when you're horny Taehyung., Jimin said with a smirk obviously not meaning what he just said, only wanting to tease the other.
Taehyung wanted so much to say I can show you how fun I am when horny but decided to play a bit more too.
-You're teasing Jimin., eyes darker, filthy thoughts all over his mind,. You love compliments, does that change when you're being fucked?
Jimin swallows dryly at Taehyung's raw choice of words.
-I do love compliments, but I want them gone when I'm being fucked, emphasizing Taehyung's words.
He smirks upon hearing the answer.
-You like being called names, don't you. You love feeling and being ruined, exposed for the other to do whatever they want with you-
-Fuck. You're good at this. Okay how about this. Can you guess my most wanted sexual fantasy?,
Jimin is staring into Taehyung's eyes, Taehyung is staring back. He knows the answer, he is sure of it.
-You wanna do a threesome.
-Fuck Taehyung, Jimin's dick twitch in his tight jeans at the thought that he is an open book for the other, already all his needs exposed to Taehyung., Jimin takes a breath and continues, That Jungkook guy you talk about, you seem like you two have something going on, yet you still hit on me and taking me on dates. You want it too don't you?
-Jungkook is actually my boyfriend, and right now he is waiting for us to have some fun back home. So what do you think, wanna get your kinks and fantasies fulfilled tonight?
-Lets get the fuck outta here, now.

Taehyung payed for the two of them. They started walking towards Taehyung's house which wasn't far from the restaurant. Ten minutes later and after many butt slaps on Jimin's ass and a noticeable sexual tension between the two, they finally reached the door.
Taehyung knocked and after a few seconds Jungkook opened the door, immediately looking at Taehyung who winked at him. He knew what they were here for.
Jungkook was smelling like roses, his skin looking extremely soft even from afar, doe eyes peeking through his long black curly hair. He was wearing tight shorts, his red thong above the waistband, clearly visible for the other two to see, an oversized t-shirt tied on one side exposing his abs, lips red a bit swollen. "You must be Jimin" , he said with a smile on his face. He then used both of his fists to gently grab Jimin's hand and walked backwards to pull him inside the house. "Come in!", he heard Jungkook's voice but all he could focus on was how the boy's naked feet landed so gently on the floor dragging himself towards the sitting area of the house. Jungkook did half spin while looking at Jimin, completing it while facing his front. He gestured Jimin to sit down on the couch. Taehyung closed the door and followed the boys stopping next to Jungkook. He held his waist and the boy placed his hands on his chest and left a little peck on his lips. Only then Jimin realized he hadn't said a word since he stepped his foot in this house, but he could only think of how dangerously hot Jungkook looked. Sure Taehyung was always praising his looks but he never thought he would face that.
-He's pretty right? Taehyung said
"Yes!", both Jungkook and Jimin replied at the same time. Jungkook giggled
-I see you've talked to him about me Taehyungie. Jungkook said
-Of course I have baby.
Jungkook got closer to Jimin, placing his knees on the sofa, palms supporting his weight, ass exposed to Taehyung.
-Tell me, Jimin, what did he say about me., Soft voice.. Jimin was going crazy.
-T-that you're pretty..
-Hmm, am I pretty Jimin?, Jungkook now placed his hands on Jimin's thighs, extremely close to his dick.
-Yes, fuck yes, you are., he was half hard.

Jungkook got off the sofa and asked what drinks he should bring. Taehyung sitting next to Jimin said whiskey and the latter asked for some bacardi with ice.

Four rounds of drinks for each one of them were done pretty quickly and they all were feeling a bit tipsy now. Taehyung suggested they should go to the bedroom.
Entering the room Taehyung dragged the desk chair and placed it on one side of the bed and sat on it looking at the boys. He gestured them to sit on the bed. Jimin was first to climb on it and was quickly followed by Jungkook. On their knees.
"I'm gonna fuck you so well", Jimin's mind was blurry from the alcohol, he was feeling hot and dirty. Jungkook's sentence made him hard again and he grabbed the boy and started kissing him. He bit his lip and pulled it out, then leaving it free from between his teeth.
"Don't be easy with him, he likes it rough. Humiliate him." Taehyung's voice was deep and raspy, it only made Jimin moan in Jungkook's mouth upon hearing how he is going to be treated.
Jungkook grabbed Jimin and threw him on the bed so his stomach was touching it. His head facing the bed's opposite side of where Taehyung was seated,so both of them would be there for Taehyung to see.
