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Loki POV

Thor, Sif, the Warrior's Three, and Loki landed on Jotunheim, Thor's hand wrapped tight around Mjolnir.

The air was cold to a crisp, and Loki made sure to survey his surroundings before proceeding. Unlike his brother, who was just rushing into things.

As usual, Thor probably assumed he was being smart.

How ignorant, thought Loki, could Thor possibly be?

Lady Sif's hand was resting on the hilt of her sword. Hogun's eyes were shifting back and forth between the towering shards of rock.

All of a sudden, there was a deep laugh. "You've come a long way to die, Asgardians."

Volstagg and Fandral twisted in surprise. A looming figure's shadow fell over them- eyes red and glaring. A Frost Giant, Loki realized.

Not just any Frost Giant. The Frost Giant. Laufey.

Frost giants are monsters. And the King? He's just as cruel, Loki assumed.

"Brother, this is madness," Loki hissed, grabbing Thor's arm. "Let's just go home."

"Yes," Laufey grinned, spirals of teeth showing. "Go home, princess."

Loki winced, because he knew what was going to happen next. He turned to stop his brother- stop him from doing something stupid , but Thor was already hurling his hammer toward Laufey.

"Bloody idiot," Loki muttered, and he raised his sword into action, swinging it at frost giants left and right.

One of them lunged for his arm and latched onto it. Loki glanced down and tried to pull away, but his eyes widened instead.

His skin was turning blue.

Why was his skin turning blue?

Loki stared at the frost giant, horror leaking onto his features, and the frost giant stared back, grinning. 

"So the Prince of Asgard isn't as much of an Asgardian as he thought he was," the giant whispered, and then laughed. Loki wrenched himself away.

What was he?