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Trapped In a Blizzard.

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Meanwhile Back at the Ski Lodge, Reginald "Shark" Castle was sleeping in his bunk bed, until he started tossing and turning, he was about to have a scary Nightmare, In the Nightmare, He was with Zaira, they were at Heartland Carnival at Heartland City, and They were having Fun, Until Zaira saw a Cotton Candy Stand, She walked over to get some Cotton Candy for her and Shark, hours passed, Shark started wondering what could be keeping Zaira, He started walking over toward the Cotton Candy Stand, He was shocked to find that She wasn't there, He started looking around all over for her, He looked at all the Food Stands, Games, Rides, He continued looking until He saw Yuma Tuiskumo walking up, He rushed up toward him.



"Haven't You Seen Zaira?", Shark asked as he looked at him.



"No, I haven't seen her, wasn't she with you", Yuma answered until Shark started Frantically Searching for Zaira and calling her name.



Until an hour later he was woken up by Yuma, Shark sat up in bed in a cold sweat and was breathing hard, until he calmed down,



"What happened, Is Zaira found yet, is she all right?", Shark asked as he looked at Yuma.



"No, She hasn't been found yet, She's still missing", Yuma answered.



"No, No, That's Not, That's Not Possible, I saw Her, I was holding Her Hand", Shark said as he started repeating his Sentence over and over again.


Until Yuma smacked him on the back of his head.



"Will You Get a Grip, It's not Helping anyone, Just Calm Down", Yuma replied in a snarled voice.



"All Right", Shark said he hoped that Zaira would be all right.