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Bakugou wasn’t stupid.


He clearly had anger management issues, he was well aware. He was also well aware of the fact that he could be irrational and spontaneous in the worst ways, at the worst times, especially so during missions. He knew that sometimes, he was immature, but he liked to believe that most of the time he did things for the right reasons. 


Back to the point, he wasn’t stupid. As childlike as he knew he could act, he was neither dumb nor blind. Maybe a little deaf from the continuous use of his quirk, but his current hearing abilities were more than enough to hear the whispers about himself down the hallways. Maybe he was a little closed into himself, but he paid enough attention to the rest of the world to notice how they reacted to him. 


When he blew up in the hallways at his friends, he could see those who weren’t used to him flinch a little. He could see the way they turned away, their core turned away, subconsciously shielding themselves from him. They were afraid of him. They always were. He learned not to mind it, or he got used to it. Either way, he didn’t care. Not anymore. 


He believed that things were fine the way they were, where he had friends among the cozy group of idiots he had begun to form during his time at UA. He also learned to believe that the people who judged him without getting to know him weren’t worth him knowing. 


He learned many things over the years, and these were just a few of the things that could come to mind. 


A fortiori, neither were his friends. It would make sense that an intellectual such as himself would pick a group of intelligent of people to hang out with right? As bad as their grades were, that was only because they were too lazy to study. He could relate. Even though he knew he was probably one of those who were practically immune to procrastination, that didn’t mean he was immune to the silky call of it as it magnetically whispered to him in his ear, or the occasional blank it led him to have. 


Though he would never say it aloud, he loved his friends. One of the main reasons being that they didn’t immediately judge him, that they accepted him for who he was. 


The whole class seemed to do the same. After spending so much time together he had learnt to tolerate them. And they him. Except Grape-head. 


They accepted him, and they’ve gone through so much together. Precisely why Bakugou had let himself to believe in a disgusting lie he now knew he made up for himself. He made himself believe that they actually liked him. That they actually trusted him. 


Clearly not. 


In the dead of night, a single figure crept up out of his neatly folded sheets, the slight rustle as he moved went unnoticed by the blurred vision kept by him. Eyes unfocused, he set out to complete a singular mission. 


With intense focus on his current task, he left all other thoughts behind, as if the original owner of the body had been washed out of existence. He moved forwards, each step a mechanical, precise calculation, as he battled the sleep-addled body for a better sense of control.


Unlocking the door with two clicks, he, hunched from fatigue, limped robotically out of the room without so much as a thought. The bare-footed man made his way down the hall, quiet as a mouse, past the doors where everyone else was sleeping. A vague effort was made to tip toe, as a precaution, but caution was thrown to the wind as limbs flailed around, the lack of control made it apparent that stealth would be impossible. 


Not that anyone would notice. 


He made his way to the main office, respective cameras blacking out as scheduled as he snuck past. Everything was going as planned. 


He knew all the pins to each locked door by memory. The glass doors that led to the main UA data base were just up ahead, through planes of a seemingly fragile glass door. But he knew the doors were reinforced, strong enough to withstand the force of a bullet, this door wouldn’t crack under pressure. 


Even if it did the alarms would immediately sound. 


He brought a cold clammy hand up to the keypad, trembling fiercely as it went, oblivious to the lack of cold in the room. No, he was trembling for an entirely other reason. The sensation of cold glass on the pads of his fingertips were muffled as he tapped out the numbers that were dragged out from the deep recesses of his brain. It felt just as desensitized as it would be if he were underwater, if his fingers had soured and lost their feel.


Not that it mattered as long as he could still see. 


Vision blurry in the dark of night. The light would definitely tip off someone of his presence. It wouldn’t do good to turn it on even if it would improve the accuracy with which his shivering fingertips pressed into the keypad. 


A futuristic beep chimed at his ears, and it brought joy to his heart even if it still made him feel like he was underwater. 


All it would take was a single button. 


He sat down at one of the computers - - it really didn’t matter, any of the computers were fine really. The only thing tight about UA’s security on information, was that it was kept on electronic files in the school itself. There was not even a trace of it on the internet. Even the best hackers in the world would have trouble attempting to hack into a system they had no access to. It was akin to trying to reach the stars with neither a space suit nor a rocket, and expecting not to be burned in the process.


And so because the information that was retained at UA was known as the literal epitome of unhackable, and because no villain would logically try to infiltrate the ranks of a location packed to the brim with powerful and perceptive heroes, the school became complacent. Even after one of their students had been kidnapped, because the kidnapping didn’t happen at their school, they believed their security system was fine. 


These heroes honestly believed that they had the ability to protect their students? 


Not that it mattered if the one that attacked was a student. 


A grotesque grin shifted into place on the figure, teeth bared in a maniac grin, grit like that of a starving wild dog that had finally caught sight of prey. The skin on his face and crumbled under the unnatural expression, peeling away to show a more sinister, sadistic contortion. It was a blessing and a curse that no one was here to witness this horror.


Pulling something from his pocket, the soft successive sounds of rubber against skin snapped and squeaked, pulsing muffled through the room, time to get down to business.


Instinctively moving to All Might’s computer, he typed in the password he knew well, picked apart from the memories that were spent observing his fingers. His own fingers, irregardless of their wobble, seemed to move deftly, after all, he had witnessed a true purpose and motivation could do wondrous things. 


He led the laptop to a site that was set up before hand, encrypted but would unleash a deadly flurry of code the moment it was poked. 


Now all he had to do was to let his friends extract the necessary information. His job here was done. The blood thirsty glint in his eyes shined just as bright as the moment he walked in, and so did the disgusting cramp his face had crumpled into.


It didn’t leave as he walked out. 


The door gave a satisfying click as it locked back into place and his tracks erased by his true comrades.


No one will ever know.