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When Creatures Meet

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Looking back this all started when I was four. I had no clues as to how crazy the muggles were, or my “family” to be completely honest. I had reasons to believe that the “monsters” of the night weren’t the real monsters. That people; or muggles as I later learned, were the real monsters. They say that family is forever and should not be forgotten. I wish that was the truth. For my brother and me; living with the “family” that raised us was HELL. Our FAMILY will never be like theirs. In our family we do not bully; we do not hit, and we ALWAYS have each other’s backs. This is where our story of 11 years in hell begins.
Hello, my name is Hadrian Potter and this is where our story starts.

*FLASHBACK* 10 years ago
“Lily! He’s here take the twins and run.” I hear my dad yell. Mum scooped up Isa and me and ran down the hall slamming and locking the door to our room. She sets us in our crib and whispers “Mummy loves you, Hadrian, remember to ask for Uncles Sevy or Tommy” “Mummy loves you, Isabella. Remember Uncles Sevy and Tommy” Pressing kisses to our heads. She turns and pulls out a stick says some funny words and then turns to the door. The door comes flying inward and there he stands in the doorway a tall elderly man with white hair and a long beard. “No” mum screams “Get out!” pointing the stick at the man and saying more funny words. “Abracadabra” the elderly man bellows and a green light comes out of his stick and hits mummy. She screams and falls to the ground not moving. He then turns to us and looks sad. “I’m sorry it had to be this way” and starts to point his stick at us. When another dark hair man pops into the doorway and starts making bright red, orange, yellow and green lights fly at the old man. Isa and I look and see Uncle Tommy. I start to cry out for him. “Unky Tommy! Unky Tommy!” When Uncle Tommy turns to look at us and smiles there is a bright flash and a loud noise and everything goes black.

The Next Morning Petunia’s POV
Her eyes flutter open has the morning sun shines through the curtains; looking to her right she sees the alarm clock read 6:15 a.m. She lies in bed for a minute longer before getting up to start her day. She quietly climbs out of bed creeping down the stairs careful not to wake her son and husband before she has breakfast ready. As soon as she makes it to the kitchen she starts to pull things from the fridge such as; eggs, cheese, and bacon. Turning to the cabinet she pulls out baking soda and flour. She starts the bacon knowing it will take the longest to cook; then starting the pancakes and saves the eggs for last. Putting the food in the oven to keep it warm she walks to the front door to get the morning paper for her husband knowing he likes to read it while eating breakfast. Opening the door expecting the paper she gets a surprise when she notices a woven basket. Looking under the blanket placed on top she sees two young children both with scars on their faces and hugging each other for warmth. She picks up the basket and carries it into the house. She sees a letter in the basket while slowly putting it down as to not wake the sleeping babies. Seeing the letter addressed to Vernon and Petunia Dursley she opens it to see what it reads.

Vernon and Petunia,
I am sorry to inform you but your sister Lily and James were killed by an evil wizard of the name Lord Voldemort. This basket contains your niece and nephew; our Saviors and the Twins-Who-Lived. I beg you to please look after them as they are important to the future.
Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore

“Vernon!!” Petunia yells waking both of the babies in the basket who start yelling their cries. Petunia hears thumps coming down the stairs knowing Vernon is up. Petunia looks at the crying babies and shushes them in a halfhearted attempt to make them stop crying. Not caring what happens to them since they came from her freak of a sister.

“What Petunia? What are you yelling ab-? Where did those babies come from Petunia?” Vernon states annoyed from the cries; eventually, he ends up yelling. “Make them stop!” Petunia knowing she needs to make them stop soon hands, Vernon, the letter and starts to quite down the twins.

“What does he mean by saviors and Twins-Who-Lived? What is this nonsense? Look after them and why would we do that? They are probably freaks just like your sister.” Vernon rants.

“Please, Vernon let me keep them. They are the last thing I have to remind me of my sister.” Petunia pleads. “They are family after all.”

“Fine…” Vernon eventually agrees “But if they end up being freaks like your sister I will beat the freakishness out of them.”

*FLASHBACK* 8 years ago
It was a rainy Tuesday evening a few minutes before dinner would be ready; when the twins and Dudley were playing with toys in his room. Well, Dudley was playing with his toys in his room. Dudley only lets the twins play with the broken toys. Isa had her eye on the old stuffed bear that Dudley never looked twice at. Focusing on how much she wants the bear that Dudley never plays with she is amazed when it slowly starts to float toward her. Standing in the doorway Vernon is shocked as his son’s bear starts to float toward Isa, his niece, who he realizes is a freak just like his sister-in-law.

“You freak!” He bellows “How dare you do that freakishness in my house. I have taken you in, put a roof over your head.” stopping his rant momentarily to hit his niece and nephew. “Eating food from our table and put clothes on your back.” SLAP. “And this is how you thank me. Well, that ends now” Slapping and kicking his niece and nephew to where they are covered in bruises and have several broken or cracked bones. After releasing his built-up frustration and anger he locks the twins in a room and tells himself he will let them out later. They ending up staying in that room for two days and this is how the next couple of years would continue to be.

*FLASHBACK* 6 years ago
Isa’s POV
Hello, my name is Isabella Potter. Isa actually and this is our story.

I look at the clock and see that it has a 7 the weird dots a 3 and a 0. And that is when I realize we are in BIG trouble. ‘Oh no no no’ I think ‘this cannot happen not now not today.’ I know I should have been to bed a while ago but I was helping Miss. Beary, get ready for bed. Without checking down the hallway I quickly pick up Miss. Beary and tuck her in bed. Next, I turn around and find Dudley’s toys EVERYWHERE….’ Oh no no no I forgot to clean up.’ I make a mad dash for the toys when I hear footsteps down the hall.
“He is coming! Quick!” I whisper to Haddy and then something freakish happens all of Dudley’s toys that we couldn’t reach start to float…… and slowly make their way to the toy box. We stand in horror and watch as the toys slowly disappear into the box. After all the toys are in their places I hear a loud noise behind me. I quickly turn and see Him.

“What did you do Isabella? Hadrian?” Vernon asks in a low angry voice. “We don’t know we were picking up Dudley’s toys and they just started floating.” I stuttered in worry scared we are going to get another lesson. I could see his face getting red and I knew we did something wrong again. He picks me up by the arm and throws me against the wall. “You stupid fucking bitch!” He bellowed as his arm flung through the air. SLAP! My face stung where he had hit me. “I’m sorry! Please stop! Please, I’m sorry!” I yelled while I tried to lift my right arm. My arm tried to respond but I was met with a surge of pain as I realized my arm was in a funny position and I couldn’t move it.

Haddy then yells out a battle cry and charges tackling Vernon, but he barely manages to make him stumble. Vernon grabs Haddy by arm and yells “Shut up you stupid Freak!” as he pulls him up in the air. When he drops him I hear a loud SNAP over where Haddy is and I scream as I see a white bone poking out of his arm.