"On your knees", he did as said. Jungkook hand was feeling his body. Starting from his back, going under, to his stomach touching his abs until he reached his nipples. Jimin left a small high pitched moan at the sensation. "So sensitive, such a sensitive little slut you are"., He felt his other hand travel down to his hard and sensitive dick, it was begging to be released from his tight jeans.
"You feel small. Are you small?" Jungkook was teasing, and Jimin could only breathe heavily. The sound of a hard slap on his ass, clothed with leather, filled the room along with his needy scream. "When I ask you something, you answer. Now tell me, is your dick fucking small, you dirty slut!" Jimin couldn't believe he was the same cute guy he met an hour ago that was now slapping his ass and shouting to him. He fucking loved it. "I-it is!" he hardly said. He fucking loved when he was being treated like that, like he was a fucking toy, thrown on the bed, talked like he was nothing, exposed to the other two. Taehyung was watching with a grin on his face, finding interesting how his little boy who would moan so beautifully was now demanding to the other. It was fucking hot. He grabbed Jungkook's exposed thong and pulled it upwards making the boy squirm. He then left it from his grip and the material hit his soft skin like it was a whip, leaving a red mark.
"Take off his clothes Kookie" Jungkook nodded quickly and did as he was told. He took Jimin's leather pants, his see through crop top and his pink brazilian underwear off and then looked at his boyfriend.
-Can i keep this top on?
-Do as you please baby, he's yours.
Jimin was getting hornier and hornier as he had no right to say his opinion, it drove him crazy how they were talking like he wasn't even there.
Jungkook smiled at Taehyung's response and proceeded to take a look at Jimin.
The boy still on his knees and palms, ass exposed, hairless body, pink asshole ready to be stretched, his head down between his arms breathing heavily. He was fucking beautiful and Jungkook couldn't wait to feel his insides as well.
-He is such a whore, isn't he., Jungkook said.
-Oh you have no idea, he showed me his slutty side from the second time. So easy to fuck him.
-Look at how he fucking loves it how you degrade him. You love it bitch don't you, he gently slapped his ass to urge him to talk.
-Y-yes!... P-please!-
-Please what? So impatient. You want to get punished?
Jimin moaned at these words, his mind in a second had thought of a hundred ways that they could punish him.
Taehyung got up from his chair and walked to the other side of the bed. He sat next to Jimin and held his chin up. He leaned in "Thats exactly what he wants" and kissed him softly "to be punished"
Jungkook reached to the drawer next to him to get the lube. "Kookie, punish him. First finger goes in without lube"
Jungkook placed one finger on his pink asshole rubbing it and pushing it slightly. Jimin mewled. He took Jimin's already leaking cock in his hands and got his middle finger wet, and then pushed it inside of him, slowly. Jimin's hole swallowed his finger. He could feel the lack of wetness and the burning feeling of his ass getting stretched, but he said nothing, cause he wanted this. Jungkook moved his finger inside of him and his whimpers got louder and he grew more needy.
Taehyung passed the lube to Jungkook, who opened it and poured a big amount right on his ass, finger still in him. He placed a second finger there, taking lube with it and guiding it inside of him, making his hole sound and feel more wet.
Jimin felt like a whore, exposed to two men like that, he wanted more. As he could feel Jungkook fingers opening him up, he reached his hand to touch Taehyung's dick right in front of him. Before he could feel it Taehyung's hand grabbed him.
"That's not how it works. You beg for what you want"
Jimin looked up at him
"Peuh-Please, let me s-suck your cock." Jungkook placed a third finger in, "A-ah! Fuck! I w-want your cock!" he moaned loudly.
Taehyung took his belt and jeans off, throwing them to the side.
"Blow me" he said as he moved closer to Jimin. He moved Taehyung's underwear a bit down and licked his lips at the sight of his dick. It was big, thick and fuck, veiny. His favorite. He eyed it hungrily before he opened his mouth and sucked on the tip. Taehyung's breath hitched. He licked down his length and stopped at the base, took his tongue out and licked his balls, eyes glued on Taehyung. He then kissed the tip, opened his mouth once again and swallowed half of it already gagging. He moved his head up, lips traveling against Taehyung's dick, thick and already swollen from the times he had bitten them.
"Fuck, I know you like degradation but holy you look beautiful with a cock in your mouth"
Taehyung was going crazy, little moans were still escaping Jimin's mouth around his dick, Taehyung guessed at the rhythm of Jungkook's finger movements, and he could feel every vibration his vocal chords would do. He wanted to ruin him. He grabbed his hair and pulled his head back, letting his dick slip out of his mouth. Jimin licked his lips with an open mouth looking at Taehyung and smiling dirty. Taehyung placed his knees on the mattress, his body up. It was the perfect height, his dick right in front of Jimin's mouth.
