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Princess Justice

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"Princess Justice. I am Hawkmoth" the words echoed in Marinette's head.

She was ready. She could see flashbacks of all the injustices done to her. Lila deserved what was coming to her.

"All I need is Ladybug and Chat Noir's Miraculous" Hawkmoth said.

Lucky for him, she had them right with her. She reached up to her ears to take out the earrings. She was ready. She wasn't going to fail Hawkmoth.

"Do we have a deal?" Hawkmoth asked.

She could feel the nudge in her purse. It was faint. She could barely feel it, but she fought off the nagging thought in her brain. NO. Don't do it. It was telling her. She shook her head.

"Yes, Hawkmoth" she uttered.

The dark, purple magic flew across her body. Her purse turned into a meteor hammer. The bands in her hair formed to materialize a diadem across her forehead. Her jacket and shirt turned into a rosey-pink Qipao Dress with white oriental flowers across her bodice. Her hair turned into a bun, tied with white, silk ribbon.

As she opened her eyes, she looked down to see the earrings in her hand. They glistened as if to acknowledge her now akumatized form. Then she pocketed them in her dress. She could give it to Hawkmoth later.

She now had the power to expose the truth. First, she needed to get Lila. She looked around the room. Where was she?

Princess Justice (PJ for short) was about to take off until Verity Queen (VQ for short) held her back by a rope.

"What do you think you're doing?" VQ asked.

"I'm going to reveal the truth about that liar. Finish her off, once and for all" PJ answered.

VQ seeing the truth in her words, stepped back.

"We are a team, Princess Justice. We work together" VQ said.

Something in Varsity Queen's words tugged at her heart.

"No. He gave us the same powers. We don't work together"

Verity Queen opened her mouth to say more, but then seemed to think better of it. Princess Justice snorted.

"Right. I'm going to go now" Princess Justice said.

"Watch Out for Ladybug and Chat Noir. Stay Safe" Verity Queen replied.

"Okay, Mom" Princess Justice sarcastically remarked.

Verity Queen raised an eyebrow at that.

"Okay, I understand that my comeback backlashed"

Princess Justice walked out of the locker room. She bounded on the rooftop, scouting for that malevolent, lying daughter of a-

"You do realize that you're talking outloud, right Princess?"

She whipped around to see Chat Noir leaning on one of the pillars. She smirked. That cat probably thinks that I'll be an easy one to defeat, She thought.

"Hey, Kitty. Pretty paw-lease give me your miraculous?"

"Aw. You asked mew so purr-fectly. I'm also tempted"


"Are you? Good. That means I won't have to go through the second choice"

"What's the second choice?"

Princess Justice let the meteor hammer fall into her hands.

"Oh. I'll spare the details. But it would be very painful"

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"Are you? Good. That means I won't have to go through the second choice"

"What's the second choice?"

Princess Justice let the meteor hammer fall into her hands.

"Oh. I'll spare the details. But it would be very painful"

Chat Noir's eyes widened for a second, betraying his confidence. He let his face turn back into his mocking expression.

"I don't think that's technically something princess would carry on themselves. It's a bit too spiky" Chat said as he gulped.

"Oh, come now. It's not as intimidating as it looks. If I touch you with this, it'll just put you in a state of depression. It would be painful, nothing physical, though. If I touch a building with this, then…"

Princess Justice spun her meteor hammer in the column nearest to him. The spikes on the end ball hit the brick column with such force that it broke into pieces that flew towards Chat Noir. Chat Noir watched the blocks fall down near him. On his right side, a broken brick column, on the other side, debris from the damage.

"It'll be used just as intended" Princess Justice smirked.

She knew that, regardless of her showing something that should have put any other person running, he was going to fight her.

And he was going to lose.

"Well, Princess, I'll consider giving you my miraculous, if you give me your akumatized object"


"You think you can give me false hope, Chat Noir? I can tell exactly when you are lying"

"Well then you would know that I'm telling the truth when I know my lady will come and beat you"


The honesty in his words made her laugh. He truly believes that his lady will come to save him.

"You, poor cat. Your lady won't come to save your sorry butt. You can try to fight me. But you'll have to do it alone"

Oh. She was going to have so much fun with this. She could feel the doubt installed in the truth. It was the tiniest bit.

"I'm not giving over my miraculous"


"I know. Which is why I got you right where I needed you to be" I said, simply.

It was then chat realised that he was trapped between the 2 sides of jagged sharp, brick, 1 with open rooftop (one step back and he would fall off), and 1 with her blocking his path out.

"Clever, Princess. Un-fur-tunately not claw-ver enough to realize that I have something called a baton, which lets me escape"

He brought out the baton twirling it in the air. However, before he could get a good grip on his baton. She shot her meteor hammer forward, the spiky ends millimeters away from his face, rendering himself in a state of surprise. She was easily able to hit the baton with her meteor hammer, causing it to fly miles away from the rooftop.

"Hmm. Insensé chaton. I believe you think I have an IQ equivalent to the other brainless akumas. If that is the case, I think this is the time where you start treating me like an equal. It's just you and me now. Your baton, which is your weapon and communication device, is gone. So what's it going to be, Chaton. Or do we have to check if cats really do land on their feet"

There were 2 outcomes. She didn't really care which one happened.

Chat Noir's face lit up as if he had a lightbulb moment.

"I'm glad we had a nice "chat", purr-incess. As much as I had a lovely time, I think it's time for me to leave"

And with that Chat smirked.


Princess Justice groaned inside. He was way too predictable. There were 2 ways he would have done it. Either A) he jumped over the roof and used something like his tail as a lever himself from one roof to another or B) he cataclysm one of the sides, starting his 5 minute timer. If she could chase him long enough, then she could figure out his identity and achieve her goal easier.