“Look at what you have done Bella stupid bitch!!!!” he screams as he hits me again and again. “Go!” he bellowed as he kicks me toward the door. “Go I am done with you!” I look to where he is pointing and I notice the front door and through the windows I see the night sky with the moon shining brightly. “B-b-but it’s n-night-time.” I stuttered. His face starts to turn bright red and I know I have done something wrong…again. I see him start to shake and it almost looks like he is smoking “GO!” he screams “Go get in the car…..Kick….. right now…..kick….. you stupid……kick, kick……. little Freak!!!” kicking Haddy where he can as I scoot, on my butt, towards the door. I slowly start to stand the room spinning as I do; when suddenly I am shoved forward. “NOW!!!! MOVE IT!!!!!” he yelled from behind us. I feel a SNAP in my foot as Haddy and I fall down the five stairs that lead to the front door. THUMP!!! I slam into the door and catch myself from hitting the ground. Lots of wobbling and a few pained cries from each of us later, we make it into the backseat of the car. Trying to make my cries as soft as possible; trying not to make him mad again I ask “W-where are w-we going?” “Shut up!” he yelled and reaches around and smacks me across the face. My head slams into Haddy’s causing his head to hit the window with the force of the blow and all I remember before everything goes black is thinking ‘This is the worst beating yet.’

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It felt like minutes later when I heard soft voices from far away. “Isabella, can you hear me? Isa… can you squeeze my hand?” I start to move around carefully testing my arms and legs to see how badly I am hurt. My memories of what happened slowly come back to me and I start to scream for Haddy. I tear my eyes open to look around and all I see is blinding light. I slam my eyes closed and start to cry not knowing what is happening. “Isa calm down. It’s okay, it’s Uncle Sevy. Do you remember me?”

‘Uncle Sevy?????’ I think and a brief flash of a red-haired woman saying “Mummy loves you, Isabella. Remember Uncles Sevy and Tommy.” and a brown-haired man teasing a tall man with black hair about being a dungeon bat and calling the man next to him a slimy snake.

“Uncle Sevy? Is that you?” and I turn to look at him once again. I see his long black hair and his big nose his almost black eyes and I suddenly remember. “Uncle Sevy! Bat! Where is Uncle Tommy? Where is Snake? Where is Haddy?” I ask in a panic.

‘You don’t see Bat without Snake’ I think “Where is Haddy?” I ask again since no one answered me the first time starting to panic. I look around and see Haddy lying on the bed next to me sleeping. “Haddy!” I scream and fling myself on him to hug him. He jumps and screams surprised and looks around to see what woke him. He sighs as he sees me hugging me tightly, he then sees Uncle Sevy behind me and starts to cry. “Bat! Bat you will keep us safe right? Please don’t send us back to Vernon.” Haddy begs with tears in his eyes.

“I would never do that!” Uncle Sevy yells. Hadrian and I both flinch back and pull away from him thinking he is going to hurt us too. Uncle notices and sucks in a deep breath. He quietly says “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have yelled. It’s that you were never supposed to go to that muggle.” He spits out the word “muggle” like it left a horrible taste in his mouth. I softly say muggle in a confused tone to see what it meant. Sevy looks at me and smiles “Yes, muggle it means non-magical people.”

I gasp and Haddy started yelling “No, no Sevy that is a bad word! We don’t say that word! It means that you get hurt!”

I look around nervously, looking for Vernon expecting him to pop out and start to beat us again. It’s then that I finally not the other people in the room carrying clipboards; worried that they will be like Vernon and is start hitting us for bringing up such freakishness. I start to beg “Please, Sevy didn’t know! Please, we will teach him! Please, don’t hit Bat he didn’t know! Don’t hit us please Uncle Sevy didn’t know any better!” and I reach to pull Bat onto the bed with Haddy and me, so we can protect him. “Please!” We beg them “Please, don’t hurt Bat.”

They all start panicking and were trying to tell us that they don’t hit; confused about what had made us start to panic and beg for them not to hit us. It took an hour of us sitting on Bat’s lap crying and waiting for the beating to start; to realize that maybe they weren’t going to hit us not noticing that they have left the room. Being the first to calm Bat hugs me tighter to get my attention. I look up and notice it is just Haddy, Bat and I in the room. I look to Haddy seeing that he is still panicking and I slowly whisper in his ear “Haddy it’s okay Vernon isn’t here.” Over and over again for a few minutes. Slowly Haddy calms down and stops crying; looking to me to check for any new injuries.

“Haddy!” I exclaim finally noticing the changes. “You're older? How are you older? Haddy your eyes! When did you get the gold ring around your eyes?”

“Isa, what happened to your eyes and your teeth? They are gold, just pure gold.” Haddy responds.
“My teeth?” I ask while poking at them when suddenly I feel pain on the tip of my finger, having cut myself on my tooth. “What is happening? Sssevvvy….” I stutter. “What happened to us?”

“Isa. It’s okay I’ll explain I promise.” Bat says calmly. “Right now you two are in the hospital, St Mungo's hospital. It’s for magical people like us. You were brought here from the muggle hospital and Vernon dropped you outside of before taking off and leaving you outside in the cold.” He starts calmly slowly turning angry. “That dunderheaded muggle starved and beat you both to the point that your magic placed you both in healing comas to try and heal the damage done to you. It took four years to reverse the damage and then a miracle to wake both of you.”

“Magic?” I ask confused. “Muggle? Healing Coma? What miracle?” I look to Haddy to see if he has any clue as to what is happening.

“Bat?” Haddy questions. “You’re saying that it has been four years and that magic is real?”

“Yes, sadly it took four years for you both to heal from what that horrible muggle had done to you. It’s your birthday today. Happy birthday you two!” Sevy states sadly while pulling us into another tight hug. Knock! Knock! We turn to the door to see it slowly opens and in walks a tall lanky brown-haired male.

“Hello. How is everything going on here?” He states cautious and worried. “Are we settling okay? Do we need any calming draughts? Any questions I can help answer?”

“Hello, Healer Ross,” Severus replies numbly. “I think that we have calmed and are now just trying to catch up on what has happened.”

Haddy and I turn to each other and look noticing that each has calmed and just has questions.

‘You ask first’ I hear Haddy say.

“Why do I have to ask, why can’t you?” I ask Haddy.

“Isabella,” Healer Ross says worriedly. “What do you mean you have to ask? Ask what?”

“Haddy said that I should ask my questions first,” I reply to the healer.

“Isabella, Hadrian didn’t say anything.” Healer Ross states confused.

“Yes, he did Haddy said ‘you ask first’ didn’t you Haddy?” I ask him.

“Yes I did think that but I didn’t say it out loud Isa. Can you hear my thoughts, Isa?” Haddy says surprised. ‘What am I thinking right now?’ he asks.

‘I don’t know I can’t hear you.’ I say.

‘Well, crap! That would have been so cool.’ Hadrian thinks frowning, wishing he could talk to his sister with his mind.

‘Yeah, that would have been so cool. I could always have a way to talk to you’ I reply not knowing we just had that conversation in our minds.

“Well,” Healer Ross says interested. “Isabella, can you hear his thoughts?”

“No!” I reply annoyed. “We just had this conversation. Were you not listening?”

“Isa,” Bat replies cautiously “You never answered Hadrian question. Are you saying that you and Hadrian talked about this already?”

Confused I look to Haddy and focus on keeping my mouth closed but still talking to Haddy.