"I'll fuck your mouth so hard your throat will be bruised"
Jimin took his dick in his mouth again, head up and down, deepthroating as much as he could.
"Is this how far you can go? Useless bitch I'll make you go further!"
He grabbed his hair and pushed his dick inside, moving his hips fast. Jimin was gagging and could barely breathe. His eyes started filling up with tears. He shut his eyes closed and moaned around Taehyung's dick, in between his gags. His fist clenched around the bed sheets. He was going crazy as he felt Jungkook's warm tongue against his wet hole. He was now well stretched and Jungkook pushed his tongue passed his muscle ring and curled it inside of him, pressing his walls. Jimin was sure that if he didn't have a dick so far down his neck, he would be screaming.
"Fucking slut! Look how much you- ah!- l-love this! Your ass sucked and your mouth fu-fucked!"
Taehyung pulled out before he would come. Jimin's breathing was so heavy he would make raspy sounds. His vision blurry from tears, his own saliva running down his chin, one thin string of it was still connecting his mouth to Taehyung's dick. His trembling and weak hands let him down on his chest, his head to the side. He was beautiful like this, sweaty, with pink cheeks and red, abused lips.
"J-Jungkook.. P-please fuck me..", he said lowly, ruined already.
How could he deny him.
"On your back"
Jimin did as he was told and now he was laying on his back.
Jungkook took his shirt, shorts and underwear off, exposing his hard dick.
"Damn yall have big dicks", Jimin said eyeing the new cock in front of him and Jungkook and Taehyung laughed at his comment.
Jungkook wore a condom and lubed up his dick and Jimin's ass some more. He positioned himself between Jimin's legs and placed the tip of his cock on his entrance. He grabbed the boy's thighs and slowly pushed himself inside of him. Both of them started whimpering at the sensation. Jimin having a so wanted dick inside his needy hole and Jungkook fucking him. Jimin felt tight around his thick cock, moving in and out of him made his breath hitch. He started fucking him at a quicker pace, deep voiced moans escaping his mouth. Jimin's inside felt like velvet
"Ah! Oh my god. He's so tight, and he's clenching around me. Fuck Jimin!"
Jungkook's thrusts became faster and more aggressive by the seconds. Jimin's head was tilted back, his waist so arched his back wasn't even touching the mattress. His eyes rolling and mouth open leaving loud squeaky moans. Jungkook's heavy breathing was also filling the air. They were both so immersed to each other they didn't even realize Taehyung left the room until he came back. He sat on the bed again next to Jimin's lying body. He was holding a box on his hand. It looked like a mail box Jimin thought, but Jungkook knew it was from the shop they buy their sex toys from,although he couldn't remember when exactly they ordered that one.
"Keep going Kookie. Make sure you don't come soon enough though", Taehyung said with an alluring voice.
Jungkook took his gaze from Jimin and placed it on Taehyung. He said with a trembling voice "I won't come soon. I-i played with myself wh-while waiting for you", He knew Taehyung had ordered him not to do it but he was so horny and needy for his boyfriend he might had actually even fucked himself on a dildo. Taehyung's gaze darkened as he looked at Jungkook. The latter felt the look burning his skin and immediately turned his head to face the panting boy underneath him. He dropped to his elbows, his face now inches away from Jimin's, feeling his hot breath on his lips. He had felt the need to lower his body so Taehyung can watch them both from above. Taehyung still had the upper hand here and Jungkook made sure to show him that he remembers
"What exactly did you do to yourself Jungkook?", Taehyung said with a deep voice, his hand traveling Jimin's neck, his posture implying that he didn't mind Jungkook's doings. Jungkook was on top of Jimin and didn't dare to look at his boyfriend while he was speaking. He was quietly eyeing Taehyung's hand that was caressing Jimin's neck, collarbones, chest until it reached his nipples. Long fingers trapped the boy's sensitive spot and his immediate reaction was to gasp and clench around Jungkook, who had lowered his thrusting pace by now, lazily fucking into Jimin. He hissed at the tightness, his mouth went dry and he wanted himself to be fucked again.