Chat Noir touched the rubble that was still intact and jumped to his right. He did a quick 2-fingered salute and started to run away.

"Ta-ta, princess" he called out.

Princess Justice moved to follow him.

All of a sudden, Chat Noir's foot slipped off the roof and he was unable to balance himself on the roof. His foot was walking on air and-

In a heartbeat, Marinette was there holding him, with one hand, as he was about to fall off. Chat's emerald green eyes met her akumatized blue-bell.

Their surprised looks were exchanged, but their eyes did not stray to another area. They looked at each other deeply.

The moment was broken by the beep of Chat Noir's ring. A startled Princess Justice let go of him. He fell off the roof, but was quickly able to swing himself up and grab onto the railing of the school. He raced out of view.

This time, Princess Justice, didn't make a single move to chase him.

Even though, Hawkmoth was screaming in her ear for the entirety of the time.

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Princess Justice sat on the Eiffel Tower watching over the city that she used to love now in a zombie like state. Some were snogging after Zombizou's influence. Others were akumatized. The akumatized became a community of their own.

A community, she refused to join them. If she could have it, she would have destroyed them because they too doubted her against Lila. Unfortunately for her, Hawkmoth would not appreciate the thought.

Princess Fragrance was being serviced by her loyal followers, those who were also akumatized followed her. Some strayed clear of her. Dark Cupid was throwing arrows at the snogging couples just for fun, although Zombizou once again kissed them back together. This has been going on for 2 days.

No sign of Chat Noir.

No sign of the refugees, ones who survived the swarming akuma attack.

No sign of pathetic, cowardly Lila.

All the other Akumas were pathetic, she thought. Having simple meanings to their motives and then staying akumatized only to serve in debt for Hawkmoth. One sight of either Ladybug or Chat Noir and they would have to pounce on the heroes.

Lucky for her, she was already step ahead of all those idiotic brats. She reached inside her hidden pocket to reveal the earrings. She managed to hide them mentally away from Hawkmoth.

Like last time, it seemed Hawkmoth didn't want to go outside until the 2 showed up for the battle.

She sighed.

Where would Lila hide? Princess Justice had checked Lila's home. The school. She even checked the bakery that she had once lived in. What would be a safe protected place more than the estate in-


Of course.

The only place with a high enough security and probably hidden rooms is the Agreste Mansion. Alya, Chloe, Sabrina, Adrien and Nino (yes my nino won't be akumatized) would be seeking refuge in the house. And if they were stupid enough, which they were, then they would have Lila hiding in the house.

She was going to have to visit her beloved friends.

Princess Justice smile with glee. She picked up her meteor hammer. As she felt the weighted handle in her palms, she smirked.

They won't know what hit them.

She made her way got the rich mansion. It stood untouched while others were damaged. She watched from a rooftop as a few akumas tried to enter through the gates. A siren sounded and nearly 5 large Taser guns shot at the akumas, knocking them unconscious. As she approached the gates, a sudden siren cut through the air as the 5 large taser guns once again appeared from the wall targeting at her. Before they could shoot, she smashed them into pieces with her meteor hammer.

"How pathetic. They didn't even put up a fight" she said out loud.

However, she knew that time was now ticking, the security cameras around her had started to record. It was only a matter of seconds before the défense system tried to become stronger. She blew the camera a kiss. Before jumping over the wall and prancing towards the door. She skipped on the step reaching the front door.

"Knock. Knock" Princess Justice said.

To her greatest disappointment, no one said "Who's there?"

"I'm giving all of you in there to the count of 3 to open the door or I demolish it. If there is anyone in there of course"

Hawkmoth suddenly entered her mind.

"No, Princess Justice. You will not break in to the house" he commanded.

Although, his words sounded quite tempting, she pushed away the command.

"Do you want the Ladybug and Chat Noir miraculouses or what? Are you stopping me from doing what I'm trying to do, Hawk Moth? Because face it. I'm your best bet here. All the other akumas have already failed you more than once" she said as she smirked, knowing that she had caught him.

She could feel him falter. It wouldn't be the first time that a akuma got the best of him. The old man was getting desperate to do whatever it took to achieve his goal. Now to put the killing blow.

"So unless you want to lose the only chance you have of winning, you will let me break this door down now. I've already gave them more than 3 seconds"

Hawkmoth left her mind, silent. She grinned. She hoped that it was enough to keep him at bay forever. After all, she couldn't have him interrupting her in the middle of all her dramatic speeches.

"Time was up 10 seconds ago!" she said as she slammed the door open with her hammer. As the pieces of the door, flew inside the room.

The inside was empty. Not a person in sight. She walked into the living room, dining room, and even other random closets. There was no one to be seen.

"Oh I see. Are we playing Hide-and-Seek? I'd say I don't have time for this, but I guess it could make things a little bit more fun" she said as she stood in the foyer.

"Let the game begin"

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Tikki was exhausted after trying her best to catch up with Adrien. They kept moving from place to place. But she never found the right time to show herself.

Tikki was sitting on the window ledge of his mansion. They arrived here around 2 hours ago.

She knew that Adrien was confused of why Ladybug wasn’t showing up. He would know soon.


Adrien was stuck in this loop ever since the day.

Hawk Moth had akumatized nearly everyone. And the ones who weren’t akumatized, were affected by the akumas.

Alya, Nino, Chloe, Sabrina and the person he was trying his best to ignore and avoid.


They found her in an alley that was covered in filth. She was crying, but he knew they were crocodile tears. However, Alya, Nino, and Sabrina fell for it. They believed that we “survivors” needed to stick together. Chloe stuck with his opinion of not letting Lila join us.