‘Haddy?’ I question.

“Yeah, Isa.” Haddy replies “What’s wrong?”

“I thought that Haddy thinks something to me” I replied excitedly.

‘Okay… purple elephants.’ Haddy thinks.

“Okay… purple elephants” I state surprised that I could hear Haddy. “We can talk to each other with our minds,” I say surprised looking to Bat for an answer as to why.

“I believe it is the bond from you being twins but; it might also be from your early creature inheritances,” Severus says answering my silent question.

“Creature inheritances?” Haddy and I ask at the same time.

“Yes creature inheritances,” Severus explains. “some magical people have creature blood in their bloodlines which gifts their children the ability to transform into said creatures.”

“Okay, so what creature are we?” I ask pointing to Haddy and myself.

“I believe that the two of you are Royal Maned Lions,” Severus replies. “They are a creature that has a mane, no matter the gender, but the royals are special because they have a pair of wings also.”

“So we can turn into lions, with manes and wings?” Haddy asks to make sure he understands what Bat is telling us.

“Yes,” Severus replies with a smile. “with practice you will be able to turn into your lions.”

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“Sevy,” Hadrian replies. “magic isn’t real. You know this you’re an adult. The weird things we make happen on are accidents is just our freakishness that we got from our parents.”

“Hadrian, you are not freaks!” Sevy states firmly sounding angry. “Whoever told you that is either jealous or just plain stupid.”

“Vernon says that we are not supposed to do freakish things and that when he hits us he is trying to release its hold on us,” Isa explains to Sevy as if it was common and understandable.

“Okay, starting know you both are going to ignore everything that Vernon has told you." Sevy states firmly. “That dunderhead is not only a monster but, he should have never hit you. Magic is real and it is a completely normal ability for us to have and use daily. I can prove to you that magic is real.”

He says with a smile as he reaches into the robe for… a stick. He points it at the end of the bed and says “Expecto Patronum.” as a silver moonlight wispy looking doe springs from the stick; and prances around the room. We gasp and look at the doe wide-eyed and in awe. I look astonished and whisper “Magic is real…” slowly I break out into a huge smile. “That ….was…. AWESOME!” I end up yelling while Haddy looks at me stunned and then just laughs. “Are vampires and werewolves real too? What about unicorns? What was that stick? What about a Pegasus? Or mermaids? Or or…?” I ask in a rush my words running together.

“Okay… okay, calm down Isa.” Sevy replies while laughing. “yes vampires and werewolves are real. My ‘Stick’, as you so eloquently put it, is my wand and is what I channel my magic. Also yes pegasi and mermaids are real.”

Severus laughs amused by my reaction. “Yes,” he says “magic is real and it is a beautiful thing. Both of your parents had magic and the pasted that ability to both of you.”

“Sadly I must say, that the wizarding world, our world, thinks that you are special because of the night that your parents passed,” Sevy says looking sad and depressed.

“We were at war…” he continued gravely, “at war with Albus Dumbledore, a foolish wizard who believes that any magic that is slightly Dark was evil and corrupt. He had gained quite a following of the solidly built of Light families. A lot of us disagreed with Albus saying that just because it is Dark doesn’t make it evil, but he didn’t see it that way and if you didn’t side with him than you were against him. Your parents, my husband Tom, Sirius and I had decided to remain neutral and stay out of the war. Albus didn’t see it that way and started to attack us. Tom betrayed our family and told Albus where we were hiding. Sirius almost died fighting Tom trying to avenge your parents.”

Looking at Sevy, both Haddy and I can see the silent tears streaming down his face. Haddy and I wipe away his tears and hug him to try and comfort him.

“Your mother had cast wards around your crib that night to protect you from Albus. It was those wards that reflected the killing curse, it was also the curse rebounding off the wards that caused the ceiling to cave in and that caused you to have the scars that are widely and popularly known as, the scars of the Twins-Who-Lived, the first living beings to survive the killing curse.”
Sevy takes a deep breath, and with tears in his eyes, continues “I went straight to the house, that night having a feeling that something was wrong but, you both were gone, with the house in ruins, and I couldn’t find you anywhere. I looked and searched for years until I thought that maybe the Aurors had sent you both to Charlie. I was not listed in the Ministry files as your godfather; because we were hiding from Dumb door at the time.”

Haddy and I share a look and I start the conversation, which I know we need to have quietly. ‘What does Sevy mean that Tommy betrayed us?’

‘I wondered that too; Snake, he fought that elderly man that night. Do you think that was Dumbledore?’

‘Right, Snake didn’t seem like he was trying to hurt us and who else could it have been Haddy?’

‘Maybe we can prove it!’

‘And how are we supposed to do that Haddy’ I think flustered.

‘Well….. I don’t know…. You’re the smarter one you figure it out.’

‘It was your idea Haddy!!’

‘Right so it is agreed; I come up with the ideas and you think of the plan. Perfect!!’

“No!! Not perfect Haddy!!” I shout angrily, and then I realize that I had yelled that out loud and shyly turned to look at Sevy.

“What are you two planning?” Sevy asks concerned and suspicious.

“Nothing Sevy,” I state innocently but I don’t think he believes it.

Haddy and I shared a look. “Apparated?” I asked trying to distract Bat.

“Aurors?” Haddy asks figuring out what I was doing and trying to help.

“Who’s Charlie?” I ask confused and curious.

“What is the Ministry?” Haddy continues asking.

“Who’s Albus?” I asked.

“Also what is a Dumb door?” Haddy asks finishing our list of questions.

Sevy sighs knowing that this explanation is going to take a while my outburst forgotten for now. “Apparating is a transport spell used by wizards to immediately go from one place to another.” He states calmly. “The Ministry is a shortened name of The Ministry of Magic, which is our government. Aurors are the magical version of emergency responders. Charlie is your father’s twin. He lives in Washington and has left the magical community here in Britain considering he is a squib.”

“Dad had a twin?!” Haddy and I say

“Why didn’t we know? Why haven’t we met him?” Haddy asks confused.

“What is a squib?” I asked.

“Yes,” Severus replies. “Charlie is your father’s twin, as for why you didn’t know I have no idea why your parents didn’t tell you. He is the chief of police in a small town in Washington. He doesn’t get a lot of time off which is why you haven’t met him before. Albus, or Dumb door as I call him, is the current Headmaster of Hogwarts. You both have a lot to learn still. Also, Hogwarts starts in about a month.” Sevy sighs and continues “We will have to go to Diagon Alley tomorrow pick up some things that you will need; stop by Gringotts, get your first wands, school supplies and I am sure we can find some books for you both to read that you would find interesting.”

I look up sharply with an excited gleam in my eyes “Books!?” I say excitedly. Haddy turns and gives me an annoyed look “Of course you would get excited about books.”

“Hogwarts? You have said that a couple of times.” I ask curiously. “When can we leave here Sevy? Can we live with you?”

“Yes, Hogwarts is a school to teach children magic, I am also the Potions Masters there. I will need to go ask the healers and nurses if and when you could leave? Will you two be alright if I leave for a few minutes?” Sevy asks nervously.