"I asked you something Kookie don't keep me hanging", Taehyung's voice was in contrast with his actions, his voice low and airy while his movement sharp and hard when he grabbed Jungkook's hair and pulled it backwards, making his neck exposed to Jimin. He stopped moving inside of Jimin and he still wouldn't look at Taehyung. He felt a hard tack on his hair again "Keep fucking him and answer my question now. What did you do to yourself while I was gone Jungkook?", Jungkook starting thrusting cowardly again, messy hip movements as he opened his mouth to speak "I-i fucked myself o-on a dildo..", he knew he couldn't keep that part a secret, Taehyung would feel his insides stretched later and it would make him even more mad that he didn't tell when asked, he was afraid he wouldn't let him come, "... a-and I made m-myself come with m-my hand", "And what did I tell you before leaving Kookie?" hand still firm on his hair, "N-not dare to touch m-myself", Jungkook answered. "You disobeyed baby. What do you deserve for not following my orders?", "T-to be punished", "Good boy. That's exactly what I'll do. Punish you. Get out of him", he let his hair go.
Jungkook got out of Jimin slowly, the little boy underneath him whimpering and whining at the sudden feeling of emptiness inside of him. "Don't worry Jiminie, he will be inside of you shortly, I'll make sure you will like it even better then", Jimin's dick twitched at Taehyung's promise, didn't even think of touching himself while waiting to be filled again. Jungkook was still on top of him, their thighs touching. Taehyung opened the mail box and revealed what was inside of it. The toy had a remote on one end, the other end splitting in two different ends that were being connected by thin plastic strings. "I'll punish your ass for being too needy and your dick for coming when it didn't have permission to do it. ", "H-how?", Jungkook was dying to know what the punishment would be, the idea of not coming didn't leave his mind. "You don't have the right to know, you will feel."
He was going crazy by now. He knows how the toy works and couldn't wait for it to be used. Taehyung made him sit straight up and touched his dick, moving his hand up and down his length slowly… torturing him. He couldn't see Taehyung's face since the boy was behind him, clasping their bodies together. His other hand slipped the condom off and brought the toy closer to his dick, Taehyung wore it on him. A small pink vibrator was now attached to the bottom of his cock, touching his slit. Taehyung turned on the device and Jungkook's first reaction was to hiss and gasp. He leaves it on low for now. Jimin is eyeing Jungkook's dick and licks his swollen lips. "Look at how hungrily he looks at you baby. Don't keep him waiting. Fuck your little slut like he wants, hard and relentlessly."
Jungkook lines himself up with Jimin's entrance and slowly bucked his hips forward to enter him. They both gasp at the same time. Jimin grabbed Jungkook's bicep with one hand while the other went above his head grabbing the pillow he lays on. The vibrations he felt inside of him made his mind and vision go blurry. He grows so needy and begs for both Jungkook and the device to go faster. Jungkook himself is trembling all over as he feels warmth on his vibrating hard leaking dick. He tries to go faster when he feels the vibrations getting stronger and stronger. He was sure Taehyung had set the device, if not on the highest scale then on one level lower. Both him and Jimin a panting mess, moans louder than ever before, little ahs escaping Jimin's lips and Jungkook himself keeps cursing, fucks coming out of his own mouth too.
Lost in the sensation he barely felt the lube pouring onto his ass. Taehyung's hand on his back pushing him forward to fall on Jimin's chest, to expose his ass to him. Jungkook had totally forgot the toy had a second end, that he was now feeling it brushing his asshole. Taehyung's hand traveled from his back to his ass, giving it a hard loud slap. Jungkook flinched and Jimin almost screamed. "Fuck you just hit my prostate!" Taehyung slapped Jungkook again, and his flinch caused another scream to fall from Jimin's lips. He had found the perfect position. He pressed the prostate stimulator further into Jungkook, half of it was in him and he took his hand away watching as his ass swallowed the small toy making it disappear inside of him. Jungkook's breath trembled and he made little squeaky sounds. Taehyung smirked at his reaction. Took two fingers, covered them with lube and pushed them into his boyfriend. He immediately curled them upwards catching the vibrator in between his fingers,guiding it inside of him, pressing his hot walls until he felt the rough skin and pressed there harder. It was a matter of seconds for him to find his boyfriend's prostate after a year and a half in relationship. Jungkook cried at the feeling, his legs trembling, arms failing him dropping the little support that was left on them, face next to Jimin's, completely giving up to fucking him, letting himself free completely on him.