But Majority over Minority.

They couldn’t get out of Paris. Akumas and The Affected are blocking every exit and entrance. So they kept moving from place to place. Usually during the night, when most of the akumas were tired. He soon learned that each and every one was on orders to capture any unaffected people, Ladybug, and Chat Noir.

Ladybug was nowhere to be seen. He tried calling each and every time that he had free time, but the time was too short and he never got a response from her.

He was hoping that she was safe.



He saw her get akumatized right in front of his eyes. He failed her. He thought he was trying to protect her. But looking back, he realized that he was trying to protect everyone. Trying to protect the both of them. He only cared for one of them. But his job as a hero was to protect everyone.

But even Heroes can’t protect everyone. He had to learn it the hard way.

Marinette was curious. Or should he say Princess Justice. Somehow, she knew him better than he thought she would. She was able to estimate all of his moves and counterattack them. What could that mean? More importantly, when she saved him from falling off the roof of the school. His cheeks blushed in embarrassment or something else. Something about Marinette’s gaze when she saved him made him want to go closer to her. She made it painfully clear that she was not some other doofus akumatized person. She made sure that he didn’t underestimate her. She made sure that he should give his all when he has to save her. She made sure all the questions that he didn’t know he needed were answered. But she also made sure to leave questions in his brain, that made him lose sleep.

He sat down on the couch in his room. Normally, his window would be emitting light from the outside. However the whole house was under security. His windows were covered by shutters. It made him more on edge than ever. The only way he was able to break into his own house was by knowing every inch of the place. Well, almost every inch. He knew the area like the back of his hand.

When they arrived at the house. They place was desolate. No one was in any of the rooms. Gabriel, Nathalie, and Gorilla were nowhere to be seen. It confused Adrien, but nonetheless believed that they must be akumatized.

Nino and Alya suddenly excused themselves from the couch.

That left only Chloe and Sabrina and ______ in the room.

As Chloe commanded Sabrina to get something for her. He knew that he was going to be stuck in a room with the 2 girls who always invaded his personal space.

Yah. Not happening. He moved to go to the bathroom.

“Where are you going Adrien?” Lila asked from behind me.

“To the Bathroom to y’know” He said as he walked even faster than before.

“Can I come along?”

Adrien froze. He turned his head slowly.

“What did you say?” he said in a low voice, hinting that he did not have the mental capability to deal with her.

“Oh- nothing. Nothing. I said nothing” Lila said as she looked down at her feet.

Adrien just shot her a shadowed glare and slammed the bathroom door close behind him.

“I swear to god, if we have to use someone as bait to save the group we’re using her”

“I agree” said an unfamiliar voice.

Adrien started at the voice that he vaguely recognized.

“Who’s there?” he asked, trembling a bit. Hoping that it wasn’t an akuma.

A red blur came before him. Then the features of the blur began to take shape into a...Kwami.

“Tikki?!” Adrien asked surprised.

Tikki panted as she tried to catch her breath.

“Hello Adrien, or should I say Chat Noir, it’s nice to meet you again”

“Tikki?!” Adrien said again, in shock.

“I know this is kind of sudden Adrien, but I have the earrings and I need you to be Ladybug for this mission” Tikki sheepishly held out the pair of red and black spotted earrings as if she had stolen them from her owner.



What was the kwami doing here? Shouldn’t she be with ladybug? Where is Ladybug? Is she in danger? Is she in need of help? Is Tikki in need of help? Is there an akumatized person holding ladybug hostage? Did an akuma hurt his lady? Did Ladybug run away without her kwami? Did Ladybug stop being Ladybug? Did she quit being Ladybug? Is Tikki ownerless? Did Ladybug leave him? Did she-

“Adrien! I need you to calm down. Please. It isn’t the best time to hyperventilate! I don’t know what you’re thinking but I need you to stay positive” Tikki shouted, clearly concerned for the boy who was taking quick breaths as his eyes widened more and more.

Plagg whizzed out of Adrien’s pocket to tackle Tikki into a bear hug. He seemed to be somber at the moment as he took in Tikki’s expression.

“Oh Tikki. I’m so sorry. I didn’t think that this would happen. I didn’t even see it coming” Plagg said, cryptically.

Adrien looked between them, lost. He was missing something. The earrings. MIA Ladybug. Tikki Appearing out of Nowhere. Plagg saying Sorry.

“What are you apologizing for, Plagg? What happened, Tikki? Why are you here? Is everything alright?” Adrien asked taking Tikki into the palm of his hands as he held her, delicately.

Her big blue eyes finally met his. It was then he realized just how sad the kwami was. The eyes showed so much more pain that he had ever seen.

“Ladybug has been compromised” Tikki said at last.

It took a few moments for the words to register in his brain. This was so much worse than he had ever thought of. No. Ladybug couldn’t, wouldn’t.

“What- What’s that supposed to mean?” Adrien asked so quietly, as if each word was going to break him.

“She,” Tikki looked to the side as if to keep her tears in check, “won’t be able to join us for this fight”

“WHAT IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN?!” Adrien shouted, unable to control his fear in check.

Tikki, then let a tear loose from her eyes. Then ever so softly…

“She’s akumatized”

A pounding came on the door of his bathroom. Adrien and the Kwamis looked fearfully at the door.

“Adrien! What happened? We heard you shout!” Alya asked from the other side.

Adrien looked at the frail kwami in his hands and said in a steady voice “I’m fine. Sorry. Just needed to let out all the frustration I was feeling”

A pause of silence. He would have thought she were gone if it weren’t for the shadow still standing outside his door.

“Okay. You can let it all out, Adrien. It has been a few tough days on all of us”

“Thank You, Alya” He said.

The shadow disappeared from his door.