“As long as Haddy and I have each other, we will be fine Sevy,” I promise as Haddy and I stare confidently into his eyes. “Okay then,” Sevy replies numbly, having not expected that and walks down the hall to find someone to talk to.

‘Haddy,’ I ask silently,

‘Yeah, Isa?’

‘Maybe the bank or the Ministry that Sevy mentioned can help us with finding out if Snake is innocent.’

‘See I told you, Isa. I come up with the idea and you think of the plan. This is why we work together Isa.’

‘Sure it is Haddy.’ I reply sarcastically.

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‘Haddy…’ I think cautiously, ‘do you think there is a way to hide our scars?’ I slowly trace the scar running from my left eye to my chin. ‘I don’t want people staring at us?’

“I don’t know Isa; we can ask Bat when he gets back,” Haddy replies, reaching for my hand while tracing the same scar on the right side of his face.

“Ask me what exactly?” we jump having not expected to hear someone in the room with us.

“Sevy… you scared me!” I reply trying to calm my racing heart. “I was wondering if there was any way to hide our scars. I don’t want people staring at us. Who is that you have with you, Sevy?”

“Hello,” the dark-haired man replies, “I am Healer Davis, I am coming to give the two of you the final check-up you both need to have before you can leave.”

“So we get to leave, yes please can we go?” I ask in an excited rush.

“I just need to do one final diagnosis spell on the two of you to make sure all of the bigger issues are taken care of. Sadly as for the scars if you were brought in after or shortly after they occurred we might have been able to do something to minimize them. However, after so many years there is nothing we can do about them.” Healer Davis replies solemnly.

“Right well thanks for letting us know that Healer Davis” I reply sadly. Well, let’s get this show on the road.” Haddy and I reply at the same time waiting expectantly for the Healer to start. Healer Davis takes a step toward us after receiving a nod from Sevy. He takes out his wand and cast a spell first on me and then on Haddy. It takes a few minutes but suddenly two scrolls of paper appear. He slowly reads over both nodding and making humming noises as he reads, after a minute or two he gasps and makes a choked noise. Haddy and I look at each other worried as Healer Davis hands the Papers to Sevy to read. As Sevy reads the paper you can tell he is shocked and then angry, very angry, his face slowly starts to turn red as if he is holding his breath.

Sevy looks at us and then to Healer Davis, “What in the Bloody Hell does he think he’s doing!!!” Sevy yells at the top of his lungs. “He could have killed them! This should have killed them!”
I take a second to process what has Sevy so angry but once I hear the part about how he could have killed us I gasp.

“What? What!? Sevy let me see that.” I quickly run to Sevy grab the paper and run back to Haddy all I can do is sit there in shock after Haddy and I finish reading the papers.



Wellness check for Isabella Lily Potter

Date: July 31, 2010

Date of Birth: July 31, 1999

Age: 11 years old

Recovered Injuries:
Scar (from left eye to chin, age 1)
Broken arm (right, ages 3 and 4)
Bruised ribs (right side ages 3 and 4)
Broken ribs (on both sides ages 2 and 4)
Broken ankle (right age 4)

Active Injuries/Spells/Potions/Blocks:
Magical Core block 85% (keyed to Albus Dumbledore)
Intelligence Block 50% (25% Broken, keyed to Albus Dumbledore)
Creature Inheritance Block 100% (100% broken by Lady Magic, keyed to Albus Dumbledore)
Mate Block 100% (keyed to Albus Dumbledore)
Natural Potions Skill Block 80% (keyed to Albus Dumbledore)
Natural Charms Skill Block 80% (keyed to Albus Dumbledore)
Natural Runes Skill Block 80% (keyed to Albus Dumbledore)
Natural Transfiguration Skill Block 80% (keyed to Albus Dumbledore)
Natural Occlumency Block 100% (keyed to Albus Dumbledore)
Hate Potion (Failed, placed on Severus Snape, keyed to Albus Dumbledore)
Hate Potion (Failed, placed on Tom Marvolo Riddle, keyed to Albus Dumbledore)
Loyalty Potion (placed on Sirius Black, keyed to Albus Dumbledore)
Loyalty Potion (placed on Albus Dumbledore, keyed to Albus Dumbledore)
Loyalty Potion (placed on Ronald Weasley, keyed to Albus Dumbledore)
Loyalty Potion (placed on Molly Weasley, keyed to Albus Dumbledore)
Love Potion (placed on Ronald Weasley, keyed to Albus Dumbledore)

Suggested Health Plan:
Nutrients Potions (Daily until the injuries clear)
A purge of Magical Potions and Blocks



Wellness check for Hadrian James Potter

Date: July 31, 2010

Date of Birth: July 31, 1999

Age: 11 years old

Recovered Injuries:
Scar (right eye to chin age 1)
Broken arm (left ages 2 and 3; right age 4)
Bruised ribs (right ages 2 and; 4 left 3 and 4)
Broken Ribs (left ages 2 and 4; right ages 2, 3 and 4)
Broken Leg (left age 4)
Dislocated shoulder (right age 3)

Active Injuries/Spells/Potions/Blocks:
Magical Core Block 90% (keyed to Albus Dumbledore)
Creature Inheritance Block 100% (broken by Lady Magic, keyed to Albus Dumbledore)
Mate Block 100% (keyed to Albus Dumbledore)
Intelligence Block 80% (keyed to Albus Dumbledore)
Natural Occlumency Block 100% (keyed to Albus Dumbledore)
Natural Charms Skill Block 100% (keyed to Albus Dumbledore)
Natural Potions Skill Block 100% (keyed to Albus Dumbledore)
Bad Luck Curse (keyed to Albus Dumbledore)
Hate Potion (placed on Slytherin, keyed to Albus Dumbledore)
Hate Potion (Failed, placed on Severus Snape, keyed to Albus Dumbledore)
Hate Potion (Failed, placed on Tom Marvolo Riddle, keyed to Albus Dumbledore)
Hate Potion (Failed, placed on Isabella Potter, keyed to Albus Dumbledore)
Loyalty Potion (placed on Ronald Weasley, keyed to Albus Dumbledore)
Loyalty Potion (placed on Molly Weasley, keyed to Albus Dumbledore)
Loyalty Potion (placed on Albus Dumbledore, keyed to Albus Dumbledore)
Loyalty Potion (placed on Sirius Black, keyed to Albus Dumbledore)
Love Potion (place on Ginny Weasley, keyed to Albus Dumbledore)

Suggested Health Plan:
Nutrients Potion (Daily until the problem clears)
A purge of Magical Blocks/Spells/Potions


Haddy turns and softly takes my hand after he finishes reading the papers “Isa… are you okay?” asking because of my lack of reaction.

“THAT SON OF A BITCH!!!” I scream causing more Healers to run into the room trying to figure out what is happening that has caused a lot of yelling.

Haddy looks at me full of surprise and scolds me “ISABELLA POTTER!! We do not use that type of language.”

I turn to Haddy shocked and angry. “Do you not get it Haddy? That piece of shit stunted our intelligence and completely tried and was halfway successful in changing our complete personalities? He tried to make us hate Sevy! He also tried to make it to where we would have never been whole. We would have lost a soul mate and our free will all in one fell swoop. He could have killed us; Sevy even said so! He even said we should be dead.”

