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Angelus Lapsus

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“Have I told you recently that you’re utterly gorgeous?”


“No,” Seokjin hummed, eyes soft and lips curled with amusement. “Remind me.”


The last time they had spoken had been so long ago; almost a century. Taehyung had since yearned for contact, or anything, but it was forbidden.


When an angel loses their wings, several things happen all at once.


First, agony rips through the body of the angel as the wings disintegrate along with the magic that every feather possesses.


Second, the angel watches as they fall from the clouds and eventually land somewhere desolate and dry on earth with no sense of direction and a sudden thirst for something they’ve never needed.


Lastly, they are isolated from and invisible to any angel they might have known, befriended, loved, or even hated. They are all alone until they reach civilisation and it’s this that burns the most.


Taehyung fell from loving humanity too much. He saved a boy from death and it cost him his wings, and his immortality would never let him forget it.


Gaining human experience had been difficult but now he could say he was comfortable among humans. He had loved some, and hated some, but nothing could ever rival his love for Seokjin.


He hadn’t recognised him at first; a century passing made you lose a lot of memories, but then again Seokjin always stood out from the get-go so maybe he should have guessed when man attracted stares and whispers in the middle of the Lotte Mart. 


Taehyung was looking at the vegetables, deciding what would suit best with fish for dinner, when he had appeared beside him with that same handsome grin.


“Hello Taehyung,” he had said with such nonchalance you’d have thought it was a usual occurrence.


The familiar voice made Taehyung’s head snap away from inspecting the vegetables to gawk at the presumed stranger. He was left breathless. A familiar breathlessness that he felt in heaven that triggered a flow of memories. Joking, laughing, smiling, kissing.


Angels shouldn’t fall in love, yet they did.


“Seokjin,” he whispered, tears falling unconsciously from his eyes in slow streams.


Seokjin immediately gathered him into his arms, and Taehyung grabbed onto his shirt and sobbed into his shoulder.


“I missed you so much,” said Taehyung as Seokjin petted his hair, his own tears cascading down his face. 


“I know, angel, but I’m here now,” said Seokjin.


They didn’t stop holding each other for awhile, not until an elderly lady asked them if they were alright and if she could get to the vegetables behind them, because she was cooking for her grandkids today and she wanted to feed them some proper food. 


They obliged and Taehyung finished his food shopping with company today, instead of alone. 


When they reached Taehyung’s car, he asked, ”Will you come home with me?”


Seokjin smiled that same dazzling smile, and said, “I thought you’d never ask.” 


Later that night, after dinner, Seokjin fell asleep on the sofa and Taehyung couldn’t help but admire Seokjin. How could he have forgotten how handsome Seokjin was? Time is cruel to the mind, Taehyung surmised but gladly, the humans had invented cameras since he fell, so he was going to make sure he never forgot ever again.