He looked back at Tikki. He wanted to let loose of all his emotions but first…

“You heard Alya, Tikki. Let it all out”

Tikki, then let out a wail, and started to blabber about what happened.

“She was so strong, Adrien. She even fought off the first time the akuma came after her. Hawkmoth, oh, that vile human being, let out the akumas at the worst time when she was at her utter weakest. The anger, frustration, sadness was so high when the akuma affected her. I wish I could have helped more. I told her to try to resist the akuma, but she just brushed me off. I wish I could have taken more care of her. Maybe I could have done something to stop this from happening. I tried so hard. I thought that she was taking the right path. And her friends, Adrien, most of them didn’t even stand up for her. It was just her best friend and...her other friend. Her parents were also almost buying the argument against her. I should have done something more. I should have done better. I should have helped more. And now, she’s akumatized” Tikki sobbed.

Plagg tried to comfort Tikki by rubbing her back. It didn’t work very well. After some time, Tikki decreased to sniffling.

“This is all because of that Lila! I hope something terrible happens upon her” Tikki proclaimed in anger.

Adrien was surprised to hear this news.

“Lila caused Ladybug’s akumatization?” Adrien asked.

Tikki, all of a sudden, looked very nervous. However, before she could answer, a siren blared in the room.

Tikki hid in Adrien’s pocket along with Plagg. Adrien raced into his bedroom, opening the door of his bathroom and making way to the monitors in the living room of the mansion. Alya, Nino, Sabrina, Chloe and Lila were right behind him, curious of what the noise was about.

As Adrien opened up the security feed, he saw that 2 akumatized people had attempted to enter through the gates. Phew. They didn’t make it.

As everyone was just about to sigh in relief, another figure made their way into the screen. Adrien instantly recognized this one.


As everyone’s eyes widened in recognition, Adrien’s were rising in panic.

“She won’t be able to break into the house. The system is state of the art, right?” LIla asked.

Adrien wasn’t able to answer.

As Princess Justice approached the mansion, the guns were whipped out. Adrien’s heart squeezed in suspense. In a whip of a motion, she destroyed all of them so fast that the cameras couldn’t clearly catch all the action.

“Holy Cow.” Nino was the only one who was able to speak as everyone else’s jaws were touching the floor.

Everyone watched her next motions as she slowly turned towards the camera…

And blew it a kiss.

She bounded over the fence.

Adrien immediately got up from the monitors.

“We need to hide. Now”

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“You can hide, but you can’t run. I will find you either way. I mean, I won’t hurt all of you…..most of you. I only want Lila. Just Lila. Turn her over and I’ll leave all of you alone. Maybe I’ll even turn back!.......Hawkmoth said that I won’t be turning back anytime soon. Anyways, just hand over, Lila” Princess Justice taunted in each and every room of the mansion. 


Adrien and the rest of the group (including Lila) were hiding in a secret room in Adrien’s room. It’s not like his father wouldn’t install a secret room in his room for safety purposes. Everyone in the (secret) room paled at her words. Everyone except Adrien. He secretly voted to throw Lila as bait towards the akuma after all. 




He was a superhero. It didn’t matter if the person has done bad things. Ladybug and him had dealt with akumas seeking vengeance against people who have done bad things like, Chloe and Bob Roth. If there was something he learned from those things, he realized that revenge wasn’t the answer. He was legally obligated to show compassion for everyone, right?


A voice in his head that sounded eerily familiar to Plagg’s voice said, “Ladybugs show compassion to even their greatest enemies, but that’s also exactly why there are Black Cats. To stop those who don’t deserve a second chance”


Adrien contemplated this in his head when he heard Princess Justice huff in exasperation. 


“Ugh. What am I doing? I know all of you are thick-headed people. Skulls that can’t take anything that won’t take anything in unless you want it to go in. Lucky for me, I vaguely remember telling Chat that my hammer does everything that I want it to so ...”


He could literally hear the smirk in her voice when she said her next words “You might want to stand away from any walls”


It took him awhile for him to catch up with her literal meaning. 


“Oh Shoot” was all he could muster up before he was dragged back to meet his friends who have already heeded the warning. 


The wall that they had been facing exploded causing dust and rubble to block their vision for a second or two. 


When they opened their eyes they saw a spiked metal ball moved back into the hands of Princess Justice. 


“Hello, Dearest Friends. I see Chloe is holding up quite fine...on the outside. My, you all look so gloomy. I’d ask you all what’s up. But I know that it’s definitely not your hopes” Princess Justice snickered at her jokes. 


“Cut the crap, Marinette. Why are you picking on Lila like this? She hasn’t done anything wrong to you!” Alya said. 




It was honestly so disappointing for Princess Justice to see how Alya truly believed that Lila had done nothing wrong. 


“Look, Hawk Moth. We’ve got a little do-gooder here. What are you going to do? Shoot lasers at me with your glasses” Marinette said as she leaned on the broken wall. 


Alya faltered and flinched at the same time. Adrien quietly slipped away from the group, careful to avoid any attention. He succeeded in leaving inconspicuously. Chloe frowned as she remembered that those were exactly the same words that she had used against Alya when she was trying to stand up for Marinette. 


“Remember those words, Alya? Those were the same words that Chloe had said to you in those days. You were able to save me from her. Let’s see if you can do the same thing for Lila Liar here. Except the roles have been reversed. I’m the bully and Lila will play Damsel in Distress. It shouldn’t be a problem for her since she is such a great actor” Princess Justice said. 


“This doesn’t make sense, Marinette. Maybe someone framed you for the locker incident. But you did push Lila down the stairs, or maybe it was an accident. I know that Principal Damocles did something wrong to you, I can understand. But you need to let go of this anger”




That obviously was not the right thing to say as Princess Justice’s face darkened at her words. 