I can see what I am saying slowly sink in as the outrage in Haddy’s eyes at Dumb-as-a-door grows. I turn back to Sevy and Healer Davis and in a hard determined voice state “Get them off. Get the potions and blocks off of us now!”

Healer Davis swallows hard and calmly says “I can’t… but you can go to Gringotts and the Goblins should be able to. As far as I can tell there is nothing more that we at St. Mungos can help you with now it would be up to the goblins.”

I am not happy that we have to wait to get everything removed but I do understand and give Healer Davis a small nod in understanding.

“Sevy?” I ask seriously.

“Yes, Isa?” Sevy replies having a hard time keeping the anger out of his voice and a small smile on his face.

“Can we go home now?” I ask not even trying to smile at him as I am too angry at Dumb door, right now.

“Yes,” Sevy says calmly. “We can go home now. We will have some dinner, and we can have a relaxing evening before we go to Gringotts tomorrow morning.”

Chapter Text

Haddy and I look at each other confused. ‘Has Sevy gone mad?’ I ask Haddy.

‘I think he might have finally gone over the deep end sister.’ Haddy softly says.

I look back and forth between the fireplace in our room and the bowl of green powder in Sevy's hands. Confused I finally say “Sevy what do you expect us to do?”

“We are flooing to Spinner’s End Isa. What else would we be doing?” Sevy replies sarcastically.

“Flooing?” Haddy asks in a confused tone.

Sevy turns red as he gets this embarrassed look on his face; he turns to Healer Davis who is standing off to the right. “If I explain and go through first; would you direct them and make sure they go through?”

Healer Davis looks between Sevy and us confused before he finally recognizes something and says “Oh… yes, of course, Severus I can do that.” embarrassed.

Sevy nods and looks to us. “Right, flooing is using connected fireplaces to move from one to another. You take a handful of this powder step into the floo and state where you want to go and the floo while taking you to the connected stop. So you will step in take the powder throw-in down and clearly say ‘Spinner’s End. It will then take you to the floo that is inside of my house and we will be home. I will go first so you can see how it is done okay?”

Haddy and I look to each other and share a look; we both turn to Sevy and nod. Sevy hands the bowl to Healer Davis and takes a handful of the green powder; slowly steps into the fireplace and turns to face us. He calmly smiles at us and then firmly and clearly says “Spinner’s End.” And throws the powder down to his feet. Suddenly there is a flair of green flames that seems to engulf Sevy as he disappears. Haddy gasps and turns to me, concerned; but all I can do is stare at the fireplace in shock.

Healer Davis then steps up and says “So who’s next?”

Haddy immediately turns to Healer Davis and says concerned and worried “Is it safe? Does it

Healer Davis turns and answers Haddy “yes it is completely safe and it does not hurt at all; it just feels like getting a slightly too tight hug.”

Haddy nods serious and says to me silently ‘I will go first if it hurts at all I’ll yell and demand Sevy find a different way to get you.’ “Okay, I will go first,” Haddy commanded and steps close to Healer Davis while pushed me behind him softly. Haddy takes a handful of the powder and looks to me seriously and nervously says “Spinner’s End” as the green flames appear once again and Haddy disappears. He doesn’t yell like he said he would if it hurt. I nervously look to Healer Davis and he gives me a kind smile and holds the bowl out to me.

‘Isa… Isabella… is this thing working?’ I hear Haddy in my head almost like he is right next to me and I jump surprised and look around only to not find him.

‘Haddy… Is that you?’ I ask nervously.

‘Isa! Yes, it works still! Yes, Isa, it’s me I swear and it doesn’t hurt the flooing thingy; just feels like one of our hugs I promise.’ Haddy tells me calmly and seriously. I know he is telling the truth because I know he would never lie to me; especially if it had the potential to hurt one of us.

Looking at Healer Davis I says “here goes nothing.” As I take a handful of the floo powder step into the fireplace and clearly say “Spinner’s End.” As I throw down the powder I see the green flames and slam my eyes shut, but all I feel is one of Haddy’s tight hugs and a flash of warmth as I stumble out of the fireplace and into Haddy’s arms as he keeps me from hitting the floor.

“Welcome to Spinner’s End, my home away from Hogwarts.” I hear Sevy say off to the left of the living room which we just appeared in. “I will let you two explore and give you a tour after we have dinner. I am off to the kitchen to make us all some dinner.” Sevy then turns and walks through the archway off to the left and takes a right down the hallway.

I take a look around and see a modern-looking living room with two archways; one on the left that Sevy walked through and one on the right that looks the same. Haddy pulls me to the archway on the right and then takes a left down the hallway. We see a couple of different doors but one seems to call out to me. It is a plain-looking oak wood door that I slowly pushed open; the room looks dark but as soon as I step foot into the room the lights turn on and the fireplace flares to life. The sudden brightness takes my vision for a sec; then I see the wall to wall bookshelves full of all kinds of books. Some looking so old they look like they will fall apart and others look so new it looks like they have never been opened. ‘It’s heaven’ I think.

“Of course you would think it is heaven,” Haddy replies sarcastically.

“Well yes, have you seen this library?” I say shocked that there are so many books in one spot. I walk toward one of the bookshelves and see a book on Creature Inheritances. I grab that and sit down in one of the chairs by the warm fireplace and start to read.

“Well, I guess it wouldn’t hurt to take a look.” I hear Haddy say as he starts towards a bookshelf.

“No it wouldn’t you might even learn something.” I half reply already diving into the book. ‘I didn’t know we could turn into the creature that we inherited; I will have to try this later’ I think as I continue to read on how to transform into my creature.

'Transforming into the creature you have inherited can take anywhere from a couple of months to a year. It all depends on how well you know yourself and how soon you can find your center. All people have a different experience when trying to transform. However, they all say it takes the same things. Concentration, knowing oneself and finding your center; also learning Occlumency can help. That is the hardest part; finding one's center or being at peace. It is how one finds their creature within themselves and merges with them. Many people have said that while trying to complete one's transformation that their moods often shift quickly and suddenly. One way that has worked for many is picturing oneself in a clearing and calmly focusing and concentrating on one's creature; eventually, the creature will form and slowly approach many say that just talking calmly to your creature helps it understand that merging will give them another body or life to live. If you are at true peace with yourself the creature will start the merging process by drawing blood from itself and you; they will then mix the blood; combining bloodlines and successfully merging with their person. Continue reading to find out more about creatures and their bloodlines. '

“Interesting I wonder how long it will take me?” I say to myself.

“How long what will take Isa?” Sevy says while standing in the doorway.

“Sevy” I jump “when did you get here?”

“Only a minute or two ago I just came to get you both for dinner,” Sevy states calmly.

“Well let’s get going then,” I say hopping up from my comfy chair to put the book back knowing
I will be coming back to finish it soon. Haddy is already standing by the door once I finish
putting my book back on the shelf where I found it.

We follow Sevy back down the hall through the living room and out the other side and turn left down the hallway; and then turn right through another archway to the dining room where we find a long table with many chairs, which holds our evening meal. I see three bowls and a platter on the table, toward one of the ends, the three bowls containing green beans, corn, and mashed potatoes while the platter holds a ham already sliced. There are several minutes of silence as we sit and all take turns passing the food around the table. I share a look with Haddy and he nods thinking, ‘Only take a little bit Isa, we don’t want to upset Bat, who knows what would happen to us.’

