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When Creatures Meet

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Looking back this all started when I was four. I had no clues as to how crazy the muggles were, or my “family” to be completely honest. I had reasons to believe that the “monsters” of the night weren’t the real monsters. That people; or muggles as I later learned, were the real monsters. They say that family is forever and should not be forgotten. I wish that was the truth. For my brother and me; living with the “family” that raised us was HELL. Our FAMILY will never be like theirs. In our family we do not bully; we do not hit, and we ALWAYS have each other’s backs. This is where our story of 11 years in hell begins.
Hello, my name is Hadrian Potter and this is where our story starts.

*FLASHBACK* 10 years ago
“Lily! He’s here take the twins and run.” I hear my dad yell. Mum scooped up Isa and me and ran down the hall slamming and locking the door to our room. She sets us in our crib and whispers “Mummy loves you, Hadrian, remember to ask for Uncles Sevy or Tommy” “Mummy loves you, Isabella. Remember Uncles Sevy and Tommy” Pressing kisses to our heads. She turns and pulls out a stick says some funny words and then turns to the door. The door comes flying inward and there he stands in the doorway a tall elderly man with white hair and a long beard. “No” mum screams “Get out!” pointing the stick at the man and saying more funny words. “Abracadabra” the elderly man bellows and a green light comes out of his stick and hits mummy. She screams and falls to the ground not moving. He then turns to us and looks sad. “I’m sorry it had to be this way” and starts to point his stick at us. When another dark hair man pops into the doorway and starts making bright red, orange, yellow and green lights fly at the old man. Isa and I look and see Uncle Tommy. I start to cry out for him. “Unky Tommy! Unky Tommy!” When Uncle Tommy turns to look at us and smiles there is a bright flash and a loud noise and everything goes black.

The Next Morning Petunia’s POV
Her eyes flutter open has the morning sun shines through the curtains; looking to her right she sees the alarm clock read 6:15 a.m. She lies in bed for a minute longer before getting up to start her day. She quietly climbs out of bed creeping down the stairs careful not to wake her son and husband before she has breakfast ready. As soon as she makes it to the kitchen she starts to pull things from the fridge such as; eggs, cheese, and bacon. Turning to the cabinet she pulls out baking soda and flour. She starts the bacon knowing it will take the longest to cook; then starting the pancakes and saves the eggs for last. Putting the food in the oven to keep it warm she walks to the front door to get the morning paper for her husband knowing he likes to read it while eating breakfast. Opening the door expecting the paper she gets a surprise when she notices a woven basket. Looking under the blanket placed on top she sees two young children both with scars on their faces and hugging each other for warmth. She picks up the basket and carries it into the house. She sees a letter in the basket while slowly putting it down as to not wake the sleeping babies. Seeing the letter addressed to Vernon and Petunia Dursley she opens it to see what it reads.

Vernon and Petunia,
I am sorry to inform you but your sister Lily and James were killed by an evil wizard of the name Lord Voldemort. This basket contains your niece and nephew; our Saviors and the Twins-Who-Lived. I beg you to please look after them as they are important to the future.
Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore

“Vernon!!” Petunia yells waking both of the babies in the basket who start yelling their cries. Petunia hears thumps coming down the stairs knowing Vernon is up. Petunia looks at the crying babies and shushes them in a halfhearted attempt to make them stop crying. Not caring what happens to them since they came from her freak of a sister.

“What Petunia? What are you yelling ab-? Where did those babies come from Petunia?” Vernon states annoyed from the cries; eventually, he ends up yelling. “Make them stop!” Petunia knowing she needs to make them stop soon hands, Vernon, the letter and starts to quite down the twins.

“What does he mean by saviors and Twins-Who-Lived? What is this nonsense? Look after them and why would we do that? They are probably freaks just like your sister.” Vernon rants.

“Please, Vernon let me keep them. They are the last thing I have to remind me of my sister.” Petunia pleads. “They are family after all.”

“Fine…” Vernon eventually agrees “But if they end up being freaks like your sister I will beat the freakishness out of them.”