“You think I pushed her down the stairs, accidentally? You think someone framed me for taking Lila’s necklace. Guess what? The framer is Lila Rossi. I’m no liar, Alya. Maybe for once you should check your facts. She has been lying since the very beginning. She has been lying all along. Why don’t you believe me at all?”


As Alya began to open her mouth, Lila cut in with a wail.


“Oh, Marinette. Why are you telling all these lies? Are you implying that I am threw myself down the stairs? Saying that I broke into your locker and planted the necklace to just make you look bad?” 


“Wow, Rossi. You were able to decipher the meaning of my words and analyze the exact meaning of the French language. Yes that’s exactly what I mean and Shut up. I’m not talking to you. Don’t refer to me as Marinette or I will smack this meteor hammer into your face and let it do both physical and mental harm”


Lila whimpered. Princess Justice couldn’t quite tell if it was for show or for real. All she did know was that she was starting to get impatient. Alya would figure it out soon. But it would be very much appreciated if she could figure it out after she had her revenge on Lila. 


Princess Justice shoved Alya aside and made her way towards Lila. As Alya stumbled, she tripped backwards over a rock and hit her head on the floor knocking her unconscious. Nino immediately made his way towards Alya, trying to assess the damage of her skull, if any. Chloe and Sabrina stood on the sidelines in horror. Too afraid to move. Cowards. 


Lila, seeing as no one would be able to save her, resorted to crying big, fat tears. Once again, Princess Justice wasn’t sure if she was actually scared for her life or if she was keeping up her act. 


“Look Marinette, you don’t want to do this-” Lila started. 




Lila was knocked to the ground. Her eyes were closed as if she were asleep. But her lips told that she was in a state of great distress.


“I did tell you that I would smack you in the face with my hammer” Princess Justice said as she stood over her sleeping body. 


Princess Justice sighed.


“Must I be the only one who ever does work around here?” she said, bored. 


She picked up Lila’s body and started to leave, when she a black cat came across her path. 


“Oh Goodie. Chat Noir! So nice to meet you here!” 


“Princess. It’s an honor seeing you again. But I am surprised to see you holding onto a dead body. Is she dead?” he asked, eyeing Lila. 


“No. She’s alive. Just sleeping”




“Alright. That’s enough chit-chatting. I need to be on my way, Chat. So if you would kindly excuse me…”


“I’m afraid I can’t let that happen, Princess”


“You’re not treating me like Royalty, chat. But you can’t beat me. You and I both know that”


“I don’t plan on beating you. I plan on saving you”


“Potato (poe-tay-toe) Potato (poh-tah-toe)” 


“But you will be finding yourself at a great disadvantage, Princess”


“Oh really? And how is that?”


“Tikki, Spots On!”

Chapter Text

Thank You for the person who caught my error…..I just found a way to just go with the flow of my error. Also, my error allows me to keep a more canon approach to this. I am thankful for my mistake. I know what happens when you merge the Ladybug and Chat Noir miraculous. We all know what happens next. I think you’ll understand when you start reading my chapter. 


“Tikki, Spots On” Adrien cried. 


He let the magic transform into Mister Bug. Plagg was hurled out of the ring and made his way beside Mister Bug’s shoulder. When he opened his eyes, Princess Justice was gaping at him in shock. 


“Wait! I thought- I had the earrings with me, “ she reached into her pocket and grabbed out two elaborately made ladybug themed earrings. Her brows furrowed together in understanding. While there was anger and frustration shown on her face, there was a calm sense of respect and gratitude? hidden underneath her facade. 


“Tell Ladybug’s Kwami, that she has done an excellent job of fooling me, will you Chat Noir? That was extremely clever of her” she said with a bittersweet smile. 


Mister Bug grinned.


“I bet living for more than 2000 years, can make you learn some tricks, don’t cha think?” 


“Right,” Princess Justice said as she straightened her self into an offensive postured, one hand grasped at the meteor hammer, while the other still clutching Lila, “But I don’t like having tricks played on me”


But Mister Bug had other plans. He expertly threw the yo-yo and let it snatch Lila out of Princess Justice’s arms. 


“That’s great and all, but I’m going to have to save these innocent bystanders. Say, I have a question. How did you find the group hiding behind the wall?”


“Well, Chaton. When you wield a magical meteor hammer that obeys every word you command it to do then you’d be surprised that it does things that cannot be explained by physics and such” she replied, dryly. 


“Unfortunately my name isn’t chaton. I’m Mister Bug. You are welcome to call me ‘Bug’” He said as he winked. 


“I don’t have time for this. You can have Lila. She’s not going to be much use anyways. I was going to publicly strike her so that she could have the same level of embarrassment and humiliation. But she ate away on my patience. She’s trapped in her worst nightmare, completely cut off from reality. She doesn’t even realize that it isn’t real. Truly genius power that Hawkmoth has given me” she noted. 


As soon as she mentioned Hawkmoth, the mask went over her face. Mister Bug (ugh this name kills me inside) watched her face turn in different emotions. 


“No. Hawkmoth…...No…..You won’t get a rerun of last time…...I understand…...Gosh. Can you just buzz off? Hawkmoth? More like Hawkmom……...You’re right. You’re probably not that great of a parent……...Right. Whatevs” she muttered to him. 


Though the situation was serious, his mouth twitched upwards briefly. Somehow, Marinette still managed to be adorable. He slapped his cheeks to bring himself back to his serious state of mind. Think, Adrien, Think. 


What would make her distracted enough to be able to break the meteor hammer? She was way too smart for his own good. If he was going to distract her, then he needed to make it quick. The chances of anything would be very low…Unless….