I give a small nod in reply and only take one small spoonful of everything while digging to find the smallest piece of ham. Before passing the platter to Haddy as he does the same. Severus sees my nod to Haddy and has a curious look on his face and then down to our plates and develops a frown.

“Hadrian,” Severus quietly says “why are you and Isa taking so little? You both can have as much as you want; anything left over we will save and can have later.”

‘What is he talking about? This is more than we would get from Vernon in a month. You tell Bat I don’t want to. What if he gets angry?’ I think too Haddy.

‘I know, this is more than both of us would get from Vernon in a month.’ Haddy replies surprised. ‘Also I don’t think Bat is going to hurt us, Isa. He seems different.’

“Well, this is quite a bit of food for us Bat.” Hadrian replies, “Combined this is more than Vernon would give us in a month.”

Sevy looks shocked and turns to me to confirm what Haddy is saying. I give a small nod in agreement to what Haddy tells Sevy.

“Well,” Severus says calmly, “here with me you both can have as much as you want just please be careful not to make yourself Which reminds me, Missy.” There was a small pop and a small grey creature with long droopy ears and big wide doe eyes appears wearing a small black outfit.

“Master Snapey bes callin for Missy sir.” She replies looking at Sevy.

“Yes, could you be so kind as to grab two nutrients potion for my potion store room please,” Sevy says kindly and with a smile on his face.

“Missy be doing that righ now Master Snapey sir.” She replies and disappears with a small pop.

“Sevy,” Haddy ask curious, “who is that?” just then a pop could faintly be heard as Missy appears again to two vials, contains a purple liquid that sparkles when the light hits it, in her hands.

“Heres Master Snapey be two nutrents potions for you, sir,” Missy states proudly.

“Thank you, Missy,” Sevy says smiling. “Also Missy these two people will be living with us from now on. They are my godson Hadrian and my goddaughter Isabella.” He says while pointing to us.

Missy turns to look at both of us with a big smile and her ears flopping up and down. “Missy bes glads to meets Little Master Rian and Little Mistress Issy. It has beens so longs since Missy is beens able to sees Little Master and Mistress agains.”

“It is nice to see you again Missy. When did we meet before? I’m sorry it’s just that I would have remembered meeting you, Missy.” I say curious and hoping not to offend her.

“Ohhhh,” Missy replies, “Little Mistress Issy would not remember Missy as Missy mets her when shes was just a babes.”

“Well,” I reply “it is very nice to meet you again Missy. I will be sure to remember you this time.”

“Little Mistress Issy is so nice to Missy.” She says quietly. “Missy bes goin back to cleanings the kitchens now. Bye-bye.” Disappearing with a small pop.

“Who was that Bat?” Haddy asks curiously.

“That was my house-elf, Missy, She cooks and cleans and does any other work. You see house elves will die if they do not bond to a wizard or witch as their magic is unstable and would kill them if they did not bond with a magic-user.” Sevy explains.

“She isn’t like a slave is she?” I ask worried for Missy.

“NO, oh no I treat her like family and expect both of you too also; she also gets paid a weekly wage which she can spend on anything she wishes,” Sevy replies. “Now, I was thinking about what we should be doing tomorrow. I believe the best plan is to head to Gringotts in the morning and have the two of you purged from the unwanted magic Albus has cast on you.”

He states while trying to keep in anger under control. Haddy and I take a few more bites and then put down our forks and knives.

“I think that sounds like a good plan,” I say looking to Haddy to see if he agrees. Haddy nods and stays quiet for a few more seconds.

“After we are done at Gringotts, could we possibly go out and get some clothes and other things for Isa and me?” Haddy asks nervously.

“Right,” I say realizing we don’t have anything but the clothes St. Mungos gave us. “Do you happen to have any clothes that we could wear Sevy? I know they would not fit but if we could wash what we are wearing now; we could wear it again tomorrow.”

Sevy thinks for a moment and saying that he has clothes we could wear for tonight that he could resize with magic for tonight while agreeing to wash our clothes and to Haddy’s idea of picking up some much-needed items for Haddy and me tomorrow after Gringotts.

Being done with dinner and, Missy having cleared the plates magically, having a plan for tomorrow Haddy and me follow Sevy up a case of stairs and into his room; where he gives us each a pair of sleeping pants and a plain black shirt for clothes to wear for the night after casting a spell to size them for us. Now having clothes he shows us to a room several feet down the hall that he says is ours.

Looking around the room, it’s kind of plain with two beds, dressers and a desk and chair for each of us; with a bathroom in the room right across the hall. Saying our goodnights to Sevy after taking turns changing into the black shirt and pants he gave us both Haddy and me crawl into our separate beds, falling asleep as soon as our heads hit the pillows. Exhausted from the big day we had and excited for what tomorrow has to bring.

Chapter Text

It had only felt like I had just fallen asleep when I awoke the next morning to light shining through the window. I roll over in my soft and warm bed tiredly. ‘Bed?’ I think confused and sit up straight wondering ‘wherein the bloody hell I am at.’ Looking around I see a larger than an average-sized bedroom with another bed and two desks and dressers in various places around the room. I notice someone is in the other bed and are relieved when I see that it is Haddy and that is when my memories of yesterday start to return; waking up in the hospital, Uncle Sevy, and Magic.

“Haddy,” I say quietly trying to wake him. He replies with ugh sound. I slowly climb from my warm and comfortable bed and cross the room to Haddy. I start to call his name and shake him hoping to wake him up. “Haddy,” I say again louder this time.

“Wat Issa?” He replies still half asleep and rolls, trying to get away from me. Only, he rolls slightly too far and dumps himself onto the cold floor. “Ouch” he moans while I cover my mouth and try to keep from laughing. “That’s rude.” He says not thinking about what he is saying still mostly asleep. I burst out laughing loudly thinking that this is hilarious when suddenly the door opens and Sevy is standing there.

“What seems to be going on here? Hadrian, why are you on the floor?” Severus asks.

“He- ha-ha-he rolled off–hahaha-the bed-hahaha–when-hahaha-I-hahaha-tried to-hahaha-wake him,” I reply while trying to hold back my laughter but failing.

“Ahh I see,” Severus replies chuckling “Well I was coming to wake the both of you to have some breakfast and then we can get ready for our trip to Gringotts and some shopping for some things that you both will need. So why don’t you both get showered and changed and meet me in the dining room for breakfast.”

“Alright,” I say “I’ll go first and give Haddy some time to wake up.” Heading to my desk where I see my clothes have been laid out and cleaned sometime during the night, while also grabbing the towel laying there and heading across the hall to the bathroom. 10 minutes later I exit the bathroom drying my hair with my towel and dressed and ready for the day to begin again. I head back to our room and find Haddy sitting on his bed with his eyes closed waiting. “Your turn, Haddy; I am going to head down to the dining room after I find a hairbrush,” I tell Haddy while looking around and in the drawers of my desk. He nods and leaves to head to the bathroom. ‘I wonder’ I think.

