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Jared knew he was in deep trouble when he saw the large two story brownstone. Situated in a quiet neighborhood it looks like any other house. The brick was a dark and the shutters were dark probably black. Some lights were showing out of the windows, but nothing seemed to move in the house. What was inside was the scary part. Jared had never imagined how a person who flogs others would live. He is pretty sure it was not like this. He had seen the movie 8MM before and most of the BDSM shown was in dark, seedy places. That was his only reference and even then, he never saw a flogging, just got the impression it was something hidden and forbidden. He slides out of his sleek, black Charger and stares at the house like it might bite him. He jumps when he hears car doors slamming. He looks toward the large red pick up that the three card shark assholes are walking away from.

“Aww look at the little chicken. We can always go ahead with plan B.” An evil chuckle rumbles up from his chest and he hits a fist into his other hand with a smack.

Jared glowers at his tormentor. No way is he going to answer him. These three somehow turned the tables on him. The frat party was rolling along, but Jared was too busy enjoying cleaning up at the poker table to pay attention to the booze and girls. His friends had ditched him to get some ass. He was glad they left him alone at first so he could enjoy the game. After a while these three sat down at the table acting like they were trashed and didn’t even understand how to play. Jared was so excited to clean them out that he missed on the signals they were sending each other. By the time Jared was cleaned out he was in shock. They were grinning like they were now and then hit him with the choice. If he won one more hand, he can just leave the game if he loses then he has a choice. Jared shakes off the memory and heads to the front porch, ignoring the commentary from the peanut gallery.

His feet feel like they are walking in sand. His mind wants to get this over with but his body is on high alert. The stoop is lit up and the white door looks so innocent. Jared stares at it, willing his hand to raise and knock. 30 seconds go by and he can’t do it. He hears laughter and turns to see all three giving each other high fives.

“This little pussy can’t do it. I guess we get to inflict some pain after all.” Asshole number one in the blue swag hat and baggy blue basketball shorts grins at Jared.

The other two are too busy laughing to say anything. Jared frowns and flips them off. Turning back to the door he is raising his hand. There is no way he wants to go to the ER tonight. Those three promised a bone breaking beat down if he didn’t go through with the flogging. How those three know someone who is a local flogger is beyond Jared. Pull it together man, it’s better than broken anything. He hesitates for a moment before taking a big breath and knocks. He shuffles from foot to foot listening for someone in the house. Nothing happens and Jared is beginning to feel better. Maybe he isn’t home. When he starts to turn, the door swings open and a man appears in the doorway.

Jared stares with his mouth open. The man is dressed in tight blue jeans and an equally tight black shirt. It accents his muscles that are impressive but not huge. Jared looks him in the eyes and his knees feel wobbly. His eyes are a green that are hard to describe. It is jade colored but with beautiful emerald accents. They are sparkling and warm as Jared gets to the mouth that is made for sin. His lips are puffy and moist. His dirty blond hair is cut short but styled and the product in it is minimal. Jared doesn’t know what to do, his heart is jack-hammering in his chest.

“My name is Jensen. You’re the card player in need of my services?” His tone was teasing and gentle.

“Uh, Jared. I’m Jared.” He dips his head blushing. Way to sound like an idiot.

He hears more laughing from the assholes on the curb. Looking up Jared catches Jensen looking at them with a frown.
“Come in Jared.” Jensen steps back from the doorway sweeping his hand towards the hallway.

Jared looks inside but he can’t make his feet go forward. How dumb does he have to be to agree to enter a stranger’s house? He might never see anyone he knows again. His friends don’t know where he is, and his family has no clue. As he thinks about it Jensen lifts up Jared’s chin with a gentle touch.

“What’s wrong?” Jensen’s face is relaxed, and his soft smile is reassuring.

“If I go in your house will I ever make it out?” Jared blurts it out and lowers his eyes.

“Hmm how can I convince you I’m not a serial killer? How about you take a picture of my address and send it to a trusted friend. You can tell them if you don’t check in tomorrow to send the police.” Jensen’s voice is soft and low, so the assholes don’t hear.