(I can tell exactly what you are thinking right now, dear reader. I know exactly what you want them to do)


“Alright. So Hawkmoth doesn’t want to wait longer for the ladybug and cat miraculous. Thinks the job is easier just because they are both on one person. I’d like to see him try this himself” she said rotating her neck, to stretch out. 


Adrien swiftly moved to his right before she could capture him by pouncing forward. She followed his movements. One thing he realised that this time, Princess Justice was slower in her attacks. He must not be as predictable. They went from wall to wall. Then suddenly, Princess Justice jumped up on his back. The sudden weight on his back pushed him to the floor. Thankfully, he managed to turn himself front up when he fell. That way he wasn’t face-palming the floor. 


Princess Justice caged him, preventing him from escaping. As her hands nimbly came to snatch the earrings of his ears, his own hands can to lace his fingers through her resulting in a match of strength. Noticing the increased to her upper body, Mister Bug took the opportunity to flip their position so that he was above her. Her hands came to rest next to her head, when Adrien finally managed to push them down.


But Princess Justice merely smiled up at him. 


“Now what are you going to do, Mister? You and I both are trapped. If I let go of you, you will try to destroy my akuma. If you let go of my hands, then I’ll grab you earrings. We’re both stuck here. So how about you let me go and I’ll let you go and we both go our own ways” she said. 


“Now, now. We both know that’s  a lie. We both have business to take care of, Marinette” Mister Bug purred.


“I agree” she said.




Princess Justice, then, cunningly pushed her hands outwards. The hands that were right next to her head were now spread apart. But those hands did not let go Adrien’s. Mister Bug, who was putting his full weight on his hands to force Marinette’s hands were now switched, which caused him to fall down. 


Right on her lips. 


A slow fire started in his body as she kissed him. Soft and Quiet. Like the Marinette, he knew. His own lips moved against her own matching to the rhythm of her movement. The slow kisses became more fast paced as the tension between them began to heat up. 


Princess Justice suddenly broke off the kiss and got up immediately pushing Adrien to the floor and sprinting to the window. She turned around and smirked at him, who was still lying on the floor. 


“Ta-Ta, Cat-sanova. I’ll see you later” 


Mister Bug lay on the floor still panting. 


His first kiss that he could remember. 


“What the actual fork just happened?!,” shouted Chloe. 



That was my very first kiss scene. This was very hard for me. For I do not know how the average human being has a kiss. I’ve never been kissed. So I have no idea. Uhhh...Feedback on the scene?

Chapter Text

Adrien sat down on the couch of his living room. Chloe, Sabrina, Nino and Alya were seated as well. All of them were doing their own business. Alya was thankfully okay. She didn’t hit her head against any rocks. Instead, she fainted from the stress and high amount of pressure. Alya had a major migraine, but he was able to help her by giving her ibuprofen. Overall, there were no major casualties.


(A/N: Lila? She ain’t major. She is a piece of trash. Fine whatevs. We’ll learn about Lila’s injuries later)


Dazed, he touched his lips. His first kiss that he could actually remember. He blushed from the memory of her lips against his own. 


Adrien felt confuzzled. Did she do..erm.. that to get out of his grasp? Or did she kiss him because…


He felt himself turn red. However, his thoughts were dissipated when his best friend started calling him out for “Adrien” ghosting on them earlier. 


“DUDE. WHERE WERE YOU?! YOU FRICKIN DISAPPEARED OUT OF NOWHERE! I didn’t even see you leave the room!” Nino asked, more like shouted at him. 


“I was able to catch Chat Noir’s attention, when I slipped out,” Adrien winced, “Sorry, I’m pretty sure you all think that I ditched you”


“It’s alright, dude. But I admit, you had me worried there for a second. As much as I would like to talk about friendship and other stuff. We need to really discuss strategy. Chat Noir out there? Can handle some small akumas. But we need to help the heroes, in every way we can. We know that there isn’t a single sighting of Ladybug since the Scarlet Akuma Part 2. Instead, Chat Noir had transformed into Mister Bug. Which could mean that Ladybug has been compromised. Which means that there is a good chance that Chat Noir is fighting alone. We need to help him” Nino stated. 


“Are you kidding, Lahiffe? First of all there is a 0.01% chance that Ladybug herself would be compromised. Second of all, how the heck are we going to help Chat Noir? The only person who would have gotten me the chance to become a superhero is Ladybug. As far as I know, Chat just delivered the miraculous. And if Ladybug’s not available, then superheroes aren’t available. We don’t know jack about anything what’s happening out there. As much as we know, Akumas are out there having a dance party and we’re being hunted to be their little play-thingies” Chloe said. 


Alya grinned, “We find the akuma’s weakness and crush them from inside-out. First of all, We all know Princess Justice’s weakness”


“We do?” Adrien asked. 


“Oh sorry, Adrien. We weren’t here when the feat happened. Marinette and I are going to have a long talk about it when everything goes back to normal. But long story short, Marinette kissed Chat Noir” Alya said, adjusting her glasses. 


“O-Oh?”, Adrien said, while trying to act surprised, “That’s very interesting. But what does that have to do with Princess Justice’s weakness?”


“You sunshine child, don’t you see? Chat Noir himself is Princess Justice’s weakness”


“Oh. OH. OH!” Adrien blushed deeply. 


“We need to use Chat Noir to distract Princess Justice. That way we can try to find out what her purse changed into” Alya said. 


Adrien had a good idea of what Marinette’s purse could have changed into. 


“It’s the hammer” 


“What?” Alya asked. 


“The hammer is the purse. The problem is that the hammer breaks through anything and everything. It follows her every command. If we want to defeat her, we have to ask her to let it break” Adrien answered, gravely. 