“Missy?” I call out to the empty room and a few seconds later I hear a small pop.

“Mistress Isa calls for Missy?” I hear a soft voice say from behind me.

“Yes, I did,” I say quickly turning and facing Missy. “I was wondering if you had a hairbrush I could have or use.”

“Oh, Missy can bes doing yous hair for yous if Mistress woulds likes?” Missy replies nervously.

“Really!” I say happily. “If you could Missy that would be perfect.”

Missy smiles and her green eyes brighten as she raises her hand and snaps her fingers. I feel slight pressure and can feel my hair moving and styling itself into a bun on my head.

“Thank you, Missy!” I say quickly and move to kneel on the floor to hug her. She squeaks in surprise and gives me a tight hug in return.

“Mistress Isa is so kinds. Mistress evens hugs Missy.” She replies with tears in her eyes smiling happily before she asks “Can Missy bes doing anything else for Mistress?”

“I can’t think of anything right now Missy but thank you so much for doing my hair,” I reply just as Haddy walks through the door asking if I am ready to head to the dining room for breakfast.

“Of course Haddy, and thanks again, Missy,” I say before she nods her head and disappears with another pop. “Well, let’s go Haddy,” I say before taking his hand and leading him out of the room and down the hall to the dining room where Sevy is waiting for us.

“Good morning Bat.” Haddy and I say at the same time with large grins; while each taking a seat at the table with the empty plates sitting in front. Seeing the food laid out on the table I take a small spoonful of eggs and a pancake before I see a vial standing next to a glass of orange juice with another nutrients potion inside of it.

“Is this our nutrients potion?” I ask Bat just to double-check.

“Good Morning Hadrian and Isa.” Sevy replies with a smile and then turns to me saying “Yes Isa that is your nutrients potion that you need to take before eating. It will help your magic to reverse the damage done to you by those horrible Muggles.”

I smile and take the potion in one quick swallow knowing that it doesn’t taste the best after receiving one last night as well. I drink some of my juice to get the taste out of my mouth and then ask “So are our plans still the same for the day? Going to Gringotts and then school and clothing shopping?” looking to Sevy for answers.

Sevy replies “Yes, I was thinking we could floo to the Leaky Cauldron and then take the gateway to Diagon Alley which will have everything we need.”

I nod while chewing my food and respond “That sounds like a plan. Also, what is the Leaky Cauldron?” before taking a few more bites of food.

“The Leaky Cauldron is the business front that hides the magical gateway to Diagon Alley from muggles. It looks like a rundown restaurant and bar.” Bat replies before finishing his morning coffee. As I finish chewing the last of my food I look to Haddy and see that he is also done eating but didn’t finish his pancake; a sigh escapes me as I know it is because he used to slip me most of his food the Vernon gave us so I wouldn’t go hungry. He looks at me hearing my sigh and sees me looking at his plate with a sad expression.

“It’s okay Isa,” he says comforting me, “I just wasn’t hungry this morning I promise.”

“Well,” Sevy says “if we are done we should be heading to Gringotts as I have a feeling that is where we will be spending most of our time today.” Nodding our heads in agreement; all of the dishes disappear in an act of magic that felt just like when Missy did my hair this morning. I softly whisper “Thanks, Missy.” Hearing a quite “Yous welcomes” in return.

Sevy grabs my attention by saying that he would go through first again and be waiting for us at the Leaky Cauldron before disappearing in a flash of green flame. I smile at the awe-inspiring blatant use of magic as Haddy disappears next. ‘Guess it’s my turn.’ I think as I grab the floo powder and say “The Leaky Cauldron” while I disappear and then stumble out of the fireplace and into Bat’s arms.

“Thank you for catching me Bat,” I say shyly while looking around.

“It’s no problem, Isa.” He replies letting me go and looking to his left as he hears someone call out “Professor Snape.” I look to see an older gentleman with brown hair and blue eyes behind a bar of some kind.

“Hello, have you come to eat and have a drink or are you here for the alley.” He continues as I look to Haddy and silently say ‘Professor? Is Sevy a teacher Haddy?’

‘How would I know Isa? I have been with him just as long as you have.’ Haddy replies slightly annoyed at not knowing the answer.

“Hello Tom, I am here on personal business in the alley. I assume I can head through?” Sevy replies civilly to the old barman.

“Of course. Of course and good luck to ya.” Tom replies with a smile. Sevy turns and starts to head to the gateway revealing both myself and Haddy behind him.

“My God!” Tom exclaims as he sees both of us for the first time. “It’s you the Twins-W”

“Excuse me!” Sevy says loudly cutting off Tom before he can draw too much attention to us.
“As I was saying I am here on personal business with my godchildren so if you don’t mind we will be going.”

“Right… I’m sorry Professor Snape; I just have not seen them since they were babes. It shocked me; sorry for almost causing a scene” Tom says apologetically.

“Very well,” Sevy says numbly. “Come along you two we must be going.” Sevy starts towards the gateway again with both of us following along. We head down the hall and come to a dead end. A random brick room with nothing but a few wooden barrels and boxes.

“Sevy… are you sure we are in the right place?” I ask suspiciously.

“Of course Isa,” he says smiling at me. “I did say that the gateway to Diagon Alley was hidden didn’t I?”

He pulls out his wand from his robes and faces the one wall that is missing a few bricks. He then taps a series of brick in a pattern of the top, right, bottom and left. Slowly noises could be heard from the wall as it seems the wall folds in on itself and forms an archway for us to pass through. Once it forms fully and stops moving, I can see Diagon Alley and the only way I can describe it is magical. It’s a brick market area with shops everywhere. Signs floating and moving by themselves with designs. I see several signs saying; ‘Cauldron here pewter, copper, gold, and self-stirring.’, ‘Finest wizarding robes since 945bc.’, ‘Flourish and Blotts’ and ‘Ollivanders’. I also see a white stone building with two stone pillars in front. I stop and gasping and gaping in awe.

“Come on Isa we can’t stop now I promise after Gringotts we can stop in many of these stores and get you both the items you could ever need for Hogwarts.”

I turn to see Sevy several steps ahead of both Haddy and me and notice that we stopped walking to take everything in. I grab Haddy's hand as he is still looking around stunned and race towards Sevy as we approach the large white building I notice two small people with big noses, long pointed ears, and sharp teeth, wearing armor and swords standing on either side of the entrance. I slowly take in the fierce expressions on their faces as they give the three of us a once overlook. I nod my head and give a small bow surprising all four of the others around me.

“Isa… why did you do that, the nod and the bow?” Sevy asks me surprised and curious.

“I don’t know I just thought it was the proper way to greet them,” I reply confused and worried that I did something wrong. One of the two guards looks and says something to the other that sounds like a string of nonsense. {“Go, Silverax and take them to Ragnok. The girl showed up proper respect keep an eye on her and see if she does it again.” “It would be 200 years since Lady Magic as sent us a friend, Shadowclaw.” }

“Follow me,” the second guard says in a harsh flat voice. He leads us into Gringotts with a snarl on his face, past the wall of desks with the Goblins, who are helping witches and wizards or counting gold, silver and bronze coins.