“Ok.” Jared pulls out his phone and takes a picture of the house numbers and texts it to his best friend Steven. He leaves a vague message that if he doesn't call by tomorrow afternoon that he needs to look for him. He knows his friend will check up on him, but he hopes it isn’t necessary. He puts away his phone and takes another deep breath.

Jared takes a few steps inside and looks around. The floors are a gleaming dark cherry wood. They are shined up and spotless. There is soft lighting showing the eggshell walls that are mostly bare of accents. A few rugs of a tan color are under the few pieces of black leather spread about in a living room. To his left is an arched doorway leading to a well lit kitchen. The crown molding is a dark mahogany wood that gives a rugged, but warm look to the rooms. The house is impressive and scary.

“Welcome to my home Jared. Is this the first time you’ve been flogged?” Jensen walks toward a door at the end of the hallway. His bare feet padding along the wood floor. Jared is staring at the beautiful feet. The nails are expertly cut and buffed. Jensen stopped to open the door and Jared ran into his back with a bump.

Jensen chuckles and steps to the side opening the door to the basement. Jared is blushing and looking down the stairs into darkness. He has never feared the dark but the combination of a strange place and what they would be doing down there makes his feet seem glued to the floor.

“Jared you seem a bit skittish. I promise I won’t bite. Not at first anyway.” Jensen’s eyes sparkle and his smile is warm. His teeth are so white and perfect it is almost blinding. Jared is beginning to feel like the ugly girl at the ball.

“I don’t like unknown darkness. This whole situation creeps me out.” Jared doesn’t want to sound like a baby, but this is weird.

“I see.” Jensen flips on a light switch and the stairs are illuminated as well as a floor downstairs that is barely visible from the top.

Jared sighs and heads down the stairs listening to the soft footfalls behind him as Jensen’s bare feet whisper on the stairs. Jensen shuts the door and follows Jared. When he gets to the bottom, he sees a carpeted room that is huge. It is separated by a ¾ wall of concrete. The side they are on looks like any gym Jared had ever been in. Cardio machines, weight lifting benches, and all the weights anyone could use. A floor to ceiling mirror is on one side so you can see your form and maybe admire your work. Jared can only see a part of the other room but it is very different. He sees a few whips and a strange contraption hanging from the ceiling. Jared turns his head to the side mimicking a dog looking questioningly at something. His feet walk him toward the object as he hears a chuckle.

“Have you seen a sex swing before Jared?” His voice had switched from conversational to sultry. A little gravel in it and a faint Texas drawl. The sound made Jared shiver all over. That was a weird reaction to a voice. Jared turned to look at him.

“No, I have never been around anything like this before. I'm only here because I lost a bet. Not by choice.” Jared stands a little straighter, his 6’ 5” frame filling up the space and Jensen must look up to catch his eyes. Jensen is 6’ 2” Jared would guess. Jared tends to slouch, but when he is feeling uncertain he likes to show his height to make people back off.

“Message received. We’ll just get to it then?” Jensen grins and it almost looks predatory. Jared shivers again wishing he were on more sure footing. He didn’t like feeling like he wasn’t in control.

Jensen turns and walks them toward a closed door. When he opens it and turns on the lights Jared gasps. This room is twice as big as the one they are leaving. On one end it has a large glass window that almost looks like the ones in police stations. The dominating piece of the room is a huge floating wall object. The dark metal frame holding it up almost blends in with the dark leather surroundings. The wooden wall is split into slats that are about 2 feet high with a 6 inch gap between them and they are covered in rich leather. It looks around 8’ tall but it has hinges in the center and hanging from the corners are chains covered in a polymer that keeps them from being a hazard for grasping hands. There are loops at the end of the chains and the width of this monstrosity is only about 6 ‘wide. The room smells of old sweat and a tickle of lemon. Everything is spotless here as it is in the rest of the house. This guy is a clean freak just like Jared and that makes him more comfortable.

“Jared, I need you to get undressed. You can fold your clothes and put them on the couch.” Jensen points at the couch then crosses his arms watching Jared’s face go through a few emotions.