*FLASHBACK* 8 years ago
It was a rainy Tuesday evening a few minutes before dinner would be ready; when the twins and Dudley were playing with toys in his room. Well, Dudley was playing with his toys in his room. Dudley only lets the twins play with the broken toys. Isa had her eye on the old stuffed bear that Dudley never looked twice at. Focusing on how much she wants the bear that Dudley never plays with she is amazed when it slowly starts to float toward her. Standing in the doorway Vernon is shocked as his son’s bear starts to float toward Isa, his niece, who he realizes is a freak just like his sister-in-law.

“You freak!” He bellows “How dare you do that freakishness in my house. I have taken you in, put a roof over your head.” stopping his rant momentarily to hit his niece and nephew. “Eating food from our table and put clothes on your back.” SLAP. “And this is how you thank me. Well, that ends now” Slapping and kicking his niece and nephew to where they are covered in bruises and have several broken or cracked bones. After releasing his built-up frustration and anger he locks the twins in a room and tells himself he will let them out later. They ending up staying in that room for two days and this is how the next couple of years would continue to be.

*FLASHBACK* 6 years ago
Isa’s POV
Hello, my name is Isabella Potter. Isa actually and this is our story.

I look at the clock and see that it has a 7 the weird dots a 3 and a 0. And that is when I realize we are in BIG trouble. ‘Oh no no no’ I think ‘this cannot happen not now not today.’ I know I should have been to bed a while ago but I was helping Miss. Beary, get ready for bed. Without checking down the hallway I quickly pick up Miss. Beary and tuck her in bed. Next, I turn around and find Dudley’s toys EVERYWHERE….’ Oh no no no I forgot to clean up.’ I make a mad dash for the toys when I hear footsteps down the hall.
“He is coming! Quick!” I whisper to Haddy and then something freakish happens all of Dudley’s toys that we couldn’t reach start to float…… and slowly make their way to the toy box. We stand in horror and watch as the toys slowly disappear into the box. After all the toys are in their places I hear a loud noise behind me. I quickly turn and see Him.

“What did you do Isabella? Hadrian?” Vernon asks in a low angry voice. “We don’t know we were picking up Dudley’s toys and they just started floating.” I stuttered in worry scared we are going to get another lesson. I could see his face getting red and I knew we did something wrong again. He picks me up by the arm and throws me against the wall. “You stupid fucking bitch!” He bellowed as his arm flung through the air. SLAP! My face stung where he had hit me. “I’m sorry! Please stop! Please, I’m sorry!” I yelled while I tried to lift my right arm. My arm tried to respond but I was met with a surge of pain as I realized my arm was in a funny position and I couldn’t move it.

Haddy then yells out a battle cry and charges tackling Vernon, but he barely manages to make him stumble. Vernon grabs Haddy by arm and yells “Shut up you stupid Freak!” as he pulls him up in the air. When he drops him I hear a loud SNAP over where Haddy is and I scream as I see a white bone poking out of his arm.

“Look at what you have done Bella stupid bitch!!!!” he screams as he hits me again and again. “Go!” he bellowed as he kicks me toward the door. “Go I am done with you!” I look to where he is pointing and I notice the front door and through the windows I see the night sky with the moon shining brightly. “B-b-but it’s n-night-time.” I stuttered. His face starts to turn bright red and I know I have done something wrong…again. I see him start to shake and it almost looks like he is smoking “GO!” he screams “Go get in the car…..Kick….. right now…..kick….. you stupid……kick, kick……. little Freak!!!” kicking Haddy where he can as I scoot, on my butt, towards the door. I slowly start to stand the room spinning as I do; when suddenly I am shoved forward. “NOW!!!! MOVE IT!!!!!” he yelled from behind us. I feel a SNAP in my foot as Haddy and I fall down the five stairs that lead to the front door. THUMP!!! I slam into the door and catch myself from hitting the ground. Lots of wobbling and a few pained cries from each of us later, we make it into the backseat of the car. Trying to make my cries as soft as possible; trying not to make him mad again I ask “W-where are w-we going?” “Shut up!” he yelled and reaches around and smacks me across the face. My head slams into Haddy’s causing his head to hit the window with the force of the blow and all I remember before everything goes black is thinking ‘This is the worst beating yet.’