A profound silence followed after the statement.


“So I see that everyone is avoiding the Elephant in the room” Sabrina spoke out. 


“What elephant?” Nino asked. 


“That Lila is actually a liar and she had manipulated us? How many times? Multiple times? That Lila is one of the people who betrayed and responsible for the negative emotions that took control of most of our peers? Marinette’s sole purpose was to destroy Lila Rossi and Princess Justice succeeded. So now Princess Justice is going to focus on getting her hands on the miraculous” Sabrina said. 


“I don’t think that’s true” Chloe spoke up. 


Everyone looked to her. 


“Marinette is the type of person who would want to bring justice for everyone and prove herself to anyone who has wronged her. It’s a trait that she developed after she stood up to me. So kiss me if I’m wrong, but-”

“Never” one of them said. 


Chloe glared at them, before continuing, “But she would probably go after someone else. Someone more dangerous than Lila” 


They all stared at her. Considering the thought. 


“Hey, it’s just a theory. However, my gut says that I’m right” she said. 


“Who could be more dangerous than Lila Rossi? Who has hurt all of us except Lila Rossi?” 


Everyone strayed their eyes towards Chloe. 


“Me?! No! If you think that Marinette was after me, wouldn’t she have already caught me and taken me to be her little prisoner?” Chloe stated, outraged. 


“She has a point” Adrien noted. 


Alya wracked her mind about someone who would anger Marinette. 


“She wouldn’t...would she?” Nino whispered. 


Alya looked at Nino quizzically. 


“What do you mean, Nino?”


Nino turned, his face pale.


“She wouldn’t try to fight Hawkmoth, would she?”



Princess Justice sat on the Eiffel. 


Picking her nails, she looked into the night sky. 


One down, One to go. 


But….she couldn’t do this without her kitty. 


She needed to talk to him. 


They needed to take down the villain, while he was at his weakest. 


Speak of the devil, here he was. 


“Princess Justice, you have gotten your revenge on Lila Rossi. Now, you must pay your part of the price. Bring me the miraculous. You have already failed me. You are one of my best akumas. Don’t let me down”


“Why Hawkmoth. With only one target with both of the miraculouses. It’ll be like trying to take a lollipop from a baby”


“This is why. I’m certain you will be the one to succeed, Princess Justice” Hawkmoth said. 


“How about this, Hawkmoth? Not only will I get you the miraculouses. I’ll get Chat Noir himself. We both know that his lady will come for Chat Noir. So I capture 2 birds with one stone. Or should I say capture 2 birds with 2 miraculouses”


“That seems like a very beautiful deal, Princess Justice. I don’t doubt you will” 


With that he disappeared, leaving Marinette to her thoughts. 


Oh yes.


She will capture 2 Birds with 2 stones. 


Capture Hawkmoth and Mayura and make them pay for what they did to Paris. 

Chapter Text


Lila, unbeknownst to herself, was still in a closet in the mansion. She muttered and turned away from phantom pain. Her eternal (for now) dream world was a nightmare. Her mouth apart in a silent sob. She remained unheard. Unseen. And cut off from the real world.

Adrien couldn't sleep. As he stared up at his bedroom ceiling, his face still burned from the kiss. Had Princess Justice meant it? No. Of course she hadn't. Why would she mean it?

He sighed heavily and got up. There was only one thing that took his mind off of things. He slowly got up from the bed and looked around. His friends were still sleeping, snoring dreams into their brain.

He tiptoed to his bathroom and closed the door quietly.

"Plagg? Plagg!" He whispered.

"What is it, kid?" Plagg whizzed out of the cupboards underneath the sink.

"I can't sleep. I'm thinking that we should take a break from Adrien" he said, straightening up.

"Sure. But what's in it for me?" Plagg said, examining his paws.

Adrien sighed, but a little part of him was happy that Plagg's behavior was one of the few things that hasn't changed from before the Akuma outbreak.

"Double the camembert than the rations that I give you now" Adrien said with a hint of a smile.

"Not nearly as good as I want it to be…" Plagg sighed, "Whatever I'll take it"

"Alright! Plagg, Claws O-"

"WAIT" Plagg cried.

Adrien paused.

"Wow that's one of the few times that you've actually stopped when I asked you" Plagg said, astounded.

"Will you get to the point?" asked Adrien, irritably.

"You should probably take the ladybug earrings with you, just in case. Don't wear them. Put them in your pocket" Plagg went on, "You never know when you might come up in front of an akuma"

Adrien considered the idea. Maybe, he could catch a few akumas to begin with? That way the civilians that were still, well, civilians wouldn't feel any fear.

Adrien nodded at Plagg.

"Plagg, Claws Out!" Adrien cried.

Once he finished his transformation, he kneeled down on the ground. He pulled off a loose tile and retrieved the ladybug earrings from the secret compartment. Tikki stared up at him. Tikki was still sad, however she masked the sadness with gratitude and false positivity.

"Hello Adrien, thank you for the cookies. They tasted wonderful" The kwami said.

"Your welcome, Tikki. I know how hard it must be for you to be far away from your chosen. I'm sorry" Adrien said.

"It's okay, Adrien. I wish I was able to save my chosen from the misery earlier. Then perhaps, we wouldn't be in this mess. I guess it can't be helped" Tikki said, shrugging her shoulders.

Adrien nodded and slipped the earrings into his pocket. Tikki landed on his head, behind his cat ears.

"Adrien" Tikki called from his head.

Adrien raised his head in acknowledgment.

"My chosen. She is still loyal to the miraculous. She hasn't rejected the earrings. She isn't what she seems to be"

Adrien tilted his head in confusion. What was that supposed to mean? Filing away the words the kwami had told him, he pranced towards the window in his bathroom and leapt out.