“What?! Why?” Jared is alarmed now, and his heart is making his blood sound in his ears.

“Well I think it’s better to keep your clothes from ripping sugar.” Jensen gives him a wink.

“If my clothes would rip what about my skin?” Jared is heading towards a full-blown panic attack here. He didn’t think about something powerful enough to shred his clothes touching his skin. He was breathing shallowly and starting to back up.

“Relax Jared. Clothes are easily ripped because of their movements. Unless they are skin tight they will be pulled and the fibers can shred. Your skin is very durable and if I didn’t know what I was doing that might be an issue. I know how to take good care of you.” Jensen smiles at him warmly, his eyes softening and trying to send out calming messages.
Jared bumps into the closed door and lets out a little squawk of surprise. Jensen snickers and walks towards Jared.

“Alright let’s start this again. Clothes off and chest against the wall.” Jesnen’s tone was of command and Jared naturally obeyed. He walked to the couch, his face red, but he was sure that this was the much better alternative to broken bones. He stripped off his shoes, jeans, shirt and socks. Folding them neatly he made a pile on the couch.

“Everything cowboy.” Jensen’s voice was like a soft push. Jared gritted his teeth and mumbled curses as he slipped his boxers off. Not sure which way to face because he either gave buff guy his ass or his dick. He decided on sideways so nothing was really too visible. Once he set his boxers on the pile, he shuffled over towards the wall. Both hands on his junk and he walks right up to the wall. Looking it over he becomes concerned about what exactly this wall can do.

Jensen grabs some leather cuffs that have latches on them like carabiners that climbers use. He walks to Jared’s back and runs a hand down his spine gently.

“Alright both hands behind you. I’m putting cuffs on that attach to the chains on the wall. They are easily released if needed. They are leather for comfort, but too small to wiggle out of sugar.” Jensen’s touch gives his skin mounds of goosebumps and when he puts his hands behind him, he has a little shivering fit. His skin was getting cold and a slight puff of air is blowing from somewhere nearby.

Jensen quickly buckles the cuffs on, and Jared finds them comfortable. Once they are on his wrists, Jensen pulls one wrist up and clips it to the chains. Once secured he takes the other arm and secures it as well. Jared pulls a little just to test them and gets the idea he is here until he is released. That brings on more panic.

“Look I know those guys put you up to this, but I don’t know if I can do this man.” Jared tries to twist his head around to look at Jensen, but he can’t and he is breathing too fast.

“Ok Jared calm down. I want you to breath in while counting to 4 in your head. Hold that breath for a 4 count then let it out for a 4 count. Do this until I tell you to stop. Trust me sugar.” Jensen squeezed his shoulder enough to give a positive touch but not enough to cause pain. Jensen’s heated skin on his shoulder made Jared’s brain derail just a little. He closed his eyes and breathed as Jensen instructed. He quickly found a focus and calmed down a little. His heart was still pounding but he wasn’t heading towards passing out anymore.

Jensen touches his calf and Jared feels leather being buckled on.
“Wait, my feet too?” All his calm went out the window again.

“Yes sugar, this is for your protection. I am very precise in my strokes but if you move too much, I may miss my mark.” Jensen’s velvet voice is smooth and relaxing. He feels Jensen’s warmth on his back and hands are massaging his shoulders. Strong hands sliding over his skin making his muscles melt. Jared closes his eyes and almost moans. He had felt so tense since he has gotten to the house that this makes him almost feel good. The hands drift lower working all his back muscles with firm touches. Jared shivers harder when Jensen hits that little bundle of nerves at the base of his back just above his hips. Jared moans and his cock stirs. He tenses up immediately. It’s one thing to appreciate a back rub, but for his cock to pay attention is another matter. A guy had his hands on him and suddenly he is getting a boner? Jensen’s hands drift lower but bypass his ass thank god. He starts massaging his thighs and that feels even better. All his tension is flowing out of him. He closes his eyes and concentrates on the warm hands making him melt. In the back of his head he hopes that this will all be over quickly so he can forget this night ever happened.