{“Ragnok” Silverax says sharply, “this girl,” he points at me, “has given the customary greeting to both Shadowclaw and me.”}

{“That cannot be. It has been 200 years since Lady Magic has sent one to us."} Ragnok states as he turns to stare at me. I immediately give him a small nod and bow, as I see a golden glow start to form around the goblins in the building.

“Excuse me.” I say cautiously “would happen to know why all of the sudden you all have a golden glow around you?” as soon as I ask my question, all the goblins stop and turn to stare at me.

Ragnok gets a dazed look and roughly says “If you and your party would follow me.” I turn and look to Sevy to see what to do and he just nods stunned and confused. So I turn back around and smile at the guard and the teller and nod and slowly follow as the teller walks down the hall to a door with a gold plate attached saying ‘Ragnok; Manager of Gringotts.’ I walk in without giving the sign a second glance not knowing what it means; not knowing that Ragnok not only manages this building but every single Gringotts all over the world. I turn to Sevy to see him nervously looking around the room.

“What’s wrong, Sevy,” I ask worried as I have never seen him this nervous and anxious before.

“Nothing Isa nothing at all.” He replies his eyes searching every nook and cranny of the room as he walks toward one of the three chairs in front of Ragnok.

I turn back to the goblin teller worried and confused. “I’m sorry sir; but could you possibly tell me what I have done wrong. I can assure you I didn’t know and I am very sorry if I offended you.” I state sheepishly as I shyly meet the teller's eyes.

{“Lady Magic forgive me.”} He states in reply.

{“What does Lady magic need to forgive you for? You haven’t done anything I am the one that upset all of the goblins in the bank. Which I am very sorry for again sir.”} I nervously ramble.

{“Forgive me Miss…”} he paused

{“Oh, Isabella but I go by Isa,”} I replied and jumped surprised when Sevy grabbed my arm looking at me amazed.

“Isa, you just spoke gobbledygook. How did you do that? Only Goblins can speak their language.” Sevy asked amazed and wide-eyed.

“But I didn’t Uncle Sevy? Did you hurt yourself or hit your head? Do we need to go back to St. Mungos?” I asked Sevy concerned and worried almost pulling him out of his seat toward the door and back to St. Mungos.

“My name is Ragnok of Gringotts and I believe I could clear everything up if you would allow me to Miss Isabella?” Ragnok says softly with a soft smile on his face. “Also you mentioned St. Mungos? Did you or your companions get hurt? If you would allow I have a test that we can do; that would show any injuries that you or your group have suffered or are suffering from if you would like, we can test you all here.”

“Oh yes please Mr. Ragnok. I only woke up yesterday from a healing coma and Uncle Sevy is all Haddy and me have. I… he showed us magic and helped explain everything and was there when we were hurt and scared and I worry because I have never seen him like this and it’s scary and just… yes please” I reply all in one breath worried, scared and confused.

“Just Ragnok is fine Miss Isabella.” He replies with a warm smile on his face. “Now I was saying that I can clear up some of your questions; also Isabella you did not upset the goblin in the bank you just… surprised us is all.”

“One moment please…” Sevy said looking very serious. “what do you want in return for explaining things to Isa? I have some experience with negotiations when it includes the goblins and nothing is ever free.”

Ragnok turned to Sevy looking slightly offended. “Yes, Potions Master Snape for ordinary wizards and witches that is how things work. We would negotiate a price and then we goblins would provide the service paid for.” Ragnok turns to me and smiles again. “However, Miss Isabella is part of a select and unique group that we have not had the privilege of seeing in 200 years.”

“You can just call me Isa,” I say to Ragnok shyly. “and a part of a unique group? I don’t remember joining a group.”

“Yes, that is right… you would not remember joining this group as it is a group that you were born into and, that I can sadly say, is long forgotten in the wizards' world.” Ragnok says slowly and gently; understanding that I am confused. “This group was formed by Lady Magic herself and it is only her that can invite and accept others into her group. This group of people is called Creature’s Friend.” He explains.

“Creature’s Friend?” Sevy questioned Ragnok, “I have never heard of such a thing.” Getting angrier as he talks. He stands and towers over Ragnok and slams his hands on his desk “Surely, we wizards would know if such a thing was possible. Now stop this nonsense and tell me what you want in return.” He states in anger and disgust, basically spitting his words at the goblin...
Ragnok looks to Sevy angry and I can tell something is going to happen as he does not seem happy with being yelled at.

“Yes, Potions Mast-“ Ragnok starts to say my I cannot keep a hold of my anger any longer.

“Severus!” I yell angry cutting off what Ragnok was going to say. “That was very rude obliviously Ragnok was not done explaining so you will apologize and let him continue or you can leave. I have been around enough rude and violent people and will not willingly put myself in the company of another. I am thankful for all that you have done and explained to us but if this behavior continues it means that you will eventually bully anyone who does not automatically give you respect and I will not stand for that. Respect is Earned.” I look to Ragnok calmly and say “I’m sorry that I interrupted you, but I needed to get that off my chest and out in the open.” Ragnok looks at me stunned and amazed.

“No… No I understand Isa and I thank you for saying something about the rude behavior of your companion as many would have just let him continue; many wizards and witches see us, creatures, as less because we are different and do not use magic the same way that they do.” Ragnok explains looking thankful and determined.

I would, years later, realize that this was the major turning point in my life; and this would be the example that I would compare all interactions between wizards and creatures. I look to Sevy to see him sitting back in his chair looking embarrassed and apologetic.

“I’m sorry Ragnok.” Sevy apologizes. “I should have never done that. I could blame it on the fact that my godchildren that are here with us; having just woken up yesterday, from a healing coma that lasted 4 years, but I will not use them as an excuse; however, as that was completely unacceptable of me to behave that way toward you. I apologize and hope that you will forgive me and let me stay to hear the rest of your explanation.”

Ragnok looks at Sevy with a stern look for a few seconds. “One more outburst and you will force us to make you wait outside while I finish talking to your godchildren.”

Haddy suddenly states “I believe that is more than fair, as if I was you, I would have made Bat leave.” While looking at Sevy with a majorly disappointing look.

Ragnok looks slightly surprised at Haddy's response but nods his head in thanks. “As I was saying Creatures Friend’s are not seen often, for as far back as our history reaches, there have only ever been 10 Creatures Friends. Two that you would recognize are Merlin and Arthur Pendragon. Lady Magic recognizes pure souls when they are born and marks them; once that soul meets a creature, and if they are still pure of heart; they will be subtly given the knowledge on how to respectfully greet said creature. They must give the correct greeting to three individual creatures; and if they do, they gain the ability to understand if the creature they met is aligned to the Light, Neutral or Dark. Light creatures glow white, Neutral glow golden and Dark glow black. Once the creature recognizes the Friend they only need to speak their language and the Friend will be able to speak, write and understand the language themselves. To us, the Friend can become anything from an ally to family.”

“So… Lady Magic picked me to be a friend to all creatures.” I state surprised and slightly confused having trouble understanding what just happened to me. “Why?”

“Only Lady Magic can explain her reasoning,” Ragnok says with a smile. “Now I know you did not come in today with just wanted to have this conversation; so how can I help you today Friend?”

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