"Looks like Kookie can't properly fuck you now. Should I help?", Taehyung said teasingly. None of them said anything. "Besides, it's time for his little ass punishment" his voice now sounding exciting. He took his fingers out of him, a breath Jungkook didn't even know he was holding was now being released. He spread the other's legs further apart slapping him again, aligning himself with his entrance not wasting more time since the boy was already stretched. "You were so needy baby, you couldn't even wait for me to come back and fuck you with my real fucking dick." his own voice now sounding less stable than before as he starts feeling the tightness around him. "I'll give you the pleasure you want but I'll make sure it's more than what you can take", Taehyung was fully now into Jungkook, himself feeling how good the vibrator feels along with the tightness, warmth and wet feeling Jungkook's hole was openly offering him. Dick twitching at the sensation, at how fucked out Jungkook was already sounding and looking. His thrusts hard and aggressive from the start, his own hips hitting the boy's hips underneath him making him move inside of Jimin too. Taehyung was giving the pace and it was fast and hard. So hard that Jungkook whole body was trembling and flinching. Jimin around his dick clenching as his prostate was being abused, Taehyung from behind, bruising his ass on the outside with his slaps and on the inside with his cock. Taehyung reached the remote and pressed the final button making it reach its highest level. Jungkook at this point didn't know if he was trembling because of the device or because of how weak he was. "Ngh! T-Taehyung!", Jungkook cried "Jungkook don't you dare to fucking come yet!" It was so hard for him to hold himself, Jimin was totally being a loud mess underneath him. He could feel his leaking cock rubbing against his stomach. He leaned and kissed him. Exploring his mouth messy, biting his lips hungrily. Jimin now started moving himself too "I'm gonna come! I'm gonna come! Please don't stop d-don't stop!" Nails digged into Jungkook's flesh, big red marks are left on his back, a few of them bleeding slightly in some parts. Jimin left a loud moan that turned into high pitched sounds as he came all over himself and Jungkook.
Not wasting a second Taehyung grabbed Jungkook and helped him hold himself up, slide his dick out of the blonde boy who was now moving to the side.
"On your back." Taehyung said demanding, "and take the vibrator off your dick." Jungkook obeyed.
Taehyung curled his finger around Jungkook pumping him fast, while he kept fucking him. Jimin who had gathered himself by now, started kissing Jungkook on the lips, moved to his neck and stopped at his nipples where he sucked hard.
" Time for your second punishment. Come baby. Come all over yourself."
And Jungkook did. He let himself free and gave in the sensation, coming all over himself and Jimin's face who was waiting with his mouth open to swallow as much as he could catch. Taehyung's hand still firm on Jungkook's dick, showing no signs of slowing down, as himself came inside of him seconds later, watching his two sluts making out, sharing come and saliva in front of him. He pulled out of Jungkook, letting the small device still in him, as his hands started moving up and down his length. Jungkook was now squirming, "Hold his hands above his head" Taehyung ordered Jimin, and the latter did as told. Jungkook now had Taehyung between his legs and his hands trapped by Jimin, he had no way of covering his dick, he was all exposed for Taehyung to edge him, overstimulate him, play with him until his erection leaves completely and his cock feels soft again. And that's what Taehyung did. "Taehyung! Please stop! I can't- I can't take it! A-ah!" Jungkook cried, "Isn't that what you wanted baby.." he said sliding his thumb on Jungkook's slit, running his fingers on his red sensitive tip, ".. To come? Hm? Isn't that why you disobeyed and made yourself come? And now you can't take it?" Jungkook was starting to grow soft now still some of his erection visible, his was so sensitive so overly fucked out that he didn't know how to react. Sobs leaving his lips one second and a hazed smile forming on his lips the other. He was now giggling while continuously saying little stops. Taehyung's finger slipped over his tip once again, Jungkook mewled and then his boyfriend stopped touching him. His dick completely soft now but little sounds still escaping his mouth as he breathes heavily.
Taehyung took the device out of him and clicked it off. He was also breathing fast looking at Jungkook who was still trying to gather up himself.
"Oh my fucking God.." was the only sentence Jungkook could form. Taehyung bend over him and kissed him on the lips softly "My baby, you did so well Kookie". Jimin was watching the two, a slight pout forming on his lips. "What? You're not being fucked now so you want praises and compliments again huh?" Taehyung said smiling softly to him. Jimin giggled at his comment "Exactly" he said with his slight hoarse voice from sex. Taehyung kissed him too.
"Jimin you feel amazing and you're fucking beautiful, especially when you're being fucked. You look ethereal" Jungkook complimented him still breathing heavily.
The three of them stayed cuddled up for a while, washed themselves afterwards and ordered something to eat.
It was the best experience of their lives.