He vaulted from rooftop to rooftop. Until he suddenly stopped.

There she was.

Princess Justice sat on the Eiffel Tower rocking her legs back and forth from the brown steel beam. Her meteor hammer lay a few feet away from her.

Chat Noir put his baton behind him. And snuck forward. He managed to get on the Eiffel Tower by the back side, away from her view.

Once he was at the top, Princess Justice still didn't move. It was then he realized that she was humming to herself. When he made it to the meteor hammer, he shouted in victory.

Princess Justice jolted in surprise and whipped her head around to see him.

Chat Noir grinned and yanked on the meteor hammer to pick it up.

His happiness was short lived.

The hammer didn't budge.

Chat Noir nudged. Again and Again. Princess Justice quirked an eyebrow at him, hiding the giggles that were ready to come out of her.

"Oh Come On! Don't pull a Marvel on me" Chat Noir cried.

Chat pouted and gave up. Princess Justice then snorted and burst out laughing. Chat's ears perked up at her beautiful laugh.

"Won't you try it again? I'm sure you'll be able to move it a centimeter this time, Captain Noir" Princess Justice wheezed out.

"No. I won't try it again" Chat said, salty from the defeat.


"Are you sure?" Princess Justice asked.

Chat sent her a withering look, which made her blow into a fit of giggles once again.

Once the giggles disappeared, Princess Justice looked back at the horizon of the night sky.

"Wait. That's it?" Chat Noir asked.

"What do you mean?" Princess Justice asked.

"You're not going to come at me with the hammer and try to get my miraculous?" Chat Noir asked.

"Even akumas want a break from the chase. And that break time is the night for me" she replied.

"Oh." he said, softly.

A beat later, he sat next to her.

They looked at the horizon.

"Not going to purify me, Chat Noir" Marinette asked.

"Heroes need breaks too Purr-incess. Plus," he gestured towards the hammer, "I'm pretty sure that hammer is the akumatized object. I can't even lift that"

Marinette hummed in agreement.

"I have some questions, though" Chat Noir asked.


"Why did you kiss me?"

The question caught her off guard. So much that she would have fallen off the beam, if it weren't for Chat who held her waist.

Unfortunately for her, this only made her feel faint even more.

"Uh-I w-well," she cleared her throat, "I had to get out of your grasp somehow and that worked best"

"Oh." she could hear the slight disappointment in his voice.

"I-I'm sorry?" she amended.

Chat Noir's face went unreadable, then took on a mischievous smirk that made her gulp.

"Oh, purr-incess. I think you're taking your title to your head. That was my first kiss. I require repayment"

"Huh?" was all she could muster. She felt her face blush.

Chat Noir didn't lean in, instead he held up his hand to brush her lips with his thumb. Marinette could feel herself lean forward, but shot up from her spot before she made a rash decision. And just like that the switch flipped back.

Chat stayed sitting. Marinette felt awkward standing up and sat back down a few feet away.

"I'm going to purify some of the other akumas starting now," he started, "I won't have Ladybug by my side. I won't have anyone by my side"

Princess Justice felt a pang of pain at the mention of her superhero name. He looked at her.

"I know the Marinette I know is still in there. Just- Just don't get too lost in the emotion. The sooner you de-akumatize yourself, you'll find out how much you are appreciated and don't need anger to mask yourself"

Princess Justice scoffed outward, but softened on the inside.

"I have a plan for everything I do, Chat Noir. I don't go into something without knowing most of the consequences. I appreciate the sentiment, but I know what I'm doing"

They stared at each other for a moment. Then it broke when an akuma suddenly yelled.

"EVERYONE WAKE UP! CHAT NOIR IS OUT!" the akuma bellowed from the distant.

Immediately, akumas from different areas started to dash towards Chat Noir. Chat Noir looked around in panic. The Eiffel Tower would be surrounded by many akumas.

By seconds, all the akumas were right underneath, above and around him. He couldn't fight them all on his own. He neede-

"ALL RIGHT! TIme Out!" Princess Justice called out from beside him.

Chat Noir jerked. Then questioningly started at her.

All the akumas stared at Princess Justice. Verity Queen stepped out from the crowd of akumas.

"Daughter!? What do you think you're doing?" Verity Queen called out.

"What I want to do?" she replied back.

"Hawkmoth has given us all the order of taking Chat Noir's miraculous, Princess Justice. Take it from him!"


"Excuse me?"

"I said NO" Princess Justice said calmly.

The akumas looked between themselves unsure of what to do. While Princess Fragrance, Reflekta, and some of her other classmates came out.

"Marinette. Get Chat Noir's miraculous! We need to repay Hawkmoth" they called out.

"We? I don't think so. I haven't fully sought out my revenge. Hawkmoth wants us to do the dirty work for him. It's just like Lila. Doing all the petty work for their selfish benefits"

The big akumas started to charge for Chat Noir and her, when suddenly Princess Justice reached for her hammer. Everyone paused.

"Take one more step and I slosh your heads together so bad that they become slushie" Princess Justice sneered.

Chat Noir looked at her astounded. What was happening? He was so lost.

Gorzilla took a step forward.

Princess Justice shot her hammer forward and let the spiky hammer hit the akumatized bodyguard right between the eyes. Gorzilla stumbled backwards in pain and let out a loud bellow.

"I would say I'm sorry" Princess Justice said in a sickly sweet voice, "but then I'd be lying"

No one said a word.

"Let's get something straight here from here on out. Let me promise to you no matter who wants to harm Chat Noir, Princess Justice will do everything in her power to keep him safe"

Princess Justice smirked.

"And by everything I mean anything"